Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Toledo, Ohio

From Toledo’s WTVG of December 28, 2005
Robber Caught on Surveillance Video

Gas station clerk shoots at man who tried to grab the cash out of the register.

We have exclusive surveillance video of a north Toledo gas station clerk shooting at a man who snatched money from the cash register.

As the crook tried to get away, the clerk fired one shot. The bullet shattered the front door.

It all went down at a Citgo on East Manhattan Street. Police say the thief walked in and picked up a piece of candy. He told the clerk he was buying it for his girl.

As the clerk counted the change and attempted to put it in the register, the crook tried to grab the cash and run. That's when the clerk grabbed a handgun and pulled the trigger.

Store manager Edward Eid says his employee missed and no one got hurt. "He tried to scare him to stop, but this guy here kept running outside." Detectives believe the suspect ran down Harvey Street when he left the store.

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