Saturday, January 15, 2022

Shrewsbury Township, PA

 1/14/22 York Daily Record:

A man reported in court documents that he acted in self-defense when he pulled the trigger during an altercation earlier this week near Interstate 83 in Shrewsbury Township.

In a petition for an emergency protection-from-abuse order, the man wrote that James Lynch Sr., 57, of Shrewsbury Township, attacked him at 11:30 a.m. on Monday. He said he was in his vehicle with his son.

Next, the man reported, Lynch “went for a firearm on his person.”

“I defended myself using my firearm killing Jim Lynch,” the man said. “I was held and released by the State Police with no charges.”

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Bourbon, MO

 1/11/21 Fox channel 2:

Testimony lasted the entire day and when it was over, the six-person coroner’s inquest jury ruled it was “justifiable homicide” which backs the shooter’s self-defense claim.

Surveillance video played in court showed the suspect was in King’s home about an hour before the shooting. The video is from inside King’s living room, and you can see and hear both men being friendly with one another. The prosecutor said the suspect brought King a marijuana joint so he could calm down from a dispute with another neighbor. You could hear King tell the soon-to-be shooter, “Love you, brother!”

About an hour later, another video from outside shows King in pajama pants and no shirt going to the shooter’s trailer where he allegedly pushed through the door, threw his neighbor’s TV inside the trailer, and grabbed another. There’s no video inside, but another outside angle shows a disturbance on the porch and then King is shot dead.

The suspect told police he not only shot in self-defense but also shot King’s leg first, which he claimed only made King angrier.

Court evidence today offered no answers about what the final argument was about, with sometimes bizarre testimony about what neighbors heard as their last words. One witness testified he heard King yell “No more internet for you!” before he was shot. Others said they heard King yell “I thought we were friends,” and then the shooter answer, “We were,” before firing three shots.

Both men were intoxicated. A deputy coroner testified that a toxicology screen on King found THC, amphetamine, and methamphetamine. A sheriff’s investigator said the suspect’s screen found THC and alcohol.