Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Truck Thief Shot Multiple Times By Multiple Bystanders

Jacksonville, Florida

From September 30, 2009 Jacksonville channel 4:
Police said one of two men who tried to steal a pickup truck from a group of people gathered outside a Murray Hill home was shot several times by a homeowner and his friend.

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Lt. Larry Schmitt said when police arrived at the 3000 block of College Street, they found a man shot multiple times.

According to the police report, Keith Loftin was outside the home with some friends shortly after 2 a.m. when two men asked for a ride in Loftin's truck. Loftin said one of the men pulled a gun on them and forced Loftin into his truck. Loftin told officers that his friend, Barry Smith, ran into the house and returned with a gun and Loftin pulled his own gun from inside the truck.

Police said both Loftin and Smith fired at one of the men, striking him multiple times.

The man shot, identified as Jamel Mobley, 21, of St. Marys, Ga., was taken to Shands-Jacksonville Medical Center and was in stable condition. Police said the second man took off. Police were still looking for him, but they have only a vague description.

The shooting was still under investigation and no charges have been filed. Schmitt said it appeared both the citizens had the guns legally and that it appeared the shooting was in self-defense.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

South Carolina: Robber ends up running for his life after Hilton Head home owner shoots at him

Hilton Head, South Carolina

From the Island Packet of September 23, 2009
Robber ends up running for his life after Hilton Head home owner shoots at him

A man stealing a coin collection in a Hilton Head Plantation home at noon Wednesday found himself running for his life after the homeowner shot at him and chased him out of the house.

The unidentified man, who was armed with a large stick or club, broke into a house on Teal Lane while the residents were inside, according to a news release from the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office.

The intruder entered through the unlocked front door and walked down the hall into a bedroom, where he started stealing a coin collection, according to the release. The owner confronted the robber, who threatened the owner and kept taking the coins, according to the release.

The owner ran to another room, grabbed a handgun and chased the robber. The owner fired a shot and missed, and the robber drove off in an SUV. Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Cpl. Robin McIntosh said she did not know if the shot was fired while they were inside or outside the home.

The homeowner fell while chasing the robber and suffered minor injuries. His wife, who also was home, was not injured, according to the release.

The homeowner told Hilton Head Plantation security officers the robber fled in a 1990 or 1991 green or turquoise Ford Explorer driven by a second person.

The intruder dropped some of the stolen coins as he ran off, according to the release. The collection was estimated to be worth about $150, a Hilton Head Plantation official said.

The robber is described as white, in his mid-20s, about 6 feet tall and 180 pounds, with light brown hair, according to the release. He was last seen wearing khaki cargo shorts and a white, long-sleeved shirt with multi-colored stripes.

A car matching the description of the SUV was caught on video exiting the community's Cypress Gate around noon, according to a Hilton Head Plantation release.

Roadblocks were set up at that gate and the main gate, but security officials believe the robber had already left, the release said.

Peter Kristian, general manager of Hilton Head Plantation, said Wednesday afternoon it's not clear how the suspects got inside the gated community.

He said no guest passes had been issued Wednesday for Teal Lane, and the robber might be a contractor or plantation employee.

Plantation security officials were cross-referencing employee decals and gate passes with the getaway vehicle's description Wednesday afternoon, Kristian said. They also were searching surveillance tapes, he said.

Security officials suspect the intruder was trying to open unlocked doors in the neighborhood and thought the Teal Lane home was empty, Kristian said.

New Eagle, Pennsylvania Robbery Victim Kills Robber

New Eagle, Pennsylvania

From the September 26, 2009 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

The victim of a robbery attempt shot and killed one of the robbers in New Eagle early yesterday, state police said.

Police said William Eyles, 25, of Monongahela, and Cole MacFarlane, 25, of New Eagle, tried to rob Joseph Gallick, who pulled a gun and shot Mr. Eyles.

Mr. Gallick was treated at Monongahela Hospital for injuries incurred during the crime. Mr. MacFarlane was charged with homicide, attempted robbery, conspiracy and criminal mischief and is in the Washington County Correctional Facility.

Detroit Purse Snatcher Shot By Victim

Detroit, Michigan

From the September 25, 2009 Lansing (Michigan) State-Journal:
DETROIT - A 43-year-old woman shot and killed a suspected purse snatcher who confronted her at a northwest Detroit gas station this morning, according to police.

Two men approached the Detroit woman at about 5:30 a.m. at the Schoolcraft and Southfield Mobil station, Detroit Police spokesman John Roach said. The woman is licensed to legally carry a gun for self-defense, he said.

"They didn't realize she has a CCW (license), so she had a weapon of her own," Roach said. "She fired several rounds at the suspects and they fled."

The pair made off with the woman's purse. But about a half-hour later, a man with several gunshot wounds went to Sinai-Grace Hospital for treatment and died later this morning.

"At this point, we believe this is one of the individuals in the robbery," Roach said about the man who was shot.

Billings, Montana Man Catches Car Thieves

Billings, Montana

From the September 21, 2009 Billings Gazette:

A Billings man driving home from work around 5 p.m. Monday spotted his car that had been stolen from him that morning. He chased the car until it stopped on the 2600 block of Fourth Avenue South and managed to hold one of the passengers at gunpoint until police arrived.

"He was actually going home from work at the time of the call," Billings Police Sgt. Scott Conrad said. "It was a red Suburban. He chases it down and there's four occupants in the vehicle. Three run. He catches one of the passengers, with one hand at gunpoint and one hand on the phone calling police dispatch."

Billings police arrived minutes later and ordered the man to the ground. They took the teen into custody and released the man once they realized what had happened. Conrad said the boy helped police identify those who had allegedly stolen the car, and the boy was later released.

"He actually helped in the case," Conrad said. "We do know who we're looking for."

Houston Homeowner Shoots Teen Burglar

Houston, Texas

From the September 18, 2009 Houston Chronicle:

A teenage burglary suspect remains hospitalized after he was shot Friday morning while breaking into a home in southeast Houston, authorities said.

The owner of the home in the 8100 block of Gladstone was alone about 10:15 a.m. when he heard noises coming from the side of the house.

After hearing the sound of breaking glass, the homeowner, 42, grabbed his pistol and went to investigate. He pulled back a bedroom curtain and was confronted by the suspect, who was removing shards of the broken glass from the window, police said.

The homeowner was startled and fired a single shot. The suspect was struck but fled along with two other people. All three were taken into custody a short time later, police said.

North Carolina: Homeowner opens fire at break-in suspect

Charlotte, North Carolina

From the Charlotte Observer of September 25, 2009
Homeowner opens fire at break-in suspect

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police say a man in the University area spotted someone in his garage early Friday morning and opened fire at the suspect.

According to The Observer's news partner WCNC, the homeowner on Glen Luce Avenue heard a noise around 3:30 a.m.

When the man found the suspect in the garage, police said he shot at the intruder. Investigators found blood outside, but have not located the suspect.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tennessee: Woman In Shower Shoots At Intruder

Mount Juliet, Tennessee

From WSMV of September 24, 2009
Woman In Shower Shoots At Intruder

A woman in Mount Juliet got a scare this week when a man broke into her home while she was in the shower.

The intruder quickly ran out, but the woman grabbed her gun and shot at his car.

Police arrested Franklin Fish a short time later. The woman identified him as the burglar.

Detectives believe Fish is wanted for several other home break-ins.

Kentucky: Would-Be Burglar Stopped By Homeowner

Lexington, Kentucky

From WTVQ of September 24, 2009
Would-Be Burglar Stopped By Homeowner

A Lexington man is behind bars after police say he tried to break into the wrong home overnight.

A man says he was taking a shower early this morning at his home on West Fourth Street, when he heard something just outside his house.

He told police he went around to check it out, and saw a man trying to break in through a window. That's when the homeowner grabbed a gun and held the would-be burglar at gunpoint, while he called 9-1-1.

Police later caught up with and arrested Donovan Campbell. He's now in jail, charged with burglary.

That homeowner runs a business out of his home, and he says he was tired of being broken into, so he decided to put a stop to it.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Michigan: Resident expels intruder with handgun

Traverse City, Michigan

From the Record Eagle of September 22, 2009
Resident expels intruder with handgun

An allegedly drunken man who entered a Traverse City home in the middle of the night found himself at gunpoint.

Aaron TwoCrow, 24, of Suttons Bay, allegedly entered a home on the 800 block of Fern Street at about 4:20 a.m. Saturday, police said. A female homeowner was up rocking her 15-month-old child in the living room when she heard her kitchen door open and saw a stranger in the home.

"She's just sitting there in the dead of night ... and this guy comes in and scares the crap out of her," Traverse City Police Capt. Steve Morgan said.

The woman ran into her bedroom and told her sleeping husband, who retrieved a handgun and confronted TwoCrow. He ran from the house and was arrested without incident as he walked along nearby Hannah Avenue.

TwoCrow allegedly was intoxicated, Morgan said.

Police said TwoCrow has no known past or present connection to the residence, and gave no indication why he decided to go inside.

Such incidents happen occasionally in the city, police said. Homeowners are startled, though it's the intruders who often face the highest risk.

"That's a dangerous situation ... with an armed homeowner," Morgan said. "(Homeowners) don't know what these people's intent is, and you can only assume the worst when someone is coming into your house."

TwoCrow allegedly entered through an unlocked door, as did two intoxicated men who entered Traverse City residences in similar incidents in June. Intoxicated individuals who wander around town late at night "do things that are unexpected and often illegal," Morgan said, and residents are encouraged to lock up before they go to bed.

"The main thing is to keep your door locked," he said. "That would prevent a lot of this stuff from happening."

TwoCrow was charged with misdemeanor illegal entry, Grand Traverse Prosecutor Alan Schneider said.

Illinois: Ill. homeowner kills armed robbers

Indianola, Illinois

From the Chicago Tribune of September 22, 2009
Ill. homeowner kills armed robbers

Police say an eastern Illinois man shot two people to death after they forced their way into his home and tried to rob him.

Vermilion County Sheriff Pat Hartshorn says the two masked men held the homeowner on the floor at gunpoint Monday night and choked him while demanding money. The sheriff says the alleged robbers were 22 and 17 but didn't identify them or the homeowner.

Hartshorn says the men let the homeowner go when his wife said she had expensive jewelry upstairs. While the men focused on a jewelry box, the homeowner grabbed a handgun and shot them.

Hartshorn says another 17-year-old waited in a pickup outside. He drove away but was arrested a short time later.

Indianola is about 10 miles southwest of Danville.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Pennsylvania: 3 Men Force Their Way Into McDonald Home, Homeowner Chases Them Out

McDonald, Pennsylvania

From WPXI of September 18, 2009
3 Men Force Their Way Into McDonald Home, Homeowner Chases Them Out

Police said three men who forced their way into a Washington County home were greeted by a homeowner with a shotgun.

“It’s not a very nice thing to happen in McDonald, because McDonald is a very quiet town,” said neighbor, Don Feigley.

Police said the homeowner, Joseph Tokarksi, who was one of several people in the house, came down the steps with the weapon in his hand.

“I’m prepared to do what I have to do to protect my home and my family,” said Toarski.

“I’m all for that. I think anybody should be allowed to defend themselves in their homes and defend their neighbors, if they want to,” said Feigley.

Police later caught two suspects whom they indentified as 19-year-old David Carlisle, of Cannonsburg, and 20-year-old Jermell McCullough, of Mt. Pleasant.

Both are being held in the Washington County Jail, each on $50,000 bond.

McDonald police are still looking for the third suspect.

Nevada: Attempted Burglary Ends with Shot Fired at Homeowner

Lemmon Valley, Nevada

From KOLO of September 20, 2009
Attempted Burglary Ends with Shot Fired at Homeowner

Police are investigating after a Lemmon Valley homeowner was shot at by a Sheriff's Deputy while trying to defend his property from a suspected burglar Saturday night.

Rocky Triplett with the Sparks Police Department says just before midnight Saturday, a drunk man, 35-year-old Christopher Pool, entered his neighbor's yard at 430 Paramount Ct. in Lemmon Valley. Pool was allegedly trying to either steal a car or burglarize the home. Pool didn’t know that the homeowners were home at the time.

Police say they received a call to respond to the home after it was reported that a suspicious man had climbed a fence, and was trying to steal a car.

The intruder was drunk and uncooperative when police entered the yard and began questioning him.

According to Police, the homeowners, Vince and Veronica Henderson, were aware of an intruder on their property after seeing him in their yard. Mrs. Henderson quickly turned on lights around the garage. Mr. Henderson grabbed his gun and went after Pool.

Deputies say they saw Mr. Henderson coming around the corner of the garage with a gun and a flashlight in his hands. One of the Deputies shouted at Henderson to drop his gun, but then fearing for his safety, fired a shot towards Henderson. Henderson was not hit.

After realizing that police had arrived, Mr. Henderson put his gun down. He and his wife were briefly detained and questioned. Police then arrested Pool.

No one was injured in the incident.

The Reno Police Department, Washoe County Sheriff's Office and Sparks Police Department are all investigating the incident. The names of the deputies are not being released at this time

Alabama: Wetumpka man shoots alleged burglar

Birmingham, Alabama

From the Montgomery Advertiser of September 18, 2009
Wetumpka man shoots alleged burglar

A Montgomery County man is in a Birmingham hospital with life-threatening injuries after a Wetumpka homeowner shot him during an alleged burglary.

Michael Dale Roberts II, 36, of Hope Hull was in the critical care unit Thursday of the University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital, said Jeremy Amerson, an investigator with the Elmore County Sheriff's Office. The incident occurred about 2:15 a.m. Thursday on Nancy Road in Wetumpka, police reports show.

Sheriff Bill Franklin declined to release the homeowner's name since he hasn't been charged with a crime in connection with the shooting.

The homeowner was awakened when he heard noises coming from his outside utility shed, Amerson said. The 64-year-old man told deputies he went to investigate and saw Roberts coming out of the shed carrying a grass trimmer and a chain saw.

"The two men got into a struggle, and then Roberts went to his car to try and get away, but the car wouldn't start," Amerson said. "He then got out of the car and told the homeowner he was going to shoot him."

Amerson said the homeowner went inside the house, and Roberts yelled from the yard that he was going to shoot him.

The homeowner then got a 20-gauge shotgun and shot Roberts in the chest, Amerson said.

Roberts faces three counts of theft, two counts of breaking and entering, and one count of burglary, court records show. Bond hasn't been set since he is in the hospital.

The homeowner acted within his rights, said District Attorney Randall Houston.

"The bad people need to realize that folks in Elmore County have guns and aren't afraid to use them," Houston said. "A man has the right to protect his life and his property, and all the evidence gathered in this case shows that's just what happened."

Houston said his office will present the case to a future session of the Elmore County grand jury, but he didn't expect any charges would be filed against the homeowner.

Tennessee: Homeowner shoots teenager in his driveway

Knoxville, Tennessee

From WBIR of September 19, 2009
Homeowner shoots teenager in his driveway

Investigators are trying to piece together the series of events that led to a teenager being shot by a homeowner in South Knox county.

Deputies with the Knox County Sheriff's Office responded to a shooting at 837 Lester Road, shortly before 11 p.m. Friday night.

Jonathan and Kara Stevens told investigators they were at home when they heard their pit bulls barking.

They armed themselves with a pistol and flashlight as they went outside to investigate.

The couple told detectives a teenager jumped out from behind a car in their driveway and pointed gun a 12 gauge shotgun at them.

Jonathan Stevens said he shot the 15 year old twice and believes the teenager shot at them twice before they ran back into their home.

Neighbors say the suspect collapsed in their driveway after the shooting.

Deputies found the teenager laying in the road with two gun shot wounds in his upper torso.

Rural Metro took the suspect to UT Medical Center.

The homeowners were not hurt.

Deputies said three other juveniles got away in a car. One has been questioned, but no arrests have been made and no charges have been filed

Detectives say Stevens and the teenager knew each other and they believe the motive was robbery.

They are not releasing the name or condition of the teenager.

Tennessee: Burglary/assault suspect shot by victim's mother

Knoxville, Tennessee

From WBIR of September 18, 2009
Burglary/assault suspect shot by victim's mother

A burglary suspect is recovering from a gunshot wound near his groin--a wound 75-year-old Ruth Robbins gave him after he fought with her son and then got in a scuffle with her.

Jesse Williams, 28, sits in the Morgan County jail, charged with burglary, aggravated assault, and simple assault, as he nurses a gunshot wound to his leg. He was taken there after being treated and released at UT Medical Center.

According to the Morgan County Sheriff's Office, Williams broke into David Brandenburg's Petros home Thursday night. Brandenburg, 43, and Williams fought, eventually making their way out into the yard.

Ruth Robbins came over from her home next door and tried to intervene to help Brandenburg, who is her son. At that point, authorities say Williams turned his attack on her--so she shot him.

The shooting happened at 9:03 Thursday night.

Brandenburg was injured in the fight but declined treatment. No charges have been filed against Robbins.

New York: Police say home invasion victim acted in self defense

Syracuse, New York

From WSYR of September 20, 2009
Police say home invasion victim acted in self defense

The man who shot and killed two men Saturday in North Syracuse will not face any charges. Police say the man was acting in self-defense.

Jeffery Bush was in his home with friends when two men broke into Bush's home on Elm Street around 1:00 am Saturday. Police say those two men were indentified as Thomas Lashomb and Wade Brown. One of them attacked Bush, but he was able to get away, grab a gun and shoot the two men, killing both of them.

Bush’s neighbor, Joel Wardle, was surprised by the events in his neighborhood.“It's crazy; this area is pretty safe, so for something like that to happen around here, that's kind of odd,” said Wardle.

North Syracuse Police say the men knew each other, but they are not yet sure why the suspects targeted Bush at his home Saturday.

Ohio: Elderly victim shoots would-be robber, 24, police say

Dayton, Ohio

From the Dayton Daily News of September 19, 2009
Elderly victim shoots would-be robber, 24, police say

A 24-year-old man who allegedly got out of his car and tried to rob an elderly man at gunpoint was shot by the would-be victim, who was licensed to carry a concealed weapon and fired to defend himself, police said.

The younger man was shot twice on Saturday, Sept. 19, and was taken to Miami Valley Hospital, where he was under guard, Dayton police Sgt. Damon Castor said. The gunshot injuries were not believed to be life-threatening, Castor said.

“Apparently he was trying to rob the older gentleman of something,” Castor said of the younger man. “He picked on the wrong person.”

The would-be victim, in his 70s, was not injured, Castor said. The confrontation took place at West Third Street and Brooklyn Avenue in west Dayton, police said.

It was not clear whether the alleged attacker was trying to steal the older man’s car or money, Castor said.

No charges had been filed Saturday. Police are investigating.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Florida: Naked 91-year-old holds burglar at gunpoint

Lake Worth, Florida

From the CBS 12 of September 17, 2009
Naked 91-year-old holds burglar at gunpoint

This next homeowner is a force to be reckoned with. He's 91, he was buck naked, but he and his dog decided to go after a would be burglar. He held the man at gunpoint until police arrived. Deputies say they found the would be burglar on the back porch by the pool drunk and trembling, probably not how he thought it would all go down. He got more than he bargained for when he decided to mess with this elderly man and his trusty rottweiler mix. 91-year-old Robert Thompson and his 5-year-old dog Rett tag-teamed a thug trying to break into their Lake Worth home Friday night.

Thompson said, "I think the guy was scared to death, he was screaming."

Thompson jumped out of bed, totally naked he went to go check things out with Rett by his side.

He said, "I started to let him out the door and he was so anxious he got caught in the door."

According to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office 26-year-old Jose Pascual was the man on the porch. Rett pinned Pascual, but this purple heart World War Two Veteran wanted back-up.

Thompson said, "I went in and got my cell phone and dialed 911 and got my gun."

Thompson says Pascual was coming toward him so he fired a shot. Authorities say he held the drunk intruder at gunpoint until deputies arrived, but he's giving his best bud Rett all the credit for the happy ending.

He said, "He's the hero."

Pascual was arrested, Thompson was taken to the hospital. One of the shots he fired ricocheted giving him a minor battle wound. He hopes the bad guys learned a lesson about messing the boys at 504 North C Street.

"If anyone violates my home they better be careful, that's all I got to say," said Thompson.

Thompson tells us that he has been living alone since his wife passed away 10 years ago, and that having Rett around makes life easier. The suspect in this case is facing burglary charges

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Florida: Burglars Held Up By Homeowners

Titusville, Florida

From the Central Florida News of September 16, 2009
Burglars Held Up By Homeowners

Two burglars attempting to steal a car from a Brevard County home were held at gunpoint by the homeowners.

Matthew Clark, 20, and Justin Sheppard, 19, are facing several charges including burglary and grand theft.

Authorities say the pair was burglarizing a home near Titusville on Karen Drive when the homeowners confronted them with a 12-gauge shotgun.

The woman and her son held the two until police arrived.

Clark and Sheppard are now being held on $5,000 bonds.

Wisconsin: Police: Man shoots, kills intruder near Madison

Fitchburg, Wisconsin

From the Chicago Tribune of September 16, 2009
Police: Man shoots, kills intruder near Madison

Police say a man has shot and killed an intruder who entered his parents' home near Madison.

Deputy Chief Donald Bates of the Fitchburg Police Department says Peter Chen and his wife were not at home on Wednesday afternoon when the incident happened, but he says their adult son was. The son shot the intruder, who was pronounced dead by the Dane County coroner's office.

Bates wouldn't give the name of Peter Chen's son and hasn't yet provided details about the intruder.

He says the son is cooperating with the investigation and that the shooting appears to be an act of self-defense.

Fitchburg is located just south of Madison.

Florida: Homeowner who shot intruder identified

Wellington, Florida

From WPTV of September 11, 2009
Homeowner who shot intruder identified

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office is investigating a late night shooting at a residence in the 1400 block of The 12th Fairway.

A homeowner claims that two suspects broke into his residence just before 11:00 p.m. Thursday. One of the alleged intruders was shot during a struggle.

The person who was shot ran away but later turned up at nearby Wellington Regional Medical Center. He was then transferred to the Delray Medical Center, where his condition is not known.

The second suspect also fled, but remains at large despite a ground and air search.

Friday afternoon the sheriff's office identified the homeowner as Jonathan A. Babilonia.

Oregon: Man Shoots Intruder Armed With Bat

Klammoth Falls, Oregon

From KPTV of September 9, 2009
Man Shoots Intruder Armed With Bat

Police say a man shot an intruder who was armed with a baseball bat Tuesday night.

Mark Farrell, 24, of Beatty, entered Jim Westman's house armed with a wooden baseball bat, said Klamath Falls Sheriff Timothy Evinger in a news release.

Farrell attempted to assault Westman with the bat and Westman fired one round from a .22-caliber rifle, which hit Farrell in the right forearm. Farrell continued to assault Westman after he was shot, Evinger said.

Roxann Klobucar, Westman's mother, was able to wrestle the bat from Farrell. Klobucar hit Farrell several times in the head until he was subdued, Evinger said.

Prior to entering the house, Farrell damaged Westman's vehicle with the bat, Evinger said.

Evinger said the motive appears related to a theft from Farrell about a month ago.

Farrell was transported to a nearby hospital. He is expected to face charges of burglary, criminal mischief and reckless endangerment.

Detectives are continuing to investigate.

Florida: Lithonia Burglar Shot In Buttocks

Lithonia, Florida

From CBS Atlanta of September 10, 2009
Lithonia Burglar Shot In Buttocks

A burglar who broke into a Lithonia home was shot in the buttocks by the homeowner, police said.

The burglary happened at about 11:30 a.m. at the home on Gadwell Circle.

The intruder was taken to a hospital with moderate injuries, police said. The intruder’s name was not released.

Investigators said no charges are expected to be filed against the homeowner, who was not identified by police.

Delaware: Intruders shot, cut by 74-year-old man, police say

Lewes, Delaware

From the Delaware Online of September 11, 2009
Intruders shot, cut by 74-year-old man, police say

State police say a 74-year-old man shot one intruder and cut another at his home west of Lewes. The intruders fled but were later arrested by police.

The incident happened about 6:20 p.m. Thursday in the 19000 block of Bee Jay Lane, off Beaver Dam Road.

Sgt. Walter Newton said the homeowner arrived back at the house and found an empty SUV in his driveway and a side door that had been locked was open. He then found the front door had been kicked in.

Two men -- later identified by police as Paul L. Spencer, 43, and Gregory B. Stewart, 49, both of Lincoln -- approached the homeowner at the side door and said they were “looking to purchase a dump truck,” Newton said.

The homeowner told them to leave, but they continued toward him. Spencer crossed the threshold and grabbed a landscaping tool and threatened the homeowner, Newton said. The homeowner took a machete from next to the door and swung it at Spencer, striking him several times in his right forearm and hand.

“Both suspects continued toward the homeowner, which caused him to fire two .25 caliber rounds from a handgun. One of the bullets struck Stewart in his abdomen,” Newton said.

Both Lincoln men then fled, but Stewart was arrested at Milford Memorial Hospital, where he was admitted for treatment of a gunshot wound, Newton said.

Police later located Spencer at his home and charged him with burglary, conspiracy, menacing and criminal mischief. He was treated for cuts to his right arm and committed to Sussex Correctional Institution. Bail information was not immediately available.

Warrants were on file charging Stewart with the same offenses, Newton said. He was reported in stable condition at the hospital.

The homeowner was not injured.

Alabama: Pregnant woman holds intruder at gun point

Mobile, Alabama

From Local 15 of September 10, 2009
Pregnant woman holds intruder at gun point

The lesson here is never threaten an expecting mother, especially if she's armed with a shotgun.

"I was angry," Randi Fairley says. "I was really mad that he was in my house."

At around 4 A.M. Sunday, Fairley was wide awake, because her unborn daughter was kicking. That is when she heard a noise; it sounded like someone touching a potato-chip bag downstairs.

"I came and looked over the stairs," Fairley says. "I saw this kid, down at the bottom of the stairs. He was about to grab my computer."

Fairley is six and a half months pregnant. So, she says she yelled down at Justin Delhomme, he walked out of the house and she grabbed a shotgun. In the street, Fairley confronted the 18 year old. "He pulled a gun on me, and I told him, 'You know, you need to put that away before I shoot you because mine's bigger,' and he put it back in his pocket."

Fairley saysshe held Delhomme until the cops came with a little help from her husband and mother. "He seemed really sorry and scared, you know, he started saying he was sorry and had a baby he had to take care of."

As for her own baby, Fairley says crime fighting seemed to stir something in her. "I couldn't get her to be still. For hours after that she was just kicking away, excited. We're probably just gonna laugh about it and tell her mom caught a burglar."

Fairley also has a 4-year-old son who got a kick out of all of this. Police say they believe Delhomme is responsible for at least 13 home and vehicle break-ins over the Labor Day weekend in the Regency and Pinehurst neighborhoods of Mobile. Investigators say in all but about one case, Delhomme got in through unlocked doors.

Police say they recovered several stolen items from Delhomme, including $5,000 in cash, electronics and marijuana. Court records show Delhomme was arrested earlier this year on similar charges.

Florida: Homeowner Shoots Armed Robbery Suspects

Ormond Beach, Florida

From the Central Florida News of September 14, 2009
Homeowner Shoots Armed Robbery Suspects

Two attempted armed robbery suspects were hospitalized with multiple gunshot wounds after the man police said they tried to rob shot them.

According to police, Christopher Young, 38, and William Bell, 31, went into the home of Dane Rollins, 34, early Sunday morning armed with handguns.

Police said after the suspects stole cash, Rollins grabbed his shotgun and went after them.

The two suspects fled, but police said they later found them with several gunshot wounds. The men were taken to Halifax Medical Center.

Rollins was not hurt.

Police said shocked neighbors witnessed the entire gunfight.

“‘Boom, boom, boom!’ Then I came outside and hear a neighbor yelling to get out of the house,” said neighbor Jonathan Smith.

A third suspect, Brandy Lee Harris, 28, was also arrested Sunday, but police did not say how she was involved.

Mississippi:Business owner fires shots at would-be robber

Starkville, Mississippi

From the Starkville Daily News of September 15, 2009
Business owner fires shots at would-be robber

Starkville Police Department detectives say they are tracking several leads in the early Saturday morning robbery attempt that saw the victim fire gunshots at the suspect who tried to hold him up.

Around 5:30 a.m. Saturday, the owner of Starkville Ready Cash on Highway 12 West was arriving at the business to prepare to open for the day when a black male approached him, pointing a handgun at him.

The owner, whose name SPD detectives would not release amid concerns for his safety, then pulled out a handgun of his own and fired multiple shots at the suspect, but none struck him, said Sgt. Chadd Garnett.

The owner had begun carrying the gun after previous break-ins and robbery attempts at the business, Garnett said.

The suspect then ran behind the building and fled north toward a neighboring residential area, Garnett said. Nothing was stolen in the robbery attempt, and no one was injured, Garnett said.

“We’re still in the preliminary stages of the investigation, and we are tracking multiple leads as we speak,” said Garnett Monday afternoon.

The suspect was described as a heavy-set black male wearing a white T-shirt, khaki pants and some sort of head covering, Garnett said.

Some physical evidence was recovered at the scene, but Garnett would not specify what was collected, including whether surveillance cameras may have recorded images of the suspect.

Anyone with information about the robbery attempt is encouraged to call the Police Department at 323-4131.

Tips may also be given by calling Golden Triangle Crime Stoppers at 1-800-530-7151. All Crime Stoppers tips are confidential and could result in a reward of up to $1,000 if the tip leads to an arrest in this case or any felony crime.

California: Home invader shot, killed by apartment resident in El Cajon

El Cajon, California

From the San Diego News Network of September 15, 2009
Home invader shot, killed by apartment resident in El Cajon

El Cajon police Teusday investigated the fatal shooting of an intruder at an apartment complex in the East County city.

A man armed with a handgun knocked on the door of an apartment at 1499 Broadway shortly before 5:25 p.m. Monday, then forced his way inside when someone opened the door, according to El Cajon police Lt. Tim Henton.

An occupant of the apartment armed himself with a shotgun and shot the intruder, who died at Sharp Memorial Hospital at 6:30 p.m., Henton said.

Police did not immediately speculate on the motive behind the intrusion.

The intruder’s name was withheld pending family notification.

Wisconsin: Jewelry store owner won't face charges for shooting robber

Kenosha, Wisconsin

From WKOW of September 10, 2009
Jewelry store owner won't face charges for shooting robber

The jewelry store owner who shot an armed robbery won't face any charges.

Assistant District Attorney Richard Ginkowski says the owner of the Jewelry Exchange in Kenosha was acting in self-defense on Wednesday when two men walked into his store and one pointed a handgun at him. The store owner pulled his own gun out from under the counter and shot the armed man in the chest.

Both suspects the store, and a police officer found the injured man about a block away.

The injured man is recovering at a hospital. Ginkowski says the man, a 29-year-old from Zion, Ill., is likely to face robbery charges. Police are still looking for the other suspect.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Alabama: Teen burglary suspect killed

Decatur, Alabama

From the Decatur Daily of September 9, 2009
Teen burglary suspect killed

On Tuesday morning, 14-year-old Ta’veon Tashawn Mason should have been at his desk at Austin High School, but he and two friends skipped school.

Police said the ninth-grader died in a Southwest Decatur backyard from a single gunshot wound. A press release said a resident shot him inside the house during a burglary at about 10:30 a.m.

Noel Mclean at 1432 Fifth Ave. S.W. said he shot Mason. He said he was awakened by the intruders and he shot out of fear.

Lt. Jonathan Green, public information officer, said Mason was one of three teen boys suspected in the break-in.

Police said the trio broke a window at the back of the house and entered.

“The homeowner was asleep inside and was awakened by the intruders,” said Sgt. Rick Archer, supervisor of the Violent Crimes Unit. “He retrieved a handgun and confronted them.”

Archer said the man fired one shot, striking Mason, and the two other teens fled the house. Outside the home, a white sheet covered Mason’s body as it lay in the grass near the window where police said the break-in occurred.

Officer David Shutt caught a 16-year-old male soon after the shooting, and detectives found the third teen, 14, at his home later Tuesday afternoon, Archer said. The 14 and 16-year-olds are Austin High School students, but the 16-year-old is in the alternative school program, sources told The Daily.

Police charged both teens with second-degree burglary, booked them into Decatur City Jail and later transferred them to the Tennessee Valley Juvenile Detention Center in Tuscumbia. They will soon face a detention hearing, Archer said.

The Department of Forensic Sciences in Huntsville will perform an autopsy on Mason’s body, police said. Sharpley Funeral Home in Decatur will handle arrangements.

Detectives questioned the homeowner about the shooting, but Archer said police did not file any charges in connection with Mason’s death.

The investigation is ongoing, police said.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Orange County, Florida Man Shoots Home Invader

Orange County, Florida

From September 8, 2009 WFTV channel 9:
An Orange County homeowner says he shot a man in self defense late Monday night.

The man told deputies he came home just before 11:00pm Monday night and found another man in his home on Faculty Drive.

He says the man hit him in the head with a pipe and stabbed him. The homeowner then got his gun and shot the man.

Missouri: Intruder Shot At Northland Apartment

Kansas City, Missouri

From KMBC of September 7, 2009
Intruder Shot At Northland Apartment

olice said an intruder was shot during an attempted break-in at a Northland apartment complex early Monday morning.

Officers were called to the Wild Oaks complex at Highway 152 and Flintlock Road shortly before 3 a.m.

Police said a man was trying to break into an apartment when the woman inside grabbed her gun and fired at the intruder through the door.

The man pulled out his own gun and fired back.

The intruder was hit twice and was taken to a hospital. He is expected to recover.

The woman was not injured.

North Carolina: Cab driver strikes back, kills would-be robber

Charlotte, North Carolina

From WBT of September 7, 2009
Cab driver strikes back, kills would-be robber

A deadly showdown played out late Sunday in the front seat of a taxi.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police said a would-be robber, identified as 17-year-old Renaldo Smith, was shot dead by his would-be victim - a cab driver who was called to an apartment complex near Carowinds.

Police said as the cab left the Colonial Village apartments off John Price Road in southwest Mecklenburg, Smith pulled a gun on the driver.

Within seconds, the driver drew his gun and shot Smith, who was dead by the time police arrived.

Police did not immediately identify the cab driver. The cab belonged to Professional Cabs of Charlotte. An employee of the company told WBT NEWS this morning he did not know the driver's identity.

The District Attorney's office must now decide whether to pursue charges against the driver. It's legal under North Carolina law to shoot and kill someone in self-defense.

Arrest records show one previous arrest for Smith - a felony breaking and entering charge from Septemer 2008.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Oregon: Chiloquin man shoots intruder

Chiloquin, Oregon

From KTVZ of September 4, 2009
Chiloquin man shoots intruder

Authorities say a Chiloquin man shot and wounded a neighbor who tried to enter his house.

Sheriff Tim Evinger of Klamath County says 24-year-old Calvin Lee Brown used a pair of 18-inch wooden handles to break Monte Rompal's bedroom window, prompting the 77-year-old man to fire a shot.

Evinger says deputies later found Brown at a nearby house - asleep and drunk with a bullet wound to his left upper arm.

Chiloquin Ambulance took Brown to Sky Lakes Medical Center, where he was in stable condition Thursday.

Evinger says Brown will likely be charged with attempted burglary and criminal mischief.

District Attorney Ed Caleb says it's unlikely Rompal will face charges.

Texas: 2 teens killed trying to break into home

San Marcos, Texas

From the Houston Chronicle of September 4, 2009
2 teens killed trying to break into home

A man shot and killed two teenagers and wounded another when they tried breaking into his home early Friday, police said.

A fourth teenager was arrested and is expected to be charged with aggravated robbery.

Three of the four male teenagers who tried breaking into the home were armed, one with a handgun and two with pellet guns that looked like more powerful weapons, San Marcos Police Chief Howard Williams said.

One of the three college-aged people who lived in the rental home opened fire on the teens with a .40-caliber Glock pistol, killing two 16-year-olds and wounding another suspect. A 17-year-old suspect fled the scene but was captured and arrested after returning to the scene to check on his friends, police said. He's expected to be charged with aggravated robbery, Williams said.

The wounded suspect was taken to Brackenridge Hospital in Austin with non-life threatening injuries, Williams said. Officials say the wounded suspect is also expected to be charged.

Police did not identify the suspects or those who lived in the home. None of the residents were injured. One was a Texas State University student.

Williams said the shooter appeared to be acting in self-defense and "there doesn't appear to be a crime" related to the shooting.

The suspects are from Luling, about 20 miles southeast of San Marcos, Williams said. It does not appear they know those living at the home, he said.

The shooting happened shortly before 2 a.m. Friday. Police responded to a 911 call about a home invasion and shots fired.

"If you feel threatened, you certainly have a right to defend yourself," said Williams.

San Marcos is about 30 miles south of Austin.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Arizona: Armed homeowner holds youth suspected of burglary try

Chandler, Arizona

From the Arizona Republic of September 2, 2009
Armed homeowner holds youth suspected of burglary try

A Chandler homeowner, armed with a gun, took one of two juveniles into custody after they broke into his home.

The homeowner's 13-year-old son was the only person at the house, in the 800 block of West Elgin Street, when two juveniles knocked on his front door on Monday.

The boy did not open the front door. The juveniles forced their way through the back door, police said. The boy ran to a neighbor's home, and his neighbors called police.

The boy's father got home before authorities arrived, grabbed his gun and took one of the juveniles into custody.

Police apprehended the second juvenile when he jumped from the second story and attempted to flee from the home.

Both juveniles, who are Chandler residents, were arrested on suspicion of attempted burglary, police said.

Their names and pictures are being withheld by police.

Texas: Robbery suspect killed in Houston card room gun battle

Houston, Texas

From the My San Antonio of September 4, 2009
Robbery suspect killed in Houston card room gun battle

A suspected robber was killed and another man was injured in a gun battle after three masked gunmen ambushed a card game in southwest Houston on Thursday, police said.

Around 2 a.m., witnesses said the masked men waited for someone to leave the game, which was held inside an unmarked office park unit behind a shopping center.

The gunmen burst in through the open door and began robbing patrons, one of whom pulled his own pistol, said Sgt. Juan M. De La Cruz, a Houston homicide detective. A gunfight ensued.

One suspect was killed and one of the patrons suffered a non-life threatening wound and was taken to a nearby hospital. Police, who found multiple 9-millimeter shell casings at the scene, say the other two suspects fled.

Police recovered card tables, cards and cash, and one of the patrons said everyone at the game knew each other. Police said they didn't immediately know who rents the space, which like many in the complex has no signage.

De La Cruz said the gambling matter would be turned over to the vice squad, but it wasn't clear whether the game was illegal. In Texas, there's nothing wrong with money changing hands in poker and other games as long as someone isn't taking a cut.

Identities of those involved were not immediately released, and no arrests were made.

Ohio: Robbery, standoff end with 2 men dead

Fairborn, Ohio

From the Dayton Daily News of September 2, 2009
Robbery, standoff end with 2 men dead

A stolen $500 piece of silver and two dead suspects are what’s left of a bizarre home invasion that led to a four-hour police standoff.

Bradley Fugate said he had just opened the front and back doors to let some cool air into his Huffman Avenue home Monday, Aug. 31, when two men came in the back door and put guns to his head.

Less than 24 hours later, both of those men were dead, one at Fugate’s home Monday and the other after a Fairborn standoff Tuesday.

“I didn’t know who they were, and they kept asking 'Where’s the money?’ ” Fugate said. “My brother, we kept trying to talk in circles to keep them calm. The black guy, he kept laughing.”

That man, Danny L. Brown, 30, pushed Fugate’s niece down onto a bed while rummaging through a safe in the bedroom, Fugate said.

“That was enough for me and it allowed me to get my gun from where I keep it in the bed and I raised up and fired,” Fugate said. “We got into the kitchen and he turned around and raised his gun up at me. That’s when I shot him in the head. It was a fatal shot.”

Fugate said he fired two shots at the other robber, Shawn Jones, 40, who was able to get away in a cream-yellow Cadillac with a one-pound silver bar and some prescription medication.

“They got into my safe and got the silver,” Fugate said. “It was just one of the safes with a key — a K-Mart special. You use it to store important documents in case of a fire.”

Brown was found inside Fugate’s home on Huffman Avenue and pronounced dead at Miami Valley Hospital.

Hours later three women tried to pawn the silver bar, Dayton Lt. Patrick Welsh said. Detectives used the silver bar to track down Jones in Fairborn, Welsh said.

Jones at first slammed the door and held his grandmother, Edna Vickery, captive, yanking her back into the house twice when she tried to leave, Fairborn police Capt. Doc Plemmons said.

About 15 minutes later, police were able to pull the woman out of her home when she came to the door a third time. Police said she was not injured but had her grandson’s blood on her clothes.

Fairborn Chief Terry Barlow said police were never able to talk to Jones after that initial contact at the door. Negotiators urged him to come out, waited, then fired tear gas into the house, all with no response. Officers then kicked in the door and found the man dead in the living room, his wrists cut .

Welsh said police are still looking for a possible third suspect in Monday’s home invasion — a person who drove the Cadillac from the scene.

Bradley Fugate is not facing any criminal charges at this time, police said.

An Ohio law passed last year allows people to defend their homes from invaders by any means necessary, including lethal force.

“I ain’t no hero, and I’m broken up about it,” Fugate said. “I did what I had to do.”

Michigan: Woman: Shooting man was self-defense

Bedford Township, Michigan

From the Battle Creek Enquirer of August 22, 2009
Woman: Shooting man was self-defense

A 70-year-old Bedford Township woman said Friday she had no choice but to shoot a man coming at her with a shovel.

"I didn't want to hurt him but I didn't want him to hurt me," Virginia Hawes said in an interview at her home in Bedford Hills Mobile Village. "I didn't want to kill him. I just wanted to stop him. If he would have stopped, no one would have gotten hurt."

Battle Creek police said Hawes shot Nicholas Beltz, 24, in the leg in her yard about 7:30 p.m. Thursday.

"He kept coming at me. I pointed the gun at his head, but I didn't want to shoot him in the head. I wimped out," she said.

Hawes said Beltz threatened her after she called police because his girlfriend, Emily Bannister, 18, said she was being assaulted.

Hawes said Bannister came to sit on her porch until police came. When Beltz began walking toward them, Hawes said she warned him to stay off her property.

"She was sitting on the porch and she got up but I told her to stay," Hawes said. "He said he just wanted to talk to her and he wanted to tell her he loved her and he kept coming. I thought he was going to hurt her."

Hawes' grandson, Bryan Hawes, 23, was outside with his grandmother and picked up a shovel, held it out horizontally in an attempt to block Beltz. But Beltz pushed Bryan Hawes aside and took the shovel.

Virginia Hawes said that is when she went inside her home, put five bullets in her .38-caliber revolver and walked back outside, holding the gun to her side.

She bought the handgun in March as protection from a former family member, registered it and had taken classes and practiced at South Side Sportsman Club in Battle Creek.

"I told him to get back and he kept walking toward me. I put the gun up and told him to get back or I will shoot. He called me an old bitch and he kept coming at me and holding the shovel."

Hawes said he told Beltz a half-dozen times to stop and leave her property.

When they were about four feet apart, she said he dropped the shovel but continued forward.

"He said, 'Shoot me in the head old bitch and I will take the gun away from you,' and I thought, 'If I shoot him in the head, how can he take the gun away?'"

Hawes said she believed that Beltz had been drinking and taking drugs and she decided she had to shoot.

She pointed the gun at his foot and pulled the trigger but said he stepped into the bullet and it hit him above the right knee.

"I figured I had to stop him. He was too drunk or high to understand," she said. "He went down like a tree."

After the shooting, Hawes went back inside the trailer, put the gun away and told her grandson to call police. When officers arrived, Beltz was on the ground moaning and she was handcuffed and placed in a patrol car after officers went inside to retrieve the gun.

Hawes, her grandson and witnesses were taken to the police station and questioned and she was released.

"I was prepared to spend a night in jail, but I didn't want to."

She doesn't regret the shooting.

"He was on our property and we were in danger. I didn't want to shoot in the air. I probably could have reached out and conked him with the gun.

"I have nothing to say to him. I really don't want to see him anymore."

Detective Sgt. Carter Bright of the Battle Creek Police Department said a report about the shooting will be sent to the prosecutor's office "but it appears to be self defense."

Bright said warrants have been issued charging domestic violence against Beltz and his girlfriend and assault and battery against Beltz, with Bryan Hawes as the victim.

Beltz's mother, Denise, said Friday afternoon her son remains in the hospital with significant pain.

"I am very upset by this. It was wrong that she had a gun and shot him. Nick is very upset and doesn't know why she did it."

Denise Beltz insisted her son would not hurt anyone and that her understanding was that he had turned to walk away when he was shot in the back of the leg; Bright said that theory does not appear to be true.

"It doesn't give her a right to have a gun when Nick didn't have a gun," Denise Beltz said.

Utah: Homeowner shoots suspected prowler in foot

Hyrum, Utah

From the Salt Lake Tribune of August 22, 2009
Homeowner shoots suspected prowler in foot

A Hyrum man shot a suspected would-be burglar near his home early Saturday morning.

The 42-year-old homeowner shot a 20-year-old man once in the foot about 2:30 a.m., said Cache County sheriff's Lt. Chad Jensen.

Deputies responding to a prowler call found the 42-year-old standing in a back doorway, holding the 20-year-old at gunpoint next to a tree on the 500 block of Eagle Ridge Drive. The man said he'd fired one shot, but neighbors reported hearing several.

The suspected prowler, who "appeared to be very intoxicated," was taken to Logan Regional Hospital, treated for his injury and released to deputies.

The incident is under investigation.

Tennessee: Clerk Shoots Would-Be Robber

Memphis, Tennessee

From My Fox Memphis of September 2, 2009
Clerk Shoots Would-Be Robber

No charges have been filed yet in a deadly Wednesday morning shooting in Northeast Memphis. Witnesses said a store clerk had to protect himself from a would-be robber, who was armed with a taser. Tonight, the man police say was trying to rob the store is dead.

Before crime scene tape and squad cars covered Lana's parking lot Wednesday morning, a strange looking man caught Gary Belcher's attention.

"He had the most coldest look on his face," Belcher said.

Belcher said he was picking-up trash when a man passed him and walked inside Lana's Market on Macon Road. Then, he said, he heard two gun shots. He ran into the store where he saw his friend, the store clerk, standing behind the counter.

"He had a gun in his hand and he was saying, 'help me Gary, help me.' I couldn't see the guy. At about that time, I [saw] a hand come up behind the counter, he was behind the counter and trying to grab for the gun," Belcher recalled.

Belcher said the would-be robber used a taser on the clerk before he was shot, "He tasered [him] all over his head and his back nowl"

Memphis Police said the robber later died at the hospital. Riyad Ghosheh said he's the clerk's cousin and a store owner himself. He said store owners in Memphis have no choice but to arm themselves at work. Ghosheh thinks current deterrents are not working, "If they do heavy, heavy punishment on the robbery, nothing will happen. But if he [robs] somebody the next day, a 100-dollar bond, he's out of jail. That's the problem, the punishment is not heavy."

Business is back to normal at Lana's. Belcher said he'll have no problem coming back to work. He'll just keep a look-out.

Police officers say they are still investigating this case.

North Dakota: Homeowner fires at intruder

West Fargo, North Dakota

From the West Fargo Pioneer of August 27, 2009
Homeowner fires at intruder

There is no suspect in the burglary attempt that occurred August 18, in Eagle Run at 1139 38 ½ Ave. W., where the homeowner, Jason Fonder, fired a single shot at an intruder discovered in his residence. Also home at the time were his wife, and two-year old daughter. There were no injuries and nothing was taken.

West Fargo Police responded to a call of a burglary in progress at about 1:30 a.m. By the time they arrived, the suspect had fled and has yet to be found.

The suspect is believed to have entered through an unlocked door. He is described as around 5’10” to 6 feet tall, in his late teens to early 20s, wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt and some sort of cap underneath the hood.

Police officials don’t know if this incident is related to the recent string of burglary attempts occurring in West Fargo. West Fargo Assistant Police Chief Mike Reitan said it’s the same in that the individual came in through an unlocked door, but dissimilar in that it occurred in a different area.

Evidence of the shooting was apparent by the entry area of the home, where the single bullet fired traveled through the wall and struck the ground near the front sidewalk. There was no evidence indicating that the intruder was injured and nobody reported a gunshot injury to any medical staff.

Under the North Dakota use of force law, a homeowner has the right to protect himself and his family when they feel threatened.

Police officials said Monday that no additional burglary attempts occurred over the weekend, instead all was quiet. They continue to encourage residents to lock their doors and report anything suspicious. They are also still asking that anyone with any information about a suspect matching the description in the Eagle Run incident, to call the West Fargo Police Department at 701-433-5500.

Alaska: Alaska man's quick shot kills charging bear

Juneau, Alaska

From the Juneau Empire of August 16, 2009
Alaska man's quick shot kills charging bear

A Soldotna fishing guide's "total luck shot" saved him from a 900-pound, charging bear.

The Anchorage Daily News reported that Greg Brush, a fishing guide, was walking with his three dogs near his home on Aug. 2 when a brown bear charged him without warning from behind.

A snap of a twig prompted Brush to glance over his shoulder. Then, he saw the bear running at him.

Brush said he was able to shoot his gun once or twice as he back pedaled. One shot was enough to kill the bear. He said it was luck shot.

Brush said the bear looked starved and probably saw an opportunity for food.

Vancouver, Washington Man Shoots Pit Bull

Vancouver, Washington

From the August 31, 2009 Seattle Times:

Police say a man who shot and killed a pit bull in Vancouver had a permit to carry a gun and acted in self defense.

The 73-year-old man was threatened Saturday by two vicious dogs as he was walking near his home. Before he could get to safety, the man determined he had to shoot one of the dogs to keep from being injured.

The Vancouver Columbian reports the second dog was captured by the Clark County Animal Control. It's conducting an investigation to identify the owner and determine how the dogs got loose.

Stand-Your-Ground Law Used in Florida

Tampa, Florida

From the September 2, 2009 St. Petersburg Times:

TAMPA — Charles Podany wanted to protect his neighborhood from speeders.

On Feb. 29, 2008, he bicycled through Thonotosassa's Bay Hills Circle community and asked a fast-driving man in a pickup truck to slow down.

The encounter turned deadly after the driver's drunken friend began beating Podany, 49. As Casey Landes, 24, landed on top of Podany and readied his fist to strike again, Podany shot him in the head with a .40-caliber Glock.

Hillsborough Circuit Judge Robert Foster agreed Tuesday to toss out Podany's manslaughter charge after his attorneys argued Podany fired in self-defense under Florida's "stand-your-ground" law and deserved immunity from prosecution. The law allows people to meet force with force when they feel threatened.

Defense attorney Stephen Romine said Podany's case met the stand-your-ground test: Podany wasn't engaged in unlawful activity; he had a right to be there; and if he hadn't acted, he may have been seriously injured or killed.

Foster heard testimony on the defense motion two weeks ago, including from Evin Aguayo, the pickup driver and Landes' best friend.

Aguayo, 21, told investigators that Landes was the aggressor in the confrontation and that Podany never hit back.

"You never saw (Mr. Podany) take a swing at him?" a sheriff's detective asked Aguayo.

"Never," Aguayo responded, adding, "Not one time. Not one single swing."

Romine included those excerpts of Aguayo's statements to detectives in his motion to dismiss.

Before the deadly altercation, Aguayo said Podany approached him about speeding through the neighborhood.

"I said, 'Well, I'm sorry sir. We won't do it again. Forgive me,' " Aguayo told detectives.

As Podany peddled away on his bike, Landes appeared and began yelling at him. Aguayo said he tried to stop his friend. "Man forget about it," he told him.

"It wasn't even a fight, it was one-sided," Aguayo said.

Podany is 5 feet 8 and weighs 180 pounds. Landes was 6 feet 1 and weighed 192 pounds.

"He's outsized, outmuscled," Romine said. "It's not going to be a fair fight in any capacity and the guy is just relentless trying to beat him."

Aguayo told deputies his friend thought it was "cool to beat up an old man."

Home Invaders Stabbed and Shot To Death

New Orleans, Louisiana

From August 31, 2009 WDSU channel 6:
Carlos Calderon, 39, and Luis Calderon, 26, were found dead around 11:15 p.m. Sunday in an apartment at 1132 Carondelet Street. Two other men, a 38-year-old and a 31-year-old, were found in the apartment with multiple stab wounds.

The Calderon brothers lived in the same building and had been involved in an argument with the two survivors earlier Sunday, police said. Later that night, the brothers -- armed with knives -- forced their way into the other men's apartment, police said.

The roommates also armed themselves with knives and a handgun, and they managed to defend themselves by stabbing and shooting the men, police said.

Homicide detectives and representatives from the District Attorney's Office met Monday and determined that the men's actions were justified.

Independence, Missouri Customer Shoots Shoplifter in Self-Defense

Independence, Missouri

From August 31, 2009 Fox News channel 4 (Kansas City):
INDEPENDENCE, MO. - Did an Independence man go too far in shooting a suspected shoplifter? The store manager of a Sun Fresh grocery store in Independence was trying to stop a suspected female shoplifter when a bystander intervened and shot her.

You won't hear Bill Miller apologizing. The 37-year-old is on crutches because of a broken foot, but he still sprang to action when he saw the store manager at Sun Fresh chase a female shoplifter into the parking lot.

"The customer service girl coming out screaming, 'Help, help, my manager's on the hood,'" Miller said.

Armed with a 9 millimeter and a conceal carry permit, Miller left his crutches behind and hopped on one foot toward the suspected shoplifter's car.

"I had it pointed downward on her, I told her stop, she looked at me smiled, turned the wheel at me, acted like she was going to run me over," MIller said. "I fired one round, I thought she was going to kill me and the manager."

Miller hit the suspect in the arm and fired another round at her tire.

"Well I don't think he should've shot her, but I agree it's a good idea to try and stop her," customer George Fleming said.

"I don't know, I still think that's vigilante, I just don't go for it," customer Vicki Sims said. "I think it's a little too vigilante."

"No it's not, these criminals got to be stopped," Miller said.

"He was legal to carry it, he was protecting somebody's life or livelihood and he did the right thing," customer Leslie Reid said.

Miller said that police said they would not charge him and that what he did was justifiable.
UPDATE: From September 2, 2009 KMBC channel 9:
INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- The man who shot a suspected shoplifter in Independence won't face any charges, prosecutors said Wednesday.


With the car turned on, police said Carroll lunged the vehicle forward, striking the manager on the legs, leaving her clinging to the hood of the car.

William Miller was in the parking lot and saw it happen. He used his truck to block an exit and pulled out his handgun, repeatedly telling the driver to stop and get out, police said.

Police said Miller feared for his life and for the manager, and he fired a shot into the driver-side window. It hit Carroll in the shoulder and neck.

East St. Louis Burglar Shot

East St. Louis, Illinois

From the August 28, 2009 St. Louis Post-Dispatch:
EAST ST. LOUIS -- Authorities say a man who was rehabbing a boarded-up house in East St. Louis has shot and killed a local teenager who was reportedly trying to force his way in.

St. Clair County Chief Deputy Coroner Ace Hart says he pronounced 18-year-old Michael Holmes III dead shortly after noon Thursday. He was the third person to die of violence in East St. Louis this week and the 17th so far this year.

Illinois State Police Master Sgt. Dave Wasmuth said the homeowner was inside working on the building when Holmes and another man, whose name wasn't released, tried to break in. Wasmuth said the 22-year-old homeowner, whose name was not released, then shot and killed Holmes.

No charges had been filed in the case as of Thursday evening.

Home Invasion Victims Fight Back

Lake Worth, Florida

From the August 10, 2009 South Florida Sun-Sentinel:
LAKE WORTH - No one was injured when a shotgun was fired during a home-invasion robbery in which the victims fought back and managed to wrest away one of the guns early today, according to the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office.

The home invasion and scuffle involved three robbers and seven unidentified residents in a home west of Lake Worth.

Three of the residents had just arrived home from a nightclub in the 1400 block of Hillcrest Drive shortly after 2 a.m. when three suspects emerged from the back yard. One of the men was brandishing a shotgun and the other a silver handgun.

The suspects pistol whipped one of the victims and forced him to stay down, the Sheriff's Office said. But that victim was able to get away.

The suspects then barged into the home, where another four people slept, and confronted another one of the club-goers for money. When he declared he had none, they instead took his cell phone, watch and 32-inch gold necklace, Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Teri Barbera said.

The suspects then woke up one of the sleeping residents who fought for control of the shotgun. It fired, lodging pellets into a bedroom wall, Barbera said.

Meanwhile, as the two other suspects went around the house screaming "where is the money at?", one of the victims was able to grab the handgun. Also, another victim managed to get an 8-inch knife and began chasing the suspects.

That victim may have cut one of the suspects, Barbera said. At that point, the suspects left the house and headed south on Hillcrest Drive possibly in a four-door, blue, older model Toyota or Honda.

The suspects' faces were partially covered with black bandanas. The investigation continues.

Man Killed in Springfield Bar Threatening Others With What Looked Like a Gun

Springfield, Florida

From the August 25, 2009 Jacksonville Florida Times-Union:

The man fatally shot by a Springfield bartender this morning was threatening people inside with a nailer that closely resembled a firearm, police said this afternoon.

Police said John L. Lee, 20, walked into the Shantytown Pub shortly before 12:30 a.m. wearing black clothing and waving what appeared to be a firearm at a bartender and patrons. The unidentified bartender, who police also said was the manager, thought the bar was being robbed, pulled out a handgun and shot Lee repeatedly.

Lee, of the 1400 block of Cleveland Street, was taken to Shands Jacksonville hospital and pronounced dead. Investigators later determined Lee was carrying a .22-caliber shot tool/nail driver "which clearly resembles a firearm," a Sheriff's Office news release said.

Neither the bartender nor a handful of patrons at the bar at 22 W. Sixth St. were injured. No charges have been filed against the bartender, who has been identified by a co-worker and patrons as Tex. Ian Ranne, co-owner of the bar, declined to comment.

Assistant State Attorney Jeff Moody said Lee came into the bar carrying what appeared to be a firearm, "which caused the employee of the bar to fear for his life and the lives of the patrons." Moody said investigators continue to review evidence to determine whether the shooting was justified.

Court records show that Lee pleaded guilty to dealing in stolen property last month and was sentenced to 12 months of probation. He also was convicted of trespassing earlier this year and received nine months of probation in a domestic battery case in 2008.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tennessee: 60-Year-Old Shoots Teen Robber

Nashville, Tennessee

From WSMV of August 30, 2009
60-Year-Old Shoots Teen Robber

Police said a 60-year-old man shot a teenager who tried to rob his home Saturday night.

Metro police said the break-in happened on Lindy Murff Court in south Nashville.

The 60-year-old resident shot one of the two robbers in the chest. Later, the two robbers showed up at the Shell station on Haywood Lane in Antioch, asking for help, police said.

The wounded man claimed he had been robbed and shot during the robbery.

Paramedics rushed the wounded man to the hospital, and he is expected to survive. The other man has been arrested. Police have not released their names.

Nevada: Armed homeowner fends off possible home invasion

Gardnerville, Nevada

From the Record Courier of August 26, 2009
Armed homeowner fends off possible home invasion

A Gardnerville woman fended off someone who was trying to break into her house early Thursday morning.

According to the Sheriff's Office, the Pin Oak Drive resident was awakened by her dog, who was barking insistently inside her home at 3:20 a.m. The woman said she looked out of the windows, and when she didn't see anything, she armed herself and let the dog out into the backyard.

She said a man approached her quickly in her backyard, but then she pointed her handgun at him and shoved him backward before retreating into her home. She locked the door and called 911. When she returned to the back door, the man began knocking on her rear window.

She yelled that she'd called the Sheriff's Office, and the man ran to the far side of the yard and jumped over the fence.

The man was described as being 6 feet, 2 inches tall, thin with blonde hair. She estimated he was in his late teens or early 20s, wearing black earrings, a dark hooded sweatshirt and dark shorts with yellow writing down the side.

When deputies arrived on the scene, they searched the neighborhood, but did not find the man.

They did find a window screen had been removed from the home's rear window and a fingerprint on the glass.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call the Douglas County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer, Sgt Jim Halsey, at 782-9931.

Halsey said it's important that residents checking suspicious activity be careful.

“This incident brings to light the importance of safety and vigilance by residents when checking suspicious activity or noises around a residence at any time of the day or night,” he said. “If you have any reservations or misgivings, call 911 and request the sheriff's office respond.”

Texas: Business owner shoots at intruder early Wednesday

Corpus Christi, Texas

From the Caller-Times of August XX, 2009
Business owner shoots at intruder early Wednesday

A man sleeping at his business in the 6700 block of Weber Road fired several shots at a man who busted the front door glass about 12:30 a.m. Wednesday, police said.

Police later found a maroon Chevrolet Suburban backed up to the shop’s door with a large flat screen TV on the ground, police said in a news release. Police suspect the man attempted to re-enter the store to get another TV when the owner shot at him, the release said. A witness heard the shots and a man shout that he was shot.

About an hour later, a 33-year-old man walked into Bay Area Hospital emergency room with a gunshot wound on his hand, Capt. Todd Green said.

He was placed under police guard pending possible burglary charges, Green said.

The owner’s weapon was taken by police for evidence processing.

Michigan: Teen tries to rob Detroiter, ends up shot by victi

Detroit, Michigan

From the Detroit News of August 25, 2009
Teen tries to rob Detroiter, ends up shot by victi

A 17-year-old would-be armed robber had the tables turned on him this morning when his intended victim pulled out his own gun and shot the teen, police said.

Now, instead of the money he allegedly sought to steal, the teen will get a lengthy hospital stay -- and, if he recovers and is convicted, a lengthy prison sentence.

The incident happened about 5 a.m. this morning behind an apartment building at 1670 Oakman, Detroit Police spokesman John Roach said.

"The 17-year-old came up behind a 32-year-old man behind the apartment building and tried to rob him at gunpoint," Roach said. "But the 32-year-old had a CCW (a license to carry a concealed weapon), and had his own sidearm with him. He pulled his weapon and they exchanged gunfire."

When the shooting was over, the 32-year-old had only suffered a minor injury to the head, while the alleged bandit was seriously wounded. He was taken to an area hospital, where he remains in critical condition, Roach said.

"If he recovers, he'll likely be charged with armed robbery, and probably attempted murder," Roach said.

Mississippi: Police Identify Killed Suspected Burglar

Jackson, Mississippi

From WAPT of August 30, 2009
Police Identify Killed Suspected Burglar

Jackson police say a local grocery store owner shot and killed Lorenzo Rodriguez Jones, 33. He was a Jackson resident.

The shooting happened in the 1400 block of Highway 80 at the Gipson Warehouse.

Police believe Jones was trying to break into the warehouse when the owner shot him in the chest, killing him.

The Gipson Warehouse owner isn't facing any charges because of the Castle Doctrine, JPD Chief Tyrone Lewis said.

The Castle Doctrine allows property owners to protect his/her land and themselves.

North Carolina: Man fired to defend himself, police say

Hillsborough, North Carolina

From the News Observer of September 2, 2009
Man fired to defend himself, police say

Police do not expect to charge a 65-year-old Faucette Mill Road homeowner who shot an intruder Friday night.

"At this point we believe he was acting in self-defense," Lt. Davis Trimmer of the Hillsborough Police Department said Tuesday. "He was alone in his house. He came out and found three men in his living room."

The case will be reviewed by the district attorney's office, Trimmer said.

Christopher Jerome Williams, 19, of 626 Wildaro Court in Hillsborough, was shot in the chest at 11:34 p.m. He is doing well after surgery, Trimmer said.

Police charged Williams and Audricus Southerland, 18, of 316 Lakeshore Drive in Hillsborough, with first-degree burglary. They were found a few minutes after the incident at a relative's home, less than a mile away.

Police arrested two more suspects Monday night. Brandon Borden, 20, of 548 Homemont Ave., and Artimus Stewart, 20, of 179 Torain St., were charged with first-degree burglary. They and Southerland were being held at the Orange County jail in lieu of $100,000 bail, Trimmer said.

Police are not releasing the name of the homeowner. He told police he heard the door to his residence being forced open. He got a pistol and found three people standing in his living room. He fired one shot, hitting Williams. After the shooting, he saw four men running from his home.

North Carolina law recognizes people's right to defend themselves, others or their homes.

In cases of defending one's home, the law allows the use of deadly force against an intruder to prevent entry and to terminate unlawful entry if a person thinks doing so will prevent death, injury or the commission of a felony.

"I think they are more difficult cases to prosecute," said John Rubin, professor of public law and government at the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Government who has written a book "The law of self-defense in North Carolina." "The law provides a lot of protection to the homeowner," he said.

Washington: Fatal shooting at campsite was self-defense, police say

Olympia, Washington

From the News Tribune of September 1, 2009
Fatal shooting at campsite was self-defense, police say

An Olympia man who was killed Saturday near his campsite at Wynoochee Lake was apparently shot by another camper in self-defense, the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Department said Monday.

The deceased man was identified as Westin Wolff, 25, of Olympia, said Rick Scott, Grays Harbor undersheriff. But Scott did not release the name of the alleged shooter.

“It appears at this juncture that the shooting itself was a legitimate act of self-defense,” Scott said.

Police said the shooting occurred after an argument about 1:30 a.m. Saturday near the shore of Wynoochee Lake, which is in Olympic National Forest northeast of Aberdeen. The conflict involved two different groups of campers, police said. Wolff was one of a party of three young men, and the other party was a family, Scott said.

He said the shooting did not occur at a formal campground; rather, it was a group of informal campsites along the lake near a boat launch off Forest Service Road 23. At least one other party – which wasn’t involved – was also in the area.

He said the parties involved did not know each other but gave no further details.

He declined to release any of the circumstances that led to the shooting, saying the investigation is ongoing. He said he hoped to complete the investigation this week, and then the case will be turned over to the Grays Harbor County prosecutor.

Ultimately, the prosecutor’s office will decide whether to prosecute the case.

“We’re keeping a lot of the specifics confidential,” Scott said.

California: Authorities say shooting of three was self-defense

Sacramento, California

From the Mercury News of August 31, 2009
Authorities say shooting of three was self-defense

Authorities say a man who shot and killed two men and wounded another in a Sacramento apartment early Monday was acting in self-defense.

Sacramento County Sheriff's Sgt. Tim Curran says authorities declined to arrest the 26-year-old man after witnesses reported that the three men confronted the man outside his apartment, then broke in and continued the attack after he had retreated inside.

Investigators say during the attack, the man retrieved a handgun and shot all three attackers.

Two of the attackers died at the scene. The third, a 23-year-old, was taken to a hospital. He is expected to survive.

Curran says the district attorney's office will make a final decision on whether to file charges against the resident of the apartment.

South Carolina: Fort Mill homeowner fires shot at intruder

Fort Mill, South Carolina

From WCNC of August 20, 2009
Fort Mill homeowner fires shot at intruder

One minute a Fort Mill father was watching cartoons with his 2-year-old son. The next minute he was aiming a pistol at an intruder.

It happened in the Avery Lake subdivision off Steele Street in Fort Mill just after 8 p.m. Wednesday.

"Even today I feel sick to my stomach," the victim told NewsChannel 36.

It was just a regular Wednesday night, the 24-year-old said, when he suddenly found himself defending his and his son's lives.

"I heard the glass shatter," he said.

The man asked not to be identified to protect his family's safety.

"When I heard the noise, I called 911," he said.

The noise was a burglar who had bashed in the back sliding glass door with a boulder from the yard. Police believe the intruder thought no one was home.

The homeowner -- a former police officer who left law enforcement for the ministry -- hid his son in a closet and grabbed his pistol.

"I yelled a warning at him to leave. He didn't do it. He came walking toward me and I shot at him," the victim described.

The man said in all his time on the force he never once had to shoot at a suspect.

"If I hadn't pulled the trigger I don't know what would have happened to myself and my son," he said.

The intruder got away. Fort Mill police traced his tracks to a nearby school. Investigators said they hope surveillance cameras there may have video that will help them make an arrest.

North Carolina: NC man, 76, shoots youth, 15, after home invasion

Charlotte, North Carolina

From WRAL of August 26, 2009
NC man, 76, shoots youth, 15, after home invasion

Police are unraveling a home invasion and burglary that began at an elderly couple's home and ended with a 15-year-old suspect shot to death on a nearby street.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said robbery and homicide investigative units are working to sort out the Saturday incident that began when four young men pushed into the upscale brick home that C.L. McClure, 76, shares with his wife in northeast Charlotte's Newell community.

"I'm not in any condition to talk" about the incident, McClure, a retired building fireproofer, told The Charlotte Observer on Tuesday.

Police said four teens entered McClure's home Saturday. McClure was bound with duct tape and his wife held at gunpoint. The robbers left with some jewelry and a wallet.

McClure's son, Larry, who lives next door, said his father broke free and after checking that his wife was OK guessed at the robbers' route out of his neighborhood. C.L. McClure grabbed a pistol, got into his dark green van and pursued the crooks, Larry McClure said.

"He thought they might have been driving, and he wanted to get a tag number," Larry McClure said.

Larry McClure said his father told him he was in his van when he saw one of the suspected robbers and thought he was armed. C.L. McClure fired his pistol when the teen turned toward him, his son said.

Marcus Fluker, 15, died later at Carolinas Medical Center. Police said they didn't recover a gun from near his body.

Officers took C.L. McClure to headquarters for questioning but released him without charges.

Police charged the other three teens with robbery and burglary. Police identified them as Joseph Graves, 17, Matthew Everett Morgan, 17, and Tahjaue Wiley, 18.

Police said they want to prevent any possible retribution against McClure and have assigned an officer to keep an eye on the residence.

"I think there's a concern. They just want to be extra careful. It's extra upsetting to have a 15-year-old shot and killed," said Capt. Mike Smathers, who command's the department's robbery unit. "I don't care who you are; that's terrible. They're just trying to make sure peace is maintained."

Arizona: Police arrest 2nd suspect in Phoenix pawn shop robbery

Phoenix, Arizona

From the Arizona Family of September 1, 2009
Police arrest 2nd suspect in Phoenix pawn shop robbery

Police said Tuesday that they have arrested the second suspect involved in an armed robbery at a Phoenix pawn shop over the weekend.

Det. James Holmes said detectives caught up with that suspect early Monday morning. The 17-year-old Hispanic male has been booked into the Juvenile Detenetion Center, but investigators are not releasing his name.

Detectives say that teen suspect and another man, now identified as George Luis Villa Nueva, tried to rob the Central Pawn Shop near 41st Avenue and Indian School Road Sunday morning.

One of the suspects, police have not said which, held a gun on a 15-year-old employee.

Sgt. Andy Hill said that's when the store's manager pulled a gun of his own and fire several shots, hittine Villa Nueva, 21, in the head. He later died.

The teen suspect flad the scene in a vehicle belonging to a store customer.

Police say the investigation is ongoing.

West Virgina: Man Charged in Logan County Murder, Stabbing

Logan County, West Virginia

From WSAZ of August 17, 2009
Man Charged in Logan County Murder, Stabbing

One man is dead and his twin brother is in the hospital after a man came into their home and stabbed them. It happened late Saturday night at home in Man.

West Virginia State Police say Billy Johnston came to the house that twin brothers Mac and Jerry Belcher shared. Johnston knocked on the door, and when Mac opened it, Johnston stabbed him multiple times. Then, police say Johnston went to the bedroom where Jerry was still sleeping and stabbed him multiple times as well, killing him.

Despite his injuries, Mac managed to grab a gun and shoot at Billy Johnston, according to State Police. None of Mac's shots hit his attacker, but it did scare him away.

Troopers later arrested Johnston and took him to the Southwestern Regional Jail. He was brought in by West Virginia State Police just before 6 Sunday morning, but it's little consolation to neighbors who say they've lost a good friend.

"It's just totally devastated everybody," Roger Perry, a friend of the twins, said. "It hasn't really sunk in yet. I just don't understand how somebody could come in with a knife and stab somebody to death."

"I've had grown men come here today and cry," neighbor Alice Mitchell said. "My phone has rung off the hook from everyone calling. It's just a great, painful tragedy that this has happened."

Mac Belcher is at Charleston General Hospital, and doctors say his wounds don’t appear to be life threatening.

Neighbors say this wasn't the first time that the 68-year-old twin brothers had been in an altercation with Johnston. They believe the argument started over some tools that Johnston sold to the Belcher brothers.