Thursday, December 29, 2016

Mountain Pine, AR

12/22/16 KHTV:
Shop owner Sonny Singh said that he got to the Mountain Pine Corner Store around midnight after grabbing some dinner. The store was closed, but he heard alarms going off.
He said that he went inside and saw a man with a gun and some money so he rushed behind the counter and got his shotgun.
Singh says he told the man to drop the gun, but instead he fired a shot. That's when Singh fired back.

Orem, UT

12/23/16 KUTV:
At this time, the shooting is being investigated by police as self-defense. It appears the shooter was defending himself against a home intruder who had broken into the apartment, according to Orem Police Department.

Sultan, WA

12/23/16 Seattle Times:
SULTAN — A prosecutor says an 81-year-old woman had no choice but to use deadly force when she fatally shot a home intruder in April.
The Herald reports Snohomish County deputy prosecutor Craig Matheson wrote in his decision that Barbara Moles fired as 25-year-old Steven Sheppard advanced toward her.

Sheppard had broken into the home and stabbed and struck Moles’ husband.

Candler, NC

The sheriff’s office says the employee who called 911 told deputies a robber brandished a gun, and the two exchanged gunfire.
The caller was not injured. He said the robber came in wearing a ski mask and glasses.

Fort Bend, IN

12/25/16 ABC Channel 13:
The man went into his kitchen around 4:45 a.m. and noticed on his security cameras that someone was outside his home.
He asked his wife to call police while he went outside to confront the suspect.
"I carry weapons and I have a few magazines in the vehicle and I have a holster and I have ammo. A few boxes of ammo," he said. "He had his left hand full of some of my stuff and with his right hand, I was unable to determine whether or not he was putting something into his pocket or if he was pulling something out of his pocket."

Detroit, MI

12/23/16 WXYZ:
DETROIT (WXYZ - Detroit police say a CPL holder shot and wounded two men who tried to carjack him at a gas station in northwest Detroit early Friday morning.
According to police, it happened just after midnight in the area of 7 Mile Rd. and Shiawassee at the Valero gas station.

St. Francis, KS

12/23/16 Salina Journal:
ST. FRANCIS — Farmer Blake Feikert is in fear for his life and for others close to him because the man he admitted to shooting while burglarizing him a second time is walking free.
“We need to have some justice. If they do it once, they’ll be back to do it again,” said Feikert, 39. “I think everybody needs to be able to protect their property.”
The man he shot is recovering from injuries and is home from the hospital, Feikert said, but has yet to be publicly identified or charged after being found 25 days ago in Feikert’s farm shop with a wound from a .45 caliber handgun.

“They tell me it’s under investigation and they cannot release information, but yet, he’s out running around free, bragging to everybody about how he got by with it,” Feikert said.
Based on the man’s profession, which takes him to various personal properties, Feikert said “I believe he is scoping out your house to rob you.”...
Some two weeks after the shooting, Cheyenne County Sheriff Cody Beeson and County Attorney Nicole Romine concluded in a press release that Feikert acted reasonably in defense of himself and his property.

Fort Bend Co., TX

12/25/16 KHOU:
In Fort Bend County on Malin Court, a man shot and killed someone who was rummaging through his truck.
The sheriff's office there tells us the suspect killed on Malin Court was only 18-years-old.
"The bullet hit the bottom of this bumper right here and they had to retrieve the bullet out of there," said Michael Adams, who showed us where a bullet went through the back of his Lexus Sunday morning.
Investigators tell us Adams' neighbor got off at least three rounds at the suspected burglar--2 of them hit the suspect; another hit Adams' car.
"I feel lucky it hit the bumper versus shattering a window," Adams said.
Fort Bend County Sheriff's deputies tell us a man on Malin Court got up early Sunday to get a glass of water and noticed someone on his security system going through his truck.
The homeowner went outside, and saw something in the suspect's hand. He didn't know what it was and then, according to deputies, saw the suspect make a move toward his waistband.
That is when he opened fire, fearful the suspect had a weapon.
Neighbor Michael Adams, when asked where he was sad about his car having a bullet hole in it, said, "I am sad about my car but you know we gotta look out for each other here because there have been a lot of break ins here."

Kingwood, TX

KINGWOOD, Texas -- A burglary suspect was shot and killed in a Kingwood home on Christmas Eve.
According to police, the incident happened around 9:45 p.m. Saturday on Longleaf Pines Lane when a resident noticed broken glass in a front window of his home. 
Police said as he was checking out the glass, the homeowner noticed a suspect in his home. He then alerted his son who was also in the house with his wife. 
The son, who carries a weapon, shot the suspect. He died in the home. 

Blackman Township, MI

BLACKMAN TWP., MI - Police are continuing to search for an intruder believed to have been shot when he entered the home of an elderly man on Winifred Street.
As of Tuesday morning, he had not been found, Blackman-Leoni Township public safety Deputy Director Christoper Boulter wrote in an email.
A man fired at least four times Friday night at the intruder, said to be armed with a knife, and the man fled with the homeowner's gun and pickup truck.
Police believe the shooting was justified. "Someone came into his home, was armed with a knife, and assaulted him. He does not have a duty to retreat, and he was defending himself," Boulter wrote.

Cobb County, GA

12/26/16 WMC channel 5:

MABLETON, GA (CBS46) -Two men tried to outgun the owner of a gun store in Mableton, but it did not work out as planned. 
It happened Monday morning at the Dixie Gun and Pawn on Veterans Memorial Highway in Cobb County. 
Jimmy Groover told police two men wearing masks came in with guns drawn, demanding that he get on the floor, while shouting they were going to kill him.
Groover said he was wearing a pistol on his hip, and he used it to fire back at the robbers, killing one of them.

Miami, FL

Inside an elevator, an aggravated maintenance man raised his finger in menacing fashion. Gabriel Astengo, a retired Miami nightclub singer who was once a political prisoner in Cuba, swatted him away.
What started as a macho fisticuffs between total strangers spilled out into the lobby of a Miami office building.
It ended with the 68-year-old Astengo behind bars — after he took out his legally concealed pistol and socked janitor Juan Alvarez once over the head.
But surveillance video saved Astengo. After viewing the footage, a judge on Monday threw out the criminal case against Astengo, ruling the man acted in self-defense in pulling his gun against the janitor, who was holding only a wooden pallet.

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Miami, FL

An attempted home break-in went awry for the would-be-burglar Tuesday when a homeowner cornered him in the backyard, and shot him, police said.
Miami police hadn’t released the name of the suspected burglar by late morning. They said he was transported to the hospital and was undergoing surgery with a bullet wound to the left side of his mid-section....
According to Miami police, the couple in the home on Northeast 42nd Street were awakened when the home’s alarm went off while someone was trying to break in through a rear window.
The homeowner went downstairs with a gun and spotted a man before he was able to gain entry. Then, police said, there was a confrontation in the backyard, where the man was shot. Police said they found bolt cutters in the yard not far from the shooting victim.
“He was heard trying to break in through a window,” said Miami police spokeswoman Yelitza Cedano-Hernandez. “The homeowner was inside the house. Came outside and shot him.”

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Sunrise, FL

11/29/16 Miami Herald:
On Monday morning, three men broke into a Sunrise home at 4380 NW 103rd St. and were greeted by another resident with a gun. Before they were able to ransack the place, the resident, Warren Darlow, fired.
One man, Albert Jones, was shot dead, according to Sunrise police. The two others, Curtis Jefferies, and Jose Coleman, took off, but were soon arrested and charged with burglary and murder.
Neighbors of the North Miami-Dade family told Miami Herald news partner CBS4 that in previous incidents someone had thrown a rock through a window of the house and tried to break in the back door.

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Dade Co., FL

11/29/16 Miami Herald:
For the second day in a row, a South Florida resident stood his ground and shot someone trying to break into a home, police said. One man died. The other is clinging to life.
Early Tuesday morning, as a man was banging on the front door of a North Miami-Dade home, Warren Cespedes grabbed his gun, gave warning, then fired twice through the door, sources said.
A man who had driven up to the home at 14240 NW Second Ave. in a red car just before 5:30 a.m. was knocking heavily and the family believed he was trying to get inside. The noise awoke Cespedes, his wife Jessica Bustamante and their two sons, ages 5 and 9.
“They were sleeping at the time. I believe two shots were fired,” said family attorney Michael Grieco. “They did not recognize this guy. They both have concealed weapons permits.”
Police haven’t named the would-be intruder. They said the 22-year-old man is in critical condition after being taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

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Aventura, FL

Just before 6 a.m. Sunday, an Uber driver with a passenger on his way to Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport was cut off by a Dodge Caravan on the William Lehman Causeway while heading to the mainland. The causeway links Sunny Isles Beach to Aventura.
Aventura police, who released more information on Monday, said Kevin DeVincent Johnson, 24, got out of the van with a gun in each hand and confronted Namique Anderson while he was driving for Uber.
Still in his vehicle, according to police, Anderson fired four times, striking and killing Johnson, who never got off a shot. Anderson was not charged with a crime. Though Uber has a policy against drivers carrying weapons, the company said it was looking into the incident.
“He was acting in self defense,” Aventura police spokesman Chris Goranitis said.
Police don’t think Anderson or his passenger were targeted. They called it a random act. State records show Johnson was arrested in 2015 by the Broward Sheriff’s Office for possession of marijuana and battery on a police officer. He pleaded no contest.
They believe Johnson and another man who was in the van — and whom they have in custody — had committed an armed robbery in Broward County about an hour earlier. The man, whom they haven’t named, fled in the van when Johnson was shot, but police found the van an hour later after receiving a tip.

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Monday, December 5, 2016

Culpeper County, VA

If you have a gun, a criminal might take it from you.  NBC Washington, DC:

A man has been shot and killed with the gun police say he used to force his way into a house in Culpeper County, Virginia.
Culpeper County sheriff's investigators said 21-year-old Delonte Jones, of Prince George's County, and 18-year-old Amber Eley, of Orange, Virginia, knocked on the door of a home in the 1400 block of Woodland Church Road.
When the homeowner answered the door, Jones and Eley asked for help with their car. The resident refused and as he tried to shut the door, police said Jones forced himself into the house and struck the man with a gun.
After a struggle, the homeowner took control of the weapon and fired at Jones, hitting him in the stomach. Neighbors told News4 they heard multiple gunshots.
Source: Culpeper County Homeowner Shoots, Kills Intruder With Suspect's Gun | NBC4 Washington
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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sunrise, FL

A man fatally shot one of three intruders who allegedly broke into his Sunrise, Florida, home in a dramatic moment all caught on the homeowner's call to 911.
Sunrise police received the 911 call Monday from the homeowner, Warren Darlow, who told the police he saw a car pull into his driveway. According to arrest affidavits obtained by ABC News, Darlow then told police he saw men he didn't know get out of the car and walk toward his home.
"Fearing the suspects were going to break into his house, Darlow armed himself with a shotgun," the affidavits say. Darlow told police he loaded the gun and called 911, according to the affidavits. As he was on the phone with 911, the suspects shattered a glass door and broke in, he told police, the affidavits say.
"They're in my house right now," the victim whispers to the 911 dispatcher in the call, which was obtained by ABC News.
Darlow later told police he was worried that if the suspects weren't already armed, they would arm themselves with one of Darlow's guns that he keeps in plain view on nightstands, according to the affidavits.
Darlow told police "several times that he feared for his life," according to the affidavits.
Darlow then fired his gun three times, according to the affidavits. Though the first shot did not hit anyone, the second shot did, the affidavits say. Darlow told police that after that second shot, he saw the injured individual appear to "reach toward something," so Darlow fired again, the affidavits say.
Wow!  Maybe the Lamestream media are waking up.