Saturday, June 30, 2007

Portland, Oregon

From the The Oregoniann of June 30, 2007
Portland man, 71, wounds intruder

A Northeast Portland homeowner who came face to face with an intruder in the early morning darkness Friday shot him once in the head, leaving him seriously injured, family members and authorities said.

About 4:50 a.m., Leroy Hudson, 71, and his wife, Janice, 62, awakened to the sound of a break-in, said Walter Hudson, 49, the second of the couple's nine children. Walter Hudson relayed his parents' account of events:

Leroy Hudson was asleep upstairs and Janice Hudson was asleep downstairs in their home near Northeast 107th Avenue and Glisan Street. When they heard suspicious noises from their enclosed back porch, they met in a hall and got out a gun.

Janice Hudson called 9-1-1 to report an intruder. Leroy Hudson opened the back door of the house and found a man standing in front of him. He demanded to know what the man was doing, hoping to scare him off.

But the man said nothing. Instead, he walked toward Leroy Hudson, and Hudson raised the gun and shot him. Police arrived soon after.

Police have not released the intruder's identity but think he's about 26 years old, said Officer Brian Schmautz, a Portland Police Bureau spokesman.

The man's gunshot wound was life-threatening and he had surgery at Legacy Emanuel Hospital & Health Center, Schmautz said. No condition report was available.

Janice Hudson had stayed on the line and told 9-1-1 operators that a gun had been fired and someone was down, Schmautz said. When police reached the home, they stood outside and called for the homeowners to step out. Police then found the man lying on the back porch amid signs of forced entry. The intruder was not armed.

The Hudsons' home was busy Friday with the couple's children and grandchildren stopping by to offer support and help clean up.

Walter Hudson said he was grateful no one in his family was hurt but his thoughts also were with the intruder's family.

"It's so terrible on both sides," he said.

Walter Hudson said his father served in the military about 50 years ago, but he didn't know the details. He didn't believe his father had used a gun on a person outside the military.

His parents and his aunt, who turns 84 today, moved into the house a year and half ago, he said. His father hasn't told him how the incident affected the couple emotionally, but it was a surprise to encounter such a threatening situation in the peaceful neighborhood.

Schmautz cautioned residents about keeping guns at home. An intruder could turn a weapon against a resident in such a confrontation, he said.

Also, Schmautz said residents should weigh the risk of personal danger against the loss of belongings.

No charges have been pressed in the incident. The Multnomah County district attorney's office will consider what action is warranted, Schmautz said.
From the KATU of July 9, 2007
Police: No charges for homeowner who shot intruder

An elderly man who shot a suspected intruder in the head at his northeast Portland home late last month will not face criminal charges, officials announced Monday.

The Multnomah County District Attorney's Office completed its review of the June 29 incident and determined the case would not go before a grand jury, police said.

According to police, 71-year-old Leroy Hudson awoke in the early morning hours to the sound of breaking glass and someone moving around in an enclosed porch area of his home in the 10700 block of Northeast Glisan Street.

Police have not elaborated on what happened next but at some point Hudson shot at the suspected intruder.

The injured suspect, 26-year-old Brent Alexander Sweet, was treated at Legacy Emanuel Hospital and released over the past weekend.

Police have charged Sweet with first-degree criminal trespass, and he was scheduled to be arraigned Monday.
Midwest City, Oklahoma

From Oklahoma City’s of June 30, 2007
Pit Bull Shot After Attack

Dog Owner Cited For Harboring Vicious Animal

Midwest City police said they wouldn't cite a man who shot a pit bull terrier that was attacking a meter reader.

Jason Fish was reading a meter for Oklahoma Gas and Electric Friday when police said the dog attacked him. A neighbor heard Fish screaming and shot and killed the animal with a shotgun.

Midwest City Police Chief Brandon Clabes said Fish was taken to a local hospital with serious injuries.

Clabes said the dog's owner -- Terry Almon -- was cited for harboring a vicious animal.
From the Midwest City Sun of July 3, 2007
Neighbor shoots dog in Midwest City

A dog was shot after attacking a meter reader Friday, according to Midwest City assistant police chief Jay Dee Collins.

Collins said at about 11:30 a.m., the Midwest City 911 center received a call about a person being attacked by dogs in the backyard at 214 E. Jacobs.

Jason Fish, a meter reader for Oklahoma Gas and Electric, approached to read the meter. He rattled the gate and one dog came to him and seemed friendly, Collins said. He then hopped over the gate and was met by two additional dogs, one of which was aggressive, Collins said.

The dog, a mixed breed, started attacking Fish, biting him numerous times on the arms, hands and ankle, Collins said. The meter reader called for help and his calls of distress were heard by a neighbor, Collins said.

Collins said the neighbor looked out and saw the man in trouble and distracted the dog.

“The dog came toward him and he shot one round and incapacitated the dog at that point,” Collins said.

At that point, the meter reader was able to escape back over the fence.

Police, fire and EMS arrived. The victim was taken by ambulance to the Midwest Regional Hospital, Collins said.

The dog was taken into custody by animal control and died on the way to the shelter, Collins said.

Charges were filed against the owner of the dog, Terry Almon, for harboring a viscious animal, Collins said.

Charges were not filed against the shooter because he fired to preserve the life of another person, Collins said.

Almon said his dog, Princess, has never attacked anyone before.

“It surprised me,” he said.

Almon also said it would not be possible for the neighbor to be aware of what took place in the yard.

“I have a 6-foot stockade fence around my house,” Almon said. “He couldn’t see anything.”

Arkie Stevens, the alleged shooter, did not wish to comment.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Sardis City, Alabama

From the Albertville Sand Mountain Reporter of June 29, 2007
Man captures intruder at gunpoint

Three people apparently didn’t believe in the old saying “three strikes and you’re out,” or else they wouldn’t have attempted to burglarize the same Sardis City home Wednesday morning.

Sardis City police Chief James Alverson said he believes three men were responsible for burglaries on June 21 and Monday of a U.S. 431 South residence and apparently were attempting a third burglary when things didn’t go as planned.

Alverson said a friend of the homeowner was staying at the home Wednesday when he heard a vehicle pull up to the house and blow its horn.

The unidentified friend told police he looked out the window and saw a black truck, with which he was not familiar, in front of the house. A short time later, the doorbell rang, but the friend did not respond.

Alverson said the friend told police that, a few minutes later, one of the men popped open the lock on the back door with a screwdriver and entered the house.

The man then started toward the basement door in what was believed to be an effort to let an accomplice into the house.

The homeowner’s friend, who had a pistol, confronted the surprised burglar and told him, “Don’t you move!”

Believing he might be shot, the man did not move. Then the friend proceeded to take the intruder outside, asking him, “Where’s your other buddy at?”

A man in the pickup truck in the driveway saw his partner being held at gunpoint and quickly drove back to U.S. 431.

The truck’s driver stopped to speak with a second man, parked as an apparent lookout, in a red vehicle near the highway.

The two then waited for the home’s occupant and his captive to approach, at which time the occupant told his prisoner, “You better tell your buddies they just better go on.”

(Long, involved, and interesting story)
Mary Esther, Florida

From the Northwest Florida Daily News of June 29, 2007
Thieves load boat; victim unloads gun

A Mary Esther man had his boat stolen from his home, but the thieves didn’t get away before he had a chance to shoot at their truck.

Three men went on the man’s property on U.S. Highway 98 and loaded his boat into the back of their truck on June 27, according to a Sheriff’s Office report.

They left with the boat and the victim followed, and when the boat owner had the chance, he shot at the rear wheel of the truck with a Smith and Wesson.

It’s not clear if he was able to hit the truck, but his aggressive response must have helped. Two of the men have been arrested.

Christopher Clark, 23, and Elliott Stone, 20, both of Mary Esther, have been charged with burglary and larceny.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Columbus, Ohio

From Columbus’ of June 28, 2007
Police: Resident Fights Back, Shoots Burglary Suspects

Police are trying to determine the events that led up to an apparent home invasion and shooting on Thursday afternoon.

According to neighbors, two armed men attempted to break into a home on Koebel Road at about 12:30 p.m. A short time later, neighbors said they heard gunshots, NBC 4 reported.

Police said the resident was home alone when the alleged break-in occurred. According to police, the victim shot both suspects, striking one of them in the leg.

The men fled the scene, but were later arrested and taken to Grant Medical Center in stable condition.

Neighbors said the incident was the second attempted break-in at the man's home in less than a year.

Police said the homeowner will not face charges because he was defending himself.
Provo, Utah

From the Provo Daily Herald of June 28, 2007
Provo man uses pistol against burglar

Burgle him once, he buys a gun and an alarm.

Try it again and you might get shot.

Police say residents of the Old Academy on University Avenue took on an auto burglar with loaded guns Wednesday morning.

It was the second time the resident's vehicle had been burglarized, and Provo Capt. Cliff Argyle said the man purchased an alarm after the first burglary.

The alarm paged the vehicle owner at 4:30 a.m., notifying him that his Toyota 4Runner had been broken into. He ran down to the underground parking lot with his roommate.

Both brought their pistols.

The two residents confronted the would-be burglars, telling them to get on the ground, Argyle said.

The suspects instead ran to their vehicle and started to drive away. The roommate of the vehicle owner fired his pistol at the green sedan, hitting the front driver's-side tire.

"The tire did not deflate, and the driver kept driving and the vehicle went on its way," Argyle said. The suspects got away in their green sedan. The roommates did get a license plate number and police are waiting to release it.

The Old Academy is Brigham Young University contracted housing. Part of the agreement signed by tenants states that there will be no firearms "unless prior written consent is received from owner/agent and all other tenants in the rental unit."

As for whether the roommates could face charges within Provo City, Argyle said none are being considered at this time. He did say this crime story is unique.

"We've had people confront vehicle burglars in the past, but this is the first time I can recall where the person has used a firearm to confront someone," Argyle said.
Riviera Beach, Florida

From the Palm Beach Post of June 28, 2007
Business owner fires at robbers, hits bystander, police report

After two men shoved guns in an auto shop owner's face, taking $1,300 from his business, the owner grabbed his own gun, followed them outside and fired, police said.

Police don't know if any of the shots hit either robber, but one did hit a bystander in the ankle.

The bystander, who police would not identify Wednesday, was taken to an area hospital with an injury said to be not life-threatening.

According to police, investigations into both the robbery and the shooting, which happened shortly after 1 p.m., are continuing.

Richard Hydro, 54, owner of Motor Werkes, in the 4600 block of Dyer Avenue, was not held by police. A man answering the telephone at his home said the business owner had been advised not to discuss the shooting.

Riviera Beach spokeswoman Rose Anne Brown, however, said, "The (robbery) victim, in fear of his life, followed the subjects and shot at them."

She added that a second encounter outside the business preceded the shooting, but said she had no information on what took place. The robbers took cash and personal credit cards, police said.

Hydro has a concealed weapons permit, according to state records. He has owned the property where the business is since 1993, records show.

A report on the shooting will be sent to the state attorney's office in the next few days to determine whether charges will be filed, Brown said.

Police say the robbers fled in a silver, four-door, late-model Chrysler or Dodge, possibly an Intrepid, driven by a woman. Both had semiautomatic handguns, one black and one silver, police said.
Clarksville, Tennessee

From the Clarksville Leaf-Chronicle of June 28, 2007
Victim turns tables on burglar

50-year-old man wrestles gun from teen

Sheriff's Investigator Julie Webb wishes every home invasion could have such positive results.

"It worked out awesome," said Webb, the lead investigator on the case. It was a burglary where the occupants of a River Hills Drive residence awoke to find an armed burglar in their home, only to wrestle away his weapon, chase him from their home, and later identify him for the arrest.

"We had wonderful victims that handled themselves as well as you could ask for," she said.

At about 1 a.m., a male resident awoke at his usual time, but noticed that some things were out of place, Webb said.

"He said it took him a minute to register," she said, but he quickly found a masked man with a rifle in a bedroom.

The masked man, Craig Majors, 19, who gave a 211 Al Orta Drive address, pointed the rifle at him and "told him not to look at him, turn around, or he would kill him," Webb said.

Majors then demanded money, to which the victim responded that they use debit cards and don't keep money in the house. Majors decided to take the victim to a nearby ATM to withdraw his money.

Still holding the gun at the victim's back, Majors led him to the garage where he found some bungee cord to tie him up with. As he tied him up, Majors held the gun under his arm, which turned out to be a mistake.

"(The victim) said to me he realized that was his opportunity," Webb said. "He turned around and jumped on this man, and the fight was on."

The victim, who is in his 50's, yelled as he fought Majors, and his wife awoke to find them fighting in the garage.

She then struck the burglar in the side of the head.

The male victim was able to get an upper hand in the fight, Webb said, as the gun lay on the ground. Majors then got on top of the victim, but the victim was able to kick him off and down a staircase. He then picked up the gun and attempted to fire it, but it didn't fire, so he started swinging the gun at Majors who ran, Webb said.

The couple watched Majors sped away in a dark colored, four-door car, the same vehicle deputies found abandoned no more than a mile down the road, after it struck a tree.

Plantation, Florida

From Miami’s of June 28, 2007
Police: Customer Shoots 2 Subway Robbery Suspects

Retired Marine Kills 1, Wounds Another, Police Say

A retired United States Marine disrupted a robbery in progress when he shot two men who attempted to rob a Subway sandwich shop, fatally wounding one of them, police said.

According to Plantation police, two armed men barged into the Subway at 1949 Pine Island Rd. shortly after 11 p.m. Wednesday, demanding money from the employee behind the counter. When they tried to force a customer into the bathroom, he pulled out a gun and shot both men, police said.

One man was shot in the head and later died at the hospital. The other ran from the Subway, but police found him in hiding in some bushes on the property of a nearby BankAtlantic.

A witness who was about to enter the Subway at the time said he thought the shootings were justified.

"I think justice, you know, was served and a civilian was a hero for today," Sebastian Shakespeare said.

Police said the customer, a retired Marine, wouldn't be charged.

More details from the June 29, 2007 South Florida Sun Sentinel:
Lovell, 71, of Plantation, has a valid concealed weapons permit and is not expected to be charged in the shooting, said police spokesman Detective Robert Rettig. Gadson, however, faces multiple felony charges that could include murder, he said. Under Florida law, anyone who commits a felony such as armed robbery resulting in a death can be held accountable for the capital offense.

Florida law gives people the right of "self-defense without the duty to retreat." That means individuals can use deadly force virtually anywhere to prevent death or serious injury.
Hobart, Indiana

From Merrillville’s Post-Tribune of June 28, 2007
Police say shooting could be self-defense

A Hobart man is hospitalized after a fight ended with a shooting Tuesday evening that police believe could be ruled self-defense.

Witnesses say Lawrence Halt, 43, was in an argument in front of his next-door neighbor's home in the 100 block of North Guyer Street when he put Michael Peco in a headlock. Police believe they were fighting over whether Halt would be allowed to do home repair work for Peco, according to police.

Halt followed Peco into his home, where police believe he again put Peco in a headlock. During a struggle, Peco drew a .38-caliber semiautomatic pistol and shot Halt, once in the hand and again in the chest, said Detective Lt. Leo Finnerty.

"He was in fear, and he shot him twice," Finnerty said.

Halt was hospitalized but he was awake and alert Wednesday morning when he was interviewed by police, he said.

Police continue to interview witnesses.

The results will be referred to the Lake County prosecutor, who will determine whether charges will be filed and against which man.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Omaha, Nebraska

From Omaha's KETV of June 26, 2007
Resident Fires Gun At 3 Burglars

A couple being robbed in their home Monday night was able to fire a shot at the burglars, police said.

At about 10:30 p.m. Monday, police said three white men entered at home at 11029 Jones St. through an open garage door. The residents told police the robbers demanded money at gunpoint. One of the residents was able to grab a gun and fire.

No one was hit and burglars got away.
Pittsburg, California

From the Contra Costa Times of June 27, 2007
Suspect sought in Pittsburg barber shop gunfight

Police are looking for a gunman in connection with a morning gun battle at a local barber shop that left at least one of the shooters injured.

At 11:10 a.m., police received calls of gunfire at Phatcuts in the 3900 block of Railroad Avenue, said Lt. Brian Addington.

Officers on the scene found a 31-year-old Antioch man, who is a barber at the shop, bleeding from several gunshots to his legs. He is in stable condition at a nearby hospital, Addington said.

No customers were reportedly in the store, and no other injuries were reported.

The barber told police that he was alone inside the barbershop when a man walked in and started spraying gunfire.
The barber pulled out a .45 caliber handgun that he had in his waist band, and returned fire, Addington said.

The gunman fled and jumped into a Buick Park Avenue that sped away.

Nearly two hours later, police received a call from an area car dismantler and salvage yard about a suspicious car that had just been left there. A man dropped it off minutes before wanting to buy windshields to replace the car's front and back windows, which had been shot out, Addington said.

The car was also punctured by myriad bullet holes. The driver fled the scene before officers arrived at yard, Addington said.

Detectives are actively investigating leads to the gunman's identity, Addington said.
Daytona, Florida

From the Daytona Beach News-Journal of June 26, 2007
Woman shoots at charging pit bull

Memories of an Easter Sunday pit bull attack four years ago came rushing back to Christine Bruce on Monday night as a pit bull charged toward her while she was jogging with her dogs.

Unlike four years ago, this time she was ready.

She pulled out her .38-caliber handgun and fired a shot at the charging pit bull as she was screaming at it to stop, she said Tuesday in a telephone interview.

The attack four years ago -- a pit bull ripped open part of a body cast on her right arm while she was recovering from spinal surgery -- prompted Bruce to start carrying the gun for self-defense, she said.

Bruce said she normally walks and runs every day with her two labs and a German shepherd.

According to a Volusia County sheriff's report, Bruce, 44, was jogging with her dogs at 8:13 p.m. when she saw Ricky Charles Ward standing in front of his house at 1435 Gainesville Drive with a white pit bull on a leash. She said Ward started exciting the dog and when she asked him to stop, he let the dog go and told it to attack her.

"The dog was inside the house barking and then (Ward) opens the door and comes out with the pit bull on a leash," Bruce said. "I kept running to get away but then I looked back and he let go the leash and the dog."

Afraid for her and her dogs, Bruce retrieved the handgun from her bag and fired at the charging pit bull. She missed the dog but the sound of the gunshot scared it away, the report states.

Bruce has a concealed weapon's permit, sheriff's spokesman Brandon Haught said. The case has been turned over to Deltona Animal Control for review, Haught said.

Ward, 47, was issued a warning by a city Animal Control officer to keep his dog under control, city spokesman Lee Lopez said. Ward could not be reached Tuesday.

Stricter action could not be taken because "there is not a history with this dog at that address," Lopez said.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Las Vegas, Nevada

From Las Vegas’ of June 26, 2007
Suspected Robber Left Dead After Attempted Jewelry Store Robbery

A neighborhood is briefly on lockdown, following a shootout in a local jewelry store.

Now one person is dead and police are searching for a possible suspect.

The search is on for that possible suspect, but right now Metro has two people in custody.

It was a crime that had police scrambling through several eastside neighborhoods chasing a suspected robber.

It all started at a jewelry store. Police say two or three men and a woman went in with guns to rob the place.

They say they were confronted by a woman working in the store, and during that run-in one of the suspects ended up shot.

That suspect later died.

People in the neighborhood saw the other suspected robbers run right by them.

Roy Martin Middle School and Sunrise Acres Elementary both went into lockdown, as police chased and caught a man and a woman they say may be involved.

Police believe there may be one more suspect on the loose, and the neighborhood is still shaken up.
The video which accompanies this story confirms that the clerk shot the robber.

From Las Vegas’ of June 26, 2007
Robber dies after being shot by store owner

A robbery suspect is dead following a robbery gone bad at a jewelry store. It happened Tuesday morning at the Gold Doctor jewelry store on Mojave near Charleston. Another suspect is still on the run.

Police say at least four people entered the jewelry store at around 11:30 Tuesday morning; police say at least two of them were armed. It's then that police say a struggle ensued between the suspects and the business owners.

One of the owners managed to wrestle a gun away from a suspect. The owner shot the suspect in the abdomen; he was transported to a local hospital where he later died. As for the other suspects involved, police did managed to detain two, a male and a female just blocks away from the crime scene.

The fourth suspect is still on the loose and police just have a vague description to go on. He is described at a black male adult with very short hair, and he's believed to be wearing a white shirt and dark pants.

Police tell us the owners are obviously shaken up, but fortunately they were not injured. Police also tell us that at this time it's too early in the investigation to talk about whether the owner who shot the suspect will face charges in all of this or if it may just be ruled self defense.
From Las Vegas’ of June 26, 2007
Details into the fatal robbery at local jewelry store

We now know more about a deadly store robbery that happened Wednesday morning. Two suspects are in custody while another is dead - shot by the store owner.

It's back to business at the Gold Doctor jewelry store; the only signs of any crime is a single bullet hole in the door blinds. But a much scarier scene is detailed in the arrest report - an inside look into Tuesday's robbery gone bad.

The report says two suspects, armed with semi-automatic handguns, kicked in the front door and wrestled with store owner Zane Houston. Kenneth Kalbach, another owner, heard the commotion and tried to fight back by jumping on the suspect.

A third employee, Beatriz Hernandez, was held hostage with a gun to her head. Meanwhile, two other suspects, Miya Mason and Thurman Hall, were waiting outside with a getaway car.

As Kalbach watched the robber approach him, he feared for his life but still managed to get the robber's gun; Kalbach fatally shot him in the stomach.

The police report says that Mason and Hall admitted they took part in the robbery, but the investigation is not over yet; one more suspect is still on the loose.

Mason and Hall are expected to appear in court Thursday morning on charges of conspiracy, robbery, kidnapping and murder.
Shreveport, Louisiana

From Shreveport's KTBS of June 26, 2007
Homeowner kills suspected burglar

A homeowner shot and killed a suspected burglar this morning after finding him breaking into a car and a storage shed in his townhouse development.

Police said the homeowner tried to hold the burglar at bay until officers arrived, but the burglar tried to attack him.

The 49-year-old homeowner was questioned by police and released with no charges filed. The case will be sent to the district attorney for a decision on whether charges should be filed.

The shooting happened about 2:30 a.m. on Carlsbad Drive in far southeast Shreveport.

Killed was Jonathan Sternitzky, 19, who lived on nearby Monet Drive in the same development.

The homeowner said he saw the break-ins in progress, got a gun and went outside. He told police he tried to hold Sternitzky until officers got there but Sternitzky tried to attack him.

Police said the homeowner fired one shot, hitting Sternitzky in the chest.

Police said the mortally wounded man ran around the corner of the building before he collapsed and died.

Authorities did not release the name of the homeowner.

Clay Carroll backed his neighbor's action.

"Let people know that this ain't gonna be an area where it's tolerated," Carroll said. "We need to keep the crime out."
From Shreveport’s of August 20, 2007
D.A. says shooting of burglar by homeowner was justified

A homeowner acted in self-defense when he fatally shot a man after catching him breaking into a car in his Shreveport townhouse development, Caddo District Attorney Paul Carmouche said today.

Prosecutors reviewed the findings of a police investigation and autopsy results before concluding the homeowner -- who was trying to hold the burglar at bay until police arrived -- was being attacked by the burglar when he fired, Carmouche said.

Carmouche said the 49-year-old homeowner was sitting on his Carlsbad Drive patio about 3 a.m. on June 26 when he heard someone breaking into a car. The homeowner got a gun from his house and confronted the burglar.

The burglar tried to convince the homeowner to let him go, then told him he had previous arrests and "nothing to lose" and charged the homeowner, Carmouche said. The homeowner fell back and fired one shot, hitting the other man in the chest.

Mortally wounded Jonathan Sternitzky, 19, ran around the corner of the building before he collapsed and died.

Sternitzky lived on nearby Monet Drive in the same development. Autopsy results showed Sternitzky had multiple drugs in his system, Carmouche said.

"Based on the autopsy report, the homeowner's statements and the facts, it is a justifiable homicide," Carmouche said.
Salt Lake City, Utah

From the June 25, 2007 International Herald-Tribune:
SALT LAKE CITY: Authorities said a prison inmate out for a medical appointment wrested a gun from a corrections officer and killed him, then led police on a high-speed chase in a stolen sport utility vehicle before his capture at a fast-food restaurant.

Curtis Allgier, who wears a swastika and the words "skin head" on his heavily tattooed face, fired a shot in the Arby's restaurant that hit no one before a customer snatched the gun, Salt Lake City police Sgt. Rich Brede said.

"It sounds like he was heroic, even though he's being humble about it," he said of the 59-year-old customer.


Police pursuing Allgier placed tire spikes on Interstate 215, but he still was able to drive several miles (kilometers) before bailing out in the Arby's drive-thru lane, police said.

Police arrived at the eatery just as Shirley Smiley, 57, was outside after breakfast with her husband and son. She said she heard a "popping noise" from inside, and police yelled "Get down!"

About six other customers and three employees were inside the restaurant, Smiley said. At least one person was "struck with some object" but was able to walk out, bloodied around the head, Brede said.

Police did not identify the customer who wrested the gun from Allgier, saying he did not want to be identified.

KUTV identified the customer as Eric Fullerton.

"Everybody's calling me a hero. I'm not a hero," Fullerton told the TV station. "I just did what I had to do."

Allgier had been at the Utah State Prison in the Salt Lake City suburb of Draper on a parole violation. On June 14, he was sentenced to nearly nine years in federal prison for being a felon in possession of a firearm but had not been transferred yet to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons.
Londonderry, New Hampshire

From the Eagle Tribune of June 25, 2007
Murder victim shot at prowler months before he was killed

About 18 months before he was murdered, Jack Reid stepped from his home early one November morning, armed with a .357-caliber Magnum, and fired at an intruder crouching between two vehicles on his property, according to police reports.

On Nov. 8, 2003, two Londonderry police officers responded to 47 Rockingham Road, where Reid was living at the time. One used a police dog to track the prowler into the woods.

Reid told police he fired five shots at a man dressed in dark clothing, who stood up between the two vehicles and yelled "Jack!" before running into the woods. Reid said the man was hiding between a station wagon and a moving van.

State police who are investigating Reid's murder in June 2005 have made the three-year-old incident part of their investigation. On Tuesday, authorities charged John Brooks, 54, formerly of 68 High Range Road in Londonderry, and three other men with conspiring to kill Reid near 145 North Road in Deerfield, N.H.

The state attorney general's office has refused to disclose a motive for the killing, saying only police are still gathering evidence. Reid, 57, was living in a trailer in Derry at 25 Scobie Pond Road when he went missing June 27, 2005. His body was found a week later in a dump truck parked behind a Target department store in Saugus, about 40 miles from his home. The truck was one Reid used for his salvage collection business.

Londonderry police Officer Scott Balukonis and K-9 Officer John Perry wrote separate reports about the Nov. 8, 2003, incident. Those reports detail their actions in response to Reid's call to police, made around 1:06 a.m. Reid told police his dog, tied up outside his trailer, woke him up.

Zip, the police dog that responded to Reid's call, located a human scent where Reid said he spotted the man. He described the intruder to police as 5 feet 10 inches tall, wearing black clothing and a black hat. Reid said he did not recognize the prowler, even though the man had yelled his first name.

"Zip began to track strongly between the two vehicles," Perry wrote. The officer spotted fresh footprints and disturbed leaves through the woods as the police dog followed the scent.

Reid's longtime friend Paul Mackey told The Eagle-Tribune in a June 2006 interview that Reid "never got a good look at the person. He had an idea of who it could have been."

The reports make no mention of Reid telling police he suspected the identity of the prowler.

Balukonis advised Reid to lock his firearm inside the trailer prior to the officers arriving at the home. The department later cleared Reid of any wrongdoing.

Reid said he told the prowler to stop before the man stood up between the vehicles, Balukonis wrote. After the man stood, Reid told police, he started shooting.


Monday, June 25, 2007

Graniteville, South Carolina

From Columbia’s of June 24, 2007
Aiken deputies: Homeowner shot man during robbery

Deputies say a Graniteville homeowner responded to the attempted theft of an all-terrain vehicle with gunshots.

Officials say Leonel T. Sanchez, 26, shot Jack H. Cooper, 18, as Cooper was trying to steal the ATV from the Bettis Academy Road home on Saturday morning.

At 1:15am, a motorist found Cooper lying on Bettis Academy Road, and gave him a ride to a convenience store, where deputies met Cooper.

Aiken County Emergency Medical Services then transported Cooper to the Medical College of Georgia, in Augusta.

He will be charged with attempted grand larceny and possession of a firearm under 21.

An investigation also led to the arrest of Clarence W. Oglesby IV, 22. He's charged with attempted grand larceny. A 16-year-old juvenile was released to relatives.

The homeowner won't be charged.
Westgate, Florida

Resolution to this incident
(This will be moved to the original post in seven days.)

From Palm Beach Gardens’ of June 25, 2007
Man Not Guilty In October Jeep Shooting

Jury: Shooter Acted In Self-Defense

A jury ruled Monday that a Westgate man who shot into a Jeep, killing two men and injuring another, was acting in self-defense.

After a six-day trial, the jury found Norman Borden not guilty of charges that included two counts of first-degree murder, one count of attempted murder and one count of shooting into an occupied vehicle.

Borden shot at three men who were in the Jeep in October 2006. The shooting happened after the group confronted Borden as he walked his dogs.

Christopher Araujo and Saul Trejo were killed in the shooting. The third passenger, Juan Mendez, was injured.

Borden's defense argued he fired the shots because he feared for his life. Borden claims the three men had tried to run him over in the Jeep.

But the prosecution said though Borden's first shots were in self-defense, he committed murder when he stepped in front of the Jeep and fired more rounds at the vehicle.
Earlier accounts of this made much of its being the first test of Florida’s ‘Castle Doctrine’ law, but no mention above.

From the Thibodaux (LA) Daily Comet of June 25, 2007
Jury finds man not guilty in early morning jeep shooting

Borden's defense argued he fired the shots because he feared for his life. Borden claims the three men had tried to run him over in the Jeep.

But the prosecution said though Borden's first shots were in self-defense, he committed murder when he stepped in front of the Jeep and fired more rounds at the vehicle. Florida's 2005 stand your ground law allows someone to use deadly force to avoid bodily harm and eliminates the duty to retreat.
From the Palm Beach Post of June 26, 2007
Man said he killed two attackers in self-defense

Norman Borden became the first defendant in Palm Beach County to beat murder charges under the state's Castle Doctrine law, which expands an individual's right to self-defense, when a jury acquitted him of all charges Monday in connection with a double slaying.
Port Arthur, Texas

From the Beaumont Examiner of June 25, 2007
Robbery gone wrong; suspect shot repeatedly by store employee

A convenience store employee shot one suspect multiple times during an attempted robbery in Port Arthur Sunday night.

Port Arthur Police responded to a possible shooting at the Stop & Drive at 2500 Gulfway Dr. in Port Arthur at around 10 p.m. Sunday night. When they arrived, police found EMS and Fire Department personnel treating a wounded man in front of the business. Witnesses told police the suspect went into the store and demanded money from the clerk at the counter. A second store employee saw what was happening and retrieved a gun from somewhere in the store. The second employee opened fire on the robbery suspect, striking him several time. The suspect reportedly attempted to flee the store and collapsed just outside the door.

At the last report, the suspect was listed in critical condition at a Beaumont hospital. The Port Arthur Police Department’s Major Crime Team continues to investigate the incident.
From the Beaumont Examiner of July 5, 2007
UPDATE! Tired of being threatened and robbed, one store employee shoots armed robber

Tajamal Shah said he was in fear of his brother’s life when an armed robber who had threatened store employees in a previous robbery pointed a gun at the clerk and told him he would kill him if he would not turn over money from the store’s cash register.

Shah shot 22-year-old Brandon Oliver “multiple times” according to a police report during an attempted robbery in Port Arthur Sunday night.

Port Arthur police responded to a possible shooting at the Stop & Drive at 2500 Gulfway Dr. in Port Arthur at around 10 p.m. Sunday, June 24. When they arrived, police found EMS and Fire Department personnel treating a wounded man in front of the business. Witnesses told police the suspect went into the store and demanded money from the clerk at the counter, Shah’s brother. Shah said he saw what was happening while in his truck outside the store. He retrieved a revolver from the vehicle and entered the store. Shah opened fire on Oliver, striking him several times. Shah said he fired five times and believes he struck the suspect with each bullet. Oliver then attempted to flee the store and collapsed just outside the door. Shah said police arrived within two minutes of the incident. “They were very good,” Shah said of the Port Arthur police who responded to the shooting. “Very quick.”

Shah said that it was not the first time the suspect had robbed the store.

“That was the second time he robbed us,” Shah said. “The first time he threatened us and told us we better have money for him. After that, we stayed alert. This was the second time he robbed the store.” “He told me he was going to kill me if I didn’t give him the money,” Shah’s brother said. “The register was empty. I told him there was no money, but he threatened me.”

Shah said he saw a silver handgun in the suspect’s hand. So, Shah took out his .38 revolver and fired multiple times in Oliver’s direction. Shah said it was the first time he had ever fired a gun. Brandon Oliver died at a Beaumont hospital sometime on Tuesday. Sgt. Rodney Harrison of PAPD said Oliver had been convicted of robbing the same store in 2003. Harrison also confirmed that an armed robber wearing a mask had robbed the store June 19.

“He was wearing a mask so it’s difficult to make a positive I.D.,” Harrison explained. “The robbery on the 19th and the one Sunday night were the same M.O. A mask and firearm recovered at the scene looked similar to the one in the store video. We watched both surveillance tapes, and it appears to be the same suspect.”

Harrison said on Sunday night, the clerk at the store saw a group congregating outside the store, which is what had happened before the robbery on the 19th. The clerk called his brother, Tajamal Shah, because he was suspicious of the group’s activity. Shah pulled close to the door to observe, and his brother put all the money away.

Harrison said Oliver was in Possession of a semi-automatic handgun. Harrison also said police are investigating two cases, one being an aggravated robbery with a deceased defendant and the other a murder investigation. Harrison said the murder investigation would determine whether or not the shooting was justified.

“We do not anticipate charging the store employee,” Harrison said. “State law says that if he was in fear for his life or the life of a third party, which was the case here, he was within his rights … We do not advocate anyone taking matters into their own hands. These two young men felt they had no choice.”
Maxton, North Carolina

From the Lumberton Robesonian of June 25, 2007
Third man sought in botched robbery

Authorities are looking for a third man involved in a botched break-in that left one of the alleged burglars suffering from gunshot wounds.

Police say that Shawn Emanual, 25, of 521 McQueen Road, Shannon, was shot by the homeowner while breaking into a home at 609 N.C. 71 North on June 7. Emanual and Jeffrey “Will Steal” Locklear, 30, of 1312 Red Hill Road, Maxton, were charged with breaking into the home.

Police Detective Lt. Jamie Oxendine said authorities do not have the identity of the third man.

Oxendine said Emanual broke into Wyvis Oxendine's home at about 3:40 p.m. Wyvis Oxendine was watching television as his 15-year-old daughter took a nap.

“They thought no one was at home,” Jamie Oxendine said. “When they actually found this person was at home, that's when it all went wrong.”

The detective said the 59-year-old homeowner fired two shots at the men as they fled his house with some of his property. Police recovered a Playstation game system and nine video games in the front yard.

Minutes after the break-in, a sheriff's deputy saw Emanual - suffering from shots to the leg and arm - had him taken to Southeastern Regional Medical Center.

Emanual was eventually charged with breaking and entering, felony larceny and felony possession of stolen goods. Locklear was charged with conspiracy to commit breaking and entering and larceny. He also was charged with being the getaway driver. He was jailed $5,000 bail.

Wyvis Oxendine, who used a .380-caliber handgun to shoot Emanual, was not charged with any crime.
York, Pennsylvania

From the York Dispatch of June 25, 2007
Store owner disarms would-be robber, customers help subdue her

When an armed woman entered Abdul Kahn's convenience store in West Manchester Township Friday afternoon and demanded money, Kahn said he had to decide quickly if he would try to disarm her.

"I was scared for my life because I have two babies and a wife," said Khan, 42, who owns the A Plus Sunoco gas and convenience store at 1947 W. Market St. "But I thought 'I cannot be robbed by a lady.' Maybe it's a bad mentality. ... I might have done a stupid thing. But I had to do it."

So Kahn said he eased to the edge of the counter he was behind and then lunged for the woman, who had what appeared to be gun in her hand. Khan wrestled with the woman, and despite suffering multiple blows to his groin, he was eventually able to wrestle her to the ground and get the gun away from her.

Three customers then came into his store, helped him subdue the woman and called 911, Kahn said.

West Manchester Township Police arrived and arrested the woman, who was identified as Sharon Bastide, 45, of no fixed address, on charges of robbery and theft.

Police said the gun that Bastide showed to Khan turned out to be a pellet gun. She's being held at York County Prison in lieu of $50,000 bail.

Oceanside, California

From Escondido’s North County Times of June 24, 2007
Oceanside clerks shoot would-be robber

A man who allegedly attempted to hold up an Oceanside liquor store Saturday night was shot by a clerk, police said Sunday.

The attempted robbery was reported at 9:42 p.m., when a gunman ---- described only as a white man ---- entered Big Liquor in the 600 block of Redondo Drive and demanded cash, Lt. Lee Steitz said.

One employee "managed to start grappling with the suspect," while the other took out a gun and shot the suspect several times, Steitz said.

The suspect ran out of the store and collapsed from his injuries, the lieutenant said. Neither employee was hurt.

The suspect was taken by medical helicopter to a local trauma center for treatment and is expected to survive, Steitz said. Both the suspect and his weapon are in police custody.

An investigation is ongoing.
From of June 25, 2007
Liquor store clerk wounds gunman during robbery attempt

A liquor store clerk shot and wounded a gunman during an attempted armed robbery on Saturday evening.

Police were called to the Big Liquor store on North Redondo Drive near North River Road at 9:42 p.m. Police said they believe the clerk shot the robber after he entered the store and demanded money at gunpoint.

The suspect, a 20-year-old Marine lance corporal, was found around a block from the crime scene, where he had collapsed as a result of his wounds. His injuries are not believed to be life-threatening and he was transported by air ambulance to a local trauma center for treatment.

Detectives are trying to piece together whether the crime is linked to eight other hold-ups at liquor stores in the city.
A sad development.
Muskogee, Oklahoma

From the Muskogee Phoenix of June 25, 2007
Intruder shot at church fireworks stand

A Muskogee man was stable following surgery for a gunshot wound to the chest Sunday in connection with an assault at a church firecracker stand.

Police got a condition report on Darnell Gilbert from a Tulsa hospital about 9 p.m. Sunday.

Darnell Gilbert was shot about 3 a.m. Sunday by Wagoner Church of God Youth Pastor Charles Donnelly, 44. Donnelly and a 17-year-old member of his youth group were staying all night at the stand when a group of about five or six individuals arrived in one vehicle, he said.

The group had been to the stand about 20 minutes earlier, seemingly casing the firecracker stand, Donnelly said. But at the 3 a.m. visit, several individuals went into the back of the large tent stand, where the juvenile was, Donnelly said.

The youth was attacked and hit in the mouth, knocked down and then rolled outside the tent, screaming for help.

“Three subjects rushed Donnelly about that same time, who was outside the tent,” said Muskogee Assistant Police Chief Johnny Teehee.

“I shot — I was in fear of my life and Daniel’s life — I feel I did what I had to do,” Donnelly said in a Sunday night phone interview. “I’m angry. I’m glad he (Gilbert) is going to be OK but angry they put me in that position.”

The youth was taken to Muskogee Regional Medical Center and later released, Donnelly said.


Sunday, June 24, 2007

Crowley, Louisiana

From KATC of June 22, 2007
Burglar shot in Crowley

A morning robbery turned into a shooting in Crowley. Police say it happened at about 9:30 Friday morning when someone tried to rob a house on the 300 block of Ross Avenue.

Cops say when the homeowners realized the house was being robbed; they tried to fight off the burglar. When that didn't work he shot him.

Police say they've turned over their report to the district attorney, but don't think the homeowner will face charges.
Charlotte, North Carolina

From the Charlotte Observer of June 24, 2007
Intruder shot in NE Charlotte

An intruder was shot early today after entering a home at 327 Vickery Drive in northeast Charlotte, according to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police.

Investigators say a burglary suspect, whose name was not released, was taken to Carolinas Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries. The man was shot after he forced his way into the home on Vickery Drive shortly after 2 a.m., investigators say. Charges have not yet been filed in the case, officials said.
D'Iberville, Mississippi

From Biloxi’s of June 23, 2007
Police: D'Iberville Man Shot Dead After Threatening Wife

An overnight shooting in Harrison County has left a man dead. Deputies say it happened about 1:30 Friday morning at a home on Windsor Hill Drive in D'Iberville.

Gene Hudson, 52, was shot to death by his estranged wife after police say he threatened her with a gun.

No charges have been filed, but a Grand Jury will hear evidence in the case.
From the Picayune Item of June 26, 2007
Police: Woman fatally shoots husband

Authorities say they aren’t likely to file charges against a woman accused of fatally shooting her husband until a grand jury looks at the case.

The shooting happened early Friday morning. Police say that during a heated argument, Gene Hudson pointed a gun at his estranged wife. She pulled out her own gun and fired, according to police.

Police found Hudson, a 52-year-old Moss Point man, in a “large pool of blood” around 1:30 a.m. Friday, said Harrison County Coroner Gary Hargrove.

Investigators believe Hudson’s estranged wife, whose name has not been released, shot him several times after an argument at her home, according to a written statement from Harrison County Sheriff George Payne. She was not injured.

Police found Hudson on the ground down the street from his wife’s home, according to sources. He was later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

Harrison County Sheriff’s Capt. Ron Pullen said investigators are continuing to look into the case, but it’s unlikely any arrest will be made before a grand jury review.

“I’m not calling it self-defense at this point, but there was enough evidence there that suggests we should let the grand jury look at it,” he said.
From the Biloxi Sun-Herald of June 26, 2007
Husband was shot three times
He had pulled gun on his wife

In new details revealed Monday, police said Gene Hudson's estranged wife shot him three times with a .38-caliber handgun after an argument at her home last week.

According to police, Hudson pulled a gun on his estranged wife and threatened to kill her during a domestic dispute early Friday morning. Instead, she grabbed her own gun, pointed it at Hudson and fired three rounds.
Las Vegas, Nevada

From Las Vegas’ of June 24, 2007
Robbery Suspect Recovers After Being Shot By 80 Year Old Homeowner

A man is recovering from a gunshot wound after he tried to rob an elderly man near the Boulder Station hotel and casino Friday night.

Police say the suspect broke into a home near there and tied up the 80 year old homeowner.

Somehow, the homeowner got hold of a gun and shot the suspect. Two other suspects are in custody.
Nashville, Tennessee

From the of June 24, 2007
Man in hospital after failed robbery attempt

Store clerk fired gun at intruders with rifle

A robbery suspect found himself fighting for his life while another remained at-large Saturday night after a convenience store clerk fired at the men, Metro police

A white New York Yankees cap lay on the sidewalk outside the door of Tienda La Paz, 819 Main Street, as police investigated the scene where two men had entered with a rifle about 7:15 p.m., Capt. Rich Foley said.

Upon seeing the men, the store clerk, whose name was not released, fired at them with a handgun, critically wounding one man in the upper body, Foley said.

The wounded man was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center, where he was in life-threatening condition as of 8:30 p.m., Foley said.

The accomplice fled the scene in a white car and had not been found at the time of the investigation.

"The law's pretty descriptive as to what people can do to defend themselves," said Foley, who added that the clerk's pregnant wife was in the store at the time of the attempted robbery.

Police did not have further details because of a language barrier with the store clerk.

The botched robbery was the second in two days in east Nashville.

On Friday, a man planning to rob Alvin's Garage at 901 Gallatin Avenue, was shot in the leg with his own gun after two employees wrestled with him.
(No separate account of this second incident could be found)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

From the June 23, 2007 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:
Shot once in the chest during an argument at his sister's North Side home early yesterday, a former Army Ranger pulled his own gun and killed his assailant before dying of his wound, police said.

"You've got a murder and a justifiable homicide, is what it looks like," said Lt. Dan Hermann of the major crimes unit.

Killed in the exchange of gunfire were Gregory Grabowski, 29, a former Ranger from the North Side, and Timothy Beaman, 23, of Woods Run.

Police responding to a report of shots fired at 2:39 a.m. at 25311/2 N. Charles St. found a bloody scene, with Mr. Grabowski lying just inside the front door and Mr. Beaman on the sidewalk at the bottom of the steps leading to the house.

The two lay mortally wounded about eight feet from each other, remnants of their blood stains still visible after attempts to clean it up.

Mr. Grabowski was pronounced dead at the scene and Mr. Beaman at Allegheny General Hospital.

The fight was apparently over noise after Mr. Beaman, along with two friends, showed up at the house, which is rented to Mr. Grabowski's sister. Mr. Beaman is the father of the tenant's child, police said.

Mr. Beaman is also the father of another child whose mother lives in the row house.

Angered by noise, Mr. Grabowski confronted the men in the kitchen, saying he had to get up for work in the morning, said Lt. Hermann.

When Mr. Grabowski asked them to leave, an argument broke out, according to three witnesses. Mr. Beaman pulled a gun and shot Mr. Grabowski once in the chest.

Although wounded, Mr. Grabowski pulled a .357-caliber pistol and shot Mr. Beaman twice in the chest. Mr. Beaman and his two friends ran for the door with Mr. Grabowski in pursuit until he collapsed at the front door.

Mr. Beaman collapsed at the bottom of the steps.

The two men with him ran away but returned once police secured the scene. Police said they are not suspects in the shooting, although one of them was wanted on a warrant out of West View.

According to Allegheny County court records, both men were awaiting trial in separate cases.

Mr. Grabowski was charged May 19 with forgery, theft by deception, receiving stolen property and acquisition by misrepresentation after being accused of passing a forged prescription at Giant Eagle.

Mr. Beaman was awaiting trial on charges of illegal gun possession, receiving stolen property and other counts.
Lakeland, Florida

From of June 23, 2007
Polk Deputies: Intruder shot and killed

Polk County Deputies spent the early morning hours on the scene of a deadly home invasion in the Lakeland area.

Deputies tell us around 9 pm last night the person who lives in the home shot a man trying to get inside.

This happened at 534 Timberlane. The home is in a neighborhood just south of the E. Main Street and S. Combee Road Intersection.

When deputies got on the scene, they found the alleged intruder dead.

They plan to release more details on the investigation later this morning.
From of June 24, 2007
Home invasion leaves suspect dead

Police say a man trying to rob a Lakeland home was shot and killed by a resident.

James McArthur Johnson Junior, 31, died from a bullet wound. His alleged accomplice, 39-year-old Elvin Tolliver, escaped, but was later arrested.

"Both suspects had guns in their hands and were wearing masks - Jason type masks - with gloves," said Chief W.J. Martin, with Polk County Sheriff's Office.

"They forced themselves into the home and began to rob folks in the home. The homeowner fired a gun and killed one of the suspects, the other managed to get away," Martin said.

Investigators say when the two entered the home, they demanded jewelry and money. Several people were in the house at the time. As the suspects entered the bedroom, a man pulled a gun, fatally shooting Johnson.

"Obviously, the victims were in fear for their lives as they should have been and they did what they had to do to protect themselves," said Martin.

Police say the victims didn't know their attackers, although James Johnson did live right across the street. Neighbors describe him as a 'nice person', but Johnson did have a rap sheet, including charges for robbery and aggravated battery dating back to 2002.

Some residents expressed frustration that another murder had occurred in their neighborhood. About one year ago, a drive by shooting just two houses away claimed lives. Since then, police and homeowners say things had gotten better, until now.

"We've worked hard to clean this neighborhood up," said Tim Lauzon, who's lived in the neighborhood for six years. "And we still have a few we're trying to root out of here, and eventually they'll be gone."

Another neighbor, Glenn Martin, pointed out patched up bullet holes that riddle the outside of his home, scars from the drive-by shooting.

He didn't live there at the time, but Martin says he's heard the stories. Now, another murder next door is about as much as he can take.

"Scary, very scary," Martin said. "It's the only incident that's happened since I've been here and it's enough to make you want to leave."

Police arrested Elvin Tolliver late Saturday. He's a registered sex offender with warrants out for his arrest before the break-in.
From the Lakeland Ledger of June 26, 2007
Police: Defensive Shooting Justified

A man who shot an intruder in his home Friday will not be arrested, officials say.

The Polk County Sheriff's Office's decision not to arrest a Lakeland man who shot and killed a man who broke into his apartment Friday would have been the same without the state's 2-year-old so-called "Stand Your Ground" law.

James McArthur Johnson, 31, was killed after he and an accomplice showed up at a small party in Lakeland on Friday night.

Sheriff's spokeswoman Elizabeth Smokay said Johnson and Elvin J. Tolliver, 39, walked up to a party at 545 Timberlane W., Apt. B, on Friday shortly before 9 p.m. They brandished handgun-style BB guns at partygoers, demanding their money and jewelry.

One of the men pistol-whipped a guest, she said.

The burglary was foiled by the apartment's resident, James W. Miranda, who shot Johnson with a shotgun as he opened the door to come into a bedroom.

Chief W.J. Martin, who is in charge of the sheriff's Criminal Investigations Division, has said that his agency does not intend to pursue criminal charges against Miranda in the shooting.

Even before the "Stand Your Ground" law - which took effect in October 2005 and no longer requires a person who feels threatened to retreat before using deadly force - victims already were permitted to use deadly force to stop an attacker from committing a forcible felony.

Those include any "felony which involves the use or threat of physical force or violence against any individual," in this case, burglary of an occupied dwelling, which is one of the charges facing Tolliver, who surrendered to authorities Saturday night.

The new law states that a person is "presumed to have held a reasonable fear of imminent peril of death or great bodily harm," and therefore can use deadly force, if the assailant had, among other things, "unlawfully and forcibly entered" a residence.

It also provides immunity from criminal and civil prosecution of the victim.

"These guys were armed and (Miranda's) life was threatened, and he was justified in shooting them," Martin said.

For his part, Miranda is keeping quiet. Attempts to interview him have been unsuccessful.

Ultimately, the final decision about whether or not to charge Miranda in the shooting lies with the State Attorney's Office.

Spokesman Chip Thullbery declined to comment on the case Monday, because detectives had not yet completed their investigation.

Once a report is submitted, prosecutors will review the case and will make their own determination about filing charges.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Roswell, Georgia

From of June 22, 2007
Elderly Roswell Woman Seriously Injured after Pit Bull Attack

An elderly Roswell woman suffered serious injuries after she was viciously attacked by a pit bull Friday.

This incident happened Friday morning when the dog got away from the 12-year-old girl who was walking it.

Roswell police said that around 7:45 a.m., 60-year-old Lankhanh Trinh was was on her morning walk when the pit bull attacked her. A 12-year-old girl was walking the dog when it broke free and attacked Trinh.

Several neighbors heard the attack and tried to get the dog off Trinh. Another neighbor, Marc Del Santo, came outside to help and when the dog charged toward him, he shot and killed the dog,.

Trinh suffered severe head and facial injuries and was rushed to North Fulton Regional Hospital in serious condition. Another neighbor was bitten on the arm.

Animal Control issued the dog's owner a vicious dog warning.
Woodleaf, North Carolina

From the Salisbury Post of June 22, 2007
Men use stun gun on clerk during store robbery

Two men used a stun gun on a clerk late Wednesday night when they robbed the Handi Cupboard in Woodleaf.
The clerk still managed to shoot at the fleeing suspects, according to the Rowan County Sheriff's Office.

According to Sheriff's Office reports, the clerk said two black men, both around 6 feet tall, came into the store at 175 N.C. 801 while he was cashing out the register for the night about 11:30 p.m.

One suspect weighed about 300 pounds and the other about 170 pounds.

The smaller man was carrying the stun gun and wearing a black shirt and black pants.

The other man was carrying a handgun. The only available clothing description was a white shirt.

The suspects told the clerk to get on the floor. The robber with the stun gun used it on the clerk while the other man went around the counter to get the money from the register.

When the two men left the store, the clerk still managed to follow them, firing a 9 mm gun. The suspects drove away in a silver-colored car toward Woodleaf.

Investigators found five spent rounds from the clerk's gun. The Post does not generally identify victims of armed robbery if suspects have not been arrested.
Fairbanks, Alaska

From the Fairbanks Daily News of June 22, 2007
Another grizzly shot

A man reported shooting a female grizzly bear in self defense Wednesday.

Alaska State Troopers reported Thursday that Fairbanks resident Christopher Sampson had contacted state officials and reported he had shot the bear while tending a black bear baiting station.

The report said troopers believe Sampson, 25, and two hunting partners had been charged by the bear twice before it was shot and killed from 30 feet away.

The location of the killing was not listed in the trooper’s report, and Sampson could not be reached for comment. If the incident occurred near Fairbanks, it would bring to seven the number of grizzlies killed in the last month in outlying areas. A homeowner on Freeman Road killed two grizzly bears on consecutive nights earlier this week.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dallas, Texas

From Dallas’ of June 21, 2007
Man Catches Suspect Breaking Into Neighbor's Home

An aggressive neighborhood watch is being credited to catching a burglar who may have hit a Dallas condominium complex. However, vigilante techniques may have landed one man in trouble.

Undercover Dallas police were staking out a neighborhood when they heard a report of a break-in.

Shortly after they heard the report, they heard a gunshot.

When they arrived to a condominium complex in the 8600 block of Park Lane, they found an alleged burglar on the ground, a bunch of stolen jewelry and a concerned neighbor with a gun.

The man who fired the gun said he caught the suspect breaking into his neighbor's home. When the thief tried to run, he shot his gun into the air and held the thief for police.

The homeowner says there have been several break-ins in the last few months, which has brought the community together. He said they've all been keeping a closer eye on activity.

The neighbor who fired his gun had to go downtown with police for questioning.

While his neighbors might be happy he caught an alleged thief, firing a gun into air may get him in trouble.
Springfield, Ohio

From WHIO of June 16, 2007
Shooting In Springfield Kills Man

Police were outside a home on the 2000 block of Portage Path in Springfield on Friday morning to investigate a shooting from Thursday night.

The man who was shot and killed has been identified as 32-year-old Michael Lewis Jr.

Witnesses told Springfield police that Lewis and the man who lives in the Portage Path home had been arguing.

Lewis started to leave the property in a car but stopped the vehicle and went back up to the homeowner and punched him in the face, police said.

Witnesses said that the 59-year-old homeowner shot Lewis once in the chest, police said.

Lewis died at the scene and the homeowner was taken into custody for questioning, police said.

Police said no charges have been filed and this case could be heard by the grand jury at the end of June.
Coconut Grove, Florida

From the Miami Herald of June 21, 2007
Home invader gets a surprising welcome

Jeremiah Swain probably thought he had it made early Thursday when he broke into a Coconut Grove home and found a man in a wheelchair inside.

What Swain didn't know: The disabled man had three houseguests.

As Swain tried to steal Edward Wynn's belongings, the houseguests swung into action, authorities said. They overcame the would-be robber, nabbed his blue steel revolver and held him until police came.

Miami police gave this account of what happened:

About 1 a.m., Swain, 26, and his accomplice broke into the home. Wynn and his housemate, Linda Arnold, were inside.

Also inside: Shenair Stevens, Barbara Jewels and Michael Miller.

The trio of houseguests grabbed Swain and took his gun, police said.

As they did, Swain's accomplice took off running.

Swain wasn't as lucky. Police arrived to find him in the custody of the three houseguests. He was slightly bruised, police said.

Later that morning, rescue workers tried to treat him. But as they did, Swain got away. He was later nabbed by Miami and Coral Gables police.

Swain is charged with five counts of false imprisonment, home invasion, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony and escape.

He has no previous criminal record in Florida, state records show.
Casa Grande, Arizona

From Mesa’s East Valley Tribune of June 21, 2007
Man turns himself in after fatal shooting

A man suspected of shooting and killing another man in self-defense gave himself up to authorities and was released Monday by the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office.

Floyd Boggs turned himself in shortly after the incident, which occurred at Thornton and Hanna roads near Casa Grande. Authorities said Boggs shot and killed Don Crawford in the neck with a rifle after Crawford attacked him with an axe handle.

The two were arguing over welding equipment that Crawford accused Boggs of stealing. After further investigation, the Pinal County Attorney’s Office decided that Boggs acted in self-defense. Detectives, however, are still looking into the case.
Hunters Creek, Florida

From Orlando’s of June 21, 2007
Homeowner Shoots, Kills Home Invader

One man is dead in the Hunters Creek area of Orange County after he was shot by a homeowner during a home invasion.

Deputies are searching for two other home invasion suspects.

According to authorities, three men fired shots as they broke into a home on Muscatello Street and Crayford Avenue Wednesday around 11 p.m.

News 13 was told that the men attempted to rob the six people inside. Deputies said those people scattered throughout the house.

Authorities said one of the victims got into a bedroom and picked up a rifle and when one of the intruders tried to enter the bedroom, the man inside shot through a closet door, hitting the intruder in the chest, killing him.

"It just blows my mind to think this goes on in Orlando. This stuff's happening everywhere today. But the way the world is, you just really got to be on the defense it seems like nowadays," said Bob Whalen, a neighbor.

One of the other robbers was reportedly stabbed by one of the people inside the house.
Putnam Valley, New York

From Westchester’s Journal-News of June 21, 2007
Police: Ex-cop shoots attacker, who had been served divorce papers

A retired Kent police officer who was serving legal papers to a town man in a divorce proceeding shot the man in the chest twice yesterday after the man attacked him with a police baton, state police said.

Officers went about 4:30 p.m. to 33 Lincoln Road, where 66-year-old Dennis Illuminate had gone to serve divorce papers on Douglas Greenwich, said Capt. Keith Corlett of the state police.

Greenwich, 52, who was at the house to pick up a dresser, became enraged at the sight of Illuminate, who had served him with legal papers on two previous occasions, Corlett said. Illuminate, who is also a former Kent councilman, fired his licensed .25-caliber handgun, striking Greenwich in the upper torso, but the men continued to struggle, Corlett said. Illuminate fired a second round, which also struck Greenwich in the chest, he said.

Greenwich, who was found lying in the driveway by state police, was airlifted to Westchester Medical Center, where he underwent surgery and was listed in stable condition last night.

"It looks like this may be a classic self-defense case," Corlett said. "We're in the process of discussing the case with the Putnam County District Attorney's Office, which will make the decision as to whether any charges will be filed."

Greenwich, an electrician, had moved out of the house and told his wife he was coming by yesterday to pick up a dresser, police said. His wife called her lawyer, who had been having difficulty locating Greenwich to serve him with the legal papers. The lawyer, in turn, called Illuminate to tell him Greenwich would be at the house.

The two men were alone at the house when the incident took place, Corlett said.

Illuminate, a Carmel resident, retired from the town of Kent Police Department 24 years ago and has been an active process server for many years, Corlett said.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Holly, Colorado

From Syracuse’s (NY) of June 20, 2007
Rabid coyote attacks woman

An 87-year-old Colorado woman is recovering from wounds she suffered when she was attacked by a rabid coyote.

The attack happened last Friday, June 15 at a farm south of the town of Holly in southeastern Colorado.

Elsie Rushton, 87, was sitting out on her deck, enjoying the sunshine, when the coyote attacked. She says she first thought it was just a small dog running through her yard.

Rushton and her husband say they have lived in the house since 1948. They say they often see coyotes, but they rarely come onto their property.

This time, a coyote attacked Rushton, biting her on her legs and on her right arm.

"It came back through the yard here. The coyote come up through the stairs on the deck and jumped on my wife," said Rushton's 89-year-old husband, Hugh.

"It was terrible you know. Somebody grab a hold of your hand like that, something like a creature grabs a hold of your hand and tears it to pieces," said Rushton.

Hugh Rushton shot and killed the coyote and it later tested positive for rabies.

Rushton received seven stitches for her injuries. She has already had eight rounds of antibiotics, but doctors say she still needs more.

The coyote's brain tissue has been sent to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for further testing to determine what kind of rabies it had.

State health officials say it most likely got the disease from a bat.

However, if it had the skunk strain of rabies, it is a bigger concern because skunks are more likely to spread the disease to other animals.

The most common carriers of rabies in Colorado are bats, but any wild animal can be infected and can transmit the disease through a bite.

It's the first such attack in that area of Colorado in 30 years.
Doral, Florida

From Miami’s of June 20, 2007
After Attacked By 3 Dogs, Man Opened Fire

Three dogs attacked Mauricio Garcia when he was walking near his home at 9343 SW 4th Lane, in Doral, late Wednesday morning. He pulled out a gun and shot one of them to death.

He was scared, but when CBS4 later caught up with him, he said jokingly, "I'm alive".

CBS Chopper4 flew over the scene soon after the incident happened, and the 74-year-old Garcia could be seen sitting down, the pants covering his left leg were torn. A woman was handing water to him.

"I heard it," said neighbor Alice Villa. "He pulled out a gun and shot the dog right there."

Miami-Dade officials said the three dogs belonged to a neighbor who others in the community said "is a nice guy", and no charges will be pressed against him.

The dogs are miniature schnauzers, which can be trained to be aggressive, and some confirmed the dogs have a history of biting.

Garcia, on the other hand is doing well, and no charges will be filed against him. He has a concealed weapon's permit.
Lincoln, Nebraska

From the Lincoln Journal-Star of June 20, 2007
Armed burglar foiled by man with B.B. gun

An armed teenager was held at B.B.-gunpoint by the man he allegedly was trying to steal from at 23rd and Dudley streets early Wednesday.

The resident of the home told police he was sleeping, when a noise startled him. He grabbed a B.B. gun in his room and went to investigate, then found a person he did not know in his hallway.

The man was able to hold the suspected burglar until police arrived at the scene, Lincoln Police Officer Katherine Finnell said.

Police arrested a 16-year-old on suspicion of burglary, and said they found a loaded .22-caliber pistol in his shoe. The teenager was taken to the Youth Detention Center.
Ouray County, Colorado

From the Telluride Watch of June 19, 2007
Man Shoots Black Bear

A property owner shot a black bear with birdshot early last week, according to Division of Wildlife spokesman Joe Lewandowski.

The incident took place on Tuesday, June 12, about three miles north of Ouray. The property owner noticed the bear was “getting into garbage.” He first shot the bear with rubber buckshot, but when “the bear hung around,” he followed with a shot of birdshot, according to Lewandowski, after which the bear ran off.

Lewandowski said authorities were called and four DOW officers arrived to investigate the incident. Though the bear was not found, officials believe it is uninjured.

“It’s unlikely the birdshot hurt the bear,” Lewandowski said. “It was probably a non-fatal shot.”

Lewandowski reminds citizens that, “if they have a problem they shouldn’t try and get rid of a bear themselves…they need to get in touch with the DOW.”
Mecklenburg County, North Carolina

From Charlotte’s of June 20, 2007
Man Shoots his Neighbor; Charges Dropped

Police have dropped charges against a man in Mecklenburg County who is accused of shooting his neighbor last week.

Greg Hicks was shot in the chest and suffered a punctured lung. He nearly died as a result of his injuries.

"I would say it's so close, death was knocking on my door," Hicks said.

He lives across the street from his neighbor Chris Liewald.

On Tuesday, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department dropped all charges against Liewald.

They said Liewald acted in self defense. Liewald said Hicks threatened him and confronted him on his front lawn.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Orlando, Florida

From Orlando‘s of June 19, 2007
Victim Wrestles Gun Away From Would-Be Carjacker

It was a close call for an Orange County man who was targeted by a would-be carjacker. Instead of handing over his wallet and keys, he fought back and wrestled away a gun from the bad guy on Orange Blossom Trail.

A swarm of patrol cars surrounded the 7-Eleven near downtown Orlando in response to a signal 43; officer needs help.

"It could have been disastrous, but fortunately the officer was able to ascertain who the victim was. The victim remained calm and put the gun down," said Lt. Sue Brown of the Orlando Police Department.

Around 2:00am Tuesday, a customer was confronted by a man with a gun who tried to steal his money and his car. But the victim didn't go down without a fight.

Police said somehow he was able to take the .40 caliber gun away from his assailant. During the struggle, the gun went off, but no one was hurt.

"I'm not sure I recommend this, but when you have a gun to your face you're gonna react. You're gonna do what you need to do to protect yourself. So he was able to struggle with the guy and disarm him," Brown said.

The unidentified attacker ran off empty handed. Police said they will review surveillance video from the convenience store and a business across the street to see if they can get a good description of him.

The gun was being fingerprinted to see if a possible match could be made to identify the attacker.
Orlando, Florida

From the Orlando Sentinel of June 19, 2007
Armed man fends off robbers

An Orlando man with a concealed-weapons permit successfully defended himself early Sunday against two armed robbers.

Confronted outside Metro Place Apartments, the gun owner pushed aside a female acquaintance and drew his 9 mm pistol, according to Orlando police. The couple then fled.

Another tenant heard the commotion and called 911 about 3:20 a.m. to report seeing two masked men armed with shotguns flee the area, reports show.
American Fork Canyon, Utah

From the Salt Lake Tribune of June 19, 2007
Killer bear taken down

Authorities confirm that the animal shot to death Monday is the one that mauled Samuel Ives, 11

The barking hounds told Luke Osborn the bear was near. After hours of trudging up and down a mountain, through thick forests and soft dirt, Osborn and his fellow hunters were closing in.

Then, 10 yards away, he could see five hounds snapping at the bear. Osborn, a federal predator-control hunter, raised his .243-caliber rifle and fired a round into the base of its neck.

With that, the hunt for Utah's first documented killer black bear was over.

The bear is believed to have dragged 11-year-old Samuel Ives from his tent about 11:10 p.m. Sunday. The boy's family - his mother, stepfather and a 6-year-old brother - heard the boy scream "something's dragging me!" and rushed to help, but he and his sleeping bag already were gone.

Still, it was the second attack Sunday in the same camping spot.

American Fork resident Jake Francom said a black bear swatted at his tent about 5:30 a.m. The bear hit him twice in the face through the tent wall before he woke up and realized what was happening.

"The first two [swats] were just kind of a feel," Francom said.

The bear struck again, hitting him in the head and knocking him to the ground. He said he felt the bear's claws.

"When he saw me move in there, he gave it hell," Francom said. "The sucker struck right through the tent and tore my pillow.

Francom yelled to his friend, "Troy, get your gun!"

Troy Strode woke, pulled a 9 mm handgun and shot into the air. The bear started running toward a hill about 50 yards away as Strode fired about six shots. Francom quickly put his girlfriend and Strode's girlfriend in his truck.

Then the bear returned to the crest of the hill. "It just stared at us for about 30 seconds," Francom said.

Francom's brother, Kip, threw rocks at the animal and it walked away.


Monday, June 18, 2007

Metarie, Louisiana

From New Orleans’ of June 18, 2007
Teen turns tables, shoots robber after taking away gun

A 44-year-old man who was trying to rob a teenager and his mother in a fast food drive thru was shot several times after the teen grabbed the gun from him and fired back, according to Jefferson Parish Sheriff Harry Lee.

The incident occurred around 1:30 a.m. at the Arby’s drive-thru located at 3845 Veterans Blvd. in Metairie.

According to Lee, the victims were in their car waiting to place an order when 44-year-old Carl Chestnut of Kenner walked up to the vehicle and pointed a gun at them.

Lee said Chestnut tried to get into the car and was attempting to pull out the 53-year-old mother when the teen fought with him over the weapon, grabbed it away and then fired several times, striking Chestnut.

Chestnut was hit in the head and torso, but the injuries aren’t believed to be fatal.
From New Orleans’ of June 20, 2007
Police: Carjacker wounded by teen an accused murderer

A suspected carjacker who was shot while allegedly trying to rob a mother and son at a fast food restaurant is an accused murderer, Kenner Police said Tuesday.

Police said 44-year-old Carl Chestnut is one of two men suspected in the murder of 60-year-old Odrey Bordelon. Bordelon, the manager of a Kenner trailer park, was found strangled June 5.

Chestnut remains in the hospital following the shooting early Monday at a Metairie Arby’s. According to authorities, the victims were in their car waiting to place an order when Chestnut walked up to the vehicle and pointed a gun at them. The women’s teenage son was able to pry the gun away and shot Chestnut several times.

Chestnut’s injuries were not life-threatening, police said. He’s expected to be booked with murder once he’s released.
Chestnut’s alleged accomplice in Bordelon’s murder, Wayne Hayden, remains on the loose.
From New Orlean’s of September 14, 2007
Would-be carjacker dies months after failed attack

A would-be carjacker who was shot at a Metairie fast food restaurant in June died Thursday from medical problems related to the injury, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office said.

According to Col. John Fortunato, a sheriff’s office spokesman, 44-year-old Carl Chestnut was shot several times while attempting to rob a mother and her 17-year-old son at an Arby’s drive-through.

Fortunato said the victims were in their car waiting to place an order when Chestnut walked up to the vehicle and pointed a gun at them. The women’s teenage son was able to pry the gun away and shot Chestnut several times, wounding him in his head and torso.

Chestnut was taken to East Jefferson Hospital immediately following the shooting, but was eventually transferred to Earl K. Long Hospital in Baton Rouge on September 7 for additional medical help. Chestnut died September 13 at the hospital.
Nashville, Tennessee

From Nashville’s of June 18, 2007
Neighbor Botches Attempted Robbery

Monday morning police are looking for one of the teens involved in a botched robbery. Three teenagers plotted to rob a home of a 16-year-old peer and his mother.

According to police, one of the teenagers asked to stay the night with the victims, saying that he was having problems at home. The mother and her son agreed to let the young man spend the night.

Once invited into the home the teen left the front door unlocked, and in the middle of the night two other teens barged in with guns. They were armed with a shotgun and pistol.

While demanding money, the parent sneaked away to call the police, and she also called a neighbor. The neighbor, who had his own gun, came over and held the teenagers at gun point until police arrived.

The teen staying with the victims also had gun, but did not participate in robbery. Two of the teenagers are in custody as of Monday morning, but one got away.
Misleading headline.