Thursday, July 31, 2008

Florida: Crawfordville business owner defended himself from would-be robbers

Tallahassee, Florida

From the Tallahassee Democrat of July 30, 2008
Crawfordville business owner defended himself from would-be robbers

Two men tried to rob the owner of a Crawfordville business earlier this week, but the owner pulled out his gun and scared the would-be robbers away.

It happened about 7:45 p.m. Saturday at Premier Motorcar Gallery, 1468 Crawfordville Highway, according to the Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office.

The owner was exiting the front door of the business carrying a small bank bag and had turned around to lock it when one of the men ran up and hit him in the head with a 2-by-6 board.

The owner fell to the ground but was able to get a handgun out of his rear waistband and point it at the robber. Another man was running toward them, but the two turned around and ran to a waiting car when they saw the owner was armed.

The car was described as brown in color, 1984-1986, four-door Chevy Caprice with a lift-kit similar to the photo to the right. The car had 22- to 24-inch chrome rims with wide white walls and an aftermarket chrome grill kit.

The first would-be robber was described as a clean-shaven black man, 18-22 years old, 6 feet, with a thin build and short hair. He had a small notch shaved into his right eyebrow. He was wearing a long-sleeved blue FUBU shirt and Paco jeans.

Only a vague description was available for the second would-be robber.
Anyone with information can call Sgt. Scott DelBeato at 926-0878.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Arkansas: Burglary suspect shot while choking homeowner

Greers Ferry, Arkansas

From the Heber Springs Sun-Times of July 30, 2008
Burglary suspect shot while choking homeowner

Chris Hooten, 34, of Greers Ferry, is recovering from a gunshot wound to his abdomen after a scuffle around 10:15 p.m. Friday. He reportedly entered a home without permission, fought and choked the homeowner, and was shot in the process. Hooten, and James Gadberry, 26, of Greers Ferry, reportedly went to the home of Don Brown on Shaw Road earlier in the afternoon Friday and an argument ensued. "Brown was upset over how Hooten and Gadberry reportedly treated a female," said Detective Phil Burnham with the Cleburne County Sheriff's Department. "Brown told them both to leave and they did."

Hooten and Gadberry returned to the Brown home just after 10 p.m. "Brown was asleep on the couch when he heard someone beating on the door. He saw the two men outside and told them to leave."

According to authorities, Gadberry and Brown said Hooten forced his way into the home, pushing the door open. "Brown fell on top of an iron stove. He got up and the two men continued to harass him. He went back to the couch where he was sleeping and pulled out a pistol."

Gadberry reportedly moved toward Brown and was hit on the head. "Hooten jumped on Brown and started choking him. When he felt like he was going to pass out he fired a shot, hitting Hooten in the abdomen."

Hooten made his way outside where he passed out. "Gadberry went outside too. Hooten was taken by helicopter to the White County Medical Center in Searcy. He underwent a successful surgery."

The two men are being charged with residential burglary and aggravated assault. "Hooten will be charged upon his release from the hospital."

Brown is not facing any charges at this time, according to Burnham.

Florida: Port St. Lucie homeowner shoots man through kitchen window

Port St. Lucie, Florida

From the Publication of July 30, 2008
Port St. Lucie homeowner shoots man through kitchen window

A Port St. Lucie resident shot a man trying to break into his Northeast Floresta Drive home through the kitchen window Tuesday afternoon, and the bleeding man jumped into his car and drove it into a utility pole, police said.

The injured man was later airlifted to St. Mary's Hospital in West Palm Beach, said Port St. Lucie Police spokesman Officer Robert Vega.

Police are not identifying those involved and no charges have been filed. The condition of the man who was shot wasn't available Tuesday night.

Curious neighbors crowded around the crime scene that was sectioned off with yellow police tape to see what the police cars were doing in their neighborhood. Those questioned did not witness anything and did not know the homeowner.

The shooting occurred around 2 p.m., when the resident, a family friend, the man's two young daughters and niece were in the house at 242 Northeast Floresta Drive.

When the doorbell rang, the family friend went to the front door and saw a man she didn't recognize. She alerted the resident, who was asleep in the back bedroom. After he told her he wasn't expecting anyone, he picked up his gun from his nightstand next to his bed and went to look out the front window, Vega said.

There, the resident saw the man jump his fence leading into his backyard. He said he did not know the man, Vega said.

When the resident took the three girls to a back bedroom, he said he heard the back sliding glass door shaking violently and saw the man shaking it, investigators said. When the man tried to open the kitchen window, the resident shot him, Vega said.

Police said they have no reason to believe the man knew anyone inside the house. The resident told police he called 911 when he saw the man run.

Vega said if someone enters your home, whether it's legal to shoot that person depends on the circumstances.

"I think certain situations would justify it," he said. "Whether or not this is one of those cases, we don't know."

Police on Tuesday night were still piecing together what happened

Vega said he believes the resident really thought he was being robbed, and that he will claim self-defense in the shooting.

There was an ambulance at the crime scene, which Vega said was there to check on the resident after his traumatic situation. He said the girls were pretty shaken up, but they were OK and were speaking with a victims' rights advocate.

Texas: Car Owner Shoots Suspected Thief

Houston, Texas

From Click2Houston of July 29, 2008
Car Owner Shoots Suspected Thief

A car owner opened fire on a suspected thief early Tuesday, KPRC Local 2 reported.

Houston police said the car's owner found the man sitting in his vehicle at the Gulf Pointe Apartments on Gulf Pointe Drive near Dickinson Road shortly before 4 a.m.

The car's owner opened fire, wounding the man in the leg.

Residents said they heard at least two gunshots.

Investigators said the man was taken to Ben Taub Hospital. He is expected to survive.

The Harris County District Attorney's Office has not said if the car's owner will be charged.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

South Dakota: Man Shoots Mountain Lion

Oral, South Dakota

From KCAU of July 29, 2008
Man Shoots Mountain Lion

A late report of a mountain lion that was treed by a rancher's dog and shot near Oral, in far southwestern South Dakota.

The incident took place July 17 when Alan Burg was about to start his pickup and go to work.

After spotting the lion in a tree near his house, Burg shot it with a rifle.

The big cat jumped down and ran into some tall grass.

A game warden was called and dogs were used to track the mountain lion.

The wounded animal was found about 40 yards from the tree and was shot again.

Officials say shooting the cat was justified because of its nearness to the ranch house and the threat to animals and livestock on the ranch.

Oklahoma: Homeowner Guns Down MWC Burglary Suspect

Midwest City, Oklahoma

From KOCO of July 17, 2008
Homeowner Guns Down MWC Burglary Suspect

Authorities said a homeowner shot and killed a burglary suspect after a confrontation in a rural Midwest City neighborhood.

Oklahoma County Sheriff's spokesman Mark Myers said the resident told deputies he spotted a man breaking into a large shed on his property and confronted him about 2:30 p.m. Thursday. When the suspect got into his car and tried to flee, the homeowner said he stepped in front of the vehicle to prevent the man from leaving.

The homeowner said he fired one shot from a shotgun as the suspected burglar lunged toward him in his car.

Myers said the man died at the scene. The names of the victim and the shooter were not immediately released.

Pennsylvania: Lowhill man chases 'exterminators' with knife, gun

Allentown, Pennsylvania

From the Allentown Morning Call of July 29, 2008
Lowhill man chases 'exterminators' with knife, gun

A 78-year-old man used a kitchen knife and a shotgun to chase three men posing as exterminators from his Lowhill Township home, according to police.

State police at Fogelsville issued a news release urging anyone with information to contact their station at 610-395-1438.

The incident happened between 6 and 7 p.m. Friday at a home on Route 100.

State police gave the following account in a news release:

A man who was 40 to 50 years old, about 5 feet 6 inches tall and 190 pounds with a heavy build and brown hair parted on the side entered the home through an unlocked front door. Upon entering, he advised the 78-year-old male resident he would do a free home extermination.

During the conversation, the homeowner noticed two other men rummaging through his residence. Both were between 25 and 27 years old, about 6 feet tall, 180 pounds and had thin builds and dirty blond hair parted on the side.

When the homeowner ordered them to leave his house, a fight broke out. While the homeowner struggled with one of the younger males, the older male restrained the homeowner. But the homeowner broke free, grabbed a kitchen knife and ordered all three men out of his house.

The older male tried to regain entry. But by then, the homeowner had a shotgun in hand.

The three men fled in a green van south on Route 100. They managed to steal about $10 in coins.

Mississippi: 84-year-old man wounds intruder

Hancock County, Mississippi

From the Sun Herald of July 29, 2008
84-year-old man wounds intruder

An 84-year-old man, who repeatedly held off an alleged intruder Sunday when the man tried to break into his home, finally got a gun in desperation and shot through a door, wounding the intruder in the leg.

At the time, the elderly resident was at home with his 74-year-old wife about 5 a.m. at their residence in the area of Adams Street in Bayside Park. Hancock County Sheriff's Investigator Andre Fizer said the couple heard a disturbance as a man tried to break through the front door and also tried to enter through a back door and a rear window of the residence.

The resident called 911 and reported that the intruder was trying to force his way into the home, and was threatening to kill him. He held himself against the door to keep the man from entering.

"The victim stated that when he became physically tired from holding the door, he became fearful for his and his wife's lives," Fizer said.

As he grew weaker trying to hold off the intruder, the resident asked his wife to bring his .45-caliber Colt handgun. He fired one shot through a lower panel of the door.

"He was getting tired," said Fizer, who listened to a tape of the 911 call during the ensuing investigation. "He said, 'I knew the guy was going to eventually overcome me.'

Although meant as a warning shot, the round struck 20-year-old Wade Ledesma of Bay St. Louis in the lower left leg. He was initially taken by American Medical Response to Memorial Hospital at Gulfport, then was transferred to University Hospital in Jackson. Ledesma was listed in fair condition Monday, Fizer said.

Deputies declined to release the name of the homeowner, saying the couple feared recrimination. Based on evidence and the 911 tape, no charges were filed against him.

From hearing the tape, "You could tell he was devastated," Fizer said. "You could tell he was scared."

It was not clear whether Ledesma knew his alleged victims. Pending his release from hospitalization, he faces charges of attempted burglary, malicious mischief, and disturbance of a family, Fizer said.

Deputies investigating the case included Fizer, Lt. Stacy Wilson, Sgt. Gary Dyess and Matt Schmidlin.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Mentally Ill Man Attempts Robbery in Restaurant

Tacoma, Washington

From July 22, 2008 KING channel 5:

Diners at Pacific Grill, an upscale downtown Tacoma restaurant, were confronted by a man who was dining alone Monday evening.

According to Tacoma Police, the man sat down and ordered beer, then got up, went into a private dining area and demanded money from the diners.

He told them this was a robbery and demanded their wallets.

"He comes in the room and says, 'I want your wallet and your cash'," recalled Dr. Charles Weatherbee who was seated with fellow doctors and drug reps.


One of the doctors, who had been at target practice earlier, pulled out his gun and ordered the suspect out, saying, "Get out of the restaurant now!"

The suspect left and was greeted by police officers outside.

Tacoma Police spokesperson Mark Fulghum says the armed doctor acted within the law, defending himself and others during a crime.

The suspect is now undergoing a mental evaluation. He faces one robbery charge and several attempted robbery charges.

Texas: Bouncer at Sugar's strip club shoots, kills knife-wielding customer

Houston, Texas

From KHOU of July 21, 2008
Bouncer at Sugar's strip club shoots, kills knife-wielding customer

Houston police on Monday were questioning the bouncer of a strip club who claims he was forced to shoot a customer over the weekend.

It happened at the Sugars club off the Gulf Freeway at Dixie Farm Road.

The customer was apparently drunk and angry about being told to leave the establishment.

Witnesses said he got a knife from his car and started slashing tires.

When the bouncer tried to stop him, the customer allegedly lunged at him with the knife.

That’s when the bouncer pulled out his weapon and opened fire.

The man died at the hospital.

Officials said no charges are expected to be filed.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Alaska: Juneau man shoots bear who enters home

Juneau, Alaska

From KTUU of July 24, 2008
Juneau man shoots bear who enters home

A Juneau man shot and injured a bear who he says had entered his residence.

Local olice haven't identified him.

They say the man shot the bear in the face with a .45 semiautomatic handgun.

Officers have been unable to locate the injured bear.

Sergeant Chris Burke says the man reported being woken up by a noise in his residence.

The man told authorities that when he got out of bed the bear was about four feet into the home.

The bear turned and ran back toward the porch.

When the man yelled at the bear to encourage it to leave, the bear turned around and lunged and that's when the man shot it.

Sergeant Burke says officers tracked a blood trail for the bear, but haven't found it.

Texas: Sheriff: Immigrant shot burglar teen

Mercedes, Texas

From The Monitor of July 21, 2008
Sheriff: Immigrant shot burglar teen

An illegal immigrant tasked with guarding a convenience store shot and killed a teenager who attempted to burglarize it, Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Treviño said Monday.

Silvestre Delgadillo, 28, remained on the run and authorities had "no idea" whether he fled to Mexico, Treviño said.

Delgadillo, who was convicted in 2005 on a felony drug charge, has been charged with unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon, a third-degree felony.

But the actual homicide is complicated by Texas' castle law, which allows people to use lethal force to defend themselves and their property.

Delgadillo is accused of shooting Roberto Garcia, 17, late Friday night.

"He is there to protect his residence - protect the business - under the direction of the owner," Treviño said.

He said he will submit the case to the District Attorney's office, which will then present it to a grand jury. The grand jury will determine whether to charge Delgadillo in connection with the homicide.

Delgadillo, who was deported after being released from prison earlier this year, could also be charged with a felony for illegally re-entering the country.

The shooting occurred late Friday or early Saturday, Treviño said, when Garcia and Ramiro Garza and Eloy Santana, both 17, tried to burglarize Valeria's Drive Thru convenience store by breaking through its roof.

Delgadillo was living inside the business, though, and had been told by store owner Olivia Lopez, 34, to guard it with a gun she provided, Treviño said. Delgadillo shot Garcia during the burglary, hitting him in the lung and artery, Treviño said. The wound killed Garcia within minutes.

Lopez, the storeowner, will be charged with failure to report a felony because she was not candid with police about the shooting, Treviño said. A grand jury would also have to decide whether she could face any sort of homicide charges.

"Ms. Lopez gave a convicted felon a firearm," Treviño said. "That's against the law. She lied to us from the onset of the investigation. That's against the law."

Garcia's accomplices will also be charged with burglary, Treviño said.

While there were illegal actions that led up to this defensive gun use, the defense itself was by all appearances justified, hence our use of it here on the blog.

California: DA declines charges in fatal Marine shooting

Barstow, California

From the Desert Dispatch of July 22, 2008
DA declines charges in fatal Marine shooting

The San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office elected not to file charges against Issa Wajeel, 50, the Barstow man who was arrested Friday on suspicion of murder in connection with the shooting death of a Camp Pendleton Marine.

Michael Fermin, supervising deputy district attorney at the Barstow courthouse, said he received the Barstow Police Department report in the case late in the day on Monday. After reviewing the file with Gary Roth, chief deputy district attorney for the Desert-Mountain region of the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office, they came to the conclusion Tuesday afternoon that Wajeel acted in self-defense when he shot 20-year-old Michael Firkins, Fermin said.

He would not comment on the evidence that led them to that conclusion.

Police found Firkins with a gunshot wound to the head in a truck parked in front of Wajeel’s house on July 3. He died in the hospital on July 6, and Wajeel was arrested Friday on suspicion of murder. Wajeel, who was in his yard with a gun when police arrived, told investigators that he had confronted a man who may have been trying to break into his house.

Wajeel, a retired Army sergeant first class, worked as a contractor at Fort Irwin and taught administration of justice classes part time at Barstow Community College.

Fermin said the fact that Wajeel was a respected figure in the community did not play into his decision not to file charges.

“We base it on the facts of the law, the facts of what happened and the law that applies in that situation,” he said. “... Sometimes that decision-making process may not be a popular one, but it’s one we believe to be right under the eye of the law and the facts that are available.”

The investigation is still open, and the District Attorney’s Office could elect to file charges in the future if new evidence surfaces, he said.

As of 6 p.m. Tuesday, West Valley Detention Center still listed Wajeel as an inmate.

Kentucky: Man Shot & Killed in Self-Defense

Pulaski County, Kentucky

From WTVQ of July 24, 2008
Man Shot & Killed in Self-Defense

Police have not filed any charges against a Pulaski County man who they say shot and killed someone in self-defense.

Last night, officers were called to a home on West Highway, in Science Hill, to investigate a shooting.

They say three people, one armed with wooden club, went to the home to start a fight -- which they did.

After a short time, police say the homeowner, Joshua Pyles, got a shotgun and asked the suspects to leave his home and property.

They refused and continued to make threats, so Pyles fired one shot.

One of the suspects, 34-year-old Jim Goff, was hit.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The two other suspects, Heather Goff, 29, wife of the deceased, and John Strunk, 46, Heaton Ford Road Science Hill, KY were both arrested at the scene and charged with assault 2nd degree.

Pyles has not yet been charged in the shooting.

The preliminary investigation indicates that Pyles was acting in self-defense in protecting himself and his family.

The results of the investigation will be presented to the Pulaski County Grand Jury.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Florida: Home invasion suspect shot, killed by resident; four others arrested

Ocala, Florida

From the Star-Banner of July 23, 2008
Home invasion suspect shot, killed by resident; four others arrested

One of two men who forced their way into a Williston-area home early Wednesday was shot to death by one of the home’s occupants, a shooting that authorities described as self-defense.

The second suspected intruder, along with three alleged accomplices, are in jail after an investigation by Marion County sheriff’s deputies of the attempted home invasion robbery.

Investigators said the home invasion occurred about 2:30 a.m. at the home Roger Dan Garrison, 49, in the 19000 block of Northwest County Road 335.

Two of the suspects, Jonathan Gaal, 19, of Ocala, and Brian Bond, 19, of Summerfield, forced their way inside as three alleged accomplices awaited nearby in a car. According to sheriff’s investigators, Garrison’s brother, Martin Randy Garrison, 54, was asleep on a couch in the living room and had a .25-caliber handgun under the couch. When Gaal pointed a handgun at Martin Garrison, the older man fired three shots at Gaal at point-blank range.

Gaal ran out of the home, but collapsed and died in the front yard.

“I thought it was all a bad dream,” said Roger Garrison later Wednesday, as he cleaned up the house. “I didn’t know what their intentions were. It was scary.”

He said he first realized something was amiss when he heard his dog barking. “We have an American bulldog that stays in the house,” Garrison said. “When Gus barks, somebody is here.”

Garrison went into his living room and saw two men dressed in black with their faces covered, according to the Sheriff’s Office report.

He said he was told to get down on the floor by one of the robbers. At that point, he heard gunshots.

“Boom, boom, boom,” Roger Garrison remembered. “Then I see them running out the back door, and I ran and locked it. I didn’t know if my brother was shot or if they were.

“My brother is still real upset about it. We’ve never been through anything like that before. Robberies are something you hear about, but you never want to go through one. I know that now.”

When deputies arrived, they found Gaal in the yard of the residence with a gun in his hand. Sheriff’s spokeswoman Jennifer Fisher said that Garrison is not facing any immediate charges because he acted in self-defense.

Fisher said that investigators recovered Gaal’s cell phone and answered it when calls came in. That led investigators to the four suspects, who Fisher said cooperated with investigators and gave statements.

“They came in believing that they were just part of a burglary,” Fisher said. “They had no idea about the homicide or that Gaal had died.”

Gaal was the nephew of Jackie Bellomy Jr., 48, of Williston, who investigators believe helped Gaal and Bond get into the home. Wednesday afternoon, sheriff’s officials arrested Bellomy Jr., Bond, Albert Rodriguez, 21, of Belleview, and Richard Bellomy, 24, of Williston, another nephew, for second-degree murder and armed home invasion.

“After hours of questioning all persons involved, detectives were able to piece together a tangled plot to rob the residence in Williston,” Fisher said in a news release. “The Florida State Statute states any person involved in a felony that results in a death can be charged with felony murder.”

Gaal, who lived at 5071 S.E. 70th Loop in Ocala, was released from the Marion County Jail on July 9, after serving about a six-month term for marijuana possession with the intent to sell and for violating his probation from an earlier battery arrest.

The other four suspects were taken to the Marion County Jail.

Ohio: Moving men best would-be robber

East Price Hill, Ohio

From the Cincinnati Enquirer of July 23, 2008
Moving men best would-be robber

One determined store owner. Eleven bulky employees to back him up. And a nervous would-be robber pointing a gun at them.

The result?

A very bad attempt at robbery, said Raymond Palma, 37, owner of D& R Moving.

The botched robbery Wednesday morning sent the alleged robber to the hospital with two self-inflicted gunshot wounds, no money and a charge of aggravated robbery.

“This ought to be on ‘Dumbest Criminals,’ Palma said. “To come into a moving company with men who lift and haul things for a living – 12 guys, five or six bullets. You do the math.”

The robber, identified as Ahmad Parker, 21, of Roselawn, was in surgery at University Hospital Wednesday evening for gunshot wounds to the leg and arm, Cincinnati police said.

Palma said when Parker walked into the business, 465 Elberon Ave., around 9 a.m. and pointed a .380-caliber semiautomatic pistol, demanding everyone empty their pockets, Palma thought he was joking.

“Then he said it again and put the gun right to my head and that’s when I knew he’s not kidding anymore,” Palma said. “But you could just tell he was a rookie. He hesitated for a couple seconds and he didn’t know what the heck he was doing, apparently.”

The handgun’s safety was still on until Parker noticed it halfway through the robbery, Palma said.

He said he waited until Parker turned his head then grabbed the gun. Four employees joined in. During the scuffle, the gun went off several times, striking Parker twice and an employee once.

Employees held Parker down until police arrived.

The employee, William Davis, 31, Palma’s brother, was grazed in the leg and refused medical treatment, police said. Palma suffered minor cuts and scrapes.

“To be honest, I was scared the entire time,” he said. “I don’t recommend anybody doing that because when I did it, I put everybody’s life in there at risk. If it happened again, I don’t think I would handle it that way.”

Palma said it was the first time there has been an attempted robbery at his business and hopes it’s the last. He plans to install security cameras and an ATM to store his money.

“Everybody tells me I shouldn’t, but I feel bad for that young fella,” Palma said. “He’s 21 and he made the worst mistake of his life. I don’t feel angry no more.

“But I’m disappointed and upset.”

Missouri: Neighbor Fights off Would-be Grocery Store Burglars

Poplar Bluff, Missouri

From KFVS of July 22, 2008
Neighbor Fights off Would-be Grocery Store Burglars

Surveillance video shows a bizarre "break-in" at a grocery store in Butler County. Thieves try to cash in fast by taking off with an ATM.

The crooks tried using a truck as a battering ram, and brought down the front of the store.

But owners say thanks to a quick thinking neighbor, those would-be burglars left empty handed.

When the owners of the Green Forest Grocery Store put up security cameras, they had no idea what kind of video they would end up seeing.

"You can't prepare for someone to come in and knock the whole front door into the building," Jeff Darnell said.

That's exactly what happened as surveillance video shows.

"They stole a truck next door, came in here and ran it through the door. They hit it about three times, first time got it in midway. Then they got the truck completely through the building. They came to steal the ATM," Darnell said.

The crooks plan didn't go quite that way. That's mostly due to a long time shopper and neighbor.

"I heard this loud, excruciatingly loud bang across the street," Robert Chavez said.

That's when he sprang into action.

"I got my gun out of my gun cabinet and told my wife to call 911. I walked outside, and fired a shot in the air just to ruffle their feathers," he said.

It did. The would-be-burglars sped away and investigator Jim Akers says deputies found the truck abandoned on a county road.

Before they left though, Chavez had a scare of his own.

"He pulled out and faced me, the truck did. I felt at that point, I'm in imminent danger, and it scared me. I fired a slug through the windshield of his truck, and put one in the grill and passenger side door," Chavez said.

Store owners say they're grateful to Chavez. They still have some work ahead of them, but the store looks a lot better than it did on Monday.

"You don't expect it in smaller towns like we have. We have seen it on TV of course, but you just deal with what happens," Darnell said.

Store owners say the surveillance video shows the crooks trying to load the ATM onto the truck and dropping it on its side.

The Butler County Sheriff says he believes there were three people in the truck, but investigators have no suspects at this time.

Pennsylvania: Gunman killed in robbery try

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

From the Intelligencer Journal of July 23, 2008
Gunman killed in robbery try

John Roads believes people should be able to defend themselves against criminals, even if it means using a firearm.

The owner of Power Pro Battery Co., 210 S. Penn St., Manheim, said it was the right to possess a gun that potentially saved the life of his operations manager Tuesday and ended the life of a would-be robber.

Kevin Lee Smith, 19, of Lancaster, was shot and killed by the manager early Tuesday when Smith and an accomplice held up the manager with a semiautomatic weapon, police said. (Police asked that the manager's name not be published, because the accomplice was still at-large Tuesday night.)

Police said the manager acted in self-defense.

"We all have a right to come to work, to do our time and go home to our families," Roads said. "And nobody has a right to take that away from us."

Roads said he was at home when he got a phone call from the alarm company early Tuesday notifying him of a break-in at his business. He later heard from his manager, who told him he had shot a man.

"(The manager) had an angel in his pocket," Roads said, "and I can only hope that I would have been as lucky and as fortunate had it been me."

The manager explained the robbery circumstances to Roads on Tuesday morning, telling him two men were hiding under the wooden steps leading to the front entrance of the building.

According to Roads:

The manager said the two men made a noise under the steps, dropping a cell phone and a backpack and alerting him to their presence.

As the manager put the key in the front door, the two men, wearing black clothing, baseball caps and bandannas over their faces, walked up the stairs and followed him into the business, pointing a TEC-9 semiautomatic weapon at his back.

They pushed him into an office five feet inside the entrance and stayed in the hallway, with a security camera in the hallway catching most of the action.

The two men patted down the manager, taking his wallet and a company cell phone. However, they failed to pat down his other pocket, which contained a small-caliber semiautomatic pistol that he carried for protection.

The manager was told to open the business safe, and as the two men briefly looked toward the door, he pulled the gun from his pocket, firing two shots at Smith, who was holding the TEC-9.

Everything happened in two to three minutes, the manager told Roads.

"They gave (my manager) a split second to defend himself, and he did," Roads said.

The two men ran from the business, dropping the gun near a telephone pole, and they also dropped other items along West Stiegel Street, including hats and a backpack.

Police said a preliminary examination of the TEC-9 showed the weapon was jammed, indicating that the trigger was pulled at some point. Police said they were not sure when it was discharged.

Blood spots were still visible on West Stiegel Street Tuesday afternoon.

Smith collapsed about 400 yards from the business as the other man ran from the scene.

Manheim Borough police were called to the shooting scene near the intersection of South Penn and West Stiegel streets just after 5 a.m., and they found Smith on the street with gunshot wounds to the chest and wrist.

Smith was transported to Lancaster General Hospital, where he died from the chest wound.

Manheim Borough police Chief Barry Weidman said he had never seen a robbery turn so violent in the town.

Weidman said the incident should show criminals that they don't always know who is carrying a gun, and who is willing to use one in self defense.

"It should show criminals that you may get away with things for a while, but it's going to catch up to you," Weidman said.

Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman said his office was looking at the evidence.

Stedman said a person has the right to use deadly force if he or she has a reasonable belief that their life is in imminent danger. It does not have to be a crime with a gun involved.

"Obviously, in cases where you have a gun involved, it increases the stakes," Stedman said.

Weidman said the TEC-9, which he called a "street weapon," was one of the first used in a crime in Manheim. It will be sent for analysis and reviewed for evidence of past crimes through ballistic tests.


Monday, July 21, 2008

Florida: Would-Be Burglar Shot

Miami-Dade, Florida

From NBC6 of July 20, 2008
Would-Be Burglar Shot

A homeowner shot a would-be burglar in Southwest Miami-Dade on Sunday, police said.

Police said the man shot was one of two thieves who tried to burglarize a house in the 2400 block of 117th Avenue about 2 a.m.

He was taken to the hospital, where he was listed in stable condition. The second man apparently got away.

Neighbors said the house, which sits on the side of the street nearest the interstate, has been hit by thieves before.

Police said two children, ages 5 and 9, were inside the house when the culprits tried to break in.

No charges had been filed against the homeowner Sunday.

Ohio: Man killed trying to rob home, police say

Franklinton, Ohio

From the Columbus Dispatch of July 21, 2008
Man killed trying to rob home, police say

An 18-year-old man armed with a BB gun was fatally shot while trying to rob the residents of a Franklinton home yesterday afternoon, police said.

Police arrested his two alleged accomplices, one of whom was his brother, and charged them with murder for taking part in a crime that resulted in his death.

The resident who fired the fatal shot was released after questioning by police. A Franklin County grand jury will decide whether he acted in self-defense or should be indicted for a crime, police said.

Terrance W. Jackson, described by police as a college student from out of state, died at Mount Carmel West hospital at 1:51 p.m., about an hour and 40 minutes after the shooting at 641 W. Chapel St.

Police said Jackson was accompanied by his brother Cashius D. Jackson and Cashius' girlfriend, Lucretia D. Fudge, when he attempted to rob Joshua A. LeMaster's home at 12:10 p.m. LeMaster was one of four residents in the home at the time.

LeMaster shot Jackson in the chest and arm. Jackson ran across the street and collapsed on the sidewalk, where he was unresponsive when found by police, Sgt. Joan Schlabach said.

"He's protecting his family. He's protecting my home," said LeMaster's roommate, who was asleep upstairs when the shots were fired. "It's (expletive) when you can't leave your front door open."

Several neighbors said they heard three to five shots and saw two people run toward the Inn Towne Motel, four blocks north at 595 W. Broad St.

Terrance Jackson and three other people were staying in one of two rooms rented under the name Cassius R. Jackson, a manager at the motel confirmed.

Cashius Jackson, 26, faces one count of murder, and Fudge, 17, faces a delinquency count of murder. Police listed Cashius Jackson's address as 1750 Bryden Rd. and Fudge's as 1360 Phale D. Hale Dr.

LeMaster's roommate, who asked not to be identified for fear of retaliation, said the intruders didn't know any of the residents, and there was nothing of value in their home. Police said they did not know why the home was targeted.

LeMaster's girlfriend told police that Terrance Jackson held a gun, later identified as a BB gun, to her head. LeMaster pulled out a real gun and shot him in the living room.

An Ohio law taking effect in September will establish a presumption that people who shoot someone invading their home are acting in self-defense.


Texas: No charges filed against man who shot teen

El Paso, Texas

From KVIA of July 20, 2008
No charges filed against man who shot teen

Police have hot filed charges against a Northeast resident who allegedly shot a man in self-defense.

The police department's Drive-by-Shooting Response Team (DSRT) was called to assist with a "shots fired" call at the 9500 block of Iris at about one Saturday morning.

Officers discovered a 19-year-old man had been shot in the ankle and forearm at a residence in the area.

An investigation revealed the victim went to a party at the residence and engaged in an argument that escalated into a physical confrontation, police officials said.

Police said a resident of the home grabbed a handgun and fired several shots at the victim in and attempt to protect his home and family.

The victim was transported to Thomason hospital and a further investigation is underway.

North Carolina: Teenager fends off would-be robbers

Charlotte, North Carolina

From News 14 of July 21, 2008
Teenager fends off would-be robbers

Two suspects are on the run after a teenager in the house they were robbing turned one of the criminals' guns against them.

At about 8:30 a.m. Saturday, police said two robbers broke into Danielle Gardin's home in north Charlotte.

"One guy opened up the garage, let the van in and then they started going upstairs," Gardin said.

Gardin wasn't home, but her 14-year-old son Dante was. He had locked the door to his room at the top of the stairs, called 911 and hid in the closet.

"One of the guys kicked the door in, and then he started going through Dante's stuff," Gardin said.

The teenager had armed himself with a pocket knife. And with the stranger in his room distracted, Dante attacked.

"That's when he came out of the closet and that's when he stabbed the guy in the stomach," Gardin said.

While the two struggled in the room, the robber's gun fell to the floor. Dante picked it up and aimed it at the would-be criminal.

The man then took off down the stairs then sped away with his accomplice in the getaway van, damaging part of Gardin's garage in the process.

"I watch the news all the time and see this on the news all the time," Gardin said. "You just never think that it's going to happen to you, but, hey, you can't ever rule yourself out."

Hours after the ordeal, the damage to the home was already being repaired. And Gardin said she knows it could have been much worse.

"I was scared not knowing if he was OK," she said. "Just to know that he is OK, mentally and physically, was just the most important part for me."

Police said both suspects are black males with dreadlocks. One of the suspects was wearing a long-sleeved black T-shirt and jeans. The other was wearing a blue polo shirt with white stripes.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Florida: St. Pete resident shoots burglar during break-in

St. Petersburg, Florida

From Tampa Bay 10 of July 18, 2008
St. Pete resident shoots burglar during break-in

St. Pete police say a burglary suspect was shot and killed during a break-in.

Investigators says the resident arrived at his home at 1018 22nd Ave. S. at 12:28pm only to be confronted by a masked man armed with a gun.

The resident fought with the intruder and during the scuffle, the suspect's gun fell to the floor.

That's when detectives say the resident picked up the gun and shot and killed the intruder.

The names of the victim and the suspect have not yet been released.

From the St. Petersburg Times of July 19, 2008
Man kills burglar in his apartment

A masked intruder was shot dead with his own gun Friday after a struggle with the man whose apartment he was burglarizing, police said.

Jack Donaldson, 27, arrived home about noon to find the burglar inside, armed with a semiautomatic handgun. A struggle ensued, and the burglar dropped the gun.

Donaldson picked it up and shot him dead.

He then saw another man running away from his apartment, located on the west side of a duplex at 1018 22nd Ave. S.

He fired at least once, but apparently missed. He then called police. Donaldson could not provide a detailed description, saying only that the man was wearing all black, police said.

When police arrived at Donaldson's apartment they found the body of Lajuan Dandy, 39, still wearing a cloth mask and gloves, said police spokesman Bill Proffitt.

Dandy, whose last known address is 650 60th Ave. S, has a long criminal history including charges for aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer and drug possession.

Police aren't sure if anything was taken.

Detective J. De Luca said police will refer the case to prosecutors but probably will not recommend criminal charges.

"It appears to be more of a self-defense," De Luca said.

Police shut down part of 22nd Avenue S during the investigation. Spectators surrounded yellow crime scene tape as word spread about what happened inside the duplex.

"Who's to say they won't hit you?" asked Vincent Jackson, 42, who said he lives about a block away. "It could have happened to anyone. You can never say."

Cecilia Williams said she likes the neighborhood and feels safe despite the shooting. She's raising four children down the street from the duplex.

She hears gunfire and sees suspicious activity sometimes but knows the neighbors on her street are good people, she said.

"It's terrible when anybody dies," she said, adding she also sympathizes with Donaldson. "I wouldn't want to walk into my house and see somebody in my house."

New Jersey: Intruder shot by homeowner in critical condition

Lakewood, New Jersey

From Newsday of July 18, 2008
Intruder shot by homeowner in critical condition

Police say a man who allegedly broke into a Lakewood home and was shot in the head by the owner remains in critical condition.

The Ocean County Prosecutor's Office says 31-year-old Eric Tucker of Lakewood was shot by an elderly man who confronted him when he broke in through a kitchen window around 5 a.m. Friday.

Police have not released the homeowner's name, but say the gun used in the shooting was registered to him and that he called 911 to report the incident.

Two other men have been arrested and charged with burglary in connection with the break-in.

From Newsday of July 24, 2008
Burglary suspect who was shot in head dies

Authorities say a robbery suspect shot by a Lakewood homeowner last week has died.

Authorities say Eric Ticker was pronounced dead Wednesday, five days after the 31-year-old was shot in the head.

Police say Tucker climbed through a window to get into the home. Because of his injuries, he was not charged.

Two other men are accused of burglary in the incident.

The 66-year-old homeowner who shot Tucker has not been charged with a crime. But authorities in Ocean County say their investigation is continuing.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mississippi: Suspected Burglar Shot

Jackson, Mississippi

From WLBT of July 17, 2008
Suspected Burglar Shot

One man is hospitalized after being shot during a home burglary. It happened just after 12 o'clock at the Elton Park Apartments on Elton Road in south Jackson.

Police say a tenant of building eleven came home to find his apartment door kicked in. The man then approached his home and yelled for anyone inside to come out. Authorities say when three men ran out of the apartment, the resident started firing shots. The suspected burglars escaped through a hole in a fence surrounding the complex.

Police later found one of the culprits hiding in a nearby culvert with two gunshot wounds. Paramedics transported him to UMC but the other two suspects got away.

Commander Jeremiah Jones says officers happened to be in the right place at the right time - "The ironic part about it is the same time this was occuring we were doing a sting operation on the other side on Raymond Road, another house burglary suspect that had been breaking into houses attempted to sell things."

Commander Jones says the three burglary suspects had broken into another apartment at Elton Park around the same time.

Authorities have not released the identity of the shooter nor the suspects. At this time, the resident has not been charged in connection with the shooting.

Indiana: Burglar takes gun from Franklin man, wounds him

Franklin, Indiana

From the Franklin Star of July 17, 2008
Burglar takes gun from Franklin man, wounds him

A Franklin man shot in his garage by an intruder Wednesday night remained at Methodist Hospital today, but Franklin police said the man was believed likely to make a full recovery.

James Duncan, 28, encountered the intruder shortly after 10 p.m. Wednesday after he went to investigate a sound in his garage. Duncan lives in the 500 block of Hanna Place in the Canary Creek neighborhood.

After advising his wife to call 911, Duncan took a .22-caliber bolt-action rifle from his home before confronting the intruder. In an ensuing struggle, the intruder grabbed the gun from Duncan and shot him in the shoulder. The suspect then dropped the gun and fled.

"I'd just like to know who did it, and that's what we're working on," said Det. Chris Tennell of the Franklin Police Department.

Police said the man was wearing a T-shirt worn by carnival workers at the Johnson County Fair, which is being held this week in Franklin. But Tennell emphasized that they do not know whether the suspect has any connection to the fair.

Duncan and his family had just returned from the fair themselves and were putting their two children to bed when Duncan heard the noise in his garage, Tennell said.

Doctors opted not to remove the bullet from Duncan's shoulder, Tennell said, fearing they might damage muscle tissue or an artery in trying to extract it.

"Anytime you have a bullet in your body and you're bleeding, that's not good," Tennell said. "But as far as gunshot victims go, they said he should recover fine."

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

South Carolina: Clerk shoots at man trying to rob store

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

From Myrtle Beach Online of July 16, 2008
Clerk shoots at man trying to rob store

A clerk at a local convenience store on North Kings Highway shot at a man who tried to rob the store last night, according to Myrtle Beach police officials.

The incident happened around 6 p.m. Tuesday when a man walked into the store and demanded money.

The clerk pulled out a handgun from under the counter, shot at the man, and missed, said Capt. David Knipes, Myrtle Beach Police's public information officer.

The bullet hit a wall, Knipes said. He said the man fled out the door.

The case is under investigation.

Maryland: Burglar shot, killed in Park Heights home

Park Heights, Maryland

From the Baltimore Sun of July 16, 2008
Burglar shot, killed in Park Heights home

A Park Heights man shot and killed a 45-year-old man who was attempting to burglarize his aunt's home early Wednesday morning, a police spokeswoman said.

Police did not release the name of the man who was killed because next of kin had not been notified. They also did not release the name of the shooter Wednesday.

Several people at the man's house Wednesday declined to speak with a reporter.

Police received a call reporting a shooting at the 3800 block of Hayward Ave. about 1:10 a.m. Wednesday, said police spokeswoman Nicole Monroe.

When officers arrived, they were told that a man had broken into a home. A man living in that house heard someone come into the basement, and he went upstairs to get a his .38-caliber handgun, police said. He was the registered owner of the gun, police said.

The man, armed with the weapon, went to investigate and heard footsteps upstairs. He called out to his aunt to see whether she was walking around the house, Monroe said.

Then he walked up to the first floor and saw the burglar running through the rear door of the kitchen and fired once, striking the burglar in the back, Monroe said.

The burglar ran out the back door and collapsed near a shed, Monroe said. The man called 911, put his handgun on the kitchen table and waited for police to arrive. Medics rushed the burglar to Sinai Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 3:05 a.m.

The state's attorney's office is waiting for the completion of the homicide investigation before reviewing the case to determine whether to press charges, said Margaret Burns, a spokeswoman for the state's attorney's office.

From WBAL of July 17, 2008
Resident's Shooting Of Intruder Justified

The shooting that left an intruder dead at the hands of a west Baltimore resident has been ruled justifiable homicide, and the shooter will not be charged.

The ruling came from the city state's attorney's office on Thursday.

Shortly after 1 a.m. Wednesday, police were called to a home in the 3800 block of Hayward Street for a home invasion and shooting.

Authorities said an 82-year-old woman and her nephew were inside the home when someone broke in.

Police said the nephew shot the intruder in the back.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

South Carolina: Marietta resident shoots suspected rabid fox

Marietta, South Carolina

From the Greenville News of July 15, 2008
Marietta resident shoots suspected rabid fox

Phillip Bowers said he believes a fox that lunged at him this morning outside his Marietta home was rabid, though he says he managed to shoot the fox in midair just before it reached him.

This morning, Bowers said he went outside and heard a fox clawing at the lattice that stretches across the bottom of the porch of his Marietta home near Hannon Road.

The fox emerged from underneath the porch and appeared to be "staggering" and his eyes were "blurry," Bowers said. "He was just skin and bones," he said, "and he had sores all over him."

Bowers said the fox growled at him and jumped toward him. Bowers, who had grabbed his 40-gauge shotgun when he heard the noise, said he shot the fox in midair about six feet from him.

The S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control told Bowers to dispose of the fox himself because it was on private property and had not bitten him.

The danger of burying a possibly rabid fox and another animal contracting the disease is small, because a rabies virus dies within about 20 minutes after the animal dies, said Peden Cook, director of the Greenville County health department's general sanitation.

"The virus does not last long if the host animal is dead," Cook said.

No public services are available to remove dead animals from private property, Cook said, but health officials will come out and cut off the head of an animal that has bitten someone and will send it to Columbia to be tested for rabies. The disease is detected by examining brain tissue.

Foxes are out and about this time of year because it's breeding season and foxes are often gathering food for their young, Cook said.

Wyoming Man Defends Daughter From Dog

Powell, Wyoming

From the July 15, 2008 Casper Star-Tribune:
POWELL -- The Park County Sheriff's Office says no charges will be filed against a man who admitted shooting a dog and dumping the remains.

Sheriff's officials say the man told them he shot the dog after it was acting aggressively on his property. They say the man was concerned about his daughter's safety.

The man didn't know who owned the dog, so he dumped the carcass in a pit. He later found out who the owner was and made an anonymous call to tell her where to find the carcass.

Tennessee: Store Clerk Shoots Teen During Robbery in Memphis

Memphis, Tennessee

From MyEyewitnessNews of July 15, 2008
Store Clerk Shoots Teen During Robbery in Memphis

Police say a Memphis store clerk shot a 17 year-old boy during a robbery.

According investigators, it happened around 8:50 p.m., Monday, July 14, 2008, at the Margarita Market in the 6000 block of Knight Arnold Road.

Police say the teen and three other men were shoplifting at the store when the clerk confronted them. The four suspects, ages 17, 19, 20, and 28, attacked the clerk during the confrontation, according to investigators. Police say that is when the clerk shot the 17 year-old in the leg.

Police say the teen was taken to the hospital in non-critical condition. The store clerk was treated for minor injuries to his face, neck, and arms said police.

Detectives say all four suspects are in custody, but no charges have been filed at this time.

Georgia: Armed man scares away robber

Bainbridge, Georiga

From the Post-Searchlight of July 15, 2008
Armed man scares away robber

A Bainbridge man refused to be robbed when he was accosted around 5 a.m. Saturday morning.

The complainant, a resident of Spruce Street, told BPS that he was sitting on his front porch smoking a cigar and drinking a cup of coffee. According to the resident, a man wearing a mask and carrying a large knife approached and demanded that he hand over his wallet.

The citizen said he told the masked robber that he had to go inside the house to get the wallet.

The homeowner returned, not with his wallet in hand, but instead wielding a pistol, which sent the robber off running.

Officer Gary Hines attempted to locate a suspect but was unsuccessful.

Georgia is one of several states that does not require people who are attacked or threatened to retreat before using deadly force to protect themselves, other persons or a property, according to Sgt. Ryan Wimberly of BPS. In fact, Georgia law gives legal immunity to people who "stand their ground" in self-defense but does require that a person can only use deadly force if they believe a human life is in danger or to prevent a forcible felony, Sgt. Wimberly said. Forcible felonies, which involve the use or threat of physical force or violence, include crimes ranging from rape to armed robbery.

Virginia: Potential victims turned tables on robbery suspects

Newport News, Virginia

From the Daily Press of July 10, 2008
Potential victims turned tables on robbery suspects

An armed-robbery suspect was shot by his potential victim Tuesday, the second time in a week where the tables were quickly turned, police said.

Just after 3 p.m. Tuesday, a 16-year-old was shot in his upper right leg as he attempted to rob a man at gunpoint in the backyard of a 25th Street home, police spokesman Harold Eley said.

The teenager, whose name wasn't released by police because he's a juvenile, survived his injury and was released from a local hospital into police custody.


Eley said the juvenile shot at 3:10 p.m. Tuesday was attempting to rob a 31-year-old Virginia Beach man, who pulled out his own gun. The 16-year-old fled after being shot but was picked up by police on 25th Street.

After his release from the hospital, the teen was charged with robbery and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

Police also charged him with the July 6 robbery and carjacking of an 18-year-old Newport News man on Aqua Vista Drive. He's being held in the city's juvenile detention center.

"It is extremely dangerous for juveniles, or anyone else, to take part in armed robberies," Eley said. "There is always the possibility that the person being robbed is armed, and that was the case in this instance. Juveniles should not have weapons in the first place."

Eley said the man who shot the teen didn't have a permit to carry a concealed weapon. The gun was seized, but no charges were filed. Eley said the commonwealth's attorney would decide whether to prosecute the man on any firearms charges.

South Carolina: Man Remodeling Home Kills Intruder, Deputies Say

Laurens, South Carolina

From Fox Carolina of July 15, 2008
Man Remodeling Home Kills Intruder, Deputies Say

Deputies said a man who was sleeping in a home he was remodeling shot and killed an intruder who woke him up early Tuesday morning.

The shooting happened at ½ Stevens St. just off Watts Street around 12:30 a.m.

Deputies said the man who is remodeling the home actually lives across the street, but had decided to sleep at the project home.

Something woke the homeowner up and he found someone inside the home, deputies said. They said the man fired twice at the intruder, killing him.

Deputies said the case appears to be self defense and that no charges will be filed.

The State Law Enforcement Division was called in to help with the investigation.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Prairie Creek, Arkansas Home Intruder

Prairie Creek, Arkansas

From the July 10, 2008 Arkansas Democrat-Gazette:

A Prairie Creek resident shot and killed a neighbor who had kicked in his door Tuesday evening and tried to assault him, police said.

Johnny Hawthorne shot Mekin Kantaphone with a handgun once in the head in self-defense inside Hawthorne’s home, Benton County sheriff’s Capt. Mike Sydoriak said.

The prosecuting attorney’s office will decide whether the shooting was justified, Sydoriak said.

Kantaphone, 34, sent threatening text and voice messages to Hawthorne, 25, earlier in the day, he said.

“He was threatening to beat him and kill him,” Sydoriak said.

“There was certainly that assumption by the deceased that there was a relationship between the shooter and the deceased’s wife,” said Benton County sheriff’s deputy Doug Gay. “Whether there is any validity to that remains under investigation.” Kantaphone was a weight lifter who was much larger than Hawthorne, Sydoriak said. Kantaphone recently worked as a mechanic for American Airlines. He exercised regularly at World Gym in Bentonville.


On Tuesday evening, Kantaphone and his brother, Ole Kantaphone, drove to Hawthorne’s home at 8549 Wild Cherry Drive.

Ole Kantaphone tried to stop his brother from going to the door, but he wouldn’t listen, Sydoriak said.

“He tried to reason with him and stop him, but he couldn’t hold him back,” Sydoriak said.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Florida: Woman, .357 blazing, chases intruders from home

Ocala, Florida

From of July 10, 2008
Woman, .357 blazing, chases intruders from home

Firing a .357-caliber handgun until it was empty, an Ocala woman chased two intruders from her home in the 3800 block of Southeast 68th Street on Wednesday morning.

Later Wednesday, Marion County sheriff's detectives had one home invasion suspect in custody and were looking for the second. Aaron Scott Beardsley, 25, was charged with armed home invasion robbery. Deputies were still looking for a heavy-set Hispanic male, about 6-foot-1 or 6-feet-2, who was wearing black shorts at the time, a dark T-shirt and a bandana.

Sheriff's Detective Art King, in his report, gave the following account of the crime:

Shortly after 8 a.m. Wednesday, 29-year-old Jennifer Ann Hunley; her 27-year-old boyfriend, Michael Joseph Nash; and Hunley's 11-year-old daughter were inside their home when two men entered through the garage door. Nash, who was coming out of a bathroom at the time, saw one of the intruders holding a nail gun near the television set in the living room.

The man demanded money. At the same time Nash saw that the second suspect, armed with a handgun, was also in the living room. The one with the nail gun hit Nash on the head, and when he fell down both men began beating him.

Hunley came into the living room, saw what was happening, returned to her bedroom for a .357-caliber handgun and fired a warning shot into the ceiling.

The intruder with the nail gun ran outside, while the other one ran into a nearby bedroom. He then pointed his weapon, believed to be a small-caliber handgun, and fired at least one shot at Hunley.

Then Hunley, who is 5-foot-3, emptied her handgun, firing four shots at the intruder. The gunman ran out the front door. Neither Hunley nor her daughter were hurt during the exchange of gunfire.

Afterward, sheriff's deputies received calls indicating that the wife of one of the suspects may have driven the getaway vehicle.

And Nash told Detective King that his sister believed Beardsley was responsible for the home invasion because she had had a conversation with him the day before about previous drug activity at her brother's home

King reported that Nash pulled up a picture of Beardsley on the Internet and recognized him as one of the the intruders.

Deputies later found Beardsley and his wife, who is pregnant, and brought them in for an interview. Beardsley said he was innocent, but his wife reportedly told a different story.

She told King that she dropped her husband off close to the Southeast 68th Street address and waited about 20 minutes for him, according to King's report. She said her husband was sweating when he returned to the vehicle. The woman said she didn't ask any questions about what he did or where he went.

Beardsley was then arrested and charged with armed home invasion. He refused an interview request from the Star-Banner.

Garland, Texas Copper Thief Shot

Garland, Texas

From the July 10, 2008 Dallas Morning News:
Garland police say they do not plan to file charges against a 25-year-old man who fatally shot a suspected copper thief this morning.

The incident happened shortly before 1:20 a.m. at Bargain Town – Variety & Furniture store in the 5700 block of Broadway Boulevard, police said.

The business owner’s son had been guarding the roof after the store had been recently hit by copper thieves. The son said he confronted a man who had climbed on the roof. The son fired his gun, striking the man in the torso, police said. The man fled, climbing back down the building and collapsing on the ground.

Paramedics arrived to find the man had died. Police said he had a small backpack with tools investigators believe were used to steal copper.

Oklahoma: Homeowner fire shots at intruder

Tulsa, Oklahoma

From KJRH of July 9, 2008
Homeowner fire shots at intruder

A homeowner shot his gun at an intruder Wednesday night. It happened near 49th and South Newport in midtown Tulsa.

Tulsa police tell 2NEWS that the homeowner missed when he fired a shot inside his house. The homeowner then forced the suspect outside, and fired another shot, missing.

There was a struggle, and the intruder got the homeowner's gun. When police arrived, officers feared the intruder may fire shots at them. Officers quickly tackled the suspect and took him into custody.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Security Guard Shoots Homeless Man in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, Utah

From July 9, 2008 KSL-TV:

A bullet fired on a Salt Lake City street at lunchtime killed a man. Now we're learning the gun may have been fired in self-defense.

The shooting happened during a confrontation between two men near 1400 South and West Temple. Witnesses say 47-year-old Mike James May, a transient in the area, began yelling at people who were sitting outside Mama's Southern Plantation restaurant.

The witnesses say May took a swing at the customers, threatened them and a security guard and then reached inside his jacket or backpack. That's when the security guard pulled out his concealed weapon and fired. That single shot, which hit the May in the torso, was fatal.

Mark Cazares, co-owner of Mama's Southern Plantation, believes it's a case of self-defense. "For him [the security guard] to defend himself this way, he had to feel his life was in danger. He, once again, he was a Vietnam vet, so he's had to deal with weapons and things before. I'm sure this was a life-threatening situation to him," he said.


Police say the security guard has been very cooperative with them and, as of about a half hour ago, they have decided not to book him. They say they will meet with the district attorney very soon to discuss the case.

Texas: Fireworks stand owner shoots alleged burglar

Montgomery County, Texas

From the Conroe Courier of July 9, 2008
Fireworks stand owner shoots alleged burglar

A West Montgomery County homeowner shot and wounded a man he believes was trying to burglarize a fireworks stand on his property early Tuesday morning.

Jacob Kelly, 19, who lives in East County on West Geronimo Trail near the Midway area between Conroe and Cleveland, was in stable condition Tuesday at Conroe Regional Medical Center.

According to a report released by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Montgomery-area resident Fred Cook told investigators he woke up just after 12:30 a.m. and was in the kitchen of his home in the 9600 block of FM 149 near Keenan Cutoff Road when he saw a white male allegedly burglarizing his fireworks stand. The report states Cook woke his girlfriend and told her to call 9-1-1 while he went outside armed with a 12-gauge shotgun and confronted the intruder, later identified as Kelly.

Cook told Kelly to stop, according to the report, and Kelly allegedly turned toward Cook, who fired the weapon, striking Kelly in the arm, torso and legs. Despite being wounded, Kelly fled the scene on foot and was later found and arrested in the 9900 block of FM 149. Montgomery County EMS transported Kelly to the hospital.

Detective Michael Landrum is investigating the case, which will be forwarded to a grand jury for review of possible charges against Cook. Burglary charges are pending against Kelly.

Public Data shows Kelly was convicted of assault causing bodily injury in May in connection with an incident that occurred in November. He was sentenced to 120 days in jail, with credit for time served.

Landrum’s report stated Cook claimed there was a second person and that he heard gunshots in the wooded area where the pair fled after the confrontation. No description of the second burglar was available.


Iowa: Dog Attacks Boy, Town Mayor Shoots Dog

Pierson, Iowa

From KPTH of July 7, 2008
Dog Attacks Boy, Town Mayor Shoots Dog

A Pierson, Iowa, boy was taken to a Sioux City hospital after being attacked by a dog. The 9-year-old boy was riding on his bike outside the Pierson post office when the dog, a brown pit bull mix, bit him on the ankle. He was taken by ambulance to Mercy Medical Center, where he had to get stitches.

After receiving a call about the attack, the mayor went home to grab a gun, then went and shot the dog. It was a decision he says he made to protect other kids in the neighborhood.

"It evidently got out of its kennel and then attacked this child and I actually didn't want to encounter it doing something to another one," says Pierson Mayor Max Dunnington.

The Woodbury County sheriff's office is investigating this case. The dog's owner wasn't available for comment.

Kansas: Basehor resident fends off burglar

Basehor, Kansas

From the Basehor Sentinel of July 8, 2008
Basehor resident fends off burglar

An 88-year-old Basehor man was attacked in his home early Monday morning after an intruder broke in through a basement door.

According to Basehor Police Chief Lloyd Martley, around 5:25 a.m., an unknown suspect kicked in the basement door of the homeowner in the 15300 block of Parallel Road. The homeowner, who had a shotgun, confronted the intruder at the top of the stairs. There was a struggle over the gun and the suspect eventually gained control of the weapon hitting the homeowner with the butt of the gun. The suspect was then alerted to police in the driveway of the home, left through a patio door and headed into the woods west of the property empty handed.

The police were already in the driveway by the time the homeowner was able to get to a phone to call 911 because a Basehor police officer on patrol noticed a vehicle parked in the driveway of the residence that wasn’t normally there and had stopped to investigate, Martley said.

The homeowner sustained minor injuries and refused medical attention.

Since it was dark outside and there were no lights on in the house, the homeowner was not able to see the suspect’s face clearly, but is described as a short, heavy set Hispanic male wearing a white shirt and a blue baseball hat.

While several police agencies combed the area, they were unable to locate the suspect, Martley said. Police ask that if anyone sees a person matching the suspect’s description, to call the Basehor Police Department immediately at (913) 724-1313.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Virginia: Gunshot victim ID'd as suspected robber

Hampton, Virginia

From the Daily Press of July 5, 2008
Gunshot victim ID'd as suspected robber

A 19-year-old who was fatally shot Wednesday night was one of three men attempting to rob another man in the Liberty Estates apartment complex on Cunningham Avenue, police said.

The robbery at about 9:20 p.m. led to a struggle between the gunman, Maurice Edward Simpson of Newport News, and the victim, during which time Simpson was shot in the upper torso, said Hampton police spokeswoman Cpl. Paula Ensley.

The other alleged robbers are Dejon Jamal Middleton, 20, and Jamaal Orlando Watson, 21, both of the 700 block of Crossing Court in Newport News, police said. Middleton was charged with one count of robbery, one count of use of a firearm in the commission of a felony and one count of possession of marijuana. Watson was charged with one count of robbery and one count of use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

Police had not released the name of the robbery victim Friday, and Ensley said he is not charged with a crime because at this point it is considered a justifiable homicide.

After Simpson was shot, Middleton and Watson took him to Sentara CarePlex, police said. Simpson was taken inside the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

People who lived in the area thought for a time that the shooting might be related to a power outage that occurred shortly afterward. Ensley said the outage, which lasted about two hours and affected an area from Armistead Avenue to the James River Bridge, was not related to the shooting.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Florida: Tunnelling would-be burglar thwarted by homeowner

Tampa, Florida

From MyFox Tampa Bay of July 7, 2008
Tunnelling would-be burglar thwarted by homeowner

Police say they've arrested a man who tried to tunnel into his neighbor's home.

It was early Sunday, investigators say, when Mark Mazur snuck into a yard on San Luis and dug a tunnel under the fence.

But his clandestine plan was thwarted by the homeowner's dog. When he heard his dog barking, Robert Cash came outside -- armed with a handgun -- and ordered the intruder to stop.

Mazur, armed with a blowtorch, started towards Cash. Investigators say Cash fired once and missed Mazur, but the shot was enough to convince him to stop and wait for police to arrive.

Mazur, 56, has several prior arrests around the Bay Area. He was charged with burglary and assault.

Arkansas: Woman Shoots and Kills Husband in Self-Defense in Arkansas

El Dorado, Arkansas

From MyEyewitnessNews of July 7, 2008
Woman Shoots and Kills Husband in Self-Defense in Arkansas

A woman shot and killed her husband at their home outside of El Dorado, and the Union County sheriff says the slaying was in self-defense.

Sheriff Ken Jones said the incident happened around 10:30 p.m. Saturday, when deputies found 47 year-old Roger Gates dead inside the home. Jones says 37 year-old Kimberly Gates told him that her husband had attacked her and that she was afraid for her life and her baby's. Officials say she was able to get away from her husband, get a gun from the bathroom, and shoot him.

Jones said the case is still under investigation and that the results will be given to a prosecutor, who will determine if charges should be filed.

Arizona: Avondale man shoots at armed robbers trying to take his baby

Avondale, Arizona

From ABC15 of July 7, 2008
Avondale man shoots at armed robbers trying to take his baby

An Avondale man shot at armed robbers Saturday night when they tried to take his infant during a robbery, according to a police report released Monday.

The Avondale family had started to unload groceries at their home near Main Street and Litchfield Road when three men approached the car with guns and demanded money.

When the victim, 52, said he didn't have any cash, one robber said, "get the baby", according to Avondale Police Sergeant Memo Espinoza.

The victim pulled out a handgun and the three robbers started shooting at the man and the house. The father shot back.

The robbers ran away, and one was crawling on the ground as if he had been shot, according to Espinoza.

The victim and baby were not hurt in the shootout.

The three armed men left in a black SUV with chrome trim and chrome wheels.

They were described as Black males, between 19- and 25-years old.

One wore all black clothing, one had black pants and a brown shirt and the third wore blue shorts and a white shirt.

Avondale police notified Valley hospitals to look out for someone with a gunshot wound.

Another similar incident occurred Sunday at an Avondale family's home near Indian School Road and 107th Avenue.

Three men pulled into the family's garage and forced their way into the home rummaging through their belongings.

The family wasn't hurt, however their truck was stolen by one of the three suspects.

The truck was pulled over by police near the home and the man was taken into custody.

Espinosa said the two incidents are not related.

Anyone with information should call Avondale police at 623-333-7000.

Texas: Man protects self from potential thieves with gun

Corpus Christi, Texas

From the Corpus Christi Caller Times of July 7, 2008
Man protects self from potential thieves with gun

A Corpus Christi man found three men looking into his car early Saturday morning and shot at them in fear for his own safety, according to a police report.

Police responded to the 3700 block of Kingston Drive at 4:39 a.m., where a 50-year-old man told them he was awakened by noises in his driveway. After seeing the three men, the man grabbed his .40 Glock and confronted the men. The man told police he feared for his safety and fired off a round into the trunk of the suspect's vehicle. They fled and have not been located. A description of the suspect's vehicle was not given by police.

Arizona: Man shot to death in Mesa driveway

Mesa, Arizona

From the East Valley Tribune of July 7, 2008
Man shot to death in Mesa driveway

Peggy Abel knew something "really bad" was happening Sunday night in her usually quiet Mesa neighborhood.

The mother of seven heard screams and someone saying "stop hitting me," so she sent her teenage son out to their backyard to investigate.

"He came back in and said, 'We gotta call 911!' " Abel said.

Then, she heard the gunshots.

"Pop, pop, pop," Abel said. "There was a man standing in the middle of the street and a lady screaming 'You blanking killed him.' "

Police arrived in the 3900 block of East Hampton Circle, near Val Vista Drive and U.S. 60, about 11 p.m., just as the shooting occurred. Officers found that the 29-year-old boyfriend of a neighborhood woman had been shot and killed by a 49-year-old homeowner who lives nearby.

The homeowner had come outside after hearing the man and his girlfriend yelling at each other in the front yard.

Although police have stopped short of using the term self-defense, they said the homeowner shot and killed the man because he was "going crazy" with a billiards stick and charged at the homeowner.

The man was found dead on the homeowner's driveway.

"As far as coming out with a gun, he was well within his rights," said Detective Chris Arvayo, Mesa police spokesman. "He was in his yard. He never left his property. He came out with a gun, which is his constitutional right."

Mesa police haven't released the name of the man who was killed, pending notification of his family. Police also wouldn't release the name of the shooter. No charges have been recommended against the shooter, Arvayo said, but the case will be forwarded to the Maricopa County Attorney's Office for review.

"He's not in custody right now," Arvayo said.

Police also said that they learned after the shooting that the man had been hitting things inside his girlfriend's house before he went outside and caused a disturbance.

Abel said she used the incident as an opportunity to talk with her children about anger management.

"That's very tragic," Abel said. "It's senseless."

Missouri: Homeowner kills man in apparent self defense

St. Louis, Missouri

From St. Louis Today of July 3, 2008
Homeowner kills man in apparent self defense

A Baden neighborhood homeowner shot and killed a man who struck him in the head with a pipe after the homeowner confronted the man early this morning, police said.

Police would only identify the dead man by his age: 43.

The homeowner, who also is not being identified by police, said that he heard a noise outside of his home in the 9000 block of Edna Avenue early this morning. When he went outside, he found the man, who the homeowner knew, police said.

The man then struck the homeowner in the head with a metal pipe and the homeowner ran back inside his house, police said. The man, still carrying the metal pipe, followed the homeowner into the house.

The homeowner then shot the man several times. The man ran out of the house and collapsed in the street in the 1000 block of Melvin Avenue, police said. The man died.

When police got to the man -- about 4:50 a.m. -- they found a metal bar lying next to his body, police said.

The homeowner was taken to a hospital where he was being treated for a head injury.

Homicide detectives are still investigating.

The dead man's relatives had not been located or notified by 10:30 a.m., so police said they could not release his name.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Florida: Would-be Victim Kills Arlington Robbery Suspect

Jacksonville, Florida

From First Coast News of June 30, 2008
Would-be Victim Kills Arlington Robbery Suspect

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office has identified the man shot to death at an Arlington apartment complex as Robert Pinkney, 20.

Investigators say they were called to the Summer Oak apartments around 11:46 Sunday night.

The apartments are located in the 5300 block of the Arlington Expressway.

Officials say when they arrived they found Pinkney shot dead in the parking lot.

According to police, a man who lives in the apartments says Pinkney tried to rob him. That's when he told police he pulled a gun and shot the would be robber.

The JSO says they are questioning several people at the apartment building.

The State Attorney's Office is investigating whether this was a case of self defense.

Illinois: Lake Saint Louis man shoots neighbor he thought was intruder

Lake Saint Louis, Missouri

From the St. Charles Journal of June 27, 2008
Lake Saint Louis man shoots neighbor he thought was intruder

A Lake Saint Louis man says he shot an intruder that turned out to be his neighbor.

Police said they received a call around 5:30 a.m. Thursday morning from the homeowner, who lives alone in the Harbor Town condominiums located on the western edge of Lake Saint Louis. They arrived to the scene to find the next-door neighbor laying on the floor, shot in the knee and pelvis.

When questioned by police, the homeowner said he was sleeping upstairs when he heard a noise, grabbed his gun and found a person in his downstairs kitchen. The homeowner warned the man three times to not move or he would shoot, police said, but the man continued to approach the homeowner, who was on the staircase.

Police said they suspect the man had been drinking, as his speech was slurred and he smelled of alcohol. He was taken to SSM St. Joseph’s Hospital in St. Charles and is expected to recover.

The case is still under investigation, and the names of both men were not released. Police do not suspect the homeowner of foul play.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Texas: Houston area storage owner shoots at would-be thieves

Houston, Texas

From KHOU of July 1, 2008
Houston area storage owner shoots at would-be thieves

A would-be theft suspect was apparently hurt while trying to break into the Storage Facilities in northwest Harris County early Tuesday morning.

Danny Colwell has owned the business at 6900 Guhn Road for 12 years. He said he heard a saw the morning of the reported theft and decided to investigate. “The gate was halfway closed and I blocked the rest of the gate with my truck and then I walked around the corner. I thought it was one of the tenants working.”

Colwell said he picked up his gun and rounded the corner expecting a tenant. He found a thief instead.

“I kind of panicked, you know, and fired a shot and then the guy I guess dropped the saw,” said Colwell.

The reported thief was hurt. It's not clear if he was shot or wounded while trying to cut into the building.

He did, however, jump in a van and then ram Colwell's vehicle and a fence before driving off.

Sheriff's deputies say that several facilities in the area have been targeted recently.

They say that the suspect's burnt-out van was found later on Ella near Beltway 8.

No suspects are in custody.

Utah: W. Valley man foils burglars - in his underwear, with a shotgun

West Valley City, Utah

From the Salt Lake Tribune of July 2, 2008
W. Valley man foils burglars - in his underwear, with a shotgun

Next time, maybe some pants?

Still, West Valley City homeowner Tony Gamonal managed to foil burglars when he took out after them with a shotgun -- and wearing only his boxer shorts.

2News reports today that he surprised the burglars, then armed himself to give chase. A nearby police officer joined him, eventually capturing one of the pair, a woman. The second suspect, a man, remained at large.

Gamonal says it wasn't until the capture that he realized he was outside, in the street, in his underwear.

"I looked down and said, 'Oh man . . . here I am,'" he told 2News.

Gamonal says this is the second time robbers have targeted his home in two weeks.

The last time, the hinges were cut off his gate and up to $10,000 worth of property was stolen. The fence around his home has also been vandalized with spray-paint.

He says he's had it. And he plans to protect his home -- regardless of what he is, or is not, wearing

"If you can't be safe in your own home, where can you be?" Gamonal says. "There was no doubt; I was so mad that I would have shot them."

Texas: Austin woman shoots attacker in the face

Austin, Texas

From KXAN of July 3, 2008
Austin woman shoots attacker in the face

An Austin woman credits her handgun and her own quick thinking with saving her life after she shot a man who was trying to attack her. Leonie Burgos said the man scaled a fence outside her apartment near Barton Skyway and South Lamar.

When Burgos saw the man jump the fence, she ran inside and grabbed her .38 caliber pistol. She went back outside to see if the man had left. She said that's when he attacked her by tackling her to the ground from behind.

Bergos said she shot the man only after trying to scare him with the gun first.

"First I tried to point it up in his face so that he would see that I had a gun so he would take off running," said Burgos. "But he didn't."

Burgos said the man continued to hold her down and the two struggled. She said she pulled the trigger three times and did not know if she hit the man. He ran away before police arrived.

Thirty minutes later, a man went to the emergency room at Brackenridge Hospital with a gunshot wound to the face. Hospital personnel called police. An arrest warrant said Christopher Benavides,20, told police he intended to steal the woman's cell phone and sell it for cash before he was shot.

Benavides had two warrants out for his arrest at the time of the attack for criminal trespass and criminal mischief. He now faces a charge of robbery by assault, as well. Burgos is not facing any charges.

Tennessee: Nashville robbery ends when restaurant manager shoots suspect

Nashville, Tennessee

From WBIR of July 4, 2008
Nashville robbery ends when restaurant manager shoots suspect

Two men tried to rob an Nashville Sonic restaurant, but an assistant manager pulled out a gun and fired shots, causing the suspects to flee. Police believe that one or both of the suspects was wounded.

Metro police Capt. Michele Donegan said that at approximately 10:30 p.m. Thursday, two men, one of whom was armed with a handgun, went inside the Sonic at 1410 Robinson Road, in Old Hickory. Several employees were at the restaurant, and numerous customers were at the tables outside and at the drive-ups. The armed suspect showed the gun. The assistant manager then pulled out a gun and fired several shots, Donegan said. The two men fled out the door without firing. Police are still looking for them.

After police arrived on the scene, they followed a blood trail leading across the parking and ending at a car wash. Police think that there was probably a third person with a car that they fled in. Police searched the wooded area behind the car wash using the canine and helicopter units to be sure.

No employees or customers were hurt.

The assistant manager has a carry permit, according to police.

Police are following up on some leads in the incident, which happened in the Hermitage Precinct.

Detailed descriptions of the suspects were not available early Friday morning. "It happened very quickly ... It was extremely fast," Donegan said.

Georiga: 1 dead in botched robbery

DeKalb County, Georiga

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution of July 3, 2008
1 dead in botched robbery

A DeKalb County auto parts store employee shot and killed a would-be thief Thursday night during a botched armed robbery attempt, police said.

DeKalb County police are still looking for a second would-be robber, who fled on foot after the shooting.

Just before 10 p.m., police responded to an armed robbery and person shot report at the Auto Zone at 1805 Memorial Drive in Atlanta.

"One of the employees saw two individuals in the parking lot changing clothes and putting on masks," DeKalb Police spokesman Marcus Hodge said.

The two men entered the store with weapons drawn, but the store employee began firing a gun of his own, police said.

"He struck one of the suspects," Hodge said. "The other guy ran away on foot."

The man who was killed dropped his weapon in outside the store.

Police weren't sure if the second suspect got into a vehicle to escape.

Several customers and other employees were in the store at the time of the incident, Hodge said.

This wasn't the first robbery attempt at the store, he said.

"There have been some cases where this store has been robbed," Hodge said. "That's probably the reason the employee had a gun."

Police are still investigating the incident, and hadn't charged the employee, Hodge said.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Florida: Homeowner Shot Would-Be Robbers; 1 Dead

Hialeah, Florida

From Local10 of July 2, 2008
Homeowner Shot Would-Be Robbers; 1 Dead

A Hialeah homeowner turned the table on two would-be robbers Wednesday, leaving one of the men dead.

Hialeah police said two men attempted to force their way inside a home at 728 W. 53rd St. shortly before noon.

"The suspects who came to the home … apparently did not know that the home was occupied," said Hialeah police Detective Carl Zogby. "The victim confronted the suspects and shot both of them."

One of the men attempted to get away, but he collapsed a short distance away and died. The second man was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital's Ryder Trauma Center in critical condition.

Neither man has been identified.

Jose Hernandez was lifting weights in his back yard when he heard the gunshots.

"I heard commotion, right, and I stepped outside and I see a cop telling the owner of the house to put the gun down," said Hernandez. "Yeah, he was upset."

The homeowner, who was not immediately identified, spent several hours being interviewed by detectives before returning home Wednesday afternoon. He declined to speak with Local 10.

Police sources said they are not considering criminal charges against the homeowner, claiming he was acting in self-defense.

From Local10 of July 3, 2008
Second Intruder Shot By Homeowner Dies

The second of two intruders shot by a Hialeah homeowner during an alleged robbery attempt on Wednesday has died.

Hialeah police said two men attempted to force their way inside a home at 728 W. 53rd St. shortly before noon. That's when the homeowner allegedly confronted the men and shot them.

One of the men attempted to get away, but he collapsed a short distance away and died. The second man was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital's Ryder Trauma Center where he died on Thursday.

The identities of the alleged robbers has not been released.

No charges were filed against the homeowner.