Saturday, September 30, 2006

Los Angeles, California

From Los Angeles’ of September 30, 2006
Clerk Fatally Shoots Robber, Partner In East L.A.

A grocery store clerk fatally shot an attempted robber and critically wounded his alleged accomplice in East Los Angeles Saturday, police said.

Two gunmen tried to rob Lorena's Market at 6725 S. Broadway at about 5:30 p.m., Los Angeles police Officer Mike Lopez said. A clerk took out a gun and shot them both.

The two suspects were taken to a local hospital, where one was pronounced dead, Lopez said. The other suspect is in critical condition.
Mobile, Alabama

From of September 30, 2006
Clerk shoots would-be robber

The clerk at Tommy's Quick-Stop on Dauphin Island Parkway said he saw his store was about to be robbed Thursday night when two men, one with a pistol in his hand, unsuccessfully tried to push open a pull-only door.

Lay "Bruce" Khat, 36, said he pulled his gun from behind the counter and shot at the men, hitting one of them in the shoulder, when they walked in with a gun pointed at his head.

"Right away I knew something was wrong," Khat said. "They pushed the door instead of pulling it, and I knew something was wrong.

"They just walked in here with guns pointed, they were pointed like this," said Khat, gesturing that one of the men, arm stretched out, held the gun sideways. "I saw them when they pushed (the door), and (I) reached for my gun."

Above the handle of the door is a sign: "Pull."

Shots were exchanged, but Khat said that in the adrenaline-fueled shootout, it was unclear who fired first.

"They were aiming at my head," he said. "I felt good at the time, not nervous or anything. I couldn't take a chance, it was either him or me. So I just grabbed my gun and 'pop,'" said Khat, using his hand as a gun to demonstrate. "I think my gun jammed, that's when they got away."

After one of the robbers was shot during the 9 p.m. incident, the pair ran out of the store -- located near the intersection of Halls Mill Road and Dauphin Island Parkway -- said Officer Eric Gallichant, a police spokesman.

Khat was not injured in the shooting and is not being charged, police said, because he acted in self-defense.
Saginaw, Michigan

From the Saginaw News of September 30, 2006
Police log

A 24-year-old Saginaw man shot outside a West Side home this week will face a court date and possibly time behind bars once he emerges from the Intensive Care Unit at Covenant Medical Center.

The man suffered at least one gunshot wound on the porch of a home on Throop near North Bond in Saginaw about 12:40 a.m. Friday, Police Chief Gerald H. Cliff said.

Officials at Covenant said they could not release information about the victim's condition, but Cliff said he "will survive" the shooting.

Detectives determined the shooter, whom they declined to identify, acted in self-defense, Cliff said.
Sinking Springs, Pennsylvania

From the Reading Eagle of September 29, 2006

Couple tell of battle against coyote

“It was scary,” says a Lower Heidelberg Township man who eventually shot and killed the rabid animal.

A rabid coyote terrorized a Lower Heidelberg Township couple attacking one of their dogs and trying to break into their house before homeowner Craig S. Luckenbill killed it with a shotgun.

Luckenbill said his wife, Jenny, played a key role in the battle, trapping the coyote by slamming the front door on its neck as it snarled and tried to force its way into the house on Brownsville Road near Blue Marsh Lake.

The couple's two Labrador retrievers, Annie and Cali, both fought with the coyote, trying to protect the Luckenbills.

“It was scary,” Craig Luckenbill said Thursday about the Sept. 21 encounter.

The 40-pound male coyote was the first ever to test positive for rabies in Pennsylvania, according to the state Game Commission.


Thursday, September 28, 2006

Midland, Pennsylvania

From the Allegheny Times of September 28, 2006
82-year-old bar owner chases off robber with gun of her own

So this guy with a sawed-off shotgun walks into Josephine's Bar in Midland around 9 p.m. Thursday

But the punchline is: What the guy apparently wasn't expecting was that 82-year-old owner Josephine Slater had a gun of her own, and ordered him to beat feet out of the bar with less than $10 in hand.

To make things even worse: Slater, 82, said that about two hours later, the gunman came back to the bar to have a beer.

"I don't take anything from anybody," Slater, 82, of Ohioville, said Thursday afternoon, seemingly proud and embarrassed at the same time about all the attention she's getting. "I'm not taking anything from these druggies. I was just standing up for my rights."

Midland police apparently have a suspect in mind for the robbery, but hadn't charged anyone as of Thursday evening. Midland Police Chief Ronald Bongivengo did not return a phone message seeking additional information.

The complete story will appear in tomorrow's Times.
Lexington, North Carolina

From the Lexington Dispatch of September 28, 2006
Lexington man shoots home intruders

A Jessup Street homeowner shot two men who were trying to break into his house early this morning, Lexington police said.

Investigators say they have information that the home invasion stemmed from a previous domestic violence incident.

"It wasn't random," said Lexington Police Lt. Jon Hicks. "They knew the victim."

When the two men allegedly made entry into the home, Delaise Ander Eller went for his shotgun and fired on Shedarrius Pate, 18, of Link Circle, and Kannell Leach, 21, of Greensboro, police said.

A third suspect, Cyrus Clifford Butler, 24, of Greensboro, was waiting outside in a car.

Pate and Leach, the two men who were shot, ran out of the house and jumped into the car, and all three men sped off, police said.

"They didn't make it even two miles," Hicks said. "Officers arriving on the scene observed the car fleeing from the scene."

Butler, the driver, was arrested and charged with first-degree breaking and entering and placed in the Davidson County Detention Center under a $10,000 secured bond. He is scheduled to appear in Lexington District Court Nov. 13.

Pate and Leach were in the back of the car bleeding when police stopped it. Paramedics drove them to Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem where they were being treated for gunshot wounds to the arm, elbow and abdomen.

Warrants for breaking and entering were obtained for Pate and Leach, who are listed in fair condition at the hospital.

Police officials say the district attorney's office will now determine whether Eller shot the intruders in self-defense.
Fayette County, Pennsylvania

From the Pittsburgh Tribune Review of September 26, 2006
Woman fights off 2 masked robbers

Dan Brown said he's not too surprised his 110-pound wife, Sheri, held her own Friday when two masked men attempted to rob the family's Fayette County auto repair shop.

The couple, both in their 30s and married 17 years, opened DSB Auto Service four years ago on Three Mile Hill, Bullskin Township, not far from Mt. Pleasant.

They had no trouble with crime until Friday.

Shortly after Dan Brown left the family business at 10 a.m., his wife was confronted by two masked thieves who pulled up to the garage and demanded money.

State police at Uniontown said the victim "chased off the actors" after a brief struggle.

"There was a big guy and a small guy. She was alone when they came up to her and told her to give them all the money. She grabbed a pole we use to prop up a car hood and smacked the big one. He then hit her in the head, but she was able to get away," Brown said. "She started throwing chairs and stuff in front of her to keep them away from her while she tried to get to the office.

"She got there and pulled out the gun we keep in the drawer for protection."

As soon as the mother of two pulled out the family's .357-caliber Magnum, the thieves fled, Dan Brown said. The suspects did not display a weapon, he said.

He said he and his wife are comfortable around guns and are accomplished marksmen.

"If she would have had to shoot, she would have nailed them," he said.

Brown said the gun was kept on the premises because the business is in a remote, rural location.


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Indianapolis, Indiana

From Indianapolis’ of September 27, 2006
Attempted Jewelry Store Robbery Leaves One Suspect Dead

A robbery ended in gunfire at an east side jewelry store, in the 5400 block of East Washington. It happened around 10:30 this morning at the Rosco Jewelry Store.

In the process of the attempted robbery the owner took out a handgun and shots were exchanged. One of the suspects was hit and died at the scene. Police say the second suspect tried to escape by running upstairs in the building, but is now in police custody.

The two suspects were brothers. Two other employees were in the store at the time of the robbery and the owner is cooperating with police.

The jewelry store is located across the street from George W. Julian Elementary School, School #57. Police are searching for a bullet near the school. One of the bullets from the shooting went through the front door of the store and across the street hitting a car. Joseph Blackburn is an interpreter at the school and the owner of the car.

"I guess there was at least a dozen of them, and they brought their shotguns and they circled back and all around and they were running around and all of a sudden they stopped and one lady, one of the police lady had a shotgun and went in that door over there," said Blackburn.

He says as soon as the gunfire was exchanged the school went on lockdown and has remained on lockdown since.

Neighborhood residents say the store has been around for about 30 years and with the on-going violence on the east side, IPD Chief Spears feels enough is enough.

"Its very upsetting to us as a police department, I'm sure it's very upsetting to the community because as you noted the business right across the street is a day care center, or youth center," said Chief Spears.
From Indianapolis’ WTHR,com of September 28, 2006
Accused pawn shop robber says it wasn't his idea

Eyewitness News has learned more about what happened inside an east side jewelry store when the owner shot and killed a robbery suspect Wednesday morning. It's a harrowing story of survival, and we also hear the suspects' side of the story.

Roscoe Parmley is back in his jewelry store. He feels lucky after surviving a hold-up that ended with Parmley killing one of the two robbers.

"I was only trying to keep my brother from making a mistake," said Nicholas Artry.

That mistake put Nicholas Artry in jail and claimed the life of his 18-year-old brother Corey. Nicholas insists he didn't know about the hold-up until they got to the store. He says he then tried talking his brother out of it.

"I made the best effort that I could and he decided to go in there and at the time I'm just thinking like, I can't let my brother go in here and just die," said Artry.

Detectives say it looked as if someone would die. "basically they just stormed in," said Det. Marcus Kennedy, Indianapolis Police Department. "The one with the gun, he actually put the gun to the heads of the three people that work here."

When Corey Artry's attention turned from Parmley, "he just noticed that was his opportune moment to strike back and that's when he started firing," Kennedy said.

Nicholas Artry denies holding a knife to an employee's throat, insisting he tried to protect the worker, and when the shooting was over, hid in the suspended ceiling. He says he was glad when the police showed up "because when the police came I knew that they weren't just gonna kill me on site," he said.

The brothers were in the store the day before - Nicholas Artry says shopping, but police say they were casing it. Even knowing workers were well armed, two brothers with no criminal records investigators say went ahead with the robbery.

Meanwhile, Parmley will likely not face charges in the shooting death of Corey Artry. Police say it looks like Parmley fired in self defense.
Another article about this incident dated September 30 appears here.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Thomasville, Georgia

From Albany’s of September 25, 2006
Store owner fights back against burglar

A close call with a burglar's bullet a few months ago prepared Jimmy Washington to defend himself and his Southside Foods store in Thomasville. Over the weekend, a burglar struck again, but this time he didn't get away.

Neighbors near Southside Foods were surprised to hear its owner was bold enough to take justice in his own hands when someone broke in. "I was very much shocked to hear what happened, because I couldn't believe that he shot him, or whatever," said Neighbor Precious Smith.

Owner Jimmy Washington who spoke with us off camera said he was watching TV inside his home, which is connected to the store, around 3:00AM Sunday, when he heard a noise.

Washington called police then decided to check his store. "He actually heard something happening, like glass breaking, so he goes to investigate. He had his gun [a pistol] with him and he goes to the store," said Thomasville Police Sgt. Ricky Singletary.

It was in the tiny area near the store's front door that the intruder brushed Washington's right leg that's when he fired. "He was shot in the leg, the liver, and one of the bullets is in his lung," said Singletary.

Fifteen minutes, later police found 22-year-old Terrance Smith on a nearby porch. He's charged with burglary.

Georgia law allows you to defend your property, so Singletary said that no charges will be levied against Washington.

"He had to protect himself, this is his home, his home is part of the store so he had to do what he had to do, I mean I feel bad for him because his life was at stake," said Precious Smith.

While some have called Washington a hero, he wants no part of that. He told us he just wants to feel safe inside his home and store.

Terrance Smith remains hospitalized. He was released from jail earlier this month after serving 16 days for burglary.
KALB's title for the accompanying video: Citizen exercises gun control - Jimmy Washington hit what he aimed at: a criminal inside his property.
Shreveport, Louisiana

From Shreveport’s of September 25, 2006
Cab driver shoots would-be robber

A Shreveport teenager remains hospitalized after police say he was shot several times by a Casino Cab driver Saturday night.

"With one of them not having a mask on at all, having his face completely exposed, I felt as they were going to get my money and kill me," said the cab driver who asked not to be identified.

Detectives say the cab driver was called to the 3500 block of Ninock Street to pick up a fare. They say Arthur Joseph, 20, got into the back driver-side seat. Seconds later, another man wearing a mask over his face got into the back passanger-side seat, pointed a gun at the driver and demanded money.

The driver pulled out his handgun and opened fire. "I came up with my 9mm and started shooting. I shot him five times," he said.

The wounded would-be robber was identified as Alexander Johnson, 18. He was rushed to the hospital and is listed in good condition.

Detective Chris Yarborough says when he interviewed Johnson, the teen was awake, very coherent and very talkative. "I got a full confession from him," Yarborough said.

Police say the teens also confessed to trying to rob another cab driver earlier the same night, but that planned failed when the driver got spooked and didn't stop. An hour later, the second driver was called. "They intended on robbing someone that night. They just got into the wrong cab," the driver said.

Johnson and Joseph are both charged with armed robbery.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Inwood, New York

From New York’s of September 24, 2006
Cops: 9-Year-Old Shot In Home Robbery Attempt

A 9-year-old boy was in extremely critical condition Sunday after he was caught in a shootout during an attempted robbery on Long Island, police said.

Nassau County police said the boy and a 22-year-old man were both shot late Saturday when three would-be robbers entered a home in Inwood. The home's owner, a licensed gun owner, opened fire, and the robbers fled.

The relationship between the homeowner and the injured people was not immediately known. Police said one of the would-be robbers may have been shot.

The 9-year-old was being treated at Saint John's Episcopal Hospital in Far Rockaway. The 22-year-old's injury was not life threatening, police said.

The names of the shooting victims and the homeowner were not immediately released.
A subsequent news item reports that the boy was shot by the intruders, not the resident: Boy shot by intruders remains critical

From Long Island’s Newsday of October 4, 2006
Arrest made in home invasion shooting

Nassau County police announced today the arrest of a Brooklyn man shot in last month's botched Inwood home invasion that left a 9-year-old boy wounded.

Tyreek Williams, 21, will be arraigned today at Brooklyn's Brookdale University Hospital Medical Center, where he has been since suffering multiple gunshot wounds in the Sept. 23 attempted robbery-turned-shoot out, Det. Lt. Dennis Farrell announced at a news conference in Mineola.

Farrell, commander of Nassau's Homicide Squad, said Williams was charged with first-degree robbery, first-degree assault and criminal use of a firearm. He said he will be arraigned at the hospital and later transferred to Nassau University Medical Center in East Meadow.

Farrell declined further comment, but said investigators are following new leads on the case.

Williams, with wounds to the face, leg and hand, showed up at the hospital 45 minutes after the gunbattle at Inwood home on West End Avenue home.

Police said Williams was with two other men who exchanged gunfire with a license pistol owner who lived at the Inwood home after a robbery attempt.

Williams was shot by that resident.

A bullet from one of the intruders' gun hit John Henry Romano Jr. who was visiting a cousin at the time of the shooting. Last week, John's mother said her son has regained consciousness and started speaking with his family.

John is listed in critical but stable condition at Schneider Children's Hospital in New Hyde Park. The bullet penetrated his brain and left him partially paralyzed on his left side.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Pensacola, Florida

From the Pensacola News Journal of September 22, 2006
Store owners stand ground

Woman fires at would-be robber

Vivian Deen had never fired a gun.

But Friday morning she didn't hesitate to shoot at an armed robber threatening her husband, William.

The Deens own Magee Field Grocery, a neighborhood grocery store, at North Davis Highway and East Yonge Street and were confronted by a man who wanted their money.

William Deen, 60, was on the telephone about 10 a.m. when he said the man came in with a stocking over his face. He was dressed in black.

"He kind of eased in, and when I looked up, he said, 'This is a stickup,' " Deen said. "I thought it was some kind of joke, but then he put a gun in my face."

Deen said the man again demanded money and tried to crawl behind the counter. The two then struggled for the gun.

"All I could see was his pistol in my face, but I wasn't giving up anything," Deen said. "I work too hard for that. He was going to have to come and take it."

Deen said he didn't want his wife to get involved.

However, Vivian Deen, 45, grabbed a handgun kept behind the counter and fired at the robber's shoulder.

"I've never even fired a gun before. But when I saw the gun pointing at my husband, I didn't waste any time," she said.

She fired again but missed. The man ran from the business without getting any money. He also wore a skull cap and a zippered sweat jacket with a blue- or white-striped hood.

City police said the Deens will not be charged.

Although it is self-defense, Assistant Chief Chip Simmons said the Pensacola Police Department does not encourage this type of behavior.

"We certainly don't want everyone to be drawing weapons," Simmons said. "However, if someone is inclined to rob a store or an individual, they should be cognizant that that person may be armed."

The Deens say they will continue to keep a gun at their store for protection.

"It just makes me sick to my stomach that a person would kill you for a dollar," Vivian Deen said. "We know most everyone who comes in here. You think they're nice, but you just never know."

Friday, September 22, 2006

Austin, Minnesota

From Austin‘s of September 22, 2006
Charges dropped against Lutzi

Olmsted County Attorney Ray Schmitz is dropping attempted 2nd degree murder charges in the case against 20-year-old Jade Allen Lutzi.

Police say Jade Lutzi allegedly shot his roommate Joshua Krukow and another man, Carl Sanford, after hearing about a noise violation at his apartment.

Until recently, police had not been able to interview the victims.

Once they had, Schmitz says he believes Lutzi was actually shooting in self-defense after he was assaulted by one of the men.

The man says he assaulted Lutzi, then forced his way into a bedroom where Lutzi was hiding with the intention of continuing the assault.

Lutzi fired the shots as the man entered the room.

Lutzi was released from custody earlier this week.
Wichita Falls, Texas

From the Wichita Falls Times Record News of September 22, 2006
Fighting back

Woman defends herself from attack with gun

A 38-year-old woman staying at the Homewood Suites in Wichita Falls turned the tables Tuesday night on a potential attacker in the parking lot.

The woman's father said she pulled her .380 automatic pistol on the man, who came up behind her as she was getting sinus medicine from her van about 9 p.m.

He gave the following information about the incident:

The man asked her, "Do you have anything good in that van?"

The woman knew she was in trouble. She told him yes and moved to the front passenger-side door.

She pulled out her pistol and heard a knife click open.

When she looked back, she saw the man was holding a knife pointed downward in his hand.

She quickly turned, pointed the gun right at him and asked, "Are you really sure you want to do whatever you're going to do?"

He took off running, the father said.

The woman immediately went back inside the hotel, alerted the staff, and they called police.

Her father said she was calm at the time, going into "auto-pilot" and remembering everything she had learned in the classes she took to get her gun permit, he said.

"Of course, three hours later she was a basket case," he said. "She felt violated and real anxious."

This wasn't the first time the woman had faced a trying situation.

Her father said her fiance was involved in a shootout in Houston, which made her realize she needed to take precautions herself.

(More background)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Atlanta, Georgia

From Atlanta’s of September 21, 2006
Woman Found Not Guilty Of Killing Her Brother

A woman who had been accused of killing her brother has been found not guilty on all counts.

Jurors deliberated again today after staying late last night trying to decide if Deborah Joyce was guilty or if it was a case of self-defense.

Joyce says she killed her brother, Anthony Scofield, as he came at her with a hammer in May of 2003.

Her attorneys say she was battered and suffering from post-traumatic stress.

Prosecutors say she was trying to gain control of the family's estate and had grown tired of his demands when she shot him 8 times.

Joyce's younger brother, Charles Scofield, testified against her in the trial. He says their brother was mentally ill, but not dangerous.
Durant, Oklahoma

From the Durant Democrat of September 21, 2006
Shooting leaves two injured

Two were injured when an ex-husband drove his truck through a metal gate and peppered his ex-wife's mobile home with .22-caliber slugs, according to Durant Police.

Durant Police Chief Gary Rudick, who was at the scene, said that Travis Wigington, 47, drove through the gate of property located at 2909 Cemetery Road, pulled out a .22-caliber rifle, and began firing at a travel trailer occupied by Carol Annette Johnson, 45, and her 6-year-old daughter.

According to police, Johnson yelled at Wigington to stop shooting and that the child was inside. Rudick said Johnson returned fire with a handgun.

The incident was heard by a police dispatcher when Johnson called at 5:05.

“She called us and said, ‘He's shooting at us,' and finally, she said, ‘I shot him,'” Rudick said.

Johnson was hit in the right shoulder, and Wigington was shot in the groin area. Both were taken to the Medical Center of Southeastern Oklahoma where they are listed in stable condition, according to a hospital spokesperson.

(More detail)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Oakland Park, Florida

From the September 20, 2006 Miami Herald:
A man shot and killed an intruder who was breaking into his parents' townhouse in Oakland Park, according to the Broward Sheriff's Office.

The intruder has not been identified, but is believed to be a teenager.

Richard McKinley, 27, was sleeping in his parents townhouse at 3259 NW 44th St. around 11:54 a.m. when he was awakened by a noise, according to BSO.

McKinley noticed that an intruder was in the house, and shot him.

Deputies are investigating, and have set up a perimeter search for two possible accomplices to the home invasion.

Less than two hours after the shooting, Paul and Victoria McKinley returned to their pink townhouse in the Montage by the Lake complex to find swarms of police and TV reporters.

The couple said their son was ``doing fine.''

Family members of the dead intruder were also at the scene.
Oakland, California

From of September 20, 2006
Clerk draws gun, foils robbery

A man who tried to rob a Dimond district liquor store at gunpoint but was foiled by a pistol-packing clerk is being sought by police.

Robbery investigators Tuesday released surveillance pictures of the man and announced an award to help identify him.

Police Sgt. Kevin Johnson said the man walked into a liquor store in the 2800 block of MacArthur Boulevard about 10:30 a.m. Aug. 18 and asked to purchase some liquor.

He then pulled a gun and demanded money from the clerk, whose name was not released. Instead of money, the clerk produced his own gun and pointed it at the robber, who fled the store with no loot or liquor, Johnson said.

The suspect is described as a black man in his 30s, about 5 feet 5 and 170 pounds with a light complexion and thin goatee. He was wearing a dark hooded sweat shirt.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Beaumont, Texas

From Beaumont’s of September 16, 2006
Home invasion leads to one death

Beaumont Police officers responded to the 6000 block of Major Dr. Sept. 15 at approximately 8:37 p.m. on reports of a home invasion. Once officers arrived at the scene, the alleged perpetrators had already been apprehended … by the victim.

According to the victim, he was in his residence when he heard a knock at the door. When the door was opened, two Hispanic men allegedly forced their way into the home, brandishing knives.

The victim stated that, at that time, the two suspects demanded money. The victim went to the bedroom, followed by one of the suspects, and retrieved some money from the bedside table. The suspect did not notice the handgun belonging to the victim that was also in the bedside table, but the victim did. The suspect then, according to the victim, turned to rummage through the closet, presumably searching for more money.

The victim stated that he ordered the suspect to drop his knife. The second suspect entered the bedroom but would not drop his weapon. The victim fired three shots at the second suspect, wounding him in the left arm, the left leg and the left side. During the commotion, the first suspect retrieved his knife. The victim fired one round at the first suspect, wounding him in the left side of his chest.

Responding officers called EMS to transport the suspects to Christus St. Elizabeth Hospital. The suspect who received injuries to the chest received emergency treatment for his injuries but died a short time after arriving at the hospital. The status of the second suspect is unverified.
Andrews, South Carolina

From of September 16, 2006
Man ambushed burglars, shot one

A Georgetown County man interrupted two burglars at his daughter's Andrews home, shot one of the men inside the home and held the other at gunpoint until police arrived, the Georgetown County Sheriff's Office said.

The men, Ronald Chandler, 34, and Mark Kelvin Jayroe, 45, both of Andrews, are being held at the Georgetown County Detention Center on charges of first-degree burglary, according to a news release. Chandler was shot in the chest and was treated and released from Georgetown Memorial Hospital.

The charges against the men stem from an incident just before 8 p.m. Thursday in the 500 block of Persimmon Avenue in Andrews, the release said. When deputies arrived they found Donald Stewart holding Jayroe at gunpoint in the front yard.

After they took Jayroe into custody, Stewart said he shot another suspect, who ran away.

The incident began when Stewart's daughter left him at her home at 3:30 p.m. because someone had burglarized it twice before during the week, the release said. Stewart told police he felt the burglars would be back so he hid under a blanket in the home and waited.

Stewart said two men came to the house and began taking a dresser from the home when he surprised them inside the house, the release said.

The men dropped the dresser and Stewart shot one in the chest before they ran from the home, the release said.

One of the men came back to the house to get the truck the men had left parked there and Stewart confronted him and held him on the ground until deputies arrived, the release said.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Albany, Georgia

From Albany’s of September 14, 2006
Gun-toting citizen foils robbery, leads APD to arrest

A bystander broke up a Northwest Albany armed robbery he witnessed by firing two gunshots in the air. He then followed the armed robbers as they fled, and alerted police who arrested the three gunmen.

Now, the man who stopped the robbers and their victims are too scared to talk to us on camera, afraid the young crooks will come after them.

Just before 11:00 Wednesday night two gunmen jumped a man and a woman in the back parking lot as they left Mama Gina's Restaurant on North Slappey.

The male victim, Michael, is afraid to show his face on camera, worried the robbers will come after him again. "He had a red bandana on, waving a gun all around, threatened to shoot us if we didn't give them the money."

Marcus saw the robbery happening, and decided to help. He is too afraid to give his name or talk to us, but when he saw the robber's guns, he went to get his. Mama Gina's owner Vinny Mannino said, "The guy go in his car and get his gun. He shoot one shot in the air to scare the guys, they run away. He shot another shot in the air to make them stop, but they keep running."

The two robbers jumped into a car and fled down Tenth Avenue. Marcus followed in his car, letting police know what was going on. Mannino said "He call 911, from the car. He was communicating with 911."

The robbers threw their guns and the victim's wallet and purse out the window as they drove North on Slappey, and then onto the bypass, where Police stopped them.

Charged with armed robbery are 19-year-old Dejean Thomas and two 16-year-old juveniles.

Marcus told us that he just wanted to help, that's why he rushed the armed robbers. Mannino said, "I think we need more people like him, help each other."

Michael said there is no doubt Marcus is a hero. "He's a pretty good guy. It's great somebody around here wants to help, and get involved."

But Marcus and Michael admit they are both still scared, worried that the robbers or their friends will seek revenge. Marcus said the Police took his .357 Magnum as evidence after the robbery, but they assured him he would get it back soon.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

James City County, Virginia

From the Hampton Roads Daily Press of September 14, 2006
Suspects flee robbery attempt in JCC

A robbery attempt this morning at ABM Fashion Beauty was foiled when an employee of the store pulled out a handgun and fired several shots at the perpetrators, police said.

No one was hurt in the incident, and the two robbery suspects fled on foot, James City Police spokesman Mike Spearman said.

The incident occurred at 10:20 a.m. Thursday in the Windy Hill Shops, 8900 block of Pocahontas Trial in the lower Grove area of the county, Spearman said. The two male suspects entered the store, brandished a handgun and demanded money. Detailed descriptions of the men were unavailable.

Police are investigating.
Little Rock, Arkansas

From Little Rock’s of September 14, 2006
Concealed Weapons Discussed After Shooting

A shooting Wednesday night is raising new interest and concerns over concealed weapons permits.

Little Rock police say 56 year old Samuel Mitchell shot and killed a man who was pointing a gun at him and demanding his truck. It happened at a church parking lot. Mitchell had a concealed weapons permit.

KARN talk show host Dave Elswick says received (sic) a permit 3 months ago, “Police can only be a few places at one time. They normally solve crime. They don’t follow me around daily. I think it’s my responsibility to protect myself and family.”

But Lt. Terry Hastings with the Little Rock police department warns not all incidents turn out like the one Wednesday night, “This is not the old west where we have quick draws. Most of the time if a person is standing there pointing a gun at you the chances of getting your weapons out successfully are difficult.”

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Copiah County, Mississippi

From Jackson’s of September 12, 2006
Victim: "It was either me or him"

The woman who fought back during a carjacking believes her safety may still be at risk. This weekend the Copiah County woman shot and killed the man she said was trying to steal her car and possibly kill her.

It happened around 11:30pm Saturday outside a pool hall on Highway 51 in Copiah County.

Kennya Johnson is still shaken up. Saturday night she was leaving the pool hall in Copiah County when a man approached her, asked for directions, then pulled out a gun.

"I reached over to shut my door from my left, and he had a gun in my face, a silver gun in my face," said Johnson. "He told me to get out. I threw my hands up, and asked him what he wanted and he said, ‘I want to have this car."

Johnson says she offered to give the man her car, but as friends passed by, her attacker told her not to speak out. The gun was still at her chest. Johnson feared for the worst.

"I'm begging him and telling him that I have got kids," said Johnson. "He said, ‘b***h do I look like I have got a heart.' So I knew it was serious at this time."

Luckily, her attacker, Vincent Fleming, 19, of Jackson, got confused. He misheard Johnson and assumed she had a child in the back seat. He allowed her to remove the baby, but she took that opportunity to get her handgun. She reached inside grabbed the gun and shot once. Fleming fell to the ground

"At that time he came up with the gun pointed at me. So I just started back shooting because it was either me or him," said Johnson.

She shot the 19-year-old at about five times. She said three other men picked the teen up off the ground and drove away. He later died at the hospital.

But Johnson still fears retaliation. Johnson said she was told by investigators that one of those three men turned himself in on Sunday. She said he provided investigators with valuable information but was never arrested.

"So that means that there are three guys out there that know me, and I don't know them. Evidently the Sheriff's department is not concerned about my safety," said Johnson.

Johnson believes her 1992 Buick was not what her attacker really wanted. She said he mentioned how much he liked her 22-inch rims.

Copiah County Sheriff Harold Jones would not address Kennya Johnson's concerns today. He says the investigation is still ongoing.
Rockford, Illinois

From the Rockford Register Star of September 13, 2006
Man shot, killed during home invasion

Police say a man in his early 20s was shot once in the chest and killed Tuesday night after he allegedly broke into a home in the 1800 block of North Church Street.

The man was taken to a Rockford hospital, where he was pronounced dead, police said.

Witnesses reported hearing three shots before squad cars descended on the neighborhood around 10 p.m. The shooting took place at 9:51 p.m., police said.

Several people were taken into custody, apparent witnesses to the crime, officers at the scene said. Police had not yet decided whether charges will be filed in the case.

No other injuries were reported.
Columbus, Georgia

From the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer of September 13, 2006
Clerk's question foils one robber

Columbus police are investigating an attempted armed robbery …which occurred Monday night … said Columbus Police Lt. Mark D. Starling.

(It) took place at the Corner Cupboard Chevron, 3857 Milgen Road, Starling said. A man entered the convenience store around 8:40 p.m., pointed a handgun at the clerk and handed him a brown plastic bag in which to put the cash he was demanding. The clerk, Rick Lodhi, refused to comply with the gunman instead saying, "Are you crazy? The police are on the way. You should go. I'm going to get my gun. I have you on video," Starling said.

The would-be robber turned and ran from the store without taking anything, Starling said. He was last seen getting into a black, two-door vehicle occupied by another man, Starling said.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

From the of September 12, 2006
Man Shoots Teens Trying To Rob His Store

18-Year-Old Killed

Police said a storeowner shot and killed one of two teenagers he said was trying to rob his Milwaukee store.

Singh and his wife, Devinder Singh live above the store at 31st Street and Glendale Avenue.

They said they heard noises around 1:30 a.m. Monday.

Police said the 51-year-old took his gun, went downstairs and shot at the two teenagers, ages 17 and 18.

The 18-year-old later died.

Singh was taken into police custody, but was later released.

Monday, his wife defended his actions.

"In this United States, we have the right to live our life, and we are not criminal. We are working 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. My husband he drives a semi. He works more than me. So we have the right, and we have the right to kill if someone comes on my property like that," Devinder Singh said.

Singh is scheduled to meet with the district attorney Thursday to determine whether the shooting was justified.

Monday, September 11, 2006

San Antonio, Texas

From the of September 10, 2006
Man with AK-47 helps thwart robbery

When Arthur Winters saw two armed robbers terrorizing his neighborhood, he did the only thing he could think of: He asked his wife to bring him his AK-47.

"I had to get it to protect my family and the neighbors and all that," Winters said.

It was part of a series of events, including a fistfight, rock-throwing and haphazard gunshots, that hammered the plans of two robbery suspects Saturday afternoon, leaving one shot and the other stuck in the mud.

Both men faced aggravated robbery charges.

A police report told the tale:

The suspects pulled up in a Ford F-150 and approached Cesar Arellano, busy installing a roof on a home under construction near Barton Court and Hughes Avenue.

Formalities were brief. One of the suspects suddenly put Arellano in a chokehold, and the other pulled out a gun. They demanded money and his rings.

Arellano grabbed the gun. The struggle began.

Arellano's brother, also on site, saw the robbery. He charged and punched one of the intruders.

Amid the mayhem, the handgun went off, and a stray bullet struck one of the suspects.

The brothers managed to break free and run to Winters' house for help.

The wounded suspect bolted for Arellano's vehicle. The other ran for his own pickup.

Neither got too far.

Police later traced the wounded suspect to a location a little more than 2 miles away. He was taken to Wilford Hall Medical Center.

The other suspect's getaway pickup had become stuck in a ditch and then between a curb and a log.

Then it got worse for him. Arellano and his brother started to hurl rocks at the pickup and broke a window. The suspect bailed out, briefly pointed a gun at the brothers and then ran through an open field.

Enter Winters.

He followed through the field, toting the military weapon at his side. When he fired a few rounds at the ground and the suspect kept going, Winters fired some more.

"Then he stopped, completely stopped," Winters said. "I ran up to him, and he just told me not to kill him."

Winters, along with Arellano and his brother, held the suspect until police arrived. The neighborhood was again safe.

"It was a robbery that just went wrong," Winters said.

Saturday, September 9, 2006

Beaumont, Texas

From the Beaumont Examiner of September 9, 2006
Burglary suspect escapes, but resident put up fight

At 5:30 a.m. Sept. 9, Beaumont Police responded to a burglary call at a residence in the 6200 block of Yaupon Street. Upon arrival, officers noticed the house appeared to have been hit by gunfire.

According to the victim, he awoke after hearing a noise in his home. He grabbed his gun, investigated further and found an intruder in the house. When the suspect saw the victim, he ran. The victim then fired three shots in the house at the suspect.

He missed. The suspect ran out of the house and got into a green Ford. The resident said he fired several more shots at that time, attempting to shoot out the tires. He missed. The suspect got away. The victim suffered gunshot damage to the home and the burglar got away with a purse from the residence.

Friday, September 8, 2006

Dallas, Texas

From the Dallas News of September 8, 2006
Police ID suspect fatally shot during burglary

Authorities on Wednesday identified a burglary suspect who was fatally shot the day before by a tire shop owner as Wilfredo Muro, 21, of Garland.

About 8 p.m. Tuesday, the owner of Longhorn Tire & Wheel at 10801 Ferguson Road at Shiloh Road shot Mr. Muro while checking out a tripped burglar alarm at the shop, police said.

Mr. Muro died in Baylor University Medical Center's emergency room. Authorities plan to refer the case to a grand jury to determine if the shooting was justified. Police said the shop had been burglarized several times in the past, but it's unclear whether Mr. Muro was a suspect in those cases.

Records show that Mr. Muro has a previous arrest on a charge of misdemeanor theft.
New York, New York

From Phoenix, Arizona’s of September 8, 2006
Ailing woman in scooter shoots would-be robber

The man picked the wrong person to rob -- an ailing Harlem woman on a motorized scooter who pulled out a .357-cal. handgun and shot him in front of stunned passersby in broad daylight Friday, police said.

Margaret Johnson, a 57-year-old licensed gun owner, was looking to fire her weapon, but it was supposed to be at a firing range, police said.

She left her home with plans to go to the range. Instead, she was confronted from behind by Deron Johnson, no relation, police said.

The 45-year-old ex-convict grabbed at the chain around the victim's neck, and snatched it from her, police said.

But Margaret Johnson put up quite a struggle, police said, and was able to fire once from her handgun, striking the suspect in the left elbow.

The suspect ran off, but was grabbed nearby by police and arrested. He was taken to Harlem Hospital Center in stable condition. Charges were pending.

Margaret Johnson was questioned by detectives but will not be charged.

"She was defending herself," a police source said.

The suspect has nine previous arrests, police said. State records show he served eight years in prison for a drug conviction and was released in February 2003.
Thorndale, Texas

From the Cameron Herald of September 8, 2006
Thorndale Resident Charged In Early Morning Burglary Attempt

The Milam County Sheriff's Office responded to an early morning call in progress at 4325 CR 443, at 12:32 a.m. this morning.

Vincent Llanas, 24, of Thorndale reported that there was a male at the door attempting to gain entry into his home. Deputy Russell Abel, Deputy Ken Johnson and Thorndale police officer Wade Boedeker responded to the call.

Llanas advised the Sheriff's dispatcher on 911 that he was inside with his wife and three small children. During the conversation, Llanas reported that the male had broken out a window on the front door, and reached inside and was unlocking the door to gain entry into the home.

It was at this point that Llanas discharged one round from a .12 gauge shotgun at the door from inside his residence. The debris from the blast injured the suspects face and chest.

The suspect, identified as Joel Warren Simank, 30, of Thorndale, then fled the scene in a vehicle. He was stopped near Turkey Creek by Thorndale police officer Wade Boedeker and taken into custody. Simank was then transported by Thorndale EMS to John's Community Hospital where he was treated and released to the custody of Deputy Russell Abel.

Another suspect with Simank at the time of the incident, Dale Ray Lerche, 26, of Lexington was found later in the morning walking back to Thorndale in the 600 Blk. of North 3rd St. He was taken into custody by Investigator Greg Kouba and Deputy Ken Johnson for public intoxication. Charges against him, in relation to this incident are not expected at this time.

Simank was transported to the Milam County Jail where he remains, charged with burglary of a habitation with intent to commit a felony. Bond will be set later this morning.

The case is being investigated by Deputy Abel and Sheriff's investigator Greg Kouba. No charges were filed against Llanas at this time, and the case is now being forwarded to the Milam Country District Attorney Kerry Spears for review.
Hopkins, South Carolina

From September 8, 2006 WLTX-TV channel 19:
(Richland County) - Richland County deputies are investigating a case where a homeowner was shot by robbers, but not before he also injured one of them.

Officers say the incident began around 2:45 Friday morning at a home on Dry Branch Way in Hopkins. Investigators say the homeowner heard a noise outside and decided to see what it was. According to reports, he found two men trying to break into his car.

Detectives say the homeowner ran back inside, and the two suspects followed him. The homeowner and one of the suspects then shot at each other, leaving both of them wounded. The second suspect ran from the home.

Officers say both the homeowner and the injured suspect, 21-year-old Gregory Weaver, are recovering in the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. The second suspect, 25-year-old Donald Richardson, was arrested by deputies later following a short chase on Bluff Road.

Deputies say they'll charge both Weaver and Richardson with assault and battery with intent to kill and auto tampering. Richardson will also face a stolen vehicle charge.

Gainesville, Florida

From the University of Florida’s of September 8, 2006
Attack leads to gunfire

Two SFCC students were attacked outside their southwest Gainesville apartment early Thursday morning, according to a police report.

One student, Clinton Howard, used a .45 handgun to thwart the two attackers, shooting one in the chest.

Two men were charged with burglary and battery, and one was taken to the hospital after receiving "nonlife-threatening injuries," according to the report.

Colin Douglas Williams Jr., who lives in Alachua, was arrested not far from the crime scene, near the intersection of Southwest 13th Street and Southwest 16th Avenue, at 9:14 a.m.

Patrick Jensen Fort, who was shot in the attack, was also arrested.

(More detail)
San Antonio, Texas

From the of September 8, 2006
East Side resident kills home intruder

A man was shot and killed Thursday after an East Side homeowner awoke to noise by his front door and found the man inside his house, opening the door for another person, police said.

The homeowner had just hours earlier returned to his house on the 800 block of North Pine Street after a trip to the Hill Country.

His house had been burglarized earlier that day, Sgt. Dave Berrigan said. He was with his wife in their bedroom, their 1-year-old son in another room, when around 10:30 p.m. he heard a scuffle and grabbed the shotgun lying next to his bed, Berrigan said.

The homeowner saw the man in his hallway and shot at him twice.

The man ran outside and collapsed a few houses down. He was taken to Brooke Army Medical Center, where he later died.

Police detained several people, including some witnesses and two men who may have been involved in the burglary attempt.

The homeowner will likely not face charges, Berrigan said, adding, "He was protecting his property and his family. What are you going to do?"

Thursday, September 7, 2006

Sugarland, Texas

From Houston’s of September 7, 2006
Woman kills dog to stop attack

A Sugar Land woman had to kill a neighbor's dog when the animal attacked her and her dog.

Lou May was walking her Highland terrier on Jo Ann Street near Vinehill when a neighbor's Staffordshire terrier broke from its leash and went after them. She ran back to the house, but the dog kept coming. May grabbed her .38 caliber snub-nose pistol and shot the dog in the head right inside her own front door.

"It had run up all the way back up here," said May, referring to her front door. "I was getting right here and I was trying to stop it right there. And it got in my house and when I was trying to stop it here, that's when I went to get my gun. That's all I could do. I couldn't make him quit."

May was treated on the scene for her injuries by paramedics. She took her dog, named McDuff, to an animal ER for the bites on his ear and neck. May says the neighbor's dog had never been a problem before. In fact, she's petted the animal several times. Her neighbor understands she had to kill the dog to protect herself.
Kansas City, Missouri

From Kansas City’s of September 6, 2006
Man in critical condition after double shooting

One man is fighting for his life after being shot in the chest early Wednesday morning in Kansas City, Mo.

The other shooter, Mike Jones, was shot in the arm during the shootout that sent him to the hospital as well.

He spoke to NBC Action News as he was returning home from the hospital and said he fired his gun in self-defense.

"I guess somebody tried to carjack me and shot through the window and I shot him, that's it," Jones said.

Reports indicate that one man came up from behind a van and went right up to his red Chevy Caprice. Shortly after, multiple shots rang out.

Police say Jones was parked on Lydia Avenue with his girl friend, but they are still investigating which man pulled the trigger first.

"Well, we're really not sure at this point in time," said Capt. Jeff Emery. "We're still in the preliminary stages of the investigation, getting some information from the people in the neighborhood."

Jones maintained he had never seen the other man before.

"It a crazy world , I guess," He said. "I don't even know what to think about it, this all over a little car."

Police are still investigating the motive in the case and they are waiting to talk to the other shooter.
From of September 6, 2006
2 Injured In Gun Battle At 54th, Lydia.

Police are investigating what prompted a shootout that injured two men early Wednesday morning.

Investigators told KMBC that a man used a gun to smash the window of a car at 54th Street and Lydia Avenue and began firing at a couple inside.

Police said the man in the car pulled out a gun of his own and fired back. The woman passenger got out of the car and kept low to the ground. She was not hurt.

The man in the car was wounded in the arm. The attacker was hit in the chest and is in critical condition, KMBC reported.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Smyrna, Georgia

From September 6, 2006 WXIA-TV channel 11:
Cobb County SWAT officers shot and killed a robbery and carjacking suspect early Tuesday evening, after a four-hour-long standoff with the suspect as he sat in someone’s back yard in Smyrna.


After the suspect allegedly tried to rob the person at the Publix shopping center, at South Cobb Drive and East-West Connector, police say he tried to carjack a man in a car with two children inside.

Police say the man in the car fired at the suspect, forcing him to run off, with police in hot pursuit.
Kokomo, Indiana

From South Bend’s of September 6, 2006
Man Fatally Shot Teen During Apparent Robbery

Police say a Kokomo man who answered his door after midnight found two would-be armed robbers on his porch. But he was armed, too.

Police say one teenager is dead and another teen faces surgery after 61-year-old Michael Slonaker shot both suspects.

The shooting occurred about 12:30am Wednesday. Police found 16-year-old Nathan Smith shot in the chest at the scene, where he was pronounced dead. His alleged accomplice, 17-year-old Justin Smith, went to the hospital with a wounded knee. He was being taken to Indianapolis for surgery.

Slonaker told police he found two white males with a shotgun and a baseball bat waiting when he answered his door. Police say he fired two shots.

Police say Slonaker is licensed to carry a firearm, but he doesn’t need a permit to have one in his home
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

From of September 6, 2006
Robbery leaves 1 dead, another wounded

A shooting in Myrtle Beach killed one man and sent another to the hospital, a Myrtle Beach Police incident report shows.

John Graham Jr., 19, of Myrtle Beach died after the shooting Monday on the sidewalk in front of 1304 Dunbar St., said Horry County Deputy Coroner Tamara Willard. An autopsy was performed Monday, but the results have not been released, Willard said.

Myrtle Beach police responded to the report of a robbery and shooting at 1 a.m.

A Myrtle Beach man at the scene told police that two men had robbed him and that one of the men then shot him in the left thigh and left big toe with a handgun, the report states.

The victim told police he then pulled out his handgun and shot one of the men, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

The victim, whose name has not been released, was transported to Grand Strand Regional Medical Center, according to the report.

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Indianapolis, Indiana

From the Indianapolis Star of September 5, 2006
Indianapolis records 100th homicide

Indianapolis police are investigating the shooting death this morning of a 38-year-old man on the Northeastside.

The death marks the county’s 100th homicide of 2006.Gary Branch was shot to death by his live-in girlfriend at a home in the 6600 block of Meadowlark Drive shortly after 6 a.m., Detective Michael Mitchell said.

Branch’s girlfriend, Jeowanda Hayes, 43, dialed 911 and waited for police. She told police she was acting in self-defense, Mitchell said.

“There was an argument for several hours inside the house. It had gotten to the point where he reached for a handgun,” Mitchell said. “She was in fear of her life. She reached for her handgun and shot him.”

Hayes told police she had been the victim of domestic violence, but there are no reports of previous incidents. Mitchell said several other people came forward to tell police the couple had a history of violence.

Hayes was not arrested. Police forwarded their evidence to the Marion County prosecutor’s office for review.
From the Indianapolis Star of September 22, 2006
Prosecutors reject woman's self-defense claim

Marion County prosecutors say a shooting that initially appeared to be self-defense was actually intentional.

Geowanda Hayes is scheduled to appear for an initial hearing on a murder charge today in Marion Superior Court.

Hayes, 42, is accused of gunning down her boyfriend, Gary Branch, on Sept. 5. She claimed self-defense, but prosecutors do not believe her.

Hayes, according to court documents, shot Branch, 38, two times in the back as he was trying to open the garage door and escape.

Hayes told police she had been a victim of ongoing abuse and she lived in fear of Branch. She and Branch both carry handguns, according to records. Hayes told investigators Branch was going to shoot her and was reaching for his gun -- stashed under a pillow -- when she shot him first.

Hayes said she was still in fear when Branch ran past her into the garage. She admitted shooting him twice in the back while he was lifting the garage door, according to records.

Branch opened the door, ran into the street and collapsed.

Police previously responded to reports of Branch's violent behavior, but he had never been arrested on a domestic battery charge.
Fort Worth, Texas

From the Fort Worth Star-Telegram of September 5, 2006
Intruder shot with own handgun

An apparent burglary attempt at an east Fort Worth apartment turned violent Monday when a man who lives in the apartment shot at the intruder as many as nine times with the intruder's gun, police said.

Despite being shot, the intruder walked out and either drove away or was driven away by an accomplice, said Fort Worth Police Lt. Gene Jones.

Jones said a man with gunshot wounds checked into Harris Methodist Fort Worth hospital later that afternoon, but police had not said late Monday whether he is a suspect.

A Harris spokeswoman declined to confirm that a gunshot victim had checked into the hospital Monday without knowing the patient's name.

The 37-year-old apartment resident, whom police described as being justified in using deadly force to protect his home, was not harmed.

Jones said the resident, who has not been identified, heard someone open the back patio door of his first-floor apartment, in the 3800 block of Great Oak Road south of Euless, around 3:30 p.m. When he went to investigate, he saw a 9 mm handgun on the sofa. Concerned, he picked up the gun and began to walk through the apartment when he came face to face with a man in a back bedroom, Jones said.

Jones said the resident told police that the intruder appeared to reach for a gun, so he fired nine shots at him. Jones said the resident then ran to another room and called 911, Jones said. As he was calling, Jones said, the injured man called out for help. When the resident walked out of the room, however, the intruder was gone.

When police arrived, they followed a blood trail that ended in the parking lot, which is why they believe the injured man drove away.
Taylorsville, Utah

From Salt Lake City’s of September 4, 2006
Taylorsville man shot in self-defense, prosecutors say

He called it self-defense and prosecutors agreed with him. Two weeks ago, Ryan McManigal fired at alleged intruders at his home.

He went outside in pursuit and fired more shots. Three stray bullets went into the homes of neighbors. "I did what I had to do man, got to protect your house," McManigal told ABC4 News. "They were going to try and kill me."

This week the Salt Lake District Attorney determined that McManigal was justified in protecting himself.

McManigal said the intruders were one time friends. He said one of the men, Randy Harvey got into a fight and nearly broke the jaw of his room mate. He said Harvey left but returned with two more men. He claimed Harvey tried to break down his door.

So he fired warning shots. Then he fired at Harvey, hitting him in the ankle. He also shot at Ricky Archuleta, hitting him in the back of the leg. "I was aiming at the legs I didn't want to kill them," McManigal said. "Once I felt they were going to attack me I just shot at them."

At the time, James Doan was watering his lawn. One of the bullets hit his fence. Another bullet flew by him, missing him by inches. Doan's upset the man who nearly shot him wasn't charged. "Very upset because we're talking about life here," said James Doan.

And other neighbors who didn't want to appear on camera are also angry that McManigal isn't being charged. "I don't think any kind of violence is good especially to go out on the streets especially with people around," Doan said.

McManigal said he never aimed for his neighbors and that the bullet must have bounced off the sidewalk. "It was from a reflection off the driveway," he said. "It wasn't like I was shooting in the air shooting at the house, I feel bad for that."

Prosecutors did file charges against Harvey and Archuleta for burglary and assault.
Albuquerque, New Mexico

From Albuquerque’s of September 4, 2006
Assault suspect shot dead

An Albuquerque man allegedly being beaten by four teen-agers picked up a pistol they dropped and killed one of his attackers, according to the Albuquerque Police Department.

Gabriel Contreras was questioned and released by police who said he apparently acted in self-defense. APD identified the dead man as Javier Torres.

Three teens ages 15 to 17, suspected of being Torres’ accomplices in the beating, were arrested and charged with kidnapping and aggravated battery.

Officers dispatched to 920 Continental SE shortly before 10 p.m. Sunday found a man shot in the chest and lying in the courtyard of the Warren Continental apartments.

Homicide detectives questioned numerous witnesses and pieced together a story of the four young men going to Contreras’ home intent on beating him up. When he refused to come out, they dragged him and his girlfriend into the courtyard and began beating him, witnesses told investigators.

During the altercation, one of the teens dropped a handgun which Contreras picked up and used to kill Torres. What police don’t yet know is why the four young men targeted Contreras in the first place.

Monday, September 4, 2006

Columbia, South Carolina

From Columbia’s of September 4, 2006
Home Invasion Suspect Shot by Homeowner

Deputies say a man tried to break-in to a Columbia home, when he was shot by the homeowner.

The Richland County Sheriff's Department says 49-year-old Lloyd Graham tried to break into the home on New Way Road in Columbia around 12:30 Monday morning.

Investigators say the homeowner responded to the break-in by shooting the perpetrator.

Police say Graham was shot in the leg and was treated at Palmetto Richland. He is expected to be okay.

Authorities say Graham will be charged when he is released from the hospital.
Seguin, Texas

From the Seguin Gazette-Enterprise of September 4, 2006
Homeowner shoots, kills burglar

As most families were sleeping soundly early Labor Day morning, a local homeowner shot and killed a man who smashed through the back door of his home.

“The homeowners, who were asleep, awoke to a living nightmare,” said Seguin Police Department public information officer Aaron Seidenberger. “A person had broken into their home, and now they were violently struggling to get the suspect to leave.”

After breaking into the home at 798 Renee St. at 5:20 a.m., the man made his way down the hallway to the homeowners’ bedroom, where the husband and wife awoke. The male homeowner physically struggled with the burglar, who had armed himself with a wooden club-like object he found inside the home, police said.

The homeowner retrieved a gun from his bedroom and yelled for the man to leave. When the burglar charged, the homeowner shot the man at least once in the upper torso with a .40 caliber handgun, said Police Chief Luis Collazo.

“He shot from 10 feet or less,” Collazo said. “It’s point and shoot.”

The man staggered out the back door and fell to the ground. He was pronounced dead at the scene by Justice of the Peace Darrell Hunter.

Though the homeowner is undoubtedly dealing with the psychological impact of his decision, Seidenberger likened the incident to an officer having to shoot a suspect in self-defense.

“He has to look at it [from the viewpoint of] ‘If I had not done what I did to protect myself and my wife, then I might not be here.’“

The homeowners were not visibly injured in the incident, said Lt. Mike Watts. No charges will be filed against the homeowner, Collazo said.
From the Seguin Gazette-Enterprise of October 6, 2006
Man killed in break in had drugs in system

The toxicology report for a man killed while breaking into a home Labor Day morning revealed alcohol, cocaine and marijuana in his system at the time of death.

Esequiel “Zeke” Urias, 28, died from a gunshot wound to his upper torso in early September, after he allegedly forced his way into a home in 700 Block of Renee Street. The homeowner, acting in self-defense, shot Urias with a .40 caliber handgun from less than 10 feet away.

Urias had no prior record of criminal activity, police said.

Urias’ actions baffled friends and family members, who said they couldn’t imagine anything more out of character. The toxicology report offered an answer to why Urias would enter a stranger’s home, said Urias’ older sister Kathy Urias Rodriguez, but immediately raised another question — why was Urias using drugs?

“It was totally out of his character to use drugs,” Rodriguez said. “My cousins all say he never showed any interest in them at all. Even two weeks before, he was so against people who did it — that’s why we were really shocked that he would even try it. It wasn’t like he needed drugs, he just started hanging out and joining in, I guess.”

(Much more)
Kansas City, Missouri

From Kansas City’s of September 4, 2006
Clerk fires back at armed robbers

An alert store clerk fires back after four people hold up a metro clothing store in Kansas City.

Police said three juveniles and an adult walked into Big G's Clothing Store at 2620 Truman Road around 6 p.m. Saturday.

One of the juvenile suspects was reportedly armed with a silver revolver. He fired several shots and ordered everyone to get down on the floor, witnesses say.

The other three suspects stole several pairs of shoes.

Police said the juvenile suspect then fired about five shots at the owner as he ducked under a counter.

A store worker is said to have grabbed a 12-gauge shotgun, ran outside, and fired several shots at the suspects as they were leaving in a red Ford van.

Police later spotted the suspect vehicle on Interstate 70 and arrested six people: three juveniles and three adults.

They said the adults confessed to the crimes.

Sunday, prosecutors charged Leartis Grigsby, 19, Remus Grigsby, 17, and Romulis Grigsby, also 17, with robbery and armed criminal action.

Authorities said charges are pending for the juveniles as well.
Covington, Pennsylvnia

From the Towanda Daily and Sunday Review of September 4, 2006
Elderly man fights off armed robber

An attempted armed robbery recently occurred at the residence of Harry Lewis, 81, of Covington, Pa.

At 12:50 a.m. Saturday, an unknown male knocked on Lewis' door and said he needed help, state police said.

When Lewis opened the front door, the unknown male pulled a white, knitted scarf over his face and forced his way into the residence, according to state police from Mansfield.

The intruder had a claw hammer and threatened to hit Lewis if Lewis did not give him his wallet and money, police said.

Lewis tried to hit the robber with a flashlight, and a struggle between the two ensued, police said.

Lewis wrestled the robber to the floor and then went to retrieve a gun, police said.

While Lewis was retrieving the gun, the robber fled the scene in an unknown direction, police said.

Lewis received two minor cuts on his hand from the claw hammer and did not seek medical treatment, police said.

Sunday, September 3, 2006

San Antonio, Texas

From the of September 2, 2006
Man forcing his way into home shot, killed

A 23-year-old man was shot and killed Saturday morning after he forced his way into a South Side home, police said.

Christopher Moore died on his birthday. He broke into the house in the 700 block of Monticello because he believed his girlfriend was having an affair inside, a police report said.

An unidentified woman fired a 9 mm handgun at Moore and struck him once in the head as he fought with the homeowner and other men, police spokesman Joe Rios said.

No one had been charged Saturday.

Saturday, September 2, 2006

Lawrence, Indiana

From the Indianapolis Star of September 2, 2006
Would-be robber killed outside Lawrence bar

A would-be robber got more than he bargained for early today when his intended victim pulled out a handgun and shot him five times outside a Lawrence bar.

Police identified the suspected robber as Ronald Zenor, 29, of Indianapolis, who was taken to Wishard Memorial Hospital, where he died.

The incident occurred about 3:30 a.m. as the Sports Page Lounge, 4603 N. Post Road, was closing.

Eric Conter, 22, of Indianapolis had left the bar and climbed into his pickup truck. Zenor reached through the window and tried to pull a necklace off Conter’s neck and began choking him, said Lawrence Police Chief Jack Bailey.

Acting in self-defense, Conter pulled out his 9-millimeter pistol and shot Zenor, Bailey said.

Panicked, Conter drove off after the shooting, but later contacted the Indianapolis Police Department and then gave a statement to Lawrence detectives.

Police believe Zenor was involved in robbery outside another bar in the 8800 block of Pendleton Pike about a half-hour before he was shot. That robbery victim’s driver’s license and credit card were found on Zenor.

Bailey said Conter, who had a permit for his gun, had a witness who verified his account of the shooting.

While Conter was not arrested, investigators’ findings about the shooting will be turned over to the Marion County Prosecutor’s office for a formal determination on whether to press charges, Bailey said.
Grants Pass, Oregon

From Portland’s of August 31, 2006
Woman shoots ex-boyfriend breaking into her home

GRANTS PASS, Ore. -- A 42-year-old Grants Pass woman called 9-1-1, telling dispatchers her estranged boyfriend, 50-year-old Nicholas Lazares, was breaking into her house to assault her.

Josephine County sheriff's deputies responded to Summit Loop Road.

Virdiana Combs stayed on the phone until dispatchers heard the sound of breaking glass and her screaming. Then the dispatcher heard a gunshot.

According to reports, the man threw an eight pound concrete object through the woman's sliding glass door at the back of the house.

By this time, she locked herself in a bathroom.

Combs says Lazares continued to try to get into the bathroom. That's when Combs shot Lazares in the shoulder.

She then escaped and contacted nine-one-one again.

Officers arrived. Lazares was treated at the hospital then taken to the Josephine County Jail.

Friday, September 1, 2006

East Lake, Alabama

From the Birmingham News of September 1, 2006
East Lake killing ruled justifiable

The shooting of a Birmingham man in East Lake earlier this week has been ruled justifiable, authorities said Thursday.

No charges will be filed in the Tuesday night slaying of 29-year-old Willie Morrow, who was found dead in front of an apartment. Morrow's death was the 77th homicide in the city this year.

Birmingham homicide Sgt. Cory Hardiman said prosecutors declined to issue a warrant against a man taken into custody shortly after the 10:30 p.m. shooting, saying he fired in self-defense.

Police didn't release the man's name since he won't face charges.
Okanogan, Washington

From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer of August 31, 2006
Man acquitted in fatal shooting in Oroville

A man who insisted that he acted in self-defense when he shot another man to death at the home of a mutual friend has been found innocent on all charges after 17 months in jail.

"The grass never smelled so good," Jeremy I. Todd, 26, told The Wenatchee World on Monday after leaving Okanogan County Superior Court a free man.

Todd was charged with second-degree murder in the shooting of Martin B. Hernandez, 40, at a home in Oroville on March 3, 2005, and Prosecutor Karl F. Sloan asked the jury to find him guilty of first- or second-degree manslaughter if the panel rejected the more serious charge.

Instead, facing as much as 23 years in prison if convicted of murder, Todd was found innocent of all charges.

Todd and Hernandez apparently argued at a bar before returning separately to the residence where the shooting occurred. In his call to 911 immediately after the shooting. Todd said he was sleeping on the couch when Hernandez took his blanket and punched him in the face.

In the call and on the witness stand he said he opened fire with a rifle only after being attacked and cornered.

Sloan argued that Todd made an "irrational and unreasonable" decision to grab, load and fire the gun, and the prosecutor also questioned his account.

While in jail with bail set at $100,000, Todd missed the birth of his son Joey, now 11 months old, as well as his first and second wedding anniversaries, but he told the newspaper he was not bitter.

"I feel bad for leaving all my friends in the (jail's) C Tank," he said. "They're like brothers to me now."