Sunday, July 31, 2005

Los Angeles, California

From the Los Angeles Times of July 31, 2005
Man Killed by Security Guard After Argument

A security guard fatally shot a man outside a bar early Saturday in what police say appeared to be self-defense.

The man argued with the guard after being denied reentry into the bar in the 15000 block of Roscoe Boulevard, Los Angeles police said.

The man walked away and returned with a big stick, swinging it at the guard while threatening him with physical harm.

During the confrontation, the guard fired once at the man, hitting him in the upper body, police said. The man was pronounced dead at the scene. His identity has not been released.

The 30-year-old guard was questioned by police and released, authorities said.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Cedar Bluff, Alabama

From the July 28, 2005 Cherokee County Herald:
An early morning shooting in Cedar Bluff Thursday, July 28, appears to be a case of domestic violence between an ex-boyfriend and girlfriend, according to a Cherokee County Investigator. The shooting occurred around 1 a.m. at the residence of Darlene Horn on Cherokee county Road 41 near the Unity and Watson’s Crossroads communities. The victim, according to reports, was identified as Mickey Hall, 34, who was transported to Floyd Medical Center in Rome where he remains in critical condition. A restraining order was apparently in place against Hall to keep him away from the residence.
Marion, Illinois

From the July 28, 2005 Southern Illinoisan:
At about 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Marion police responded to a 911 call at 1301 W. Central in Marion. Police say that, according to resident Ian Copeland, two men with ski masks entered Copeland's garage with each brandishing a handgun. An altercation ensued which resulted in one of the alleged assailants, Irvin Lemons, being shot three times.
Cobb County, Georgia

From the July 21, 2005 Atlanta Journal-Constitution:
One of two men who burst into an apartment in Cobb County Wednesday afternoon was critically injured when he was shot by the resident, Marietta police said.

When police arrived at the Cinnamon Ridge Apartment on Franklin Road about 5:25 p.m., they found the front door kicked in and the man lying on the floor, said Detective Jake King.

The man was taken to Wellstar Kennestone Hospital with a life-threatening gunshot wound to the face and remained in critical condition Wednesday night, police said.

About five to 10 gunshots were fired in the exchange between the resident and the home intruders, said Officer Brian Marshall. The second suspect got into a getaway truck, driven by someone else, and fled.
Selma, Alabama

From the July 13, 2005 Selma Times-Journal:
In his alleged third attempt to steal wine from the Big M#2 convenience store on Broad Street, a Selma man unexpectedly found himself in a stand off with an angry store clerk holding a handgun, according to police reports.

The clerk told police that early Wednesday morning a man entered the store and attempted to steal a bottle of Wild Irish Rose wine.

It was reported that the man - later identified as 22-year-old Terrence White - had made similar attempts on at least two other occasions that evening.

In order to prevent the theft, the clerk locked White inside the store and called police.

Lt. David Evans, spokesperson for the Selma Police Department, said White pulled out a knife and threatened the clerk.

"At this point, the clerk produced a handgun and shot Mr. White in the foot," Evans said.
Flint, Michigan

From the July 27, 2005 Flint Journal:
FLINT - People stopping at the Lewis Street Market on Tuesday were still telling Sean Hannosh he did what he had to do when he returned fire during an attempted armed robbery last week, killing 14-year-old Hakeem Nelson.

A beer vendor making a delivery said Hannosh and his brother, who owns the party store, are "good people," but Hannosh said he's still bothered by what he felt he had to do in self-defense.

"It bothers me a lot," he said, ringing up beer and candy for a customer. "I don't want to kill nobody. We're here for business."

Hannosh said he was working the cash register, checking a customer's driver's license about 10:50 p.m. Thursday when Nelson came through the door, wearing a ninja-style mask and carrying a shotgun.

Police are still looking for another masked man who followed Nelson in the store but ran after the shots were fired.

"He pointed the shotgun on me. He said, 'Everybody down.' When we went down, he shot," Hannosh said. "I don't know why."

Hannosh scrambled behind a section of protective glass, grabbed a large-caliber handgun and returned fire twice, hitting Nelson, who ran from the store. He was pronounced dead at Hurley Medical Center.

It was the first armed robbery attempt at the party store - a market that relies on neighborhood regulars for its business - since Hannosh's brother purchased it about three years ago, the two men said.

Since then, Hannosh said he's been bothered by news accounts of the shooting that he believes portrayed him as too quick to shoot the young teen.

"I didn't have time to call time out," he said. "I didn't know if he was 14, 15 or 100 years old."


Flint police have said the shooting appears to have been justified.

"I didn't want to shoot him," Hannosh said. "I'm sorry he was 14. I have three kids, too."
Corpus Christi, Texas

From July 29, 2005 KRIS-TV channel 6:
A burglar broke into the Deluxe Antique Store on the 800 block of South Staples around 2:00 AM Friday. The elderly man didn't let the suspect easily flee.

A portrait of a young girl sits idle among a scene of chaos. Bullets flew - destroying merchandise and a picture hanging on a wall. The business owner doesn't want to be identified, but said his 71-year-old father put up a fight, after a robber broke through a wall and headed for the cash register.

"My dad came out there. He said stop or I'll shoot. The guy ducked down here and come up with something and threw it at my dad," said the owner. The elderly man who lives on the premise shot at the robber several times, but the suspect managed to smash a mirror on the 71-year-old's head, causing series head wounds.

Busting through this window, the suspect escaped, but he had some sort of head wound that was dripping blood. The wound dripped blood all along the side walk creating a blood trail a couple of blocks long. Police eventually found the suspect in the hospital being treated for a head wound. With such an entry the business owner believes the robber once visited the antique shop.
Sherman, Texas

From the July 29, 2005 Herald Democrat:
Resident detains burglary at gunpoint - A Sherman man watched as a man walked down an alley, then jumped the fence into his yard, entered his shed and fled with a single gas can. The resident got his pistol and, outside, saw the man running back down the alley, carrying the gas can. The resident jumped the alley and caught up with the burglar just as he placed the gas can in the rear of a pickup, reported Officer Ed Colvin. He kept the gun on the burglar, 17, and walked him back to his residence, then called police.

The suspect remains in jail in lieu of $2,500 on a charge of burglary of a building, for a gas can valued in the report at $15.
Long Beach, California

From the July 28, 2005 Press-Telegram:
A would-be robber picked the wrong house when he tried to steal some marijuana plants and ended up getting shot by the angry homeowner.


Police were called to the house in the 5900 block of Gaviota Avenue at about 2:30 a.m. when the shooting occurred, said Officer Jackie Bezart, a Long Beach Police Department spokesman.

The homeowner told police that when his wife saw the 29-year-old man in their backyard early that morning, she screamed. After confronting the failed thief, who was trying to steal an undisclosed amount of marijuana plants, the homeowner said he opened fire.

The 29-year-old was hit in the upper torso, but is expected to survive, Bezart said.

Thus far, the 36-year-old is not facing any charges for either the shooting or the drugs, she said.

"He had documentation that it was for medicinal purposes…," Bezart explained.
Kansas City, Kansas

From Missouri’s of July 29, 2005
Shooting Near KCK Business Leaves 1 Dead

Police are investigating a shooting at bike and tire shop Thursday.

At about noon, the owner of Cyberyde, located at 760 Osage St., was confronted by two people with guns, police said.

The owner told KMBC the men came in and demanded money.

Witnesses told KMBC that they heard at least three shots fired. Two people were shot. One of the victims died. That person's name has not been released. The other victim was reported in serious condition, officials said.

The owner was not injured in the shooting.

KMBC reported that one of the victims was found near the shop. The other had flagged down a pickup truck driver to ask for help.

Friday, July 29, 2005

High Point, North Carolina

From the July 27, 2005 Greensboro News-Record:
HIGH POINT — The manager of a fast food store shot an armed man in the neck after he refused to drop his weapon during an attempted robbery Tuesday night, police report.

High Point police today identified the man shot as 22-year-old Titus Michael Johnson of 2607 E. Kivett Drive. He was admitted to High Point Regional Hospital and is reportedly in stable condition, police said in a press release.

According to police, Johnson entered Whites Fast Food located at 1421 West English Road at 8:35 p.m. and approached the counter.

Johnson then turned and pointed the gun at store manager James Hackenberg, 45, police said.

Hackenberg retrieved his handgun from a holster he was wearing, pointed it at Johnson and repeatedly told the him to drop his gun, police said. Johnson refused, police said.

Hackenberg fired one shot, striking Johnson in the neck.
Bonita Springs, Florida

From the July 12, 2005 News-Press:
A Bonita Springs beach resident held a burglar at gunpoint and on the floor until deputies arrived after the man allegedly broke into a rental home over the weekend.

The accused burglar, 40-year-old David Weber, told officials that when he found out Hurricane Dennis was on its way he looked for empty homes along the beach where he could stay.

He chose 27586 Hickory Blvd., a home belonging to Michael and Chris Bielski, a Bonita zoning board member, because it had no cars in the driveway and no one answered the door when he knocked.

From Friday through Sunday Weber used the Bielskis' home to shower, brush his teeth and watch television.

"I have warned people up and down the beach on Saturday ... to beware of looters," said Bonita Councilman Bob Wag-ner. "He evidently tried several other places and fortunately people were home.

"They (the burglar) happened to pick on the wrong person," Wagner said.


On Sunday morning, Chris Bielski was walking on the beach when she noticed a towel hanging on the railing of the couple's rental home.

Michael Bielski went to the residence armed with a gun and found Weber in the living room. Bielski pulled out his weapon and ordered Weber on the floor until deputies arrived.
Temple, Texas

From July 3, 2005 KCEN channel 6:
Temple police are trying to piece together an unusual shooting Saturday night at a house on Parkdale Drive, where police found a man shot several times.

Just minutes earlier, a homeowner says he scared several intruders away with a gun. Police are now trying to figure out if the homeowner shot one of the alleged intruders.

"We're unsure at this time whether or not the suspect, whether they know each other -- their relationship is still unknown," says the Temple Police Department's Lt. Rick Ashe. "We're getting conflicting stories, so we'll have to work through that right now."
Toledo, Ohio

From the July 16, 2005 Toledo Blade:
Toledo police were trying to determine if a man found shot at a South Avenue residence was connected with an earlier burglary where the business owner fired at a suspect.

Andrew Supinski, 36, was in surgery last night in Medical University of Ohio Medical Center, a hospital spokesman said.

Police found him behind 2716 South about 4:30 a.m. with a gunshot wound.

The homeowner said he called police after Mr. Supinski asked for help.

An officer said Mr. Supinski told him he was riding his bicycle on South when he was shot, but later said he was robbed.

Lt. Bill Moton said Gene Thomas, owner of Great Lakes Standard Manufacturing, 2970 Airport Hwy., told police he fired a shot at a person who broke into his business about 1:15 a.m.

Mr. Thomas said the man broke a window to enter his business, where he also lives, and started banging on a vending machine with a large crow bar.

Mr. Thomas said he walked to a hallway armed with a handgun and told the man to drop the crow bar.

He said the man screamed and began charging at him.

Mr. Thomas said he fired one shot and the man stopped, then fled out the window that he had broken to enter the building.
Troy, Ohio

From July 21, 2005 WHIO channel 7:
TROY, Ohio -- Deputies in Miami County questioned and released a homeowner after a teenager was shot overnight.

Teen ShotAuthorities said the Troy teen suffered a serious gunshot wound to his leg. The shooting happened around 12:15 a.m. Thursday near the intersection of Peters Road and Maple Street in Troy.

Investigators said it appears the 16-year-old from Southview Drive in Troy was shot with a deer slug. They said his 14-year-old brother was not wounded in the shooting.

Authorities said deputies received a call about a possible burlgary at a home with a shot fired into the air as a warning. When deputies arrived, they found the teen had been shot in the leg. Deputies said they have a lot of questions about why the brothers were in the neighborhood, which is a couple of miles from their home.
Bluefield, West Virginia

From the July 15, 2005 Bluefield Daily Telegraph:
BLUEFIELD - Police in Bluefield continued their investigation Friday into the shooting death of a Bluefield, Va. man, who sustained 10 gunshot wounds following an apparent altercation Thursday night.

"Witnesses say that Ricardo Lee, 40, who was an acquaintance of the homeowner, forced his way into the Hubbard residence without permission," Lt. Tom Helton, with the Bluefield Police Department, said. "He had a knife in his hand and the owner of the house had asked him to leave repeatedly, but Lee refused. Witnesses said Lee wanted to talk to someone in the house."

According to Helton, Dennis Hubbard, 57, the owner of the home at 210 Poplar St. told him that he (Hubbard) was in fear of his life and shot Lee 10 times with a .38 caliber pistol. Helton said the shooting occurred at approximately 9 p.m.
Livingston, Texas

From the June 20, 2005 Polk County Enterprise:
LIVINGSTON – A local woman allegedly defending herself against an intruder in her home shot and killed a man Monday.

The Livingston Police Department responded to a possible shooting at the Angela Rowe residence in the 300 block of W. North St. at approximately 10:17 p.m. Monday.

Rowe told officers responding to the scene that an unknown black male had forced entry into her residence.

According to Detective Ken Bohnert with the Livingston Police Department, the male knocked on the front door and when Rowe answered the door, the male pushed his way inside, grabbed Rowe by her shoulders and started pushing her.

Rowe was able to access a .38-caliber pistol located under a cushion on her couch and fired one shot into the man's abdomen, Bohnert said, adding that the intruder then fled.

Officers located the intruder approximately two blocks away. He was transported to Memorial Medical Center-Livingston by Gold Star EMS and then air-lifted to Memorial Hermann Hospital where he was pronounced dead.


No charges have been filed at this point, although the investigation is continuing, Bohnert said. Upon completion of the investigation, the case will be referred to the Polk County District Attorney's Office.

According to Bohnert, Rowe's home had been burglarized twice within the last month.
Tyler, Texas

From June 30, 2005 KLTV channel 7:
An East Texas store owner turns the tables on a would be robber. Their confrontation sends the robber to the hospital.

It all began just after 5 o'clock Thursday evening at the American Gold and Diamond Exchange at the intersection of Fifth Street and Fleishel.

Police said 22-year-old David Daniel pulled a butcher knife on the clerk and told her to get down on the ground. The owner was in the back of the store and saw what was going on. Police said he took out his pistol and shot Daniel in the leg.

Daniel then fled around the corner into a nearby store, Tyler Nails. The owner followed him and held him at gunpoint until police arrived. Daniel was taken to a local hospital. Police said his injury is not life-threatening. An employee of the nail salon said he saw a bleeding, masked man and wasn't quite sure what was going on
Portsmouth, Virginia

From the July 1, 2005 Virginian-Pilot:
PORTSMOUTH — What began as an armed robbery early Thursday at a go-go club near Victory Crossing ended in a gun battle, during which a robber was fatally shot in the head.

Police said Roberto C. Pope , a 27 -year-old Churchland man, entered Majik City on Portsmouth Boulevard shortly after 1 a.m.

He was armed with a gun, said Lt. Robert L. Smith , commander for the midnight shift.

A security guard confronted Pope, and the men went outside.

Then, Pope apparently pointed his weapon at the guard, police said.

“Shots were exchanged between the security guard and the suspect,” Smith said during an interview outside the club.

Pope “was shot once in the head. ... At least once in the head,” Smith added.

Pope was taken to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital.

He died at 9:40 a.m. Thursday, said Cheri Hinshelwood , a Sentara spokeswoman.

The security guard was not identified.

When police arrived at the club, they found Pope lying in the parking lot , holding the weapon in his right hand and an unknown amount of cash in his left hand.

Willie J. Holmes , a man who was at the club to pick up friends who work there, said “the guy who had the gun” had demanded money.
Hope, Arkansas

From the July 20, 2005 Hope Star:
A teenage girl shot a 48-year-old man who allegedly was attacking her at her home Tuesday morning, July 19, sending him to a Texarkana hospital.

The incident took place on County Road13, just north of McNab. According to the Hempstead County Sheriff's Office, Ben Haywood, 48, the teen told them Haywood began to hit her and tried to undress her, pulling her shirt off.

The girl got away from Haywood, according to the HCSO, and hid in a closet at the rear of the home. She was found by Haywood and once again he began to beat the girl. After a period of confrontation, the girl was able to grab a 9mm rifle from a gun rack that was near her and shot the alleged attacker -- hitting him in the left leg. She then fled to search for help.
Lufkin, Texas

From the June 30, 2005 Lufkin Daily News:
An Angelina County grand jury on Tuesday declined to issue a criminal indictment to a Lufkin woman who shot and killed her common-law husband June 7.

A 6-year-old boy was in the house and witnessed at least part of the incident, District Attorney Clyde Herrington said Wednesday.

Police found Clarance Lee Richard, 51, dead on the floor from a gunshot wound to the neck in a hallway at a house at 115 Westmoreland St.

Rose Mary Barlow Whitaker, 50, was arrested and charged with murder after calling police to report she'd shot Richard as he broke down the bathroom door in an attempt to rape her.

The two had a rocky relationship, Herrington said. The DA's office had handled an earlier case between the two in which Richard had stolen her car, Herrington said.

Whitaker had been in a shelter in September 2004, afraid to go home alone for fear of her husband, Lufkin Police Lt. Greg Denman said earlier. Police worked several domestic violence calls between the two going back to 2002.
Sequoyah County, Oklahoma

From July 22, 2005 Sequoyah County Times:
A domestic dispute Tuesday night led to the shooting of a Sequoyah County man, who was listed in serious condition Thursday night.

Sequoyah County Sheriff Johnny Philpot said the shooting was the result of a domestic dispute that carried over to a neighbor's home two and a half miles southwest of Redland Road near Muldrow.

Bradley Plank, 34, was shot in the collarbone area with a 9 mm handgun.

Philpot said Plank and his girlfriend, who lived together with the woman's two children, got into an argument, and Plank began physically assaulting her. From the information the sheriff's office has received, Plank had allegedly assaulted the woman, whose name is not being revealed to protect her identity, on previous occasions. Philpot said the woman never reported the past incidents to police.

When the woman went next door to the home of Chris Plank, Bradley Plank's cousin, Bradley Plank allegedly followed her and also began assaulting Chris Plank.

Chris Plank and Bradley Plank's girlfriend fled to call police at the home of another neighbor, James Newton, who lived across the street. Philpot said Bradley Plank allegedly kicked in the door to Newton's home and began assaulting Newton and Chris Plank before Chris Plank got Newton's gun and shot Bradley Plank one time.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

St. George, Utah

From Salt Lake City’s of July 28, 2005
Resident With Concealed Gun Scares Away Robber

A resident told police he used his concealed gun to chase away a knife-wielding robber in downtown St. George.

The resident suffered a minor cut on his neck, police Lt. Mark Brklacich said.

He said the man had cashed a check at about 1:45 p.m. Tuesday at the EZ Cash drive-up window. As he pulled into traffic, he saw a man near a dark SUV waving him over.

Thinking the man was having car problems and needed help, he pulled over.

The resident said the assailant approached him, put a knife against his neck and demanded money.

But the resident "reached down and pulled out his concealed weapon and pointed it toward the suspect," Brklacich said.

The robber ran back to his own vehicle and drove away. He remained at large.
Also covered in the July 29, 2005 Salt Lake City Tribune, which mentions that the shooter had a concealed weapon permit.
Lubbock, Texas

From Lubbock‘s of July 28, 2005
Former Cop Opens Fire on Suspected Burglars

Just after noon today, a burglary in Central Lubbock turned deadly. Former Lubbock Police Lieutenant James Kimber returned to his residence to find things out of order. The garage was cracked, the back door wasn't closed and he heard noises inside. Moments later Kimber saw two Hispanic men in his home. After hearing the sound of a cocking gun, Kimber got his own weapon and when charged he fired multiple shots.

One suspect died on the scene and the other was taken to University Medical Center with gunshot wounds. Kimber was not injured, and according to police responded in self defense.

Deceased- Fermin Martinez, Jr., 03/09/1986, last known address was in Idalou (PO Box only). Martinez fled to the alley. He was transported to UMC where he was pronounced dead.

Arrested- Richard Steven Lovato, 04/21/1986, as of this writing was being treated at UMC for at least one wound to the lower left leg. He will be charged with Burglary of a Habitation.
Lumberton, North Carolina

From the Lumberton Robesonian of June 16, 2005
Home invasion triggers shoot-out

Raymond Rogers says he is lucky to be alive after a man broke into his home and shot at him repeatedly early Wednesday morning.

Tyrell Taylor, one of two men accused in the break-in, also survived, although he was struck twice when Rogers returned fire. Taylor, 21, was wanted by police for his alleged role in an unrelated murder. He is in fair condition at Southeastern Regional Medical Center, suffering with a collapsed lung.

Rogers said he was roused from his sleep about 12:30 a.m. Wednesday by the sound of someone trying to kick in the front door of his Greenville Road home. Rogers, 24, grabbed his .20-gauge shotgun and hid in a back bedroom with his girlfriend.

When two men entered the home and found Rogers with a shotgun, one began shooting. Rogers said he shot back, striking one of the men, but the man continued shooting as he lay wounded on the floor. Rogers fired a second time, striking the man in the chest.

"He shot at me about three or four times and he never hit me," Rogers said. "I reckon' I'm lucky to be alive. I had my gun to protect myself." Rogers' girlfriend also escaped injury.

The gunman and the second man managed to flee the home.

Sheriff's Detective Neil Tyner said authorities were able to identify Taylor after he was taken to Southeastern Regional Medical Center with gunshot wounds to his left leg and chest. Sheriff's investigators are still looking for the second man.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Atlanta, Georgia

From Atlanta‘s WSBtv.comPublication of July 27, 2005
Teen Home Invasion Suspect Shot

A teenaged boy was shot and wounded late Tuesday during a home invasion and robbery attempt in southwest Atlanta that was apparently foiled when the resident pulled out a gun and opened fire.

The 16-year-old suspect, whose identity was pending, was rushed for medical treatment to Grady Memorial Hospital, where he was listed in critical condition.

Police were called to the home in the 900 block of Ira Street shortly after 11 p.m.

The resident told police that two men and two women forced their way into the home. The unidentified resident pulled out a gun and shot one of the perpetrators.

"He was able to retrieve a weapon he had," police Sgt. Brian Paden said.

The suspects fled from the scene, but were pulled over a short time later on Interstate 75/85 near Turner Field. Police arrested two suspects in connection with the incident.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Charlotte, North Carolina

From Charlotte‘s of July 24, 2005
No Charges Pending Against Charlotte Homeowner Who Shot Intruder

Police say no charges are pending against a homeowner who shot an intruder.

Police say Woody Williams shot a man in the leg after he kicked down the back doors in Williams' home on Sunday in the Hidden Valley Neighborhood.

He lives on Austin Drive in northwest Charlotte.

We first told you about Williams last February.

He turned his home into a fortress with security cameras and floodlights, after a surge of break-ins in his community.

The suspect was taken to the hospital and had wounds which were serious, but no life-threatening.

Jeff Hopkins lives across the street and is long time friend of Williams.

"If everybody was like woody was we wouldn't have this problem," said Hopkins.

Williams was too shaken to talk Sunday night, but Hopkins said Williams is just trying to protect the neighborhood.

"Some people might call him a little bit kooky but we'd all love to have a kooky neighbor like that," said Hopkins, "I mean when I leave, I know my house is well protected."

A woman who lives nearby said Williams has the right to protect himself.

"I'm sorry for whoever broke in but when you do something like that..what do you expect?" the woman said.
White River Township, Indiana

From the Johnson County Daily Journal of July 21, 2005
Prowler prompts man to fire gun

A White River Township man shot at a prowler who attacked him at his home early Wednesday, according to police reports.

A resident along the 1100 block of Stones Crossing Road said someone hit him in the abdomen and back of the head while he was in his backyard searching for a possible prowler, police reports said.

The resident told police he fell to the ground and fired a single shot from his .38 revolver to scare off the prowler, according to police reports. Sheriff’s deputies do not believe the prowler was shot, said Doug Cox, sheriff’s office chief deputy.

Greenwood police sent a canine unit to help search for the prowler, but they were unable to find him. The dog could not pick up a good scent in the victim’s backyard, according to police reports.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Odessa, Florida

From Tampa Bay’s of July 25, 2005
Armed home invasion results in shootout with father and two sons

Hillsborough County Sheriff's Deputies are investigating an armed home invasion where four men broke into a home and demanded money from a father and his two sons.

This happened around 9:30 pm Sunday night on Rails Road in Odessa. That's near Citrus Park mall.

Deputies say the suspects shot one son, 27 year old Robert Kirkendall. He's in critical condition at Tampa General Hospital. Deputies say Kirkendall's father, 50 year old Richard, and his brother, 23 year old Kenny, were stabbed. They're listed in serious condition at St. Joseph's hospital.

Deputies say the suspects ran. One suspect was shot in the buttocks. Cecil Huggins was pronounced dead when dropped off at the hospital.

A second suspect, Adel Schulter-Brandt, was captured in the woods nearby with the help of an HCSO canine. He had a broken hand, and suffered a bite wound from the dog.

Hillsborough deputies are still searching for two possible suspects involved in the home invasion. They may be driving a beige 1998 Toyota Camry with temporary tags.
Payson, Arizona

From the Payson Roundup of July 22, 2005
Warning shot turns deadly

A Tonto Basin man was pronounced dead at his employer's home early Monday morning after what detectives are calling a justifiable shooting.

Gila County Sheriff's deputies found Edward A. Palmer, 39, dead at the scene, after they received a 911 call at 1:24 a.m. from the home of John Valdez in Tonto Basin.

Neighbors reported that Palmer was working for Valdez. Detectives are still investigating the details of the case.

"Apparently Edward Palmer was under the influence of alcohol and other unknown substances," said Detective Brian Havey of the Gila County Sheriff's Office. "(Palmer) attacked John Valdez of Tonto Basin in his own residence."

Detectives believe Valdez acted in self-defense against Palmer, who had a history of violent behavior, criminal convictions and had served time in jail.

"Palmer attacked Valdez several times with his bare fists," Havey said. "He continued to attack three or four times."

After being assaulted by Palmer, Valdez armed himself with a .22-caliber rifle. Detectives said Valdez was concerned because Palmer carries a knife.

"Valdez pointed his .22 rifle low in order to scare Palmer off from further attacks," Havey said. "One round was fired from the rifle, striking Palmer on the femoral artery."

Emergency medical crews were called to the scene, but were not able to enter the residence until law enforcement could arrive.

"Ambulance crews and fire department personnel will not go into that kind of a dangerous environment, especially when a shot has been fired and someone has gone down by a gunshot wound," Havey said. "Unfortunately, Mr. Palmer bled out before anybody got on scene."

"I don't believe there will be any charges against Mr. Valdez," Havey said. "It turned out to be a justifiable shooting."
Decatur, Alabama

From the Decatur Daily of July 23, 2005
Store owner resists armed robber

A store owner defended his establishment from a would-be robber Thursday night, according to police reports.

The owner of Sandlin Food Mart, 2108 Sandlin Road S.W., told police that when a man wielding a handgun tried to rob his business, he grabbed his own gun and chased the man out of the store.

The owner told police he fired his gun three times at the suspect, who fled down an alley.

He reported the suspect as a black male wearing a black-and-gray shirt and black sweat pants.

The owner was still chasing the suspect when officers arrived around 10 p.m., police said.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Tacoma, Washington

From the Tacoma News Tribune of July 24, 2005
16-year-old, woman arrested in connection with auto break-in

A teenager was arrested early Friday morning after he was interrupted breaking into a car.

A resident in the 900 block of East 53rd Street looked out his kitchen window just after 6 a.m. Friday and saw a large white car parked on the street, with someone breaking into his neighbor’s nearby car.

The resident got a gun and confronted the 16-year-old boy who was rummaging through the car. The white car, with three of the teen’s friends inside, left.

A stereo, a set of speakers and about 200 CDs were missing from the car.

Another neighbor followed the white car to a residence and reported its location to police.

Officers searched the property and found the speakers, stereo and some CDs in a garage. A 22-year-old woman sleeping in the garage was arrested on suspicion of possession of stolen property. The boy was arrested outside the first home.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Guadalupe County, Texas

From San Antonio’s of July 23, 2005
Guadalupe assailant shot when he follows victim to neighbors

A pair of early morning shootings sent two Guadalupe County men to area hospitals with bullet wounds to the abdomen Friday.

"We were pretty busy in the early morning today," said Guadalupe County Sheriff's Department spokesman Kevin Jordan. "It's pretty unusual for us to have two shootings in one night."

In the first incident, a woman on the 100 block of Baker Creek Loop in northwestern Guadalupe County answered the door to a man she recognized as an acquaintance of her son at about 12:30 a.m., Jordan said.

He said the man put a knife to the woman's neck and sexually assaulted her.

The woman fled to a neighboring house. The couple living there let her in, but her nude assailant followed her and started breaking out glass door panels with his knife, Jordan said.

As the assailant reached through the broken glass to unlock the door, the male resident of the house shot him with a rifle. The 9 mm bullet went through the assailant's hand and into his abdomen.

Sheriff's deputies found him lying in the front yard, a knife in his hand, Jordan said. He is in stable condition at Brackenridge Hospital in Austin.

Jordan said the department expects to charge the man with aggravated sexual assault and burglary of a habitation.
Bossier City, Louisiana

From the Shreveport Times of July 23, 2005
Man shot while trying to break into house, police say

A 19-year-old Benton man is expected to be booked into the Bossier City Jail after being released from LSU Hospital in Shreveport, where he was being treated for a gunshot wound Friday evening.

Billy Wallace was shot once in the arm late Thursday night as he tried to break into a house in the 2600 block of Bardot Lane about 11:30 p.m. Thursday, Bossier City spokesman Mark Natale said.

"We have a criminal warrant for Wallace charging him with unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling."

The shooting occurred after Wallace showed up at the residence and confronted a former girlfriend who was sitting in a vehicle in the driveway, Natale said.

"He proceeded to bang on the driver's side window, and he was yelling and cursing," he said. "He then went to the front of the home and allegedly banged on windows and the front door in an effort to make entry to confront the man inside."

When that didn't work, Wallace went to a side door under the carport and continued banging, Natale said.

"He then proceeded to break the window on the door at the carport and reach inside in an attempt to open the door from the inside. That's when the individual inside the house fired one shot, hitting him in the arm."

Investigators determined that the man who lived at the house, 22-year-old Jonathan Herman, shot Wallace in self-defense.

No charges were filed against him, Natale said.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Anchorage, Alaska

From July 21, 2005 Anchorage Daily News:
An intruder was shot twice after he climbed through a window in a mobile home and was met by an angry resident early Wednesday morning, Anchorage police said.

Shane Crousser, 20, whom police have charged with first-degree burglary and third-degree assault, was recovering from his bullet wounds at the Anchorage jail on Wednesday evening.
Bossier City, Louisiana

From July 1, 2005 Bossier Press-Tribune:
BOSSIER CITY – Bossier City Police have obtained an arrest warrant for a man who was shot in an act of self defense that happened at approximately 9 p.m. Tuesday night at the Scott Street Apartments in the 2100 block of Scott Street.

Arrested was Terrance Campbell, 20, of the 2500 block of Montgomery Lane, who police found suffering from two gunshot wounds to his right leg upon arrival to the scene.


An investigation by detectives with the Violent Crimes Unit determined Maurice Jefferson, 21, of the 5600 block of Pampus Street shot Campbell with a handgun as Campbell, who was armed with a gun, entered an apartment where Jefferson was visiting his girlfriend.

Detectives determined that Jefferson acted in self-defense and that Campbell attempted to confront Jefferson as a result of an ongoing dispute between the two men.
Alamo, Texas

From July 2, 2005 McAllen, Texas The Monitor: ALAMO — Two suspects are in the hospital with gunshot wounds after the attempted robbery of a fireworks stand Thursday night, and a third suspect was arrested at the hospital after trying to visit his wounded friends.

According to Lt. Armando Campos of the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Department, three men tried at 10:22 p.m. to rob A’s Fireworks stand north of Trenton Road on Tower Road.

Two of the three men got out of a vehicle, and one of those snatched a television set from the fireworks stand counter, Campos said. Then the other man aggressively approached the clerk with a screwdriver in his hand and demanded money, he said.

The clerk, who was not identified, shot the screwdriver-wielding suspect with a handgun as he came toward him.

Startled, the man with the television bolted to the getaway car, and he and the driver took off, Campos said.

The wounded suspect, whose name has not yet been released because he has not been arraigned, was arrested at the site of the self-defense shooting, Campos said. He was taken to McAllen Medical Center for treatment.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

From July 2, 2005 channel 58:
Milwaukee - A robbery victim turns the tables and shoots two of his attackers early this morning at 39th and St. Paul.

One of the would-be robbers, a 22-year-old man, is dead tonight while the other, a 27-year-old man, is in critical condition. Both are from Milwaukee.
Buncombe County, North Carolina

From July 8, 2005 Asheville Citizen-Times:
ASHEVILLE – Buncombe County prosecutors will not file charges against a 15-year-old Swannanoa boy who shot and killed another teen during a confrontation.

“All of the evidence points to self-defense,” Assistant District Attorney Kate Dreher said.

David Eugene Ray, 19, of 2214 U.S. 70 in Swannanoa, was shot in the chest June 19 after he broke into a home off Buckeye Access Road and assaulted the younger teenager along with an 18-year-old girl who was staying there.
Wells, New York

From July 9, 2005 Capital News channel 9:
Hamilton County investigators said Joan O'Neill shot her husband in the back, killing him inside their home in the Town of Wells. Joan was charged with Second Degree murder. Now, the grand jury has reached a different conclusion.

"She will face no criminal charges and no prosecution for the events that took place on May 4," said Special Prosecutor Louise Sira.

At a press conference, Special Prosecutor Louise Sira painted a dark picture of how the events unfolded over the years.

"Mr. O'Neill has suffered from post traumatic stress disorder. He is a combat veteran of Vietnam," said Sira.

He is also decorated for saving another soldier's life. But Sira said the stress that ended his career as a Schenectady police officer also led to threats against his family, and were backed up by the nine illegally owned and loaded handguns he kept around the house.

"Mr. O'Neill made it extremely clear to Mrs. O'Neill that if she called the police again, he would kill the police officer who came to the house," said Sira.
Santa Monica, California

From Los Angeles‘ of July 21, 2005
Man In Drive-Through Shoots Masked Assailant

Police: Assailant Struggled With Two Men Before Shooting

Police said the would-be victim of a robbery attempt early Thursday morning at a drive-through restaurant shot and killed the assailant.

The robbery attempt occurred at a Jack In The Box at Lincoln Boulevard and Grant Street in Santa Monica.

Police said two men were waiting in a van in the drive-through at about 4:30 a.m. Authorities said a masked man approached the passenger side of the vehicle.

During a struggle, the passenger was stabbed and the assailant brandished a gun, according to authorities. Police said the driver retrieved a gun from the back seat of the vehicle and shot the assailant.

Santa Monica police said the suspect died at the scene.
Jacksonville, Florida

From the Tallahassee Democrat of July 21, 2005
Fatal shooting ruled self-defense

The fatal shooting of two Jacksonville cousins by a tenant they were trying to evict was ruled self-defense because one of them was brandishing a gun and a chain, State Attorney Harry Shorstein said Wednesday.

Shorstein ruled that the July 9 deaths of John McPherson, 21, and Calvin Threadcraft, 26, were justifiable homicides and "lawful self-defense." They were shot along with landlord Pamela Batie, McPherson's sister. She survived.

"That's my decision, based on the facts that I have," said Shorstein, who reviewed the case last week.

Shorstein said the victims were armed with a handgun and chain when they entered the home and the tenant, Melvin Wilcox, was threatened. The eviction was illegal because the victims were not accompanied by a police officer, Shorstein said.

"The law is relatively simple," Shorstein said. "If someone enters your home and you are in fear of imminent death or great bodily harm, you can use deadly force."

In a disposition memo to Shorstein, Assistant State Attorney Alan Mizrahi wrote: "The law clearly gave Mr. Wilcox the right to stand his ground in his home and use deadly force to defend himself and his home."

Wilcox, 26, was questioned by police but not arrested, Shorstein said.

Florida legislators expanded the justifiable-homicide law earlier this year, but Shorstein said the new law didn't apply in this case.
Charlotte, North Carolina

From July 4, 2005 WSOC channel 9:
CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A convenience store clerk shot a robber three times. The store manager said the shooting sends a message to thieves to stay out.
BP station on Ashley Road near Interstate 85 in west Charlotte

Business is back to normal at a BP station on Ashley Road near Interstate 85 in west Charlotte after an early morning robbery attempt.

Store manager Rebecca Williamson is hoping that what happened early Monday morning sends a loud message out to criminals.

"It's 2005. People are not playing around anymore. There's a lot of stores getting robbed around here and there's a lot of people taking action," said Williamson.

According to police, just before 3 a.m. Monday morning, two men with guns came into rob Williamson's store.

Police said seconds after getting cash and a cell phone from an employee, the employee pulled a gun of his own. He shot one of the suspects three times. Then, the clerk jumped into the robbers' getaway car and tried chasing down the second gunman who took off running.
Pine Bluff, Arkansas

From June 28, 2005 Pine Bluff Commercial:
A Pine Bluff man arrested after a fatal shooting Sunday night was freed Monday pending further investigation.

Jerry Wilson, 37, of the 6300-block of Mulberry Street, had been held on probable cause of first-degree murder in connection with the death of James Castillo at a house in the 1300-block of Stowe Road.

"The state notified the court that the investigation is continuing and we're not ready to make a recommendation on charges at this time," Prosecuting Attorney Steve Dalrymple said.

The death of Castillo is being investigated as Jefferson County's fifth homicide of 2005 and the first outside the Pine Bluff city limits this year.

Castillo, 42, of the 6300-block of Shannon Road, was pronounced dead at 10:12 p.m. by Deputy Coroner John Lawson of apparent multiple gunshot wounds. The body was sent to the state Crime Laboratory at Little Rock for an autopsy.

Sheriff's deputies were sent to the house, off U.S. 270 near German Springs Road, at approximately 8:59 p.m. after Wilson called 911 and said an intruder had broken into the house and attacked him and his girlfriend, Mary Castillo.

Wilson said he shot the intruder several times, and identified him as James Castillo, the woman's ex-husband, authorities said.

Investigator Thaddeus Handley said in a report James and Mary Castillo had been separated for more than a year. James Castillo had not lived at the house on Stowe Road during that period, Handley said.

"There appeared to be a degree of justification in the shooting and I instructed our investigators to get the information to the prosecutor immediately so he could make a determination," Chief Deputy Gerald Robinson said.
Seguin, Texas

From June 29, 2005 WOAI:
A Seguin mother home alone with her two young children was terrorized by a burglar for several hours until she fought back.

Jennifer Cooper told News 4 WOAI the break-in happened shortly after she had finished watching a Spurs game and turned off the lights to go to bed. She heard her house alarm.

“It wasn't my husband because there's no way he'd leave the Spurs game early,” Cooper said. She thought she heard an intruder.

“I got up as quickly as I could, locked my door and then someone was pounding, trying to get in,” Cooper said.

Cooper had her two young sons with her.

“I just told the boys, ‘I'm going to get the gun. Hopefully, he's going to leave or I'll have to shoot him,’” Cooper said.

Cooper and her children hid in a bedroom while the intruder roamed through her house for more than two hours. That was when she had enough.

“I was not able to talk him away, so I just shot the gun,” Cooper said. “I warned him.”

Cooper had never fired a gun before and was not ready for the recoil. The bullet went through the door and landed in the ceiling. The intruder finally left.
Jackson, Mississippi

From June 30, 2005 WAPT channel 16:
JACKSON, Miss. -- A 16-year-old was hospitalized Thursday after being shot by his neighbor.

Police said it happened during an alleged home burglary on McDowell Park Circle in Jackson at about 9 a.m.

Family members identified the teen as Richard McCoy. He's being treated at Central Mississippi Medical Center for a gunshot wound to the torso.

Mark Nelson, 49, told police he heard rustling at his back door, then saw a man with his face covered and a knife in his hand standing in the hallway.

Nelson said he told the man to leave, but the man moved toward him. That's when Nelson said he fired the shot.

Police said McCoy ran back to his home and his mother called police.

News of the shooting surprised McCoy's uncle, who said the teen had never been in trouble.

"It's summertime, though," he said. "Kids don't have nothing to do -- they get into all kinds of stuff. But as far as I know, he was a good kid."

Officers took Nelson downtown for questioning but are not planning to file any charges.

Detectives found a knife in the house, and a white T-shirt they believe was used as the mask in Nelson's back yard.
Davie, Florida

From July 13, 2005 NBC channel 6:
DAVIE, Fla. -- An 18-year-old was shot to death early Wednesday morning after apparently breaking into a home in western Davie.

The shooting happened at about 1:45 a.m. in the Chelsea at Ivanhoe community on Southwest 51st Street.

Davie police said a man and young woman -- possibly father and daughter, according to neighbors -- were sleeping inside the home when an intruder came in and startled them. The man took protective action and shot the intruder twice, striking him once in the face.

When police arrived, they found the intruder dead in the front doorway of the home.

"At some point while this young man between the age of 18 and 20 was inside the home, several gunshots rang out," Lt. Bill Bamford said. "The young man was struck twice and he fell dead in the front foyer area of the home. We don't know if there's any relationship between this young man and the residents of the home or if this was just a random act -- that he was trying to break into a home."

The victim was identified as 18-year-old Richard Rojas, of Miami.
A July 13, 2005 news story from channel 10 casts some doubt on whether this was self-defense or not:
DAVIE, Fla. -- The family of a young man shot and killed in a Davie home early Wednesday morning say the 18-year-old was murdered.

A Rojas family member tells Local 10 reporter Yvonne Nava that the teen was murdered.
The homeowners, however, are telling a different story. They said Richard Rojas, 18, of Miami, was breaking into their home and they were afraid, and shot in self defense.

"They got up, fearing for their safety, and to protect their home, this young man was shot," said Bill Bamford of the Davie Police Department.

The shooting happened just before 2 a.m. at 15025 S.W. 51st St. The home is inside a gated community called Chelsea at Ivanhoe.

Rojas was shot twice at point blank range. One bullet hit him in the face. He died outside of the front foyer of the home on a patio.

Police said that there was no sign of forced entry at the home.

Rojas' relatives said the shooter knew Rojas and that he didn't like him.

"It wasn't a home invasion. He was murdered. That's all you need to know," said one family member. "He was murdered."

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Texas City, Texas

From Houston’s of July 19, 2005
Police Say Woman, 70, Kills Grandson-In-Law In Self-Defense

Case Referred To Grand Jury Without Charges

A 70-year-old woman shot and killed her granddaughter's husband in self-defense during an argument at her home over the weekend, police told Local 2 Tuesday.

Officers were called to the 2500 block of 37th Avenue North at 2:15 a.m. Saturday. Investigators said Steven Porres, 28, was shot once after he broke down the front door of his wife's grandmother's home. He lived there with his wife and their four children.

Porres and his wife apparently had a heated argument before he was asked to leave. A short time later, he returned and forced open the front door, according to police. The grandmother, identified as Concetta Capuano, then opened fire with her handgun, hitting Porres in the chest, officials said.

Porres collapsed on the front lawn. His children came out and screamed for their father to wake up, according to neighbors. He was taken to the Mainland Medical Center and was pronounced dead just after 3 a.m. Saturday.

Investigators said the case would be referred to a Galveston County grand jury without charges since it appeared to be self-defense.

"(We ruled it self-defense) from the totality of the circumstances -- what occurred prior to the shooting and the past history of the parties involved," said Sgt. Brian Goetschius with Texas City Police Department.

Porres had a criminal history with convictions of carrying a weapon illegally, theft, and assault of a family member.

Texas law states that when you're in your home and you feel your life or the life of another is threatened, you have a right to defend yourself with lethal force.
Stockton, California

From the Stockton Record of July 20, 2005
Trial begins in fatal shooting at market

Opening statements began Tuesday in the trial of Carlos Valles Ojeda, who sat before a jury for the third time accused in the murder of an accomplice shot dead during a botched robbery.

Ojeda's first trial in connection to the Valentine's Day 2003 robbery of the Better Buy Market at Stanislaus and Sonora streets ended with a deadlocked jury.

San Joaquin County Superior Court Judge Richard M. Mallett called a mistrial the second time, citing misconduct and illness among jurors.

Ojeda, 28, is charged with murder, attempted murder and two counts of robbery. The third trial, heard by a fresh jury, is expected to last three weeks.

San Joaquin County Deputy District Attorney Chuck Schultz said during his opening statements Tuesday that Ojeda and his accomplice, Valdez Franklin, 28, walked into the market shortly after noon on Feb. 14, 2003, masked and armed with automatic pistols.

The pair demanded cash when Darrell Deal, the store's owner at the time, heard a shot fired. Deal slumped to the floor from gunshot injuries and reached for a gun he kept under the counter and fired back.

"Deal felt he was going to be killed," Schultz said. Deal survived the attack.

Moments later, Franklin was dead, and Ojeda fled in a black Nissan Pathfinder. A neighbor reported the license plate number to police, who traced it back to Ojeda, Schultz said.

Ojeda is charged with Franklin's death because he went into the robbery knowing death could be a consequence.

Oakhurst, California

From the Fresno Bee of July 20, 2005
Woman reflects on her acquittal

Oakhurst resident was charged with killing her husband.

Anita Sharen savored the tastes and touches of freedom Tuesday.

It was her first full day back in her mountain home after a Madera County jury found she acted in self-defense in the shooting death of her allegedly abusive husband in January. She had been in Madera County Jail since the shooting.

"I consider this a tragedy," Sharen said. "It should never have happened. It's a very sad event."

Sharen went out to breakfast Tuesday. People hugged her and welcomed her home, she said. And in the afternoon, she nestled on her living room couch with her pet Pekingese, Bernie.

She also considered what she might have done differently when, she says, her husband, George Sharen, started to hit her.

"I could have got help. That's what I regret. I regret that," she said. "Hindsight is 20/20. I should have reported it to my doctor more fully. He would have sent it to the authorities. That was one step I could have taken. I hid it. I hid it very well. I was very embarrassed. I'd never been treated like that."

Her regrets aside, she ended a legal fight for her freedom with great relief and some introspection, while a juror from Madera offered behind-the-scenes perspective on the case. In an e-mail to The Bee, juror Kevin Stansbury said he believed that Anita Sharen "was not in enough immediate danger that she should have shot and killed" her husband. Nevertheless, Stansbury ultimately voted to acquit, and he said Anita Sharen's "character" played "a huge role" in the jury's decision. He elaborated in an interview.

Houston, Texas

From the Houston Chronicle of July 19, 2005
Vehicle break-in draws gunfire

One of 3 men is shot after they were surprised by neighbors, one of whom is an officer

A trio of alleged burglars picked the wrong house early Tuesday, drawing gunfire from a next-door neighbor and a police officer who lives across the street and little sympathy from residents who said they were tired of being victimized by thieves.

One of the men was shot in the head and is not expected to recover, authorities said. The man, whose identity was not available, was on life support Tuesday night at Ben Taub General Hospital .

"They must not be from around here," said Sarah Dugger, who lives a block from the shooting scene in the 11700 block of Biscayne Way. "Everyone around here knows cops live there, and we like it."

"I'm sorry if they got hurt," Douglas Brown said. "But maybe it'll stop some of them."

Brown, who lives on Rittenhouse, said thieves burglarized his pickup last year, taking his stereo, CDs and the tools he uses to make his living in construction work.

"People ought to be able to own a few things without being afraid to go to sleep at night for fear they'll lose them," he said.

Homicide detectives said the shooting happened about 4:30 a.m. after north Houston homeowner Jaime Castilla Hernandez, 57, was awakened by his barking dog. He told officers he saw three men breaking into a Ford Expedition in a neighbor's driveway.

Hernandez called 911 and his son, Houston police officer Noe Hernandez, who lives across the street, detectives said.

The elder Hernandez took his 12-gauge shotgun outside and ordered the burglars to stop loading items into a minivan parked in the street. When they continued, investigators said, Hernandez fired a blast into the air and another in the direction of the thieves.

He told police he fired at the back of the van after one of the men pointed what appeared to be a weapon at him. Investigators said he may have wounded a man inside the van.

About the same time, detectives said, Noe Hernandez, wearing a police raid jacket with his badge hanging from his neck, ordered the three men to freeze and put their hands where he could see them.

Police said one of the men got into the driver's seat of the minivan and pointed a gun at Noe Hernandez, who fired.

The van started to speed away, leaving behind one of the men who had been hit in the head by gunfire. A department spokesman said it was unclear Tuesday night whose gunfire had struck the man.

About a half-block away, the minivan stopped. Investigators said the passenger got out and ran to the driver's door, pushing the driver out of the way and taking his place before speeding away. Police said that led them to believe the first driver also was wounded.
Northport, Alabama

From the Tuscaloosa News of July 20, 2005
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Man kills his alleged kidnapper

A Northport man shot his alleged kidnapper to death early Tuesday morning in the Huntington Place subdivision.

Lt. Loyd Baker, commander of the Tuscaloosa County Metro Homicide Unit, said the 53-year-old Northport man, whose name isn’t being released, said he shot his alleged kidnapper, Ricky Brimer, 49, of Haleyville, after Brimer abducted him from his second home in Haleyville on Monday afternoon.

“Brimer came to the victim’s Haleyville residence and abducted him at gunpoint, pistol-whipped him, shocked him with a stun gun and threatened to kill him," Baker said. “He was held there throughout the night by the suspect [Brimer] and then brought to the victim’s residence in the Huntington Place subdivision in Northport."

“The victim’s wife and daughter were home when they arrived, and the victim tricked the suspect into allowing the wife and daughter to leave the room under the pretense that they were going to get some photos to show the suspect," he said. “When they left the room, the victim obtained a gun from his house and shot Brimer once in the head."

Baker said the Northport man’s wife called the Northport Police Department at 7:57 a.m. right after she left the room where her husband was being held. Four minutes later, officers arrived and immediately called an ambulance after finding Brimer shot and barely breathing, Baker said.

Brimer was transported to DCH Regional Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead at 10:20 a.m., Baker said.

The Northport man was taken to DCH for several bruises and lacerations that he sustained to his head and body during the abduction.

At some point in the past, Baker said Brimer had lived with the Northport man and his family in their Huntington Place residence.

But because of several threats Brimer allegedly made against the Northport man and his family, Baker said Brimer was kicked out and that several protection orders were obtained to keep him away.

Baker said no charges have been filed against the Northport man, but he said the case would be forwarded to the grand jury for review.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Greenville, North Carolina

From the Greenville Daily Reflector of July 19, 2005
Domestic assault ends in shooting

A 26-year-old Greenville woman told police she shot her ex-husband early Monday after he forced his way into her apartment.

The woman told police she grabbed a handgun and told the man to leave her Cedar Creek residence, located on McGregor Downs Road, after he broke in and assaulted her around 2:30 a.m. When he came toward her, she shot him in the abdomen.

The man was transported to Pitt County Memorial Hospital after police found him lying on the living room floor. The man was listed in serious condition, a hospital spokeswoman said Monday evening.

Two children were in the apartment at the time of the incident but they were not injured. Police are investigating the break-in and the assault, Greenville Police Sgt. Sheri Dennison said. Officers also are investigating the shooting. No charges have been filed.

The couple has a history of domestic violence incidents, according to court records. The woman filed a restraining order against the man following an assault in April 1998. In May 1998, he was convicted of violating that order. The woman filed another order in February.
Marrero, Louisiana

From New Orlean’s of July 19, 2005
Suspects shot by jewelry store owner, employee during attempted robbery

A jewelry store owner and a fellow employee shot and wounded two suspects during an apparent attempted armed robbery in Marrero Tuesday morning.

According to Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office spokesman Colonel Bob Garner, a man dressed as an elderly woman strolled into Breaux’s Jewelry in the 1900 block of Barataria and announced he was going to rob the place.

Garner said the man took out a gun and fired and the store's owner, Michael Breaux, grabbed his own gun and a battle ensued during which the suspect was shot in the face. Garner said a second man then began firing into the store from outside and an employee grabbed the wounded suspect’s gun and also began shooting, hitting the man outside two to three times.

Both suspects ended up at the hospital, according to Garner, who said the second suspect may have been driven there by a getaway driver.

The store owner suffered a minor graze wound that may have been caused by a gunshot or flying glass.
Acampo, California

From the Lodi News-Sentinel of July 19, 2005
Sheriff will not seek charges on store clerks who shot robbery suspect

Although the district attorney's office may rule otherwise, San Joaquin County sheriff's investigators will not seek charges against two grocery clerks who shot a robbery suspect on Friday night, sheriff's spokesman Les Garcia said.

Galt resident Daniel Godoy, 37, allegedly attempted to rob A.M. Market at the northwest corner of Acampo Road and the eastern frontage road off Highway 99, at about 9:30 p.m. Friday, Garcia said.

A clerk allegedly shot Godoy in the arm and neck during the attempted robbery, Garcia said. A second clerk shot Godoy as well outside the store after Godoy attacked the first clerk, Garcia said.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Kansas City, Missouri

From of July 18, 2005
Police: Woman Shoots Intruder

Investigation Continues Into Shooting

Police said a woman shot an intruder after he broke into her home near 34th Street and Norton early Monday morning.

The man was shot in the head. He is in serious condition at a hospital.

KMBC's Brenda Washington reported that there were four children inside the home at the time. The homeowner told a friend that she felt she had no choice but to shoot after the man started to break in the door of her daughter's bedroom.

The shooting is under investigation. No charges have been filed.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

New Orleans, Louisiana

From of July 15, 2005
Man Shot During Home Invasion In Destrehan, Police Say

One man is dead after police said he broke into an apartment with two other suspects and was shot by the resident.

Nikita Dabney, 20, of Destrehan, was pronounced dead at about 12:30 p.m. at the scene at 355 Meadows St.

According to investigators, Dabney, Samuel Binett Jr., 19, and a 16-year-old who is not being named because of his age used an extension ladder to break into the second floor window of an apartment building.

Police said Dabney entered the apartment and was shot by person who lived there. He climbed down ladder and collapsed in the yard.

No charges have been filed against the shooter, but Binett and the juvenile face charges of manslaughter and breaking and entering. Police said the manslaughter charge was filed because it's an element of the crime.
Houston, Texas

From Channel 2 in Houston, July 15, 2005:
HOUSTON -- A homeowner fatally shot a man trying to break into his southwest Houston home Friday, Local 2 reported.

Officers with the Houston Police Department said a man in his 30s was fatally shot five times by the owner of a home in the 7800 block of Bellewood near Wirt.

The homeowner told police the man tried breaking into his home at about 3:45 a.m., and that when he approached the suspect, that man walked back to his car to retrieve a gun.

Police said when the suspect approached the home a second time, the homeowner opened fire on the man at the front door, hitting him at least five times.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Houston, Texas

From Houston’s of July 4, 2005
Convenience store owner fatally shoots would-be armed robber

A convenience store owner turned the tables on a would-be armed robber, leading to some deadly consequences.

It happened at the Sunny's food store on Synott near High Star in southwest Houston just after 9pm Sunday. Police say the suspect walked into the store, jumped the counter, and demanded money while pointing a gun at the owner and another customer in the store. The owner was able to produce a gun to protect himself.

"The store owner fired two shots and the suspect was later found dead behind the store," said Officer Philip Yochum with the Houston Police Department.

Police say the owner has not been charged, and that the case will be turned over to the Harris County District Attorney's Office.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Myakka City, Florida

From the Bradenton Herald of May 29, 2005
Sarasota man in love triangle killed

A man told authorities he shot and killed his girlfriend's ex-husband Saturday in self-defense.

James A. Towns, 47, called the sheriff's office and told them what he'd done at 12:16 p.m. - moments after the shooting took place.

"The caller advised that he had shot a man and that he was dead," a release from the Manatee County Sheriff's Office stated. "The caller stayed on the phone until deputies arrived and he was cooperative. The victim and the suspect have a history of violence."

A Manatee County ambulance followed a dirt pathway winding past a set of pine trees to a house, nestled deep in Myakka City's countryside along the 14000 block of Sugarbowl Road. As paramedics recovered the body of 41-year-old Frederick C. Lehnert of Sarasota, which lay inside the house, detectives worked to piece together the story behind Saturday's fatal shooting.

"They knew each other," Manatee County sheriff's Capt. Dennis Dummer said as he stood watch outside the property.

"It was an ongoing feud."

Towns was questioned, but not taken into custody Saturday.

Because the shooting seems to have been in self-defense, as of Saturday night, the state attorney's office did not file any charge against Towns pending further investigation, the release stated.

Authorities say the two men were acquaintances. At one point, Lehnert was married to the woman, who is now dating Towns, Manatee County sheriff's spokesman Dave Bristow said. Lehnert and the woman separated or divorced.

"There'd been some threats made by the victim (Lehnert) in the last couple of days, according to the shooter," Bristow said, adding that the two may have argued over the woman when Lehnert went to Towns' house Saturday. "They exchanged words, then he took a few steps towards the shooter."

Lehnert was holding a beer bottle when he tried to attack Towns, authorities said. That's when Towns fired his shotgun at close range, killing Lehnert.
No subsequent stories about this incident were found.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Trenton, South Carolina

From (Georgia's) Augusta Chronicle of July 13, 2005
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Laundromat owner nabs burglary suspects

A Trenton, S.C., politician and businessman turned crime stopper when he thwarted a burglary at his coin laundry.

Edgefield County Councilman Willie Bright said he had gone to his business on the corner of U.S. Highway 25 and Community Road early Sunday to close it. He asked two men who were standing outside the building to leave, he said.

He drove away but returned 30 to 45 minutes later and saw that a dryer door was open.

"I backed up and called 911," Mr. Bright said. "I got my shotgun in the back of my car, and I went inside."

He discovered Quinn Mabry, 24, under a bench and held him until deputies arrived, Edgefield County sheriff's Lt. Randy Doran said.

"I can't say I wasn't afraid," Mr. Bright said, "because I didn't know if he had a gun or not."

However, he said, he was determined to protect his property. He said no weapons were found at the scene.
Memphis, Tennessee

From the Memphis Commercial-Appeal of July 13, 2005
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Robbery suspect killed at diner

Shawn Williams pointed to the bullet holes in the wooden walls of the coffee shop where his brother was shot hours earlier Tuesday.

Police say his 22-year-old brother Brandon Underwood and a woman, both armed with knives, came in about 12:45 a.m. and tried to rob the CK's.

An off-duty security guard having coffee in the shop shot Underwood and killed him.

"I heard he didn't get no money or nothing," Williams said, standing on the porch of the restaurant at 3530 Summer, where customers continued to come in for breakfast. "That man that shot him could have just shot him in the arm or leg."

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Houston, Texas

From Houston’s of May 13, 2005
Guard Fatally Shoots Gentleman's Club Customer

Officials Say Guard Has License To Carry Handgun

A security guard at a northwest Houston gentleman's club stands accused of shooting and killing a customer Friday morning, police told Local 2.

The guard told police he shot the man in the chest after they became involved in an argument in the club's parking lot.

Homicide officials said the guard is licensed to carry a gun and has the privilege to fire the gun if he is in fear of his life or in order to protect the club.

Officials said they would investigate to ensure all proper procedures were followed. The case will then be turned over to the district attorney's office.
No subsequent stories about this incident were found.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Shreveport, Louisiana

From Shreveport‘s of July 11, 2005
Man killed in neighborhood shootout

A shootout in a west Shreveport neighborhood just before noon today left a man dead. The man who shot him appears to have acted in self-defense, police said.

The shooting happened at Adrian and Kelly Key streets in Mooretown.

Killed was Anthony Riley, 38, of Adrian Street.

Police said there was an ongoing dispute between Riley and a 43-year-old man. It escalated today, witnesses said, and Riley pulled a gun and started shooting at the other man in the middle of the street. The other man returned fire, hitting Riley in the chest.

The case will be referred to the Caddo district attorney's office for a decision on charges. The name of the man who shot Riley was not made public because no charges were filed.
Jackson, Mississippi

From the Jackson Clarion-Ledger of July 11, 2005
Man claims self-defense in shooting

Case to go before grand jury, Jackson police spokesman says

A Jackson man who fatally shot an acquaintance Saturday afternoon said he acted in self-defense.

Nathan Rouser, 69, of 226 Vandergriff St. was questioned and released by police after shooting Brice Taylor, 39, at the west Jackson intersection of Morson Road and Summer Place at about 4:30 p.m., Jackson police spokesman Robert Graham said.

The case will be presented to a grand jury, Graham said.

Rouser said Taylor and two other men were riding in his car after the group visited a friend's home.

Rouser said he pulled his 1997 Buick Riviera to the side of the road and asked Taylor to get out the car after he began arguing with another passenger. Rouser said he's known Taylor about a year.

"He had a Boy Scout knife and he was about to cut a man in my car," Rouser said. "I opened the door and said, 'Find a way home.' "

Rouser said Taylor got out of the car and Rouser proceeded to drop off the other two men at their homes. But at the intersection of Morson Road and Summer Place, Taylor "came out of the bushes with a pistol," Rouser said.

"I had no other choice but to get my pistol (from) the car floor," he said. "If I hadn't shot him, he would have killed me. He had it pointed in my face. I've been thinking about it all night."

Rouser said Taylor left the scene after being shot. The two other men in Rouser's car also fled. Rouser said he called Jackson police and his wife, who came to pick him up.

Taylor died from a single gunshot wound to the chest, Hinds County Coroner Sharon Grisham-Stewart said. Both weapons were recovered, police said.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Windsor, Colorado

From the Denver Post of July 10, 2005
Suspect shot in head by liquor store owner

An armed-robbery suspect was in critical condition at North Colorado Medical Center after being shot in the head Friday afternoon by the Windsor liquor store owner he allegedly attempted to stick up.

According to the Weld County Sheriff's Department, the suspect, identified as 32-year-old Douglas Wies, entered the Corner Liquors store near 6th Street and Ash in Windsor about 5 p.m. Friday with a mask covering his face. He held what appeared to be a weapon wrapped in a scrap of cloth.

The suspect forced three people, including store owner Ron Trauernicht, his wife, Norma, and a customer into the narrow cooler that ran the length of the store, the sheriff's office said. All three escaped through the cooler's back exit.

Trauernicht hurried back into his store. He grabbed a gun he kept behind the counter and told an uncompliant Wies to drop his weapon, according to the sheriff's office.

After a short standoff, Trauernicht fired at the startled robber. The bullet went straight into the weapon Wies held - the mouth of an aluminium garden hose nozzle disguised by a T-shirt rag, the sheriff's office said.

The bullet pierced the lightweight nozzle and struck Wies in the forehead. Wies was airlifted to North Colorado Medical Center, where he remained in the critical care unit Saturday.

Saturday, July 9, 2005

Dry Ridge, Kentucky

From of July 9, 2005
79-Year-Old Shoots Two Intruders In Home, Police Say

A 79-year-old man with a .357 magnum revolver shot two men after they broke into his home overnight, police said.

Police answering a call about a break-in and burglary found two men shot outside a home on Ellen Kay Drive in Grant County.

The shootings happened just before 5 a.m. Saturday.

Police said they found one wounded man in the driveway and followed a trail of blood to the other man nearby.

AirCare helicopters flew the men to Grant County Hospital.

Police are investigating.
Fort Wayne, Indiana

From the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette of July 9, 2005
Merchant ends holdup, shoots robber

A discount tobacco store owner shot and critically wounded a would-be robber after he took money from the proprietor at gunpoint Friday night, Fort Wayne police said.

The gunman, whose name was withheld, approached the owner at his business, the Smokehouse Tobacco Outlet, 2217 S. Lafayette St., at 7:41 p.m., demanding money, Fort Wayne police spokeswoman Robin Thompson said.

The proprietor gave the man cash, then pulled a gun while the would-be robber was walking away from the counter.

The proprietor fired several shots, hitting the intruder, Thompson said.

The would-be robber, who is in his 20s, was taken to a hospital in critical condition, Thompson said.

One customer was inside the store and another was outside, Thompson said, but neither was injured.

The owner of the store was taken to police headquarters on Creighton Avenue to be interviewed.

Prosecutors will decide whether he acted in self-defense or whether his actions warrant criminal charges. No charges had been filed as of late Friday.

There have been other holdups in recent years in which would-be robbers were shot and killed.

A man who tried to rob a downtown liquor store in August 2003 was killed when he faced a counterattack by an employee. Cecil Eugene Wilson, 25, was shot to death during the robbery attempt at Cap n’ Cork, 1031 Broadway.

The shooter, Matthew Novak, was cleared of any criminal charges.

In November 2002, an employee at a gas station shot and killed a would-be robber. Patrick E. Byrd Jr., 26, was shot multiple times after he entered Sunoco, 5133 Coldwater Road, pointed a gun at the employee and demanded money.

The employee, John W. Washington III, pulled his own gun and fired several shots. He then followed Byrd out the door and fired more shots. Byrd, who did not fire his weapon, died at a hospital. Washington was not charged in the shooting.
From of September 7, 2005
Shooting at store deemed defense

Prosecutor said owner had reason to believe he would be harmed.

The owner of a discount tobacco store on South Lafayette Street was justified when he shot a man police said was trying to rob the business, the Allen County Prosecutor’s Office has determined.

Prosecutor Karen Richards said store owner Mike Venable acted in self-defense when he shot Lee J. Church after Church pulled a gun and demanded cash. Richards said she watched a videotape of the incident, and was convinced Venable had reason to believe he would be harmed if he did not comply with Church’s demands.

Richards said Church carried a gun that used a carbon dioxide cartridge to fire projectiles. The weapon resembled a semi-automatic pistol, the prosecutor said, but did not fire actual bullets.

Police said Church entered the store about 7:45 p.m. July 8, pulled the gun and demanded money. Venable gave him cash from the store’s register, then police said Church said he also wanted money from the sale of lottery tickets that was kept separately from the store receipts.

Venable began to back away from the counter, a police report said, and Church walked toward him. Venable then retrieved a gun he kept behind the counter and fired, striking Church.

Church has been charged with felony counts of robbery and false informing. Police said he initially told them his name was Anthony White, but said they learned his true identity two days after the shooting when his mother called detectives and said she believed her son might have been involved in the attempted robbery and shooting. Church’s mother eventually identified him through tattoos on his body, police said.

Church, who suffered critical injuries, is being held in the Allen County Jail pending an initial court appearance.

Friday, July 8, 2005

Gaffney, South Carolina

From Columbia’s of July 6, 2005
Gaffney woman won't face charges in husband's death

Prosecutors say Gaffney woman who shot and killed her husband will not face charges.

The Cherokee County prosecutor determined Wednesday that Regina Rector acted in self defense when she killed 30-year-old Dennis

Rector with a single gunshot wound to his stomach from a .50-caliber rifle.

Dennis Rector was found shot to death at his home Friday night.

Regina Rector told investigators her husband armed himself, gave her a rifle and backed her into a closet. Regina Rector says she fired when her husband pointed his gun at her and moved like he was going to shoot.

Sunday, July 3, 2005

Dallas, Texas

From the Dallas News of July 3, 2005
Police identify intruder who was shot to death

Dallas police have identified a 25-year old man shot to death Friday afternoon after he tried to break into a woman's home in Buckner Terrace. Police said Lamar Marshall of Dallas tried to enter the woman's home in the 5100 block of Freestone Circle and was shot. Police are not releasing the name of the woman, who had sought a protective order against Mr. Marshall on Thursday. The case is being referred to a grand jury, police said.
Charlotte, North Carolina

From the Charlotte Observer of July 3, 2005
1 suspect arrested, 2 sought in home invasion

Authorities have arrested one suspect in an east Charlotte home invasion last week, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said Saturday. At 11:51 p.m. Thursday, three people broke into a home in the 2200 block of Falmouth Road. The homeowner fired a shot at the armed suspects, police said. Police said they arrested a man later that night and are seeking two others in the case, police Capt. E.F. Mathis said.