Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Kent, Washington

From Seattle’s of November 30, 2005
Kent Police Search For Robbery Suspects In Jewelry Store Holdup

Three suspects entered Kent Jewelry and Loan on 624 W. Meeker in Kent Tuesday evening and told the sales person to get on the floor. The 40-year-old salesman dropped to his knees as one of the suspects put a gun to his head.

The owner of the Jewelry store stepped from behind a display rack with his pistol and fired one shot at one of the suspects standing by the door.

The three suspects fled the store. Nothing was stolen.

Two of the suspects were described as black males, the third is of an unknown race. The three suspects appeared to be in their mid 20’s. Each suspect wore a mask.
Golden Gate, Florida

From the Palm Beach Post of November 16, 2005
Would-be victim wrestles, disarms suspect

Salvador Mijares planned to give a couple of bucks to a fellow Hispanic he thought was a panhandler outside a convenience store Monday night, but when the man pointed a gun at him, Mijares figured he was going to have to defend himself.

Tossing some change on the ground to distract the would-be robber, Mijares pulled out his own weapon, a.45-caliber handgun, and prepared to fire.

"When you have a gun pointed in your face, you have to defend yourself," Mijares said Tuesday. "I don't like trouble. I don't like to fight. But I was scared for my life."

Mijares, who has a permit to carry a concealed weapon, said he pulled the trigger just as the robber hit his arm, causing two shots to fire in the air outside the store in Golden Gate, south of Stuart.

He was able to wrestle with the assailant and knock his weapon away. Witnesses called 911 while Mijares held the man by the shirt.

Martin County sheriff's deputies arrested Cleotilde Palacios, 28, of 3922 S.E. Camino St., on charges of robbing Mijares and another man who was approached a few minutes earlier and robbed of his bicycle, a watch and a knife, according to arrest records.

Palacios was held at the Martin County jail Tuesday in lieu of $40,000 bail.

Deputies retrieved the gun Palacios was carrying and found it was a BB pistol.

Mijares, who said he is familiar with guns and owns several, said he thought it looked like a 9mm handgun when it was pointed at his head in the dark.

"I could have killed a guy over a BB gun," Mijares said.
Mount Vernon, New York

From the White Plains Journal News of November 30, 2005
Guard kills would-be robber in Mount Vernon shootout

A guard shot it out with two would-be robbers today in front of a check cashing store, killing one and possibly injuring the second.

The second robber escaped.

The shootout happened around 8:30 a.m. at American Check Cashing and Finance Service, 242 S. Fulton Ave., as it opened for business.

Michael Colasuonno, co-owner of the business, gave this account

Two female employees were entering the store as the security guard, 62 years old, watched from a pickup truck. One robber tried to push into the place behind one of the women. The guard stepped out of the truck, pulled a gun and exchanged fire with the would-be robbers. One fell dead; the other ran off.

The guard and female employees were not injured, Colasuonno said.

The shootout left the store window shattered. A would-be robber's 9mm gun lay beneath the guard's car. A pile of bloody clothes sat on the sidwalk in front of the store.
Omaha, Nebraska

From the Omaha World-Herald of November 30, 2005
Requires Free Registration
One dead, one injured in Benson shooting

With a gun pointed at his business partner's head, an owner of Benson Jewelry and Loan shot at two men attempting to rob the pawnshop Tuesday afternoon, the wife of one of the shop's owners said.

The shooting left one of the men who entered the shop dead and another in extremely critical condition.

The owners of the shop, Norm Sargent and Ken Blankenship, are fine, said Sargent's wife, Beth, when reached at home.

Beth Sargent said her husband told her two men were robbing the store and one pointed a gun to her husband's head. She said her husband told her that Blankenship shot at the robbers.

Norm Sargent and Ken Blankenship were still at police headquarters giving statements late Tuesday night.

Police would not confirm Tuesday night details of how the shooting occurred, or who had done the shooting. Police Officer Andrew Passo did say, however, that no suspects were being sought.

Killed in the shooting was Kendall Tealer, 18. The other shooting victim, Brandon Bowie, 17, was in critical condition at the Nebraska Medical Center. A radio dispatcher said rescue workers attempted to resuscitate one man en route to the hospital. A hospital spokeswoman declined to give a report on Bowie's condition late Tuesday night.
From Omaha’s of December 2, 2005
No Charges Against Pawn Shop Owner

Acted in self defense

The Douglas County Attorney will not file charges against the owner of a Benson pawn shop following a fatal shooting this week.

County Attorney Stu Dornan has reviewed the evidence and determined that Ken Blankenship Sr. fired at would be robbers in self-defense.

Dornan's review of the evidence indicated the suspects were in the store for about 15 seconds and that the shots were fired over a period of five seconds.

Blankenship shot and wounded 17-year-old Brandon Bowie who was holding a handgun to the head of the pawn shop's co-owner. He then turned and fired on 18-year-old Kendall Tealer Jr. after Blankenship claimed Tealer had grabbed a shotgun sitting behind the store's counter. He fired again at Tealer's back as he was running out of the store. Tealer died in the street in front of the pawn shop.

For the first time Dornan's review of the evidence indicated that Tealer was also carrying a loaded weapon and had pointed it at Blanekenship's head.

Dornan says he will file charges of robbery and use of a weapon against Bowie who remains hospitalized following the shooting.
From Omaha’s of August 23, 2006
Pawnshop Plea

Suspect doesn't contest charges

Eighteen-year-old Brandon Bowie has pleaded no contest to charges in connection with a botched robbery of a Benson pawnshop.

In November, Bowie and Kendall Tealer were shot when they tried to rob the Benson Jewelry and Loan. Bowie was paralyzed and Tealer died.

The Douglas County attorney found that the store's owner acted in self-defense when he shot the two armed robbers.

Bowie entered his plea Tuesday and will be sentenced in November. He faces up to 70 years in prison.
Bradenton, Florida

From the Sarasota Herald-Tribune of November 30, 2005
Guard shoots, kills man who pointed pellet gun

A security guard shot and killed a man suspected of car burglary early Tuesday who authorities say was armed with a pellet gun.

No charges have been filed against the guard, Pablo Feliciano, 33, who works for Critical Intervention Services. The shooting happened about 2 a.m. at Manatee Woods Apartments in the 3400 block of Fifth Street East.

Feliciano told detectives that he heard a car alarm going off outside a vacant duplex and went to investigate. He said he saw a man breaking into a vehicle.

The suspect ran as Feliciano approached. Feliciano chased the suspect, who authorities say turned and pointed a gun -- later determined to be a pellet gun -- at him. The guard fired two rounds at the suspect, who turned and took off. Sheriff's deputies found the man's body in the next block.

Detectives on Tuesday did not release the name of the shooting victim; there was no identification on the body. Sheriff's spokesman Dave Bristow said the shooting would likely be deemed justifiable.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Youngstown, Ohio

From Youngstown’s of November 29, 2005
Youngstown Police Investigate Southside Robbery, Shootout

A robbery turns into a shootout on the south side of Youngstown. This after three armed men force their way in without knowing the owner had a gun of his own.

The sign outside the Market Street license bureau says “closed” and things are very quiet at the moment, but the multiple bullet holes in the window are an example of some very recent violence.

According to police reports, three unidentified black males entered the bureau on Market Street carrying handguns. They jumped over the counter demanding money. One of the suspects moved to the back of the building and pointed a gun at the owner. The owner, however, was carrying a gun of his own and shot at the suspects, who then fled the building with about $350 in cash.

This is the second this month the same location has been robbed and it seems its future may be in doubt at least in the short term.
Albany, Georgia

From Albany’s of November 21, 2005
Armed resident holds criminal for police

Bill Mitchell, who live in the Rawson Circle, on the Avenues in North Central Albany, turned the table on two burglars, holding one at gunpoint until police arrived.

Barking dogs awoke Bill and Anne Mitchell around 1:30 Sunday morning. When Anne looked out, she saw two men in their backyard shed. "Earlier that day we had been talking about what happened to Mandy and Mike Flynn , and I was telling him how furious I was, and sick and tired of it," said Anne Mitchell.

Anne ran for her husband, but what she did not know was Bill was already in the yard confronting one of the burglars. Bill Mitchell said "I asked what he was doing. He kept running, and I just grabbed him when he ran by."

Because of those robberies, Bill had shown Anne where he kept his pistol, and she went and got it. Anne Mitchell said, "I said 'I got the gun honey, you want me to shoot him?' He said 'No, don't shoot him, just go call the Police.'"

Police arrested 18-year-old Michael Newsome and 19-year-old Jason Word, and charged them with burglary. Anne Mitchell said, "I think as citizens we are getting pretty tired of this happening. And we need some answers and some leadership that will step up to the plate."

(More about crime in their neighborhood)
Mooresville, North Carolina

From the Charlotte Observer of November 29, 2005
Convenience store owner shot

A convenience store owner was shot to death in an apparent robbery as he opened his store on U.S. 21 early this morning, Iredell County Sheriff's deputies said.

Hoan Xuan Nguyen, 41, died at the scene, deputies said. He exchanged gunfire with his assailant, Iredell County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Rick Dowdle said. Dowdle said he didn't know if the other person was shot.

Investigators have no suspects, but are reviewing the store's surveillance tapes. Investigators do not know if anything is missing from the store.
South Patrick Shores, Florida

From Melbourne’s of November 29, 2005
No charges after man kills neighbor

Resident defending self, state says

A South Patrick Shores man was legally defending himself when he shot and killed a man pounding on his front door in September, a state attorney has ruled.

Volusia County State Attorney John Tanner has decided to drop a charge of manslaughter with a firearm against Gary Otto, 48. Otto faces no criminal charges in the nighttime shooting death of his Waterway Estates neighbor, Dan Twadell, 40, said Linda Pruitt, spokeswoman for Tanner's office.

Otto was charged with manslaughter after shooting Twadell in the head at close range with a .357-caliber revolver. Otto and his 85-year-old father were sleeping when Twadell and three other men beat on the door and threatened to kill him, police reports show.

The dispute was sparked after someone slashed tires on two trucks in the driveway of Twadell's Skylark Boulevard house. Twadell, a computer software engineer, had been drinking at Sports Page Bar in Satellite Beach hours before the shooting.

Twadell's blood-alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit when he confronted Otto, records show. His three companions also had been drinking.

In his ruling, Tanner wrote Florida's "Castle Doctrine" law permitted Otto to use deadly force during "what appeared to be a home invasion type of violent attack."

"Mr. Otto had good cause to fear for his life and personal safety and that of his elderly father," Tanner stated.

Tanner investigated the case instead of the Brevard County State Attorney's Office because Otto's brother is a Titusville police commander.
Gary, Indiana

From the Merrillville Post-Tribune of November 29, 2005
Woman won’t face charges in killing

The woman who shot and killed her brother in a violent struggle inside the mobile home they shared is not expected to be charged, police said Monday.

Christie Jones, 29, was questioned in the death of her brother, Donald Jones, 34, who was shot several times as he tried to attack her about 1 a.m. Friday, police said.

Homicide Squad Detective Jeff Hemphill presented evidence to the Lake County prosecutor Monday. The case is being reviewed, but officials said it appears the woman acted in self defense and will not be charged.

“He had started choking her and threw her around. He threw her into the room where she kept her gun,” Detective Cpl. Thomas Decanter said.

It was the second violent outburst by Donald Jones in less than 24 hours.

How and why he was set free after he had been caught stealing from a neighbor’s trailer, then threatened the resident with a knife is unclear.

Chief Garnett Watson said Monday the incident is being reviewed.

“Detective (Jervean) Gates told me it was a mistake,” Dan McDonald said Monday.

McDonald was the victim of a break-in Thursday who confronted Jones and a woman as they rifled through his belongings.

“He was in my home, he kicked in my door and tried to kill me,” McDonald said.

Police responded to Glenview Mobile Home Park twice Thursday before apprehending Jones, who fled from officers. McDonald said even after the man was handcuffed and inside the squad car, he continued to threaten McDonald.

“I don’t want to see anyone dead, but he was obviously crazy. If he had wrestled the gun away from her, he could have come to my house,” McDonald said.

Residents in the mobile home park said Jones returned to the area in a stolen pickup and was driving in circles in a nearby vacant lot. He tried to sell the truck to a neighbor, but during the discussion saw his sister return home and went to speak to her.

“Ten minutes later, he was shot,” McDonald said.

McDonald said he wants answers on how Jones was released from jail so quickly.

“I’m outraged,” he said. “He didn’t have a bond. They just took a report and let him go. I’m still in shock from all of this.”
St. Robert, Missouri

From the Waynesville Daily Guide of November 29, 2005
Thanksgiving Day shooting injures one

A St. Robert man was severely beaten and a Waynesville man shot early Thanksgiving morning during an altercation in the Applewood Apartments on Highway Y north of St. Robert.

Roosevelt Overton, 18, of Waynesville, has been charged with first-degree burglary and is being held on a $100,000 bond, according to Pulaski County Sheriff J.B. King. A second person whose name has not been released was shot during the incident and fled to the Brookview Apartments. That man is in a Springfield hospital for medical treatment and awaiting surgery, King said.

“His condition is serious enough that he isn’t going anywhere anyway so it doesn’t matter (whether he is charged),” King said. “He took two or three hits and at least one of them to the chest and one to the face.”

King said he believes Overton, the person who was shot, and a third person went to the Applewood Apartments to confront another person on personal matters. The Applewood tenant was attacked, King said, and suffered serious injuries.

“He was beaten and choked with some kind of chain or cord around his neck,” King said. “I think he shot in self-defense, but I’m not sure.”

Las Cruces, New Mexico

From Albuquerque’s of November 29, 2005
Man fatally shot in Las Cruces-area home

Dona Ana County sheriff’s investigators are trying to track down someone who kicked in the front door of a home and fatally shot a man inside.

Sergeant Mark Perea says 25-year-old Daniel Perez was shot in the back early Sunday.

Perea says Perez had grabbed a shotgun and fired once through his front door at the intruder. Perez says the intruder then kicked the door open and shot Perez in the back.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Thorndale, Texas

From the Bryan Eagle of November 28, 2005
Thorndale 'killing frenzy' investigated

Dogs that attacked woman may be euthanized

Jack Stiles was watching football Saturday afternoon in his Thorndale home when he heard an urgent knock at the front door.

A man, pursued by a pack of pit bull-rottweiler crossbreeds, shouted at the 76-year-old Stiles, "There's a body in your yard."

Then the man asked frantically: "Do you have a gun?"

Stiles retrieved his .22-caliber pistol and shot one of the six dogs in his yard. The other dogs dispersed. Stiles then followed the man, whose leg had been punctured, to the blood-covered body in his yard.

He didn't immediately recognize his wife of 55 years lying on the ground.

"I wouldn't have known that this was my wife had I not recognized her clothes," Stiles said.

Milam County investigators returned Sunday to the home where Lillian Stiles was fatally attacked by a pack of dogs in what the sheriff described as a "killing frenzy."

The 76-year-old woman was riding a lawn mower in her front yard on F.M. 486 in Thorndale at about 4:15 p.m. when the dogs approached her. Sheriff's deputies say she may have gotten off the lawn mower and headed for her house when she was attacked.

Stiles suffered severe bites all over her body, investigators said.

"It's quite traumatic," Sheriff Charlie West said. "This woman was mutilated."

(Much more)
Houston, Texas

From the Houston Chronicle of November 27, 2005
Suspect killed during alleged robbery

An apparent armed robber was killed early Sunday while fighting with his victim at a north Houston apartment complex, police said.

The victim was in his truck at the complex in the 100 block of Northpoint when he was approached about 3:30 a.m. by the assailant, who tried to rob him, Houston police said. Both men were shot during the struggle.

The suspected robber was struck in the head and died at the scene. The victim was shot in the abdomen and groin area. He was taken to an area hospital. His condition was unknown.
Jackson, Mississippi

From the Jackson Clarion-Ledger of November 28, 2005
Burglary suspect killed on porch

Resident fired gun through front door to scare men, brother says

A Jackson man who shot through his front door at a suspected house burglar early Sunday morning never intended to kill him, a relative said.

But Marcus Rawls, 23, of Jackson was found dead on the porch at 4:36 a.m. wearing a ski mask and gloves, officials said.

Tory Willis said his brother, Cedric Marshall, was shaken up after learning he had fatally shot a man at 464 Willaman St.

"He was trying to protect himself," said Willis, 23. "He wasn't trying to kill anybody."

Jackson Police Department Detective Brendon Bell said police had not charged the shooter as of Sunday night.

Bell would neither identify nor confirm the shooter described as "an occupant of the house," but Willis identified his brother as the shooter.

Marshall could not be reached. But during an interview at the home Sunday afternoon, Willis described what happened.

Willis said his brother told him two men he didn't know knocked on his door at 2 a.m. Sunday. And when Marshall didn't answer, the men tried to kick down his door, so he fired shots to scare the men off. Thinking he had done so, he went to bed, Willis said.

A few hours later, Marshall's cousin drove by the house and called Marshall when he saw a man lying on the porch, Willis said.

Rawls died from a gunshot wound to the head, said Hinds County Coroner Sharon Grisham-Stewart.

"Right now the case has to be prepared and presented to the grand jury," Bell said. The grand jury will determine whether the shooting was justifiable.

Bell could not confirm whether there was a second potential burglar.

Many of the surrounding neighbors on Willaman Street said the neighborhood is usually quiet except for a recent string of break-ins.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Columbus, Ohio

From November 26, 2005 WBNS channel 10:
A robber takes shots at a convenience store clerk, and the clerk shoots back. It happened this afternoon on Kimberly Parkway in Southeast Columbus.

It all started around 1 p.m., that's when Chaudhary Najeeb says one of the men came inside and told him to get down on the ground and give him money from the drawer. He also asked for video surveillance tape.

Once he thought it was safe, Najeeb got up and ran to the front doors, that's when he found himself between the robber and the exit.

He says the robber fired first, and then he fired back. Nobody was hurt in the gunfire.
Boise, Idaho

I never expected such an incident this close at hand. I do not expect that this will make the newspaper--and yet such incidents are probably very common.

My neighbor Brett is about my age. Saturday in the wee hours of the morning, his two dachshunds made a heck of a racket, but he thought nothing of it. Sunday (today) about 5:30 AM, they made a racket again--and our dog Biscuit started making a racket as well. My wife assumed this was a call of nature--but Biscuit ran to the fence that we share with Brett, and went completely beserk. My wife assumed that Biscuit was barking because of Brett's dachshunds. Nope.

It turns out that someone went through an unlocked gate, and through the unlocked door from the back yard in to the garage. (Both of these security holes have now been fixed.) The dachshunds apparently made a serious effort to stop the intruder, but this guy was very intent on getting in.

He went to the room of Brett's daughter who was visiting from college (Brigham Young University), and actually entered her room--but by this point, Brett was up, and beginning to try and figure out why the dogs were making such an extraordinary racket. His wife then told Brett that there was an intruder. Brett grabbed a gun, and started searching the house. The intruder apparently hid in a bathroom until Brett got past him, and then ran down the stairs and out the front door. Brett didn't ever see him--his son was sleeping in the living room, saw someone pass through, and assumed it was Brett.

The police are of the opinion that this was probably a rapist, because of the level of persistence (making attempts on two nights in a row, and not being deterred by the dogs), and that he went directly to the daughter's room, and didn't steal anything.

Brett never got off a shot, and never even aimed a gun at the intruder--but the intruder must have realized that if the man of the house is looking for an intruder in Idaho, he's not going to blow kisses at you.

Brett is now busily enhancing security at his home. Being from Los Angeles, we already operate in full paranoid mode, so it doesn't change things much.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Cleveland, Ohio

From Cleveland’s of November 26, 2005
Teen dead in deli shooting

A teenager is dead this morning after a west side deli owner opens fire.

According to Cleveland police, the storeowner says he shot and killed the teen after the teen pointed a sawed off shotgun at the storeowner's wife.

The victim, 17-year-old Larry Young III, died as result of a gunshot wound to the head.

There's been no arrest in the shooting.
Owensboro, Kentucky

From Evansville, Indiana’s of November 26, 2005
Owensboro Man Found Dead

An Owensboro man is dead after his attack goes awry.

Police say they found 38-year-old David Hardy dead around 3 a.m. Saturday in the Ever Day Laundromat in Owensboro.

They believe he was shot once in the chest after he tried to attack 40-year-old David Ranburger outside of the 24-hour laundromat.

Police say Ranburger isn't in custody because he may have been acting in self-defense.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

From Philadelphia’s of November 26, 2005
Robbery Inside Indoor Shooting Range

There was a robbery that turned violent in northeast Philadelphia.

It happened the C and C Sports Center, an indoor shooting range and gun shop, on Geiger Road. Investigators tell Action News, just after 10 Friday night, three men burst inside for a hold up. They stole guns and cash from the business. Police say the owner was able to grab a gun in the store and chase the suspects away.

The men were allegedly shot at and one may have been wounded.

They dropped a number of guns as they ran away. So far, no arrests.
Norfolk, Virginia

From Norfolk’s of November 26, 2005
Both Victim and Suspect Shot in Alleged Attempted Robbery in Norfolk

Police in Norfolk are investigating after an apparent attempted robbery ended with both the victim and the suspect shot early Saturday morning.

Officials say the incident happened around 12:30am.

According to authorities, as one man tried to rob another, both opened fire.

The victim of the suspected robbery attempt was found in the 8000 block of Foxdale Drive with non-life threatening wounds.

His alleged robber was found at a 7-Eleven in the 800 block of East Little Creek Road.

Police are continuing their investigation into the incident.
Laramie, Wyoming

From the Laramie Boomerang of November 25, 2005
Laramie man shot and killed

Brandon Martinez, a 19-year-old Laramie resident, was shot and killed Friday morning at 2 a.m.

Martinez was allegedly trying to enter the house at 712 Russell to make contact with an estranged girlfriend when James Martino, age 55, shot Martinez once in the chest with a .22-caliber handgun, said Commander Dale Stalder of the Laramie Police Department.

No arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing as to whether the shooting was justified, said Stalder. County Attorney Richard Bohling is assisting with the investigation, but his office was closed on Friday.

Martinez had a stick or bat in his hand when he was trying to enter the house, said Stalder. Though Martinez had breached the front door at some point, Stalder was not sure if he was in the house at the time he was shot.

Martinez had only lived in Laramie for six months, and police do not know why he moved here. He was not a student and didn’t have a permanent residence in town. His parents live in Blaine, Wash., and Jerns Funeral Chapel is planning to handle the funeral arrangements. Funeral home director Sig Aase expected the body to be released either Friday evening or Saturday morning.

Police received a call at 1:50 a.m. from a woman at 712 Russell who said a man was trying to gain access to their house and her husband had a weapon. Police lost contact with the caller, and by the time they made it to her residence, Martinez had been shot. He was taken to the hospital, but pronounced dead shortly thereafter. The county coroner was conducting a forensic autopsy Friday evening.

Stalder estimates law enforcement should be able to determine if a crime was committed by early next week. Martino had not been drinking, but police do not yet know if Martinez had been drinking.

The woman Martinez was trying to contact was a family friend of the Martinos.
From the Laramie Boomerang of March 10, 2006
County rules justifiable homicide

James Martino, a 55-year-old Laramie resident, will not be charged in the shooting death of 19-year-old Brandon Martinez on Nov. 25, according to the conclusion of County Attorney Richard Bohling.

Martino shot Martinez with a .22-caliber rifle around 2 a.m. late Thanksgiving night through the front door of his house after an argument with Krystal Sorenson, Martinez’s girlfriend who went to Martino’s house at 712 Russell.

“The overwhelming bulk of this material either supports or fails to contradict the version of events related by Mr. Martino in his statement made shortly after the shooting occurred,” said Bohling in his letter to Robert Deutsch, Chief of Police for Laramie. “In my assessment of this material, I acknowledge the conflicting information that has been provided by Krystal Sorenson, the girlfriend of Mr. Martinez. However, the background investigation conducted by Sgt. Ernst into both the history of the deceased and Ms. Sorenson clearly indicates that Mr. Martino’s description of what happened is more credible.”

Sorenson, the 16-year-old girlfriend of Martinez who moved down to Laramie with him from Blaine, Wash., told this newspaper back in November that Martinez never had a weapon and never tried to enter the house.

“The police had to kick the door in to enter; they should know this,” said Sorenson.

The police report indicates Martinez was trying to force his way into the house at the time Martino fired the fatal shot through a closed door. The report also states that Martino knew Martinez, and that his knowledge of Martinez and Martinez’s “prior contacts with law enforcement” made the threats Martino heard more credible.

(Much more)

Friday, November 25, 2005

Conway, Missouri

Self-defense isn't always successful, but we cover those incidents as well. This is from November 25, 2005 KOLR channel 10:
A man and wife from rural Conway, Missouri were recovering in a Springfield hospital Wednesday after an intruder apparently broke into the family`s home and shot them.
The break-in happened about 4:30 a.m. Wednesday, said Laclede County Sheriff Richard Wrinkle.

Wrinkle identified the injured couple as Milton Vanwinkle, 48, and his wife, Elizabeth Johnson, 33. Both were airlifted to a Springfield hospital with serious injuries. Wrinkle said VanWinkle was shot in the arm.

Doctors Wednesday amputated the arm above the elbow. Johnson was shot in the chest, causing her lungs to collapse.

Wrinkle said both victims were able to tell investigators what happened and told detectives they didn`t know who the intruder was.

Wrinkle said Johnson told detectives she was getting ready for work about 4:30 a.m. when she saw someone in the front room of their home.

She said she yelled for her husband to get a gun. They were both shot almost immediately afterward.

Investigators did find evidence that Van Winkle fired his assault weapon at least three times inside the home.

The couple`s two children, ages 13 and 10, were also in the home at the time but were not injured.
The November 25, 2005 Lebanon Daily Record recounts essentially the same story.
Battle Creek, Michigan

From the November 24, 2005 Battle Creek Enquirer:
Two men robbed an Emmett Township convenience store Wednesday, the 16th armed robbery in the Battle Creek area in a month.

The owner of Warman's Way Station at 149 Beadle Lake Road was struck in the head about 7:30 p.m. by one of the robbers, who was armed with a shotgun, and taken to Battle Creek Health System for treatment.

"Two men with knit hats and bandanas came in and assaulted him with the butt of a shotgun," said Frank Post, director of the Emmett Township Department of Public Safety. A female clerk was not hurt.

The men took cash and fled in a car. Post said the store owner, armed with his own shotgun, chased the men and someone fired at least one shot.
Lebanon, Ohio

From the Lebanon Western Star of November 25, 2005
Lebanon jewelry store owner shoots at thief’s get-away car

The owner of Sabrina’s Diamonds and Jewelry in downtown Lebanon fired a single bullet into the get-away vehicle of a robber who kicked in one of the store’s display windows and made off with more than $20,000 worth of merchandise at 6:04 p.m. Wednesday, the store’s owner said.

After hearing glass shatter and seeing a man grabbing jewelry, Jason Anglin said he pursued the robber into the alley beside his East Mulberry Street store, where a get-away driver was waiting in a white, older-model Toyota Camry or Honda Accord.

Anglin said he fired a shot from his 10mm handgun into the vehicle’s fender after the driver of the robber’s get-away vehicle tried to run him over.

“I didn’t shoot at the suspects or try to endanger them,” Anglin said. “I was trying to stop them from running me over.”

The vehicle fled north up the alley and turned the wrong way on New Street. It then caused a collision at the corner of New and Broadway streets where it turned south, Lebanon Police Officer Robb White said.

Anglin described the robber as a black male, over six feet tall wearing a parka with fur trim around the hood. It is not known if the suspect was armed.

Anglin said he was still calculating the total value of the stolen merchandise, which was not insured.

“We’re praying that the community, when they think of Christmas presents this year, they think of jewelry from Sabrina’s,” Anglin said.

Officer White said the police’s first concern was the theft, but that he also had questions about Anglin’s decision to fire the gun.

“It was very dangerous, what he did,” White said.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Dallas, Texas

From Dallas’ of November 24, 2005
Grandmother Helps Nab Alleged Burglars

One man was killed and at least one other injured Wednesday night when their van crashed on a rural road in Ellis County. Police said the men, along with at least one other, were fleeing from an elderly woman who allegedly witnessed them burglarizing a neighbor's home.

Investigators said Nell Tonick, a 17-year veteran deputy of the Dallas County Sheriff's Department, was following the men in her vehicle and attempting to get the license place number of the van they were riding in, when the van blew a tire and crashed.

One man in the van died and at least one other was injured. A third man fled the scene.

Lt. Ron Roark of the Ennis Police Department said Toncik, 87, had received a call that the alleged burglars were stealing her neighbor's ATV. And that's when the woman, known simply as "Granny" jumped into action.

"She fired a warning shot or something just to get their attention to stop, and they didn't, and then she got in her car and chased them to my front yard," witness Carter Gaddis said.

"She wasn't running them off the road. She wasn't crowding them. She was attempting to get the license plate number so she could tell the 911 system," Roark said.

During the pursuit, the front left tire of the van blew out, causing the vehicle to roll over a number of times and smash into a tree, Roark said.

In a jail house interview, suspect Jose Martinez, 21, of Dallas, admitted the incident was a stupid mistake, and that he and the other two men were stealing the 4-wheeler for easy money.

Investigators said Tonick is not in trouble with the law and that she had every right to follow the van and try to get the license plate number.

"She's a spunky lady, yes she is. She handled herself very professionally and the police officers are very proud of her," Roark said.

"She's 84 years old, but let me tell you, she's a very able-bodied lady," Gaddis said.

Martinez remained in jail and the man who fled the scene was still on the run.
Parkersburg, West Virginia

From the Parkersburg News and Sentinel of November 24, 2005
Employee thwarts robbery attempt

Police are searching for a robbery suspect who attempted to rob a local business Wednesday morning but abandoned his plan when an employee said he too had a gun.

Parkersburg police Capt. Steve Flinn said the attempted robbery of the Owl's Nest at 1217 Garfield Ave. occurred at 7:12 a.m.

"A man walked in wearing a ski mask and had his hands in his pockets claiming to have a gun," Flinn said. "At that time the employee on duty said, 'I have one, too.'"

Flinn said the suspect turned and fled the establishment on foot after the employee showed his firearm.

Nothing was taken and the suspect has not been apprehended, Flinn said. A description of the suspect was unavailable.

Police Chief George Fox said what happened Wednesday is not something the police suggest store clerks or others do in a similar situation, although they have a right to defend themselves.

"It's kind of a double-edged sword," Fox said. "It could go either way. I understand he (the employee) had a permit for the gun. I'm not sure if he brandished the gun or just said he had one."

Fox said in his 34 years on the police force he has heard of a few similar situations in Parkersburg, but none have turned tragic.

"Sometimes you see something like this where both sides have a gun and they just start shooting," he said. "It's not worth the potential consequences. Money is an inanimate object; you can always make more."

Fox said the stress of a robbery situation could take a turn for the worst.

"There's always the potential that the person has a gun and it's hard to tell what they would do if challenged," he said.

"The clerk must have a lot of self control. Stress does funny things to people.

"I see the potential for disaster in that type of situation."
Seven Points, Texas

From the Tyler Morning Telegraph of November 24, 2005

A 27-year-old man from the Seven Points area died after his father allegedly shot him in the chest in what police said appears to be an act of self-defense.

The father, Ronald Ferguson, reportedly shot the son, Robin Allen Ferguson, during an argument at their home around 10:20 p.m. Monday, said Lt. Pat McWilliams, information officer for the Henderson County Sheriff's Office.

The son returned home after he allegedly had been drinking heavily and a fight ensued, McWilliams said. The son reportedly threatened his parents with a pistol and his father, who was armed with a revolver, shot him in the chest.

When police arrived at the Fergusons' home in the 8000 block of County Road 4044 on the Kaufman-Henderson county line, the parents were attempting to comfort the son until medical help could arrive, McWilliams said.

The son was uncooperative with officers and combative against medical personnel assisting him, McWilliams said. He died at East Texas Medical Center in Gun Barrel City and his body has been sent for an autopsy.

No arrests have been made and the case will be given to the grand jury, McWilliams said.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Warren, Ohio

From Youngstown’s of November 23, 2005
Man kills boy, 16, after robbery try

The pizzeria owner has a state permit to carry a concealed firearm, police said.

One teenager is dead and another wounded after they tried to rob a gun-carrying pizzeria owner with a knife, police said.

Authorities were not releasing the names of the teens Tuesday to ensuretheir relatives had been notified.

Police Chief John Mandopoulos said a 16-year-old Warren boy was found dead about noon Tuesday in the 1500 block of Kennilworth Avenue Southeast.

A 17-year-old boy was released after treatment at Forum Health St. Joseph Health Center. He suffered a gunshot wound of the left side Monday night.

Eugene W. Madill, owner of Mr. B's Pizza on Youngstown Road, told police he was making a food delivery at 1546 Kenilworth about 11 p.m. Monday.

Mandopoulos said the house was vacant but the lights were on and it appeared to be occupied.

"It looked normal," the chief said of the house.

Madill said he was confronted at the door by four males — two inside the house and two outside — wearing either do-rags or ski masks. They forced him into the residence and onto the sofa, the only piece of furniture inside.

What victim did

They were beating him with their fists when one pulled a knife and demanded money, Madill told police. He said he pulled a 9 mm semiautomatic pistol handgun from his waistband and fired several shots as the would-be robbers fled.

He has a state permit to carry and conceal a firearm.

According to the police report, Madill returned to his shop and called police.

A black do-rag was found in the driveway at the shooting scene.

After the attempted robbery, the 17-year-old showed up at St. Joseph's. He wasn't arrested because police could not link him to the attempted robbery, Mandopoulos said.

The chief said the body of the 16-year-old was found next to the house Tuesday. He apparently fled the house, tripped on a bicycle and fell.

The street lights had been shot out, the chief noted, and the area was dark.

Mandopoulos said the case will be turned over to the Trumbull County Prosecutor's Office to determine if Madill will be charged. The shop owner could not be reached for comment Tuesday.
Tacoma, Washington

From the Corvallis Gazette-Times of November 23, 2005
Mall shooting victim drew own pistol, family says

Parents of the man most seriously wounded in a shooting rampage at a shopping mall said Tuesday that he drew a pistol and confronted the gunman before being shot.

Brendan “Dan’’ McKown, 38, was hit twice in the abdomen on Sunday, when a gunman opened fire on crowds in the Tacoma Mall.

Doctors at Tacoma General Hospital believe McKown may have suffered permanent paralysis because of spinal damage, hospital spokesman Todd Kelley said.

Tacoma police spokesman Mark Fulghum said detectives don’t know if McKown simply brandished his handgun to show the gunman he was armed, or if he was preparing to fire the weapon. Witnesses told the family McKown was shot after he pulled the gun.

Roger McKown, 63, of Yelm, called his son a hero and said he has been licensed to carry a firearm for years.

“Dan has been one that always believes in protecting other people, and he put his life on the line for other people,’’ he said at a hospital news conference.
From Portland’s of February 14, 2006
Recovery Continues For Mall Shooting Victim

A man who tried to stop a shooting rampage at a mall in Tacoma, but ended getting shot five times, is on an incredible road to recovery.

"He hit me repeatedly with an assault rifle at point blank range and he blew my spine out," says Dan McKown.

You may have heard of McKown, the hero inside the Tacoma Mall who put his life on the line to try to stop a gunman on a shooting spree.

Spend a little time with McKown, who does standup comedy, and you will get to see his big sense of humor.

However, he is now trapped in a new life and trying not to let the daily struggles with a wheelchair get him down too much.

McKown would not be in this position had he not been at work on Nov. 20. He managed a store inside the mall and was chatting with a friend when he heard gunshots.

"Bam, bam, bam, bam, high rate of fire, people wer diving for cover," he says.

That is when McKown pulled his pistol, the gun he has carried for 17 years, not imagining he might actually have to use it. That is, until he came face to face with Dominick Maldonado, who had a rifle.

"I said - 'Young man, I think you need to put your weapon down.' He apparently didn't appreciate that and he brought his gun around. I drew and right as I aimed at his head, he hit me in the spine," McKown says. "Each blow is throwing my arm back into the air and I'm just praying to God, something really un-Christian, just please let me kill this guy before he shoots somebody else."

As McKown was bleeding and believing he was going to die, police say Maldonado took hostages, keeping officers and paramedics outside for another hour and twenty minutes.

"I tried to be a hero, but I don't think I succeeded," says McKown.

However, everyone who meets McKown believes he did succeed and is proving it every day by proving doctors wrong.

Doctors told McKown he would never walk again and even though it is painful, the baby steps he is taking are huge steps toward regaining the feeling and movement in his legs.

"It increases his independence," says Physical Therapy Assistant Kristy Hegnauer. "It's what he wants to do. Everybody wants to be back up on their feet and walking again. He's meeting that goal."

"Where do miracles start and where do they end?" McKown asks. "People keep saying it's a miracle. Yeah, it's completely a miracle. The question is, does the miracle let me walk scot-free afterwards?"

That is why McKown believes he is still in the middle of his miracle and whether he walks on his own again or not, he says would do it all again because even the worst days are worth it if his experience somehow turns a troubled young man to God.

"It'd like to think there was a reason I didn't shoot him," he said. "I'm hoping that there was a higher authority that gave me the instinct to put the gun back in my jacket because I'd rather not be crippled for no reason."

As for his future, McKown hopes to get back in to comedy and is even planning a tour with his comedy troupe once he feels a little better.

As for his accused shooter, Maldonado's trial begins in April and McKown says he plans to be there.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Montgomery, Alabama

From Montgomery’s of November 21, 2005
Police Decline to Charge Self-Defense Shooter; Third Time in 12 Months

One man is dead after a fatal shooting and another is walking free, not likely to face charges.

Police say 37 year old Wallace Jones got into a traffic accident with another man near Godfrey and Day Streets early Saturday morning. Investigators say Jones then threatened the other driver with a baseball bat.

Then, the other driver pulled a gun and killed Jones. Now, police say they will not file charges against the shooter, instead sending the case to the grand jury.

You may wonder how and why police came to that conclusion. The short answer is; self defense. It's not that uncommon a scenario. Police have declined to file charges at least three times in the last year.

It's safe to say whatever the circumstances, Wallace Jones miscalculated by a wide margin. Officers say Jones was the first to make a violent move. That opened a door for the other driver.

Bob Whetstone sells weaponry in Wetumpka.

"Somebody comes at me with a knife, baseball bat, something I consider that could take my life, I think we are, as citizens should be able to protect ourselves under those circumstances," he said.

He says more people are coming to his shop. Many feel there's more crime.

"And a good bit more confrontation going on one on one between individuals," he explained. "I think we have to be very careful that we identify a threat before we just simply start shooting at one another."

It appears people are making that distinction. In October, police declined to file charges against a man after he shot and killed Charles Shuford after a fight at a party. About a year ago one man pulled an unloaded gun on another outside Bumpers pool hall. The second man emptied his pistol and killed the first man. Police declined charges there also.

Whetstone says the key to legal self defense is training.

"You only have seconds to make that determination," he said.

One excellent example of what not to do: two weeks ago, a man drove his car into Foxcroft Apartments. The person living inside got into a dispute with the driver, pulled a gun and shot him three times. Police charged the apartment dweller with assault.

Whetstone also sells non-lethal defense products like pepper spray, but those have some obvious drawbacks, such as blowing back in the user's face, the fact that some people can tolerate those sprays and continue an attack.

Whetstone says you can get some of the best training of when to use a weapon from police and sheriffs in our area. Many have firearms and weapons training programs, all free to the public.
Little Rock, Arkansas

From Little Rock’s of November 21, 2005
Victim of Domestic Abuse Shoots Husband

A Little Rock man continues to recover after Police say his ex-wife took a gun and shot him in self-defense. The incident happened Monday morning at 7105 Fourche Dam Pike in Little Rock. Police say 50 year old Judy Melton shot her 50 year old ex-husband Eddie Melton. According to Little Rock Police, Melton showed up at the residence, got very angry because his ex-wife wouldn’t let him in, and then he proceeded to kick in the door, and she shot him.

Police say he has a record of domestic abuse. Just last year, Police sat he kept Judy Melton hostage for 6 hours at gunpoint.

"Mom -- didn`t want to press the charges all the way, because everything kind of blew over,” said the couple’s son Michael Melton.

Judy Melton is not facing charges at this time, but the case will be reviewed by the prosecutor.
Gary, Indiana

From the Merrillville Post-Tribune of November 22, 2005
Homeowner’s brother shoots teenage intruder in Glen Park

A teenager who apparently broke into a Glen Park home Monday afternoon was seriously wounded when the resident’s brother fired at him with a shotgun, police said later.

Officers responding to a burglary in progress arrived at 5043 Washington St., and heard gunshots inside the one-story home, police said.

Seconds later, Detective Sean Jones found Allen Walker, 17, had been shot in the side.

The homeowner’s brother, Johnny Yarbrough, 34, told police he shot Walker after the teen broke into the house, pointed a gun at his sister and demanded money.

Yarbrough’s sister, Anita Yarbrough, and her 2-year-old grandson were inside the house but were not injured, police said.

Police recovered three guns from the house, including one they said apparently belonged to the teenager.

Outside the south door of the home, police noted damage to the lock and found a pry bar nearby.

Walker was taken to The Methodist Hospitals Southlake for treatment while detectives spoke to the residents inside the home.

It was the second time in two days that an apparent intruder was shot.

Donte Sims, 26, is hospitalized under police guard at Methodist Hospitals Northlake, wounded early Sunday inside 313 Johnson St.

Detective James Bond said he expects Sims will be charged with residential entry today.

Sims was shot in the hip about 1 a.m. Sunday when Andre Anderson, 39, went to check on the house he is rehabbing and was surprised to find a man inside.

Police said as Anderson opened the door to the vacant house, he saw a man on the other side, then the door glass broke.

Anderson fired at the intruder, who fled into the attic of the house, where police found him.

Sims is listed in stable condition, police said.

Anderson told Detective Dan Callahan the house had been broken into previously, and he decided to check on it when he encountered the man inside.

Sims told police he is homeless and admitted he had been sleeping inside the vacant home, investigators said.

Investigators said they do not expect the homeowner, Anderson, will be charged in the shooting.

At the Glen Park scene, however, police arrested Johnny Yarbrough, 34, who was being held on charges of aggravated battery and being a felon in possession of a firearm, Detective Cpl. Thomas Decanter said.
From the Merrillville Post-Tribune of November 23, 2005
Prosecutors decline to file charges in house break-ins

No felony charges are in the future for two people arrested during break-ins at two separate houses this week.

The gunshot wounds they suffered during the alleged home invasions may serve as their only punishment, investigators said Tuesday.

Lake County prosecutors declined to file residential entry charges against Donte Sims, 26, found hiding inside a house at 313 Johnson St. early Sunday.

The homeowner confronted Sims inside the house about 1 a.m. and shot at the intruder who admitted to police he had broken into the house previously because he needed a place to sleep.

Sims was shot in the hip after Andre Anderson opened the front door to the vacant house he is repairing and saw the man inside. When Anderson heard glass breaking, he reacted by shooting the man.

Detective James Bond said no charges will be filed against Anderson.

Diane Poulton, spokeswoman for Lake County Prosecutor Bernard Carter, said police could take the Sims case to Gary City Court for misdemeanor charges. The break-in did not meet felony standards because the house was not being lived in, Poulton explained.

Allen Walker, 17, wounded Monday afternoon during an alleged break-in at 5043 Washington St., may be paralyzed from the injury, Detective Cpl. Thomas Decanter said Tuesday.

Walker will be charged in juvenile court and prosecutors will have to seek a waiver to adult court on charges against him, Decanter said.

Indiana law provides that any teen 16 years or older who commits a felony with a handgun can automatically be charged as an adult.

The homeowner called police and said a man had forced his way into her house, pointed a gun at her and demanded money.

When officers arrived, they found Walker with a shotgun slug in his side and a handgun nearby.

Police arrested the homeowner’s brother, Johnny Yarbrough, 34, on a weapons violation charge because he has a prior felony conviction.

He is not expected to be charged in Lake Superior Court, however, because the conviction was drug related. Indiana law states that a felon with a conviction for a violent crime can be charged if caught with a gun.
Houston, Texas

From the of November 22, 2005
Homeowner Fatally Shoots Intrusion Suspect

Slain Suspect Told Homeowner He Was Searching For Lost Dog

A homeowner fatally shot a man who refused to leave his southwest Houston home Monday night, KPRC Local 2 reported.

Police said a couple was sitting inside their home when someone broke into the home on Lacy Street at Detering Street in the Rice Military area at about 9 p.m.

"He came in armed with a bat, went through a side door, shattered the glass to make his way into the residence," Houston Police Department Homicide Detective Mike Walker said.

The husband told the intruder he had a gun and to leave, but police said the intruder persisted up the stairs, forcing the homeowner to shoot him. The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.

A relative of the family told KPRC Local 2 that the homeowner saw the intrusion suspect in his back yard and confronted him earlier in the evening, but the suspect told him he was looking for a lost dog.

The homeowner believed the suspect's story, not realizing the suspect was casing the home and planning to break in moments later.

Police believe the suspect did not work alone.

"The only description we have gotten of a vehicle is a dark-colored PT Cruiser that apparently let the intruder off," Walker said.

Investigators said the homeowner would not be charged in the man's death because the shooting appeared justified.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Springfield, Missouri

From the Springfield News-Leader of November 20, 2005
Intruder cuts man, runs from pistol

Police were looking for a man Saturday who allegedly stabbed a Springfield man in his home.

Police were called to the 2800 block of Olive because of shots fired around 5 p.m.

Police said the 24-year-old victim was on the telephone when he heard noises in the house.

When he hung up, he saw an intruder with a knife.

The victim was cut in the arm before he went into his bedroom to get a pistol.

The victim fired at the intruder, who was running out the door. It was unknown if the suspect was hit.

The suspect is described as a white man in his late teens to early 20s with dark hair. He is thought to be 6 feet tall, weighing 160 pounds.
Springfield, Missouri

From the Springfield News-Leader of November 20, 2005
Man shoots pit bull to halt attack

A Springfield homeowner on Saturday shot and killed a pit bull that entered his home and attacked his dogs.

Two dogs, including the pit bull, had allegedly jumped the fence of the man's home and killed a dachshund in the yard. Then, according to police, the pit bull went into the residence and killed a dog there and injured two others.

Springfield police were called out to the 2300 block of N. National Ave. shortly after 2 p.m. after a caller reported hearing gunshots fired in the area.

Police Cpl. David Cash said witnesses saw a man in the back yard of 2327 N. National Ave. carrying a revolver in his back pocket.

Cash said that when he arrived he heard another shot fired.

Based on reports, Cash said a pit bull and collie had jumped the fence from a neighboring yard and attacked four dachsunds there. It is not known which dog killed the dachshund outside the house. The collie fled after the first attack.

The remaining three dachshunds ran into the house, and the pit bull followed them inside.

Cash was told that a commotion started in the basement, but the pit bull followed the dogs throughout the house.

"He shot the pit bull to stop it," Cash said of the homeowner. "He shot it multiple times."

Both dogs killed were attacked at the throat; at least one of the dogs killed was "picked up by the neck and swung around," Cash said.

One of the injured dachsunds was wounded in the abdomen.

Sgt. Dana Carrington said that the homeowner later shot one of the injured dogs to put it out of its misery.

A city maintenance crew was going to pick up the pit bull's remains, which were still in the house.

Loretta Deckard, 2323 N. National Ave., was attending to her 2-month-old daughter, Emma, when shots were fired Saturday.

Her two older children, Braydon, 3, and Lanina, 1, were playing outside with their 4-year-old cousin, Patricia, 4 at the time.

"I know a gunshot when (I) hear one," Deckard said. "I heard this lady screaming, 'Oh no! Oh no!'"

The older children told Deckard they saw the dogs being killed. Braydon told his mother he saw their neighbor with the revolver in his back pocket.

Deckard said that while the children seemed to be OK, she planned to clean out her son's toy collection of any toy guns.

"I don't want him to pretend to do what he saw," she said.

Deckard recalled seeing a pit bull a month ago roaming free, but she didn't know if it was the same dog that was killed Saturday.

Cash said that although the investigation was preliminary, he didn't expect charges would be filed against the homeowner, whose name was not immediately made available.
Savannah, Georgia

From the Savannah Morning News of November 20, 2005
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Elderly man on oxygen chases off intruders

Suspects demanded a couple's money. Harry Carpenter brandished his trusty rifle.

A pair of knife-wielding robbers was no match for 83-year-old Harry Carpenter and his .22-caliber rifle.

Harry and his wife Jackie Carpenter were finishing supper around 7 p.m. Wednesday when they heard a knock on the side door at their tidy Broadmoor Circle home near Bacon Park Golf Course.

Harry suffers from pulmonary fibrosis and wears oxygen tubes for much of the day. The couple thought the visitor was a delivery man bringing more oxygen.

Harry Carpenter opened the door, and two young men wearing hooded sweat shirts forced their way in.

"One of them said, 'We need to talk to Ms. Jackie. It's very important,'" said Harry, a retired maintenance supervisor.

The men flashed knives, later discovered to be taken from the Carpenters' backyard shed.

One suspect forced Harry to sit down on a couch in the sun room, while the other went to find Jackie Carpenter, 80, who was washing dishes in the kitchen.

He grabbed her by the arm and said he wanted her money. She said she didn't have any. He pulled her into a bedroom and began searching through the drawers, Jackie Carpenter said. She hollered.

In the sun room, Harry Carpenter attempted to come to his wife's aid, according to a police report. The suspect kept forcing Harry back down on the couch by jabbing the knife at his chest.

"The whole time I kept thinking, 'Where can I get something to hit this guy in the head?'" Harry Carpenter said.

Suddenly, a distraction.

In the bedroom, Jackie pretended to faint. Harry's captor went to investigate.

Harry quickly shuffled over to the laundry room, where he kept hidden behind the dryer an unloaded rifle he'd owned since childhood. "I shot many a squirrel with that thing," Harry said.

He fumbled for bullets sitting on a shelf.

The suspect returned before he could load, so Harry slammed the bolt home and aimed the empty weapon at the intruder.

"He yelled out, 'Let's go, he's got a gun!'" Harry said.

The suspects rushed out the front door, pausing only to unlock the dead bolt. They dropped the knives in the front yard.

Police could not locate the men, who escaped without getting any cash. "They were gone in about two seconds," Jackie said, smiling at her husband of 57 years.

The couple says they will be more careful in the future. No more answering the door after dark, for one.

"And I am going to have the damn gun loaded from now on," Harry said.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Houston, Texas

From the Houston Chronicle of November 19, 2005
Store employee fatally shot in southwest convenience store

An argument in a southwest Houston convenience store this morning turned deadly when a man who left to get a weapon from his car returned and shot a store employee to death, police said.

The gunman was wounded shortly after in a shootout with a store clerk on the 8100 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard at about 11:30 a.m. and is recovering at Ben Taub General Hospital.

The victim, a middle-aged man, died at the scene.

Houston Police Department Investigator J. C. Bonaby said the gunman left the store after a verbal argument with a store employee he accused of stealing his wallet. The store clerk ignored his requests to call the police, Bonaby said.

"The suspect said to the clerk, 'You should have called the police, you'll be sorry,' as he was leaving the store," Bonaby said.

The gunman returned with a sawed-off shotgun and shot the store employee once, killing him. As the gunman was leaving, he fired at the clerk, who had obtained his own handgun. The clerk hit the gunman twice in the ensuing shootout, once in the abdomen and once on the shoulder, Bonaby said.

The gunman collapsed beside a gas pump, where he was later arrested, Bonaby said. The clerk was not injured.

The incident is still under investigation.
Rockford, Illinois

From November 19, 2005 WTVO channel 17:
Rockford police continue to investigate an armed robbery that led to a double shooting Friday night.

It all started when two armed men entered the Pridom liquor store at 2428 South Alpine.

They demanded money and afer robbing the owner they ran out of the store, but not before one of them fired a shotgun blast into the window, slightly injuring the owner when he was hit by a shotgun pellet.

But that didn`t stop the owner, Samir Rathod, from going outside and firing his own weapon, hitting one of the suspects, according to Rockford Police.

A few minutes later Rockfor officers responded to a medical call of a young male being wounded in the back.

Rockford Police Sgt. Thomas Coe says, "As officers investigated the situation in more depth we beleive this case is related to the liquor store."

Officers took the wounded teen, 17 year old Exzavia Gaston to Saint Anthony Medical Center where he remains in critical condition.
A 16-year-old was taken into custody as well and charged with armed robbery.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Clearwater, Florida

From of November 18, 2005
Standoff Update: Evidence conflicts with victims statements; shooting may have been self-defense

Three people shot by a next-door neighbor may have lied about what occurred, the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office indicated Friday.

"After conducting numerous interviews and reviewing evidence collected in this case, Sheriff's detectives advise that the early statements provided by the subjects who were shot did in fact conflict with evidence collected at the scene of the shooting," the Pinellas Sheriff's Office reported Friday night.

Hours after the shooting and ensuing stand-off with police, investigators revealed there was a fourth person present at the time of the shooting.

Miles Bailey Jr., a friend of the victims, told detectives the victims "were actually on the front porch" of the home of the gunman, Jeffrey Devries. Bailey said they did not touch his door, but were on the porch to read signs posted on the door.

"Mr. Devries said he saw the four on his front porch and said they were pounding on his door," detectives said. "Concerned and afraid they were trying to enter his house, he shot six rounds through the front door."

The victims originally reported they were in the street in front of Mr. Devries house when the shots were fired.

"However, the forensic evidence collected does not corroborate the statement," detectives said.

Detectives said their investigation was continuing.
Holmes County, Ohio

From Mansfield’s of November 18, 2005
Shooting death in Holmes County outside of Loudonville

Holmes County Sheriff’s Deputies are investigating a shooting death Thursday night in a residence at 16528 Washington Township Road 458 outside of Loudonville. Initial investigation indicates a 21-year-old man and his girlfriend were inside the house watching television when the doorbell rang. The man went to the door and saw three men with their heads covered by hoods. He told them to remove their hoods and went to a bedroom to get a handgun. He went back to the door, unlocked it, and opened it slightly. One of the hooded men forced open the door and entered the house. He then pulled a gun and a struggle ensued with the resident. Deputies say the resident’s gun apparently jammed, and the suspect dropped his gun. The resident picked-up that gun and shot the intruder at least twice. The intruder collapsed onto the floor, and the two men with him fled. The shooting victim died a short time later at Ashland Samaritan Hospital. The identities of the two men are not being released pending further investigation. Deputies are still trying to identify and find the two men who fled.
Allapattah, Florida

From the Miami Herald of November 18, 2005
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A security guard shot and killed a homeless man after he climbed a fence onto the property of an Allapattah linen store early Thursday morning, police said.

After several hours of questioning at Miami police headquarters, the guard, Paul Delerne, 65, was released without being charged with a crime.

Police would not release the homeless man's name because his family had not been notified, they said.

According to police, the man climbed the fence at Linens of the Week, 1450 NW 21st Ter., at 2:20 a.m., and was confronted by the security guard.

Miami police spokesman Lt. Bill Schwartz said detectives weren't saying if the the homeless man had a weapon.
Largo, Florida

From the St. Petersburg Times of November 18, 2005
Gun grab foils store robbery

Two would-be robbers leave empty-handed after a pawnshop manager's quick reaction.

There was no time to think about being brave. Bryan Leeth just had to react.

One moment, two customers had been browsing at Belleair Jewelry & Pawn, settling on a particular gold necklace. The next, one of the men drew a silver handgun and raised it toward Leeth, general manager of the store at 400 W Bay Drive.

"My first thought was to try to get control of the gun and to get out alive," said Leeth, 38, of Clearwater, recounting Wednesday's noon holdup.

Leeth reached for the gun, pushing it down, and shoved the man away, he said. Then he fled to the back room, grabbed a 12-gauge shotgun and waited, his adrenaline pumping.

Outside, another customer pulled up. Leeth heard the front door open and then the men were gone, empty-handed.

"It was a situation if you get out alive, you just have to pray and give thanks," Leeth said.

The would-be robbers, however, remained on the loose Thursday.

Largo police described the armed suspect as a black man in his 20s, 5 fee 10 and 180 pounds. He was light-skinned with tattoos on both forearms, and wore a black shirt and long blue jeans shorts. He was seen driving a late 1980s two-toned blue four-door, possibly a Cutlass or Buick, with a temporary tag.

The second suspect was a black man in his 20s, 6 feet and 170 pounds. He was dark-skinned with a thin beard, and wore a black bandanna, long blue jeans shorts, a white T-shirt and black oversized shirt.

At the pawnshop Thursday, business returned to normal with Leeth back at his place behind the counter. He said he didn't feel brave or heroic. He is just grateful. He's in one piece. And he works at a place with good security cameras and other measures to discourage the bad guys. "Pawnshops," he said, "really aren't a very good place to rob."

Thursday, November 17, 2005

New Britain, Connecticut

From Hartford’s of November 17, 2005
Suspect shot during home invasion in New Britain

One homeowner in New Britain says he took no chances when an intruder entered his home, and pulled the trigger.

Angel Bennitez says he did what he had to do to defend his family and his home.

"I got my pistol and saw the guy outside", says Bennitez.

Wednesday night his wife was mopping the floor when a masked man came in. Bennitez says he pushed his wife as he came in.

After hearing his wife scream for help, Angel came out with a 357 Magnum, and shot the gunman.

The bullet grazed the gunman and ended up in the stove. The gunman ran out of the house.

Angel is not in any trouble with police because his gun was registered. He said if he had to he would do it again.

State lawmakers say you do have the right to defend your property when you are threatened. That does include the use of force, but the amount of force depends on the circumstances.
Seaford, Delaware

From the Delaware State Police of November 14, 2005
Pair Apprehended while Breaking into Vehicles

Delaware State Police arrested two suspects Sunday morning after they were observed breaking into vehicles in Up Country Mobile Home Park, located on Woodland Road.

At approximately 4:00 a.m., a witness observed a male suspect attempting to enter a neighbor’s vehicle. The suspect was unable to make entry into this vehicle so he went to the next vehicle and entered it. When the witness saw the suspect enter the vehicle she called 911 and her neighbors. The witness then saw the male suspect enter a third vehicle, so she went outside in an attempt to obtain the tag number of a black vehicle that was following the male suspect. The owners of one of the vehicles that the suspect had entered then exited their home armed with a shotgun and ordered the male suspect to stop. Meanwhile the witness was able to obtain the tag number of the suspect vehicle. A female suspect who was operating the suspect vehicle then yelled for the male suspect to get in the car. The female suspect then put the car in reverse and backed up approximately 50 feet. The female suspect then put the car in drive and accelerated towards the witness. The witness was not able to get out of the way of the car and she was struck by its front end and knocked to the ground. The female suspect then turned the car around and sped towards the witness who was still on the ground. The neighbors were able to pull the witness out of the way and the suspects sped off.

Troopers who were responding to the scene located the suspects inside the park and took them into custody without further incident. While searching the suspect vehicle troopers located four car stereos that were apparently stolen by the suspects.

Amber D. Kennedy, 23, of Seaford, was charged with two counts of possession of a deadly weapon (the car) during the commission of a felony, two counts of burglary, reckless endangering 1st degree, attempted burglary, conspiracy, and attempted theft.

Ralph J. Sutton, 17, of Bridgeville, was charged with the same offenses as Kennedy.

Kennedy and Sutton were both released on $21,000 secured bond pending further court action.

The witness, who is a 52-year-old female, was treated at Nanticoke Hospital for multiple contusions.
Dallas, Texas

From the Dallas News of November 17, 2005
(Requires free registration)
Former chief's son involved in fatal shooting

The son of former Dallas Police Chief Bill Rathburn is being questioned by police over a fatal shooting at a Pleasant Grove holiday lighting firm this morning.

Mr. Rathburn's son, also named Bill Rathburn, apparently was involved in the shooting after a former employee in his 20s came to The Christmas Light Co. with a weapon around 8:30 a.m. The former police chief's son owns the company, located in the 8000 block of Military Parkway.

The former employee "was pointing a gun at two witnesses ... and made statements that he was going to kill them," said Dallas police Sgt. Dwaine Sides. "That's when the owner acted."

Shots were fired, and after officers and medical personnel arrived, the man was pronounced dead at the scene, said Dallas police Sr. Cpl. Donna Hernandez. The man's name was not released.

Bill Rathburn, 64, was Dallas police chief from 1991 through 1993 and is now a security consultant.

Reached late Thursday morning, the former chief said he didn't think it was appropriate to comment.

"I'm not there, I don't know the facts," he said, adding that he was waiting to hear more from police investigators.

The Christmas Light Co.'s Web site said the Dallas-based company builds holiday lighting displays and has offices in Atlanta, San Diego and Denver.
Salt Lake City, Utah

From Salt Lake City’s of November 16, 2005
Man Caught After Picking Wrong House to Burglarize

A man in is [sic] jail after picking the wrong house to burglarize.

Some homeowners rely on a security system to keep them safe. Others may have a watch dog. Jeffrey Boland takes care of things on his own.

Jeffrey Boland, Stopped Burglar: “I had the gun at him..pointed right at him and i [sic] told him twice before he stopped."

Boland and his wife heard a noise upstairs around five o'clock Wednesday morning. He grabbed his gun, walked up the hallway and discovered the intruder.

Jeffrey Boland, Stopped Burglar: "He turned around and started running toward me. I told him to stop...told him I had a gun and that I would shoot him but he still kept coming toward me. I hollered at him again..'I got a gun..stop or I’ll shoot you' finally, he stopped and looked at me and realized I had a gun and was serious."

Boland's wife was calling 9-1-1.

Dispatch: "Your husband is holding this person down?" Caller: "Well, he has a gun on him. and he's sitting in the front room on the floor."

Jeffrey Boland, Stopped Burglar: "My wife and kids were going through my mind and I knew I’d do whatever I needed to do to keep them safe."

Boland kept his head and held the gun at the intruder until sheriff's deputies arrived. But the situation overwhelmed his wife.

Jeffrey Boland, Stopped Burglar: "With all the commotion she got excited and passed out on the phone with 9-1-1."

Dispatch: What's going on there?......hello?

Deputies found keys to Boland's house and RV in the suspect’s pockets, and the keys to a car he allegedly stole parked outside.

Boland believes his life would have been in jeopardy had he not had the gun.

"He was probably within 6 feet and I told him if you don't stop now I’m going to shoot you."

Boland suspects the man entered his home through an unlocked back door, and took the keys off his refrigerator.

The suspect is behind bars now. Deputies say he injected heroin sometime before the attempted burglary.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Chicago, Illinois

From of November 16, 2005
Suspect Shot In South Side Bank Robbery

In a wild bank robbery Wednesday in the Back of the Yards neighborhood, shots were fired as the suspects ran out of the South Side bank.

CBS 2's Alita Guillen reports a quick-thinking bank security guard helped capture these suspects.

Witnesses say two men entered the bank at 47th and Wood around 2 p.m. Shortly after, they jumped into a van parked in the bank’s parking lot.

Neighbors say they exchanged gunfire with the security guards, who pursued them on foot.

“None of the police cops were here yet, but the security guard from the bank took out his gun and shot one of the guys in the arm,” said witness Irene Lopez.

The men got about a half mile away when they crashed.

“The officers are fine. No civilians or employees in the bank were hurt,” said Cmdr. Eugene Roy with the Chicago Police Department.

The FBI is looking into reports that two of the employees were roughed up.

There was also a report that a women and 12-year-old child were injured in the accident. Police are investigating.
Ashtabula, Ohio

From the Ashtabula Star Beacon of November 16, 2005
Thief can dish it out but can't take it

Intruder runs when store owner fires his own gun

A convenience store owner thwarted an attempted robbery Monday by firing a shot of his own, according to an Ashtabula Police Department report.

The incident occurred at about 9:30 p.m. at BB’s Mini Mart at 515 Center St., next door to the Eagles Lodge, the report said.

"The intruder reached under his jacket as if he had a gun," Capt. Gerald Cornelius said. "The owner fired a single blast from his gun."

The weapon was fired into the air, but it was enough to ward off the intruder, who is described as being a black male. He wore a mask and dark clothing.

The owner, who wishes to remain anonymous out of fear of retaliation, said he couldn’t take a chance. A man entered his store and demanded money. He did not get any money or merchandise from the store.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Yakima, Washington

From Yakima‘s of November 14, 2005
Homeowner Catches Suspects

Yakima Police were called to 84th and Summitview Avenues early Saturday morning. A homeowner had two burglary suspects held at gunpoint. Eighteen-year-old Tyler Walters and 20 year-old Rudy Delgado of Yakima, have been charged with theft, malicious mischief and possession of stolen property. Police say the two broke into a car. When the armed homeowner confronted them they tried to run him down with their own car. He fired a few shots at the car. No one was injured but one of the shots came close enough to cut through the shirt one of the suspects was wearing.
Montgomery, Alabama

From Montgomery’s of November 6, 2005
Montgomery Mayor Praises Man for Using Gun

Despite recent criticism, Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright says he still recommends that citizens fight back against crime with guns. And it appears that at least one man is following the mayor's advice.

Police say the man was moving his belongings from one vehicle to another Thursday night when two other men approached him. That's when the man went for his gun.

Several shots were fired. And in the end, the man got shot twice in the thigh. But the mayor says by getting his gun, the man did the right thing.

"I want to thank him and encourage him and others to continue their fight for their protection and the protection of others," Mayor Bright said.

The man's injuries were not life threatening. As of Saturday, police were still looking for the other gunmen.
Alton, Texas

From Harlingen’s of November 14, 2005
Residents Frightened by Morning Shootout

Hidalgo County sheriff investigators have been out here all morning in the area of 6 Mile Line and Stewart Road, near Alton where there was an attempted home invasion and shooting.

Sheriff Lupe Trevino says the suspects drove up to a house driving a black GMC Denali and tried to storm into home.

But Trevino says the homeowner surprised them with a gun, shots were exchanged and the suspect's SUV was hit.

"Well it sounded like a lot. First I heard like a 12 gauge shot gun real loud. Zas, zas, zas, zas. And then I heard an automatic weapon. And then I went inside to call the police and I could still hear the gunshots," said a neighbor who didn't want to give his name.

It's unclear if anyone was inside that SUV when it was hit by the gunfire.

The suspects are still on the loose.

The sheriff believes the homeowner knew the suspects. We're told they left him a note claiming "you have to pay for what you stole".
UPDATE: The November 15, 2005 McAllen, Texas Monitor reports that this appears to be a bad case of mistaken identity:
But sheriff’s deputies aren’t convinced anyone at the ranch or inside the Denali knew one another.

Preliminary investigations showed insufficient evidence to prove the ranch home was a stash house or place where drugs were sold, the sheriff said.

"Usually there is a relationship between the occupant and the invaders, but there are times, the wrong place is identified and there are innocent victims," Treviño said. "This time, we believe there was a mistake."

Last week in Abram, a group of four or five men stormed into a neighborhood residence armed with long-barrel guns looking for money and drugs. Using two-way radios, someone outside the home told the men they were in the wrong house, Treviño said.

"This we suspect is again, mistaken identity."

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Fort Pierce, Florida

From West Palm Beach’s of November 10, 2005
Family of Slain Newspaper Carrier Sues

The family of a newspaper deliveryman shot and killed on his route has filed suit against the paper.

A robber shot 32-year-old Daniel DeStefano in Ft. Pierce February 1st.

He died the next day.

DeStefano delivered papers for the Fort Pierce News Tribune and had asked to be switched to a different route because he felt unsafe.

He was even carrying a gun at the time of the shooting, and fired a shot at his suspected attacker, Steven Hayward.

The victim's family filed a wrongful death lawsuit Thursday against Scripps Treasure Coast Publishing, the publisher of the paper.
Good guys don't always win.
Roselle, Delaware

From November 10, 2005 WPVI channel 6:
ROSELLE, DE-November 10, 2005 - This story began Wednesday night when two men made a fatal decision to break into the home of an armed man in Delaware.

The home, on South Woodward Avenue in Roselle, has bullet holes in the windows, evidence of the gunfight that left one armed intruder shot and critically wounded.

The unidentified homeowner told police two men invaded his house. One of them was captured last night and taken for treatment. Today, helicopters took to the air and tracking dogs were called in as part of the search.

The body of one man was found in a weeded area behind a home along Woodward Avenue.
Memphis, Tennessee

From November 11, 2005 WREG channel 3:
MEMPHIS - Memphis Police say the owner of the Citgo convenience store on Getwell and American Way shot and killed a robbery suspect minutes after he held up his store.

The shooting happened around 8:30 Thursday night. Police say the robber entered the store, put a gun to the neck of the store owner, told him to get on the floor and then took around $300 in cash. Investigators say the store owner got up from the floor and pulled out .357 Magnum. Officer say when the robber n pointed his weapon at the store owner the store owner fired one shot at the robber. The robbery suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police say it appears the store owner acted responsibly and say if that's the case this is the 21st justified shooting this year.
West Sacramento, California

From Sacramento‘s of November 11, 2005
3 Wounded In Liquor Store Robbery Attempt

Shots Fired At West Sacramento Store

Three people were wounded in an attempted robbery of a West Sacramento liquor store Thursday night.

It happened about 10:30 p.m. at a store on Poplar Avenue, just off West Capitol Avenue.

Police said a car with four men inside pulled up to the store. Two men stayed inside the car while two other went inside the store in an alleged robbery attempt.

The men exchanged gunfire with two clerks. Both clerks and at least one of the men were hit.

"One of our patrol cars was coming by when this was going down. There was a pursuit. Suspects were taken into custody. Three of them were taken into custody over by the Methodist Hospital in Sacramento. One of them apparently has a gunshot wound," West Sacramento Police Department Lt. Dave Farmer said.

The fourth man suspected in the incident remains at large.

The wounded clerks were taken to an area hospital. Their conditions have not been released.
Orrum, North Carolina

From the Lumberton Robesonian of November 11, 2005
Store owner turns gun on would-be thief

Donald Ray Britt says, when he had to choose between his life and that of a masked gunman, he began firing.

“I knew he came back to kill me, so I guess I started shooting,” said Britt, who said he had been pistol-whipped moments before.

The 58-year-old store owner shot Michael Breeden three times, striking him in the back, side and hand, according to sheriff's Detective Neil Tyner. After the shooting, Britt held Breeden at gunpoint until sheriff's investigators arrived.

Breeden was in serious but stable condition Thursday afternoon, according to Tyner. He would not disclose the hospital where Breeden is being treated.

Britt was taken to Southeastern Regional Medical Center, where he was treated for injuries he suffered to the left side of his face.

“He's got numerous fractures to the left side of his face and skull,” Tyner said. “He will have to have reconstructive surgery on the eye socket.”

Britt said he was stocking drinks at the Farm Fast Stop on Wire Grass Road Wednesday night when two masked men entered his Orrum store at about 7:45 p.m. Britt said Breeden was holding the gun and forced him to help the second man take money from the store's cash register. The men took about $1,200 in cash.

“I was at the back of the store and the first one that came in told me to give him my wallet and keys,” Britt said. “He hit me one time on the side of the head and it knocked me to the floor.”

Britt said after the men left, he found a gun he keeps hidden behind the counter. A moment later, Breeden reappeared.

“I picked up my pistol and the one with the gun came back in, pointing the gun,” Britt said. “I'm lucky to still be here. I hate it happened, but it was either him or me.”

Tyner said some money was recovered, along with Britt's wallet and keys.

Authorities are still looking for the second robber, who wore a Halloween mask that depicted a skeleton. He fled with the rest of the money. Tyner said the robbery was captured on videotape.

Tyner said Britt would not face charges. “He was clearly defending himself and his property,” Tyner said.

Breeden faces multiple felony charges, including assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury, armed robbery and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Tyner said Breeden was wanted on outstanding warrants charging him with an aggravated assault in Fayetteville, Ark.