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Louisiana: Armed home owner helps police capture alleged car thief

Lafayette, Louisiana

From the Daily Advertiser of January 27, 2009
Armed home owner helps police capture alleged car thief

Lafayette Police officers arrested an alleged armed car thief after they say a homeowner helped capture the man.

The suspect, Joseph Noel, 25, of Lafayette, was arrested and faces charges of resisting an officer, flight from an officer, carjacking, obstruction of justice, possession of a firearm by a felon and unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling.

The happened Monday around 8:34 p.m. when Noel, wearing a Halloween mask, allegedly approached a victim in the 100 block of Fairway Street and took possession of his vehicle at gunpoint.

After the suspect sped from the area, the victim immediately contacted the police.

A police later spotted the vehicle near the intersection of Ambassador Caffery Parkway and Eraste Landry Road.

When the officer attempted to stop the vehicle, Noel continued to speed to elude capture.

The suspect was followed onto the 300 block of Strasburg, where the suspect lost control of his vehicle and struck a vehicle parked in a yard.

The suspect exited the vehicle and was pursued by the officer on foot.

The officer lost sight of the suspect, but received information that a black male armed with a gun had forced open the door at a residence in the 200 block of Strasburg.

The home owner observed Noel inside of the residence and immediately armed himself.

While the suspect attempted to remove clothing, the home owner was able to hold the suspect at gunpoint until police arrived.

Maine: Kennebunk homeowners thwart would-be burglars by scolding, firing a shotgun

Kennebunk, Maine

From the Sea Coast Online of January 29, 2009
Kennebunk homeowners thwart would-be burglars by scolding, firing a shotgun

Quick thinking on the part of a Heath Road couple kept what police say was a late-night burglary at their home from turning into a tragedy.

The frightening ordeal began around 1:30 a.m. Saturday when Judie Martel awoke to hear pounding on her front door.

"My first thought was, 'Is that thunder?'" she said. "The windows were rattling."

Running from the couch where she had fallen asleep watching TV, Martel arrived at the door in time to see it splinter and a strange man step through.

"He was as surprised to see me as I was to see him," Martel said.

She described the intruder as "baby-faced" and "out of it," and said she did the first thing that came to mind: she scolded him.

"I said, 'It's 2 o'clock in the morning! You need to go home to bed!'" she said. "I scolded him like a mother would."

Then she pushed him back out the door and closed it as best she could.

Looking out the window, Martel could see the man had what she described as a bag of tools with him. And instead of going home, he was headed around to the attached barn.

"I knew the kitchen door was unlocked," she said. "So I had to decide if I should run and lock it, or go get my husband."

Martel decided to head upstairs and wake her husband, John. Her next priority was calling 911.

John Martel had slept through everything up until that point.

"I'm a Vietnam vet, so I sleep with a white noise machine," he said. "When she woke me I grabbed my shotgun and the one shell I keep in the house."

Running out the kitchen door, John Martel saw that the man had broken into the barn and was heading toward the house. When the man saw John raise the gun, he turned to run.

"I was going to shoot to kill," Martel said. "But I've had enough of killing. I shot over his head and he ran up the road."

Shortly after, officers from the Kennebunk Police Department arrived on the scene and the man, Sean Barker, 24, of Richmond, was arrested.

Police said the man was attempting to enter a nearby Summer Street residence when they found him.

Kennebunk police called in the Maine State Police and a K-9 unit from Wells, which quickly located a backpack, according to Kennebunk's Lt. Tony Burpee. Police found an ID for a second man spotted tracks in the snow leading.

At the same time, Burpee said, several residents nearby had called 911 to report two men running through the woods behind their homes.

Officers followed the tracks back to a Summer Street residence where they discovered Eric Wallace, 22, of Topsham, Burpee said. Police said the house belonged to Wallace's mother.

The two men had been drinking to celebrate Barker's 24th birthday, Burpee said, and claimed they had mistaken the Heath Road house for Wallace's mother's Summer Street home.

But Burpee said it was clear there was no case of simple mistaken identity.

John Martel said it was clear from the footprints in the snow that both men had circled the homes on either side of them before deciding on his home.

"The other two have alarms," he said, believing his un-alarmed house looked like an easier target. He called the alleged would-be burglars "pros."

"They had a tool bag," he said, adding that Barker used a tool to cut through the wood of the door, "and a big, huge backpack to put stuff in."

Burpee said both men also had police records.

Barker had a 2007 conviction for theft in Livermore Falls, he said.

Wallace faced several theft convictions out of the Bath/Brunswick area in 2005, Burpee said, including burglary of a motor vehicle and a conviction for allowing a minor to possess or consume alcohol.

Burpee said Wallace also had a 2006 conviction for unlawful furnishing of a scheduled drug.

Both men were on Saturday charged with one count of felony burglary and sent to York County Jail in lieu of $10,000 bail each. Both are scheduled to appear in York County Superior Court in Alfred on March 9.

As for the Martels, they've since had their door repaired and installed new deadbolts. The couple also is considering the installment of an alarm system, guard dog or both, Judie Martel said.

While both called their ordeal frightening, they said they learned a lot from the response from police.

"We couldn't ask for a more wonderful police station than we've got," John Martel said. "You don't know until something like this happens."

Judie Martel said she's trying to put the incident behind her, looking not at the crime itself but what she considers the positive outcome.

"We were very, very blessed," she said.

That's the social worker in his wife, John Martel said, always willing to believe the best of people. He's finding it hard not to imagine what could have happened, and the very different outcome they could've had.

"If they had harmed her," he said, "I wouldn't have shot in the air."

Georgia: Juliette man defends home from invasion

Juliette, Georgia

From the of January 29, 2009
Juliette man defends home from invasion

Marvin Bowdoin was sitting at his desk when the “cat bandit” kicked in his kitchen door Tuesday night, he said.

It was shortly after 9 p.m.

The 67-year-old Juliette grocer said he and his wife arrived at their residence on Juliette Road just in time to watch the last 30 minutes of “American Idol.” It had been a late closing at the family’s general merchandise store, Bowdoin’s Grocery.

The husband and wife finished the TV show. Then he left her in the den, walked down the hall to his office and started to sort through the day’s business receipts.

“She hadn’t made supper but she stayed in that room for some reason,” Bowdoin said Wednesday from his popular Juliette store, known for fishing tackle and tender cuts of beef.

“When I sat down, I heard that door crash open for some reason and I knew someone was in the house.”

Bowdoin said within seconds the intruder had gone from the kitchen to the dining room and nearly to the foyer with a shotgun in hand.

That’s where Bowdoin stopped the bandit — firing two shots from his .22 Magnum revolver.

“I tried to do my best to protect my family,” he said.

“This weapon was in my pocket. I tote a weapon every day of my life. It’s never away from me at any point. It’s some mean folks out there.”

The invader, not injured, fell to the floor before standing up and running back into the kitchen and out of the home. Bowdoin didn’t chase the person or keep firing.

Dressed head to toe in dark clothing, Bowdoin said he couldn’t tell a thing about the person’s appearance. They exchanged no words.

“I’m guessing it was a he, and he was short,” Bowdoin said.

The neighborhood grocer said had he used one of his three other firearms, he might have made a more precise shot.

“I’m just glad me and my wife are alive,” he said.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Father Shoots Son In Self-Defense

Oak Grove, Alabama

From the January 16, 2009 Birmingham News:
An Oak Grove man shot his son late Wednesday after authorities say the son attacked his mother with a broomstick and then stabbed his girlfriend.

Colter Roberts, 21, was in stable condition at UAB Hospital with two wounds from his father's 12-gauge shotgun, said Jefferson County sheriff's spokesman Lt. Randy Christian.

Deputies received a 911 hang-up call from a home on Camp Oliver Road just before 11:30 p.m. Wednesday.
The dispatcher tried to call the number but got no answer. While deputies were en route, someone called back, screaming that a father had to shoot his son who was attacking the family, Christian said.

Investigators say Colter Roberts had first attacked his 48-year-old mother with his fists and then beat her with the broomstick. He then went after his 30-year-old girlfriend with a knife.

Colter Roberts' 7-year-old sister was in the home, but not injured, Christian said.

Colter Roberts then ran from the kitchen into a hallway with a knife, screaming that he was going to kill everyone in the house. He also used the knife to slash the walls of the hallway and headed into the bedroom where his father was sleeping.

Van Roberts, 48, tried to talk to his son, but told police his efforts were unsuccessful. He described his son as "a madman running at him with a knife, screaming," Christian said.

Van Roberts grabbed his shotgun and warned his son, but the son failed to drop the knife. Van Roberts fired one shot, striking his son in the arm.

Colter Roberts continued with the attack, and his father fired another shot, striking him in the torso, Christian said. Colter Roberts has a history of drug abuse and violence, Christian said.

Colorado: No Charges to Be Filed Against Colorado Man Who Shot Intruder

Colorado Springs, Colorado

From Fox News of January 28, 2009

A Colorado Springs resident will not be charged for fatally shooting an intruder who tried to break into a home that he apparently thought was his, prosecutors said Tuesday.

James Parsons is protected under Colorado's "Make My Day" law, which allows people to use deadly force in self-defense in their home against intruders, according a statement from the 4th Judicial District Attorney's Office.

Parsons shot 22-year-old Sean Kennedy, an assistant golf pro at a Colorado Springs golf course, on Dec. 28. Kennedy had been drinking that night and apparently thought he was breaking into his own house, which was a block away.

Police handed over the case to the district attorney's office, which determined Parsons had "reasonable belief" that he and his girlfriend were in danger.

Prosecutors said Kennedy broke a window in the back door and was reaching inside to unlock it. Two dogs inside barked persistently as the couple shouted for him to leave. The ordeal lasted more than four minutes.

"A reasonable person in those circumstances would have believed that [Kennedy] was going to do a crime against them or property," said newly elected District Attorney Dan May, who oversaw the review of the shooting.

Kennedy had been drinking at a Colorado Springs golf course, and his blood-alcohol level was more than three times the legal limit for driving in Colorado when he pulled up to the Parsons' house in his pickup truck, The Gazette newspaper reported.

Friends and family members believe Kennedy thought he had arrived at his own home, which he shared with roommates.

He got out of his pickup and began shouting and beating on Parsons' door.

"[Kennedy] continued to beat and pound on the door, during which time the resident told his girlfriend to call 911, and he went into the bedroom to get his gun, a revolver," the DA's office said.

Kennedy went to the back of the house, forced open a screen door, smashed a window and was reaching to unlock the deadbolt, investigators said. Parsons then shot at him three times.

Two bullets went through Kennedy's arm and into his torso, May said.

Missouri: Intruder who was shot by homeowner is charged

Clay County, Missouri

From the Kansas City Star of January 26, 2009
Intruder who was shot by homeowner is charged

Clay County authorities today charged a 40-year-old man who was shot after he allegedly forced his way into a Clay County home last week.

George R. England Jr. of Imperial, Mo., faces one count of first-degree burglary for the incident that occurred about 12:30 a.m. Wednesday at a residence in the 12000 block of Missouri 92, just west of Kearney.

Bond was set at $75,000, and England remains hospitalized in stable condition, authorities said this afternoon.

A 48-year-old woman inside the residence dialed 911 to report a disturbance in progress. The woman said an unknown man drove up to the residence, stood outside the front door and began yelling, according to court records.

“Come out here,” England is accused of yelling to the homeowner. “You know me, I’m Animal.”

As the woman was speaking with 911 dispatchers, England allegedly forced open the front door and began to walk inside. At that point, the caller’s 44-year-old husband confronted the intruder and shot him with a handgun, court records said.

Authorities arrived a short time later and transported England to the hospital.

Clay County Prosecutor Daniel White said today that no criminal charges are being considered against the 44-year-old homeowner who shot England.

“The homeowner in this instance acted with remarkable restraint,” said White. “He ensured the safety of his family, repeatedly advised England that England was neither his friend nor acquaintance, only shot when England forced open the front door of the residence.”

The homeowner’s wife and two school-age children were at the home at the time of the incident. No other injuries were reported. Authorities think the intruder was highly intoxicated.

Michigan: Business owner shoots would-be robber

Auburn, Michigan

From WJRT of January 21, 2009
Business owner shoots would-be robber

A Bay County man went to great lengths to protect himself and his business Wednesday night after two people tried to rob him.

It happened just after 7 p.m. in the village of Auburn at Evergreen Insurance on Midland Road.

Police say the suspects wore masks when they tried to make their way inside. The business owner shot one suspect, and the other is still on the loose.

The suspects were believed to be armed. A suspect vehicle was located. Police say they believe the suspect that left the vehicle is on foot.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ohio: Police: Homeowner Strangles Intruder

Cleveland, Ohio

From MSNBC of January 25, 2009
Police: Homeowner Strangles Intruder

Police are investigating a case involving a homeowner strangling a man to death on the city's southeast side.

Officials said Johnathan Parson, 22, died while struggling with a homeowner of a residence on East 127th Street.

Police said Parsons and another man entered the duplex at about 2 a.m. One of them had a gun. It's unclear which one, however.

The homeowner who lived in the residence with his girlfriend and young child managed to get the shotgun and fight off one of the intruders.

The homeowner said he found Parsons in a room assaulting his girlfriend.

No charges have been filed.

Indiana: Suspected robber dies in liquor store shooting

Fort Wayne, Indiana

From WSJV of January 22, 2009
Suspected robber dies in liquor store shooting

Fort Wayne police are investigating a shooting at a liquor store that left a suspected robber dead and a store clerk wounded.

The shooting occurred Wednesday afternoon at Belmont Beverage on the city's south side.

Police spokesman Mike Joyner says the store employee was shot in the leg and was hospitalized in fair condition Wednesday night.

Police say the robbery suspect entered the store and demanded money. When police arrived, they found him lying in the middle of the street. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Joyner says the shots were fired inside the building. He says the suspect was armed with a handgun, which was found at the scene.

The names of the robbery suspect and store employee were not immediately released.

Arizona: Apparent robber shot dead at store

Tuscon, Arizona

From the Arizona Star of January 27, 2009
Apparent robber shot dead at store

An employee at a South Side convenience store shot and killed one of two men trying to rob the store Monday and was himself wounded in the brief shootout, police said.

Two men walked into the Grand Market, in the 6200 block of South Sixth Avenue, sometime before 5:30 p.m., said Sgt. Mark Robinson, a Tucson Police Department spokesman.

They shot at an employee, a man in his early 50s, who fired back, Robinson said.

The employee shot one of the would-be-robbers, an 18-year-old, who ran outside into the parking lot where he collapsed and died. The other robber ran away, and police are still looking for him, Robinson said.

The employee was also shot. He was taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, Robinson said.

Witnesses described the missing suspect as in his mid-20s to early 30s. He was wearing a black-and-white football jersey and a red bandanna, Robinson said.

Margarita Grajeda lives in the area and drops into the Grand Market from time to time.

Grajeda wasn't surprised that someone could get shot trying to rob the market. She said the store had been robbed before, and it was only a matter of time before someone at the store was forced to shoot.

"I knew somebody was going to get shot someday," she said.

As for the store owners, she said she hoped they were all right.

"They're such nice people. So nice," she said.

California: Resident Spots Intruder, Fires Shot

Sacramento, California

From MSNBC of January 27, 2009
Resident Spots Intruder, Fires Shot

A Sacramento resident confronted an alleged burglar in a back yard and fired a gunshot, but the intruder fled and it was not clear if anyone was hurt, police said.

A police report said a resident of 2600 block of Ensenada Way saw someone with a flashlight in the home's yard shortly after 1 a.m. Friday.

The resident told police he believed someone was trying to break into a shed behind the residence.

Authorities said the resident grabbed a handgun and went outside to confront the intruder.

The intruder cut the resident in the face with an unknown weapon and the resident responded by firing one shot in self-defense.

The intruder left. Police said it was not known if the intruder was injured, adding that no blood trail was found.

North Carolina: Store clerk pistol whips would-be robber

Wilmington, North Carolina

From the Star News of January 19, 2009
Store clerk pistol whips would-be robber

A 51-year-old man who police say was pistol-whipped by a convenience store owner Monday night is in the New Hanover County jail, officials said Tuesday. Donald Leroy Frazier of Wilmington is charged with assault with a deadly weapon, according to a statement from Officer Crystal Williamson of the Wilmington Police Department. Officers responded to the Chestnut Food Market at 10:50 p.m. and found Frazier lying on his back in front of the business, bleeding from his face. The store clerk told officers Frazier pulled a knife and pointed it close to the clerk’s chest, according to the police statement. The clerk pulled a pistol and fired a shot but missed. When Frazier refused to leave, the clerk hit him in the face with the handgun, according to the police statement. After the incident, Monday night, Shadie Abdallah, part-owner of the store, said when he was closing for the night, a man who he recognized came in and tried to stab him. The man did not demand money. At the time, police said the suspect was taken to an area hospital. E.B. Davis, who lives near the store, watched as police examined the crime scene and spoke with witnesses. Davis said he has lived in the neighborhood 30 years and he has seen wrecks and shootings in the vicinity of the store. He described it as a corner hangout. Children going to a nearby school pass by the corner and Davis said that concerns him. He said police should do something to clean up the corner. Frazier is being held on a $500 bond.

Illinois: Man shot during West Side home invasion

Chicago, Illinois

From the Chicago Sun-Times of January 19, 2009
Man shot during West Side home invasion

A man was shot by a resident of a home he was allegedly invading on the West Side late Sunday.

About 10 p.m., a man in his 20s was allegedly committing a home invasion and a resident inside the home at 4453 W. Cortez St. shot him, according to a Harrison District police lieutenant.

Charges were pending Monday morning against the man shot, who was transported to Mount Sinai Hospital in an unidentified condition.

Police have not ruled out the possibility that the shooter would face charges also.

Harrison Area detectives are investigating.

Kentucky: Hillview man charged in break-in at bait shop

Hillview, Kentucky

From the Louisville Courier-Journal of January 22, 2009
Hillview man charged in break-in at bait shop

A Hillview man been charged with burglary after allegedly breaking into a Louisville bait-and-tackle business and being shot at by the owner Saturday.

Eric Lee Wade, 24, is accused of breaking a window and entering Pepper Tackle Shop on Dixie Highway in Valley Station about 11:30 p.m., said Lt. Jim Mueller with the Louisville Metro Police robbery unit.

A 16-year-old Jefferson County juvenile was involved, according to Mueller, but it was uncertain last night if he has been charged in the Pepper break-in.

Norman Pepper, the owner of the store and an unsuccessful candidate for the Metro Council District 14 seat, said in an interview yesterday that when two people entered his business after hours, he fired a shot at one of the men and a second shot to scare them off.

The two crawled back out the window and got into a car, said Pepper, who is 67. He managed to fire three shots into the car before the occupants fled.

The vehicle was later found abandoned on the Gene Snyder Freeway near Dixie Highway.

"They didn't have time to do anything. I was on them," Pepper said. "There was no time to be scared."

He then called the police. While his shop has been burglarized before, this is the first time he has shot at an intruder, he said.

Both Wade and the juvenile have been charged with robbery in three other cases -- hold-ups earlier Saturday at Circle K, 9111 Blue Lick Road; on Jan. 13 at First America Cash Advance, 6661 Dixie Highway; and on Jan. 10 at Cash Tyme, 11340 Preston Highway, Mueller said.

Two people would enter the businesses wearing masks, brandish a sawed-off shotgun or a pistol and demand money, Mueller said. No one was injured in any of the robberies.

Wade was arrested Monday, and the juvenile was arrested Tuesday, he said.

The juvenile has been charged with three counts of first-degree robbery, Mueller said.

Wade has been charged with three counts of first-degree robbery, one count of second-degree burglary and one count of having a vehicle that is a nuisance, according to Metro Corrections. He is being held on a $500,000 bond.

Pennsylvania: Elderly Man Fires Shots At Robbers As They Flee Home

Uniontown, Pennsylvania

From WPXI of January 27, 2009
Elderly Man Fires Shots At Robbers As They Flee Home

For the second time in a month, 82-year-old Kenneth Plummer Jr. was the victim of a home invasion, by robbers at his Fayette County home Monday night.

"They got my wallet and ran through the house and got away with $350," Plummer said.

Just before Christmas, a man broke in, but Plummer chased him away with a butcher knife.

"I want somebody dead if they come back," Plummer said.

The robbers pried upon a locked door, assaulted Plummer and removed cash from his pocket and another part of the Kaider Road house.

State police said that as they left, Plummer went for his gun and fired three rounds at them.

"Very unusual, yes. I can't recall seeing anything like this in my 15 years here," said trooper Thomas Broadwater.

Broadwater said it may be time for Plummer to consider a security system.

"He's obviously very shaken. He just has no idea why they're doing this,” Broadwater said.

If you have any information about the three men who invaded Plummer's home you are asked to call state police at the Uniontown barracks.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Houston Burglar Shot To Death With Own Gun

Houston, Texas

From the January 23, 2009 Houston Chronicle:

Homicide detectives are still investigating an overnight shooting in which a resident of a north Houston apartment said he disarmed a burglar and killed him with his own gun.

The shooting occurred about 10 p.m. Thursday at the Worthington Apartments at 1350 Greens Parkway, KHOU Channel 11 reported.

Police said two residents reported that they came home and found that two men had broken into their apartment.

One of the intruders had a gun, which was wrestled away from him during a struggle with the residents, police said.

The resident fired, killing one of the burglars, while the other ran away, police were told.

Home Invader Shot in Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock, Arkansas

From January 22, 2009 KATV channel 7:
Little Rock - Two people are in custody following a west Little Rock home intrusion during which one suspect was shot.

The incident occurred around 2:30 a.m. Thursday at 31 Marcella Drive.

Authorities say a resident inside the home exchanged gunfire with one of the intruders, shooting him in the hip before the trio fled. As police officers were en route to the scene, they noticed a suspicious vehicle, and a chase began.


Keaton suffered a gunshot wound to his left hip, and was transported to a local hospital. Davis was taken into custody and charged with attempted capital murder, obstruction of justice, and numerous robbery charges. Charges are still pending against Keaton.

A third suspect remains on the loose.

No one in the home was injured.

Houston Burglar Shot To Death

Houston, Texas

From the January 21, 2009 Houston Chronicle:

One man was killed and another ran for his life early today after they broke into a northwest Houston apartment and were met with gunfire from one of the residents, police said.

Detectives this morning were trying to identify the man who was killed by a shotgun blast about 3:15 a.m. at the Shadow Creek Apartments in the 7500 block of Pinemont near Hollister.

The two men who live in the ground-floor apartment told officers they were preparing to watch a movie when they heard a loud noise. Their front door was suddenly kicked open and two men burst into the apartment, one of them holding a revolver, police were told.

Both residents grabbed shotguns and one of them fired, killing one of the intruders while the other ran away.

Police said the residents did not know the attackers. It was not immediately clear why the men targeted that apartment.

Ski Masked Home Intruder Scared Off By Rifle

Cambria, California

From the January 21, 2009 San Luis Obispo Tribune:

Sheriff's deputies are looking for a man who attempted to rob a Cambria home Sunday night.

A couple was in their home on Lone Palm Drive around 7:45 p.m. when they heard a pounding on a rear sliding glass door, according to sheriff's officials. When the husband shined a flashlight toward the noise, he saw a person wearing a ski mask kicking at the glass.

The husband told his wife to call 911, and he got a loaded rifle from a nearby closet. When the homeowner returned to the sliding glass door, the masked man apparently looked at the rifle and ran away.

Deputies and state parks rangers searched the area on foot and with a K9, but could not find the man.

"Masked suspects attempting home invasion burglaries in this area is unusual," said Commander Ken Conway of the Sheriff's Department.

Dallas Burglar Shot To Death

Dallas, Texas

From January 21, 2009 Fox News channel 4:
DALLAS -- A 17-year-old burglary suspect ended up shot to death late Wednesday morning when he confronted a man with a gun in an east Oak Cliff home

Dallas police say Gabriel Flores allegedly kicked in the door of a home in the 300 block of Hobson St. He was still inside when the 51-year-old son of the elderly homeowners came by to drop off a newspaper.

The son, who has a concealed handgun license and was carrying his weapon, confronted Flores. Police say Flores drew his own weapon and fired at the son as he fled the house. The son returned fire and struck Flores once.

Flores died later at the hospital. The case will be referred to a grand jury. The homeowners were not at home during the shooting, and no one else was hurt.

Texas: Archer Shot in Self-Defense

Houston, Texas

From the January 20, 2009 Houston Chronicle:
A woman accused of shooting a man with a bow and arrow at her father's workplace before being shot by two civilians and a Houston police officer has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Julie Parker, 33, was listed in fair condition at Ben Taub General Hospital today with several gunshot wounds suffered in the Monday afternoon incident.

Police and witnesses said that Parker shot Armando Silva in the chest with a hunting bow and arrow after she entered the offices of Texas Components Corp. in northwest Houston.

Silva, 49, was reported in good condition at Ben Taub today.

Police are still trying to determine the motive for the incident. Officers said the violence erupted after Parker came into the office in the 1600 block of West Sam Houston Parkway with a hunting bow and arrows and what appeared to be a handgun about 3 p.m. Monday.

Her father works there and was in the building at the time, police said, but it was not clear whether she was looking for him.

After walking into the company's micro-electronics division, Parker shot Silva with an arrow and then pointed the apparent gun at two other employees, police said.

Those employees, who are licensed to carry concealed handguns, fired "numerous" shots at Parker, hitting her several times, investigators said.

Parker dropped her pistol, which later was found not to be a real gun, and retreated to an office with the bow and arrow, officers said. Workers at nearby businesses took cover and called police.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

North Carolina: Intruder fatally shot during struggle with resident

Fayetteville, North Carolina

From the Fayetteville Observer of January 19, 2009
Intruder fatally shot during struggle with resident

A Tokay Drive resident fatally shot a man who broke into his house Saturday night, police said Sunday.

The names of the resident and the victim were not immediately available.

The incident happened about 8:30 p.m. at 593 Tokay Drive, according to a Fayetteville police news release.

The resident entered his house and found the intruder inside, the release said.

The resident pulled out a pistol he was carrying and began struggling with the intruder, the release said.

The gun fired during the struggle, and the intruder ran out of the house, the release said.

It was not known how many shots were fired, a police spokesman said Sunday.

A short time later, a man with a gunshot wound was brought to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

The man, believed to be the intruder, apparently called friends for help instead of dialing 911, the police spokesman said.

“His friends determined that he needed medical assistance and transported him to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center,” the spokesman said.

Nebraska: County Attorney: Shop Owner Fired In Self-Defense

Omaha, Nebraska

From MSNBC of January 16, 2009
County Attorney: Shop Owner Fired In Self-Defense

No charges will be filed against the Omaha shop owner who shot and killed two people in his business Tuesday night because he fired in self-defense, said Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine.

Kleine said Andre McKesson, the owner of Midwest Grillz and Jewelry at 62nd Street and Ames Avenue, fired after 14 or 15 shots.

Kleine said police told him McKesson got into an argument with Willie Wakefield, 29, and Marcel Davis, 16. At one point, Wakefield allegedly fired two shots in the direction of McKennon.

Kleine said McKesson returned fire, killing Davis and Wakefield and wounding Brandon Boyce, 22, who was outside waiting for Davis and Wakefield.

The investigation into the case is continuing.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kansas: Armed resident defends home against burglars

Miami County, Kansas

From the Miami County Republic of January 8, 2009
Armed resident defends home against burglars

A home intruder got more than he bargained for Thursday morning at a residence in rural Wellsville.

Miami County Sheriff’s deputies responded to 37895 W. 239th St. after a resident reported hearing a break-in at his home, according to a sheriff’s office news release.

The lone resident hid in the closet on the second floor until he heard the suspect enter the room and open the closet door. The resident then declared he had a firearm, and the suspect fled the house, according to the release.

The suspect is described as a white male, 5 feet, 8 inches tall and weighing about 215 pounds. He was wearing a blue jacket, blue jeans and a ski mask.

The armed homeowner watched the suspect flee in a newer blue Chevrolet extended cab S-10 pickup truck, according to the release. Deputies searched the area but could not locate the vehicle.

A short time later, another resident in the area reported suspicious people at her home fitting the same appearance and vehicle description.

According to the release, the homeowner met them at her door and was asked if an unknown person lived there. When she told them “no,” they left.

Sheriff’s officers warn that this type of activity can also be a ploy of residential burglars. They knock on the door, and when nobody answers, they break in. If contacted at the door, they ask for a fictitious person.

South Carolina: Armed robbery goes awry

Dalzell, South Carolina

From the Sumpter Item of January 17, 2009
Armed robbery goes awry

A masked bandit tried to rob the wrong store Thursday night.

A police report said about 11:19 p.m. a black man in his mid to late 20s brandished a shotgun at a 73-year-old store owner, demanded money and fired once, hitting the wall behind the owner. The store owner pulled out his own gun and returned fire and called 911 as the man fled the store on foot.

Smoking a cigarette not long after lunch time Friday, Milton McCarty leaned on the counter behind the cashier’s area, a half cup of coffee in a styrofoam cup resting near his elbow. He said he’s owned McCarty’s Super Convenience Store at 3909 Camden Highway for 40 years and when he works at night, he always carries his weapon, declining to say exactly what kind.

“He fired at me and I fired back at him and it was over with,” he said matter of factly, “and he took to running.”

He quickly dialed 911, he said, and officers were on the scene in minutes.

“I think I got him in the face a little bit, and that was it,” he said.

The robber — having robbed nothing actually — ran out the door heading east on Camden Highway, McCarty said, hooking his thumb in the air, pointing behind him. McCarty simply shook his head and let out a laugh when asked what he was thinking when the gunman opened fire.

“I carry mine (his weapon) all the time,” he said. “Everything’s fine.”

McCarty said this wasn’t the first time he’s had to use his gun while working, either.

“I shot one other fellow,” a while back, he said, but declined to get into details.

The suspect is described as 5 feet 9 inches tall and 165 pounds. He was wearing a black jacket, black shoes, blue jeans and a mask McCarty said was navy blue.

Sumter County Sheriff Anthony Dennis said investigators were working to enhance the video images of the man and said they were unsure if the man left in a car after running out of the store.

“We’re not sure if there was a vehicle,” he said.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office at (803) 436-2700 or Crime Stoppers at (803) 436-2718. Callers can remain anonymous and may be eligible for a cash reward.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Virginia: 2 Arrested, 1 Still Sought in Would-be Robbery

Dumphries, Virginia

From WJLA of January 14, 2009
2 Arrested, 1 Still Sought in Would-be Robbery

An armed woman who stayed home sick from work Wednesday turned out to be a would-be robber's worst nightmare.

Police say an alarm went off Wednesday in broad daylight in the 3300 block of Dondis Creek Drive in Dumfries, prompting the home's owner to her basement door where she found three men trying to get inside.

"When she confronts them, the men take off and one of them returned," said Officer Erika Hernandez, Prince William County.

That is when the woman opened fire, striking the would-be robber in the upper body. Police caught him and he was transported to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries. Police later caught the second suspect, but are still looking for the third.

"That was an experience with the cop cars and the helicopters, I was wondering what was going on," said Joshua Washington, a neighbor.

Police say it appears the homeowner was within her rights to shoot the suspect, however, police are still investigating.

Indiana: National media seek out South Bend woman

South Bend, Indiana

From the South Bend Tribune of January 10, 2009
National media seek out South Bend woman

Sandra Hochstedler, the 70-year-old woman who held an intruder at gunpoint earlier this week, is out of the hospital and making the media rounds.

On Friday afternoon, a production crew with the news magazine Inside Edition visited Hochstedler's home to re-create the harrowing standoff for a segment to air on the show.

"It was quite a production. It was really interesting," Hochstedler said early Friday evening, shortly after the crew and host Les Trent had left her Portage Road home in northern St. Joseph County. "I really had to act. It was almost like I was in a studio."

"I'm hoping it will be inspiring to others," she said of the reason she agreed to film the segment, "to let them know that they can do this, that they can protect their homes. And if it comes to it, they can take extreme action."

On Sunday evening, as Hochstedler was hauling firewood from her garage into her home, a man reportedly came running at her from the street and chased her inside.

She grabbed her gun and dialed 911, she said, and after the man burst through her living room window she held him at gunpoint until police arrived, threatening to shoot him dead if he moved.

The story was immediately picked up by local media outlets, and soon, the national media came calling as well.

Besides Inside Edition, Hochstedler said she has been contacted by ABC News, Good Morning America, and the Fox News morning show Fox and Friends.

Although flattered, Hochstedler said she is still a bit baffled by all of the attention.

"It takes my breath away," she said her newfound celebrity, "because I'm like, 'What? How did it get national attention? What is the big deal about? Doesn't everyone try to protect their home?'æ"

Hochstedler said she has been slow in responding to some requests for interviews because she was only released from the hospital on Thursday. She was taken there Sunday evening after complaining of chest pains.

"By the time I was done being a tough woman and yelling at (the intruder) like I wasn't afraid, I sat down at the dining room table and it just all came out of me," she recalled.

At the hospital, Hochstedler said, doctors informed her she had actually suffered a heart attack and needed to have a cardiac catheter inserted to check for arterial blockage.

"I was resisting having it," she said of the procedure, explaining that she doesn't normally require a lot of "doctoring," "but they told me this was life threatening, that part of my heart had already died."

"It was due to shock," she continued. "It happens to people sometimes. That's what they call being scared to death."

Now that she's feeling better, Hochstedler said she wants to help others. As vice president of the German Township Neighborhood Association, she said she'd like to organize seminars to educate her neighbors on how to better secure their homes and protect themselves and their families.

Virginia: Clerk shoots would-be robber in Halifax County

Hallifax County, Virginia

From the WDBJ of January 13, 2009
Clerk shoots would-be robber in Halifax County

A store clerk shoots a would-be robber.

According to the Halifax County Sheriff's Office, the clerk called 911 to report an armed robbery at Max's Grocery in Scottsburg.

The clerk told the sheriff's office a man entered the store around 6:30 p.m. armed with a handgun and demanded money. The sheriff's office said the clerk shot the suspect who then left on foot.

Deputies found the suspect around 8:20 p.m. in some woods near the store. He was taken to Halifax Regional Hospital with an apparent gun shot wound to the chest.

The suspect, Richard Anthony Snead, has been charged with attempted armed robbery and use of a firearm in commission of a felony.

Anyone with further information on this attempted robbery is asked to call the Halifax County Sheriff's Office at 434-476-3334.

Georgia: Robbery suspect shot, killed in East Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution of January 15, 2009
Robbery suspect shot, killed in East Atlanta

A robbery suspect was shot and killed by his intended victim outside an East Atlanta Village bar late Wednesday, Atlanta police said Thursday.

Police do not believe the shooting has any connection to the recent high-profile killing at a Grant Park bar.

The suspected robber, a 29-year-old man from the Decatur area, carried a Colt .40-caliber handgun, while the gun that killed bar worker John Henderson was a 9mm, Atlanta police Detective Michael Willis said.

The killing Wednesday comes a week after Henderson’s killing in another popular hangout about two miles away, Standard Food & Spirits, sparked an outpouring of community support and galvanized grassroots efforts to improve public safety by some who say the city is becoming more dangerous.

Willis said he could not release the identity of the dead man Thursday morning because he had not yet notified relatives of his death.

The detective also declined to name the man and woman police said were the intended robbery victims. The man who opened fire in self defense is a 28-year-old who works in the airline industry and lives in a northern suburb of Atlanta, possibly Cobb County, Willis said.

The woman he was with — they have been dating for a couple of months — is around 40 years old and lives in the Marietta area, Willis said.

Wednesday night, the couple made their way to the popular East Atlanta Village, known for its trendy bars and eateries, because they have been taking swing-dancing lessons, Willis said.

Their dancing instructor told them that one of the East Atlanta bars, Graveyard Tavern, had “big band nights,” Willis said.

“So they came down here to dance,” Willis said.

When they left the bar around 11:15 p.m., the man gave his date the keys to his Ford Ranger pickup truck so she could drive. They walked to the truck, parked in an Ace Hardware lot across a side street on the same side of Glenwood Avenue.

Inside the vehicle, the woman was adjusting the driver’s seat and mirrors when the man looked over his shoulder and saw a man standing at his passenger window, Willis said.

Believing the man was going to beg for money, the passenger rolled down his window a few inches, Willis said. But he had a strange feeling about the man, so he grabbed his gun from the glove box and put it on his lap, Willis said.

He asked the stranger what he wanted, and noticed the man was reaching for his waistband or pockets, the detective said. Instinctively, the passenger shoved open his door, knocking the suspected robber back a few feet, Willis said. The woman started screaming.

The man got out of the truck and the suspected robber raised a weapon at him, Willis said. “When he saw that, he just started shooting,” the detective said.

The man shot the suspected robber five or six times, in the stomach and chest, Willis said. The robber did not fire any shots.

“He just got the jump on him,” Willis said of the victim. “He told me he fired until the guy was no longer a threat to him.”

Willis said the man’s accuracy was impressive. In an interview later, the man told Willis that his brother used to shoot firearms competitively and taught him to shoot.

As one could expect, the shooting left the man and his companion visibly shaken.

“He actually said, ‘I’m surprised I haven’t thrown up yet,’ ” Willis said. “He was that upset.”

Willis said he did not know much about the suspected robber. A criminal background check did not reveal any recent arrests by Atlanta police, but he might have a criminal history in DeKalb County.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Arkansas: 87-year-old scares man

Batesville, Arkansas

From the Batesville Daily Guard of January 12, 2009
87-year-old scares man

Altha Rider usually keeps a .38 pistol by her bedside. Thursday night, the 87-year-old woman was ready to use it.

It wasn’t long after Rider went to bed Thursday night that someone tried to kick in the front door of her home at 65 Brushy Road, she told an officer, whom she met at the carport door with pistol in hand.

In a phone interview this morning, Rider told the Guard she is still a little shaken by the incident.

Rider said she had gone to bed around 9 p.m. with a light on in her den, and was awakened by the sound of her front door being kicked in around 10.

“When I heard the racket I screamed and then got up to see what happened,” Rider said. “I couldn’t see anyone, so I got up and went lookin’.”

Rider went looking with the .38 pistol that she keeps by her bedside for protection. She said she also has a .410 shotgun, but realized that would only give her one shot before she would have to reload.

According to Rider, the intruder had tried unsuccessfully to gain entry through a back door before going to the front of her home. The bottom half of the door was broken and splintered from the dead bolt down.

“He unlocked my storm door to get to the wood door,” Rider said. “But he didn’t get the door open — the door lock held.”

After not seeing anyone around her house, Rider said she called a family member, who then called police.

“They (police) were here right away and looked around, but they couldn’t find anybody,” Rider said.

The following day, an arrest was made and a missing person case was closed.

Police say Keith Eugene White, 31, of Batesville, reported missing since Nov. 25, 2008, was reportedly caught on McHue Road Friday morning.

This burglary occurred, police say, following the break-in attempt at Rider’s home.

According to Lt. Brenda Bittle, White was caught when deputies responded to a break-in on McHue Road.

“A key holder went to check on the house and found a door kicked in,” Bittle said. “When deputies arrived they searched the house and found White inside,” Bittle said.

“He had in his possession several items taken from other homes in the area Thursday night,” Bittle said.

White was arrested without incident and taken to jail, where he confessed to several burglaries and is a suspect in several more, Bittle said.

“He was out of prison on parole for burglary,” she said.

White is being held on a “no bond” parole hold pending formal charges.

Indiana: Police: Man shoots, kills suspect in Hammond robbery attempt

Hammond, Indiana

From the Northwest Indiana Times of January 12, 2009
Police: Man shoots, kills suspect in Hammond robbery attempt

An attempted robbery early Sunday morning turned fatal for one of the suspects, police said.

A 38-year-old man and his girlfriend were exiting their sport-utility vehicle in the parking lot of McTavern's bar in the 7400 block of Indianapolis Boulevard when two people attempted to rob the couple, according to a Hammond police news release.

Another person is believed to have been an accomplice in the attempted robbery, Police Chief Brian Miller said.

The owner of the vehicle took a handgun from the SUV and shot one of the suspects in the chest, the release states. The shooting victim died at the scene before Hammond Fire Department personnel could provide further treatment and he could get to a hospital.

Kenneth Denson, 17, of the 600 block of East 131st Street in Chicago, was pronounced dead from a gunshot wound to the chest about 1:30 a.m., a Lake County coroner's office spokeswoman said Sunday.

The second robbery suspect and an accomplice fled from the scene in a vehicle and traveled north on Indianapolis Boulevard into East Chicago, where they crashed and police apprehended them. Miller said an illegal narcotic drug was found in the vehicle.

Police said the investigation continues. The man who shot Denson has cooperated with police and has turned over his handgun.

Charges could be filed today against the other two suspects in custody, Miller said.

In September, a 40-year-old Gary man, Eric Lowe, was shot and killed outside of McTavern's following a dispute. Lowe was a security worker for the bar.
From the Northwest Indiana Times of January 12, 2009
Police: Statements support self defense claim in fatal shooting

Hammond police believe a man who shot and killed a would-be robber outside of a bar there early Sunday legitimately acted in self defense.

Hammond Police Chief Brian Miller said the 38-year-old Gary man was released after providing a statement to police about the incident.

"We do believe that his version of the story is true and credible," Miller said, adding that the man had a valid license to carry the weapon and purchased it legally.

Statements from witnesses to the attempted robbery and shooting assisted as well, he said.

"We had some outstanding participation by witnesses," Miller said.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Florida: Police: Man Shoots, Kills Armed Robber At Car Wash

Orlando, Florida

From WESH of January 9, 2009
Police: Man Shoots, Kills Armed Robber At Car Wash

A car wash customer in Orange County shot and killed a man he said was trying to rob him on Friday.

The shooting happened at Mr. Big's Super Car Wash off Orange Blossom Trail.

"During this attempted robbery, the victim, who holds a concealed weapons permit, pulled out his weapon and fired shots into the bad guy," said Orange County Sheriff's Office Commander Paul Hopkins.

The alleged robber was shot in a car wash stall. He ran about 50 feet and fell near some orange cones.

Hopkins said the shooter was washing his car when two men approached him. He said one had a sawed-off shotgun.

Hopkins said that modus operandi fits a series of recent holdups.

"We've responded to about five robberies in the last week where these have been similar types of events, the sawed-off shotguns," Hopkins said.

Hopkins said the most recent shooting at the car wash appears to be similar to an incident in Ocoee, where a man shot a robber who was beating a store clerk.

"For the bad guys out there, you never know who you're dealing with," Hopkins said. "When you go out to commit this crime, you might be the one who's lying dead in the parking lot."

Investigators said there were two suspects. One died in the parking lot and the other is still on the run.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Texas: Police: Homeowner Fatally Shoots Alleged Robber

Amarillo, Texas

From News Channel 10 of January 7, 2009
Police: Homeowner Fatally Shoots Alleged Robber

Police say two men attempted to break into a home on the 4100 block of South Hughes in Amarillo this morning.

The homeowner, police say, used a long gun to shoot one of the suspects. The other alleged robber managed to run away.

When police arrived at the home, 4117 S. Hughes, they found one of the suspected robbers lying on the ground with several gun shot wounds. They attempted to resuscitate him, but were unsuccessful.

Police are now searching for the second man involved in the invasion. Police have a vague description of him. He is a black male and was last seen wearing black clothing.

Witnesses say both suspected robbers have broken into the home up to four times in the past.

Police call this the first homicide of 2009.

The owner of the home went to the police station, as part of the investigation. But police have not made any arrests.

Police have tentatively identified the dead man, 22 years of age, but are waiting to notify the next of kin before releasing his name.

The Amarillo Special Crimes Unit is still investigating the block of South Hughes where the shooting occurred. They also closed off a section of Southwest 42nd Avenue.

Texas: 'Justified homicides' more than doubled

San Antonio, Texas

From My San Antonio of January 4, 2009
'Justified homicides' more than doubled

One hour after revelers welcomed the new year in 2008, a motorist at a Northwest Side intersection fired three shots into 24-year-old Tomas Garza, moments after authorities said Garza threatened the motorist with a baseball bat in an apparent road-rage incident.

The killing, the first of 137 recorded in San Antonio last year, was an act of self-defense, police later determined, and was classified by department officials as a justified homicide.


Florida: West Park homeowner kills robber

West Park, Florida

From Florida Today of December 26, 2008
West Park homeowner kills robber

An armed robber who held a West Park man at gunpoint outside his home early this morning was killed when his victim pulled out a gun and fired first, the Broward County Sheriff's Office said.

Brian Kelley, 22, was returning to his apartment in the 4100 block of Southwest 19th Street about 4:39 a.m. when he said Kenneth Nelson, 42, came up from behind him and put a gun to his head, according to sheriff’s office spokesman Mike Jachles.

Kelley pulled out his own handgun and fired, striking and killing Nelson, of Hollywood.

Homicides detectives questioned Kelley after the shooting but did not take him into custody. Kelley acted in self-defense, investigators believe, but the sheriff’s office will present the case to the Broward State Attorney's Office for review.

California: Woman shoots large raccoon attacking dog

Pasadena, California

From the San Gabriel Valley Tribune of January 6, 2009
Woman shoots large raccoon attacking dog

A woman shot and killed a raccoon that was fighting with her pit bull terrier, police said.

Pasadena police Lt. Randell Taylor said neighbors called authorities to report a shot fired in the 600 block of Las Robles Avenue at about 8:30 p.m. Tuesday.

When police arrived, they learned a large raccoon had attacked a resident's dog.

"She got a shovel and hit the raccoon about 15 times," Taylor said. "She shot it in the mid-section and it was still getting the best of the dog."

Taylor said the woman retrieved the shovel and again hit the raccoon several times before it let go of her dog.

"The dog was OK, other than some nasty cuts and bruises," Taylor said.

The Humane Society of the San Gabriel Valley recommended the woman take her dog to a 24-hour emergency veterinarian to check for rabies, Taylor said.

Alabama: Man shoots alleged attacker

Pell City, Alabama

From the Cullman Times of January 5, 2009
Man shoots alleged attacker

A Pell City man is in the hospital with a gunshot wound after he allegedly broke into a Hanceville residence and attacked the owner Saturday.

According to Hanceville police reports, the gunshot victim was 32-year-old Charles Kendrick.

“He was shot once in the stomach with a 25-caliber automatic,” said Lt. Jimmy Rodgers of the Hanceville Police Department. “Further investigation has ruled it was a self-defense shooting.”

Rodgers said the shooting took place at approximately 7:20 p.m. at a residence on Commercial Street.

“The owner of the residence was at home when this guy (Kendrick) jumped on him and began to fight him,” Rodgers said. “The owner went inside and locked the door and retrieved a handgun.”

Rodgers said Kendrick allegedly then began smashing the back windows of the residence and tried to enter.

“The owner pointed the gun at him to prevent him from entering,” Rodgers said. “The gun was unloaded at this point.”

Undeterred, Kendrick allegedly continued to break the window and then entered the home, Rodgers said. The homeowner then went into his bedroom and locked the door.

“The perpetrator kicked in the door, at which point he was shot by the resident,” Rodgers said.

Paramedics treated Kendrick at the scene and then transported him to UAB Hospital.

An investigation revealed the attack was a type of domestic violence situation, Rodgers said.

“The homeowner’s girlfriend has kids by the perpetrator, and apparently he was upset about the kids and took it out on the boyfriend,” Rodgers said.

Rodgers noted Kendrick could face criminal charges once he is released from the hospital, including a charge of burglary.

Arizona: Jewelry store owner shoots would-be thieves

Phoenix, Arizona

From the Arizona Republic of January 6, 2009
Jewelry store owner shoots would-be thieves

The owner of a Phoenix jewelry store shot two men who had used pepper spray on him during an attempted robbery.

The suspects, identified as 24-year-old Gregory Mills and 27-year-old Jason Buckingham, were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and are expected to be charged Tuesday.

Phoenix police say Mills and Buckingham went to the jewelry store of a 61-year-old man around 2 p.m. Monday and tried to sell a watch, but were denied because it was missing parts.

About 10 minutes later, they returned, pepper sprayed the store owner in the face and smashed the glass of a display cabinet.

That's when the owner pulled a gun from his pocket, shot each suspect and held them at gunpoint until officers arrived.

Investigators say the owner acted in self defense and won't be charged.

South Carolina: 3 arrested in Florence County home invasion

Florence County, South Carolina

From South Carolina Now of December 22, 2008
3 arrested in Florence County home invasion

The sheriff’s office is still investigating a second home invasion case that happened a week ago and left one man dead.

The shooting happened about 10:30 p.m. Tuesday at a 317 Plantation Drive residence outside Lake City, Boone said. Four men walked up to the door and fired shots into the residence.

A man who was inside fired shots back, hitting and killing one of the intruders, Boone said.

The dead man was identified as 23-year-old Shawn Singletary of 532 Shantay Lane in Lake City, Florence County Coroner M.G. “Bubba” Matthews said.

Investigators still are looking for the three other suspects, Boone said.

It’s not clear whether the man inside the home will face any criminal charges in connection with the shooting, Boone said.

Anyone with details about this crimes is asked to call the sheriff’s office (843) 665-2121 or CrimeStoppers of the Pee Dee at (888) CRIME SC (274-6372).

From Carolina Live of December 17, 2008
One killed in shooting

Just after 10:30 Tuesday night, four men forced their way into a home on Plantation Road in Lake City.

Florence County Sheriff Kenney Boone says a man inside the house shot and killed 23-year-old Shawn Singletary.

Boone says deputies are investigating to see if they will treat the murder as a homicide or self-defense.

"We feel like the occupant of the home was defending himself, and discharged his weapon resulting in the death of the intruder," said Sheriff Boone.

Florence County Coroner Bubba Matthews told NewsChannel 15 that autopsy reports confirm Singletary was shot five times.

Police said they have several more witnesses to interview, and are still looking for the three other men involved in the home invasion.

Alabama: Police: Wounded wife grabbed gun, killed husband

Rosinton, Alabama

From of December 31, 2008
Police: Wounded wife grabbed gun, killed husband

Neighbors on a rural road in Baldwin County didn't pay much attention to the Cowan residence until gunfire erupted there two days before Christmas, revealing a deadly case of domestic violence.

Investigators said an enraged James Cowan Jr., 39, shot 42-year-old Pamela Cowan in the chest about 5:30 a.m., following a stretch of abuse that started the night before.

He had poured gasoline throughout their small home, dousing his wife and the bed in which she lay.

Then he stacked cushions from furniture on and near his wife and blocked the door with furniture as officers arrived.

But his wife managed to pick up the .357-caliber handgun he had put down briefly and shot him in the head, sheriff's spokesman Maj. Anthony Lowery said.

James Cowan was airlifted to a Mobile hospital where he was pronounced dead. Pamela Cowan was treated at a Pensacola, Fla., hospital and was expected to recover.

A county grand jury later will review the evidence, but Lowery said no charges were filed.

"There's no reason to believe she didn't act in self-defense," Lowery told The Associated Press in an interview Tuesday in his Bay Minette office.

During the 13-year marriage, Pamela Cowan had obtained two protective orders against her husband, citing his violent moods, then tried to revoke both, including one about two weeks before the shooting. She told a judge in a letter that her husband needed "one more chance" to change his life. She wrote she had seen a therapist and hoped to save her marriage.

There was no indication the protection order was revoked. The judge in her case did not immediately return a phone message Wednesday.


As the investigation continued Wednesday, it was not immediately clear what set off last week's shooting. Lowery was among the officers on the shooting scene.

"She was fairly coherent when we were in there," he said, adding that details at the scene matched her account. The gasoline fumes made it "tough to stay in there," he said.

Pamela Cowan's father, Charlie Wilson of Loxley, told the Press-Register, "At times she is all right; at times she is down." Wilson could not be reached for further comment.

A public fundraising effort has been set up to pay her medical bills.

A funeral director in Robertsdale said Wednesday services for Cowan were incomplete.

Ohio: Intruder Killed In Apartment Shootout

Colerain Township, Ohio

From WLWT of January 7, 2009
Intruder Killed In Apartment Shootout

One man was killed after breaking into an apartment in Colerain Township.

According to Hamilton County sheriff's deputies, two men broke into the Burgundy Court Apartments on Rocker Drive just before 11 p.m. Tuesday.

The homeowner exchanged gunfire with the two men, shooting one of them multiple times, deputies said. He was taken to University Hospital and pronounced dead a short time later.

The other man fled on foot. Deputies said they believe he was also shot and may seek medical attention.

The homeowner was not injured in the shooting.

Anyone with information about the shooting was asked to call the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department at 513-825-1500.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Louisiana: Police say victim shot robbery suspect

Thibodaux, Louisiana

From the Daily Comet of January 2, 2009
Police say victim shot robbery suspect

Police said a city man was shot and wounded Thursday night while trying to rob another at gunpoint near a Canal Boulevard convenience store.

Police responding to a report of a man shot just after 8 p.m. found 34-year-old Lee Diggs of 534 St. Charles St. lying on the ground near the Turner Motel with gunshot wounds to the hip and stomach areas, Thibodaux Police Chief Craig Melancon said.

Just after officers arrived, Melancon said, they were approached by Terrence Triggs of Schriever, who told them he believed he had shot a man who was trying to rob him through his truck’s driver-side window.

“He stated he had been robbed and in self-defense shot the individual who robbed him,” Melancon said this morning.

Triggs had called 911 to report the shooting.

Diggs was taken to Thibodaux Regional Medical Center where he is under police guard, and will be booked at a later time for armed robbery, Melancon said.

Melancon said officers are looking for an alleged accomplice to the robbery.

A warrant has been issued for 33-year-old Antoine Baptiste of Thibodaux.

Melancon said Baptiste approached Triggs, the robbery victim, inside the convenience store.

Triggs, who had been celebrating his birthday, was wearing a large gold chain. Relatives and friends had pinned several $100 bills to it, and during the robbery, the money was taken, police said.

After the shooting, Melancon said, Baptiste ran from the truck and went to the wounded Diggs’ side, taking his pistol — described as a small-calibre weapon — and hiding it.

The pistol was later found by police.

No charges have been filed against Triggs.

Florida: Customer Describes Fatal Shooting Of Robbery Suspect

Ocoee, Florida

From WFTV of January 6, 2009
Customer Describes Fatal Shooting Of Robbery Suspect

An eyewitness saw a robber brutally beating a store clerk in Ocoee, so he pulled a gun out of his car at the Kangaroo gas station on Franklin Street and fatally shot the robber.

That witness talked to Eyewitness News about his decision to pull the trigger and said he'd shoot that robber again if he had to.

He's a regular at the store and said he was coming to buy some cigarettes when he heard the clerk screaming. He told Eyewitness News he not only grabbed his cell phone to call 911, but also pulled a loaded handgun out of his car.

"I opened up, popped that out," Chris told Eyewitness News on Tuesday, about 12 hours after the incident.

Eyewitness News agreed to only use his first name, because he's afraid of retaliation, but he showed exactly what he did when he heard the clerk at the Ocoee store being attacked Monday around 11:00pm.

"I pull up like this and said, 'Stop,' and, as he came up, I came straight up, fired, 'Pop, pop,' two shots," Chris said.

Those shots hit and killed 40-year-old Freddie Carson. Public records show he has a rap sheet going back to 1987, including charges like battery and burglary.

"I'm upset. I mean, trust me. I'm not happy about taking a man's life," Chris said.

Police said they're still investigating whether Chris will face any charges by coming to the rescue with a gun. Eyewitness News learned he was been convicted of misdemeanor marijuana possession in 2005 and was re-arrested in 2007 for a probation violation.

"I don't do that no more," Chris told Eyewitness News. "You learn your lesson."

This time, the 26-year-old says he was within his rights when he took his gun out of his car to stop a robbery in progress.

"I was not going to sit there and watch a friend get beat to death. Would I do it again? I'm upset, but, yes, I would do it again," he said.

The store clerk was transported to Health Central Hospital with head injuries, but details on her condition were not released.

Investigators are also looking into whether or not there may have been a second robbery suspect who fled the scene.


Chris did not have a concealed weapons permit, but he was protected by two other laws that allow drivers to carry guns in their cars and allow gun owners to start shooting if they witness a violent felony.


Georiga: Man shoots burglar in 2 fingers as perpetrator fled scene

Covington, Georiga

From of January 1, 2009
Man shoots burglar in 2 fingers as perpetrator fled scene

A Covington man shot a burglar in his home Dec. 28, sending the perpetrator to the hospital, where officers with the Covington Police Department arrested him.

According to the incident report, the victim was asleep when he heard someone kick open his front door and enter his home. He said the grabbed his handgun from under his pillow, loaded the weapon and ran into the living room, where he saw the burglar standing in the foyer. The victim said he fired four shots and the intruder ran. The victim then grabbed his high-powered rifle and stood guard outside his home, where officers found him when they arrived at the home.

Officers were able to track down the suspect, German Brown, in the emergency room at Newton Medical Center, where he sought treatment for a wound to his middle and ring fingers on this right hand. Brown’s shoes matched a shoe print left on the door at the home.

Tennessee: Robbery suspect tangles with Elvis

Memphis, Tennessee

From the Memphis Commercial Appeal of December 28, 2008
Robbery suspect tangles with Elvis

The lesson here is, don’t mess with The King.

Or at least don’t mess with Elvis Smith.

Around 5:30 p.m. today, Smith, 49, and his two brothers were cleaning up a lot in North Memphis when a man approached them with a gun.

“He tried to rob them and one of the gentlemen had a handgun on him,” Memphis police Lt. Jerry Gwyn said. “He exchanged gunfire with the suspect. The suspect lost the gun battle.”

The suspect was hit in the chest and leg but is expected to live. An investigation is under way, but Gwyn said it’s unlikely Smith will face any charges.

California: Burglar flees after resident fires shot

Ventura County, California

From the Ventura County Star of December 31, 2008
Burglar flees after resident fires shot

Sheriff’s deputies were looking Tuesday for a burglar who was shot at by an armed homeowner in the 13000 block of Telegraph Road, authorities said.

The homeowner was alerted by a barking, growling family dog about 1:30 a.m. Tuesday, the Sheriff’s Department reported. The homeowner, armed with a handgun, walked down her hallway and found a man who had apparently forced his way into the house, deputies said.

Deputies said the burglar “brazenly and antagonistically challenged the homeowner.”

“Threatened by the aggressive behavior and fearing for her life,” the homeowner “fired in self-defense at the confrontational suspect,” the sheriff’s report said.

The burglar fled without taking any property. Authorities did not know Tuesday if the man was injured.

The intruder was last seen running through an orchard with a male accomplice toward nearby Todd Road Jail, sheriff’s Capt. Patti Salas said.

Neither the owner nor a toddler at home was injured.

Authorities used dogs, helicopters, heat-seeking detectors and 15 deputies to look for the two men but were unsuccessful. Deputies suspected the pair fled in a vehicle.

Anyone with information on the burglary should contact the Sheriff’s Department at 524-2233.

Arizona: Man arrested in double murder

Glendale, Arizona

From the Arizona Republic of January 6, 2009
Man arrested in double murder

The Glendale Police Department has made its first homicide arrest of 2009, thanks to help from Phoenix police.

Jesus Adan Nevarez-Cota is suspected of being one of four men involved in a home-invasion robbery in June that left the homeowner and an intruder dead.

Police say Nevarez-Cota, 20, of Phoenix, and the three other men were armed with assault rifles when they kicked in the back door of a Glendale residence in the 7000 block of West Cavalier Drive. Police say the homeowner, who also was armed, confronted the men and a gunbattle ensued.

Police said Nevarez-Cota is the registered owner of a vehicle that the men used to leave the scene.

Phoenix police talked to Nevarez-Cota on Dec. 31, during a traffic stop, and called Glendale authorities.

He now faces two counts of first-degree murder.

Oklahoma: Prowlers trigger a firm response from Choctaw homeowners

Choctaw, Oklahoma

From of December 20, 2008
Prowlers trigger a firm response from Choctaw homeowners

Two men accused in a Thursday night burglary were stopped by two homeowners with guns, sheriff’s officials said.

Jason Dean Cornett, 30, and Joshua Starkey, 28, were arrested after a homeowner near NE 63 and Choctaw Road found two men rifling through his garage. The homeowner confronted one man and went back into the house to get a gun, but the burglar was gone when he returned, sheriff’s spokesman Mark Myers said.

A deputy found Cornett under a nearby vehicle and arrested him, Myers said.

Starkey escaped from the first homeowner and the deputies, but was arrested later after a homeowner near McLoud shot him in the shoulder with a shotgun and held him at bay until Lincoln County sheriff’s officers arrived, Myers said.

North Carolina: Home Owner Surprises Would-Be Thieves

Dunn, North Carolina

From the Dunn Daily Record of December 26, 2008
Home Owner Surprises Would-Be Thieves

The Harnett County Sheriff's Office is looking for suspects chased off by a homeowner during an attempted break-in south of Dunn.

Meanwhile, deputies are still searching for suspects in an attempted home invasion in the Barbecue community in which a home owner was shot in a struggle with a suspect.

Harnett County Sheriff Larry Rollins said the incident near Dunn happened last Friday, the day after the Barbecue incident.

According to Sheriff Rollins, the incident occurred during the day just south of Dunn at a home on Bud Hawkins Road. Sheriff Rollins did not identify the home's owner.

"The fella was at home, actually, upstairs, and he heard somebody who kept ringing the doorbell," Sheriff Rollins said. "Before he could get downstairs, somebody tried to kick his door in ...

"Of course, by then he had his shotgun," Sheriff Rollins said.

Sheriff Rollins said the suspects fled the scene in a Carolina blue 2000 to 2004 four-door compact car, according to the homeowner.

The suspects were described as two black males in their late 20s. One of the suspects is further described as approximately 6-foot-2 inches tall, of medium build with his hair done in corn rows.

Sheriff Rollins said there have been several break-ins in the rural area south of Dunn in the past few weeks. He said he did not know if the break-ins there are connected to a dozen or more break-ins that have occurred in southeast Dunn over the last two weeks.

See barbecue shooting incident here.

Texas: Milam County home invasion

Milam County, Texas

From KXXV of December 29, 2008
Milam County home invasion

New details are emerging in the Milam County home invasion that left the resident's ex-husband dead.

Milam County Sheriff's deputies report that 34-year-old Eddie Sexton, III, was shot and killed when he apparently tried to force his way into his ex-wife's house.

Deputies also say Sexton was shot only once, and that his ex-wife called 911 and attempted to give first aid to her ex-husband.

Deputies say the gunman is 28-year-old Toby Broussard; it's not clear yet as to his relation is to Sexton's ex-wife.

No charges have been filed in the shooting.

Secton's body will be sent for an autopsy.

Milam County Sheriff's deputies responded to a home invasion call around 2:00 Sunday morning on Milam County Road 218 just outside of the Cameron city limits.

Florida: Police: Convenience Store Clerk Shoots Would-Be Robber

Pembroke Pines, Florida

From MSNBC of December 30, 2008
Police: Convenience Store Clerk Shoots Would-Be Robber

A convenience store clerk in Pembroke Pines gunned down a pair of would-be robbers inside his own store.

According to detectives, four men rushed into the store on the 7700 block of Johnson Street Monday night and one of the men pointed a gun at the clerk demanding cash.

That's when authorities said the clerk ducked for cover under the counter, and unleashed a hail of bullets.

Officers were able to arrest one of the men who was struck in the leg by the clerk's bullet. He is expected to make a full recovery.

Witnesses said the other men were able to get away in what appeared to be a black 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix.

Anyone with information is asked to call Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS.

Ohio: Man, 93, shoots alleged intruder

Springfield, Ohio

From the Springfield News Sun of January 6, 2008
Man, 93, shoots alleged intruder

Police are investigating a weekend shooting of an alleged intruder by a 93-year-old homeowner.

Mark Leon Applin, 32, address unknown, was taken by helicopter to Miami Valley Hospital with life-threatening injuries from the shooting that occurred about 8:30 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 3, according to police reports. The hospital was unable to release information on Applin's condition Monday.

According to police reports, officers were dispatched to the 200 block of West Southern Avenue following a report of a man trying to gain entry into a home.

When police arrived, a woman was standing outside her home pointing to Applin who was lying on the sidewalk. She identified him as a man who was trying to get into her home. She said she did not know how he ended up on the sidewalk or how he was injured.

At that time, another officer observed an elderly man in the house next door holding a gun in his hand. Police secured the gun from the man who said he shot the younger man, identified as Applin, after he broke into his home.

The man told officers that Applin, whom he did not know, kept knocking on his door and he told him to leave several times. Applin then allegedly entered through an unlocked back door and walked to the front door and ripped down the curtains. The homeowner said he then retrieved a gun from a box in the living room. He warned Applin he would shoot him if he didn't leave. Applin reportedly kept walking toward the homeowner, who said he fired one shot. Applin fell on the floor, then got up and ran out the front door, ending up on the sidewalk, the man said.

No charges have been filed, pending an investigation.