Thursday, March 30, 2006

Londonderry, New Hampshire

From the North Andover (MA) Eagle-Tribune of March 30, 2006
Father claims self defense in shooting of son

A father who shot his son in the arm Tuesday night said he acted in self defense to prevent his son from assaulting him and his wife with a metal pipe.

Police told John [] Jr., 30, the son of John [] Sr., that he was under arrest Monday while he was en route to Elliot Hospital in Manchester.

Officials said [] Jr. drove to his parents' home at 21 King Charles Drive on Monday and smashed in their glass storm door with a metal pipe he brought with him. Police believe his actions stemmed from an earlier argument he had with his parents about his pregnant girlfriend.

Court documents reveal [] Jr. threatened to kill his parents multiple times before [] Sr. fired at least two shots at his son with a .38-caliber pistol, injuring the younger man's left arm. Detectives confiscated the gun and the metal pipe as evidence for their investigation.

Police said they initially responded to a call from neighbor Kenneth Tomaswick, who lives directly across the street. Tomaswick told officials he heard tires squealing and three minutes later gun shots at the [] home.

His story coincides with the written statement police received from [] Sr.'s wife, Linda []. She told police she had been chatting online with her son Monday night when she told him she thought his girlfriend's pregnancy was a mistake.
UPDATE: I have removed the family name in the interests of their privacy. The original article is no longer available online.
Lansing, Michigan

From Lansing’s of March 28, 2006
Man Arrested After Local Road Rage Incident

One person is under arrest after road rage on Cedar Street leads to a heated exchange in a parking lot. It happened Monday afternoon on Cedar Street near Willoughby in Delhi Township when two drivers heading north on Cedar got into a fight.

One driver rammed his car into the other, causing minor damage. The drivers then pulled into a Burger King parking lot. One driver got out of his car with a baseball bat and approached the other driver, who then pulled a gun. Police arrived and arrested the driver with the bat. Police say the man with the gun had a legal permit to carry the weapon.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sanford, North Carolina

From the Sanford Herald of March 29, 2006
Dawson cleared

It took a jury only 2 1/2 hours Tuesday to decide that Horace Dawson was not guilty of murder in the shooting death of Richard Raab.

Dawson, 68, has been on trial for the past week in connection with the shooting, which happened the morning of Oct. 24, 2004, at the intersection of Mc Leod Drive and Wicker Street.

Dawson never denied that he shot and killed Raab, who had been his neighbor on Pendergrass Road for the past nine years. His attorney, Jonathan Silverman, con­tended throughout the weeklong trial that Dawson acted in self­defense.

“It’s been a nightmare, but I feel freer right now than I have in a long time,” Dawson said after the trial. “You’re never sure of anything, but we were pretty confident throughout. I had the best lawyer in North Carolina, and that’s where you’ve got to start.” Silverman said, “Mr. Dawson is a very nice man and his family has been through a lot. We think the jury made the right deci­sion.” Assistant District Attorney Mike Beam had argued throughout the course of the trial that Raab was shot not out of self-defense, but of anger that developed over a six-year period of acrimony between the two that started when Raab accused Dawson of sleep­ing with his then-wife. Dawson had repeated­ly denied that accusation.

“This defendant was not scared. He was mad,” Beam said. “The defendant said he feared for his life. Where’s the proof of that? He said it because he had to. Because it’s the only way to consider what he did (was) self­defense.” The incident that left Raab dead started with Dawson driv­ing on Wicker Street toward Kiwanis Park. He noticed Raab — who had made a habit over the years of following and badger­ing Dawson — waiting for him at Winterlocken Drive. As Dawson passed, Raab pulled out from behind him.

Witness testimony indicated that the vehicles both pulled onto Mc Leod Drive and were involved in a minor accident, which led both men to get out of their vehicles. Aphysical alter­cation began, and ended with Dawson producing a .38-caliber revolver and shooting Raab five times in the chest and head.

Dawson then got in his truck, drove home and dialed 911.

Silverman argued to the jury that Raab brought the shooting on himself with his years of taunting and harassing Dawson and his wife, Jackie. Testimony from a variety of witnesses indicat­ed that Raab would yell at Dawson any time he saw him in the yard of his home, direct speakers at the Dawson home and blare loud music, fire shots from a rifle into Dawson’s outbuilding, throw dead squirrels into the Dawsons’ yard and point a video camera at their home.

Much of the harassment was in an effort to draw Dawson into a physical confrontation, which led Dawson to buy the gun he eventually used to kill Raab, Dawson testified.

The core of Silverman’s argument was that Raab’s reason for being on Mc Leod Drive on Oct. 24 justified his shooting.

“Once you understand what Richard Raab was doing on Mc Leod Drive that morning, you can understand why he was shot. You can understand why Horace Dawson was acting in self-defense. And you can understand why Horace Dawson is not guilty of any crime,” Silverman said. “Richard Raab ulti­mately forced Horace Dawson to act in defense of his own life.” Superior Court Judge Frank Lanier presided over the trial.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvnia

From the Philadelphia Inquirer of March 29, 2006
Would-be victim kills man trying to rob him

A man being mugged on a residential street last night in the city's West Oak Lane section fatally shot the 34-year-old man trying to rob him, authorities said.

The robber approached his would-be victim, who police said may have been a retired SEPTA police officer, about 10:15 p.m. on the 6500 block of North 16th Street and announced a holdup. The victim, who apparently had a handgun on him, shot the man once in the chest, police said. He was taken to Albert Einstein Medical Center, where he was later pronounced dead.

It was not immediately clear if the would-be robber was armed, police said. The names of the two men were not released.
From the Philadelphia Inquirer of March 30, 2006
Retired SEPTA officer won't be charged in slaying

No charges will be filed against a retired SEPTA police officer who killed a robber who had attacked him at gunpoint demanding money Tuesday night, police said yesterday.

Sgt. Jim Pauley, a police spokesman, said James Johnson, 63, of West Philadelphia, told investigators that he had just gotten out of his car and was crossing the 6500 block of North 16th Street in West Oak Lane about 10:15 p.m. when the robber came up behind him, grabbed him around the neck, and ordered him to the ground at gunpoint, Pauley said.

The man, with a gun pointed at Johnson's head, demanded money, Pauley said. Johnson pulled his own gun and fired several shots, hitting the robber in the chest.

The robber, identified as Shawn Greenwood, 35, of the 1100 block of East Stafford Street, was pronounced dead at the scene. Police said a 9mm handgun was found near Greenwood's body. Court records show Greenwood had a lengthy criminal record that includes drug violations and robbery.
Really generous of them under the circumstances, don’t you think?

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Volusia County, Florida

From Orlando’s of March 28, 2006
Homeowner Fires Back At BB Gun Vandals

A Volusia County homeowner turned the tables after someone riddled his house with BB gun pellets for the second time. This time, he fired back. The sheriff's department is still looking into the shooting.

This was the second time the homeowner had been shot at by vandals. This time, he said, he decided to shoot back.

Over $1,000 worth of tempered glass has been thrown in the trash.

"I could hear the sound of glass breaking. It sounded like it's raining glass," Barry Hartman said.

Unfortunately for Hartman, this was the second time he had a glass storm in his living room. Last December, vandals shot out his picture window. Now it happened again.

"I heard three pops," Hartman said.

He though it sounded like a real gun, which is not far fetched. There's not a lot of sound difference between a high powered BB gun and a .22 pistol. He grabbed his own and leaned out the window to see who was shooting at him.

"As I leaned out, I could see what appeared to be a rifle being held, so I started shooting," he said.

Hartman fired three shots towards the ground in front of the vandals. They got the point and ran away. He hopes they remember what they learned.

"I hope they don't come back. I'm getting tired of this," he said.

Hartman was not charged with any crime. Volusia County is still looking to see if he broke any law. As for the vandals, firing anything, even a BB gun, into an occupied home is a felony.
Lee County, Florida

Update From Fort Myers’ of March 28, 2006
Man Who Shot Intruder Acted in Self Defense

The Lee County Sheriff's Office says Todd Rasmussen, who lives on Camellia Drive in North Fort Myers, was acting in self defense when he shot a man hanging around in his backyard.

The Sheriff's Office has identified the man as 35-year old Michael Frazzini of Cape Coral.

"I turned around and I seen him and I was like oh my God," said his daughter 16-year old Amanda.

16-year old Amanda Rasmussen was the first to discover a masked man hiding behind the shed in her families backyard.

She ran inside to tell her older brother Corey.

"Guy popped up out of nowhere about six foot, 250, really big, had a mask on his face," said Corey.

Corey thought the man was trying to break into the home. He was trying to scare the Frazzini off. But the man wouldn't back down and he had something in his hand.

"In the dark they didn't know what he had," said Corey's step-mother Michelle.

The family says they were already on edge because their house was targeted in the last few months.

"Somebody's been knocking on a window and paint-balling our house doing a lot of stuff," said Michelle.

Father and son say they repeatedly warned the Frazzini to leave the property.

"The guy just kept coming and kept coming. And after my dad told him he will open fire he turned toward my dad and said do you want a piece of me too and he started advancing toward my father and my father shot him," said Corey.

Frazzini died at the scene.

Amanda and Michelle Rasmussen say they are still a little scared. But they will rest a little easier knowing that man won't be coming back.

The Sheriff's Office has not released the name of the man who was killed.

From Fort Myers’ of March 28, 2006
Masked man shot to death by resident

A man dressed in black and wearing a mask was shot to death by a North Fort Myers resident Monday night.

The incident happened at 848 Camelia Drive, south of Hancock Bridge Parkway.

Around 9 p.m., the resident heard a noise in his backyard and went to investigate. He found the masked man and shot him after a confrontation.

The masked man died at the scene. His identity is being withheld until next of kin can be notified.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Dayton, Ohio

From Dayton’s of March 27, 2006
Police: Overnight Altercation Leads To Fatal Shooting

Police in Dayton are investigating a fatal shooting that happened at an apartment complex on Burkhardt Avenue on Sunday night. Investigators said the shooting may have been in self-defense.

According to people at the scene, the shooting victim was going from apartment to apartment in a rage, banging on doors after allegedly hitting and threatening his girlfriend.

On Monday, the coroner released the victim’s identity. He is William Abrams II, 33, and lived with his girlfriend and daughter at the apartment complex where he was found dead.

Police said earlier in the evening, Abrams was banging on residents’ doors looking for his daughter and threatening people. His girlfriend, who claims Abrams beat her, called her ex-husband to the apartment to help her.

Investigators said the ex-husband confronted Abrams, who he claimed had a knife. Police said he ended up shooting Abrams.

Abrams was found in a hallway of one of the apartment buildings. A 911 dispatcher told the ex-boyfriend to unload his gun and to go outside and meet police with his hands up. He surrendered, was questioned and released.

Detectives plan to meet with prosecutors to determine if the shooting was in self-defense.
Montgomery, Alabama

From the Montgomery Advertiser of March 27, 2006
Kickball argument leads to weekend shootings

Montgomery police believe that a kickball game among children escalated into two days of gunfire at a Montgomery apartment complex over the weekend.

The shootings left one person dead and two others injured after police were called to 1627 Northgate Drive Saturday and Sunday. The apartment building is located inside Crown Point Town Homes off of Lower Wetumpka Road.

On Saturday at approximately 7:15 p.m. police responded to a call from the residence in reference to a shooting.

“Upon arrival officers made contact with a male, Ross Pettiway, 48, of 1620 Sheffield Road,” said Capt. Huey Thornton, public information officer for the Montgomery Police Department.

Pettiway told police that while visiting his cousin at the Northgate Drive home, he was shot by an unknown person while he sat on the couch. Three shots were fired through the closed front door.

Pettiway was transported to Baptist Medical Center South where he was treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

The next day, according to a police report, officers returned to the scene at 4:16 p.m. in connection with two people being shot.

Upon their arrival, officers located Jeffery Lyndell Burnett, 21, of 1611 Northgate Drive and Crystal Shephard, 24, of 1627 Northgate Drive. Both suffered from gunshot wounds.

“Burnett received a gunshot wound to the upper torso. He was transported to Jackson Hospital,” Thornton said. “He was pronounced dead at 4:47 p.m.”

Shephard was also transported to Jackson Hospital, where she was treated and released for three non-life threatening gunshot wounds to her lower back, right arm and left forearm.

“Apparently, all of these shootings stemmed from an incident involving children who were apparently arguing over a kickball game,” Thornton said. “The adults became involved and the incident escalated into the shootings that occurred Saturday and Sunday.”

After the shooting a 16-year-old male was taken into custody for questioning, but was released.

“We were unable to establish enough probably cause to charge the 16 year old, because there’s a good possibility the 16 year old fired in self-defense,” Thornton said.

Thornton said a grand jury will decide if charges will be brought against the teen.

“Burnett fired into the residence on Saturday and was back at the residence on Sunday, when he was shot by the 16 year old,” Thornton said.

Witnesses said Burnett was with two other unknown males when he fired at the home on Saturday and Sunday. Police said several different types of shell casings were found at the scene.

“At this time we haven’t identified these subjects,” Thornton said.
Moffat County, Colorado

From the Craig Daily Press of March 27, 2006
Moffat County man shot to death

A domestic dispute Sunday evening left a Moffat County man dead, shot in the chest by his ex-girlfriend's son in an incident police say was justifiable self-defense.

Craig Police say Mario Vigil, 60, of Moffat County, broke into a home in the 800 block of Washington Street armed with a .30-30-caliber rifle.

The homeowner, whose name has not been released, grabbed a shotgun, shot Vigil once in the chest, and hid in a bedroom with his 9-year-old son, according to a statement from police.

The gunshot wounded Vigil but did not stop him, according to police.

Vigil shot through the door of the room the homeowner was hiding in and tried to break down the door, according to police.

The homeowner grabbed another gun, a .30-06-caliber rifle, and shot Vigil through the door, striking him in the hip, according to police.

When police arrived, they found Vigil dead, lying on the floor outside the bedroom, according to the statement.

The homeowner and his son were still hiding in the bedroom, according to police.

Vigil had been involved in a domestic dispute earlier Sunday involving his ex-girlfriend at a home northwest of Craig, according to police.

In that incident, police said Vigil fired one shot at his ex-girlfriend and threatened to hurt her family, including her grandson.

Police said Monday that the investigation into the case is ongoing and will be referred to the district attorney's office.

The statement from police said the shooting appears to be have been justifiable self-defense.
From the Craig Daily Press of April 5, 2006
D.A.: No charges filed in shooting

The Craig man who shot and killed an intruder at his home in Craig last week will not be charged with a crime, the district attorney announced Tuesday.

Mario Cruz Vigil, 60, was shot March 26 at a house in the 800 block of Washington Street after police say he broke into the home, armed with a gun. The homeowner, Josh Jackson, 33, shot Vigil twice, once in the chest with a shotgun and once in the thigh with a .30-06-caliber rifle. An autopsy showed Vigil died from the thigh wound.

District Attorney Bonnie Roe-sink said that after reviewing police reports, her office decided the incident was "a clear case of justifiable homicide."

In a statement released Tues-day, Roesink said no charges would be filed in the case.

"It's not only self-defense, it's under what we call the ‘make my day law,'" Roesink said, referring to the Colorado law that gives residents immunity if they kill intruders.

Roesink said that in her 19 years at the District Attorney's Office, she has never dealt with a case that was such a clear example of self-defense.

"This is a classic case of it," she said.

After the incident, Craig police said the case appeared to be justifiable self-defense.

Craig police Chief Walt Van-atta said Tuesday that Roesink's findings reflected what investigators saw.

Kansas City, Missouri

From the Kansas City Star of March 27, 2006
Home invasion leads to deaths

Kansas City police responding to a report of a home invasion on Sunday afternoon found two men dead in a truck that had crashed into a tree.

Officers were called to the 5700 block of Newton Avenue about 12:30 p.m. Police spokesman Sgt. Tony Sanders said a homeowner told police that two men in their 20s had kicked in his front door. The homeowner told police he had been involved in a short exchange of gunfire with the men.

Officers found the two men, who had suffered gunshot wounds, dead inside the vehicle, which had crashed into a tree a short distance away.

Sanders said police had not yet determined whether the men died of the gunshot wounds or the crash. He said the homeowner was being interviewed about the incident and was cooperating, but details of how the shooting unfolded were not released.

“We’re investigating it as a home invasion or a robbery,” Sanders said. “We’re not sure what the circumstances were.”

Sanders said police were told a third person might have been involved and they were still investigating that on Sunday evening.

Names of the victim and the homeowner were not released. No other injuries were reported.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Orange County, Florida

From Orlando’s of March 26, 2006
Man Shoots Teen Who Was Allegedly Breaking Into Car

An Orange County man shot one teen and tackled another after, he said, they tried to break into his car. Deputies were questioning the man to see if he used the weapon in self-defense

Deputies said they received a 9-1-1 call Sunday morning from a home on Capanella Avenue and Raleigh Street. A woman reported her car was being broken into. Then, she said, her boyfriend was going outside with a gun. When deputies arrived, he had shot one suspect and tackled another.

Michael Graham was determined to protect his car. He confronted the 15- and 14-year-old suspected auto burglars as, he said, they tried to get inside an Acura.

"I see him struggling in his car. I said, 'You alright, you alright?' And he said, 'No, somebody is trying to break in my car,'" explained neighbor Darrell Owens.

After a brief struggle, Graham's gun went off. He shot the 15-year-old in the back of his leg. The teen briefly got away. Meanwhile, Graham caught up to the other teen and tackled him.

Deputies took 14-year-old Capree Patterson into custody. They then followed a blood trail and found the 15-year-old laying a few blocks away. He was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center.

Deputies were still investigating. But if the homeowner's story is true, he had every right to shoot the teen.

"If he felt threatened, yes, there's someone in his car, or on his property, he may be okay," said Comm. Denise Demps-Rollins, Orange County Sheriff's Office.

The 15-year-old's name is not being released. He has non-life threatening injuries.

Deputies were also investigating to see if the teen tried to steal another car earlier Sunday morning.
Houston, Texas

From the Houston Chronicle of March 26, 2006
Homeowner fatally shoots intruder

A southeast Houston man shot and killed one of two armed intruders who forced their way into his home Friday night. Homeowner Sergio Quintanilla, 26, told officers he was in a rear room of his house in the 1200 block of Flushing Meadow shortly before 9 p.m. when he heard his mother and children scream for help. When he entered the living room, he saw the two intruders holding assault rifles. Quintanilla retrieved his weapon, the men exchanged gunfire and one of the intruders was killed. Officials did not release the deceased intruder's name. The second intruder, who may have been injured, fled in a gray or black Chevrolet. Police said there may have been three other suspects outside during the shooting.
Ransom Canyon, Texas

From Lubbock’s of March 25, 2006
Intruder Sent to Hospital After Home Owners Open Fire

The quiet community of Ransom Canyon is shocked after a home invasion sends the victim and the attacker to the hospital.

Ransom Canyon Police are investigating the overnight home invasion that sent two to the hospital Saturday morning. The intruder broke into the home and stabbed a 70-year-old man, but the home owners fought back.

Police say the intruder broke into the home through a bedroom window thinking no one was home.

"We are still investigating," stated Ransom Canyon Police Chief Wayne Ralls.

Police tape and bullet holes let neighbors know that something went terribly wrong in their quiet community.

"All the other agencies, the (Lubbock County) District Attorney's Office, the (Lubbock County) Sheriff's Office, and the DPS are cooperating with us on the investigation," Ralls stated.

Just after 1am Saturday an intruder broke into the home and stabbed the sleeping male home owner. He and his wife then reached for their pistols stored beside their bed and opened fire on the man. The intruder ran from the bedroom but was chased by the wife and shot in the chest just outside of the room.

"This is the second home invasion we've had. The other one was two years ago and we had a double homicide on that," Ralls remembered.

But unlike two years ago, the husband and wife fought back.

"We normally don't have these kind of situations here. This is a very quite secluded community," neighbor Mac Davis offered.

Now neighbors, like Davis, are going to be sure to keep an eye out so a tragedy like this won't happen again.

"It's very sad to see something like this happen. But the only thing you can do is be very watchful, and take care of your own safety as best as you can. You can't live life scared," stated Davis.

The identity of the intruder is still unknown. Authorities say he is a Hispanic male between 25 and 30-years-old. As of 11pm Saturday the intruder was in ICU at UMC under police guard.

Once he makes a recovery he will be handed over to Sheriff's custody and taken to the County Jail.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Columbus, Ohio

From the Columbus Dispatch of March 25, 2006
Woman cleared in fatal shooting

Grand jury decides she had killed man in self-defense

Before she fired the fatal shot, Shanon Barnhouse repeatedly warned the stranger on her Franklinton porch that she had a gun and, if he didn’t back off, she’d use it.

John Chandler, 19, kept coming, a county prosecutor said. And when he was a few feet from Barnhouse, she fired.

A grand jury decided yesterday not to indict Barnhouse, 29, on any charges. Franklin County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Casey Lee said it’s clear that Barnhouse acted in self-defense when she shot Chandler on March 17. She said the original murder charge will be dismissed.

"The case is over," she said.

Saying that Barnhouse acted only to protect herself and her son, relatives had hoped all week that authorities would see it the same way they did.

"She’d never hurt a hair on somebody’s head unless she was provoked," her mother, Sandy Trimble, said Tuesday.

"She loves her family totally. There’s nothing in the world she wouldn’t do for them."

Hints that authorities also were questioning the murder case against her surfaced Thursday, when she was released from jail at the request of Lee and Stephen Glasure, a Columbus homicide detective.

Barnhouse and her family declined further comment yesterday, citing legal advice and saying they remain uncertain of the status of the case.

"Right now we’re just cherishing the time we have, with me and the child," said Michael Six, Barnhouse’s boyfriend of 10 years. The couple have a 4-year-old son.

Barnhouse’s attorney could not be reached for comment.

Six said Barnhouse was alone with their son when a fight at a bar and a crash involving a stolen car occurred near their home at 932 Sullivant Ave.

"Essentially, there was a drunken brawl going on outside of her house," Lee said. "She’d opened the screen door to see what was going on."

It was not clear what role Chandler played in the events just before the shooting, but Six said he was told that Chandler and another man approached their duplex as police rushed to the area.

Chandler saw Barnhouse standing in her doorway and accused her of summoning police, Lee said.

He came onto the porch despite the warnings by Barnhouse, who Six said has worked as a licensed security guard and is trained to shoot a gun.

"He was in that range of where the screen door was open," Lee said. "She was fearful of what this person was going to do."

Chandler was acting irrationally, Lee said.

"There were people standing across the street at the store that heard her yelling at him," Six said. " ‘Look, I have a gun. I will shoot you. Get off my porch.’ And he lunged at her, and when he lunged at her, she shot him. She didn’t have a choice." Attempts to reach Chandler’s family this week were unsuccessful. "She is so devastated that the boy died," Trimble said. "I’m sorry," Six said. "But it was just showing love for her son. She was protecting her son. You’re gonna do what you gotta do to protect your children."

Friday, March 24, 2006

Beauregard Parish, Louisiana

From DeRidder’s Beauregard Daily News of March 23, 2006
Ragley couple arrested on burglary charges

A Ragley couple was recently arrested by Beauregard Parish Sheriff deputies and charged with Simple Burglary and Theft.

At approximately 9:47 a.m. on Saturday, March 19, BPSO received a call that a homeowner had caught someone burglarizing his home. The sheriff department then received a second call advising that the homeowner has shot at the suspects pickup truck that had been detained and the caller also said that the female occupant of the vehicle was claiming to have been shot, but the caller could not confirm this. Acadian Ambulance was dispatched to the scene.

Upon arrival deputies learned that the homeowner had been next door and had observed a vehicle pull into the garage area of his residence. The homeowner then saw a man whom he did not recognize, get out of the vehicle and go up the steps to the back door. The homeowner then saw the man walk back to the driver's side of the truck and then go through the garage towards his shop. At this time the homeowner's brother observed the man loading a weedeater into the back of the truck. The homeowner then drove to his house and pulled up behind the suspect truck and observed the man putting a tool set and rods and reels into the back of the truck.

The suspect advised the homeowner that he had been sent to this residence to pick up these items. The homeowner advised the man to wait where he was until someone else arrived. About this time other family members showed up to watch the man and the woman who was on the passenger side of the truck.

The homeowner went to his house to call 911 and observed that his back door was standing open. At this time a family member advised the homeowner that these suspects may be armed based on a conversation that was heard between the two suspects. The homeowner got a shotgun from his shop and told the suspects that the police would be there shortly.

After a few minutes the man got into the truck and started it up and then attempted to leave. The homeowner fired a shot hitting the back light and back glass of the truck. At this time the driver then drove in the direction of the homeowner and the homeowner shot the front passenger-side tire. Then the suspect claimed that his girlfriend has been shot.

Upon arrival of the deputies and Acadian Ambulance it was determined that the woman had not been shot, that there were no injuries to either suspect.

The deputies identified the two suspects as Kevin Wayne Conner, 47, and Mary A. Hick, 42, both of Ragley.

Both Conner and Heck were arrested for Simple Burglary and Theft and they remain in the BPSO Jail pending the setting of bond. No charges have been filed against the homeowner. The report was forwarded to the District Attorney's office to determine if any charges will be accepted against the homeowner.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Clinton Township, Michigan

From Mount Clemens’ Macomb Daily of March 23, 2006
Man holds female intruder at gunpoint while wife calls police

A Clinton Township man woke from a deep sleep Wednesday morning to find a woman sitting on his living room couch counting his money.

The man grabbed a loaded handgun and told the woman to freeze. He then ordered her at gunpoint to the ground while his wife called police.

Police charged Chalise Marie Johnson, 32, of Westland, with home invasion. Johnson pleaded not guilty at her arraignment Wednesday in 41B District Court. Bond was set at $10,000 and a preliminary examination is scheduled within 14 days.

Police said the woman has prior arrests in Dearborn for passing bad checks and in the 1990s for possession of illegal drugs, said Clinton Township police Capt. Richard Maierle.

"This is highly unusual that a homeowner would be awakened in the middle of the night only to find someone in his house counting his money," said Maierle. "The homeowner was very surprised."

The incident occurred in the 39000 block of Moravian (near Harrington Road) at 2:20 a.m. The homeowner was in bed when he heard dogs barking, Maierle said.

"He thought he heard someone in his house so he grabbed a handgun," Maierle said. "He left some money on a table before he went to bed and saw this strange woman sitting on his couch counting the money he had on his table."

Maierle said the man told police he may have left his back door unlocked when he went to bed. Police said they don't know how she got to the area.

Township officers searched the area and didn't find anyone waiting for the woman.
Buffalo, New York

From the Buffalo News of March 23, 2006
Father shoots man pointing gun at son

A Buffalo man who was supposedly buying rims for his truck at a Liddell Street residence was shot about 11:15 p.m. Tuesday when he attempted to rob the seller, Buffalo police said.

Darius Spates, 23, of Northland Avenue pointed a gun at the seller, identified as Tony Winans, 21, of the Lidell address, and Winans' father, Tommy Travis, 44, of the same address, shot Spates, detectives said.

Spates, who suffered a gunshot wound to his forearm and underwent surgery, was listed in fair condition Wednesday in Erie County Medical Center. He was charged with attempted robbery, criminal use of a firearm, criminal possession of a weapon and menacing. Spates' alleged accomplice, Jamar V. Bailey, 25, of Bickford Avenue was charged with attempted robbery and unlawful possession of marijuana.

Travis has not been charged, Ferry-Fillmore District Lt. Joseph Lynch said.
Buffalo, New York

From the Buffalo News of March 22, 2006
Shots rout 2 teens in heist

Security guard gets drop on gunman, partner at Vulcan St. credit union

Two teenage boys attempted to rob a Vulcan Street credit union at gunpoint Tuesday morning, but ran out empty-handed when a retired Buffalo police officer, working as a security guard, fired three shots at them.

The robbers apparently were not struck by any of the bullets.

The shooting happened inside the Riverside Credit Union, 245 Vulcan St., in the presence of a few employees and at least two customers.

Buffalo police officials said they believe the guard's use of his weapon was justified because people's lives were in imminent danger.

"The security guard was protecting his life and the lives of everyone in the credit union before the situation escalated," said Chief Arturo Salas, who oversees the city's Northwest District.

"Whenever someone points a deadly weapon at you, you have the right to defend yourself - especially when it's in the commission of a felony."

Just after 11 a.m., two robbers, described as 14 to 17 years old, entered the credit union, armed with a black handgun, according to Northwest District police.

One of the robbers ordered the security guard to his knees and told him not to move, police said.

When one of the robbers approached the counter, the security guard fired three shots at the robbers, police reported.

"When the security guard was going down on his knees, he took advantage of the opportunity and fired," Salas said.

"He was acting upon the fundamental right of every citizen to protect themselves - especially from someone who is willing and able to use deadly force against them." The robbers ran through several yards on Argus Street. Officers said they recovered a black .45-caliber semi-automatic handgun at the crime scene.

Investigators are trying to determine if these two young men are connected to two other recent gunpoint robberies at the credit union.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Glendale, Arizona

From Phoenix’ of March 22, 2006
(Second item)
Police looking to question man in connection with robbery case

Glendale police are looking for an armed-robbery suspect they believe may have been shot during an exchange of gunfire with a holdup victim.

Anthony Gerome Hicks, 36, is wanted for questioning on possible charges of armed robbery and aggravated assault, police said.

The holdup occurred Feb. 14 when a man went to a home near 67th Avenue and Union Hills Drive, ostensibly to buy Iraqi currency, said Sgt. Jim Toomey, a Glendale police spokesman.

The man robbed the homeowner, then got into a gunbattle and may have been hit during an exchange of bullets, Toomey said. The homeowner was not harmed.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

From Baton Rouge’s of March 19, 2006
(Third item)
Intruder wounded by State Street resident

A State Street resident shot a man Sunday night who he said tried to force his way into his home north of LSU’s campus, city police said.

The unidentified intruder, in his 20s, knocked on the resident’s door at 514 E. State St. about 9:30 p.m., asking for someone who did not live there, said Sgt. Charles Armstrong, a spokesman for the Police Department.

An altercation erupted, ending with gunfire. The intruder, shot with the resident’s weapon, was taken to Baton Rouge General Medical Center-Mid City, where he is listed in serious condition, Armstrong said.

Monday, March 20, 2006

San Antonio, Texas

From San Antonion’s of March 20, 2006
Off-Duty Security Guard Shoots, Kills Man

Guard Says He Feared For His Life

An off-duty security guard opened fire on three men who were attempting to rob him, killing one of the men and wounding another, police said.

Police identified the dead man as Rudy Perez, 21.

The incident happened about 3 a.m. on Sunday in the 200 block of Navidad, shortly after Jino Velasquez, 23, arrived outside his home after working a shift as a security guard.

Velasquez said three men pulled up in black Acura, and one of the men, Perez, walked toward him with a gun.

"He (Perez) had a black bandana on around his face. As he got closer to me, I saw a weapon in his hand coming towards me. That's when I drew my weapon and I shot at him," said Velasquez.

Police said Velasquez continued to shoot as Perez jumped in the car and it sped away.

Police said the three men drove to Christus Santa Rosa Hospital, where Perez was pronounced dead. Another suspect suffered a gunshot wound to the thigh.

Velasquez said he feared for his life.

"They wanted to try me and they chose the wrong guy at the wrong night at the wrong time," said Velasquez. "I've never killed anybody. I am very sorry that he died. I didn't intend to kill him, but I feared for my life. I really feared for my life."

"They admitted they were going to rob the victim, " said Officer Joe Rios, a spokesman for the San Antonio Police Department. "This victim actually foiled his own robbery and possibly saved his life."

Rios said Perez was a documented gang member with a criminal history.

Rios said Perez was currently on probation after being convicted last year in connection with a home invasion.

Perez' girlfriend, Elena Granada, called Perez a decent person who wanted a family of his own.

"Everybody is going to miss him. He worked hard for what he wanted," said Granada. "He also put his mom and sister first. He couldn't stand seeing his friends hurt."

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Tulsa, Oklahoma

From Tulsa’s of March 19, 2006
South Tulsa Homeland Shooting

A South Tulsa grocery store is closed after an attempted robbery and shooting.

Police say 2 men with a gun attempted to rob the Homeland at 91st and Memorial about 7 p.m. on Saturday. A customer in the store at the time pulled a gun and shot one of the men. The suspects managed to escape in a white 4 door Oldsmobile. No one else was hurt. No word on when the store will reopen.
From Tulsa’s of April 11, 2007
Man Uses Concealed Weapon To Stop Robbery

A citizen shoots a robber during a grocery store heist. It happened more than a year ago in the Homeland store at 91st and Memorial. The man has never shared his story until now, and he spoke only to News On 6 crime reporter Lori Fullbright. She reports it was a tough decision for him to make.

It was split second and life or death. The man and his wife had been to the movies and stopped at the grocery store on the way home. They were in the check-out line when the robbery unfolded right in front of them. Joseph saw the men walk into the grocery store and head to the store office with the managers as they pulled their t-shirts over their faces.

Even though he spent 21 years in the military, and believes he made the right decision, it's hard for him to talk about.

"The gentleman I shot produced a handgun and placed it against the manager's head like this and I thought, I need to do something, so, it's harder to talk about, I pulled my weapon, sighted him and fired two shots," said Joseph.

He hit one of the robbers once. Michael Curly, dragged himself out of the store. Another suspect, Mark Brown, ran off. Both men were arrested months later.

Joseph had gotten his concealed carry permit 7 years earlier, and had practiced shooting regularly.

"The only time you can use deadly force is when you believe a life is at stake, and my belief was that manager was about to be killed and I had to do something about it," he said.

Joseph had a Smith and Wesson 357 revolver that night, with five shots and would've been outgunned had the robber shot back. Now, he carries a glock 357 semi-auto with 14 rounds and a laser site.

"I don't regret having shot him,” Joseph said. “I also am pleased he didn't die, for a couple of reasons. Nobody likes to take a life and the other is, maybe he'll tell his friends they need to think twice, or three times about doing what they've been doing."

Joseph never faced any charges in the case, and police returned his gun to him a week later. The man he shot had been given a 40 year prison sentence in 1995 for crimes in Oklahoma City that involved rape, robbery, torture and scalding, but he got out after serving only eight. He is now testifying against other robbers so he hasn't been sentenced for this crime yet.
Antioch, California

From the San Jose Mercury News of March 18, 2006
Suspected prowler killed in Antioch

Antioch police are investigating the fatal shooting of a man who police believe was prowling in a yard.

Mario Rivera, 24, was shot while in a backyard on the 1000 block of Putnam Street. He died at John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek.

Police responded to a call at 2:47 a.m. that a resident had shot an intruder, Sgt. Dimitri Barakos stated in a press release.

When officers arrived they found Rivera, wounded, in Jason Goettsch's yard. Goettsch, 35, told police he was inside his house with his girlfriend when they heard someone in the back yard.

Rivera had to climb a fence to get into the yard and was looking into the house's windows, Detective Mike Franzen said.

Goettsch got a handgun and confronted Rivera, who was armed with a baseball bat.

The investigation is ongoing.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Baltimore, Maryland

From the Baltimore Sun of March 17, 2006
City police say man fatally shoots attacker

A man who was being robbed today in a shopping center parking lot shot and killed one of his attackers, police said.

The incident occurred about 1:50 p.m. outside Cross Keys Village in Baltimore when a man was attacked while getting out of his car, Baltimore Police spokesman Officer Troy Harris said.

The man pulled out a gun and fired several shots, hitting one of the attackers, according to police.

The man, who was described by police as being in his 50s, was registered to carry a concealed weapon, police said.

"He was severely beaten but nothing life-threatening," Harris said.

Crews transported both the wounded suspect and the victim to Sinai Hospital, where police say the wounded suspect died.

Two suspects remain at large, and a white car they were using was found at Cold Spring Lane and Greenspring Avenue, according to police.

A companion story from the WBAL Radio of March 19, 2006
Cross Keys Robbery Victim Identified

The owner of at least one gasoline station has now been identified as the man who turned the tables on a gang of violent bandits Friday in a parking lot at the Village of Cross Keys.

Police confirm that Mark Beckwith of Bel Air was the man being beaten as he left his car, apparently on his way to a Columbia Bank branch in the Cross Keys shopping center off Falls Road in north Baltimore Friday afternoon.

Beckwith was able to get back to his sedan and get his handgun, which he fired. One of the attackers soon died at Sinai Hospital, while another one was wounded in the hand. That man, 29-year-old Corey Mcleaurin, was treated at two hospitals and has been charged by police in connection with the attack on Beckwith, who is 57.

Authorities say that Beckwith has a permit to legally carry a handgun. While the specific reason he was issued such a permit has not yet been released, in Maryland concealed carry permits are given to persons who carry quantities of cash or valuables or who have reason to believe they may be under threat. One police spokesman Friday said that persons "in the public eye" may be issued concealed carry permits.

The man who died at the hospital has been identified as 22-year-old Keith Love of Yale Avenue in Baltimore.

Two other men involved in the attack, including a getaway car driver, are still being sought by police. The car was found soon after the incident, abandoned at Cold Spring Lane and Greenspring Avenue.

The exact location of Beckwith's gasoline station or stations remained unconfirmed early Sunday morning. A Baltimore Sun article in 1997 said that Beckwith quit a banking job to join partners in running a gas station in Timonium, and the newspaper story said that he also owned stations in East Baltimore at the time. Some neighborhood residents said that Beckwith owns one of the gasoline stations at Cold Spring Lane and Falls Road, but that information has not been confirmed. The intersection is a few blocks from the entrances to the Village of Cross Keys, an upscale and gated community not far from Roland Park and Hampden.

No charges have been field against Beckwith.
From Baltimore’s of April 10, 2006
Let Marylanders Protect Themselves by Ron Smith

I can get quite worked up while reading the morning newspaper. It happened again Saturday when I got to the Sun’s Maryland section and saw a story headlined, “Two killings test right of self-defense.” I knew what was coming.

Here’s Jennifer McMenamin’s lead. “Karen L. Foxx had sought court orders to keep her estranged husband away, had filed criminal charges against him and changed her phone number. She also bought a gun to protect herself, and last Saturday, her lawyer says, Foxx did just that when she fatally shot her husband.”

The story then tells us that her case and that of businessman Mark Beckwith, who fatally shot one of three men who attacked him in the upper parking lot at the Village of Cross Keys in North Baltimore a couple weeks ago, has led to the legal right of self-defense being “under examination.”

Consider the known facts of these cases and then ask what in the world would make these killings criminal. Foxx shot her estranged husband, Herman Bullock, in her home, from which a court order banned him. “In requests for protective orders,” the Sun story says, “she wrote that Bullock had threatened to kill her, slapped her, dragged her down the stairs, threatened her with an ax handle and kicked, punched pushed and choked her.” Also, she wrote that he had killed their Chihuahua by throwing it out the door, breaking its neck.

Furthermore, there are ample court records alleging violence by Bullock, not only in his relationship with Foxx, but also accusations from his first wife who filed for divorce from him in 1999. She alleged that Bullock had abused her in front of their children, dragged her down the stairs by her hair and abused their dog.

So this brute shows up at a home he is legally forbidden from visiting, she shoots him dead and we’re supposed to take seriously the notion that maybe she could have violated the rules governing self-defense? Like how many shots did she fire or where the gun was in the house whether his fingerprints were on the ax handle and whether she could have handled the threat from him by calling the police. Remember, “Call 911 and Die?” Remember the warning, “Call for a cop and call for a pizza and see which one gets there first?”

In the Beckwith case, the gas station owner pulls into the Cross Keys parking lot on St. Patrick’s Day to deposit money from his gas stations, when he’s set upon by three men apparently intent on robbing him. They hit him and try to grab the cash when he pulls away, yanks his Glock from a shoulder holster and opens up. One assailant dies, another is wounded and later arrested while seeking treatment for his wound.

Beckwith, whom I’ve known for thirty years, has been legally carrying a gun for two decades because of the necessity in his business of dealing with substantial amounts of cash. Never had he used it, or even brandished it. But the reason concealed carry permits are issued even in Maryland to people like him is to enable them to protect themselves in pretty much the kind of scenario that unfolded in that parking lot.

Some states give their residents the unquestioned right to protect themselves with force against those who would do them violent harm. Maryland should too, since there should be no question in cases like these that the law sides with the potential victim, not with the attacker.
Argyle, Wisconsin

From of March 16, 2006
Two are shot after breaking into rural home

Two people who broke into a rural home near Blanchardville early Thursday were shot by the home's owner, according to the Lafayette County Sheriff's Department.

The home invasion at 16971 Highway N apparently left at least one person dead, although officials would say little about the incident.

Late Thursday, the home, a remodeled creamery at the bottom of a tree-covered bluff, remained cordoned off with police tape. Half a dozen officials milled about, including Lafayette Deputy Coroner Rudy Gebhardt.

3 killed in rural shooting

Two intruders were shot and killed by a homeowner in rural Blanchardville early Thursday morning, but when sheriff's deputies went to the home to investigate and found large amounts of illegal drugs in the home, the homeowner pulled a gun and fatally shot himself in the head.

Bradley Fandrich, 34, 16971 County N, pulled the gun during questioning and shot himself, according to Lafayette County Sheriff Scott Pedley.

Fandrich's wife Jeanna called 911 at 3:15 a.m. Thursday morning to report the shootings of the unidentified intruders, and also that Bradley Fandrich was shooting at a fleeing vehicle as it was pulling out of the driveway of the home.
Port Orange, Florida

From the Daytona Beach News-Journal of March 17, 2006
Fear led to man's shooting, police say

A 16-year-old boy shot his aunt's boyfriend, police said, because the teen was afraid of the older man.

The boyfriend, Christopher Morgan, said he was standing in the living room of his girlfriend's apartment in the 1300 block of Dunlawton Avenue on Tuesday night, when the shot rang out.

"My girlfriend and I were having an argument and her nephew shot me," the 28-year-old Morgan said from home a day after he was wounded in the chest by the Spruce Creek High freshman and treated at Halifax Medical Center.

But Port Orange investigators said the teenager told them he shot Morgan because the man displayed "some threatening behavior toward his aunt."

Cmdr. Tim Girard would not elaborate on any of the interviews investigators conducted with the teen because the case is under investigation. The teen has not been charged.

But the boy's aunt, Charlotte Valery, said there had been trouble with Morgan in the past. The couple live together at the Victoria Garden Apartments along with Valery's two children -- a girl, 5, and a boy, 13, a police report shows.

The 16-year-old involved in the attack lives in Port Orange and was visiting his aunt and young cousins, police said.

Valery's father, Don Valery, said the small-caliber handgun his grandson used to shoot Morgan belongs to Valery, 32. He also acknowledged there had been some bad behavior on Morgan's part in other instances.

"He was just defending her," Don Valery said of his teenage grandson and the shooting.

The fact that, according to court records, Morgan has an extensive criminal past dating to 1995 on charges such as domestic battery, battery on a pregnant woman and violation of a protective order, surprised Don Valery, who also lives in Port Orange.

"I didn't know that," he said quietly.

Thursday, Girard said investigators would turn the case over to the State Attorney's Office.
Birmingham, Alabama

From of March 17, 2006
Auto parts owner, 74, opens fire on robbers

A 74-year-old Birmingham shop owner stared into the barrel of a gun inches from his face Thursday, but said he felt no fear.

Joe Montabana could see there were no cartridges in the cylinder of the snub-nosed revolver. It was brandished by a bad guy and pointed straight at him.

Montabana got angry. And he fought back.

The longtime owner of Joe's Auto Parts near the Kingston community grabbed his own revolver, and moments later unleashed five shots toward the would-be robber.

"When he saw my gun, he went out the door really quick."

The fleeing man jumped into a waiting car occupied by two others. It was unknown whether anyone was injured; police were watching area hospitals to see if any gunshot victims would show up.

Montabana said it began when the man came into his 47th Street North store about 1 p.m. and asked him to duplicate a key. Montabana turned his back on the customer briefly, and when he turned back around the man had pulled the gun.

"He said something like `this is a robbery' or `you know what this is,' and he said `go around to the cash register,"` Montabana said. "I saw all the chambers were empty, so I just walked back behind the counter and got my own gun."

The robber immediately dashed for the front door. Montabana followed him and, once outside, opened fire.

"I just walked right here and started shooting," Montabana said, showing where the getaway car had been parked. "If I didn't hit the car, I don't know how I missed it."

Montabana opened the shop in 1965. The only previous trouble for his business happened 20 years ago, he said, when someone robbed the business, firing shots at his wife, who works there with him.

He seemed relatively unscathed by Thursday's event and said he had no qualms about firing his gun.

"He was robbing me. All I'm upset about is my damn lunch got cold."

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Billings, Montana

From the Billings Standard of March 16, 2006
Jury says Billings shooting was justified

A coroner’s jury cleared a Billings man of wrongdoing Wednesday in the May 2005 shooting death of Jordan Ortivez, 20.

Jurors deliberated about an hour before deciding Leonard ‘‘Lenny’’ Larson was justified in shooting Ortivez in Larson’s mobile home last year. The jury heard about five hours of testimony from 12 witnesses, including Larson.

Yellowstone County Chief Deputy Attorney Mark Murphy said conflicting testimony was one of the reasons prosecutors decided to hold the inquest.

Ortivez’s father, Julian, witnessed the shooting and has maintained that Larson had no reason to shoot his son.

‘‘I don’t understand how an individual could try to justify his actions when there was no violence or physical aggression of any kind,’’ he testified.

Larson testified that he shot Ortivez in self defense.

Ortivez and his father went to Larson’s home on May 5 to retrieve Ortivez’s keys from Larson’s roommate. Larson said he had met Ortivez ‘‘a handful of times.’’

Larson, his friend Richard Voorhis and a woman were at Larson’s home when they arrived.

Jordan Ortivez began threatening them and became more agitated when Larson asked him to leave, Voorhis testified. Jordan Ortivez then told them if he didn’t get the keys, he would kill everybody in the room, Voorhis said.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Des Moines, Iowa

From Cedar Rapids of March 15, 2006
Appeals Court seeks change in Iowa's self-defense law

A little-known Iowa law says if you kill an intruder in your home as you're being attacked, your insurance company may not have to pay to defend you from a wrongful death lawsuit.

In a ruling Wednesday, the Iowa Court of Appeals suggests a change in that state law.

The lawsuit which brought the issue before the court recounts a terrifying incident in eastern Iowa in December 2001.

Documents say two men broke into the rural Early home of Tracey Roberts, who was home with her three children.

Roberts was grabbed and strangled with a pair of her own panty hose until she passed out. When she awoke, she was again attacked by the men, but she got away and ran to her bedroom.

Roberts grabbed a pistol from a gun safe under her bed as one of the men, identified as Dustin Wehde, struggled with her. She shot him.

The other intruder, who was never identified, apparently fled when he heard gunshots.

Roberts ran to another room to check on her children and found them unharmed. Upon returning to the bedroom, she saw Wehde attempting to get up and she told him to stop. He didn't and she shot him several times, killing him.

Wehde's family filed a civil lawsuit claiming Roberts made a conscious decision to return to the bedroom and kill him.

Roberts was not charged with a crime.

Court records said she had purchased farm and homeowners policies from AMCO Insurance Co. and Allied Property and Casualty Insurance Co.

She had asked the insurance companies to defend her in the lawsuit, but they declined.

Roberts filed a lawsuit against the insurance companies, which got the Sac County District Court to dismiss the case.

The court ruled that Roberts had intentionally shot Wehde. The insurance policies have an exclusion from coverage if the bodily injury or property damage in question is intended.

Roberts appealed the ruling, and the Appeals Court ruled Wednesday that it was bound by current state law to side with the insurance companies. The court, however, said they hope the Iowa Supreme Court reviews the law and changes it.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Salt Lake City, Utah

From the March 11, 2006 Salt Lake Tribune:
Police investigate shooting incident in alley

Salt Lake City police on Friday continued to investigate a man who shot at someone who tried to break into his house on Thursday. About 2 p.m., a man heard someone trying to gain entry through the back door of his house, in the 800 South block of Edison Street (145 East), with a crow bar, according to police. Upon realizing he had been discovered, the would-be burglar fled to a nearby truck and drove south through an alley. The man fired a gun at the truck, according to police. Utah law is unclear on whether a homeowner can use deadly force against an intruder who has fled the homeowner's property.
A legally questionable use. If the intruder hadn't been trying to force entry, I would not have included this as a defensive use.
Waxahatchie, Texas

From the March 2, 2006 Daily Light:
Donald Ellis, 41, of Avalon was indicted on a charge of violating a protective order and stalking.

“The violation of a protective order is a felony because he violated it by stalking,” Wilson said, noting the indictment also is enhanced due to prior convictions for forgery and failure to stop and render aid.

An incident Nov. 27 in Midlothian led to Ellis’ arrest, with Wilson saying police were already aware of his behavior as the victim had been documenting that for some time.

“He had appeared at the victim’s doorstep and police were called,” Wilson said. “She had, in a panic, fired a shotgun at him.”

Ellis, who was not injured, left the scene and hid under a fifth-wheel type trailer, Wilson said. “While he was hiding, he called the dispatchers and said he was a shot. An astute dispatcher was able to get him to reveal his location. He was located and arrested on an initial charge of public intoxication.”
Grand Rapids, Michigan

From March 2, 2006 WOOD channel 8:
As police investigate a deadly shooting at a Grand Rapids clothing store, the co-owner of the business is in police custody on unrelated charges.

The shooting occurred around 12:30 p.m. Wednesday at Renony Clothing in the 1400 block of Eastern Avenue SE near Oakdale Street.

A 24 Hour News 8 source tells us two men walked into the store to complete a drug deal with the owner. But something bad happened, and that is when police say the owner fatally shot one of the men and injured the other man. The second man fled the store and got into an awaiting getaway vehicle.

The store owner was injured by flying glass during the shooting.

Shortly after the incident occurred, officials at Metro Hospital told 24 Hour News 8 they were treating someone suffering from gunshot wounds. At the time, it was unconfirmed if that person is the other man involved in the shooting at the store. Police interviewed that person, who denied being involved in the shooting at the business. He told officers he was wounded at a different location during a separate incident. Police are conviced he is the other man involved in the shooting at the store.

The man who was fatally shot at the store has been identified as 25-year-old David Mayfield of Wyoming.

The owner, Anthony Merriweather, has now been arrested on unrelated charges to the shooting. Police won't elaborate on the charges. Merriweather's attorney says his client is being held as a felon in possession of a firearm. The attorney adds his client was anything but a store owner defending his property.
This may be criminals defending themselves from other criminals.
Arab, Alabama

From March 13, 2006 WAFF channel 48:
A home invasion ended with a shoot-out.

William Tony Gross' home on Benton Lane in Arab was broken into early Thursday morning while Gross was at home.

But the 62-year-old didn't let the intruder just walk away with his belongings. He got a gun.

In the end, though, Gross was shot in the stomach with a small caliber rifle.

The suspect fled the scene.

People who live in the area say they don't blame Gross for fighting for his property.

"I would do the same instinctively because it's mine. I paid for it and I'm going to do what I can to keep it. And somebody breaks into my house he better look out for some shells because I'm going to be after him," says Olen Bartlett.
Eureka Springs, North Carolina

From Raleigh’s of March 14, 2006
Cumberland Co. Mother Shoots Home Intruder, Authorities Say

A Cumberland County mother shot and killed an apparent home intruder Tuesday afternoon, authorities said.

The shooting happened on the corner of Eloise Street and Charles Avenue near Fayetteville, where investigators said, a man kicked in the front door of the house, possibly to burglarize the house. The woman, Crystal Strickland, 23, then shot the man, investigators said.

They said Strickland was inside the house when she heard tapping on an outside window. When she went to investigate the noise, she either saw or heard the intruder, who was armed, trying to kick in the front door, authorities said. Strickland then got her gun, shots were exchanged and the intruder was hit.

The intruder, whose name was not released, left the scene in critical condition, but died shortly before arriving to a local hospital.

Authorities said Strickland told them that she did not know the intruder and, at this point, believe the shooting to be a case of a mother trying to protect her children.

Strickland, who is 9 months pregnant, has two other children: one 3 years old and another 1 year old.
From the of March 16, 2006
Police identify slain intruder

A man shot to death after breaking into a pregnant woman’s home was identified Wednesday as Louis Deon McMillian.

McMillian, 28, of the 800 block of Whitfield Street, was shot in the chest after he broke into a duplex on Charles Avenue in the Eureka Springs neighborhood, the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office said.

He was taken to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center, where he died.

McMillian was not carrying identification, so detectives had to identify him through his fingerprints.

Crystal Strickland, 22, was in the home with her two children, ages 3 and 1, when she heard a noise at her kitchen door, said Debbie Tanna, spokeswoman for the Sheriff’s Office.

Strickland, who is nine months’ pregnant, saw McMillian at the door and went to get a gun, Tanna said.

McMillian ran around the home and kicked the door in.

Strickland told McMillian she had a gun, and he said that he had one, too. Tanna said shots were exchanged, and McMillian was hit. Neither Strickland nor her children were hurt.

Strickland’s gun was registered to her boyfriend, but the weapon has not been traced, Tanna added.

No one answered at Strickland’s home Wednesday afternoon. McMillian’s home on Whitfield Street appeared abandoned. The windows were boarded up, and no one answered the door.

Court records show that McMillian pleaded guilty in 1995 to charges of felonious assault with a deadly weapon and common-law robbery. He served at least two years in jail.

Detectives are continuing their investigation and will present evidence to the Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office to decide whether charges will be filed.
Albuquerque, New Mexico

From Albuquerque‘s of March 14, 2006
Former State Police Chief Shoots Intruder In Duke City

A former New Mexico State Police chief has shot and wounded an intruder in his home in Albuquerque's south valley.

Bernalillo County sheriff's spokeswoman Erin Kinnard said when Maurice Cordova and his wife returned to their home Monday night, they encountered a man in a bathroom.

Kinnard said the intruder left the bathroom and Cordova shot him in the stomach.

Kinnard said the man possibly was armed with a knife.

She said the man has been taken to University of New Mexico Hospital for surgery.

Kinnard said she doesn't immediately know his identity or condition. She said no charges have been filed against Cordova.

Cordova was appointed chief in March 1983.

He resigned Aug. 31, 1985, after a 32-year career with the state police.
Trenton, New Jersey

From of March 14, 2006
Robber shot to death by storekeeper

A young man who police say was armed with a gun and was trying to rob a corner store was shot to death last night after the storekeeper pulled his own gun from behind the counter.

The deadly confrontation inside the La Nueva Grocery in the 500 block of North Clinton Avenue occurred about 10 p.m.

At midnight, detectives were still trying to unravel exactly what happened but Sgt. Pedro Medina, a police spokesman, said preliminary investigation indicates three young men entered the shop, allegedly intending to rob it.

One of the young men was armed with a handgun, Medina said.

But the holdup did not go as planned, Medina said, because the storekeeper pulled out a gun he kept behind the counter and fatally shot the robber armed with the gun.

The gunman was pronounced dead at the scene. Medina said the suspect's weapon was recovered at the scene.

The two other alleged robbers fled and were being sought by police last night.

Medina said the police department's gang unit is helping with the investigation, but late last night he said it was too soon to tell if any of the would-be robbers were affiliated with any gangs.
Toledo, Ohio

From the Toledo Blade of March 13, 2006
Central-city homeowner shoots, injures intruder

Toledo police said a man was shot by a homeowner early Saturday after the man allegedly broke into the central-city home.

Police, responding to a burglary-in-progress call at 1566 Buckingham St., found resident Darron Doss and the suspect, John Curry, of 643 Nebraska Ave., on the rear porch. Mr. Doss told police that Mr. Curry broke into his residence about 2:30 a.m. on Saturday. Mr. Doss said he armed himself with a shotgun and fired a warning shot.

Police said Mr. Curry was wounded and he was taken to Toledo Hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Tempe, Arizona

From Tucson’s of March 13, 2006
Shots fired at Tempe apartment complex

Gunfire this afternoon at a Tempe apartment complex in what authorities are calling a home invasion.

C-B-S 5 reports four armed men entered a third floor apartment. Two people were inside the apartment. Shots were fired.

Two suspects were shot and at least one suspect has died.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Stockton, California

From Stockton’s of March 11, 2006
Lodi businessman acquitted in fatal 2003 shooting

Alarm company owner Paul Alamo acted in self-defense when he fatally shot a man, a jury found Friday in acquitting the 48-year-old Lodi man of murder.

Alamo killed house painter Mark Hasty during an Oct. 13, 2003, confrontation at a rural house under construction southeast of Lodi.

Alamo testified during the five-week trial that he feared for his life when Hasty - angry at Alamo for twice calling deputies to his house to search for stolen property - came toward him in a threatening manner. Alamo shot Hasty twice in the chest after warning the 47-year-old man to stop approaching.

The jury deliberated for one day.

(Much more)

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Leatherwood, Kentucky

From Lexington’s of March 11, 2006

A Perry County man was shot to death yesterday as he and two sons exchanged gunfire across a creek at Leatherwood, chief deputy sheriff Randal Poff said. The victim, Zendell Ray Adams, 44, of Slemp, was shot once through the neck, but no one was arrested because both sons apparently returned fire with .30-caliber rifles, Poff said. One son, William J. Hensley, 24, was arrested on an outstanding Leslie County warrant, but Tony Allen Hensley, 18, was not taken into custody. The case will be presented to a Perry County grand jury, he said. The shootout resulted from a domestic dispute between Adams, a convicted felon, and the mother of his six children, whom he never married, Poff said. Earlier in the day, Adams used a baseball bat to attack a van in which the sons were riding, he said. The sons retreated to an in-law's home across the creek from a Leatherwood liquor store before Adams arrived and opened fire on the house with a shotgun. Witnesses said the sons returned fire, according to Poff, who added that Adams also was the father of five other children with another woman. The victim was pronounced dead in the liquor store parking lot, he said.
Houston, Texas

From Houston‘s KTRK of March 11, 2006
Homeowner shoots intruder in the chest

Police in northwest Houston think a homeowner grabbed a gun to defend himself against a suspected intruder.

It happened at a home on Arncliffe at Antoine late Friday night. Police say the suspected intruder was shot in the chest and rushed to a hospital. His condition is unknown.

The homeowner was questioned but there's no word if he'll face any charges.
St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

From the Virgin Island Daily News of March 11, 2006
Boss kills machete-wielding employee, police say

A 34-year-old electrician who police said chased his boss with a machete was shot and killed Friday afternoon. No arrests were made.

Brendan Maloney, born in St. Kitts, was pronounced dead at 2:25 p.m. in the Phase Two parking lot of Lovenlund Apartments.

Police received a 911 call at 2:18 p.m. According to the blotter, an unofficial record of calls to emergency dispatchers, the caller reported a fight between two men in the parking lot near Building 12.

Witnesses told police the shooting occurred after an argument between Maloney and his boss, Ivan Mills of Mills Electric Inc., over an undisclosed amount of money, police spokesman Sgt. Thomas Hannah said. According to police, Mills told Maloney the wiring job he did at another worksite was not done according to specifications and he refused to pay him.

"Maloney became irate and threatened to cut Mr. Mills' arm off," Hannah said.

Maloney went to his red Chevy S-10 pickup and got out a machete with a red handle.

Hannah said Maloney followed Mills with the machete.

"When Mills couldn't run anymore, Maloney raised the machete," Hannah said. "Mills retrieved his gun and fired a single shot."

The single bullet from the licensed firearm entered the left side of Maloney's chest.

At 2:20 p.m. construction workers and residents stared down at Maloney's shirtless body lying face up with arms stretched wide in parking space 303 between a white Ford F-150 and a maroon GMC Sierra. The machete rested inches from his left hand - in a pool of blood.

When area schoolchildren arrived, Maloney's dark blue jeans and dusty, black boots were the only things visible under the white blood-spotted sheet while investigators waited for the medical examiner to arrive.

Mills surrendered the gun and left the scene voluntarily with police.

Detectives are investigating the shooting as a homicide, Hannah said.

The shooting was in self-defense, said Michael Heinle, field operations supervisor with Rosenberg Painting.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Phoenix, Arizona

From Phoenix’ of March 10, 2006
Store Owner Shoots 2 Would-Be Robbers

Three men tried to rob a store at 28th Street and Broadway, but the store owner fired at them, shooting two of them.

The third would-be robber robbery suspect escaped in a white Jeep Cherokee and is still on the loose. He dropped the money and it was returned to the store owner.

The store owner did suffer some minor injuries.

One robber was shot in the chest the other in the head.
Kingsport, Tennessee

From the Kingsport Times-News of March 11, 2006
Kingsport homeowner shoots robbery suspect

When Lowell Wilson realized his Brookside Drive house was being broken into late Thursday night - for the third time in less than a year - he was pretty fed up.

So fed up that this time he shot the intruder.

Sullivan County Sheriff's Department officials questioned the alleged robber after he showed up later at Indian Path Medical Center with a gunshot wound.

Medical officials are obligated to notify law enforcement anytime someone comes to the emergency room with a gunshot wound.

Donald Scott Bridges, 25, of 3814 Memorial Boulevard, Kingsport, told police that he had been at Wilson's house to collect a debt when Wilson shot him.

Wilson, 67, said he has had no business dealings with Bridges and owes him no money.

He said his only other encounter with Bridges came on Wednesday night when Wilson alleges Bridges broke into his house the first time.

Wilson said that on Wednesday night there were four guns, prescription medications and at least two watches stolen.

He didn't report the Wednesday night break-in because of his experience seven months ago.

Wilson said his house was broken into then, and the intruders put him on the floor and held a gun to his head.

He said he reported that incident, but nothing came of the investigation.

The incident Thursday happened around 11:10 p.m. Wilson told police he heard a noise in his wife's bedroom and went to investigate.

When he tried to open the bedroom door, someone closed it, so Wilson went to the den to get his gun.

"My wife is blind, and she thought it was me (in the room)," Wilson said.

"He opened the door so far and stuck his head. He said ‘It's cool man. It's cool,'" Wilson said.

But Wilson knew it wasn't cool and told police he fired his gun through the door.

Two suspects fled out the back door, and Wilson called his daughter.

Wilson said in hindsight, he and his wife realize that the intruders could have hurt them badly.

"They might have killed both of us," Wilson said.

But as long has he has something to protect himself with, Wilson said he still feels safe.

"I know I can take care of myself," he said.

Bridges was admitted to Holston Valley Medical Center for further treatment. Sullivan County sheriff's investigators have a warrant for his arrest charging him with aggravated burglary.
Mesa, Arizona

From the Arizona Republic of March 10, 2006
Mesa council candidate trades shots with suspect

City Council candidate J.T. Ready traded gunfire early Thursday with a man he suspected of being involved in a criminal activity. The man was armed with a BB gun.

"I thought I was dead," Ready said. "I didn't think I was going to make it to the election."

Mesa police arrested 32-year-old Eduardo Castellejo Godina on Thursday. He is accused of chasing and shooting at Ready with a gas-powered BB gun that looked like a semiautomatic handgun. Godina is charged with threatening or intimidating and assault, both misdemeanors, Sgt. Chuck Trapani said.

Heading into Tuesday's election, the spotlight in the heated District 4 race is again on Ready, who confirmed a day earlier that he was seeking the support of the Mesa Hells Angels motorcycle club.

"I think it could help," said Ready, on whether the incident would improve or hurt his chances at the polls.

"It's a shame such a great neighborhood is going downhill with illegal immigration and gangs."

Ready said he was driving back from a trip to Wal-Mart about 1:15 a.m. near Horne and Broadway Road when he spotted what looked to him like "gang-bangers" running down the street. Some hid in the bushes. Others scaled fences to get away, he said.

"I did like any good citizen would," said Ready, a 33-year-old former Marine, who dialed police dispatch on his cellphone.

Seconds later, he saw a man run out of the bushes and get into a truck with tinted windows. He decided to tail it to call in a license plate number, he said.

Ready followed the truck south on Temple Street until it came to a dead end, according to a police report. The truck stopped and a man got out of the passenger side and walked over to Ready.

As the man got closer, he pulled what looked like a handgun out of his pocket and took aim, according to the report. Ready drove his car forward and then jumped out while it was still in drive, he said. He still had his cellphone in one hand. Even at 300-plus pounds, Ready said he remembers moving "like a gazelle."

Ready, a concealed-weapons instructor who has a valid permit, reached for his .38 Special handgun in his ankle holster.

The man shot once at him - Ready said he recalled hearing at least one pop - before he returned one round of fire. Neither man was hit.

Eileen Rogers was watching TV when she heard the thud of Ready's car against a trailer parked in the street. She went to the front door.

Ready told her to call 911 because there was a man in her yard with a gun, Rogers said.

The irony in all of this, Rogers said, was that she has a Kyle Jones sign staked in her front lawn. Jones is one of Ready's opponents in the council race.
Downey, California

From Los Angeles’ of March 9, 2006
Store Clerk, Owner Wounds Suspect In Shootout

A robbery suspect was wounded in a shootout with the clerk and the owner of a Downey audio shop Thursday, police said.

Gunshots at First Class Audio, 8856 Rosecrans Ave., were reported at about 11:30 a.m., Downey police Sgt. Jeff Calhoun said. When officers arrived at the store, they found Salvador Ramos with multiple gunshots wounds.

Witnesses told police three men and a woman entered the business. Ramos, whose age and hometown were not immediately available, approached a sales clerk and brandished a handgun, Calhoun said.

The clerk, in fear for his life, retrieved his own handgun and began firing at Ramos. The store’s owner then pulled out his own gun and began firing at Ramos, too.

In return, the second suspect began firing at the owner and clerk. That suspect, the other man and the woman then fled in a red pickup truck or sport utility vehicle. Neither the store clerk nor the owner were hurt during the gun battle, Calhoun said.

The second suspect was described as being in his late 20s, 6 foot 3 inches tall, 250 pounds, wearing blue jeans, a pullover shirt and a large medical bandage on his neck.

The woman was described as being in her late 20s, of medium height and weight, wearing blue jeans and a sweater.

It is expected Ramos will be charged with attempted murder and attempted armed robbery, Calhoun said.
Kansas City, Missouri

From the Kansas City Star of March 10, 2006
Residents foil would-be burglars in two instances

It was a bad day for would-be home burglars Thursday in Kansas City.

According to police, residents thwarted two attempted break-ins in two unrelated crimes.

In one, the resident shot an intruder three times. In the other, a 13-year-old boy home alone outsmarted a group of youths trying to get into his house.

Police gave this account:

The other foiled burglary Thursday occurred a few hours later.

A Kansas City man told police he became suspicious when he heard his doorbell ring just after 1 p.m. but didn’t see anyone standing outside his front door.

The man got a .45-caliber pistol and walked to the door just in time to see a man using his shoulder to crash through the front door, police said.

The resident fired at the intruder, who began to flee the home in the 6800 block of Sni-A-Bar Road.

The resident fired several more times, knocking the intruder down in the yard. But the intruder got back up and slipped into a white Ford van that was parked in the driveway of a vacant house next door.

The resident wrote down the first three digits of the license plate before the intruder sped off.

Five or ten minutes later, someone called police from the 4400 block of Kensington Avenue to report a shooting. When officers showed up, they noticed a white Ford van parked across the street with shattered windows and a flat tire. The first three digits of the license plate matched those given by the burglary victim.

The shooting victim, a 48-year-old man, had suffered gunshot wounds to his arm, leg and abdomen. He was expected to survive.

An ambulance took him to a hospital, where police officers were guarding his room Thursday night. Detectives were interviewing the resident of the home Thursday night and investigating whether the wounded man at the hospital was responsible for the break-in.

Thursday, March 9, 2006

Redlands, California

From the Redlands Daily Facts of March 9, 2006
Man's head smashed by his own shotgun

A 39-year-old man was hospitalized Wednesday with a fractured skull and a broken eye socket after been [sic] hit with his own shotgun and pummeled by two assailants who were later arrested, according to police.

At about 5:30 p.m. a 9-year-old boy called police to say his father brandished a shotgun at two men who had come to the front door of his Roma Street home.

The assailants had taken the victim¹s shotgun from him, hit him with it and hit him with their fists, according to police.

Police and firefighter-paramedics responded to the home and the victim was taken to Loma Linda University Medical Center, police logs said.

Two hours later brothers Jason Michael Young, 26, and Brandon Scott Young, 25, called police to report that the hospitalized victim had pointed a shotgun at them.

During an interview with police the brothers admitted going to the home to collect money from the victim and assaulting him, officials said. The shotgun used in the beating was recovered at their Pine Avenue apartment, according to reports.

The brothers were arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon of force likely to cause great bodily injury, according to reports.
Madison, Illinois

From St. Louis’ of March 9, 2006
Homeowner Shoots Home Invasion Suspect

Police are searching for a man after a home invasion that ended with gunfire and a police chase in the Metro East.

Police say two men fired two shots and tried to break down the door of a home on Third Street in Madison around 11:00 Wednesday night.

The homeowner returned fire, hitting one of the men in the stomach.

The two men sped off, and police gave chase before the suspects ditched their car in East St. Louis.

Police caught the suspect who was shot.

The other man got away.

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Fresno, California

From Fresno’s of March 8, 2006
Shooting victim arrested for assault

Fresno Police released new information about an overnight shooting that left a man in critical condition.

An investigation revealed the suspect, 36-year-old Elijah Haqq, was shot in self defense after he allegedly assaulted and threatened to kill a woman and her two teenage kids. Haqq, a validated Muhammad gang member, was arrested and released for brandishing a weapon around midnight.

Shortly after his release, Haqq went to a home near Poppy and Grove in Southwest Fresno where witnesses say he threatened the lives of three people.

That’s when he was reportedly shot five times in the chest.

Haqq is in critical condition at University Medical Center and he’ll be charged with burglary, terrorist threats, and assault with a deadly weapon.
Tucson, Arizona

From of March 8, 2006
Armed woman sends robber fleeing

A robber got some spare change and a scare when he threatened a woman in Midtown on Monday morning.

The 56-year-old woman was walking near East Fort Lowell Road and North Country Club Road when a man dressed in black approached her and demanded money, said Officer Dallas Wilson, a Tucson Police Department spokesman.

The robber implied he had a gun, so the woman complied with his order and gave him $1.50, hoping he would leave, Wilson said. Then, thinking her life was in danger, she drew a Smith & Wesson revolver and pointed it at the robber, who ran away.

The woman — whose name was not released by police — had a concealed-weapon permit, Wilson said.

"She was in fear for her life and she defended herself appropriately," he said.

Police have no suspects in the case.

For more information on concealed-weapon permits, visit the Arizona Department of Public Safety's Web site at
San Antonio, Texas

From the of March 8, 2006
Southwest Side man fights off intruder

A man walking home from a neighborhood nightclub had to defend himself from an intruder that followed him to his Southwest Side apartment.

Police said the man was walking to the apartment in the 400 block of Cropsey Avenue, near General Hudnell Drive, at about 12:30 a.m. Wednesday, when he noticed someone behind him.

The man ran to his apartment, went inside and slammed the door. The suspect kicked in the door and knocked the victim to the floor.

The victim got a gun, fired a shot and missed. The intruder ran away. Police are searching for him.