Friday, November 30, 2007

Port Aransas, Texas

From the Corpus Christi Caller Times of November 30, 2007
Port A homeowner shoots burglar

A 23-year-old man was shot in the chest about 11:15 p.m. Thursday by a homeowner who caught the man burglarizing his home, police said.

The 42-year-old homeowner confronted the intruder inside his home with a .22-caliber pistol, said Detective Mark Stokes, investigator for the Port Aransas Police Department. Police declined to release the home's location or the name and occupation of the homeowner because of possible retaliation, Stokes said.

The shooting victim was conscious while being taken by Halo-Flight to Christus Spohn Hospital Memorial, emergency rescuers said. He remained in intensive care Friday in stable condition, Stokes said.

Investigators will present information to the district attorney before arresting the suspect, Stokes said.

A woman was also at home at the time of the incident, but was not involved, Stokes said, and the homeowner was not charged.

By Texas statute a homeowner has the right to defend themselves and their property, he said.
Middletown, Ohio

From WCPO of November 30, 2007
Middletown Man Found Not Guilty In Girlfriend's Death

A jury has acquitted a Middletown man accused of killing his live-in girlfriend.

Sixty-year-old Charles Frost was charged with murder in the May 11 death of 47-year-old Deborah Dockery.

Frost told a jury he and Dockery had been drinking and arguing when she came at him with a knife in their Helton Drive home.

Frost said he shot her twice in self defense, and the jury believed him and returned not guilty verdicts on all counts after nine hours of deliberation.

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Toledo, Ohio

From WTOL of November 30, 2007
Home invasion suspect lands in hospital

Toledo police are investigating an attempted home invasion that ended with two people shot.

This all happened around 1:45 a.m Friday in the 100 block of Spencer near Western Ave. in south Toledo. Police tell us two men came to the back door of the house and allegedly told the man living inside -- who works as a "repo-man" -- that they wanted to talk about a tow.

The man told police they then tried to force their way inside. The homeowner was shot once in the arm. He said he fired back on the suspects, hitting one four times.

The suspects took off, and a short time later, the injured suspect was dropped off at University of Toledo Medical Center. His condition is not being released.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Porter, Texas

From ABC13 WTRK of November 29, 2007
Homeowner shoots and kills suspected burglar in Porter

A homeowner in Porter shot and killed a suspected burglar Thursday. And the situation became so intense that the homeowner himself was taken to the hospital.

We're also learning there have been other problems with crime in the neighborhood on West Hammond near Highway 59.

Around 1:30pm, property owner Gary Southworth called 911 and said that he'd shot a man who was stealing from him and that he needed help. Paramedics rushed the suspected thief to Kingwood Hospital, but he died from his wounds.

Paramedics had to also take Southworth to the hospital after the shooting because the 60-year-old was having chest pains. Meanwhile, his wife, Alberta Southworth, says thieves had hit them several times recently.

"It's beyond awful," she said. "It's our whole life, I mean, he's been so sick and all we have left to live on is what they've stolen. We have nothing now. They took our bank account basically."

"He had reported two thefts in the past two days that had occurred in the nighttime hours," said Sgt. Bill Bucks with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Department. "It's my understanding that this is not his primary residence, but he does own the property. He came back to watch and make sure nobody stole anything from his house."

A new law that just went into effect in September allows Texans to defend themselves with deadly force in their homes, cars and work places. The Castle Doctrine removes the requirement that a person must attempt to retreat before using deadly force.

It's important to note that the deputy told us that when Southworth called 911, he was requesting help for the man he just shot.

Southworth is in stable condition.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Akron, Ohio

From the November 28, 2007 Akron Beacon Journal:

After several restless nights, Manfreda and his partner's patience was rewarded.

''Six-eighteen. That's when we heard the glass breaking at the rear door and John said: 'It's happening','' Manfreda said.

Manfreda said he was amazed at how swiftly Polen made it from the broken rear door to within steps of the office.

''If I had been alone, I don't know what I would have done,'' Manfreda said.

As it was his partner pulled a gun on the intruder and yelled; ''Freeze APD,'' Manfreda said.

This immediately got Polen's attention, Manfreda said. The homeless man dropped to the ground.

Manfreda said Polen had come equipped with a crowbar, a large wrench, a hammer and a razor.

Manfreda said he was surprised when Polen, with a gun pointed at him, grabbed the crowbar and got to his feet.

''I thought he was going to run, but he didn't. He just said ''shoot me'' and start coming at us. It was like he didn't care about life.

''We had to hit him with the hammer just enough to make him drop the crowbar. We could have shot him,'' he said, ''but nobody wants to kill anybody.''

A relieved Manfreda called police. Within two minutes police arrived to take Polen off their hands.

Edwards said Polen was taken to a local hospital where he was treated for minor injuries.

''At this time, Kevin Polen is charged with breaking and entering and possession of criminal tools,'' Edwards said.

In spite of yelling "APD" (for Akron Police Department), this was not an officer.
Cleveland, Ohio

From the Plain Dealer of November 28, 2007
Apartment dweller shoots burglary suspect running away

A man accused of trying to burglarize an apartment building at 11:30 Monday night in Cleveland got a bullet in the left leg. A resident shot him as he tried to run away.

Lawrence D. Cooke, 53, shot the suspect at 11:45 p.m. at East 133rd Street and Woodworth Road.

Police said Daryle R. Mitchell, 41, of Soika Avenue, was treated at Huron Hospital and arrested. Mitchell is charged with aggravated burglary.

An incident report says that the suspect tried to break down a rear door. Cooke heard pounding and went outside to check on it, while his wife called 911. Cooke found the suspect and told him to "stay put."

The suspect heard sirens approaching and "started reaching into his pockets and running in the field. As I got about twenty feet from him, I told him to stop reaching around. I then shot my gun near his feet to scare him, and I ended up shooting him in the leg."

Officers found a green flashlight in the field near Mitchell. The report quotes Mitchell; "I was going to buy weed at Coit and Woodworth. I didn't get any. As I cut across the field near St. Clair Avenue, I used my green flashlight to look out for skunks. Then I got shot. I didn't see who did it. I was going to catch the bus on St. Clair."

Police confiscated Cooke's .357 Magnum revolver.
Darlington County, South Carolina

From South Carolina Now of November 28, 2007
Darlington County woman shot after home invasion

Darlington County Sheriff's deputies are searching for a man who they claim shot a woman after breaking into her residence. According to Darlington County Chief Deputy Tom Gainey, the incident happened around 9:40am on 108 Woodhaven Drive. Gainey says someone broke into the house and a woman inside got her own pistol to defend herself. The suspect then managed to take the pistol away from the woman and shot her in the leg. He then fled the scene on foot through some nearby woods. The woman, who's name has not been released yet , was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

Chief Gainey describes the suspect as a black male, approximately 6 feet tall, wearing a black jacket, blue jeans, and toboggan.

Chief Gainey says the Sheriff's Bloodhound Team is now actively searching the area for the suspect. Nearby Darlington High School is now under lockdown until further notice according to Chief Gainey.
Colorado Springs, Colorado

From November 28, 2007 KKTV:

A robbery suspect was shot and killed after trying to rob a liquor store, Spring Police said. It happened just before 5 p.m. on Tuesday evening at a strip mall off of Jet Wing and Fountain.

The robbery suspect was taken to Memorial Hospital, but he was pronounced dead just minutes later. While the investigation is still on-going, Springs Police said the owner of the liquor store, in his 70’s, shot the suspect in the chest.

This is the 3rd robbery to happen in the Springs in the past 24 hours. In fact, robberies are on the rise in November.

"During the course of this year, we average 25-30 robberies a month, but now, that's how much we've had in the past 2 weeks," said Detective Don Chagnon with Springs Police. In November there have been close to having 60 robberies. Detective Chagnon said he doesn’t know why robberies are increasing.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Derry Township, Pennsylvania

From the November 27, 2007 Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:
The lead state police investigator in the Aug. 17 shooting death of an Allegheny County man at a Derry Township campground said Monday that evidence collected to date indicates the shooting "points to self-defense."

Trooper James Simpson of the Greensburg barracks said police are still awaiting a final autopsy report and the results of a few forensic tests. But at this point it appears the shooting of Sherman Shawn Prince, 40, of Mt. Oliver, during an argument with two other campers at the Lazy Acres Campground, near Keystone State Park, might have been justified.

"Believe me, I really do feel for the family who loses a loved one in the shooting, but right now all the evidence we've collected points in one direction (self-defense), and I'm not sure that's going to change with the tests that are still pending. But if it does, we definitely will pursue it," Simpson said.

"We can only take a case where the evidence leads us," the trooper said.

Members of Prince's family, including his father, Sherman, of Pittsburgh, and an aunt, Sharon Josefik, of Clearfield, complained recently that investigators had not responded to their inquiries about the shooting death and that the investigation has stalled. They said some details of the shooting released by police do not corroborate with what they knew about Prince, an automobile detailer, who died at the scene.

Prince's family members maintain that he did not own a gun. However, Simpson said evidence collected at the scene and through forensic tests to date indicate that he was pointing a loaded .22-caliber handgun at the face of Anthony Verdiglione of McKeesport when he was shot.

Prince was shot by a friend of Verdiglione, Dale O. Miller, 43, of McKeesport. Police have said that Miller and Verdiglione have cooperated throughout the investigation.

According to search warrants filed with the case, Verdiglione and Miller arrived at the campground about 10:30 p.m. Aug. 17. Within an hour, Prince drove to their campsite in a golf cart and began arguing, police said.

Court documents said Miller escorted Prince out of his camper to the golf cart Prince used around the campground after Prince allegedly grabbed Verdiglione's shirt during an argument. Other campers told police that they could hear Prince cursing Miller and Verdiglione as he drove back to his own campsite, where police said he retrieved a gun from his car and returned to Miller's trailer.

Police said a second confrontation occurred among the three men outside of Miller's camper where a witness said Prince pulled out a small handgun and pointed it at Veriglione's face. Verdiglione swiped at the gun in an attempt to strike it from Prince's hand, but missed, according to the search warrant.

"Miller, who had been standing behind Verdiglione, then brandished his own weapon (a .38-caliber handgun) and discharged the same, striking Prince one time in the head," Simpson wrote in the search warrant affidavit.

Prince was pronounced dead at the scene.

Prince's mother, Paulete, said yesterday she is disappointed police still believe the shooting might have been self-defense.

"It just doesn't add up. Shawn did not have a gun and the gun they found him with was stolen from McKeesport, where they are both from," Paulete Sherman said.

East Point, Georgia

From WSBTV of November 27, 2007
Businessman Wounded, Suspect Killed In Shootout

One suspect is dead and another man wounded after a shoot out during a home invasion robbery in East Point early Tuesday morning.

Police said two men burst into an apartment at 3029 Dobbs Way around midnight and held several people at gunpoint.

The armed men started ransacking the apartment.

At some point a woman who lives at the apartment, but was outside during the attack called her father for help.

The father, who police describe as a well-known local businessman, rushed to the apartment with his own gun.

When he entered the apartment a gun battle broke out with both the home invaders and the father trading shots. One of the suspects was shot and killed. The father also was hit and wounded.

The apartment residents then attacked the surviving robber and held him until police arrived.

Investigators have not released the names of those involved.
Carthage, Missouri

From Fox News of November 27, 2007
Pistol-Packing Grandma Stops Would-Be Burglars

A 63-year-old grandmother with a handgun stopped two burglars at her backdoor in Carthage.

The Jasper County Sheriff's Department said a woman and a 16-year-old boy were arrested after the foiled break-in Friday and charged with first-degree burglary.

The grandmother was at home with her grandchild when the burglars broke down her back door.

She grabbed a handgun and stopped the pair, but they ran away when the woman went back inside to call the sheriff's department.

Deputies arrested the suspects about three hours later in Carthage.

Lt. Aaron Richardson of the sheriff's department said first-degree burglary charges have been filed against Faith Barrick, 39, of Carthage, and a 16-year-old male accomplice.

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Columbia, South Carolina

From The State of November 26, 2007
No charges filed against 15-year-old

No charges have been filed against a 15-year-old boy who police say was trying to protect his mother when he shot and killed his stepfather Saturday.

Deputies had been dispatched to the Fairforest Drive apartment previously for domestic-related calls, said Richland County Sheriff’s department spokesman Lt. Chris Cowan.

Roosevelt Carter, 42, of 100 Fairforest Drive, Apt. No. 7 died at 9:32 a.m. Saturday at Palmetto Health Richland. He had been shot in the upper body.

The preliminary investigation indicates a domestic disturbance occurred inside the home. The boy’s name and age have not been released because of his age.

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Fairfield, California

From NBC11 of November 26, 2007
Fairfield Man Killed In House Invasion

An autopsy was scheduled for Monday on a Fairfield man who was shot Saturday night during an apparent home invasion robbery.

The Solano County Coroner's Office identified the victim as 48-year-old Timothy Banks.

Fairfield police said Banks was fatally shot and his 17-year-old son also was shot in their home in the 200 block of Holly Drive.

Lt. Al Bagos said Banks' wife called police around 11:34 p.m. Saturday. She said she awoke to find her husband and an intruder struggling over a rifle in the upstairs bedroom. The gun discharged, striking Banks in the head and torso and the intruder fled, Bagos said.

The teen was found shot downstairs and he was taken to the John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek, where he was in fair condition, Bagos said.

Police said it appears there were two intruders. One of them is a dark-skinned male approximately 17 years old who was wearing dark clothing, Bagos said. Police are investigating a motive for the shootings.
Pascagoula, Mississippi

From the Sun-Herald of November 27, 2007
Store clerk shoots armed robber

A convenience store clerk surprised an armed robber Monday when he shot the man in the arm, leading to his surrender a short time later, Pascagoula Police Lt. Paul Leonard said.

The clerk at the K&B store on Telephone Road told authorities that a robber, identified as 21-year-old Jason Fairley of Moss Point, walked into the store with a handgun at about 6:25 a.m. Monday, fired a round in the air and demanded cash.

The clerk handed the money over to the robber, who walked out in the store's parking lot and raised his gun once again, police said, as if he planned to fire again.

That's when the store clerk pulled out his own gun and fired at the robber, hitting him once in the left shoulder. The robber ran to his car to escape, but the clerk took down a description of his getaway car and the tag number.

Two hours later, Leonard said, the wounded Fairley walked into the Police Department and surrendered. From there, he was taken to Singing River Hospital, where he was treated and released.

By late Monday, Fairley was back in custody at the Pascagoula City jail, charged with armed robbery. He was awaiting bond.

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Bibb County, Georgia

From the Macon Telegraph of November 26, 2007
Bibb homeowner fires gun at suspected burglars, two arrested

Bibb County deputies have arrested two men who allegedly abandoned plans to break into an Ashford Chase Court home after the homeowner fired a gun at them, according to a sheriff's office news release.

Deputies received a 911 call from the home just after noon on Sunday in which the homeowner reported a burglary was in progress. When the burglars smashed a window the homeowner fired a shot from a pistol at the window, causing the men to run away, according to the release.

Evidence left behind at the house led deputies to a local fast food restaurant where video of the men was discovered.

Investigators were able to identify the robbers as 19-year-old Daunte Franklin of Park Lane Place and 22-year-old Kerrence Thomas of Forest Avenue who were suspects in previous cases, according to the release.

Shortly after 2 p.m. deputies found Franklin and Thomas hiding in a van in a parking lot off Zebulon Road, according to the release.

Franklin and Thomas have been charged with burglary and are being held at the Bibb County Law Enforcement Complex, according to the release.
St. Louis, Missouri

From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch of November 26, 2007
Two dogs attack North County man

A 53-year-old man was hospitalized today after two bulldogs attacked him at a home in north St. Louis County.

The man had been playing with the dogs about 9:20 a.m. in a fenced-in section of the back yard of the home in the 2600 block of Lyndhurst Avenue, police said.

One of the dogs started biting him, and the other dog quickly joined in the attack, said Officer Tracy Panus of the St. Louis County Police Department.

A neighbor heard the man's screams, got a gun from his residence and fired at the dogs. One of the animals was killed. The other, injured, was later euthanized.

The dogs, both American bulldogs, were taken away by St. Louis County Animal Control.

The man suffered bite wounds to his arm and leg, Panus said. His injuries are not considered life-threatening.

Panus said the man told police the animals had never bitten him before or showed any vicious tendencies.

Officials said the dogs and their owner were visiting from out of town. The owner is an in-law of the man attacked, Panus said.

The owner has agreed to euthanize the female dog, which survived the shooting, LeFebvre said. Both dogs will be tested for rabies as a standard measure, he said.

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Avondale, Louisiana

From the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette of November 27, 2007
Robber shot in Jefferson may have been killed by intended victims

A would-be robber was shot to death in Avondale, and authorities say he apparently died at the hands of his intended victims: a man and a boy who wrestled away his 9 mm semiautomatic handgun.

Sheriff's deputies responded to a report of gunfire about 7:40 p.m. Monday and found a man lying dead in the middle of an Avondale street, area residents and Col. Robert Garner of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office said.

Detectives believe the dead man had tried to rob the two other people just outside or inside a nearby house. He was shot at least once and staggered into the street.

It was not immediately known whether the dead man broke into the home, what he demanded or took, or whether he was shot just inside or outside the home. Garner said he didn't know whether the man and boy were residents of the home.

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Balch Springs, Texas

From MyFoxDallas of November 26, 2007
Store Clerk Shoots at Attempted Beer Thieves

A clerk fired shots at two people trying to steal beer from a convenience store in Balch Springs early Tuesday morning.

A woman and a man entered the 24-hour store on Seagoville Rd. at around 4 a.m. and took off with a case of beer.

The store clerk followed, and fired a gun at the suspects several times. He missed, and the male suspect dropped the beer as he ran.

A nearby police sergeant followed the suspects, who reportedly fled in a gold Contour sedan. The sedan was found wrecked further down the road.

The female suspect was discovered in the nearby woods, and she was arrested.

The male suspect is still on the loose.

The gas station was equipped with security cameras, which police hope will lead them to the man.

The store was temporarily shut down while police investigated, but has since been reopened.
Montgomery, Texas

From the Monroe County Courier of November 27, 2007
Montgomery man shot, killed

An argument between neighbors ended with gunfire Sunday night, leaving one man dead and another with questions to answer.

The shooting occurred around 9:30 p.m. in the 4000 block of Pamela Way in Old Oak Estates, located off Texas 105 near Montgomery.

The deceased was identified as 43-year-old Dennis Clark.

Lt. Dan Norris, of the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, said deputies arrived to find Clark was shot once in the abdomen while on a neighbor's property.

"The shooting incident occurred after Dennis Clark went to a neighbor's home, where an argument escalated from verbal to physical," Norris said. "The homeowner told investigators that Dennis Clark had been told repeatedly to leave, and when Dennis Clark came toward the homeowner in an aggressive manner, the homeowner shot Clark one time."

Clark was transported to Conroe Regional Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

Steve Kelley, who lives next door to the home where the shooting occurred, said he was surprised Monday morning when he heard about the shooting from his daughter-in-law, who also lives nearby.

"We didn't hear anything," Kelley said.

He and his wife, Joyce, knew of Clark, but did not know him personally.
Homes in the subdivision are scattered on large pieces of land in what Kelley says is a quiet neighborhood.

No charges have been filed against the homeowner, and the MCSO has not released his name.


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Monday, November 26, 2007

Indianapolis, Indiana

From Indianapolis’ of November 26, 2007
Police: Worker Shot At Would-Be Robbers; Suspect Hurt

Wounded Man Arrested; Second Person Sought

At least one employee of an Indianapolis pawnshop fired a gun at two would-be robbers Monday morning, and a suspect was arrested after arriving at a hospital with a gunshot wound, police said.

Police weren't sure whether the arrestee, Nurdeen Anderson, was shot at the pawnshop, but they said they believe he was one of the two men who tried to rob it.

Authorities said two men armed with handguns entered the Universal Gold and Silver pawnshop at 4320 E. 10th St. at about 11:30 a.m. and tried to rob it. Two employees in the store also were armed, and at least one of the workers fired at the would-be robbers, police said.

The would-be robbers exited the store. About 20 minutes later, Anderson, 26, arrived at Methodist Hospital with a gunshot wound to the neck, police said.

A female who took him to the hospital told officers that Anderson had been shot in or near the 1600 block of College Avenue, several blocks to the northwest of the pawnshop.

Police said Anderson, who was treated at the hospital, matched the description of one of the men who robbed the pawnshop, and they arrested him on a charge of attempted robbery. Information on his condition wasn't available.

Authorities said they were trying to determine who the other would-be robber was.

Police said they believe no charges would be filed against the pawnshop's employees.
Also reported November 26, 2007 WISH-TV channel 8.
Douglasville, Georgia

From Atlanta’s of November 26, 2007
Arbor Place Mall Reopens After Shootings

A Brinks employee and a suspected robber were shot as two men tried to rob a Brinks Security truck outside a shopping mall in west Georgia.

Douglasville police chief Joe Whisenant told CNN that at least one suspect fired shots at the Brinks employee as he was leaving the mall with money. Whisenant said the employee returned fire, hitting one of the suspects.

Both the guard and the suspect are recovering in Atlanta hospitals. Whisenant told CNN both are expected to survive, but the suspect was in worse shape than the Brinks employee.

"It was a lot of shots, like nine," witness Leigh Knight told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "After about the fourth one, we figured out what it was and we threw the kids under the table and we laid down on top of them. I saw a Brinks man laying face up, he was conscious. There was another man next to him laying face down."

A store owner told the newspaper that police SWAT team members roamed the mall with guns drawn.

The mall is a stand-alone mall in the suburb of Douglasville, which is west of Atlanta.

The mall was locked down after the shootings, but it has reopened.
Charlotte, North Carolina

From the Charlotte Observer of November 26, 2007
Robbery victim shoots suspect

Police say it was a robbery attempt gone bad Sunday night in east Charlotte, and they say a would-be suspect is hospitalized as a result.

The incident happened about 11:20 p.m. in the parking lot of the McDonalds restaurant on Albemarle Road at Farm Pond Lane.

According to police, two armed men confronted another man in the parking lot and tried to rob him. The would-be victim, however, pulled out a gun and shot one of the suspects in the stomach. Police say the victim then ran off.

The wounded suspect was taken by MEDIC to Carolinas Medical Center with wounds that police say are not life-threatening. Robbery detectives are investigating the case.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Colt, Arkansas

From Memphis’ of November 23, 2007
Deer Attacks Arkansas Grandfather

A deer attacked an 84-year-old man in Colt, AR on Thanksgiving Day. J.W. Mitchell has lived in Colt for a long time. It's a town of about 300, and who knows how many deer. Mitchell and the deer usually keep to themselves. That changed Thursday.

Mitchell says the deer was attacking his dog, Buddy, in the backyard. Mitchell says the seven point buck turned on him when he went outside to help. Mitchell suffered injuries to his arms and wrists, but says it could have been worse. "Yes it could have. If I hadn't of had that stick there's no telling what he would have done," says Mitchell.

Mitchell uses a walking stick made out of metal from an old swing-set. He was carrying it during the attack. A neighbor came over with a shotgun, and killed the deer.
Memphis, Tennessee

From Memphis’ of November 23, 2007
Store Video Shows Bold Robbers In Action

A violent robbery caught on tape. Cops say the bad guys were bold and were ready to shoot and kill to get what they wanted. But a store worker was able to turn the tables on the thugs. And the clerks were saved by sheer luck.

It happened at the Fast Check Convenience Store off Winchester Thursday around 9:30pm. Two robbers busted in, one got away with cash, the other took a few bullets after one clerk chased the robbers out of his store.

"One of the victims inside the store heard click click," says Lt. Darren Goods with the Memphis Police Department.

The click was the gun... jamming. Both clerks know are lucky to be alive. It lasted just a few seconds -- a few seconds that could have ended someone's life.

Lt. Goods calls them robbers with a sinister motive, "Their purpose was to take-over style robbery. Lets take any and everything we can, lets get as much money as we can. Both armed with guns. And lets get out of here as fast as we can."

What's worse say police, several customers - including young teenagers - were inside the whole time. One lady walked into the middle of it.

Police say somebody has to know these brazen robbers. The one robber hasn't been charged yet. He's still critical but stable at The MED.
Westwood, Ohio

From the Cincinnati Enquirer of November 23, 2007
Robber shot at Mexican market

A store clerk shot a robbery suspect inside a Mexican market on Glenway Avenue tonight, and police were hunting for a second suspect.

The incident happened about 8:45 p.m. when two suspects, wearing scarves over their faces, entered the Tienda y Carniceria. A woman behind the counter shouted for her husband, while trying to protect a 3-year-old child who was with her.

The male clerk scuffled with the robber and was struck in the face with a gun. Both apparently fired shots. One robber was wounded in the shoulder and was taken to University Hospital.

The second fled the store and was being hunted by police. Police said he was a heavy-set Hispanic male with a shaved head, wearing a black sweater, black jeans and white tennis shoes.
Kansas City, Missouri

From the Kansas City Star of November 23, 2007
Would-be Westport robber shot

A would-be robber remained hospitalized in critical condition this afternoon after he was shot by one of his intended victims.

The man was shot about 1:30 a.m. after he followed several people to their car in a Westport parking garage in the 4000 block of Pennsylvania Avenue.

As the people were getting into their car, the man, who had earlier asked them for money, pulled up his shirt and revealed a gun in his waistband, Kansas City police said.

One of the car’s occupants retrieved his own gun from inside the vehicle and fired.
Police later determined that the wounded man was carrying a BB gun.
Monroe County, Michigan

From of November 23, 2007
Monroe homeowner shoots intruder

An intruder was shot and wounded by a resident wielding a handgun during a home invasion that took place about 5:30 p.m. Thursday at 401 W. Sixth St., the Monroe Police Department reported.

The suspect is receiving medical care at Mercy Memorial Hospital. Lt. Charles Abel, public information officer for the city police, said the man received more than one gunshot wound and has undergone surgery as a result.

The suspect's name is not being released because he has not yet been arraigned in court. Police said a court date is pending either on his release from the hospital or - if arrangements can be made for arraignment now - while he still is at Mercy Memorial.

A call came to Central Dispatch as a home invasion in progress. While police were on the way, according to reports, the man who lives in the house was confronted by the intruder. The resident fired multiple shots with a handgun, and the intruder fled.

When police checked the neighborhood, they found the suspect wounded and lying in the roadway near W. Seventh and Smith Sts. The Monroe Fire Department ambulance service took him to the hospital.

Lt. Abel said a duffel bag also was found near the suspect, with items that possibly were stolen elsewhere.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Crestview, Florida

From the Fort Walton Beach Daily News of November 21, 2007
Suspect's case closed after owner held him at gunpoint

The state attorney's office will not pursue charges brought by Michael Joseph McCreary

An 18-year-old arrested in October for trespassing on another man’s property and breaking into his vehicles won’t get to press charges against the owner, who held him at gunpoint until lawmen arrived.

The teen, Michael Joseph McCreary, had his case closed last week by the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office.

He had approached deputies on Nov. 14 with his mother to file a complaint for aggravated assault and battery against the owner of the property on Reinke Drive — Victor E. Mikell — for using excessive force in detaining him in an Oct. 28 incident.

McCreary said Mikell hit him with the butt of a rifle, held the barrel at his head, drug him into a driveway and threatened to kill him while he waited for law enforcement to arrive.

But Mikell told investigators he had “heard shots” coming from the back of his property and went to investigate. That’s when he found McCreary and two other men fleeing after allegedly breaking into vehicles and stealing property from Mikell’s wooded land.

Mikell said he raised his rifle to his shoulder and yelled at McCreary to stop or he would shoot, and McCreary stopped.

But he soon became belligerent and acted like he might take off again, Mikell said, so he hit McCreary in the stomach with the butt of the rifle and marched him to the driveway, where he kept him face-down on the ground until lawmen arrived.

Mikell said this all took place while he was hearing gunfire from the woods on his property.

Sheriff’s deputy Jennifer Bellamy contacted assistant state attorney Bobby Elmore and gave both accounts of the incident, according to the report. But Elmore said his office would not file criminal charges against Mikell.

The case was approved closed on Nov. 15.
Memphis, Tennessee

From Memphis’ of November 21, 2007
Memphis Police: Store Owner Shoots Accused Crook

Wednesday evening, November 21, 2007, a convenience store robbery in Southeast Memphis ended in a shooting. Police say the shooting victim had just tried to rob a clerk at the store.

It happened just after 9 p.m. at the "Fast Check" on Winchester near Knight. That's just east of the airport.

Police say when two crooks tried to rob a clerk at the store, the store owner shot one of the robbers. They say the other robber is on the run.

The shooting victim was taken to The Med in critical condition.
Douglas, Arizona

From the Douglas Daily Dispatch of November 21, 2007
Domestic violence between teens erupts into gunfire

A teenaged girl fired a handgun at her boyfriend and missed early Saturday morning after she was punched, nearly strangled and held against her will.

The girl then scooped her 1–year-old daughter and fled the boyfriend’s home, police authorities said.

Both teens are 17. Their names were not released by the Douglas Police Department.

At about 1:21 a.m. Saturday the police were dispatched to a Douglas home involving violence between the two teens.

The boyfriend arrived home from work and accused his girlfriend of cheating on him, said Marcus Gonzales, the spokesman for the Douglas Police Department.

His girlfriend attempted to leave, but the boyfriend wouldn’t let her. The boyfriend then became violent and he pushed her, causing her to fall to the floor.

He then punched her and began to strangle her.

She escaped and once again tried to leave the house. The boyfriend held her against her will and struck her on the forehead with a frying pan, Gonzales said.

The boyfriend then took out a handgun from a dresser drawer, pointed it at her, then pointed it to his own head.

She knocked the gun out of his hand, grabbed it, aimed it at him, and squeezed the trigger twice. The gun, though, did not fire.

The boyfriend ran through the hallway of the house and out the front door.

The girl, fearing that he would return, squeezed the trigger and fired off a shot that went through the screen door, Gonzales said.

The girl put the gun down, grabbed her daughter, and ran out of the house, looking for help.

She spotted a Douglas police officer on 10th Street and D Avenue and flagged him down.

Police arrested the boyfriend and charged him with aggravated assault, unlawful imprisonment and three counts of endangerment.

Police also found a two-month-old baby in the house.

The boyfriend was transported to the Cochise County Jail, where he is being held on a $250,000 bond. The girl was released without charges
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

• From Shreveport’s of November 21, 2007
Police: Shooter Apparently Justified In Fatal Shooting Of 14-Year-Old Boy

Baton Rouge Police say a man they have yet to locate was apparently justified in the Wednesday morning fatal shooting of 14-year-old Da'Vonte Reed.

The teenager was shot when he allegedly attempted to rob the victim near the intersection of Charles and Mission.

His body was later dumped onto North Sherwood Drive by the driver of the car, 17-year-old Demarcus Alexander, who was wounded by the gunfire.

Sergeant Don Kelly says police have charged Alexander with first-degree murder, quote, "because he was involved in the commission of an armed robbery where someone died." He says the actual shooter is believed to have fired his weapon in self-defense and will not face any criminal charges.
Kansas City, Missouri

From the November 20, 2007 Kansas City Star:

An armed robbery victim reportedly shot at his assailant as the suspect fled tonight in Kansas City.

The robbery was reported at 7:45 p.m. at the E&J Market, 2900 E. 27th St.

The victim, who was working in the store, told police he shot at the suspect as he was escaping but was unsure whether he hit him, a dispatcher said.

Delray Beach, Florida

From the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel of November 21, 2007
Guns fired in attack on Delray coin and jewelry store

Three men and a woman were arrested Tuesday after police said they burst into a coin and jewelry store on Federal Highway and fired shots at employees.

No one was hurt and nothing was stolen, but a chase ensued that led police through three cities after the getaway car.

Brittney Hinners, 18, of Delray Beach, Blake Lauseng, 20, of Boynton Beach, and Horace Brown, 23, and Thomas Coates, 24, no addresses given, were charged with armed robbery with a firearm, said Jeff Messer, police spokesman.

It started as a ruse when a young woman entered Andrew's jewelry shop shortly after 3 p.m pretending to look at engagement rings. She managed to prop open the front door to bypass its automatic locking system as she left.

Two men with handguns then stormed into the shop and yelled, "Hey you!" At least one of the men fired four rounds at the owner and two employees, Messer said.

"When I heard the shots I thought Andrew [the owner] was just nailing something to the wall," sand Lee Pickens, owner of the Scuba Center shop next door.

The store owner reached for his gun from behind the counter and was going to return fire, Messer said, but the men fled the store, tucked in the corner of the small Mayfair Plaza in the 800 block of northbound Federal Highway. They jumped over a cream-colored stucco wall that separates the plaza from a quiet neighborhood street where the getaway car, a black Mitsubishi Galant, was waiting.

Police picked up the woman and a man thought to be the driver near the store. They pursued the two other men in a zigzagging, 16-mile car chase that finally ended a half-mile south of the Forest Hill Boulevard exit on Interstate 95 when police blew out the car's tires. One of the men tossed a gun over the median, and police recovered the other inside the car.

No one was hurt in the car chase, Messer said.

"South Florida has been hit like a plague with these violent robberies recently," he said. "Who are all these people?"

The four were being booked into the Palm Beach County Jail on Tuesday, and most of them confessed to their part in the robbery, Messer said. Brown also had a warrant and was charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, he said.

Initially police were treating the incident as an attempted murder since the men did not demand anything and instead started shooting. However, further investigation revealed that their intent was robbery, Messer said.

By 5 p.m. crime scene investigators were dusting the store's door for prints and making molds of footprints left near the wall. Meanwhile, customers and employees came out of their stores to see what the commotion was about. Most did not even hear the gunshots. When Pickens went to see what was going on she saw the owner standing outside the shop with a shotgun in hand, she said.

The Delray Beach resident said she's known the owner since she opened her shop eight years ago.

"He's a nice guy," she said. "I've always felt good about Andrew being next door because he has a gun."
Phoenix, Arizona

From the Arizona Republic of November 20, 2007
Man fatally shot after trying to forcefully enter Phoenix hotel room

A man was shot in the head and killed after trying to force his way into a Phoenix hotel room early Tuesday morning.

A father, his wife and three children were inside their hotel room at Budget Suites hotel near Interstates 101 and 17, when an armed man attempted to enter around 1:45 a.m. Tuesday, said Lt. Pat Tortorici of the Phoenix Police Department.

Police said that the two men knew each other.

The armed man initially got into a fight with the man inside the hotel room as he attempted to enter.

The armed man then cut the man's hand. While trying to get into the room, the armed man pulled out a gun, Tortorici said. But the man in the hotel room was quicker and shot the intruder in the head.

He died at the scene, Tortorici said.

No one else was injured.

The man and his family were taken to police headquarters for questioning.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Indio, California

From November 20, 2007 CBS channel 2 Los Angeles:
(CBS) INDIO, Calif. An Indio man disarmed and fatally shot a would-be intruder early Tuesday during a struggle that left the resident with a gunshot wound in his foot, authorities said.

Police sent to a home on Hamilton Court in the Indian Palms Country Club at 1:30 a.m. found the body of 31-year-old Genaro Chavez Munoz lying partially in the front window of the residence, according to Ben Guitron with Indio police.

The preliminary investigation indicated that the homeowner was awakened by the sounds of someone trying to enter his home through the front window, according to Guitron.

"The homeowner managed to disarm the intruder and shot him several times, killing him in the process," Guitron said. Police believe there may have been other suspects outside the residence who ran away after the shooting, he said.

The homeowner, whose name was not being released, was taken to John F. Kennedy Hospital.

Guitron said no charges would be filed against him at this time, but that the investigation was ongoing.
Indianapolis, Indiana

From the Indianapolis Star of November 20, 2007
Security guard kills man in vacant building

Police this morning identified the private security guard who shot and killed a suspected intruder in an empty Eastside apartment Monday as a 22-year-old from Greenfield.

Nicholas B. House, who works for Trinity Security, told police he thought the man had a gun. The deceased had not been positively identified this morning, but the Marion County coroner's office suspects he might be a 30-year-old from Centerville, Ill. House, according to police, was patrolling the Spanish Oaks apartment complex in the 10300 block of Governours Lane when he noticed an open door to a vacant apartment shortly before 9 p.m. Monday.

House went inside, identified himself and encountered two men in a bedroom. Believing one man had a gun, police said House fired his handgun.

One man collapsed from the gunshot to the chest, police said. The other man ran. Police think others may have fled the apartment.

Sgt. Paul Thompson said House was not an off-duty police officer. House could not give a description of the man who ran.

Police have not yet said if they recovered a gun from the dead man.
Dallas, Texas

From MyFox Dallas of November 19, 2007
Dallas Homeowner Shoots Home Invasion Suspect

A man was shot early Tuesday morning after he attempted to break into a Dallas home.

Police said a 76-year-old homeowner heard his dogs barking at around 3 a.m. at his home in the 3700 block of Fordham. He opened the front door and found a suspect prowling around the front yard.

When the door opened, the 28-year-old suspect ran inside. The two began fighting, and the homeowner managed to get a shotgun from under the bed.

He fired one shot, and the suspect was struck in the hand, shoulder and face.

Police arrived, and he was transported to Baylor Hospital. He was listed in serious but stable condition.

The homeowner suffered several blows to the face, but did not need medical attention.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Yakima, Washington

From the Yakima Herald Republic of November 19, 2007
Homeowner shoots suspect taking weapon from house

A teenager was shot in the arm this morning by a Yakima resident who returned home to find his West Valley home being burglarized by two juveniles who were stealing weapons from the house, Yakima police said.

The homeowner was returning home about 10:30 a.m. when he saw a brown Honda Accord he didn't recognize parked in the driveway. Inside, the man saw two teenagers, one of them carrying his rifle.

Police said the homeowner opened fire with a .45 caliber handgun that he was carrying, injuring one of the burglary suspects. It was unclear whether the rifle was pointed at the man, but police said he was defending himself when he opened fire.

The wounded teenager was taken to a Yakima hospital, where his condition was not immediately available. However, police said the gunshot was not life-threatening. The other suspect was arrested by police at the house.

The incident occurred in the 2200 block of South 64th Avenue.
Augusta, Georgia

From Augusta’s of November 19, 2007
Homeowner sends burglars to hospital

Investigators say two armed burglars invaded a home Friday night around 8:30pm on the 3000-block of Tate Rd.

A struggle occurred between the homeowner and one of the men. The homeowner was shot in the arm, but was able to get the gun away from the burglars to shoot back.

The two burglars drove themselves to the hospital where they were arrested.

The two men have been identified as Montrelle Teasley and Marcus Turner. Both will be charged with armed robbery, burglary, aggravated assault, and possession of a firearm during a crime.

Teasley is a juvenile, but will be charged as an adult.
Hialeah, Florida

From Miami’s of November 19, 2007
Security Guard Fights Back During Robbery

Guard Kicks Gun From Man's Hand, Chases Attempted Robbers Away

A security guard fought back during an attempted robbery at a Hialeah cafeteria early Monday morning.

Around 3 a.m., two men -- one of them armed and wearing a mask -- approached El Palacio de los Jugos, located at 2393 W. 78th St., police said.

One of the men pulled a gun on the security guard, who was sitting on a chair in the parking lot. Surveillance videos shows the guard kick the gun out of the man's hand and draw his own gun. The guard can then be seen firing two shots as the men ran away.

The guard was not injured and it didn't appear either man was shot.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Riverside, Texas

From the November 17, 2007 Huntsville (Tex.) Item:
The Walker County Sheriff’s Department has released the name of a man who was shot and killed by another man in Riverside Tuesday night.

Jerry Wayne Bratton, a 40-year-old white male from Crockett, was killed just before 8 p.m. when another man — whose name county officials are not releasing — shot him in front of the Valero store off state Highway 19, just over the Trinity River bridge.

Lt. Charlie Perkins with the Walker County Sheriff’s Department said that when police responded to the scene they found Bratton lying on the ground with one gunshot wound to the torso.

“There was some altercation between the victim and the suspect and the victim was shot,” Perkins said Friday.

Walker County Criminal District Attorney David Weeks said his office had been brought into the investigation early to determine if the suspect shot Bratton in self-defense.

“There are certainly some elements of self-defense that we’re going to present in detail to the grand jury,” Weeks said. “There was enough evidence there that I thought there were no felony charges appropriate at this point.”

No charges have been brought against the subject, Perkins said, and that Sheriff’s Department officials are still working the investigation.
Dayton, Ohio

From Dayton’s of November 18, 2007
Man Tries To Break-In Home, Gets Shot

A Dayton homeowner shot a suspected burglar Saturday morning.

Police responded to the 4000 block of Pleasantview early Saturday morning.

Police said a man tried kicking in the back door of the home and that is when the homeowner shot him.

The burglar was taken to Miami Valley Hospital and is in critical condition

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Allentown, Pennsylvania

From Harrisburg’s of November 17, 2007
Police searching for robber in fatal Allentown holdup

Allentown police are searching for an unidentified male robber after a botched robbery at a center city mini-market Friday night left one of the robbers dead and two of the store's workers hospitalized.

At 6:29 p.m., Jonathan D. Fernandez and an unknown man entered the Allen Mini Market at 601 N. Ninth St. and attempted to rob the store at gunpoint and knifepoint, Assistant Police Chief Ron Manescu said tonight.

The married store owners, Catalino Bautista, 44, and Eneyda Ponce, 46, were working in the store with Ponce's 27-year-old son, Wilson Cabrera, Manescu said. During the robbery attempt, Bautista was shot in the chest and Cabrera was stabbed in the chest. Manescu declined to specify exactly when they were injured.

"Even though they were injured, they began to fight back," Manescu said, noting this caused the robber wielding the knife to flee the store.

Bautista, Cabrera and Ponce tackled Fernandez, 30, of the 600 block of Tilghman Street in the city, and a "violent struggle ensued," he said.

During the struggle, Fernandez was fatally shot but police did not specify who shot him and whether it was with his own gun.

"I'm not going to get into any other details," Manescu said. "We have a lot of people to talk to, and we have to get some facts straightened out. All we can say is he received his injuries during the struggle until we get further in our investigation."

Bautista is in critical condition at Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest. Cabrera is listed in serious condition, Manescu said. Ponce suffered minor injuries in the struggle but was not hospitalized.

Police are also looking for two customers who fled the store at the time of the robbery.

Lehigh County Coroner Scott Grim pronounced Fernandez dead at 7:25 p.m. Friday at the store. An autopsy Saturday determined he died from gunshot wounds to the body, Grim said.
Tarboro, North Carolina

From the Rocky Mount Telegram of November 17, 2007
Shootout at store kills clerk

Edgecombe County authorities arrested three teenagers in connection with a string of crimes at a Princeville convenience store that ultimately led to a shootout and the store owner's murder Thursday night.

One teen, who was wounded in the shootout, was charged with the man's murder; another was charged with having the gun purportedly used in the shooting; and a third was charged with burglarizing the store twice in the last month, authorities charge.

"These gentlemen are tied together," Edgecombe County Sheriff James Knight said. "But how the whole puzzle fits together, we don't know yet."

Ahmad M. Nimer, 61, owner of Wings N Things on N.C. 33, was shot and killed Thursday night during an apparent robbery attempt at the store, Knight said.

The store, which was previously called Exum's Grocery, recently reopened under the new name, the sheriff said.

"Gunfire was exchanged in the business, and (one of the suspects) has a bullet wound in his shoulder," Knight said.

William Earl Allen Jr., 18, of Tarboro was taken to Heritage Hospital for treatment. He is charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of Nimer, and he's being held under no bond.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

From Pittsburgh’s of November 17, 2007
Brookline Man Fights Burglar During Home Invasion

A Brookline homeowner turned the tables on a would-be burglar who broke into his home.

Dorjian Anderson, 31, and a single father of seven, says 23-year-old Christopher DePaolo kicked open his door. When the suspect got to the top of his steps, he and Anderson got into a fight.

Eventually Anderson grabbed some extension cords and hog-tied him. He and a friend held DePaolo at gunpoint until police arrived.

DePaolo was treated at UPMC South Side for a fractured right arm before he was taken to the Allegheny County Jail. He faces burglary, assault and criminal mischief charges.

Anderson said he had the opportunity to shoot DePaolo, but didn't because he saw him before in the neighborhood.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Waynesville, Missouri

From the Waynesville Daily Guide of November 16, 2007
Disabled man pulls gun, ends violent armed robbery spree

A disabled man defending himself with a firearm from people trying to break into his trailer appears to have stopped a crime spree early Thursday morning that several hours earlier sent two motel occupants to a Springfield hospital with head injuries.

According to Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department logs, at 3:34 a.m., deputies received a report that two men had kicked in the door of a room at the Fort Wood Inn at the Buckhorn exit of Interstate 44 and attacked those in the room with a baseball bat.

“They severely beat two individuals; one was immediately helicoptered to Springfield and the other was later flown to Springfield,” said Sheriff J.B. King, who due to the extent of the victims’ injuries didn’t have their names or many details of the incident.

The injuries were predominantly blunt force trauma and lacerations to the head, King said. The medical condition of the victims wasn’t immediately available but presumed to be serious.

“The deputy said he was worried about them, and that tells me about all I need to know,” King said.

After the deputy finished investigating the Fort Wood Inn incident, the sheriff’s office received a call from a man and his wife on Reporter Road who told deputies that they had caught a juvenile breaking into their mobile home about a mile north of Waynesville and were holding him at gunpoint. They said another man who had tried to break into their home had already fled.

King said the couple told him they were confronted in their home about 6 a.m. by a man in his 30s and a 16-year-old male. The older intruder pulled a handgun, but apparently didn’t anticipate that his intended victim — a disabled man in his 40s who takes medication for serious back pain — might not be an easy target.

“The homeowner pulled his weapon and the suspect fled,” King said. “The suspect had a pellet gun; the homeowner had a real gun.”

The deputy left the Fort Wood Inn and headed toward the Reporter Road address, but while driving on Highway T on his way to Reporter Road, at 6:09 a.m., he saw a small silver passenger car matching the description of a car that had fled the Fort Wood Inn.

“My deputy made a split-second decision to pursue the suspect vehicle on Highway T,” King said. “He made a snap decision in a critical incident and it will bear major fruit.”

The sheriff’s department had only one deputy on duty in the early morning hours, so sheriff’s dispatchers called Waynesville police to assist with securing the juvenile being held at gunpoint by the homeowner; King responded from his home, took custody of the juvenile from Waynesville police, and transported him to the county jail where he awaits filing of charges.

King said the homeowner showed him a baseball bat left by the juvenile in the living room of the trailer on Reporter Road; the deputy found a pellet gun after stopping the car on Highway T, along with a laptop computer believed to have been stolen from the Fort Wood Inn.

Clinton Township, Michigan

From of November 16, 2007
Store Clerk Shoots Alleged Robber

It happened around 7:30 p.m. at Nick's Short Stop party store in Clinton Township located at Cass Road and Romeo Plank

The 17-year-old clerk said he was protecting his brother who was being held up by a knife.

"I just want people to understand we are the victims and I hope he is OK," store owner John Acho said.

Acho said he wants to make sure people know his nephew was acting in self-defense.

Police said the robber had a knife.

"I hope he is OK, but he had no right to come in here and rob the store and try to hurt people," said Acho.

Police said the clerk fired several shots at the 22-year-old robber, hitting him once in the chest and once in the arm.

The robber is hospitalized in grave condition, according to officials.

This is the second robbery of the store since Acho purchased it a month ago.

The Macomb County prosecutor office will decide whether charges will be filed against the clerk.
Bedford Heights, Ohio

From the Mansfield News Journal of November 16, 2007
Store owner shoots suspect during robbery attempt

A suspect entered the Northfield Food Mart around 7:15pm Thursday evening attempting to rob the store owner.

In defense, the store owner pulled out a weapon and shot the suspect.

The injured suspect attempted to exit the store and was quickly apprehended.

Police are in early stages of their investigation.

The Food Mart crime scene has been blocked off. An area of the nearby Rite Aid parking lot has also been blocked off while police continue searching for and sorting through evidence.

There are a handful of witnesses who police are speaking with as well.

The suspect was taken to Bedford Hospital and then lifeflighted to MetroHealth Medical Center.

There is no word on his condition, however, there are reports that he may have been shot in the head.
From Cleveland’s of November 21, 2007
Surveillance Video Shows Storeowner Shooting Robber

Suspect Charged With Aggravated Robbery

Surveillance video showing the struggle between a Bedford Heights store owner and an alleged robber was released on Tuesday.

Prosecutors will not charge Mushtaq Ahmed, the owner of Northfield Food Mart, for shooting a man who allegedly held him at gunpoint last week.

Police arrested 27-year-old Roddy Prophet, of Maple Heights, in connection with the robbery.

Prophet was in court Tuesday morning and was charged with aggravated robbery. His bond was set at $100,000.

Police said Prophet used a toy gun in the heist.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Havertown, Pennsylvania

From Philadelphia’s of November 15, 2007
Mother Turns Tables On Carjackers

Police Investigate Carjacking On Suburban Road

Police said Wednesday a mother wrestled away a gun from a carjacker who tried to take her car with her 7-year-old daughter inside.

Chopper 10 was over the scene at Bellfield Avenue and Route 1, where police were using metal detectors and a search dog.

Bellfield Avenue was shut down for the investigation. Firefighters arrived with lights so police could continue the investigation.

Police said the 37-year-old woman was leaving work at the Sunny Days Early Child Development Services facility on Township Line when she said she was approached by two men who got out of a black Jeep. After a brief conversation, one pointed a gun at her and demanded her SUV.

Police said the woman pleaded with the gunmen to allow her to retrieve her 7-year-old daughter out of the backseat. As she helped the child out, she grabbed the gun from the carjacker's lap. The woman then began to back away, with the gunmen following in an attempt to retrieve the gun.

Police said the gun went off in the struggle.

While neither the mother nor daughter were injured, it was unknown if their attackers were hurt. The gunmen got the weapon back, and one jumped into the victim's SUV and drove up Belfield Avenue, while the other was picked up around the corner on Township Line in the black Jeep they had pulled up in, NBC 10 News reported.

Police said they were looking for at least three men, their black Jeep, and the victim's 2007 White Over Black Toyota FJ Cruiser.
Cleburne, Texas

From the Cleburne Times-Review of November 15, 2007
Man shot Wednesday in scuffle over son

Seventeen-year-old charged with felony firearm possession

A 20-year-old Fort Worth man was shot in the chest Wednesday night while attempting to take his 15-month-old son from a residence in Burleson after a fight with another Fort Worth man, according the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office.

Ashton Lamar Miles Brown, 17, is accused of shooting Damarcus King, who was transferred to John Peter Smith Hospital. Brown was arrested on a charge of a felon in possession of a firearm. Details on King’s condition were not available.

According to reports, King, the father of the child, had sent threatening messages to the mother. King said he would harm the mother and grandmother and then take the child from the East Renfro Street home.

Brown was inside the residence with the mother and child when King arrived at the home. When King entered the residence, a fight began between the two men. At 6-3 and 200 pounds, King is three years older, six inches taller and 50 pounds heavier than Brown.

During the fight, Brown fired a shot from a 9 mm handgun, which struck King in the chest. The shot entered and exited King’s chest cavity area.

Despite the wound, the fight continued while King and Brown stumbled over a love seat. King went out the front door and collapsed in the front yard, where he remained until paramedics arrived for treatment.

Both men have prior arrest records.

Although the case is under investigation, reports indicate that the new Castle Doctrine Law may apply. The law, also known as the Defense of Habitation Law, gives people the legal right to use deadly force when defending their residence from an illegal trespasser.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pasadena, Texas

From Austin’s of November 14, 2007
Two suspected burglars in Pasadena fatally shot

Pasadena police say an elderly man today shot and killed two men he believed were burglarizing his neighbor's house.

Captain "Bud" Corbett says the man heard noises he thought sounded like broken glass and determined the commotion was happening next door.

The man called police and then saw two men coming through a gate in the backyard of the neighbor's house.

Corbett says the elderly man had a shotgun and confronted the pair -- told them to stop -- and shot them when they refused.

One person was found dead about two houses away. The other was found dead across the street.

Police were interviewing the elderly man.
From the Houston Chronicle of November 15, 2007
Shooting of theft suspects may test self-defense law

In a case legal experts say may "stretch the limits" of the state's self-defense laws, a Pasadena man shot and killed two suspected burglars during a confrontation as they attempted to flee his neighbor's property Wednesday afternoon.

Police said the neighbor, whose name was withheld Wednesday, appeared calm as he retraced his steps for police.

"He was well composed and knew what he was doing," Mitchell said. "He was protecting the neighbor's property."

It will be up to a Harris County grand jury to decide if the man committed a crime by opening fire, police said.

Wednesday's shooting "clearly is going to stretch the limits of the self-defense law," said defense attorney Tommy LaFon, who is also a former Harris County prosecutor.

If the absent homeowner tells police that he asked his neighbor to watch over his property, that could play in his favor, LaFon said.

"If the homeowner comes out and says, 'My neighbor had a greater right of possession than the people trying to break in,' that could put him (the gunman) in an ownership role," LaFon said.

The Texas Penal Code says a person can use force or deadly force to defend someone else's property if he reasonably believes he has a legal duty to do so or the property owner had requested his protection.

The neighbor, however, would have been on much safer legal ground if he had been trying to protect his own property, LaFon said.

Hessville, Indiana

From Chicago’s of November 14, 2007
Police: Woman Shoots Stalker To Death After Break-In

Woman Endured Many Incidents With Stalker, Police Said

An accused stalker was shot to death Monday night by the object of his obsession after he broke into her Hessville home, police told the Northwest Indiana Times.

Hammond resident Ryan Lee Bergner, 41, was pronounced dead from gunshot wounds to his abdomen shortly after 10:30 p.m. at a local hospital.

According to the Times, Bergner went on a date with the 51-year-old woman last June, and his behavior became obsessive, offensive and violent then on [sic].

On Monday night, the woman was watching television in her living room when she said she heard Bergner break a bathroom window near her back door and called 911.

A friend had given the woman a pistol for protection earlier in the day.

After the 911 operator told her to lock herself in her bedroom until police could come, she ran upstairs to do so and retrieved the gun.

This was the second time in recent days that Bergner broke into her home, breaking a back window, destroying a clock radio, and stealing several of her undergarments over the weekend.

Police records show Bergner also had tried to kick in the woman's front door a week before that, and also accosted her at her job and being ejected from the business by her co-workers.

He also was suspected of slashing her Jeep's tires on at least two occasions, police records show.

"This isn't over yet," Bergner told the woman on Nov. 3, according to police reports.

Hiding in her closet on Monday night, the woman said she heard Bergner enter the bedroom, then watched as he opened the closet door.

She said she told him to stop, but he kept coming. She fired the gun three times.

She said he then proceeded to choke her violently before collapsing to the floor.

"I was shaking so bad, I didn't think I'd hit him," the woman recalled Tuesday afternoon. "He just kept coming… I didn't want it to end this way."

Bergner had not been charged over any of the half-dozen previous complaints made against him.

"We only went out on that one date," the woman told the Times on Tuesday. "I got a look at his temper, and realized I didn't want anything to do with him. But he wouldn't take no for an answer."

From NBC5 of January 10, 2008
911 Tape Captures Horror Before Fatal Shooting

Police in Northwest Indiana have released the audio tape of an emergency call for help.

A woman was reportedly watching TV when she heard a window breaking in her home and called 911.

She then hid in a closet, armed with a gun.

The tape captures the woman struggling with a man, repeatedly saying, "Stop it. Stop it."

The woman eventually shot and killed the intruder. Police said she will not face charges, because she acted in self defense.
Click here to listen to all of the chilling 911 call
Memphis, Tennessee

From the Commercial Appeal of November 13, 2007
Robbery suspect shot, killed at car wash

A robbery suspect was shot and killed in South Memphis tonight.

According to Memphis police, multiple suspects attempted to rob the After Hours car wash at 770 Polk near Crump just before 7 p.m.

A person inside the store had a gun. He fired, hitting one of the suspects and killing him, police said.

Police were still investigating the incident late tonight, and were uncertain if any charges would be filed against the shooter.

The victim’s identity had not been established.
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

From the Tuscaloosa News of November 14, 2007
Three arrests made in botched burglary attempt

Three men were arrested by police Monday night shortly after a botched burglary attempt.

According to a Tuscaloosa Police Department news release, Aaron Phelps, 23, Rhett Phelps, 19, and Jeremy Porter, 20, were arrested on first- degree burglary charges. Police say they tried to burglarize a residence in the 3400 block of Second Street Northeast about 8:15 p.m. Monday.

Police said the resident was watching TV when he heard a knock at his front door. When he opened the door to see if anyone was outside, he saw a man armed with a shotgun and wearing a Confederate flag bandana over his face.

The resident slammed the door and ran into the kitchen, police said. But he was caught by the man with the shotgun, who had forced his way in through the front door, and another man.

Police said the burglars held a shotgun to the resident's head and demanded money, but the resident pushed the shotgun aside and began fighting with the burglars.

At some point during the fight, the resident grabbed the barrel of the shotgun while the intruder was still holding the other end, stepped outside his home and yelled for help.

While wrestling over the shotgun outside, the assailant pulled the trigger, but the shot missed the resident.

The resident managed to pull the shotgun from the assailant's hands and both intruders fled into the woods nearby. Police said a third person joined the pair as they fled. The investigation led officials to the three, who were taken into custody and confessed, police said. Bail was set at $25,000 each. The resident suffered minor injuries.
Dallas, Texas

From WFAA of November 14, 2007
Intruder shot in North Dallas

Dallas police are investigating the shooting of a home invasion suspect late Tuesday night.

Investigators said the man broke into an apartment in the 9700 block of Forest Lane around 11:30 p.m. A man in the apartment shot the intruder, according to police.

Police were questioning three witnesses early Wednesday and they believe the shooter was one of the three.

The intruder was on life support at a local hospital Wednesday.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Las Vegas, Nevada

From Las Vegas’ of November 13, 2007
Man shot, killed attempting to carjack security guard

A suspect is dead after messing with the wrong person Tuesday morning. North Las Vegas Police say a man tried to carjack a security guard at about 6 in the morning near Gowan and I-15.

The intended victim and the suspect got into a shootout. The security guard was taken to the hospital with a minor wound. The suspect was taken to UMC where he later died.

Police say the security guard may not face any charges, because it appears he was acting in self defense.
Bakersfield, California

From the Bakersfield Californian of November 7, 2007
Store clerk shoots man wielding knife

A liquor store employee shot a 27-year-old man Wednesday night after the man attacked the clerk with a knife.

At about 8 p.m., Daniel Perez had entered AA Liquors at 1305 Niles St. and asked a clerk and his wife to kill him, according to a news release by the Bakersfield Police Department.

Perez pulled out a knife and hit the male clerk on the left thumb, according to police. The cut was minor.

The clerk took out a gun and shot the suspect in the right arm.

Perez then went to a cooler, stole a beer and exited the store, police said.

Officers arrived and ordered the suspect to lie down, according to the news release.

Perez did not listen and was arrested after a police dog dragged him down, according to the news release. The suspect hit the dog several times with the beer bottle.

Perez was taken to Kern Medical center with a gunshot wound to his right arm that had entered his chest. The wound was non-life threatening, police said.

Monday, November 12, 2007

St. Francisville, Louisiana

From Lafayette’s of November 12, 2007
Woman shot in the chest after attacking another with cleaver

A cleaver-wielding ex-girlfriend was shot in the chest early this morning at her former boyfriend's home in West Feliciana Parish.

Kimberly Davis was brought to a nearby hospital after she was shot in the chest around 1 a.m. She underwent surgery but her condition was not immediately available. Authorities say Davis will face charges of attempted second-degree murder upon her release.

West Feliciana Parish sheriff's officials say Davis kicked in the door of her former boyfriend's trailer. Investigators say he was in the bedroom with his new girlfriend when Davis, carrying a meat cleaver, stormed into the room. The new girlfriend was cut with the cleaver and then she reportedly pulled out a pistol and shot Davis in the chest.

Captain Spence Dilworth says the pistol used to shoot Davis was a .22 caliber. The sheriff's office say the shooter will NOT be charged.
Kalispell, Montana

From of November 12, 2007
Hunter recovering from mountain lion attack

The state wildlife agency says a hunter is recovering from a weekend attack by a mountain lion, southeast of Kalispell.

The Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks says the hunter was on a trail yesterday when he heard a growl, turned and saw the lion 10 to 15 feet away. The man dropped his rifle and sought protection behind a tree, but the lion pounced on his back and knocked him into the tree. The man was able to grab his pistol, fired a shot and the mountain lion fled.

The hunter, whose name was withheld, received medical attention at a hospital and was released.
Cincinnati, Ohio

From the Cincinnati Enquirer of November 12, 2007
Market owner shoots at gunman

The owner of NM Minimart, 823 Elm St., fired at a gunman who robbed the store this morning, Cincinnati police said.

Cincinnati Police Lt. Mark Briede said a man entered the store about 11:30 a.m., implied he had a gun and robbed the store of cash.

The owner followed the man outside onto Ninth Street and fired at him.

"Officers in the area actually heard the shots,'' Briede said.

Briede said there is a school across the street from the market and lots of people were walking in the neighborhood.

"I think we are very fortunate that no one was hit that we are aware of,'' Briede said.

Police were interviewing the store owner and searching for the robbery suspect.
Knox County, Tennessee

From Knoxville’s of November 12, 2007
Knox Co. homeowner fights back, shoots would-be burglar

A homeowner in south Knox County stopped a home invasion robbery by shooting a would-be burglar.

Deputies with the Knox County Sheriff's Office say just before midnight Sunday, a pair of men kicked in the door of an elderly couple's home on Chestnut Street.

The homeowner opened fire, wounding one of the robbers. The pair then fled without taking anything from the home.

The wounded suspect turned up a few minutes later outside UT Medical Center. The other suspect apparently dropped off their partner and then fled.

Deputies are still searching for the second suspect. The sheriff's office has yet to release a description of that suspect.

It isn't clear if the homeowner was injured in the incident.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Indianapolis, Indiana

From of November 11, 2007
Employees, Customer Tangle With Armed Robber

AutoZone Employees Wrestle Armed Man In Struggle

An armed robber was hospitalized after three would-be victims decided to fight back, Indianapolis Metro police said.

Investigators said while they would not recommend what two employees and one customer of an Indianapolis AutoZone store did, they called the actions very brave, 6News' Tanya Spencer reported.

Police said the employees who were working Sunday morning got suspicious as soon as Michael Jones, 41, walked in to the store, in the 6100 block of East 46th Street, on the city's northeast side.

"He was wearing a black hat and a hoodie, so the employees got kind of suspicious when he walked in dressed the way he was," said IMPD Detective Leon Benjamin.

Police said Jones pretended to shop, waiting for all customers to leave, then went to the counter and asked how much brake pads would cost for an older-model Cadillac.

"The clerk … turned around to check the pricing on the computer. When he turned back around, the suspect had a gun pointed directly at his head," Benjamin said.

The clerk then made a split-second, what some would call crazy decision, grabbing the gun and wrestling with the attacker.

A second employee jumped in to help, fighting the attacker out the door of the business and to the ground.

"When they fell to the ground, the gun was knocked loose from the suspect," Benjamin said.

The only customer in the store at the time grabbed the gun and called police, and the two employees held the man down until police arrived.

Police said the second employee only has one arm.

"His other arm is actually a hook, and he was able to use that hook … as a weapon in subduing the suspect," Benjamin said.

Police normally suggest victims do what a robber said. In this case, the clerk's reaction paid off.

Police said Jones had previously been incarcerated twice in robbery cases, and that he told a detective that he owed some money and needed quick cash.

Jones and the first employee during the struggle were taken to hospitals to be treated for cuts and abrasions but neither was seriously hurt.
Youngstown, Florida

From the Panama City News Herald of November 11, 2007
Angry hog meets fate on Youngstown property

A Youngstown man with a .22 rifle was the last line of defense between his family and an angry porker.

The 300-pound swine terrorized a home along County 2301 on Saturday morning, but ultimately, the hog was killed and taken away to become bacon, ribs and other meats.

“It charged my mom. She was getting very upset,” said the 47-year-old who shot the hog. The man’s name is being withheld at the family’s request because of fear of retribution. “It even came after me one time and nipped me on the leg.”

Officials with the Bay County Sheriff’s Office said the family contacted their neighbors to see if the hog belonged to anyone, but no one claimed the curly-tailed creature.

After the family called for help, two officers from Bay County Animal Control arrived, but they could not catch the hog either.

“We chased the pig all over the place,” the man said. “The pig was street-wise.”

The animal control officers then called for backup, and an unnamed Bay County Sheriff’s deputy showed up. But the pig eluded him, too.

“Two animal control officers were able to get a noose around the animal but could not hold onto it,” said Sgt. John Sumerall of the Bay County Sheriff’s Office. “Three hundred pounds of pig will pull you pretty good.”

The officers told the deputy to shoot the hog, but the deputy refused, Sumerall said. The officers then requested the deputy contact Sumerall, who concurred with the deputy’s decision.

“We’re not shooting an animal that is not a threat to anyone,” Sumerall said.

However, Sumerall told the officials the homeowner could shoot the pig. Homeowners have a right to safely kill game on their property, and hogs always are in season, Sumerall said.

“When an animal is being aggressive and going after people and we’re not able to catch it, the complainant is allowed to protect themselves and their property,” said Debbie Evernham, interim manager of Bay County Animal Control. Sumerall added the shooting was acceptable because it did not take place in city limits, and the shooter was clear of other houses and traffic. “The property owner went inside, found a rifle and shot the pig in the head, I guess,” Summerall said. The Youngstown man said he never has killed an animal before and did not want to do it. “I don’t like killing nothing,” he said. Animal control officials had the hog harvested later Saturday.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Miami, Florida

From the Miami Herald of November 10, 2007
Boy, 15, shot dead during burglary in North Miami

A 15-year-old boy died from a gunshot wound early Saturday morning after he and another suspect tried to burglarize a home in North Miami, police said.

The owner of the home, described as a business, apparently confronted the two burglary suspects after they were spotted on the property.

Details of the shooting were unclear, but police arrived to find the boy lying in front of the residence with a gunshot wound.

Police notified emergency rescue workers, who were unable to save the teen, according to a statement released by the North Miami Police Department.

The dead teen was identified as Paul-Marc Petit.

The other suspect, who was not identified by North Miami police, was apprehended and charged with felony murder, burglary and theft.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Springfield, Massachusetts

From the November 9, 2007 Springfield Republican:
Police said they followed a trail of blood to capture a city man who was shot by a convenience store clerk during a botched robbery attempt yesterday morning.

The clerk had been pistol-whipped during the crime, and had a cut to his head, said Detective Bureau Capt. Robert T. McFarlin. The clerk, a 44-year-old native of Iraq, will not be charged, he said.

As described by police, two males entered Wheeler's convenience store at 597 Dickinson St. around 11:20 a.m. One had a stun gun and the other a semi-automatic handgun. A struggle ensued, and the clerk took the handgun and shot one of the suspects in the leg.

Police followed the blood and found Abraham Ramos, 20, of 227 White St., in a garage at 146 Draper St., McFarlin said. He was taken to Baystate Medical Center where he was being treated for a gunshot wound to the leg.