Sunday, June 29, 2008

Virginia: Police: Beach pizza parlor worker kills would-be robber

Virginia Beach, Virginia

From WVEC of June 29, 2008
Police: Beach pizza parlor worker kills would-be robber

Police say an attempted robbery at pizza parlor ended when a store employee shot and killed the alleged thief.

Workers at Dominick's Pizza and Pasta in the Timber Lake shopping center on Holland Road tell 13News a masked man came in through a back entrance, brandishing a gun and demanding cash.

Police say the shooting happened around 10pm Saturday.

According to employees, a worker opened the safe, taking a loaded revolver out instead of money.

The worker reportedly returned to where the alleged thief was and opened fire.

Police say workers called 9-1-1 at 10:08.

By the time officers arrived the masked man was already dead.

Police have not identified the suspect, and have not said if any charges will be filed against the employee.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

South Dakota: No charges filed in shooting case

Moody County, South Dakota

From the Moody County Enterprise of June 25, 2008
No charges filed in shooting case

The decision has been made by the Moody County State’s Attorney not to file charges against Matthew Heinricy in connection with the death of Jason Clough on May 25, 2008 outside a rural Colman Residence.

The facts of the case indicate a justifiable homicide as defined by State law, SDCL 22-16-34. The Moody County Grand Jury has also investigated the case and taken testimony and has decided not to issue any indictments in connection with the incident.

Jason Clough had attempted unsuccessfully to force his way into the Heinricy home on May 25. From outside the house, he fired his shotgun twice at a door, once through the kitchen window at occupants of the house and had raised his shotgun at another window when Heinricy fired back from inside the house, killing Clough instantly.

State law provides that homicide is justifiable if committed while resisting an attempt to commit murder, or, in other words, in defending oneself, or, when necessary to save his own life or others’ lives, or avoid great bodily harm when attacked in his own home.

Pennsylvania: Game Commission deems a black bear shooting justified

South Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

From the Pittsburg Tribune-Review of June 27, 2008
Game Commission deems a black bear shooting justified

A South Huntingdon man was within his legal rights when he shot a black bear on his property Tuesday evening, according to a representative of the state Game Commission.

Rod Ansell, a wildlife conservation officer with the commission's southwest region office, said Thursday that the shooting in the Turkeytown area was justified.

The bear was trying to get to a deer the man keeps penned on his property, Ansell said. The shooter's name was not released.

Bears have been spotted in Jeannette, Hempfield, North Huntingdon and other areas this spring and summer, Ansell said.

He said the commission and area police departments advise people who see a bear on or near their property to make sure their garbage cans are tightly closed, to take in their pets' food bowls and to remove bird feeders.

"And the bear will go on about its business," Ansell said.

The bear sightings tend to be of young males who have been kicked out by their mothers and who are trying to establish their own territory.

Their noses, and sense of smell, "are exceptional," Ansell said.

Anyone spotting a bear should report it to the game commission, he said.

But unless a bear becomes a problem and causes damage, he said, setting a trap may not be beneficial because it's difficult to predict its return.

"It's like hunting a needle in a haystack ," he said.

"Lots of times people really like the bears," he added.

Ansell said he received several calls about the shooting, and some people were concerned about a sow and cub also reported to be in the area.

"That gentleman called me right away," Ansell said of the property owner. "He did it (shooting) very reluctantly."

"If he had been in violation, I'd have issued him a citation," Ansell said.

The commission took custody of the bear, as is mandatory in cases of property protection, he said.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Minnesota: Shot-at meth addict is sentenced for St. Paul burglary

St. Paul, Minnesota

From the Star Tribune of June 27, 2008
Shot-at meth addict is sentenced for St. Paul burglary

As he stood awaiting sentencing Friday in Ramsey County District Court, Michael G. Spencer had become more than just a methamphetamine addict convicted of burglary.

District Judge Michael Monahan told Spencer that he now was a poster boy for this week's U.S. Supreme Court ruling saying Americans had a right to own guns for self-defense.

Spencer, who was sentenced to 34 months in prison, was arrested in April after he broke into a St. Paul home but then was subdued by a homeowner armed with a gun. The homeowner fired at him, and, although the bullet missed, Spencer, 31, feigned unconsciousness until police arrived, court records show.

His attorney told the judge that Spencer had been a drug user for 14 years and that he was hopeful he could get treatment to turn his life around.

Said Spencer of the incident, "I'm sorry ... I really don't know what happened."

California: Homeowner justified in shooting drunken man, S.B. County district attorney's office finds

San Bernardino, California

From the Press-Enterprise of June 26, 2008
Homeowner justified in shooting drunken man, S.B. County district attorney's office finds

A 53-year-old San Bernardino homeowner, fearful that he was dealing with a dangerous burglar, was legally justified in killing a drunken man during a 3 a.m. confrontation on the homeowner's front walkway, prosecutors said Thursday.

The finding of justifiable homicide means that no criminal charges will be filed against Brad Nielsen for the June 15 slaying of Joshua Munoz, 23, in the Devil Canyon area of northwest San Bernardino.

Munoz died of a single gunshot wound to the chest. Nielsen wasn't arrested.

"He believed that someone was trying to break into his house," San Bernardino County Supervising Deputy District Attorney Rick Young said. "When he saw (Munoz) near his vehicle, he was justified in confronting him.

"Possibly due to his intoxication, the deceased did not respond in a manner to de-escalate the situation but, instead, began approaching the homeowner who -- at gunpoint -- told him several times to stop."

Nielsen feared for his safety and the safety of his wife and child, he told police.

"He felt that if he let the subject get any closer, they would be in a fight for the gun," Young said by phone. "This tragic homicide was legally justified in self-defense and the defense of others."

Munoz had been drinking and had passed out in his Honda Civic that night, investigators have said.

The car was parked in front of his girlfriend's home and across the street from Nielsen's two-story home in the 6400 block of North Ventura Avenue.

Efforts to reach Nielsen and Munoz's girlfriend and aunt on Thursday were unsuccessful.

"He was a kid who drank too much and walked into the wrong yard," Cindy Ledbetter, the mother of Munoz's girlfriend, said earlier. "The whole thing is senseless."

Nielsen was awakened by noises, armed himself with a pistol and walked outside to investigate, police have said.

It remains unclear why Munoz was on Nielsen's property.

"He probably got disoriented and thought he was going into his girlfriend's house," Young Said. "It's a tragedy."

Oregon: Portland homeowner shoots suspected prowlers

Portland, Oregon

From KATU of June 27, 2008
Portland homeowner shoots suspected prowlers

Police say a man claiming to be protecting his property shot two people Thursday night in northeast Portland.

The incident began about 10:30 p.m. when the police said a homeowner claimed he heard someone trying to break into his RV, which was parked at his home near the 1400 block of Northeast Marine Drive.

When police arrived they said the homeowner had apparently shot the suspected prowlers with a shotgun, hitting a man in the hand. The suspect was not seriously hurt but had some shotgun pellets lodged in his hand. He was transported to the hospital.

A woman with the man was treated at the hospital but the nature of her wounds was not specified. Both were treated, released and arrested.

Delisa Petersen, 21, and Gary Miller, 37, were charged with one count of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. The man who shot them was not charged.

According to police, the homeowner fired one round into the air as he attempted to stop the suspects.

The man then fired a second round at one of the suspects as they approached him in a threatening way, police said.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cumberland, Maryland Home Invaders Shot

Cumberland, Maryland

From June 25, 2008
CUMBERLAND, MD - A man was shot during an attempted robbery at a home in Cumberland Wednesday morning.

Investigators with the Allegany County Combined Criminal Investigation Unit say there was an altercation at a home in the 300-block of Pulaski Street.

Residents heard gunshots just before 6:50 a.m.

Police say Michael Evans and Corey Adams of Petersburg, Virginia came into the house and demanded money.

Evans was shot at several times in the buttocks and leg. The two ran out of the home and drove out of the area.

When officers arrived at the home, there was one victim with non life-threatening injuries. The people witnesses gave police a description of the suspects and their vehicle.

Officers stopped the suspects on Interstate 68 and Evans was taken to Cumberland Memorial Hospital. He was later taken to Baltimore Shock Trauma for more treatment.

Evans and Adams face several charges of armed robbery, assault and theft.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Tennessee: Three nabbed after manhunt

Norene Community, Tennessee

From the Wilson Post of June 19, 2008
Three nabbed after manhunt

Three people are in custody after an all-day manhunt after an attempted home burglary on Sherrilltown Road in the Norene Community, south-southeast of Lebanon, on Thursday.

Wilson County Sheriff Terry Ashe said the incident began around 7 a.m. yesterday when a home on Sherrilltown Road was allegedly broken into. Alan Ricketts, brother of the man who owns the home, and their father, heard the break-in and ran and confronted the three suspects as they were leaving the residence. Ricketts and their father reside nearby.

Ashe said the three suspects tried to run over Ricketts and his father in their truck. Ricketts and his father then began shooting at the three. The gunshots damaged the truck which ended up in a ditch. The three suspects escaped on foot.

The three suspects have been identified as Timmy Dewayne Tomlinson Jr., 22, of Holloway Circle, Lebanon; Jeffery Craddock, 26, of Trousdale Ferry Pike, Lebanon; and Shanna Seibers, 29, of 441 Grant Highway, Gordonsville.

Tomlinson was found and arrested after about three hours, and Craddock was arrested about one hour later, he said.

By coincidence, officers with the Wilson County Sheriff’s Department were in the area assisting in Operation Falcon, a joint group including the U.S. Marshal’s Office, the Tennessee Highway Patrol and other law enforcement agencies that works together to find fugitives from justice.

The U.S. Marshal’s Office and THP officers assisted the Sheriff’s Department in searing for the three people. Ashe noted also that Officer Derrick Way with the Mt. Juliet Police Department and his dog assisted in the search, as well.

THP used its helicopter and reportedly located the three suspects in different locations as officers on the ground worked to get to them and place them under arrest.

“(They) opened fire on them,” Ashe said of Ricketts and his father, adding neither one of them broke any laws.

“I believe in the Second Amendment,” Ashe said, adding he believes homeowners have a right to defend their lives and homes.

The sheriff praised the actions of Ricketts and his father, noting they fired their weapons only to disable the truck the suspects were in and not to hurt them.

“We’re formulating charges," Ashe said, against the three suspects, adding “there will be multiple charges.”

There were no injuries reported as a result of the incident, although one of the suspects was complaining of a sore wrist which Ashe said would be looked at by medical personnel.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Kentucky: McCreary man shoots intruder, police say

McCreary County, Kentucky

From the Lexington Herald-Leader of June 22, 2008
McCreary man shoots intruder, police say

Kentucky State Police are investigating a shooting in McCreary County that happened after a 19-year-old Pine Knot man awoke to being assaulted.

Charles Murphy told police that about 6 a.m. Sunday he woke up to an attack by Rusty L. Hayes, 20, who had entered Murphy's home on Ky. 1651.

Murphy retrieved a handgun and shot at Hayes, hitting him twice, police said. Hayes was taken to the University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville for treatment.

No charges have been filed pending completion of the investigation.

Georgia: Homeowner wounds would-be burglar

Fulton County, Georgia

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution of June 22, 2008
Homeowner wounds would-be burglar

Fulton County police said they will consult with the district attorneys office before deciding on whether to charge a homeowner who shot and wounded a teenager charged with breaking into his townhouse Saturday evening.

"We're still looking into the homeowner," Fulton County police spokesman Scott McBride said Sunday. "We don't know if charges will be filed. [Investigators] have to talk with the [Fulton County] district attorney's office about that."

The homeowner, identified as Desonte Lindsey, 28, shot and wounded a teen breaking into his townhouse in the 6200 block of Flat Trace, near Union City, police said.

"The guy hears the front doorbell ring" just before 6 p.m., McBride said. "When he goes down to answer it, a 16-year-old kicks in his back door."

The man got a gun and fired twice at the teen, hitting him once in the arm, McBride said. The youth ran, and the man chased him into a nearby wooded area and lost him. Lindsey told police it was the second time this month his home had been broken into.

The teen was arrested after calling 911 to report he'd been shot, McBride said. He is charged with burglary and criminal trespass, McBride said. The teen underwent surgery at Southern Regional Medical Center on Saturday to remove a bullet from his arm.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Greenville, N.C. Pizza Delivery Driver Defends Himself

Greenville, North Carolina

From June 17, 2008 WITN channel 7:

A pizza delivery driver fought back at a group of suspects who tried to rob him, pulling out a gun and wounding one of them.

Greenville Police say the incident happened early Monday morning at 1105 A Masters Lane when the Chanellos Pizza driver said three suspects began hitting him as he was delivering the pizzas. Police say the delivery driver then pulled out a gun and began to fire. One of the three robbery suspects was struck. Elvis Deans Junior, a 17 year-old student at South Central High School, is listed in stable but critical condition. He'll be charged with Common Law Robbery and Assault Inflicting Serious Injury.

Police also arrested 18 year-old Thomas James, 18 year-old Sunil Persaud, and 17 year old Kevin Haynie all of Greenville. They are charged with common law robbery. Police also say they charged a 14 year old who they say planned the crime.

The pizza delivery driver was taken to the hospital and was treated and released.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Indiana: Road rage shooting being called self-defense

Jeffersonville, Indiana

From WAVE3 of June 17, 2008
Road rage shooting being called self-defense

Police are calling it a case of violent road rage after a man is shot at a Jeffersonville, Indiana intersection. WAVE 3's Scott Harvey reports on the incident that happened at the corner of Allison Lane and 10th Street around 3 p.m. Tuesday.

It is a case of road rage with a twist. Detectives working the case tell us the shooter hasn't been charged, because it appears to be a case of self defense.

It's not the sort of thing you normally see on your commute home from work.

"People were standing in the parking lot. Nobody was doing anything, but talking on cell phones, so I told my girlfriend I was going to walk over and see what was going on," said Robert Bagshaw. "As I got closer the guy was talking about he'd been shot."

Investigators say it started as an altercation between a man riding a motorcycle and a woman driving a SUV behind him.

"He said they came flying up on him when he was getting ready to turn," said Bagshaw. "So he slowed down on his turn, next thing you know they rolled up a little bit more. They had a few words. He jumped off his bike."

"She never got out of the vehicle and that is where the shooting occurred," said Det. Todd Hollis with the Jeffersonville Police Department.

Bagshaw says the man had a single gunshot to the chest. He waited with the motorcycle rider until EMS arrived. He told us the man kept talking about the argument at the car.

"Supposedly she thought he had spit at her, but he said his false teeth fell out, so she shot him," explained Bagshaw. "So, I mean, there may be a little more to it than what the other guy is saying of course."

And investigators say there is. No charges have been filed against the woman, because police say at this point it appears to be self-defense.

"Exactly what he said or what his actions were, how threatening they were, will be determined through the investigation," said Det. Hollis.

Det. Hollis told us the woman was completely cooperative. So much so she called 911 from the scene. Police say she does have a permit to carry the snub-nosed .38 caliber revolver used in the shooting.

"It does belong to her," said Det. Hollis. "We ran a check on it to make sure it's wasn't stolen. She does carry it in the car for her protection. She told us that."

Regardless, Det. Hollis says this should be a lesson on how not to deal with road rage.

"If someone cuts you off or if someone acts aggressive on the road, the best thing to do is get away from it," said Det. Hollis. "If they are acting aggressive to a point to where they are dangerous, call police."

The man was taken to University Hospital in Louisville and at last check was in surgery. His condition is unknown at this time.

Police say they will continue to investigate, but ultimately the Clark County Prosecutor's Office will have the final say if charges will be filed.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pennsylvania: Female Intruder Shot After Stabbing Spring Hill Woman

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

From the Pittsburgh Channel of June 16, 2008
Female Intruder Shot After Stabbing Spring Hill Woman

Police are investigating reports that a female intruder was shot in the hand after entering a house in Pittsburgh's Spring Hill section.

According to police, a woman entered a home in the 100 block of Rhine Place, spraying another woman with Mace before stabbing her, according to a witness.

The boyfriend of the victim grabbed a gun and shot the intruder in the hand, police said.

At this time, no other information is available.

Indiana: Man shoots dog that ran out of house at him

Fort Wayne, Indiana

From the News Sentinel of June 16, 2008
Man shoots dog that ran out of house at him

Jose Aquila said his pit bull was just trying to protect his 2-year-old when she was shot and killed about 7:40 p.m. Monday.

Aquila said the 6-year-old pit bull, Sapphire, charged out of his house at 4445 Schmucker Drive and began barking at a man who was holding Jose Jr.'s hand to keep him from running into the street. The man, who has a permit to carry a concealed pistol, fired twice from close range, striking Sapphire in the neck and spine and grazing his own toe, according to Aquila.

“She never bit him. She was just kind of warning him to get away,” Aquila said. “She seen a stranger grabbing my son.”

Aquila said before the shooting the man came to his backyard to ask if he owned a missing pit bull roaming the neighborhood. Aquila, who said he was holding Sapphire on a leash with Jose Jr. nearby at the time, said he didn't own the dog, and the man then inquired about the approximately one-month-old puppies Sapphire had.

While Aquila put Sapphire inside the house, Jose Jr. ran in front of the house. Aquila said Sapphire then ran out the front door. Seconds later he heard two shots.

The man told Fort Wayne Police he backpedaled as the dog came charging out of the home, but he fell on his back and the dog started coming for his feet. “I knew (it was going) to bite me, so I pulled out my pistol and shot it twice,” the man said in the report.

Aquila said Sapphire had never bitten anyone and was not normally an aggressive dog. Aquila said police told him the man - whom The News-Sentinel could not reach for comment - will not be charged because he had a right to defend himself. The police report confirmed the man would not be charged.

Alaska: Galena man shoots bear

Anchorage, Alaska

From KTUU of June 15, 2008
Galena man shoots bear

A power plant supervisor in the city of Galena is credited with saving the lives of his neighbors as they were under attack by a bear.

Howard Beasley says the large male black bear had recently been in the area feasting on moose calves. When those ran out it started coming in closer to homes.

Beasley stepped in to help in the middle of the night after a neighbor - Chris Kriska and his little sister, couldn't shoo the aggressive bear away.

The Galena Police Chief John Millan says the Kiska's dog, Scooby, distracted the bear until help arrived.

Beasley says after he showed up the bear charged out of the woods hunched low, snarling and clearly was not ready to back down.

So with a single shot, he killed it.

"People came out and shook my hand, said it was the first good night of sleep they'd had in a long time," Beasley said. "People were having nightmares. I had no idea it had such a big impact on people."

Millan calls the shooting clearly justified.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Michigan: Canton bank customer stops suspected would-be robber, holds him until police arrive

Canton Township, Michigan

From the Detroit News of June 16, 2008
Canton bank customer stops suspected would-be robber, holds him until police arrive

A longtime customer brazenly stood up to a suspected would-be bank robber at a Comerica bank on Monday and detained the man until police showed up.

At about 9 a.m., police said a 54-year-old Washtenaw County man walked into a Comerica branch in the 45400 block of Michigan Avenue and handed the teller a handwritten note demanding money.

It also indicated he was strapped with a bomb, police said in a release.

When the suspect demanded "bands of 50s and 100s," police said, the clerk hit the bank's silent alarm and began placing money in a bag.

A teller at an adjacent counter noticed the incident and alerted the longtime customer.

Police said the customer then pulled out a gun, pointed it at the suspect and told him, "You are not robbing this bank."

"But I have a bomb," the suspect said, according to police.

The customer replied: "I don't care. You are not robbing this bank!"

The customer, who has not been named, then led the suspect to a chair, sat him down and held him at gunpoint until police came.

"A good Samaritan saw what was happening," said Sandra Berchtold, a media coordinator for the FBI Detroit division, which assisted Monday. "Through his assistance, (the suspect) was detained."

For security reasons, Comerica officials could not release information on the incident, spokeswoman Sara Snyder said.

The suspect, who has not yet been identified, is expected to be arraigned Tuesday.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Michigan: Suspected would-be robber dies after being shot by Flint store owner

Flint, Michigan

From the Flint Journal of June 14, 2008
Suspected would-be robber dies after being shot by Flint store owner

A man has died after police say he was shot by a Clio Road store owner Friday evening in what was believed to be an attempted robbery.

A male entered LT's Clothing & Accessories, 3014 Clio Road, shortly after 9 p.m. Friday and pulled a handgun on the store's owner. The two grabbed at each other and the owner took his own gun and shot the man, a news release said.

That man was pronounced dead at Hurley Medical Center and police today hadn't yet identified him.

The case will be sent to the Gensee County prosecutor's office for review, police said.

Arizona: Security officer shoots, kills local man

Tuscon, Arizona

From KVBC of June 13, 2008
Security officer shoots, kills local man

Metro police responded to the Sierra Point Apartments located on Sierra Vista Avenue and Cambridge Thursday night, following a report that an individual had been shot.

When police arrived, they found the deceased 34-year-old Roberto Simmon lying on the ground outside of his apartment.

Police say that a security officer responded to a complaint of loud music at Simmon's apartment. According to witnesses, when the security officer knocked on the door, Simmon attacked the officer and tried to wrestle his gun away from him.

Neighbors say it was an uneven match between the two men, and that Simmon was physically much larger than the security guard.

As a result of the struggle, the security officer fired one shot at the man and killed him.

Neighbors say Simmon got along with most people at the Sierra Point apartments where he lived. They say he often hosted community barbecues in the courtyard in front of his home.

Police say charges have yet to be filed and this is an ongoing investigation.

This incident is Las Vegas' 57th homicide to date. This number is slightly lower than last year at this time.

Arizona: Intruders, homeowner trade gunfire

Mesa, Arizona

From AZ Central of June 12, 2008
Intruders, homeowner trade gunfire

Four people forced their way into a Mesa home early Thursday and got into a gun fight with somebody inside, police said

The incident occurred in the 2400 block of East Diamond Avenue, near Gilbert and Broadway roads around 2 a.m.

The victim was armed when the intruders entered the home and both sides traded gun fire, police said.

Police found a blood trail at the home, apparently from one of the intruders.

A K-9 unit was brought to the scene but the intruders were not found. Police said the homeowner appeared to be targeted incident and that the attack was not random.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Oregon: Man shoots and kills dog

Eugene, Oregon

From KVAL of June 11, 2008
Man shoots and kills dog

A man who shot and killed a vicious dog on a neighborhood street will not face charges because he acted in self-defense.

Neighbors say the man followed in a car after seeing two dogs, a pit bull and a doberman, stalking the neighborhood and attack a cat. He got out of the car when he saw the dogs attack another cat. The pit bull turned on the man, at which point he fired two shots and killed the dog.

The cat was taken to a veterinarian, but its injuries were too severe and had to be put down.

An animal countrol officer from Lane County Animal Services responded to the scene, said Tom Howard, LCAS supervisor.

The Lane County Sheriff's Office handled the call.

Both dogs were licensed. The owner of the second dog came and took his dog when contacted by LCAS, Howard said.

Maryland: Police: Dry Cleaner Owner Shoots Robber

Baltimore, Maryland

From WJZ of June 11, 2008
Police: Dry Cleaner Owner Shoots Robber

Baltimore City Police say a dry cleaner shot a would-be robber Wednesday afternoon.

It happened at St. Paul Cleaners around 1:45 p.m.

Police say this is the second time the suspect had attempted to rob the place.

Police say the suspect was armed with a knife when he came into the shop. The store owner shot the suspect in the hip, arm and leg. He was transported to Shock Trauma where he is expected to survive his injuries.

Minnesota: Breaking News: Home Invasion

Truman, Minnesota

From KEYC of June 11, 2008
Breaking News: Home Invasion

Two people are assaulted in their home, and the intruder suffers a gunshot wound.

The Martin County Sheriff's Office says it happened last night just before midnight.

They say an intruder apparently entered the home of Elmer and Marcella Sauck at 2488 200th Street in rural Martin County.

Mrs. Sauck was physically assaulted, was able to escape and go to the nearby home of her son, Mark. Mark then went to his parents' house and found his father being assaulted by the intruder. Authorities say Mark then ordered the intruder to stop several times as he approached him, but he didn't.

The intruder suffered a gunshot wound to the leg and was airlifted to St. Mary's Hospital.

Mrs. Sauck was also airlifted to Rochester, and Elmer Sauck was transported to Immanuel St. Joseph's Hospital.

Authorities say they're not releasing the intruder's identity because no criminal charges have been filed in the case.

They say the investigation is ongoing.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mother Scares Off Child Molester

Coral Gables, Florida

From June 10, 2008 NBC channel 6:
A woman said she used a gun to scare away a man who was trying to lure her teenage daughter into a truck.

The mother, who did not wish to be identified, said the man approached her 16-year-old daughter on Alhambra Circle near their home.

“She was walking her dog in the median right out in front of our house here, and a man approached her in a truck and tried to get her to come to the truck,” the woman said.

The teenager ran to nearby Coral Gables Elementary School, calling her mother and 911. The mother confronted the man and showed him her 9-mm gun.

“It’s not until I showed him that I was armed and that I meant business to protect my daughter that he backed off,” she said.

Coral Gables police arrested Ramon del Risco in connection with the incident.

The mother said her gun made the difference in the situation.

“I’m licensed. I shoot almost every week,” she said.The woman said she recommends a day at the shooting range for every parent.

California: Oakland man shoots would-be burglar

Oakland, California

From the Oakland Tribune of June 9, 2008
Oakland man shoots would-be burglar

An armed East Oakland homeowner who tried to dissuade a burglary suspect with several warning shots ended up shooting the man in the leg Monday in the most recent in a string of incidents in which victims have shot suspects.

Neighbors of the home on the 2200 block of 100th Avenue said the house had been broken into before.

"The guy is exasperated because they target his house," said the shooter's next-door neighbor, who declined to give her name. "There's got to be somebody watching him, because the minute he leaves the house it's targeted to be broken into. It's between five and six times, quite a few attempts at it, no matter what he does."

Police said the 37-year-old homeowner, who has lived in the house most of his life, was home a little before 11 a.m. Monday when he saw someone walk toward his garage, then reappear and try to pry open a back window with a garden tool. The homeowner walked to his deck and fired warning shots with a pistol, which seemed to drive the man away.

But when the homeowner stepped out his front door, the suspect reappeared and began moving toward the house, as if determined to get in, according to a statement the man gave police. The homeowner fired two more warning shots into the ground, but the suspect kept coming forward, at which point the homeowner shot the suspect in the upper leg.

Neighbors said they came out to find the suspect lying on the sidewalk, shouting that he hadn't known anybody lived there. Medics with the Oakland Fire Department arrived and treated the wounded man briefly before taking him to Highland Hospital; they left the suspect's shoes on the sidewalk in front of the house near a small bloodstain.

Police identified the burglary suspect as Marcus Holoman, 51. He did not have a gun.

Officials said he has a criminal record that includes arrests and convictions for burglary. He was under police guard at Highland on Monday and was being detained on suspicion of burglary.

The homeowner's handgun is legally registered, and police did not arrest the homeowner or charge him with anything.


Monday, June 9, 2008

North Carolina: Homeowner hits home invader with shotgun blast; Deputies following blood trail

Lincoln County, North Carolina

From the Gaston Gazette of June 9, 2008
Homeowner hits home invader with shotgun blast; Deputies following blood trail

A Lincoln County man picked up his shotgun and fired twice when he saw a flashlight beam shining under the bedroom door and then heard someone grabbing the door handle, according to a Lincoln County Sheriff's Office release.

The incident took place around 2:50 a.m. Monday at a home on the 4400 block of Catawba Burris Road in eastern Lincoln County.

At least one person was hit and officers followed a blood trail out of the residence, down the driveway and a short distance south on Catawba Burris Road, according to the release.

Lincoln County Sheriff's officers are searching door-to door and a reverse 9-1-1 call went out at 4 a.m.

The homeowners told Lincoln County investigators they were awakened by the sound of breaking glass around 2:50 a.m.

Officers do not know if more than one person was inside the residence.

Deputies including the Tactical warrant Team and K-9 units have been searching the area looking for the suspect.

Kansas: Attempted robbery led to Lawrence shooting deaths, police say

Lawrence, Kansas

From the Witchita Eagle of June 9, 2008
Attempted robbery led to Lawrence shooting deaths, police say

Police say an attempted robbery led to Saturday’s double homicide, and a 16-year-old boy arrested in the crime is likely to have his first court appearance today.

Police also identified one of the deceased as Gage Hauk, 18, of nearby McLouth in Jefferson County. Police said Hauk and the 16-year-old suspect attempted to rob the residence just after 2:30 a.m. Saturday when the 20-year-old resident shot Hauk with a shotgun.

The 16-year-old, who has not been identified, then allegedly shot the resident before fleeing on foot, said Lawrence Police Sgt. Paul Fellers. A firearm believed to have been used in the incident was found a block away.

The resident has not yet been identified, Fellers said, pending identification by the coroner.

The two would-be robbers were acquainted with the resident, Fellers said.

The teen was arrested Sunday on suspicion of felony murder, conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery and attempted aggravated robbery, Fellers said. He is being held at the county’s juvenile detention center.

Douglas County Deputy District Attorney David Melton said it’s possible the suspect could be charged as an adult. Charges are expected to be filed in a preliminary hearing at 4 p.m. today.

Police responded to the home where the incident occurred after several neighbors reported gunshots. One of the bodies was found inside the residence, in the 1300 block of Delaware Street. The other man was found outside.

Kansas: Bar owner shoots at fleeing suspects

Kansas City, Kansas

From the Witchita Eagle of June 6, 2008
Bar owner shoots at fleeing suspects

Police are looking for two suspects linked to a clash Thursday night that prompted a bar owner o fire several shots at the men as they fled.

The owner of Stix Bar, 2785 S. Meridian, asked two men to leave the bar shortly before 10 p.m., police said. One of the men reportedly told the owner, "I can do what I want, because I have a gun and you don't."

The suspects went outside and were still in the parking lot when the bar owner stepped outside. He ordered them to leave again, and they got into a red two-door Saturn.

They drove toward the bar owner and struck him with their car, then struck him again as they fled the lot, police said.

The 43-year-old bar owner fired several shots at the car, police said, and three bullets hit an unoccupied house in the 2400 block of West Greenfield. Police don't know if the Saturn was hit.

Police are looking for a 22-year-old man known by name, and an unknown 18-year-old man. He is about 5 feet 6 inches tall, 150 pounds, with dark hair.

The bar owner suffered only minor injuries in the incident and was treated at the scene.

South Carolina: Home Invasion Ends in Shooting

Greenville, South Carolina

From WSPA of June 9, 2008
Home Invasion Ends in Shooting

Investigators want to track down two intruders following a home invasion early Monday morning. The Laurens County Sheriff's Office says three people kicked in the door of a home on Fairview Road near Fountain Inn around 12:45 am Monday.

The homeowner reports being dragged out of the bedroom and beaten. Deputies say the man went for his gun and shot at the robbers. One suspect was hit and made it to Saint Francis Hospital. He is now at Greenville Hospital System. We don't know his condition.

The homeowner went to Hillcrest Hospital in Simpsonville.

Deputies ae trying to track down the two other home invaders. If you have any information call 9-1-1.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ohio: Grandpa Comes to the Rescue, Grabs Shotgun from Intruder

Carollton, Ohio

From MyFoxCleveland of June 6, 2008
Grandpa Comes to the Rescue, Grabs Shotgun from Intruder

A community garage sale brings all sorts of guests, but at the Sutton family home, in Carrollton, one visitor was not so welcome.

Amy Sutton, 25, was in the kitchen, about to go back out into the garage to see if any customers had arrived. Just then she noticed the door knob turning. As the door to the garage swung open, Sutton came face to face with an intruder.

"The guy just came in and looked straight at me and pointed his gun at me," said Sutton.

At first Sutton thought it was a joke, but as the man approached her, she knew her life was at stake. She started screaming for help as she turned and ran for the front door. The gunman ran after her, grabbing her and slamming her up against the wall.

"I screamed," Sutton said, and the intruder said, "Don't do that. Don't do that. I'll take your kids," Sutton told Fox 8.

Sutton's two children, Nicholas, 3, and Nathan, 1, were playing in the family room.

What the gunman didn't realize was that Sutton's 72-year-old grandfather, Joe Sabol, was also in the family room, sitting in a chair, when the gunman came into the house. If the intruder had turned around, he would have seen Sabol plain as day. Instead, he kept his back to the family room.

"He didn't know I was sitting here because when he opened that door he couldn't see me. He just went straight that way," Sabol explained.

Sutton says her only thought was getting the intruder as far away from her kids as possible. She wanted to get out of the house and scream for help, in hopes that other neighbors would hear her. She figured someone would -- since everyone was outside of their homes for the community garage sale.

Sutton, however, never made it that far. After being slammed up against the wall, she took off running again, but the gunman was close behind. He grabbed the back of her shirt. She kept going.

When Sutton got to the front door, the gunman had-had enough and went to shoot her in the back. Sutton heard him cock the shotgun.

"I just closed my eyes 'cause I'm thinking if he's gonna shoot me, so be it, just as long as my kids are safe," explained Sutton.

That's when Joe sprang into action. The great grandfather sneaked in on the gunman for a surprise attack of his own. He quietly walked up behind him.

Sabol saw his opportunity when the gunman turned the barrel of the gun to the floor as he cocked it. Sabol seized the moment.

"I reached down then and I got a tight grip on the stalk of the gun and when I got a hold of (it) there was no way he was gonna get that back," said Sabol.

Sutton says she looked back and saw her grandfather wrestling with the intruder.

"All I know is I look back and my pap is tackling the guy with a gun," said Sutton.

When the struggle was over, Sabol had control of the gun. The intruder turned on his heels and ran back the way he had come in, through the garage, and off into a wooded area.

Sutton quickly called the Carroll County Sheriff's Department. Deputies came out to search the area. They found 30-year-old Jason Haught hiding in the woods. He's been charged with one count of aggravated robbery, aggravated burglary, and kidnapping, all of them are felonies of the first degree. He also faces a charge of burglary and theft, both third degree felonies.

Carroll County Sheriff Dale Williams says Sutton is very lucky to be alive.

"I feel sure that if grandpa hadn't been there, this would've turned ugly. We could've been investigating a homicide," said Williams.

According to court records, Haught has a criminal past, including a prison term served for domestic violence in 2007, another domestic violence case in 2005, drug paraphernalia in 2004 and in 1999 a DUI -- just to name a few of the charges.

Sutton says she's always considered her grandfather a hero, but now he is in everyone eyes.

"He saved my life! If he wasn't here I would've been shot on the porch. Who knows what he (the gunman) would've done to my kids," Sutton told Fox 8.

Sabol says God must have given him strength in his time of need. Sabol is not only missing a lung, but he's had two open heart surgeries following a heart attack, and he has diabetes. He doesn't consider himself a hero. "Just gotta do what you gotta do. Yea. They're my pride and joy, all of them!"

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Louisiana: Church security guard shoots man in chest

Shreveport, Louisiana

From the Shreveport Times of June 5, 2008
Church security guard shoots man in chest

Members of Mount Canaan Baptist let out of their Wednesday service to find a regular visitor had been shot in the chest by the Shreveport church's security guard.

At some point during the service, the man left the sanctuary and became involved in an altercation with the security guard, Shreveport Police Chief Henry Whitehorn said.

"He frequents different churches. He came here this (Wednesday) evening and was asked to leave because of his demeanor and actions."

Police still are investigating what caused the altercation outside the Alston Street church, Whitehorn said. The man had an object in his jacket he was using "in a threatening way," the police chief said.

Joanne Carter identified the wounded man as her brother Joe "Jake" Morris, 61, a disabled veteran who has been diagnosed schizophrenic.

"He does this holy dance, and they don't like it. Some men or women run around the church, and that's what he does," Carter said. "He goes to an extreme. Deacons have thrown stuff at him before."

Lashonda Nelson, who was in the service, said Morris was not being disruptive.

"Usually, he clowns, but there wasn't no clowning or anything. He was doing good. He talked to the preacher and left."

Nelson said she did not hear a gunshot and the congregation was unaware of what happened until the preacher announced it.

Morris was taken to LSU Hospital in Shreveport for treatment of a wound that was not life-threating, Whitehorn said.

Police are working to determine if the shooting was justifiable.

The guard was upset following the incident, Whitehorn said. "It's bothering him immensely."

Texas: Cass Cty. man kills suspected burglar

Antioch, Texas

From KSLA of June 5, 2008
Cass Cty. man kills suspected burglar

Authorities in Cass County are still sorting out the details surrounding an alleged burglary, where a suspect was fatally shot.

Cass County investigators say an Antioch, Texas man came home Wednesday afternoon to find a burglar inside the residence. The homeowner told police he grabbed a gun and found a woman running out the back door. He confronted her and another man in the back yard.

He called 911, telling the operator he was holding the pair until authorities arrived. By the time deputies got to the scene, some kind of altercation had taken place and the male suspect was dead from a gunshot wound.

Authorities have not released the name of the man who was killed.

The woman also at the house was last seen leaving in a white car.

So far no charges have been filed.

Maine: Theft victim shoots up suspects' pickup truck

Vienna, Maine

From the Sun Journal of June 5, 2008
Theft victim shoots up suspects' pickup truck

All Joe Lord needed to halt a pair of theft suspects was patience and a shotgun.

The 66-year-old man blew apart a Ford pickup truck Tuesday morning and scared away the couple he said had stolen $3,000 worth of scrap iron, steel and aluminum from his machine shop over the weekend.

Taking aim after more than two days without sleep, Lord shot holes in the front tires of the 2008 Ford F-250, blew out the windshield and rear window and shot up the radiator.

"I disabled the truck," Lord said Wednesday. "That's all I did."

Disabled the truck, forced the suspects to flee on foot and gave police a big head start toward solving the crime, that is.

Investigators from the Kennebec County Sheriff's Office said they tracked down the driver of the truck, Elizabeth Evans of Mount Vernon. The truck is owned by her father.

The girl will be charged with theft, and charges are pending against an accomplice, said Kennebec County Sheriff Randall Liberty.

Lord said that after watching his property on Kimball Pond Road for 56 hours straight, he would have aimed for the suspects themselves if he had seen them.

"It's not my intention to go around shooting people," Lord said. "But if they had been there, I would have shot them, no doubt about it. I was so exhausted."

Exhausted, but by all accounts a good shot with a 12-gauge loaded with buckshot.

Lord said he spotted the truck after returning to his shop for a third time Tuesday. It was parked there with a heap of scrap metal in the bed.

"I didn't do anything until I knew what they were doing," Lord said. "When I saw my steel in the back of the truck, I knew I had to do something."

Lord took aim and the disabling of the truck began.

"I blew out the radiator. I shot the two front tires and the windshield. There was some damage to the back window, too," Lord said. "I put some pellets in the seat. They said I got the water pump and the power steering, but I don't know about that."

None of the shots landed in the body of the truck, Lord said, because that was not his intent. He simply wanted the truck to stay where it was, and that is exactly what happened.

And, there were no more thieves milling around his business.

"A 12-gauge shotgun is pretty intimidating," Lord said. "It echoed for about a quarter-mile down to the lake."


Indiana: Business Owner Shoots Alleged Robbers

Green County, Indiana

From My Wabash Valley of May 23, 2008
Business Owner Shoots Alleged Robbers

Two people allegedly committing a theft at "K and H Auto" in Greene County are shot by the owner early Friday morning.

The Greene County Sheriff's Department says the business owner saw two men on his property, and he ordered them to show their hands.

One of them men pointed something toward the owner, and the owner started shooting. At least one of the men was believed to be wounded by the gunfire.

The Bloomfield Free Press is reporting that one of the men was airlifted to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis with a gunshot wound to his chest.

The Free Press is also reporting that the second man involved may also at Bloomington Hospital.

It turns out it was only a flashlight that was pointed at the owner.

South Carolina: No charges after barbershop owner shoots man during fight

Columbia, South Carolina

From WIS TV of June 2, 2008
No charges after barbershop owner shoots man during fight

A Columbia barbershop owner says he was just protecting himself.

Johnny Cole admits he shot a man at his business Monday, but Tuesday he told WIS News 10 he had no choice.

Now Columbia police say they're not charging either man in the incident, and are considering the case closed.

Capt. Thomas Dodson says the solicitor's office doesn't have enough evidence to support a charge, and police could not locate a witness.

"My back's real sore. And my neck. But you know, the hard cement ain't no joke," says Cole.

Cole says it was self-defense, that he was trying to protect himself from a guy who punched him in the face and body-slammed him on the floor of his barber shop.

"I don't know what his problem. Don't know what his motivation. I don't know nothing about that. I don't even know the guy," says Cole.

Cole runs the shop at Richland and Sumter Street, where he's been cutting hair at the location for almost 20 years.

Cole says he's never had trouble here before until Monday afternoon, when a car stopped at the intersection then backed up.

Cole recognized a woman passenger, and spoke to her. He says next thing he knew, the man with her was on the attack.

"He hit me first. And then I defend myself and when I defend myself, he reached for the bag I had on my shoulder," says Cole.

The fight moved inside, and finally Cole says, he grabbed his gun. One shot was fired, hitting 44-year-old Anthony Sylvester Williams in the forearm.

No charges have been filed so far, because police Captain Thomas Dodson says it's still not clear which man was the aggressor.

"Under the new state law, under the Castle Doctrine, there's no duty for a person to retreat, that's being assaulted. But once that attacker starts to retreat, to flee, that's where we have to find out where to draw the line," says Dodson.

Dodson says police are still talking to witnesses and trying to track down the woman in the car. Cole identifies her as an ex-girlfriend.

We've not been able to locate Williams, the man shot in the arm, to get his side of the story. Police say he was not seriously wounded.

Arizona: Another homeowner shoots, kills armed would-be robber

Phoenix, Arizona

From the AZ Family of June 5, 2008
Another homeowner shoots, kills armed would-be robber

A homeowner shot and killed a suspect who was allegedly trying to break into his West Valley home early Thursday morning.

It happened at about 1:30 a.m., in the area of 59h Avenue and McDowell Road.

Police said the family of four was asleep at the time.

The homeowner reportedly woke up when he heard somebody kicking in the door. That man grabbed his shotgun and waited near his bedroom door.

When the bedroom door swung open, the man said he saw a man with a gun. That's when he opened fire.

That suspect died on the scene. Police did find a gun near him.

Investigators said there were two other suspects who took off, running to where their truck was parked a block away. Those suspects are still on the loose.

Police said the homeowner was acting in self defense so he likely will not face any charges.

None of the family members inside the house were hurt.

Neighbors said the family keeps to themselves, but they did notice what they believed to be suspicious activity nearby Wednesday morning.

"The neighbors said at 5:30 yeasterday morning he saw two guys on bikes that were at the house next to them, and they looked like drug addicts," said Brenda Mcolough.

Investigators are trying to determine the motive for the break-in.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kentucky: Police: Shooting Was Self-Defense

Louisville, Kentucky

From WLKY of June 4, 2008
Police: Shooting Was Self-Defense

Two teens are dead, but police aren't charging the man who shot them with a crime.

The shooting happened Tuesday at a house in west Louisville.

"For sure, there's not a doubt in my mind, my wife and I would be dead if I didn't do what I did," said property owner Billy Jackson.

Jackson said he was sprucing up an apartment in the house he owns at 3517 West Broadway when two masked men forced their way inside. He said one had a large gun, and threatened to kill him and his wife.

"I figured I was going to die and they were going to die, too," said Jackson. "I faked a heart attack; shot him in the side."

The coroner released the names of the alleged intruders late Wednesday afternoon. They are Earl Springer and Dazmond Turner, both 19.

"It just seems like I'm going to lay down, wake up and this is not happening," said Stephanie Roach, Turner's great aunt.

She said Turner's death doesn't seem real. She said he once had dreams of NBA stardom, but she never dreamed he would be accused of invading a home.

"It's just something that he wouldn't do and it's been eating at me all night long. It's like, no, that's not Daz," she said. "I don't know if he was forced into doing it, but that is not my nephew."

"At least one of the suspects was armed with a handgun," said Metro Police Detective Phil Russell. "The property owner was assaulted. He sustained minor injuries."

Police said Springer died at the scene, while Turner died early Wednesday morning at University Hospital.

"They will confer with the commonwealth attorney's office in order to determine if charges need to be placed," Russell said. "At this time in the investigation, it looks as though this was self-defense."

Family members said Turner was once a star point guard for Valley High School who was working toward getting his GED while preparing to be a first-time father this summer.

Roach said family members thought Turner was out of town at the time of the shooting. Now they wish he would have followed through on those plans.

"That's what's shocking everybody. He was supposed to be in Florida to reunite with his mother and his sisters," Roach said. "Now, they're on their way to bury him."

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

California: Alleged Robber In Fatal Store Holdup Identified

La Mesa, California

From CBS8 of May 28, 2008
Alleged Robber In Fatal Store Holdup Identified

Authorities released the name today of an alleged robber killed in an exchange of gunfire that erupted during a holdup at a small East County business, seriously injuring the shop's two proprietors.

Phillip Lashon Whitmore, 29, died at the scene of Tuesday afternoon's shootout at Travel Wizard in the 7700 block of University Avenue in La Mesa, according to the county Medical Examiner's Office.

Whitmore allegedly was robbing the business -- a combination vacation-planning agency, currency-exchange outlet and coin shop -- when gunfire erupted shortly before 1 p.m., according to police. It was unclear who fired first.

Whitmore suffered two to four bullet wounds, LMPD Lt. David Bond told reporters. The La Mesa resident ran out of the business with a satchel of stolen money, fell to the ground about 50 feet away and died, Bond said.

Medics took the wounded business owners -- a 59-year-old man and 58-year-old woman, both of whom suffered at least two gunshot wounds -- to Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego. Their names and conditions were not released.

Arkansas: Homeowner in Rudy, Ark., shoots man stealing gas

Rudy, Arkansas

From KSPR of June 3, 2008
Homeowner in Rudy, Ark., shoots man stealing gas

With prices nearing $4 a gallon, sheriff's deputies say Mark Holsted wanted to steal some gasoline from an unsuspecting resident of Crawford County.

However, that high price likely kept a homeowner armed with a 9mm pistol alert as well.

Deputies say an unidentified homeowner shot Holsted in the arm and thigh late Sunday night after spotting him stealing gas from a car parked outside a home in Rudy. Officers say Holsted was armed with a rifle at the time of the shooting and had an accomplice and a getaway driver.

Holsted was listed in stable condition at a Fort Smith hospital Monday. Deputies say he'll face charges once he is released from the hospital's care.

The AAA said the average price of a gallon of regular gasoline in nearby Fort Smith on Monday was $3.81.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Arizona: 1 Dead, 2 Hurt In Phoenix Shooting

Phoenix, Arizona

From KPHO of June 2, 2008
1 Dead, 2 Hurt In Phoenix Shooting

Police say a homeowner confronted two men who forced their way into a house with the intention to rob it, shot and killed one of the men and injured the other.

The robbers injured the unidentified homeowner, who was rushed to the hospital, in the Monday morning incident at 2809 W. Almeria Road, Sgt. Andy Hill said.

His condition was not immediately known.

"I heard two shots, real loud, then saw dust on the ground," said Josie Carillo, a neighbor. "Don't know if it was a bullet or what."

Police said they were are especially concerned because children also live in the home.

"We believe two suspects came to rob the house, do a home invasion, and forced their way in," Hill said.

The other intruder who was hurt is believed to have jumped in a getaway vehicle parked down the street. Police gave no immediate description of the robber.

Updated 06/08/2008:

From KPHO of June 8, 2008
Man Accused In Home Invasion Found Dead

Phoenix police said they've found a man they wanted to question for an attempted home investigation on Monday, but he was dead of a gunshot wound.

Travis Jarred was found in his west Phoenix home Friday by police who broke in after his girlfriend called them worried after not seeing him since last Sunday, Detective Stacie Derge said

The 35-year-old was wanted for a home invasion Monday morning where a home's resident fatally shot a second intruder.

Derge identified the second dead man as 30-year-old Shaun Martine.

The victim, his wife, and several small children were asleep when the suspects forced their way in through the back door armed with a rifle and a knife. The home resident was stabbed, but grabbed a pistol and opened fire.

Martine died at the scene, and Jarred apparently drove home before dying.