Friday, July 31, 2009

Kentucky: Suspect Shot In McCracken County Home Invasion Robbery

McCracken County, Kentucky

From WLEX of July 30, 2009
Suspect Shot In McCracken County Home Invasion Robbery

Police say a suspected burglar was shot early Thursday morning during a McCracken County home invasion.

The incident happened at about 2 a.m. at a home in the Kevil area. Tthe McCracken county sheriff says a man was trying to break into the home when a burglar alarm went off. The home owner confronted the burglar, then shot him.

The burglar's name and condition have not been released.

From KFVS of July 30, 2009
Teen shot to death during home invasion

A man was shot and killed in McCracken County after police say he tried to break into a family's home around 2:00 a.m.

The family woke to the sound of the alarm system, indicating the door to the attached garage had been opened. The homeowner went outside to investigate, when he heard his wife inside screaming.

He ran back into the home where his wife told him the intruder, later identified as 18-year-old Andrew Caleb Barnett, was inside their attached garage attempting to get into the home through a wooden door with a window, according to police. The homeowner reportedly yelled several times that he had a gun, telling Barnett not to come inside. However, Barnett continued to make advances toward the man. Police say the homeowner fired one shot at Barnett, hitting him in the arm, and going into his chest area. Barnett apparently fell to the floor but got back up fighting the homeowner, at one point, biting him in the arm.

The fight continued through the home and eventually back into the garage. When police arrived they arrested Barnett and transported him to Western Baptist Hospital for the gunshot, but he ultimately died.

The McCracken County Police Department reports the 18-year-old was under the influence of Psilocybin Mushrooms, or "Magic Mushrooms" as they're called on the street, and thought he was inside his own home. At one point, he even called the homeowner "Dad".

Police located four people who apparently provided the drugs to Barnett and arrested them. They were identified as 19-year-old Taylor Thompson of West Paducah, 19-year-old Zachary Rodgers of Kevil, 18-year-old Ryan Bridges of West Paducah and 18-year-old Kristen Mohler of Kevil.

Additional charges are possible as the investigation continues. Charges against the homeowner are not expected.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ohio: Man Fatally Shoots Armed Intruder, CPD Says

Columbus, Ohio

From NBC4i of July 30, 2009
Man Fatally Shoots Armed Intruder, CPD Says

A man fatally shot an armed intruder while protecting his 5-year-old relative late Wednesday, authorities said.

Columbus police continued to investigate an overnight shooting on the city’s Southwest Side.

CPD said the incident started with a home invasion but it was the suspect who was fatally shot.

CPD was called to a home on the 1500 block of Autumn Village Drive on reports of a shooting at about 11 p.m. Wednesday.

Officers found a man on a front porch with a gunshot wound to his neck.

The armed suspect broke into home shortly before he was fatally shot, CPD said.

“There was a knock on the door. The resident went to the door, at which time the victim out front entered the house with a firearm in commission of an aggravated robbery,” said CPD homicide Sgt. Dana Norman.

As the armed suspect entered the home, a man picked up his 5-year-old relative to protect child as well as a firearm and fired shots, according to authorities.

The suspect attempted to flee the home after being wounded but collapsed on the porch. He died a short time later.

Detectives have not released the identity of the suspect currently, but NBC4 was told the shooter and suspect did not know each other.

The police report listed the suspect as an unknown black male in his 20s.

The man who fatally shot the suspect was not a resident of the home; he was staying there with relatives. There were four people in home at time of the invasion: a woman, child and two men, one of whom is bedridden.

Authorities have have not released additional information on the shooter’s identity, either.

“It’s a very quiet neighborhood,” said neighbor Gary Dulaney.

No other injuries were reported from the incident.

“Five-years-old, man. You’re always concerned about the kid. I mean you hope you don’t bring your child into that situation. It is scary. I feel bad for him,” Dulaney said.

No charges were filed against the man who shot the intruder currently, but the case will be presented to the Franklin County grand jury for review.

Anyone with additional information on the city’s 49th homicide of 2009 was asked to call the CPD homicide squad at 614-645-4730.

Oregon: Homeowner Shoots, Kills Bear After it Climbs Through Window

Grant Pass, Oregon

From KTVL of July 28, 2009
Homeowner Shoots, Kills Bear After it Climbs Through Window

A Grants Pass man woke up in the middle of the night, and came face to face with an intruder. That intruder was a bear, and the man jumped into action.

Everett Skinner was awakened by his daughter in the middle of the night. Skinner grabbed his shot gun.

"I shot him once with the gun and that didn't bother him" skinner explained. "I put a third shot into his mid section and he was still growling and roaring" said Skinner. It took three more shots to finally put the bear down.

The bear eventually collapsed dead. Ironically, Skinner explained the bear did with his head next to a picnic basket. Skinner says it was all over in about a minute. He says the bear had run out when the two saw each other, and is sorry that he had to kill the bear, but says it had to be done.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Boulder County Homeowner Shoots Very Hairy, Very Scary Home Invader

Boulder County, Colorado

From the July 27, 2009 Boulder Daily Camera:

— It took three rounds from a shotgun, five bullets from a handgun and two shots from a rifle to kill the 120-pound black bear that broke into a Boulder County home early Monday morning.

The bear break-in was the fifth time in a week hungry bears have gotten into Boulder County residences, all while the residents were home. That has wildlife officials urging area residents to take precautions and bear proof their homes.

Brenda Fischer's barking dog woke her at about 2 a.m. Monday morning. When she went upstairs to investigate, she found a bear in the kitchen of her home on Poorman Road, between Sunshine and Fourmile canyons.

Fischer quickly returned downstairs to wake her two children and her husband.

"As soon as I knew there was a bear inside the house, I went to gather up both our weapon and our ammunition, because they are in two different places, and went to place myself with the weapon between the family and the bear," said Paul Fischer, Brenda's husband.

"As soon as I moved to try and make a place for him to get out, he charged me," Fischer continued. "That's when I shot him and he kept charging me. I shot him a second time, and he kept charging me. I shot him a third time and he was finally disoriented enough for me to get away."

The first two rounds from the 12-gauge shotgun were birdshot and the third was rubber bullets, according to a report by the sheriff's office. The Fischers escaped through a bedroom window, leaving the wounded bear inside the house.

When officers arrived on the scene at about 2:30 a.m., they found a bloody bear trying to claw his way through a screen door.

Sheriff's Sgt. Lance Enholm, after determining that the bear was severely injured and would need to be put down, fired his .45-caliber handgun five more times at the animal.

Harris County Homeowner Shoots Tire Iron Wielding Burglar

Harris County, Texas

From the July 28, 2009 Houston Chronicle:

A homeowner shot and killed a suspected burglar who came at him with a tire iron Tuesday after breaking into a storage shed on the man’s property in east Harris County, officals said.

Although the shooting will be referred to a Harris County grand jury, investigators said it appears to be self-defense.

"He has the right to protect himself and his property," said Sgt. Felipe Rivera, with the Harris County sheriff’s homicide division.

Investigators later Tuesday had not released the names of the homeowner or of the dead man.

Investigators suspect the incident was related to a burglary reported Monday at the same address. In that incident, the homeowner reported that a pair of hunting crossbows had been stolen.

On Tuesday, the homeowner saw a car about 3:30 p.m. as it pulled into the driveway leading to the home in the 100 block of Cedar Lane in Channelview.

After checking with his father-in-law, who lives in another home on the same property, the man took his .45-caliber pistol and went outside to confront the man he had seen in the car, investigators said.

The man was carrying empty cases used to hold crossbows when the homeowner confronted him in the driveway.

"He pulled out his gun and ordered the suspect to stop," Rivera said. "The suspect threw the cases down and produced the tire iron."

The homeowner fired once with the pistol. He fired a second time when the man continued moving toward him.

The man got into his car then began grabbing for the pistol, Rivera said.

"They struggled for the gun and he (the homeowner) fires two or three more shots," Rivera said.

The man tried to drive away, but struck a support column for a large covered car port, causing it to partially collapse.

He was pronounced dead at the scene, Rivera said.

Atlanta Man Shoots Girlfriend's Ex In Self Defense

Atlanta, Georgia

From July 28, 2009 channel 11:

ATLANTA (AP) -- Police say a man who shot and killed his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend was acting in self defense.

The shooting happened just after 3 p.m. Monday at an apartment in the 2,000 block of Lenox Road.

Atlanta police Maj. Renee Propes said the shooting victim waited outside his ex-girlfriend's apartment until her new boyfriend came home. Propes said the man attacked the new boyfriend and the fight continued into the apartment, where the new boyfriend shot and killed the ex-boyfriend.

Propes said charges aren't likely to be filed.

Plainfield, Connecticut Man Scares Off Burglar With Shotgun

Plainfield, Connecticut

From the July 21, 2009 Stamford (Conn.) Advocate:
PLAINFIELD, Conn.—Plainfield and state police are looking for an intruder who apparently was scared off when a homeowner fired his shotgun.

Police say John Gold heard noises inside his home late Monday night and got out of bed to investigate and saw the movement of a flashlight.

Police say when Gold couldn't immediately find his cell phone to call 911, he grabbed his shotgun and began loading it when the intruder confronted him.

Gold told police he fired one shot and the intruder, who apparently was not injured, took off.

Detroit Cabbie Kills Armed Robber

Detroit, Michigan

From July 23, 2009 channel 4:
The victim of an armed robbery shot and killed his robber Thursday morning, police said.Police said an armed man attempted to rob a cab driver at the Citgo Gas Station on McNichols Street around 5 a.m.

The cab driver pulled out a gun and fired several rounds, striking the thief three times, said police.

The man was transported to Detroit Receiving Hospital, where he died.

Police said the 38-year-old shooter called police to report the shooting. He is now in custody and being questioned.

Police said the cab driver had a legitimate license to carry a concealed weapon.
From the comments:
i helped his aunt write his obituary, and it saddened me to realize that the handful of pictures and the short paragraphs in the obituary summed up his brief life. that's it. he was only 17. i wish he had listened to his family who tried to set him straight, but in his case -- as is often the case for young, misunderstood black boys -- the streets and his "friends" were louder. we'll never know what or who freddrick could have been.

Florida: Would-Be Robber Shot and Killed

Orange County, Florida

From WFTV of July 25, 2009
Would-Be Robber Shot and Killed

Orange County Sheriff's deputies say a robbery victim turned the tables on two robbery suspects.

“I was in my bedroom sleeping and all of a sudden I heard a pow, pow, pow,” said eyewitness Barry Quintin.

Deputies say Miguel Jimenez was walking into his apartment at Villa Tuscany near Ocoee when 18-year-old Andri Benjamin ran up, put a gun in his face and tried to rob him.

But Jimenez was carrying a loaded revolver and a concealed weapons permit to go along with it.

He pulled his gun out and shot Benjamin several times, killing him.

Neighbor Barry Quintin says his roommate opened their front door moments after the shooting.

“We saw the person laying down on the ground and I was like shut the damn door, and he's like, he's bleeding, and I'm like shut the door and call 911,” said Quintin.

Deputies rushed to the scene while Jimenez was holding the second suspect at gunpoint.

Now there are questions about the safety at the apartment complex.

“Villa Tuscany has to beef up their security because we don't have any security here. The only security we have is the gates up front and obviously that's not good enough, said resident Harvey Vives.

Quintin says he understands his neighbor was just protecting himself.

But he wishes it didn't have to come to such a violent and deadly ending.

“It's just a little too much.”

Monday, July 27, 2009

Idaho: Prison escapees meet their match in Idaho mom with gun

Cottonwood, Idaho

From KTVB of July 27, 2009
Prison escapees meet their match in Idaho mom with gun

The Idaho County Sheriff's Office had honored a Cottonwood woman with a certificate of achievement saying she showed true courage in the face of danger for fending off two prison escapees who tried to break into her home.

Cassidy Lockett was home with her young children late last month when she says two men tried to break into her home. She hid the children behind the couch, grabbed a .22-caliber semiautomatic pistol and aimed it at a man who was already halfway through a window, climbing into her home.

Lockett says she pointed the gun at him and told him to get out or she'd shoot. She says he complied, and left along with another man who was trying to get through the locked front door.

The sheriff's department says the two were Richard Nieves and Ben Westley Perez, who are both facing escape, burglary and other charges.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Florida: Brinks security guard fatally shot a would-be robber in Miami, witnesses say

Miami, Florida

From the Florida Sun Sentinel of July 25, 2009
Brinks security guard fatally shot a would-be robber in Miami, witnesses say

A Brinks security guard shot and killed a would-be robber who attacked him while he was making a routine stop at a South Miami-Dade health clinic Friday, according to witnesses.

After the 2 p.m. shooting outside the Doris Ison Health Center, 10300 SW 216th St., Miami-Dade police arrested two other suspects after a search of surrounding neighborhoods.

Miami-Dade police have not identified the dead man. Those arrested also were not identified.

"According to investigators, shots were fired when three subjects, armed with firearms, attempted to rob an armored truck crew making a pick up or delivery at the health center located at 10300 SW 216th Street,'' a Miami-Dade police statement said late Friday.

One employee of the health center, who did not want to be identified, told The Miami Herald that the shooting took place after the apparent robber attacked the Brinks security guard. The guard, said the witness, then shot the man outside the health center, which remained under lockdown for hours as police officers swarmed the area in search of the other suspects.

Miami Herald news partner WFOR-CBS 4 reported that police found the other suspects less than a mile away at the Cutler Creek Town Homes.

They reported that police officers went house to house and then surrounded one home.

Much of the area surrounding the health clinic and the neighborhood near the townhomes was swarming with police officers following the shooting.

La Petite Academy, a day care center on 216th Street in Cutler Bay, was placed on lockdown for hours, with parents not allowed to pick up their children, the station reported.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Texas: 74-year-old man shoots carjacker in SW Houston

Houston, Texas

From the Houston Chronicle of July 23, 2009
74-year-old man shoots carjacker in SW Houston

A 74-year-old man shot and wounded a teenager who attempted to carjack him with a knife early this morning in southwest Houston, police said.

The 18-year-old male suspect was wounded in the abdomen and was caught by police after he tried to run away following the shooting. He was taken to Ben Taub General Hospital in fair condition.

No other injuries were reported.

Police have not released the suspect's name because no charges have been filed against him, but investigators said that he will mostly likely be charged with aggravated robbery.

The shooting happened outside a home in the 10900 block of Corona in southwest Houston about 6:30 a.m., police said.

The victim, August Peters, had just parked his car in front of his wife's home when he noticed another car drive past him and park at the curb across the street.

When the victim got out of his car, he told investigators that the teen came up to him and pressed a knife against his throat.

"He said, 'Give me your car or I'll kill you,'" said Victor Senties, a spokesman for the Houston Police Department.

The victim was able to reach inside his car to get a pistol. He fired two shots at the suspect, Senties said.

The suspect ran into the driveway of a home across the street and then somehow got into the home. He broke a window to get out and continued running away. Senties said no one was at the home at the time.

Police found the teen moments later on bridge on Wilcrest near Bellaire about two blocks from where he was shot.

Investigators are uncertain if the teenager got out of the car the victim had seen park on the street. They have no description of the vehicle and no other suspects at this time.

Kentucky: Intruder Fatally Shot By Homeowner In Garrard County

Garrad County, Kentucky

From WLEX of July 21, 2009
Intruder Fatally Shot By Homeowner In Garrard County

Police are investigating after they say a man was shot to death early Tuesday morning while trying to break into a home in Garrard County.

The incident happened at about 12:45 a.m. at a home on Old Richmond Road. Kentucky State Police said Dallas Richard Helton, 40, had broken into the back of the home, and was shot once in the chest by the homeowner, Herlin McQuerry, 67. Helton stumbled out to the driveway where police said he died.

Police said McQuerry also fired a shot at the alleged getaway car being driven by Tonya Fowler, 35, of Berea. She was later arrested and charged with complicity to commit burglary second degree.

Helton's 17-year-old son was also in the vehicle. Police questioned him, but have not charged him.

Helton's family claims they were looking at rental property. However, Kentucky State Police said Helton was wearing a black ski mask and armed with a crowbar. Police added McQuerry's house was not listed for rent.

No charges will be filed against McQuerry in the case.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Unbelievable Excuses From Burglars in Alaska

Soldotna, Alaska

From the July 22, 2009 Anchorage Daily News:
Daniel Ames reckons he dealt one for the good guys on Saturday night near Soldotna when he came home, found two burglars in his house, wrestled with them over a pistol, then took them down, telling them he was going to blow off their knees if they didn't start following his orders.

One of the two 21-year-olds charged with the burglary turned out to be Ames' next-door neighbor, according to a report from the Alaska State Troopers. The young man registered a blood alcohol content of .418, which is more than five times the legal limit to drive.

Ames called the young men bandits.

The 49-year-old construction worker was returning home from work on Saturday around 9 p.m. when a neighbor told him some kids were wandering around near his home, which was being remodeled.

He rushed home to find his neighbor, Chance Tallman, and Joshua Simons trying to walk out of his house with a $125 ceiling fan, he said.

Ames said he wasn't going to let those guys get away with burglary.

"What are you two buttheads doing in my house?" he said.

To that, apparently, one of the young men said, "Who are you calling buttheads?" and began to pull out a Glock pistol.

Ames grabbed for it and began wrestling, thrashing Tallman's hand against wall studs to loosen his grip. The gun broke loose and then, according to Ames, the men looked ready to carry on with their fists. That's when he pulled out his own concealed weapon, also a Glock. He shot into the ground to let the burglars know he was serious, he said.

He told the men to get down on their knees. If they didn't, he was going to blow off their kneecaps.

He had them. Drama over. Good guy wins. Or so he says.

Tallman told troopers a different story. He was merely trespassing, picked up the fan to admire it, thinking his mother would like it, and then Ames barged in the door, put him in a chokehold, then recklessly shot the gun into the floor.

As for the Glock, that was his mother's, Tallman told the troopers. She showed up on the scene afterward and confirmed it was hers, troopers said.

Simons admitted to troopers that he was trespassing but said he was only admiring the construction work.

Troopers charged Tallman with burglary, theft, assault and misconduct with a weapon. Simons faces burglary and theft charges.

Trooper Sgt. James Truesdell, who investigated the case, said that when he arrived Ames had both men on the ground in the front yard. A Glock 23 was on the ground with a round in the chamber. Ames told the trooper that he had taken the pistol from Tallman, Truesdell wrote in his report.

The trooper said he didn't charge Ames with any crime but the district attorney may feel differently after reading the report. When asked what he meant, he read Alaska statutes on what constitutes legal defense of life and property.

82-Year-Old Florida Man Kills Home Invader

Bristol, Florida

From the July 20, 2009 Tallahassee Democrat:
BRISTOL ­—Bradley Harvell, 82, closed the Slip N’ Slide bar that is connected to his house on County Road 333 around 8 p.m. Sunday and walked inside his house an hour later. He ate some dinner dropped off by a neighbor and then went to bed.

Harvell said a short time later, he heard a knock at the door.

“There were two knocks at my door,” Harvell said. “I didn’t get up when I heard the first one. But I decided to go see who it was on the second knock.”

As Harvell cracked the door open to take a peek outside, a man dressed in a black T-shirt, black jeans with a blue bandanna covering his mouth, forced his way inside.

Harvell said the man, later identified as Octavius Barnes, 24, of Sanford, Fla., shot him with a stun gun, causing Harvell to fall back on his bed. The intruder then pulled out what appeared to be a black pistol and demanded money.

Harvell pulled out his money clip and gave the robber half of the cash. When pressed to give more, Harvell said he turned it all over.

But Harvell then reached for his .357 magnum among a pile of papers on the floor next to his bed and shot Barnes near the stomach. Barnes fell over on the TV, knocking it onto Harvell, who fired another round, striking Barnes in the head.

“I did what I did to try and save myself,” Harvell said Monday afternoon, after spending the night with his sister in Bristol. “I’m 82-years-old. I’ve made it this far, and I want to keep on living.”

The call came in about 9:20 p.m., according to the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office. When a deputy arrived, with her weapon drawn, Harvell said he told her, “There’s no need for the gun. I don’t think he’s going to get up and do anything else.”

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pontiac Man Robs The Wrong Partygoers

Pontiac, Michigan

From July 19, 2009 Detroit channel 4:
Neighbors in one community said a man was shot and killed early Sunday morning after he interrupted a neighborhood party and robbed some of the partygoers.

"It's like playground rules. They just broke one of them by going in and robbing and turning your back on someone," neighbor Andre said.

Andre said 29-year-old Gregory Scott interupted a dice game in the basement of a house in the 300 block of Seward Street in Pontiac at about 3:30 a.m.

Andre said Scott pulled a gun on partygoers and robbed them. "He goes in, pulls out a gun, let off a shot or two to make the person come out his money, and he was fine with that and turned his back," Andre said. "But everybody had pistols ... lights went off on him then."

Andre said the man was shot several times as he ran up the stairs and out of the house.

"He made it outside. He fell outside," Andre said.

Neighbors said two other people were also wounded but were able to walk away from the scene.

Virginia: No charges against Suffolk store owner who shot suspect

Whaleyville, Virginia

From WVEC of July 16, 2009
No charges against Suffolk store owner who shot suspect

No charges will be filed against a man who shot and killed a would-be robber in his store, the Suffolk commonwealth's attorney announced Thursday.

On the morning on June 21, the alarm went off at James Durden’s Whaleyville store – J&L Food Mart.

Durden, who lives close by, grabbed a gun and went to the store. His brother told 13News that Durden opened fire because he thought the man pointed a gun at him.

That man, identified as Ernest Scott Roop, was struck four times.

Detectives determined Roop was wearing camouflage clothing with his face concealed in a "ninjna" style fashion. They also said Roop had a hunting knife and crowbar and was wearing heavy construction gloves.

In the letter to Police Chief Thomas Bennett, C. Phillip Ferguson stated, “Mr. Durden was confronted with a very dangerous situation created by Roop and was legally justified in using deadly force as he genuinely believed that Roop had a firearm and that his own life was in danger.

In addition, from a practical standpoint, convinced that a Suffolk jury would not convict Mr. Durden of criminal misconduct under the facts of this case.

Therefore, this Office declines to prosecute any charges against Mr. Durden.”

Alabama: Store owner says robber shot himself

Birmingham, Alabama

From the Birmingham News of July 14, 2009
Store owner says robber shot himself

An owner of the Vineyard Food Market told The Birmingham News that a man shot himself dead as he ran after robbing the store on Tuesday night.

The owner said he fired a shot at the fleeing man, who had grabbed money in the store and ran, but he did not think he had hit him.

Police have not confirmed that account of the incident, but said the dead man had attempted to rob the store on Crestwood Boulevard.

Jerry Tucker, owner of Crestwood Antiques a few doors down from Vineyard Food Market, was called to the scene because an alarm went off at his business after a bullet went through a window. Tucker, who has been in business there for eight years, said it's a nice community, but there is a lot of crime.

Tucker said his son-in-law closed a computer store that he had owned in the same shopping center after several break-ins.

Tucker said the owners of the Vineyard are well-liked by members of the community.

"This is tragic. They are really good folks," he said.

Kentucky: Homeowner subdues intruder until police arrive

Louisville, Kentucky

From WAVE of July 16, 2009
Homeowner subdues intruder until police arrive

Police in Oldham County are investigating another apparent home invasion attempt. This time the homeowner subdued the alleged intruder until police could arrive.

According to a press release from the Oldham County Police Department, officers were sent to the 1000 block of Goshen Lane about 1:30 a.m. Friday on a report of a home invasion burglary.

When police arrived on scene, they found the home owner, Wes Johnson, and a houseguest, Richard Rackleffe, restraining 34-year-old Sherman Ellis from Louisville.

Johnson told us it was about 1 a.m. Friday when Wes Johnson, his wife and their two out-of-town guests went to bed. About a half-hour later, Johnson says they heard something strange: the garage door opening and closing.

"We got out there and the garage was closed and we couldn't really figure out what was going on," Johnson said.

They didn't know it then, but Ellis had cut open the top of the Johnson's convertible and used the garage door opener to get inside their home. "When I walked back inside, I asked my wife to go up and call 911 and notify them that something was wrong," Johnson said.

That's when he noticed something in the basement. "I saw a closet door in our basement close. When I approached the door and kicked it open the guy came out and started to assault me," Johnson said.

Johnson says he and Ellis continued to struggle. "When somebody's coming at you in the darkness in the night and somebody comes at you with something in their hand to hit you, it helps you realize real quick that something's not right."

Johnson says he yelled for his wife to bring him a pistol he had in the house. In the meantime, Johnson's guests - both former FBI agents - came running downstairs.

"The guy was fighting all he could," said Johnson's guest, Richard Rackleffe. I used to work with defense tactics and all I did was take the arm and put it in a twist, where he quit fighting and he just succumbed or submitted at that point."

They held Ellis at gunpoint until police arrived and even then Johnson said Ellis fought officers, slightly injuring one before being handcuffed.

Even though Johnson managed to get the upper hand, the experience has left him shaken. "It definitely takes all the peace and comfort you have of going home and closing the door and knowing that you are in a safe place."

Police say Ellis lives in Portland, and told Johnson he was in Oldham County for a party. When he got left behind he said he planned to steal a car to get home.

But Johnson says that doesn't explain why Ellis decided to enter his home.

Ellis has a long criminal past, including multiple rape charges. And he's listed on the Kentucky Sex Offender Registry for raping a 15-year-old girl.

Ellis is charged with burglary, robbery, assault, resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer and possession of burglary tools. He is being held in the Oldham County Jail on a $10,000 full security bond.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Boise Thief Arrested By Bystander

Boise, Idaho

From July 18, 2009 KIVI channel 6:

Boise Police received a call of a man with a gun this afternoon at approximately 1:18 p.m. in the area of Americana and River Streets. As multiple Boise Police units arrived on the scene, they located two men with handguns and de-escalated the situation.

According to BPD spokesman Charles McClure, "Witnesses tell police that the original suspect, later identified as John Dickey, had stolen personal property from the victim at a nearby homeless shelter. The suspect fled on foot traveling Eastbound on River Street. As the victim chased the suspect on foot, a third man intevened in the chase by producing a handgun and ordering the suspect to stop. The suspect was on the ground and held at gunpoint when the third citizen -- who was also a concealed weapons permit holder and only saw a man with a gun pointing it at someone, intervened and demanded that the other man drop his gun. Officers then arrived on scene and took the suspect into custody."

At this time, the original theft suspect -- John W. Dickey, 46 -- has been taken into custody and charged with misdemeanor petit theft. Dickey has no known address.

Lafayette, Indiana Armed Robbers Get A Surprise

Lafayette, Indiana

From the July 17, 2009 Lafayette (Ind.) Journal & Courier:
Investigators here plan to contact authorities in northwest Indiana to help locate three suspects in a Craigs-list exchange that turned into an armed robbery earlier this month.

Eugene A. Hall, 49, of Gary; Edward D. Mercer, 27, of Hammond; and Jarrod E. Rodriguez, 26, of Gary were each charged Thursday with six felony counts.

Warrants were issued out of Tippecanoe Superior Court 2 for their rearrest.

The criminal allegations stem from a shooting July 1 outside a Subway restaurant at 3990 Indiana 38 E. in Lafayette. No one was injured after at least six rounds were fired.

Here's what took place, according to a probable cause affidavit filed with the charges:

Hall, Mercer and Rodriguez had arranged to meet in the Subway parking lot to purchase tires and rims listed on Craigslist by two Indianapolis men.

But after agreeing upon a purchase price of $3,100 and handing over the cash, two of the buyers pulled handguns and demanded the money back.

Guns were held to both victims' heads. One of them, Kyle Delord Bostic, also was armed.

Shots were then fired by both parties.

The La-fayette Police Department stopped a van that Hall, Mercer and Rodriguez were in shortly after on Indiana 38 East. Tires and rims allegedly taken during the exchange were in the back seat.

Officers found a revolver and ammunition near the road that a witness said the three men had discarded there.

Detective Mark Pinkard said Thursday criminal charges will not be pursued against Bostic or the other Indianapolis man, Courtney Robinson, because their shots were fired in self-defense.

Bostic also was properly licensed for his firearm.

"We deemed it as a life-preserving measure on their part," Pinkard said.

Ten Year Old Shoots Home Invaders

Port Allen, Louisiana

From July 17, 2009 WAFB channel 9:

PORT ALLEN, LA (WAFB) - A ten-year-old boy left home alone with his sister used his mother's gun to shoot an intruder in the face, police said.

Late Tuesday, West Baton Rouge Parish sheriff's deputies received a call to a Port Allen apartment complex after several shots rang out from inside one of the apartments. "You are out here trying to work and for someone to come and do that and invade your home is very hard," the children's mother said. She asked to not be identified.

Deputies say Dean Favron and Roderick Porter knocked several times on the apartment door. The two young children, a ten-year-old boy and eight-year-old girl, stood on the other side, terrified. "He told his sister to be quiet and seconds later, they started kicking on the door and finally kicked the door in," said Sheriff Mike Cazes. The two children ran to their mother's bedroom closet.

In a panic, the ten-year-old grabbed his mother's gun for protection. "He did what I told him to do. I never told him to get the gun, but thank God he did," she said. Once the two suspects opened the door, threatening the kids, deputies say the boy fired a bullet into the lip of Roderick Porter. The two men were taken to the hospital by a third suspect, who is a 15-year-old juvenile. Once they got to the hospital, they were later arrested. "It's just hard. I don't understand why they would do that. I know they have little brothers and sisters and they wouldn't want anyone to break into their house," said the mother.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Texas: NW Houston resident fatally shoots intruder

Spring Branch, Texas

From the Houston Chronicle of July 16, 2009
NW Houston resident fatally shoots intruder

A man was shot and killed in a Spring Branch home this morning in what police believe was a case of self-defense.

Shortly before 7:30 a.m., paramedics received a call that a man was wounded in the 9000 block of Kerrwood, northwest of the intersection of Hammerly and Bingle.

Police on the scene say it appears the dead man was killed trying to rob the modest wood-frame house, which has a visible security camera installed outside.

Neighbors said crime has increased in the area in recent years, mostly break-ins and burglaries.

"It's disturbing, but there's nothing you can do about it," neighbor Terry Vick said, referring to what happened today.

Ginny Evans, who has lived in the area for less than two years, said she was stunned by the shooting.

"I can't blame him. I'd shoot (an intruder) if he was in my house," said Evans, who added that she had given her pistol to a friend but now plans to either ask for it back or buy another one.

"It's real scary, and it's sad," she said.

No arrests have been made and authorities are still on the scene. No other information was immediately available.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Anderson, California Man Shoots Thief

Anderson, California

From the July 13, 2009 Redding (Cal.) Record-Searchlight:

An Anderson man shot and killed a 33-year-old Burney man early Sunday after he allegedly caught him trying to steal property from his Tranquil Lane home, investigators said.

Jerry Kirk called 911 about 3:40 a.m. saying he'd just shot a man in his front yard, Shasta County sheriff's Capt. Dave Compomizzo said.

Curtis Evin Ingalls died from his wounds on the property, Compomizzo said. The home sits behind a gate at the end of a quiet street surrounded by walnut orchards and horse pastures.

Compomizzo declined to say how many times Ingalls had been shot with Kirk's handgun or where he had been hit.

The two men knew each other, Compomizzo said.

Kirk went to confront Ingalls after he caught him trying to take tools and other equipment from the property, Compomizzo said.

"He didn't assault Kirk, but he went after him," Compomizzo said.

No arrests have been made in the case.

Crime scene investigators remained at the property throughout the morning, and investigators continued interviewing witnesses and family members throughout the day, Compomizzo said.

Ingalls has a lengthy criminal history in Shasta County. On Wednesday, he pleaded no contest to obstructing an executive officer, a felony, according to electronic Shasta County Superior Court records.

He was to be sentenced Aug. 5.

In January, Ingalls pleaded no contest to obstructing a police officer and injuring a police dog. He was sentenced to 63 days in Shasta County jail, court records show.

Allentown Robbery Victim Opens Fire

Allentown, Pennsylvania

From the June 28, 2009 Allentown Morning Call:

An Allentown man and a 17-year-old juvenile got more than they bargained for when they attempted to rob city resident Michael Dawes early Saturday morning, according to police.

Dawes, 38, of N. 13th Street, was smoking a cigarette near 13th and Union streets about 3:45 a.m. when the juvenile approached and asked for a dollar, said police Capt. Daryl Hendricks. Dawes said he didn't have a dollar and the youth moved away.

Moments later, Albert Torres Jr., 24, of 841 Tilghman St. approached Dawes and asked for marijuana, getting the same reply, Hendricks said. At that point, the two attacked Dawes, who pulled a registered handgun and started firing.

Dawes got off two shots, but the assailants, who quickly fled, were not hit, Hendricks said. When police arrived, Dawes spotted a car he'd seen lurking in the area before the incident. Police stopped the car, and Dawes identified the two people inside as those who tried to attack him.

Torres was charged with robbery, conspiracy, attempted theft and simple assault, Hendricks said. The youth was sent to a juvenile detention facility.

Arkansas: Former Blinn player shot during alleged burglary attempt

Jonesboro, Arkansas

From the Brenham Banner-Press of July 13, 2009
Former Blinn player shot during alleged burglary attempt

Former Blinn College football player Paul Stephens was shot early Saturday morning after he allegedly tried to burglarize a local residence, according to a report by The Jonesboro Sun.

Stephens, who was listed as the starting cornerback for Arkansas State University after earning the job during spring practices, was taken to St. Bernards Medical Center after being shot in the torso, The Sun reports.

When police responded to an emergency call to investigate a burglary, 25-year-old Antonio Williams told them he shot an intruder at his apartment. Shortly thereafter, police were able to locate Stephens, who had a gunshot wound in his midsection.

Further information will be released when the investigation is complete, investigators told The Sun.

Stephens last played for Blinn in 2007, where he started at cornerback and returned punts and kickoffs. He played for Arkansas State last season, recording 10 tackles and one interception.

From the Associated Press of July 14, 2009
Arkansas St. CB Paul Stephens kicked off team

Arkansas State cornerback Paul Stephens has been dismissed from the team.

Stephens was hospitalized over the weekend with a gunshot wound to his midsection. A man told police that he shot an intruder trying to break into an apartment.

Arkansas State announced Stephens' dismissal from the Red Wolves on Monday night, saying it was for "conduct detrimental to the team."

Illinois: Man shot with his own gun in serious condition

Gary, Illinois

From the Post-Tribune of July 14, 2009
Man shot with his own gun in serious condition

A shooting Friday morning in the 1500 block of Clark Road resulted from a struggle by a man who brought a gun with him and was shot with it during the fight, Cpl. Gabrielle King said.

Ronnerial Luckett, 46, was shot in the forehead as he and Donnell Currin Jr. both fought to control Luckett's handgun. The weapon discharged during the confrontation and Luckett was wounded.

Luckett was in serious condition after the shooting and an updated condition was not available Monday.

Detective Cpl. Michael Barnes is investigating the shooting, which police believe will be ruled as self defense, King said.

West Virginia: Mason County man fatally shoots his son

New Haven, West Virginia

From the Charleston Daily Mail of July 12, 2009
Mason County man fatally shoots his son

State Police say a Mason County man is claiming self defense after fatally shooting his son during a dispute in his New Haven home.

Troopers said Lyman Greenlee fired a single shot at his son Charles Scott Greenlee, 35, of Point Pleasant. The incident happened about 10 p.m. Friday, said Trooper A.D. Wooton, the investigating officer.

Charles Greenlee died of his injuries.

Charles Greenlee had gone to the Seventh Street home of his father and stepmother earlier Friday evening and the three of them got into an argument, troopers said.

State Police spokesman Michael Baylous said Charles Greenlee assaulted his father and then began assaulting his stepmother, whose name has not been released. At that time, Lyman Greenlee retrieved a small- to medium-sized handgun and ordered his son to stop, Baylous said.

Troopers said Lyman Greenlee then fired one shot, which struck his son.

State Police said alcohol might have been a factor in the incident.

Troopers said Lyman Greenlee was questioned Friday night and that the man has cooperated fully with the investigation. He told officers he shot his son in self-defense, Baylous said.

Lyman Greenlee was not arrested, nor has he been charged, police said.

Baylous said the case will be handed over to the Mason County prosecutor's office and taken to a grand jury, which will decide if the evidence merits an indictment.

State Police still are investigating.

Georgia: Police Seeking Home Invasion Suspect After Gunfight

Mableton, Georgia

From WXIA of July 14, 2009
Police Seeking Home Invasion Suspect After Gunfight

A home invasion Tuesday afternoon ended in gunfire in South Cobb County, after a would-be robber tied up two men who lived at a home in Mableton.

Police said that one of the men got free and started shooting at the home invaders. That led to a massive search for the suspect, but the man remained on the run Tuesday night.

At around 1 p.m., a man with a gun broke into a home on Nickajack Road near Fontaine Road and rounded up all the people inside, tying them up.

One of the victims was able to get free, and retrieve his personal gun. He fired at the intruder in the confrontation that ensued, and police said that the suspect may have been shot before getting away on foot.

At some point after police arrived at the home, they received reports of gunshots fired in the area. Police cordoned off the general area near the home, including a section of the Silver Comet Trail -- believing initially it could be the work of the suspect on the loose.

Police said that they checked the wooded area near the home and were unable to find any trace of that suspect.

Investigators said that they do not believe the two incidents are related, which means the manhunt is now over, and the home invasion is still on the loose.

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution of July 15, 2009
"I had to get my gun" said Mableton man, 83, in shoot-out with home invader

A quick-thinking 83-year-old Mableton man foiled a home invader’s plans when he escaped bondage and shot the bandit.

John Parrish saved the day Tuesday with a pair of scissors and a .22-caliber revolver, police and a grateful son-in-law said.

“John Wayne is what we call him now,” said Danny Carlson, a tennis instructor who owns the home and who was shot in the right calf Tuesday as the octogenarian and the suspect exchanged gunfire.

“I don’t know what that guy would’ve done had he [Parrish] not come up here.”

Tuesday before 1 p.m., an armed man entered the basement of Carlson’s house on Nickajack Road, and encountered Parrish’s wife, Margaret.

Parrish and his wife occupy the basement’s in-law suite.

She’d heard her puppies barking and went to the bathroom to check on them, Carson said.

“As soon as she cracked the door, he grabbed her by the hair, put the gun in her ear and said, ‘If you make a sound, I’ll blow your brains out,’” John Parrish said Wednesday afternoon.

The intruder forced Parrish’s wife to the ground, tied her hands and feet with duct tape, and put a blanket over her head.

Parrish said he went to find his wife, and soon met the same fate – lying face down with his hands taped behind his back.

“He told me, ‘I don’t want to hurt you. I just want your money,’” Parrish said.

He told the invader he didn’t have any.

As the intruder stalked through the house, the retired freight dockworker hustled to free himself, twisting and wriggling his arms first, then crawling to the kitchen to find scissors to cut his legs free.

“I had to get my gun,” Parrish said.

Meanwhile, the intruder found a 10-year-old girl in the first-floor living room waiting to continue her tennis lessons with Carlson.

“He grabbed her and asked if anyone else was in the house,” said Carlson’s son, Chad, who came home from North Carolina on Wednesday after the incident.

The girl led the intruder to Danny Carlson’s office on the second floor of the house.

“I thought it was the little girl coming up to get me,” Carlson said. “But when I looked up, he had his arm around her and the gun pointed at me.”

The invader told the girl to sit down, and he bound Carlson and covered his head with a blanket.

“Then I just heard shooting,” he said.

Parrish had found his gun, loaded it, and sneaked upstairs.

“I shot three times and heard him groan,” Parrish said.

The intruder fired back twice, hitting Carlson once in the back of his right calf, and just missing Parrish.

“He ran past me and down the stairs out of the house,” Parrish said. “That shot came pretty close.”

Police say the suspect, described as a 6-foot-tall, roughly 250-pound black man in his 40s or 50s, is still at large, despite a lengthy search of the woods and nearby Silver Comet Trail near Carlson’s home.

Police say the intruder may have been wounded in the shootout.

Carlson said Parrish shot three times, “but we couldn’t find the bullets, so they must be in the intruder.”

Carlson was taken to the hospital and treated for the gunshot wound and a shattered tibia.

“The worst thing in the whole scenario is that the little girl had to witness all the gunfire,” Carlson said.

While Carlson said he would increase the security in the house, Parrish noted one thing he would do different.

“My wife never did want me to keep my gun loaded,” he said. “But now she said she does.”

Utah: Lehi man shoots at intruder, chases him away

Lehi, Utah

From KSL of July 14, 2009
Lehi man shoots at intruder, chases him away

Tense moments in Lehi Tuesday after police set up a perimeter looking for a suspect in a home-invasion robbery.

The all clear has been given, but there are a lot of worried neighbors. They saw dozens of police cars in the street and officers with weapons and K-9s looking for a man who tried to stab someone inside his home.

Around 2 p.m. a 23-year-old man reported to police that someone broke inside his home near 2400 North and 800 West. He said the man tried to stab him, so he grabbed a gun and fired a shot at the intruder and chased him away through the back door.

Police from Lehi, American Fork and Saratoga Springs, as well as Utah County sheriff's deputies, searched for the suspect for nearly an hour.

The victim's sister, Annie, told KSL, "What happened, what we've been told, is that someone tried to stop my brother. I guess my brother shot at him and missed and scared the guy off, and he ran away."

Greg Neer, with the Lehi Police Department, said, "We do not have a suspect in custody. We have a description of him. He's wearing ... he's described as wearing a black tank top with cammo shorts, some Nike running shoes and his hair was light brown, has a little bit spiky in the front."

Neighbors were obviously alarmed to be told by police to stay inside their homes, especially after hearing the suspect could be armed with a knife.

In the end, no suspect was found, and right now detectives are interviewing the victim at the police station to try and find out more information.

Police are still unsure if the suspect was hit, and at this point aren't giving any more information about what happened.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

South Carolina: Again, a pizza, a robbery, a gunshot

Lexington, South Carolina

From The State of July 14, 2009
Again, a pizza, a robbery, a gunshot

A Papa John’s pizza delivery man shot and wounded a 17-year-old who called in a pizza order and then robbed him at a vacant house with a fake handgun, the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department said.

The incident occurred July 5, but deputies delayed announcing it until Monday — a day after the teen was charged with robbery, and eight days after the shooting.

It was the second time in recent months that a pizza delivery man in Lexington County has shot someone trying to rob him.

The other incident was March 7, when a Pizza Hut delivery man shot and killed a 17-year-old assailant who was beating him. Deputies have arrested three other teens in that Irmo-area incident.

But neither pizza delivery man is facing charges, since authorities have ruled both shootings were in self-defense. The two delivery men carried concealed-weapon permits, deputies said.

In the most recent shooting, Sheriff James Metts is withholding the name of the pizza delivery man. He said Monday through a spokesman that deputies feared for the man’s safety — but would not give details of any threats.

The suspect, Raymond Antonio Metze, 17, of 212 Crestridge Drive, Lexington, was booked Sunday at the Lexington County Detention Center on charges of armed robbery and possessing a weapon during the commission of a violent crime. He is in jail under $100,000 bond.

A black BB pistol that resembled a semiautomatic handgun was used in the robbery, a Sheriff’s Department spokesman said.

Metze was at Palmetto Health Richland for more than a week, though details of his treatment were not released. He got out of the hospital Sunday night.

The July 5 shooting occurred in the Red Bank area of Lexington County, about a mile west of White Knoll High School.

According to warrants and reports from deputies, shortly before midnight, the 29-year-old delivery man — from Papa John’s on 3937 Platt Springs Road — brought pizza to 236 Crestridge Drive. The home was vacant.

After the delivery man knocked on the front door, a man came from the side of the house with what appeared to be a handgun and demanded cash.

The pizza delivery man gave him a little more than $200.

As the pizza delivery man left, the suspect kept pointing his fake pistol at him. Not knowing it was fake and only fired BBs, the pizza man pulled his handgun. It was real, a 9mm semiautomatic.

He fired one shot, wounding the suspect in his chest.

The suspect fled and the pizza delivery man called 911. Acting on a neighbor’s tip, deputies found the suspect within minutes, lying on a porch of a nearby house.

The suspect was airlifted to Palmetto Health Richland.

Metts said the unidentified pizza delivery man was not charged because he acted in self-defense. Deputies and the 11th Circuit solicitor’s office made the determination.

In the March shooting, pizza delivery man Christopher Miller, 43, from an Irmo-area Pizza Hut, voluntarily agreed to have his name released to the public, the Sheriff’s Department said.

The Papa John’s pizza man, a spokesman added, wants confidentiality.

Georgia: Intruder, resident shot to death in home invasion

Savannah, Georgia

From the Ledger-Enquirer of July 14, 2009
Intruder, resident shot to death in home invasion

Garden City police say two men are dead from gunshot wounds in an apparent home invasion..

Police Chief David Lyons said a man and a woman were inside the residence about 1 a.m. Tuesday when two armed intruders broke in through a bedroom window.

Lyons said the resident also was armed and gunfire erupted. He said one of the intruders was hit and ran from the house. He was found dead in some woods about 70 yards from the house.

The chief said the male resident was alive when police found him in a bedroom, but he died on his way to a hospital. He said the female was not hurt.

Police said identities will be released after relatives are notified.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

California: Homeowner Shoots Burglary Suspect in Fresno

Fresno, California

From KGPE of July 6, 2009
Homeowner Shoots Burglary Suspect in Fresno

A shooting in Southwest Fresno is under investigation after a homeowner shot a burglar who had broken into his house.

The shooting happened around 11:00 PM Saturday night near Olive and Polk.

The owner and his daughter returned home and found someone inside the house. The man took his daughter to a neighbor and went back to the house while the neighbor called police.

It turns out the burglar was a teen who lives right next door.

The homeowner told CBS47 that he shot the teen in the arm. The teen is expected to survive and now faces charges for burglary.

Ohio: Owner of store shoots robber

Barberton, Ohio

From the Akron Beacon-Journal of July 11, 2009
Owner of store shoots robber

A Barberton store owner opened fire on two robbers Thursday night, and police believe one of them was a man whose body was later discovered outside Akron General Medical Center.

The body has yet to be identified. His accomplice has also not been identified.

Barberton Police Chief Michael Kallai said the robbery occurred at 9:30 p.m. Thursday at the 619 Brew Thru at Fifth Street Southeast and Snyder Avenue.

One of the men robbed a clerk and then, after being shot, fled with an undisclosed amount of money in a red Nissan Maxima sedan.

Police said store owner Morad A. Fares fired at the robbers. Fares, 22, declined comment Friday afternoon.

Kallai said the case remains under investigation. He said a prosecutor would ultimately decide whether Fares acted in self-defense.

Fares has told police that at least one of the robbers was armed.

Ohio law generally allows shop owners and homeowners to protect themselves when their lives are threatened.

Earlier this year, a West Akron pizza shop owner was exonerated of criminal charges by Summit County prosecutors, who ruled he acted in self-defense when he shot and killed an armed robber.

''I'm not going to say. That's up to the prosecutor,'' Kallai said of Fares. ''We're still waiting to get all the facts. We have to ID the deceased and the vehicle's driver before we make any decision.''

At about 10 p.m. Thursday, a man with bullet wounds was dumped outside Akron General. He later died.

The body remains at the Summit County Medical Examiner's Office as authorities try to identify him.

Police say the shooting victim was a light-skinned black male, standing 6-foot-2 and weighing about 200 pounds. He had a goatee and a discolored front tooth. He wore white jogging pants, a blue ''BOSS'' labeled T-shirt, a green hooded sweat shirt and a blue baseball cap.

The driver of the vehicle is described only as a white male in his 40s.

Anyone with information about the robbery is asked to contact Barberton police detectives at 330-745-2181.

Idaho: Neighbor shoots loose pit bull

Boise, Idaho

From the Idaho Statesman of July 12, 2009
Neighbor shoots loose pit bull

Police say an Ada County man shot and killed an attacking pit bull.

Josh Hobson says he was responding to pleas of help from a jogger on Saturday night. Armed with his shotgun, he says he shot one of two dogs as it turned on him.

Neighbors say the jogger, with his own dog, were running down the sidewalk when the two pit bulls ran out an open door and across the street, snarling and barking. The jogger took refuge in a pickup truck.

Ada County officers say Hobson did nothing wrong. Deputy Nicole Hudson says the dogs were in Hobson's yard and threatening another person or animal, so the shooting was justified.

Illinois: Police: Man shot by store owner

Waukegan, Illinois

From the Daily Herald of July 8, 2009
Police: Man shot by store owner

A Waukegan man is in stable condition after being shot by the store owner he is charged with robbing.

Lake County Assistant State's Attorney Patricia Fix said officials are reviewing the details of the Sunday night shooting of Demitrius Newbill, 29. Newbill, who was shot in the chest, is at Vista East Medical Center.

Fix said Newbill, of the 500 block of Poplar Street, entered the Pasteleria Panaderia, 701 Yeoman St., about 8:15 p.m. The owner of the bakery told police Newbill had his left hand under his shirt and asked for a piece of paper and a pencil, Fix said.

Newbill wrote a note that said: "I have a gun. Give me all the money," and handed it to the owner, Fix said.

The owner gave Newbill all the cash in the register, Fix said, and told police he believed he saw a gun in Newbill's waistband as he did so.

Newbill then took the business telephone and cell phones from the owner and his employees, Fix said, and began backing toward the door of the store.

The owner told police he thought he saw Newbill reaching for the object in his waistband as he neared the door, so he took a .38 caliber revolver from underneath the counter and fired three times.

Police interviewed Newbill at the hospital, Fix said, and he admitted the robbery and that he told the store owner he had a gun.

Newbill, who was unarmed, has been charged with aggravated robbery and faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted.

Fix said police reports and witness statements are being reviewed to determine if anyone else will be charged.

The store owner has a current state firearm owner's identification card, Fix said.

Court records show Newbill was convicted of robbery in 2003 and placed on probation, but he was found in violation of the probation and resentenced to five years in prison.

California: A Palm Desert man stops attempted burglary

Palm Desert, California

From the Desert Sun of July 11, 2009
A Palm Desert man stops attempted burglary

Palm Desert homeowner helped stop an attempted burglary of his home early Saturday morning.

At 3:40 a.m., the homeowner awoke to sounds of a window breaking toward the front of his home in the 43-600 block of Louisiana Street, according to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department officials.

The man saw two people standing in front of his home. He then armed himself with a pistol and chased the suspects as they fled north toward a golf course.

The man fired one shot, which caused the suspects to surrender until Palm Desert police officers arrived.

Steven Flores, 18, of Palm Desert, and a 16-year-old male teenager from Rancho Mirage were arrested on suspicion of attempted burglary. Flores is in the county jail in Indio and the male teenager is at a juvenile detention facility in Indio.

The name of the juvenile is not being released because of his age, officers said.

Missouri: Armed struggle ends with man shot in Northland

Kansas City, Missouri

From the Kansas City Star of July 12, 2009
Armed struggle ends with man shot in Northland

A man was shot in Kansas City, North, shortly after 10 p.m. Saturday after he had come, armed with a handgun, to the home of another man.

Police said the two had an ongoing disagreement and that the man they identified as a suspect went into the other man's home in the 1000 block of Northwest 63rd Street brandishing a handgun.

The two struggled over the intruder's gun, and the resident pulled out his own gun and shot the other man

Texas: Clerk Fights Back After Robbery

Houston, Texas

From KIAH of July 3, 2009
Clerk Fights Back After Robbery

Gunfire broke out Friday afternoon outside a Southwest Houston mini-mart. It happened when a store clerk went after two suspects who just finished robbing him.

Amir Borhani said it was a sense of déjà vu after two masked gunmen entered his family owned convenient store and robbed him.

"I've been in it before. They tried to rob my dad out here. I was in a gun battle before. I just didn't think it would happen again," said Borhani.

Borhani said the suspects took the money in the register and ran. He grabbed his own gun and went after them - fueled in part by pure rage.

"We're a little business and we try hard to make money I am hearing about people getting robbed around here and I'm tired of it," said Borhani.

He also said he shot at the suspects twice then ran after the suspect holding the money.

"I grabbed him, held his collar, put the gun to his head and said, don't move or I'm going to shot you. At that time he starts pleading please don't shoot me. I don't," said Borhani.

He got his money back, but the suspect wasn't going down so easily.

Borhani said, "He grabs my hand, knocks the gun out of my hand we both dive to the floor."

The two struggled for the gun, but Borhani managed to grab it and throw it out of reach. The suspect fought off Borhani and ran. He got away but ran into a minor roadblock.

"I was just driving down the street, and the guy just crossed. I couldn't break so I hit with my truck," said George Garcia.

Garcia was passing by when the suspect ran in front of his truck. Garcia tried to help but was shot at as the suspect limped away into the waiting get-a-way car with his accomplices.

The suspect may have gotten away, but one of them likely left a clue to their identity behind.

"I think we got enough evidence," said Sgt. James Welborn with the Houston Police Department.

Welborn said the suspect likely left a fingerprint when he bounced off Garcia's truck, "If they've ever been handled before with fingerprint evidence, and the descriptions we got I don't think we should have a problem."

Witnesses described the suspect's get-a-way vehicle as a dark blue sedan - possibly a Honda or Toyota.

Virginia: Two shot in South Richmond store

Richmond, Virginia

From the Times Dispatch of July 12, 2009
Two shot in South Richmond store

A gunman who had wounded a shopkeeper and opened fire on several customers was stopped yesterday when another man shot him at the store in South Richmond, authorities said.

The violent attempted robbery took place shortly after 1 p.m. at the Golden Food Market at 2701 Jefferson Davis Highway, the same store where another man was shot last month -- and only three blocks from the scene of another robbery in June that left a shopkeeper dead.

Owners of as many as a dozen Jefferson Davis-area businesses flocked to the scene of the shooting, and many were rattled by such a brazen daylight attack, said Councilwoman Reva Trammell, whose 8th District includes the Jefferson Davis corridor.

Trammell, who arrived outside the store shortly after yesterday's shootings, described a frenzied scene. One man told Trammell that the man who had shot the robber was a guardian angel.

"Whoever did it probably saved their lives in there," Trammell said of the shooter.

Police did not identify anyone involved in yesterday's shootings.

The man who shot the robber is a friend of the store owner, and he was wearing a holster with a Western-style revolver, said Managing Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney Tracy Thorne-Begland.

After the suspect shot the store owner and opened fire on patrons, the owner's friend shot the suspect once in the torso, took his gun and called police, Thorne-Begland said.

Thorne-Begland said it appeared that the shooting of the suspect was justified, although he emphasized that the investigation was in the early stages.

Police said they expect to file charges against the suspect.

The store owner's injuries did not appear life-threatening, authorities said, but the gunman's injuries were said to be life-threatening. No one else was hurt.

Anthony Gregory, who lives near Golden Food, said he was in the store about 15 minutes before the shootings, and that while he was there, he saw a man with a baby making a purchase.

Gregory said the owner told the baby, "Welcome to the world. This is a dangerous world, so be careful. But don't worry, God will protect you."

Police Cmdr. Steve Drew said officers had been patrolling up and down Jefferson Davis yesterday and recently have bolstered their presence in the area. He said it was unusual for a commercial robbery to happen so early in the day.

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch of July 15, 2009
Richmond Store owner grateful for man who shot robber

Three days after Mustapha Kassou was shot in an attempted robbery in his store in South Richmond, he said that he owed his life to the man who ended the ordeal by shooting the robber.

Yesterday, Kassou returned to Golden Food Market on Jefferson Davis Highway for the first time since he was shot there Saturday afternoon.

Kassou said the masked robber walked into the store shortly after 1 p.m. and seemed startled to see about eight people inside. The robber told everyone to get on the floor, and then he fired at Kassou and hit him twice, he said.

"When the guy shot me, I was waiting for him to finish me," Kassou said. "I was knocked down behind the cash register."

The other armed man pulled a six-shot revolver from his holster and told the robber to drop his weapon, Kassou said. When he didn't, authorities say, the man shot the robber once in the torso, took the robber's gun and called police.

Witnesses told police it appeared the robber ran out of bullets and tried to reload. Some people in the store told the man to finish off the robber, witnesses reported.

"Everyone was telling him to kill him," Kassou said, "but he said, 'I can't do it.'"

Saturday's incident was the second such shooting at the store in a month.

The two shootings at Golden Food and the fatal shooting of a shopkeeper last month in another store just blocks away have alarmed some nearby residents, although police say the number of violent crimes along the Jefferson Davis corridor has been declining since May.

Councilwoman Reva Trammell, whose 8th District includes the corridor, and police Cmdr. Steve Drew will hold a public safety meeting for Jeff Davis-area business owners tonight from 6 to 8 at the Satellite Restaurant, 4000 Jefferson Davis Highway.

Kassou was released from the hospital Sunday, but he was limping and in obvious pain yesterday. He sat inside his store with family members, but he kept the front door locked. He said the shootings have made him scared of almost everyone.

He said he was struggling with whether he should reopen the store. He does not know how he would support his wife and two children if he chooses to keep the store closed.

Kassou said he is considering returning to his native Morocco. He said he is an American citizen and has lived here about 20 years and loves this country.

"It's not worth it anymore," he said, adding that he will arm himself if he reopens the store.

Kassou said he still is alive because of God -- and because of the man who drew a .45-caliber Western-style revolver and ended Saturday's robbery by shooting the gunman.

"He saved a lot of lives," Kassou said. "He was like an angel who came to save everybody."

Authorities say the robber was wounded after he shot Kassou and fired on customers.

Neither Kassou nor the police would identify the man who shot the robber. Authorities said an initial investigation indicates the man acted lawfully when he shot the robber.

Police have charged James Grooms III, 30, of South Richmond with attempted robbery, use of a firearm and possession of a firearm by a felon.

He remained in critical condition last night at VCU Medical Center.

A woman who said she is one of Grooms' relatives declined to comment when reached by phone yesterday.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Colorado: Aurora store owner shoots, kills robbery suspect

Aurora, Colorado

From the Denver Post of July 7, 2009
Aurora store owner shoots, kills robbery suspect

The owner of a check-cashing and cigarette store shot and killed an armed robber in his store early Monday afternoon, according to eyewitnesses and a vague police account.

Aurora police said they received a 911 call shortly after 1 p.m. about a gunman who attempted to rob the check-cashing store on the northwest corner of Clinton Street and East Colfax Avenue.

After investigating, police said a "possible suspect" had been shot by a person in the store.

The wounded person was driven by an unknown person to a Denver-area hospital where he died of a single gunshot wound, police said, refusing to identify the victim or the hospital where he was treated.

Police Lt. Bob Friel said detectives were hesitant to release any details until they were sure of their investigation.

However, Ryan Moench, 17, a mechanic at Muffler Pros, which his family has owned for 15 years directly across Colfax from the check-cashing store, said he heard a single gunshot, then saw two men dressed in blue running from the store, out of his view.

"I heard a shot and saw two guys running out of the store and around to the back," Moench said. He couldn't recall if one was bleeding and could give no other description.

"I could see the owner of the store in the door on the telephone. Five minutes later, the police arrived," he said.

The owner of the check-cashing business is a 56-year-old man named Tom, who has owned the business for 22 years, according to his landlord, Jim Rellos. Rellos said he couldn't remember his tenant's last name and couldn't find the lease.

"He's a good man," Rellos said. "I never have trouble with him. He runs a good business. His kid went to Machebeuf High School with one of my kids."

Friel said Tom was taken to police headquarters for questioning after the shooting.

Police also interviewed passers-by, residents and people working in the downtown Aurora neighborhood, just a few blocks west of the historic Aurora Fox Theatre.

Tennessee: 2 Criminals Shot During Jewelry Robbery in East Memphis

Memphis, Tennessee

From Eyewitness News of July 9, 2009
2 Criminals Shot During Jewelry Robbery in East Memphis

Two people have been shot during an attempted robbery of a jewelry vender in East Memphis.

It happened around 3:00 p.m., Wednesday, July 8, 2009, in the 5300 block of Poplar Avenue, outside of the Hopson Building. was first on the scene, just seconds after the call went out to Memphis Police.

Police say a jewelry vender was doing business inside the building just before the shooting happened. The man told police that he had been followed by four men, but didn’t know how long they were watching him. Investigators say when the man left the building, the four suspects tried to rob him. The vendor then pulled his gun and shot two of the would be robbers, police said.

Police say the two who were shot are in critical condition. Investigators also tell the jeweler, 62 year-old Stephen Fleischman was targeted by the four men. It's believed the would be robbers were following Fleischman for quite some time.

Authorities say they are searching for two Latino men in a white Ford Fusion. Surveillance cameras captured the car leaving the parking garage seconds after the shooting. The Building Manager tells myEyewitnessNews Memphis Police Investigators are working to blow up the video to get a better look at the suspects and a possible license plate number.

Arkansas: Worker Shoots Burglary Suspect During Break-In

Little Rock, Arkansas

From KTHV of July 7, 2009
Worker Shoots Burglary Suspect During Break-In

A worker at a Little Rock motorcycle dealership shot a burglary suspect early Tuesday morning.

Around 5:00 a.m., police responded to a burglar alarm at BMW Motorcycles of Little Rock on Jones Street.

An employee, Julius Ceasaer, told officers that he was sleeping in the business when he heard a loud noise. He then saw a dark colored Dodge pick up backing into the business. Ceasaer said that he grabbed his shotgun, approached the front door and saw a man looking around at some of the motorcycles that were on display.

When the suspect, 43-year-old Haywood Patterson, saw Ceasaer, he ran out of the business.

Two other suspects inside the pick up then drove away. Ceasaer saw Patterson crouching down outside. Ceasaer told police he feared Patterson may have had a weapon, so he fired shots at him.

Patterson was wounded in the upper body and face. He attempted to flee the area, but was caught shortly after. He was transported to UAMS where his injuries are life threatening.

No charges have been filed at this time and detectives are working to identify the other two suspects in the truck

Louisiana: Attempted robbery leads to deadly shooting

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

From WAFB of July 9, 2009
Attempted robbery leads to deadly shooting

Police say a deadly shooting on Alliquippa Street in Baton Rouge was apparently the result of an attempted robbery gone bad.

They say around 2:00 Wednesday morning two men rushed into a home attempting to rob the people inside.

Police say an 18-year-old inside the home grabbed his gun and started shooting, but so did a 38-year-old robber.

The robber died at the scene, while the 18-year-old remains hospitalized fighting for his life.

The second suspect ran off. If you can help police find him, call Crime Stoppers at 344-7867.

Louisiana: Business owner foils robbery try

Shreveport, Louisiana

From the Shreveport Times of July 9, 2009
Business owner foils robbery try

A business owner who fought back foiled a robbery try early today and may have wounded one of the men who tried to rob him, Shreveport police say.

At around 12:15 a.m., Shreveport police patrol officers were sent to Mitchell’s Transmission in the 3100 block of Morningside Drive after getting reports of an attempted robbery there. Officers learned that three men wearing ski masks, one armed with a sawed-off shotgun, had tried to rob the owner as he closed the business. The business owner said he pulled out his handgun and fired two shots at the robbers, who ran off. The business owner was not injured.

About 10 minutes later, officers got a call from Willis-Knighton Medical center on Greenwood Road where a man had shown up at the emergency room with a gunshot wound. At the hospital, officers contacted one Derrick Glover, 20, who had a gunshot wound to his abdomen. Glover told officers he had been shot by an unknown man somewhere on Kent Street. Kent intersects with Morningside in the Caddo Heights neighborhood in central Shreveport.

Detectives are trying to determine whether the robbery try and the shooting are related. People with information on either incident should call Shreveport police detectives at (318) 673-6955 or CrimeStoppers at (318) 673-7373.

Louisiana: Clerk shoots suspect during armed robbery

Shreveport, Louisiana

From the Shreveport Times of July 7, 2009
Clerk shoots suspect during armed robbery

A suspected robber is being treated at a local hospital after being shot by a store clerk, and his accomplice is in police custody.

It happened about 7:25 a.m. at Cherokee Park Grocery store in the 300 block of North Thomas Street, north of downtown Shreveport, said Cpl. Bill Goodin, police spokesman.

Police say a clerk fired shots at two black males who entered the store with handguns and took some merchandise. One of the men was shot in the hip, Goodin said.

He is being treated at LSU Hospital in Shreveport with non-life threatening injuries. The other is being questioned by detectives.

Texas: Intruder Shot North Of Whitney

Whitney, Texas

From the Publication of July 9, 2009
Intruder Shot North Of Whitney

An apparent ongoing dispute led to an intruder being shot after he forced his way into a Whitney area home late Saturday, July 4.

Hill County Sheriff’s Office deputies had been to a residence in the 300 block of Timberline Street off Farm Road 1713 earlier in the evening.

The shooting was called into authorities at 11:53 p.m. after the victim forced open a door at the home to gain entry.

The 46-year-old Whitney man struggled with the 43-year-old homeowner before he armed himself with a .22 caliber pistol.

One shot was apparently fired, striking the older man in the abdomen.

The victim fled and was taken to Lake Whitney Medical Center in Whitney by private vehicle.

He was later flown by Air Evac to Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center in Waco.

According to sheriff’s office reports, he was listed in stable condition the following day.

Sheriff Jeffrey T. Lyon said that a charge of burglary of a habitation is expected to be filed on the man after he is released from the hospital.

Georgia: Homeowner Exchanges Gunfire With Would-Be Robber

Atlanta, Georgia

From WSBTV of July 9, 2009
Homeowner Exchanges Gunfire With Would-Be Robber

A quiet night in front of the television ended with a shoot-out in southwest Atlanta. A homeowner was in the hospital Thursday morning as police searched for the would-be robber.

Officials said a homeowner will recover after suffering a gunshot wound to the ear during a gun battle when someone tried to break into his home.

A shoot-out on Westmont Road between a homeowner and a would-be robber woke up several people in the neighborhood.

"I guess I would say about 15 to 20 rounds was exchanged," said neighbor Otis Holliman.

The homeowner told Channel 2 Action News her husband was in the living room watching television when he heard a noise outside the house. He grabbed his gun to check it out and that's when the gun battle erupted.

The husband was shot once in the right ear and was rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital.

Crime scene investigators found several bullet casings and a gun.

"The guy dropped the gun that was shooting at her husband," said Holliman.

The suspect got away.

Holliman said criminals have been targeting his neighbors since they moved in.

"I think the house has been broken into three or four different times here recently," said Holliman.

Doctors said the victim is in stable condition. The victim's wife said once her husband gets out of the hospital, they plan to move.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Florida: Man Shoots Intruder In Self-Defense

Jacksonville, Florida

From WJXT of July 8, 2009
Man Shoots Intruder In Self-Defense

William West was asleep in his bed when he got an unusual call from his neighbor at 4:30 in the morning.

"I called him back, and he was like, 'Somebody in your house right now. How asleep is you? They in your house right now," West's neighbor said.

That's when West said he got up and armed himself with a 12-gauge shotgun, taking matters into his own hands.

"I didn't really have time to think, you know what I'm saying," West said. "Didn't have time to think to be scared or not. I just know I had to try to protect myself. That's it."

West said he shot the intruder who was later identified as 25-year-old Gerald Wright.

According to the arrest report, Wright came in through West's window armed with a silver handgun and was standing in his living room.

"I couldn't really see because I wear glasses, so I just shot because I had buck shots, and I know they would spread," West said.

According to the report, Wright was able to climb back out and run a couple blocks away, where he was found lying on the ground near the dorms at Edward Waters College.

Five days later, you can still see a trail of blood from the suspect leading from the window down the stairwell.

"I was trying to protect myself," West said. "That's all."

This marks the third incident in the last couple of weeks where victims are no longer waiting for police and instead utilizing Florida's stand-your-ground law.

The law gives victims the right to use deadly force in self-defense situations.

"I don't think it should have to come down to this," West said. "I really don't."

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Missouri: Two injured in early-morning shootings in KC

Kansas City, Missouri

From the Kansas City Star of July 7, 2009
Two injured in early-morning shootings in KC

A homeowner shot a man outside his home with a shotgun early today. Police were investigating whether the gunman was responsible for a shooting that occurred one block away moments earlier.

The incident began about 4:30 a.m. when a caller told police someone was firing a shotgun into an apartment in the 500 block of Gillis Street. The apartment was occupied, but no one was hit.

Officers responding to the call encountered a man in a truck who had suffered a minor wound, possibly from a shotgun pellet.

Moments later, police received another call from a man who heard a commotion outside his home in the 500 block of Troost Avenue. The homeowner saw a man running with a shotgun and told him to drop the weapon. The man with the shotgun allegedly threatened the homeowner and the homeowner shot him.

The shotgun-wielding man suffered serious injuries, police said.

Police were investigating both shootings.

Kentucky: Lexington doctor killed in shooting

Clark County, Kentucky

From WKYT of July 26, 2009
Lexington doctor killed in shooting

Police are investigating a deadly shooting over the weekend, involving a well known doctor in Lexington.

27NEWSFIRST has learned Rodney Mann was shot and killed Sunday outside a home on Four Mile Road in Clark County. We're learning more information into what may have brought Dr. Mann to that home in Clark County.

The doctor, himself, recently contacted 27NEWSFIRST about an issue that sources now say may have led to the shooting.

About a month ago, Dr. Mann contacted NEWSFIRST about an incident he had in the parking lot of Sam's Club in which he says a man keyed his car after an altercation. The damage was said to have cost Dr. Mann $1,100 worth of damage to his Acura.

Police say Dr. Mann then went to the man's home in Clark County and began to slash the tires to his car. The homeowner caught Mann slashing the tires on his truck and came out to confront him.

Police say Mann had two guns and a knife on him and say during the fight the owner was able to get one gun away from him and shoot him.

At Mann's doctor office, Thoroughbred Allergy and Asthma off Richmond Road, a note says all appointments on Monday have been canceled.

The doctor has been featured in a number of stories here on 27NEWSFIRST and was just a guest on our afternoon show three weeks ago.

Police have not charged the man who pulled the trigger. They're investigating if the shooting was in self defense.

Mann grew up in Corbin and graduated from UK and the University of Louisville Medical School.

Dr. Mann served patients at both of his offices in Lexington and in Corbin.

Maryland: Shots fired during home invasion

Frederick, Maryland

From the Frederick News-Post of July 7, 2009
Shots fired during home invasion

The Frederick Police Department is looking for a man who invaded a home at 207 S. Jefferson St. early this morning, according to police.

Officers went to the scene about 2:49 a.m. after shots were reportedly fired, police stated.

A white man with dark hair, believed to be named Kevin, had forced his way into the home, police said.

The man allegedly took money from a resident, who fired two shots at the man, Lt. Clark Pennington, police spokesman, said. Police do not believe the man was injured.

Witnesses said the man was wearing shorts and a dark shirt, Pennington said.

Officers searched the area but did not find the man.

Officers are investigating whether the same man may have committed similar crimes in the past at the same location, Pennington said.

According to Robbie Snyder who lives in another building on the property, a white man of medium build, between 25 and 30 years old, broke into his mother and his uncle’s home between 2:30 a.m. and 2:45 a.m. by breaking a lock and window in the back door. Snyder said both residents are in their 80s and his uncle is wheelchair bound.

His uncle fired two shots from a 38-caliber revolver at the intruder who then fled the scene, Snyder said.

This is the third time the man has broken into the home and the fifth time he has been there, Snyder said. The first two times Snyder said his uncle gave the man named Kevin money after hearing a "sob story."

The man broke into the home in February and threatened Snyder’s uncle before getting additional money, Snyder said. The man also broke in in late May or early June, Snyder said, and Frederick police were called after each break-in.

Police are asking anyone with information to contact them at 301-600-TIPS or online at

North Carolina: No charges filed against Sneads Ferry man who shot intruder

Jacksonville, North Carolina

From the Jacksonville Daily News of July 7, 2009
No charges filed against Sneads Ferry man who shot intruder

A Sneads Ferry man who shot a teenager charged with trying to break into the man's home Monday will not be charged, authorities said.

Landon Crews, of Crows Nest Lane, shot 18-year-old Cyle Norris early Monday morning. Detectives with the Onslow County Sheriff's Department said Norris was trying to crawl through a broken window when Crews shot him in the right forearm with No. 7 shot from a 12-gauge shotgun.

Norris and three other local men were charged with first-degree burglary, possession of burglary tools and conspiracy.

North Carolina state law says that Crews was within his rights to shoot an intruder breaking into his home. General Statute 14-51.1 states, "A lawful occupant within a home or other place of residence is justified in using any degree of force that the occupant reasonably believes is necessary, including deadly force, against an intruder to prevent a forcible entry into the home or residence or to terminate the intruder's unlawful entry if the occupant reasonably apprehends that the intruder may kill or inflict serious bodily harm to the occupant or others in the home or residence, or if the occupant reasonably believes that the intruder intends to commit a felony in the home or residence."

The law also states that a lawful occupant has no duty to retreat from an intruder.

"The long and the short of it is he didn't break the law," Sheriff Ed Brown said.

Attempts by The Daily News to reach Crews were unsuccessful.

Authorities said Norris, Trevor Sturgis, 21, and David Sonye, 21, tried to break into Crews' house after Joseph Michael Greene III, 16, who is also accused of attempting to break in, was forcefully put out of the home 20 minutes prior.

The four men tried to break down the front door, break out windows and climb through, authorities said.

Crews - who was at home with his mother - told investigators that he warned them several times before shooting. The four accused intruders were given a bond of $50,000 each.

The Sheriff's Department is seeking to talk with James Austin Boone, who authorities believe was at the residence around the time of the shooting.

Anyone with information concerning Boone's whereabouts can contact the Jacksonville/Onslow Crime Stoppers at 910-938-3273 or Sheriff's Sgt. David South at 910-455-3113. Callers do not have to reveal their identities.