Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Texas: Dallas Store Clerk Turns Tables On Would-Be Robber

Dallas, Texas

From CBS11 of January 30, 2008
Dallas Store Clerk Turns Tables On Would-Be Robber

Dallas police say a store clerk came face to face with a would-be robber, but this time it's the suspect that ended up in the hospital.

The Motions Convenience Store, in the 800 block of South Corinth Street, is open 24 hours and sadly that sometimes makes it a convenient target for criminals.

On Wednesday police say a man came into the store at 4 a.m. and found that clerk Benny Brown was more than a match for him.

Brown wouldn't talk about details of what turned into a shooting incident, but said he remembers feeling fear as it unfolded. "Kinda rough, kinda rough. I really feel bad," Brown said. "I'm just, I'm still kinda nervous."

Police say what Brown did was defend himself when he saw the suspect with a semi-automatic handgun. Brown took a gun, that's left at the store, and fired it three times.

"This is something I wouldn't want to wish on anybody," Brown explained.

The suspect staggered away from the store empty handed and hours later a man, matching the suspect's description, showed up at Parkland Hospital with a gunshot wound to the head.

"Parkland Hospital called us regarding this gunshot victim," explained Sr. Cpl. Kevin Janse with the Dallas Police Department. "We're not sure if he had been in the hospital that entire time or if he tried to tend to his own wounds."

The suspect has been identified as 26-year-old Christopher Marquis Wade. Wade, who was listed in fair condition at Parkland, will be charged with aggravated robbery.

Given the circumstances and the history of the area, store patrons and police feel Brown's actions were justified. "Your safe during the day and a night you kinds gotta watch for yourself," one customer told CBS 11 News. "I think a person has a right to defend their property."

According to police reports Brown had seen the suspect several times in the past. He told authorities that when the man showed up at the store today it seemed 'suspicious'.

Texas: Clerk shoots at would-be robber

Bosque County, Texas

From the Waco Tribune-Herald of January 30, 2008
Clerk shoots at would-be robber

A Bosque County store clerk refused to be a crime victim for a second time in less than a year by shooting at a masked man who tried to rob him Tuesday morning.

No customers were in the Lake Stop Store at 340 State Highway 22 in Laguna Park at 10:16 a.m. when a man wearing a mask entered, said owner Balbar Deo, who wasn’t at the store at the time of the attempted robbery. The masked man was carrying an unknown weapon under his jacket, according to a Bosque County Sheriff’s Department press release. When the clerk saw this, he reached under the counter and pulled out a .22-caliber gun and shot twice at the would-be robber.

The store clerk, in his mid-30s, left early because he wasn’t feeling well, Deo said Tuesday afternoon.

Deo said the clerk had been robbed and badly beaten at the store last summer.

But Tuesday, the would-be robber fled the store after the clerk fired. The man drove away in a silver vehicle, according to the sheriff’s department.

A vehicle matching that description was stopped later that day by deputies in Hill County.

Officers arrested Stafford L. Jones, of Waco, in the case. Jones, 28, confessed to the attempted robbery and told deputies he had been grazed by the clerk’s bullets, the release stated. He was treated at Goodall-Witcher Hospital in Clifton, then booked into the Bosque County Jail on a robbery charge, the release stated. His bond had not been set late Tuesday, officials said.

Deo said he plans to install a glass barrier around the cashier’s desk for future protection.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mom Uses Intruder's Gun To Drive Home Invader Away

San Antonio, Texas

From January 29, 2008 My San Antonio:
A North Side mother fought off an armed intruder inside her apartment early Tuesday morning.

"I was telling him, 'Please do not kill me in front of my baby,' " said the 24-year-old victim, who does not want to be identified.

According to police, a masked man broke in through a downstairs window in an apartment complex in the 8000 block of Bentley. Then, he made his way through the victim's home.

"I thought I heard somebody trying to open up my door," the victim said. "I jumped up, looked in my hallway, and I didn't see anybody."

A short time later, the armed intruder started kicking in the woman's bedroom door. The woman tried to knock out her bedroom window to scream for help and call 9-1-1 at the same time. But the man made it into the room with her and her 2-year-old son.

"I was crying just telling him not to kill me, that I would do anything he wanted me to do," the woman recounts.

The mother says she hit him with a lamp, bit his hand, and even tried to shoot him with his own gun, but the weapon would not go off. The suspect ran out the room, giving her a chance to call the police after she barricaded herself in with a dresser.

Georgia: Augusta homeowner shoots suspected burglary in leg

Augusta, Georgia

From WRDW of January 28, 2008
Augusta homeowner shoots suspected burglary in leg

One man admits he shot another, but it's the man who was shot who went to jail.

The Thurman family says after two people stole from them they got a security system and a gun. Now, they say, they've both come in handy.

"As soon as [the motion sensor] went off, we were able to look out the window and see that he had opened the door to the truck," said Michael Thurman.

He says he thought it was a burglar.

So he grabbed his gun, ran downstairs and went outside.

"When I saw him right here I said hey what are you doing?" Thurman said.

An incident report shows the suspect, Jeffery Whitt, started to run to a dark part of the yard.

Thurman says he couldn't see him and was afraid he might be going to get a gun.

"Anything could've been in [the] area, so I did what I thought I needed to protect myself and my family. I fired a few shots,"

One of those shots into the dark hit the suspect in the leg.

Whitt kept running down the street and ended up at Macedonia Baptist Church.

Deputies arrested him and took him to MCG.

Thurman says his GPS system was missing and deputies found one between his house and the church.

Michael's wife says she's glad her husband stood up for her.

"I am proud that I have a husband that would protect his family," Angela Thurman said.

Michael's thankful his bullet only hurt the suspect, but even happier it helped deputies catch him.

But still, he says he and his wife may have some sleepless nights.

"I'm still shaking from the incident. Going through anything like that is horrible," Michael said.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Delaware: Teen bandits flee after store clerk takes gun

Dover, Delaware

From the News Journal of January 28, 2008
Teen bandits flee after store clerk takes gun

A store clerk turned the tables on a pair of armed robbers during an attempted holdup at a convenience store, Dover police said today.

Two teens walked into the Little Grocer convenience store on East Division Street about 9 p.m. Sunday and demanded money, Lt. James Hosfelt said.

When one of the bandits brandished a sawed-off shotgun in the direction of the clerk behind the counter, the gunman and clerk got into a physical confrontation, Hosfelt said.

The clerk refused to hand over any money from the register and then grabbed the shotgun out of the hand of the would-be robber.

After the clerk established control of the situation, the two bandits went running from the store, Hosfelt said.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Texas: Grocery Store Guard Shoots At Shoplifting Suspect

Houston, Texas

From Click2Houston of January 23, 2008
Grocery Store Guard Shoots At Shoplifting Suspect

A grocery store security guard opened fire on a shoplifting suspect on Tuesday, KPRC Local 2 reported.

Houston police said the guard at the Fiesta store on Hillcroft Street near Bellaire Boulevard spotted the man inside the store at about 6:45 p.m.

The guard was waiting for the man as he left the store, officials said. The man elbowed the guard as he tried to stop him, police said.

Investigators said the guard fired a warning shot as the man ran away.

Police tracked the man down about a block away. An ambulance was called out to treat the man for an injury he suffered when he fell on concrete.

Ohio: Double Shooting In Miami Township Kills 1

Miami Township, Ohio

From the WHIO of January 26, 2008
Double Shooting In Miami Township Kills 1

A double shooting in Miami Township Friday night killed one person and injuried another.

The shooting happened a litte before midnight on Soldier’s Home Road west of Miamisburg.

The homeowner shot and killed an intruder who shot a woman inside the home, police said.

A woman was taken by care flight with a gunshot wound, police said.

The names have not been released of those who were involved.

Shooting of Stepson Ruled Self-Defense

St. Charles, Missouri

From the January 25, 2008 Belleville [Missouri] News-Democrat:
ST. CHARLES, Mo. -- The prosecuting attorney in St. Charles County rules that the fatal shooting of a mentally ill man by his stepfather was justifiable homicide.

Prosecutor Jack Banas says no charges will be filed against Dr. John Gentles in the death of his stepson, 26-year-old Marshall Fink. Banas says Gentles acted in self-defense.

Fink was shot on Jan. 11. Banas says Fink had shown increasingly erratic and often violent behavior over the past 18 months, and relatives feared for their safety. His mother says Fink was bipolar and had lived at home since being discharged from the Navy because of his illness.

Authorities say Fink threatened both his mother and stepfather on the day of the shooting.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Texas: Attempted robbery ends with shootout in north Houston

Houston, Texas

From the Houston Chronicle of January 25, 2008
Attempted robbery ends with shootout in north Houston

An attempted robbery outside a convenience store in north Houston on Friday afternoon ended in a shootout between the robber and his intended victim, police said.

Both men were taken to hospitals and described as stable with gunshot wounds to their torsos following the shooting in front of Handi Food Mart in the 500 block of Yorkshire.

According to police, the gunman approached the son of the store's owners in the parking lot and tried to rob him at gunpoint about 3:20 p.m.

But the intended victim managed to pull out his gun, said Sgt. Robert Odom of HPD's homicide division.

Several shots were fired and both men were wounded, Odom said.

The suspect was taken to Memorial Hermann-The Texas Medical Center while the intended victim was taken to Ben Taub General Hospital, where he was in surgery. The names of both men were withheld.

Residents living on street where the store is were shaken by the shooting.

When Mary Rogers drove home Friday afternoon to find police tape cordoning off The Handi Food Mart down the street, she felt tears well in her eyes.

"I was getting ready to start crying," said Rogers, 54. "I hate this happening because this neighborhood is basically quiet."

The little family-owned and operated store has been a neighborhood fixture for years, she said. The store owners have a large brood of grown children, many of whom help out at the store, Rogers said.

"Most of the people here know them," Rogers said. "They're just as sweet as they can be. Always give people credit when they need it."

"They help everybody out and they know everybody pretty much by name," agreed Debra Sanchez, who lives across the street from the Handi Food Mart. Her 16-year-old son was inside the store getting quarters to do the laundry when the shooting happened.

"Man this is just too close to home, you know?" Sanchez said, shivering in the cold as daylight began to fade.

Georgia: Wheelchair-bound Man Shoots Attacker

Atlanta, Georiga

From WXIA of January 25, 2008
Wheelchair-bound Man Shoots Attacker

A homeowner who is confined to a wheelchair shot and wounded a man who confronted him on his door step, Atlanta police told 11Alive News.

The homeowner was on his way out of his house on Flat Shoals Avenue Friday morning when he ran into a man at his door. The homeowner asked the man to leave, but the man started to assault the homeowner, authorities said.

During a struggle, the homeowner grabbed a gun and shot the attacker in the arm and chest.

The suspect was taken to the hospital. His condition was not known.

The homeowner was not injured.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Virginia: Security guard shoots man at Lake of the Woods

Orange County, Virginia

From the Culpeper Star Exponent of January 21, 2008
Security guard shoots man at Lake of the Woods

A security guard at Lake of the Woods in Orange County shot a man in the hip shortly after midnight Sunday, causing a minor injury.

According to State Police spokesperson Sgt. Les Tyler, the guard was investigating a 911 call from a residence on Wilderness Lane. Tyler said a man answered the door, became combative and assaulted the guard, who then drew his gun.

The man was taken to Mary Washington Hospital, then sent to the Medical College of Virginia Hospital in Richmond. His injuries are not life-threatening, Tyler said.

The State Police have not released any names, citing the ongoing nature of the investigation.

Tennessee: Two Accused Burglars Shot; One Dead

Memphis, Tennessee

From Eyewitness News of January 24, 2008
Two Accused Burglars Shot; One Dead

Memphis Police say two burglars were shot in two separate robbery attempts and one of the crooks is dead.

The first robbery attempt happened on East Peebles in South Memphis just before Midnight, Wednesday, January 23, 2008. Investigators say two burglars rammed a car through the Hall Feed and Supply Store. The business owner was in the store at the time and shot one of the crooks, police say.

According to investigators, the wounded robber checked himself into the hospital and is in critical condition at the Med. Police say the other crook may have gotten away.


No charges have been filed against [the man]. Police say they will turn the evidence over to the Attorney General and he will decide if charges should be filed. Investigators say that usually there are no charges filed and they are taken on a case by case basis.

Tennessee: Homeowner Shoots and Kills Burglar

Memphis, Tennessee

From MyEyewitnessNews of January 24, 2008
Homeowner Shoots and Kills Burglar

A burglar, caught redhanded breaking into man's garage, was shot and killed Thursday, January 24, 2008.

The incident happened around 2:00 a.m. in the 800 block of Avalon, near Henry Street. Police say the homeowner heard a noise in his garage, and when he confronted the intruder, the man tried to attack. Police say the burglar went after the homeowner with a weedwacker, and the homeowner shot him.

Neighbors in the area say they have no sympathy for the burglar.

"You don't go around stealing and robbing from people that have worked hard for their belongings. You just don't do it," said Marilynn Bridgeforth, a neighbor of the homeowner.

Bridgeforth says she is not surprised to hear about the intrusion. She says she was robbed in her driveway in December.

"I was held at gunpoint in my driveway and my house has been broken into twice."

Police say at this point, the homeowner is not facing any charges because it appears he shot the burglar in self defense. Eyewitness News Everywhere tried to talk to the homeowner, but he did not want to talk about the incident.

Eyewitness News Everywhere crimetracked the area around the 800 block of Avalon and found there have been 18 home burglaries reported to police in the past month. There have also been 55 assaults, 24 car burglaries, and 12 robberies in that 38107 zip code.

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Pennsylvania: Plum man won't be charged for shooting intruder, prosecutor says

Plum, Pennsylvania

From the Wilkes-Barre Times-Leader of January 24, 2008
Plum man won't be charged for shooting intruder, prosecutor says

Allegheny County prosecutors say they won't charge a man who shot an intruder at a suburban Pittsburgh apartment.

Authorities say 68-year-old James Bodnar told them he shot the man in both legs when he tried to enter Bodnar's Plum Borough apartment about 1:30 a.m. on Jan. 9.

Police believe 21-year-old Justin Jones of Auburn, N.Y., thought he was entering his ex-girlfriend's apartment in the same complex.

Police say Bodnar opened the door and showed Jones the gun after Jones tried to kick in the door. Police say Bodnar shot Jones when he still tried to enter.

Jones is in the county jail awaiting a preliminary hearing Wednesday on attempted trespassing and other charges.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tennessee: Home Invasions Keep Police Busy Overnight

Nashville, Tennessee

From News Channel 15 of January 23, 2008
Home Invasions Keep Police Busy Overnight

Home invasions plagued North and South Nashville homes overnight.

The first home invasion happened at a home off McKinnie Avenue where police said four men entered through the opened front door and ransacked the house.

The victim was able to grab his hand gun and fire several shots before the suspects fled.

Police thought some of the men drove off in a car, while others may have made their getaway on foot.

A K-9 unit on the scene did pick up a scent but was not able to track the suspects.

The victim was not able to give police a good description of any of the suspects.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Montgomery, Alabama Home Invader Shot

Montgomery, Alabama

From January 22, 2008 WFSA channel 12:
Witnesses say three men kicked down the door to a Montgomery man's home and only two made it out without being shot.

Montgomery police responded to the shooting in the 2700 block of Cherry Street around 6:30 Monday evening and found 22-year-old Tavaris Trammer lying on the floor with gunshot wounds to the neck and leg.

The resident was also shot in the arm.

According to MPD spokesman Captain Huey Thornton witnesses reported that three men kicked in the door, attempted to rob the resident and then shot him in the arm.

The resident then used a 9mm handgun and shot Mr. Trammer in the neck and leg.

The other two suspects fled the scene, one ran out the front door and the other jumped out a window.

Trammer was taken to Jackson Hospital where he is in serious but stable condition. Doctors say he may be paralyzed from the neck down.

The resident was also treated for his wounds.

Meanwhile, a Robbery 1st Degree warrant has been issued against Trammer.

Colorado: Teen Says He Didn't Hesitate To Shoot Armed Robbers

Fountain, Colorado

From the Denver Channel of January 22, 2008
Teen Says He Didn't Hesitate To Shoot Armed Robbers

A Fountain teenager who woke up to the sounds of robbers in his home said that he didn't hesitate to shoot the men before they took off with his flat screen television.

Fountain police spokesman Sgt. Jess Freeman said the suspects are currently hospitalized for treatment of gunshot wounds.

Their names have not been released.

Cody Buckler, 19, said he was asleep at about 11 p.m. Sunday when he heard unfamiliar voices in the living room.

He told authorities he overheard someone tell a child in the house that they were a police officer, so Buckler crept down the hall and saw two men who were wearing masks, hats and gloves.

Buckler then went back to his bedroom, grabbed a 12-gauge shotgun and shot one of the men as the man carried out Buckler's flat-screen TV. He then shot the second man as the man came up the stairs toward him.

Both men escaped but were apprehended at a nearby hospital by police. They both had semiautomatic handguns, according to police.

Buckler's girlfriend, her young daughter and two other children live in the home.

Police said they don't plan to file charges against Buckler at this point because the shooting appears to be covered by Colorado's "Make My Day" law, which allows a homeowner to use deadly force if they believe lives are in danger.

Missouri: Unwelcome visitor: Bentleys briefly host invading coyote

Marshall, Missouri

From the The Marshall Democrat-News of January 22, 2008
Unwelcome visitor: Bentleys briefly host invading coyote

Authorities on the subject say that coyotes avoid human contact.

On their Web site, Missouri Department of Conservation says, "Typically shy, elusive animals, coyotes don't normally pose a threat to humans. Most people who live in areas of high coyote populations rarely see one."

Apparently, the coyote that invaded the home of Lloyd and Rosamae Bentley in late December doesn't own a computer.

The Bentleys were enjoying a quiet evening at home when Lloyd heard a thump on the wall outside the front window. Then his two dogs started barking. One of the dogs is part husky, the other a beagle. Bentley said the beagle is "a little dog, but he barks big."

When Bentley opened the front door, he spotted a coyote lurking between the bushes and the window. Accompanied by a chorus of barking and yelping from the two dogs, he went back into the house to get a broom, hoping to shoo the coyote away.

By the time he got back outside, the dogs had cornered the animal on the porch. Realizing the broom wouldn't be of much use, Bentley went back inside the house to get his shotgun.

When he opened the door again, the by-now panicked coyote quickly slipped past him into the living room, and, spotting the fireplace, tried to take cover inside it. Unfortunately for the coyote, the fireplace is screened.

After that, the situation rapidly deteriorated into chaos.

As his wife blocked the coyote's access to the rest of the house, Bentley went after it, opening the living room door in the vain hope the intruder would run for safety, but that didn't work, either. "He wouldn't have none of that," Bentley said.

With the coyote now cowering behind a chair in the living room, Bentley grabbed a fireplace poker and took a mighty whack at the animal, but, he said, "He didn't go down." Wielding a larger poker, Bentley finally connected, but still, "He wouldn't go down." It took another blow or two, resulting in a bent poker, to finally stun the coyote to the point where Bentley could handle it.

He was eventually able to drag the mangy-looking animal outside, where he shot it.


Monday, January 21, 2008

Florida: 'Sweetest, kindest gentleman' shoots suspect

Miami, Florida

From the Miami Herald of January 21, 2008
'Sweetest, kindest gentleman' shoots suspect

A white-haired 85-year-old man, rushing to his son's defense, shot and wounded a would-be car thief Monday morning in Little Havana, Miami police said.

The suspect, Norberto Fernandez, 29, had been trying to steal Jorge Jauregui's white Honda Accord in front of his house, 1368 SW 14th St.

Jorge Jauregui, 50, armed with a handgun, ordered Fernandez out of the car, police said.

''I don't care,'' responded the alleged thief, according to Miami police spokesman William Moreno.

The two engaged in a ''vicious fight,'' Moreno said.

Then his father, Florentino Jauregui, also armed, rushed out of the house and ''fearing his grandson was being overpowered,'' shot and wounded Fernandez, Moreno said.

The shooting could be ruled justified under Florida's self-defense law.

''He was not protecting property but was protecting bodily injury to his own grandson. The investigation is preliminary but it appears he might be covered under that law,'' Moreno said.

Fernandez, a felon with a long criminal history, was charged later Monday with burglary to a motor vehicle, aggravated assault and battery, police said.

He was also fingered as the man who robbed a woman of her purse a few blocks away earlier in the morning, police said. In that case, he was charged with strong-armed robbery.

Investigators believe he had escaped in a stolen white Toyota, which was later found nearby with a nail in the tire. He may have been trying to steal another car when confronted by the Jauregui family.

Fernandez was taken to Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital in stable condition, Moreno said.

A neighbor, Laura George, called grandfather Florentino Jauregui ``the sweetest, kindest gentleman in the neighborhood.''

The shooting happened about 9 a.m. in the 1300 block of Southwest 14th Street, only blocks from where another elderly resident, former 1930s Cuban track star Marta Suarez, helped police nab a purse snatcher in September.

Wearing designer sneakers, the 85-year-old Suarez chased the man into the path of a police cruiser. She got her purse back. He went to jail.

Suarez, still wearing the same Coach sneakers, wandered by the crime scene Monday after the latest confrontation between age and youth.

Florida: Bartow Homeowner Shoots Burglary Suspect

Bartow, Florida

From The Ledger of January 21, 2008
Bartow Homeowner Shoots Burglary Suspect

A homeowner shot a burglary suspect who was trying to break into his early today, home, the Bartow Police Department said.

Police said their preliminary investigation indicates the suspect, 37-year-old Shaun Lynn Hause, had reached into the victim’s residence via a broken window in the door. The homeowner saw Hause’s hand on the door knob and fired a shotgun.

Hause was taken to Lakeland Regional Medical Center for gunshot injuries and has been charged with burglary to an occupied structure.

The incident happened about 2:40 a.m..

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ann Arbor College Student Shoots, Kills Intruder

Ann Arbor, Michigan

From the January 19, 2008 Detroit Free Press:
Andrew Myrick, a 28-year-old University of Michigan student, was inside his house in the 1500 block of Jones Drive on Wednesday night when David Copeland, 29, of Ypsilanti and three other men broke in, Ann Arbor Deputy Police Chief Greg O'Dell said.

Two of the suspected intruders were arrested Thursday and charged with robbery. But on Thursday, the Washtenaw County prosecutor called Copeland's death "justifiable homicide," O'Dell said.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Neighbor Shoots At, Captures Burglar

Greene County, Missouri

From January 18, 2008 Springfield [Missouri] News-Leader:
A man reportedly burglarizing an apartment Thursday morning in an area off Battlefield Road was captured after being shot at by a resident and chased down by a police dog and several law enforcement officials, according to Capt. Randy Gibson of the Greene County Sheriff's Department.


The incident began around 10:30 a.m. at the Valley apartments just off West Battlefield when someone staying home sick awoke to the sound of a window being pried open in another room, according to Gibson.

The suspect fled back out the window after the resident saw him, according to Gibson.

A neighbor then apparently went after the suspect, firing shots at him, Gibson said.

No one was hurt from the gunshots.

"There was a lot of chaos and commotion."

Beaver Man Shoots Home Invaders

Darlington Borough, Pennsylvania

From January 18, 2008 WTAE channel 4:
Police said a man shot a robber during a home invasion in Darlington Borough, Beaver County, Friday morning.

According to police, two robbers entered a home, taking control of the homeowner's rifle. At that point, police said, the homeowner pulled out a handgun, shooting one of the robbers.The second robber fled the scene with the man's rifle, police said.

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Florida: Orlando victim turns gun on 4 robbers

Orlando, Florida

From the Orlando Sentinel of January 18, 2008
Orlando victim turns gun on 4 robbers

An armed citizen surprised four men who robbed him at gunpoint last week.

After being ordered to his knees, Russel Olofson warned the men that "they should think about it," according to an Orlando police report released this week.

A private investigator with military training, Olofson, 24, told police the robbers snatched his cell phone and a wallet containing his concealed-weapon permit shortly before 10 p.m. Friday outside Ridge Club Apartments.

After the robbers took his items, Olofson stood up, drew his Springfield XD sub-compact 9 mm handgun "and fired two rounds toward male #1 with the silver handgun, possibly striking him," the report states. "Males #2, #3, and #4 then ran southeast . . . and male #1 ran northeast . . ."

A search by police quickly turned up a pistol likely used in the holdup, the report said.

The .45-caliber Ruger pistol and clothing believed to have been worn by male 1 were found in the backyard of a home on Alrix Drive, reports state. The serial numbers on the pistol had been scratched off, a common sign the weapon may have been stolen.

The cell phone and wallet were not recovered. The wallet contained an Iraq Embassy badge, an Army contractor's ID card, Olofson's drivers license and a credit card. Anyone who finds the wallet or knows the identities of the robbers is asked to call Crimeline at 407-423-8477.

Olofson, who had been conducting an investigation for Briggs Corp. Solutions, was not injured. A check by police of area hospitals did not find any reports of patients treated for gunshot wounds.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

New York: Deli Owner Shoots Alleged Robber

Buffalo, New York

From WKDW of January 16, 2008
Deli Owner Shoots Alleged Robber

Thirty year old Shaun Ford allegedly went into the West Side Market on Carolina Street in Buffalo with a shotgun and a mask. His get away car with license plate partially covered was waiting outside. Police say he pointed a gun at the owner and got more than he bargained for. The owner had a gun too. "He relaxed like he was going to cooperate and then when the guy raised the gun again at him, he believed it's time to shoot, otherwise he was going to be shot at." said Buffalo Police Lt. David Stabler.

"I never felt uncomfortable in there before. Now, I don't know if I want to go back in there." said Kristy Taylor. She lives right next door and visit that store daily. She describes the owner as a kind person. "He's a sweet heart. He's very personable. I'm just glad that nothing happened to him." she said.

"Verbal testimony can be skewed. Things can be forgotten. The video is going to tell us everything." said Lt. Stabler. Charges are not being filed against the owner, but police are thoroughly investigating the shooting.

The owner was unharmed. As for the alleged robber, he left, not in his get away car, but in an ambulance after being hit at least once in the leg. He was transported to ECMC, and is expected to survive. "I think anybody has a right to self defense. Of course, we don't encourage vigilantism, but these store owners or anybody else has the right be safe." said Lt. Stabler.

Mobile, Alabama Copper Thief Gets Lead Instead

Mobile, Alabama

From January 17, 2008 WKRG channel 5:
A would be thief tried stealing copper but ended up with lead instead.

Mobile Police say Thursday morning around 9:30am two people appeared to be stealing copper wiring from a home on Hathcox Street.

The home owner, Fifty year-old, Gregory Hudson who lives next door to the home under renovation, confronted the two people after seeing them in the home.

One of the intruders, police say, threatened Hudson with a bladed weapon, Hudson and the suspect became involved in a physical altercation during which time Hudson shot the man striking him once in the abdomen.

The injured intruder was taken to USA Medical Center to be treated and could face charges of burglary and menacing once he is released from the hospital.

West Virginia: Female Burglar Shot By Female Homeowner

Fayette County, West Virginia

From the January 16, 2008 Register-Herald:
A Fayette County burglary suspect was shot by a homeowner who police said was burglarized by the same suspect at least one other time.

Nighttime burglary charges are pending against Tracey Ann McQueen, 25, of Kaymoor Road, Fayetteville, Sheriff Bill Laird said. McQueen was taken to Charleston Area Medical Center Wednesday morning for treatment of a single gunshot wound to her left hand. She was under evaluation at the hospital as of Wednesday afternoon.

At 4:45 a.m. Wednesday, the Fayette County 911 Center was notified of a burglary in progress at a Pleasant View Road residence, near Fayetteville, Laird said. Later, the alleged burglar was reported to have been shot in the hand by the homeowner. When deputies arrived at the scene, the homeowner said the female suspect fled.

A short time later, deputies identified the suspect as McQueen, Laird said. McQueen was located at a Kaymoor Road residence and taken to Plateau Medical Center. She was later transferred to CAMC.

The preliminary investigation indicates the female victim was awakened to find McQueen inside the residence, Laird said. The victim confronted McQueen, attempting to hold her at gunpoint while awaiting deputies’ arrival. A struggle ensued, during which McQueen was apparently shot by the victim’s .22 caliber revolver.

Laird said McQueen had been charged with burglarizing the same residence Nov. 4, and she was free on bond when the latest incident occurred. McQueen was also considered a primary suspect in at least one other previous incident at the same residence. Reports indicate the victim’s house had been burglarized on several other occasions during the past few months.

McQueen is believed to have, in the past, lived near the victim’s residence, Laird said. Laird was unsure if McQueen and the victim actually knew each other.

No charges have been filed against the homeowner, Laird said.

Alabama: Murder charge dropped in case of self defense

Madison County, Alabama

From the The Huntsville Times of January 15, 2008
Murder charge dropped in case of self defense

Prosecutors have dropped a murder charge against Frederick Espy II because of a lack of evidence.

Espy, 25, has claimed he was defending himself when he shot Joseph Thomas Burton on April 3, 2005, at the Club Oasis on Plummer Road.

Espy told Madison County sheriff's investigators he shot Burton in self defense, but he apparently disclosed that information after the deputies informed Espy of his Miranda rights and he had asked that a lawyer be present. Circuit Judge Loyd H. Little declared Espy's statements during the interview as inadmissible in the trial.

Without Espy's statement, the state has insufficient evidence to proceed, Assistant District Attorney Bill Starnes said Monday.

Espy's trial was scheduled to begin Monday before Circuit Judge Loyd H. Little Jr.

The shooting occurred about 3:30 a.m. at the nightclub. Witnesses told deputies Burton was near the door of the club where Espy, then an engineering student at UAH, was handing out fraternity flyers. Espy and Burton began to argue after Espy made a lewd remark about Burton's girlfriend, a witness told the officers.

The two men got into Espy's car where they argued and Burton assaulted Espy, according to Robert Tuten, Espy's lawyer. Espy reached behind the seat, pulled out a .40-caliber pistol and shot Burton, he said.

A grand jury indicted Espy on the charge of murder in May 2006.

"This is one of the best examples of self defense, I've ever seen," Tuten said. A person has a right to defend himself against an assailant who attacks him in the front seat of his car, he said.

During questioning by sheriff's investigators, Espy asked for a lawyer, Tuten said. He made other statements to the officers after the request.

In his motion to suppress those statements, Tuten said the statements the investigators obtained from Espy during the interview were in violation of Espy's privilege against self-incrimination.

In August 2007, Little ruled for the defendant.

"The court has reviewed the video of the defendant's interrogation concerning his involvement in this case," Little wrote in his order. "Based upon the defendant's unambiguous request to have an attorney present during question, the statements made by the defendant are suppressed and shall not be admissible if offered by the state in support of the charge.'

The state appealed Little's ruling to the Alabama Court of Criminal appeals. The appeal was rejected by the appeals court as having been filed after the time limit had expired.

Espy, who was out of jail on a $30,000 bond, is a student at Tuskegee University and is scheduled to graduate in a few months, Tuten said.

The prosecution can again charge Espy with murder in Burton's death at a later date, if there is new evidence.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

South Carolina: Cross Hill Woman Comes Home, Kills Intruder

Cross Hill, South Carolina

From the WSPA of January 15, 2008
Cross Hill Woman Comes Home, Kills Intruder

A Cross Hill woman returned home to find an intruder inside, and then shot and killed him. The incident happened about 8pm this evening on Pineland Shores Road. Laurens County Sheriff Ricky Chastain tells News Channel 7 that the woman heard someone in the home, grabbed a weapon, and saw him hiding in one of the rooms. She then shot him. It was not until after she shot him that she realized she knew him. Chastain says robbery appears to be the motive.

Investigators will now present the case to Solicitor Jerry Peace to determine if the woman will be charged. No names were released this evening.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New York: Pizzeria owner on Clinton fires shot, thwarting two robbers

Buffalo, New York

From Buffalo News of January 15, 2008
Pizzeria owner on Clinton fires shot, thwarting two robbers

The 78-year-old owner of a Clinton Street pizzeria averted a robbery Monday night when he fired a single warning shot, prompting two robbers to run away, police reported.

The attempted robbery took place inside Bocce Club Pizzeria, 630 Clinton, at about 7:40 p.m. when two men entered his business and one pointed a handgun at the owner, according to Ferry-Fillmore District Police.

The owner retaliated by pulling out his own gun and firing a single shot through the pizzeria's plexiglass, which scared off the thieves, police said.

This is the second time this month that robbers have targeted this pizzeria.

On Jan. 2, the owner was confronted at about 7 p.m. by two men who entered his business and one of the men pulled out a black semiautomatic pistol and demanded money from the cash register. During that incident, the men fled with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Florida: Intruder Shot Dead on the Southside

Jacksonville, Florida

From the First Coast News of January 14, 2008
Intruder Shot Dead on the Southside

Police are investigating a shooting on the Southside that left one man dead.

Jacksonville Sheriff's Officers say the shooting happened at a home on Ivey Road Sunday night.

Authorities say Gary Gene Wright, 25, called 911 and told them he'd shot someone.

Wright told police he believed the man tried to break into his house.

Police found 21-year-old Cordero Duran Jones dead at the scene.

Detectives say there's no sign of forced entry.

Investigators interviewed and released Wright Sunday night. They also questioned his girlfriend, who lives with him.

Wright told First Coast News that he knew the man he shot but he wouldn't elaborate on their relationship.

In a prior police report filed Thursday, Wright told police that someone broke into his home and stole several pistols and a plasma television.

Richard Polke lives a few doors away from Wright. He said that police have been at Wright's home several times and this latest incident makes him feel unsafe.

"It is kind of frightening to see that happen. It surprised me. It took me by surprise," Polke said.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Memphis Night Club Owner Shoots Customer

Memphis, Tennessee

From January 11, 2008 WHBQ channel 13:
A shooting at a South Memphis nightclub has been ruled justified. Officers were called to the J.T. Lounge around 2:00 a.m. Thursday, where they found 51 year old Robert Thomas suffering from a fatal gunshot wound..

Investigators say the club owner and Thomas had been involved in an altercation which continued after the club closed.

Based on the information, the District Attorney General’s office has ruled the shooting as justifiable homicide pending the final autopsy and crime lab reports.
And another report here.

Alabama: Man killed entering wrong apartment

Huntsville, Alabama

From the Huntsville Times of January 13, 2008
Man killed entering wrong apartment

A Huntsville man was killed early today when he entered the wrong apartment and was shot by its resident.

According to Huntsville police spokesman Wendell Johnson, about 12:07 a.m. north precinct officers were called to a shooting at 1002 Webster Drive. When they arrived, they found the body of Gary Lee McCarty, 34, at the rear of Apartment B.

A preliminary investigation by the major crimes unit showed McCarty had been drinking and locked himself out of his apartment.

When McCarty tried to crawl through the rear window of what was the wrong apartment, he was fatally shot by the resident who thought McCarty was a burglar, Johnson said. The resident's name was not released.

Charges were not filed against the resident, Johnson said.

The evidence will be presented to the Madison County district attorney's office to be considered by a grand jury, Johnson said.

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Texas: Security guard shoots, kills man

Houston, Texas

From the Star Telegram of January 13, 2008
Security guard shoots, kills man

A shootout at a Richland Hills apartment complex early Sunday left one person dead and a security guard in the hospital, according to reports.

The incident happened about 4 a.m. Sunday at the Bellaire Apartments, 7030 Baker Boulevard.

It is unclear what started the incident, but according to NBC5 and CBS 11, an armed security guard was shot and returned fire at several people attempting to flee in a minivan.

One of the bullets hit the driver of the van in the head, and after jumping a median on Baker Boulevard (also known as Highway 10), the van came to a stop off the road, the reports said. The driver died at the scene, the reports said.

Two people were in custody, the reports said, but CBS 11reported that two others had fled the scene.

The condition of the guard, who was taken to John Peter Smith Hospital, was not known.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Alabama: DIP shooting death ruled self-defense

Montgomery, Alabama

From the Press-Register of January 12, 2008
DIP shooting death ruled self-defense

Wednesday's shooting death of Michael Jerome Brown has been termed an act of self-defense.

Police spokesman Officer John Young said Friday that a man shot Brown, 29, multiple times inside an apartment in Garden Park Estates, after Brown threatened residents with a firearm.

Brown's body was found by police at 3:45 a.m. Wednesday inside an apartment in the 1000 block of E. Woodlawn Drive off Dauphin Island Parkway, Young said.

Police are withholding the name of the man who shot Brown, Young said, because charges have not been brought against him. Young also declined to comment on whether the man is a resident of the apartment community.

Police on Friday would also not say why Brown brandished a weapon and threatened residents.

Young did, however, say Brown was not a resident of the apartment community and that he was visiting people living in an apartment on the block where he was killed.

The case, Young said, will now go before a Mobile County grand jury.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Pennsylvania: Man Shoots, Kills Bobcat That Attacked His Pet Goat

Somerset County, Pennsylvania

From WPXI of January 10, 2008
Pennsylvania: Man Shoots, Kills Bobcat That Attacked His Pet Goat

A man shot and killed a bobcat, after the bobcat attacked one of his pet goats.

The attack happened around 9 a.m. Thursday in a remote area of Conemaugh Township in Somerset County.

The man said he shot the bobcat because he was protecting his pet. The goat, Brownie, only suffered a few cuts.

The man said he was worried if he just got the bobcat to go outside the fence that it would come back later and hurt Brownie.

Game commission officials told Channel 11’s sister-station WJAC, that to spot a bobcat is very rare, but to have one in a back yard and come just 6 feet away is even more unlikely. Bobcats rarely come out during the day, but they are predators.

The game commission plans on picking up the bobcat on Friday.

Florida: Man kills attacking pit bull

Broward County, Florida

From the Miami Herald of January 10, 2008
Man kills attacking pit bull

A Tamarac man shot and killed a pit bull named Trouble after the dog escaped from its nearby home and attacked him on Thursday.

Here is what happened, according to the Broward Sheriff's Office:

Around 5:20 p.m. Trouble broke through a screen on the rear patio at a home on the 4500 block of Northwest 16th Way. Children playing nearby screamed, ``Trouble is out.''

Hearing the commotion, Paulo Jean, 35, stepped outside his home next door. Trouble attacked him, biting his buttocks and both arms. Jean pulled a .380 semiautomatic handgun from his pants pocket and fired three shots.

Trouble died at the scene.

Jean was taken to Broward General Medical Center with serious injuries.

Broward County Animal Care and Regulation removed the dead dog and took another dog that also got loose from the same residence. The dogs' owner was not at home when the attack occurred.

Jean had a valid concealed weapons permit.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Indiana: Police: Homeowner Shot, Beat Would-Be Burglar

Indianapolis, Indiana

From the Indy Channel of January 10, 2008
Police: Homeowner Shot, Beat Would-Be Burglar

A man shot and beat someone who was trying to break into his home on Indianapolis' east side early Thursday morning, police said.

Police said Donald Robertson, 53, was asleep just after midnight when he was awakened by the sound of breaking glass.

Robertson grabbed a shotgun and went outside, where he found Chester Burkett, 43, breaking one of the home's windows, police said.

Authorities said the two men struggled with each other, and Robertson fired his shotgun. Police said Robertson told them he wasn't sure if he'd hit Burkett, so he struck the would-be burglar several times with the butt of the shotgun.

Investigators said Robertson fired as many as two additional shots as Burkett ran to another home.

Burkett was arrested on suspicion of attempted burglary, residential entry and attempted theft. He was taken to Wishard Memorial Hospital with a shotgun wound to his thigh and several cuts on his head, police said.

Robertson was treated at the scene and released.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Charlotte, N.C. Pizza Delivery Shoots Robber

Charlotte, North Carolina

From January 9, 2008 Charlotte channel 14:
CHARLOTTE -- A pizza delivery man fought back after an attempted robbery late Tuesday night in east Charlotte.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police say the man was delivering pizza around 9 p.m. to an address at the Greenbrier apartments off Sharon Amity Road, near Eastland Mall.

When the customer tried to rob him, police say the delivery man fired shots then reported the incident. The victim was lying on the grass when police and paramedics arrived. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

This marks the fourth homicide in Charlotte through the first eight days of the year.

“Only eight days into the year and already this is our fourth homicide," said CMPD Officer Bob Fey. "It’s troubling and it’s definitely a concern."

Police have not said if the delivery man will face charges. They have not released the name of the person killed at this time.

Tennessee: Charges unlikely after shooting of would-be robber

Jackson, Tennessee

From the Jackson Sun of January 9, 2008
Charges unlikely after shooting of would-be robber

Jackson police and the district attorney general say at this time they do not expect to charge a Jackson woman who fatally shot a man after he tried to rob her boyfriend inside her home last week.

Justin Cheatham, 24, was shot multiple times by Jennifer Owens around 8 p.m. Wednesday at 51 B Leland Lane, according to a police press release.

Police have said Cheatham and two other men - Antonio Long and Christopher Smith - went to the duplex to buy marijuana from Kenneth Bond. Bond is Owen's boyfriend and also lives at the residence.
According to an account of the incident in an affidavit of complaint, Bond left the three men in the living room and went into the kitchen. He then heard a voice behind him say, "You might as well drop it off."

"He turned around to find Cheatham armed with a handgun," the affidavit states. "Bond grabbed at the gun and a struggle ensued. At that point, Antonio Long came into the kitchen and pointed a long gun at Bond."

Bond told the two men they could take whatever they wanted, but he refused to release the hold he had on Cheatham's gun, "out of fear of being shot," the affidavit states.

Owens heard the struggle from her bedroom and went into the kitchen to find out what was happening. Long momentarily diverted his attention away from Bond and pointed his gun at Owens, telling her to move over to where Bond and Cheatham were, the affidavit states.

Owens told then told Cheatham and Long that her 5-year-old child was in the residence and that they needed to leave.

Police said that another struggle occurred and Owens grabbed a handgun and fired, striking Cheatham several times.

Cheatham collapsed outside the home and was pronounced dead at the scene. Long and Smith also ran out of the home, police have said.

Long, 22, was arrested and has been arraigned on charges of attempted aggravated robbery and aggravated assault. He remains in jail on a $100,000 bond and is also being held on parole violation. He is scheduled to appear in court next at 9:30 a.m. Jan. 17.

Owens and Bond are not facing any charges. Smith, who police have said was in another room when the attempted robbery took place, also has not been charged.

Lt. Mike Holt of the Jackson Police Department's Violent Crimes Unit said Tuesday that it appears that Owens shot Cheatham as he was leaving and just outside the house, in the area around the front door.

"At this time we do not anticipate filing any additional charges with respect to Ms. Jennifer Owens in this case," he said.

Holt said that police met with District Attorney General Jerry Woodall and explained the circumstances of the case as they relate to Owens, "as we now know them."

"He did not feel that it would be appropriate to charge her based with the information we have at this point and we don't disagree with him," Holt said. "Any additional charges in this case will be made at the grand jury after completion of the investigation when all of the facts can be presented in their entirety to the District Attorney's Office for review."

Orlando, Florida: Robbery Victim Shoots Back

Orlando, Florida

From January 8, 2008 Orlando channel 6:
A 52-year-old man fired shots at three men after he was robbed at gunpoint in the driveway of his Orlando home, police said.

The armed robbery took place Monday on Gumwood Court in Orlando.

According to an Orlando police report, the victim pulled into his driveway after cashing a check at a local check-cashing store. Three men approached the man and stole his cash before fleeing in a car, Orlando police said.

The victim fired shots at the getaway car, but it is not known if any of the assailants were struck.

Two of the culprits were described only as in their 20s and the other man was in his 30s, according to the police report.

Orlando police detectives recovered shell casings and confiscated the victim's gun.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Louisiana: Man Robs Cab, Tries To Break Into House, Shot By Homeowner

Lafayette, Louisiana

From the KATC of January 9, 2008
Man Robs Cab, Tries To Break Into House, Shot By Homeowner

Early Tuesday morning, a home owner shot an intruder in the leg. The intruder was trying to get away from police after he held-up a cab driver.

According to Lafayette Police, Quintin Sam, 26, showed a cab driver a knife at the corner of Moss and Willow Streets around 1:30a.m. Tuesday. He took off, as police were chasing him, he tried to force his way into a home.

That's when the home-owner shot Sam in the leg. Sam is in the hospital, Police said when he gets out, he'll be charged with armed robbery and aggravated burglary.

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California: El Dorado DA identifies dead suspect; hails gun-wielding neighbor

El Dorado Hills, California

From the Sacramento Bee of January 8, 2008
El Dorado DA identifies dead suspect; hails gun-wielding neighbor

The El Dorado County District Attorney's Office has identified the 33-year-old man who the DA said was responsible for Sunday's stabbing rampage which left one man dead and one man wounded as Behnam Pazoki.

Pazoki, who family members described as mentally ill, was visiting relatives in El Dorado Hills on Sunday when he grabbed a kitchen knife and chased terrified relatives into the street. During the rampage, which occurred on the 1000 block of Venezia Drive, Pazoki stabbed Vahid Seyedin, 47, the owner of the home he was staying at, and killed his uncle Ahmad Pazeky, 58, according the El Dorado County Sheriff's Office.

Pazoki was ultimately shot by a neighbor, Shahin Kohan, 47, who witnessed the attack and came to the family's aid armed with a handgun, sheriffs said.

In a press release issued today, the district attorney's office said that after Kohan warned Pazoki to stop, Pazoki turned his attention to him and other neighbors that had gathered around watching the horror unfold.

"Mr. Kohan's actions directly prevented other people and himself from being seriously injured or killed," the release said.

El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson called Kohan's actions heroic in the release.

""All too often the term hero is applied to situations where it is inappropriate...," Pierson said in the release. "Mr. Kohan was a bystander whose quick action, done at great risk to him, likely saved lives and certainly prevented additional injuries. Mr. Kohan, by any definition, is in fact a hero."

Sheriff's Deputies briefly detained Kohan on murder charges following the incident, but quickly released him after the facts of the case were reviewed.

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Florida: Police: Victim Fired AK-47 At Home Invader

Summerfield, Florida

From Local6 of January 8, 2008
Police: Victim Fired AK-47 At Home Invader

A man fired shots from his AK-47 at an armed man who stormed into his house through the garage, interrupted a group of friends playing cards, shot into the ceiling of the home and demanded money.

The incident happened Tuesday morning at 3085 SE 159th Lane Road in Summerfield.

According to Marion County sheriff's deputies, three men, one of whom was armed with a silver revolver, stormed into the home and fired shots into the ceiling while searching for money and weapons.

One of the invaders entered a bedroom where the father of one of the victims playing cards was sleeping, deputies said. The father, who had been awakened by the commotion and gunfire, retrieved his AK-47 from behind his bed, causing two of the assailants to run out of the front door of the house, deputies said.

The invader with the revolver fired shots at the father, who returned fire, according to a Marion County sheriff's report. The culprit ran into a bedroom, broke a window and fled, deputies said. It is not known if he was struck.

The armed assailant was described as a white man wearing blue jeans, a flannel shirt and a blue jean jacket. Deputies said he may be injured and seeking medical treatment. A second culprit had blonde hair and was wearing all dark clothing. The third invader was only described as a Hispanic man.

Anyone with information about the incident is urged to call Crime Stoppers. The Marion County Sheriff's Office is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

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South Dakota: 80-year-old woman shoots mountain lion in her yard

Fairborn, South Dakota

From the Rapid City Journal of January 8, 2008
80-year-old woman shoots mountain lion in her yard

Eighty-year-old Martha Smith admits she was a little nervous when she walked out of her house to shoot a mountain lion snarling at her in her ranch house yard.

It was about 4:30 p.m. last Thursday and the light was already fading when she heard her dog barking outside her house south of Fairburn. Smith looked outside and saw a mountain lion in her garden.

Worried about the dog’s safety, she grabbed her .22 rifle, walked outside and took a shot at the lion but missed.

She went back inside and called 911 but the dispatcher had trouble finding someone from Game, Fish & Parks.

So Smith, who learned to shoot as a girl on the family ranch, grabbed the rifle again, went back outside and walked to within about 20 feet of the mountain lion. She said she was a little nervous. “I didn’t know whether I had a small one or a big one,” Smith said. All I could see was three feet of tail and it was snarling and spitting at me.”

Smith aimed for the cat’s chest where she figured its heart would be and fired. The cat jumped up, ran a short distance and dropped dead.

A GF&P staffer showed up a few hours later and measured the cat, a 90-pound male.

Smith said she was worried whether the young lion’s mother was around.

But the young cat had been fitted with a collar, so GF&P was able to track its mother, which had been shot by a hunter.

“Thank God he was little because I don’t think my .22 would have killed the big one, Smith said.

She says she always keeps her .22 rifle loaded. “What good’s a gun if it’s not loaded?”

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California: A man shoots a suspected thief three times and is released by police

Tracy, California

From the Tracy Press of January 5, 2008
A man shoots a suspected thief three times and is released by police

A homeowner shot and wounded a man who he said was trying to steal a motorcycle from the back of his pickup early Friday morning on the 100 block of Victoria Court.

Police barricaded the street after the shooting shortly after 3:30 a.m., and the suspect was taken to a hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries.

Sean Dunbar, 31, shot 18-year-old Christian Bautista of Stockton three times in the hand and shoulder after a brief footchase, said Tracy detective Craig Kootstra. Bautista was taken to Sutter Tracy Community Hospital.

Dunbar kept him at gunpoint until police arrived. Bautista’s .38-caliber revolver was lying in the middle of the street and he was conscious when officers got on scene.

Officers questioned Dunbar and released him, while Bautista was arrested on suspicion of theft, assault with a deadly weapon, carrying a loaded firearm with the intent to commit a felony and carrying a concealed firearm.

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Monday, January 7, 2008

Arizona: Tempe store owner shoots out tire of fleeing suspect

Tempe, Arizona

From the Arizona Republic of January 7, 2008
Tempe store owner shoots out tire of fleeing suspect

A Tempe store owner's quick shooting reflexes resulted in the arrest of a suspected gun thief Saturday afternoon.

A customer removed a firearm from a display case in the store in the 900 block of South Priest Drive, near University Drive, according to Tempe police reports. The owner pointed his gun at the customer, demanding he return the gun. The customer returned the gun, but then took a .38 caliber revolver and left the store, according to reports.

The owner fired three shots at the customer's escaping vehicle, hitting a tire.

Police found Nathaniel Jones, 21, of Phoenix, trying to change the tire near University and Priest drives at about 2:23 p.m. A glass pipe and marijuana were found in his possession, police said.

He was arrested on suspicion of firearm theft and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Glenn Heights, TX: Home Invaders Driven Away

Glenn Heights, Texas

From January 6, 2008 WFAA channel 8:

GLENN HEIGHTS - An attempted break-in early Sunday morning led to a terrifying and unexpected wake up call for a woman in Glenn Heights.

While four men failed to break into Carrie Shannon's home on Brentwood Street, their attempt was captured on surveillance video.

Shannon was home alone when the men tried to kick in her door around 4:35 a.m.

"I immediately jumped up," she said of when she heard the loud kicking.

After hearing the men, Shannon said she got out of bed and called police on her cell phone.

"I grabbed my handgun and I proceeded right to the back, because as soon as I saw a shadow, I was going to go ahead and start shooting," she said.

After several kicks, the men gave up and took off.

"I just want to be safe here in my own home," Shannon said. "That's it. That's all I want."

Signs of the attempted home invasion were everywhere in the form of broken glass, damage to the door and a broken lock.

Shannon's home security camera didn't miss a beat either. It even caught one of the men cutting the phone line. The video was turned over to police.


Shannon said she believes the incident may be connected to a burglary that happened at her home nearly three weeks ago. In that case, four men stormed into her home through the front door.

"[I'm] just a hard working woman trying to live, trying to support her son and trying to support herself and live a better life," she said.

Alton, TX: Residential Burglars Shot

Alton, Texas

From the January 7, 2008 Brownsville [Texas] Herald:
ALTON - Police continue to investigate a Sunday home invasion by two men that left one of the suspects with two gunshot wounds.

Two men attempted to enter an apartment near the intersection of Glasscock and Mile 6 Roads, Alton Police Investigator Armando Lopez said.

One of the invaders was shot twice upon entering the apartment, Lopez said. The location of the gunshot wounds is unknown,

The two men then left the scene and attempted to find help at the La India Mexican Food Mart at Glasscock and Mile 6 Road.

The injured suspect was transported to McAllen Medical Center for treatment. Lopez said details about the suspect's condition were unavailable Monday morning.

Both suspects are set to be charged with aggravated robbery, Lopez said. None of the victims were injured from the incident.

Spartanburg, S.C. Home Invaders Get Shot

Spartanburg, South Carolina

From January 7, 2008 WYFF channel 4:
Two people are facing burglary and attempted robbery charges after an apartment break-in led to one of them being shot.

The break-in and shooting happened late Saturday night in at the Campus Edge Apartments in Spartanburg County, near USC-Upstate.

Jeremy Lee and Jacob Holland, are charged with first degree burglary and attempted armed robbery after deputies said that the door of an apartment was kicked open.

Investigators said that a person living in the apartment opened fire with a shot gun.

Gastonia, North Carolina: Gunfight in Convenience Store

Gastonia, North Carolina

From the January 7, 2008 Charlotte [North Carolina] Observer:

A 16-year-old was arrested late Sunday night in connection with an attempted Gastonia convenience store robbery that left two clerks seriously injured.

Police say a suspect apparently engaged in a shootout with a clerk during the Saturday night incident.

Gastonia police said Brandon Carson of Gastonia has been charged with two counts of attempted first-degree murder and assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill.

A couple working together at the Gastonia store are hospitalized in Charlotte. Luke Williams, 45, and girlfriend Vickie Madsen, who is in her early 50s, were airlifted to Carolinas Medical Center late Saturday with multiple gunshot wounds, Gastonia police said. Williams is listed in critical condition this morning. Madsen is in serious condition.

The robbery occurred about 9:45 p.m. Saturday, when an armed man walked into Ken's Superette at 1528 W. May Ave. and demanded money. A gunfight ensued, police said, preventing the robber from getting anything of value.

The suspect fled the scene on foot, police said.

Faye Allen, Vickie Madsen's mother, said the Allen family has owned the store for about 25 years. Vickie Madsen has worked there much of that time as the manager.

Williams, Madsen's fiancee, had gone to the store Saturday night to help her close the place for the night, says Allen.

"My understanding is that the man intended to kill them," Allen said. She said it was her daughter who shot at the robber. "Vickie firing back at him probably saved their lives," says Allen, 77, who has often worked at the store herself.

"She takes after me. Somebody tried to rob me there one night, 10 years ago, and I grabbed his gun and my husband and youngest son jumped on him. The guy got loose and ran, and I chased him down May Street with his own gun, but I couldn't get it to fire."

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Michigan: Elderly Man Shoots Home Intruder

Detroit, Michigan

From WDIV of January 6, 2008
Elderly Man Shoots Home Intruder

An 82-year-old man on Detroit's northwest side shot and severely wounded an intruder who walked into his Collingwood Street home Sunday afternoon.

Police said that the intruder, a 44-year-old man from Redford, was visiting friends in the neighborhood when he entered the home of Thomas Jackson, 82, and his wife.

Jackson grabbed his gun and shot the intruder.

Police are investigating why the man had entered the home, but a friend told Local 4 that the intruder has a history of mental illness

"What he does, he's been known to go into people's houses and just sit down," said friend Charles Smith.

"He don't know where he is. He'll go into people's cars and sit down, you know, follow strangers down the street."

The intruder was listed in critical condition at Henry Ford Hospital Sunday evening.

Pennsylvania: Man charged with trying to enter home

State College, Pennsylvania

From the Centre Daily Times of January 6, 2008
Man charged with trying to enter home

A College Township man faces criminal charges after he ignored an apparent warning shot while entering a State College home early Saturday morning.

According to State College police, Nathan Wagner, 21, of 709 W. Cherry Lane, had broken a door window of a North Atherton Street residence about 2:30 a.m. and was trying to come inside when the homeowner confronted him with a shotgun and told him to leave.

Wagner persisted, police said, and the homeowner fired a shot into an interior wall. Police, called by the homeowner’s wife before the shot, said they arrived to find Wagner still trying to open the door.

As Wagner was taken into custody, police said, he appeared intoxicated, registered a blood-alcohol content of .22 and told officers he thought he was at a friend’s house for a party.

Arraigned before District Justice Carmine Prestia, Wagner was charged with criminal trespass, criminal mischief, public drunkenness and disorderly conduct. He was jailed at the Centre County Correctional Facility on $10,000 bail.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Lancaster, Penn.: Minimarket Manager Shoots At Robber

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

From January 5, 2008 Lancaster Online:
LANCASTER, Pa - Gunfire rang out during a Friday night robbery at the Mangat Mini Market on West Orange Street, but nobody was struck or injured, according to city police and the store's manager.

The manager, David Mangat, and a fleeing robber fired a shot each with their handguns after the robber grabbed some cash.

The two were only about 10 feet apart, but neither man was hit.

"He started shooting, and I started shooting at him," said Mangat, who has a concealed weapons permit.

Mangat, 23, of Lancaster, said he was behind the counter of the market at 629 W. Orange St. when a man wearing a long dark coat entered the store at about 11:45 p.m.

"He reached under his coat and came out with a handgun. Then he told me to put the money in the bag," said Mangat.

"I started talking to him. I wanted to create a diversion so I could get to my gun," said Mangat.

"I asked him if he wanted more money. He said 'yes,"'

That gave Mangat the chance to reach into the area where he kept his weapon.

The manager came up holding his own handgun instead of more bills.

When the robber saw the gun, he turned and started running toward the door. But before leaving the store, he turned and fired one round that struck a wall inside the store, Mangat and police said.

Mangat said he fired one shot at the robber, but missed.

Mangat said he did not know which direction the robber fled nor how much money was stolen.

A report of a "robbery with shots fired" sent police rushing to the store, which is where Marietta Avenue splits off from West Orange Street.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Texas: Home intruder shot, killed

Copperas Cove, Texas

From the Waco Tribune Herald of January 5, 2008
Home intruder shot, killed

A homeowner shot and killed a man as he forced his way into a home in Copperas Cove on Friday afternoon, police said.

Police were called to 2204 Boland St. after shots were fired inside the home. They discovered a man who had been shot several times in the upper torso, Copperas Cove police said in a statement.

Through the investigation, police learned the man was an intruder who had “entered the residence unlawfully and apparently used physical force against the homeowner,” police said.

The intruder was taken to Darnall Army Hospital where he died from his injuries. The man’s identity was not released pending notification of family, police said.

The shooting remained under investigation Friday evening.

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California: Crestline man shoots mountain lion

Crestline, California

From the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin of January 4, 2008
Crestline man shoots mountain lion

A man shot a mountain lion Thursday evening after the animal attacked his dogs.

San Bernardino County sheriff's deputies said the resident at the corner of Playground Road and Summit Drive fired at the lion about 10 p.m., causing the lion to flee from the man's fenced back yard.

Sheriff's deputies searched the area but could not find the mountain lion.

They notified officials with the Department of Fish and Game about the incident.

Sheriff's officials advised residents to use caution when outside and notify authorities when a mountain lion is spotted in the area.

South Carolina: Man won't face charges for shooting roommate in Summerville

Summerville, South Carolina

From WISTV of January 4, 2008
Man won't face charges for shooting roommate in Summerville

Prosecutors have decided not to charge a man who shot his roommate three times.

Authorities say 25-year-old Joseph Harriott threw 24-year-old Brian Sessoms out of his Summerville home New Year's Day after Sessoms hit his 16-year-old girlfriend, then warned him he would shoot if he broke back in the home.

Police say Sessoms climbed back into the house through a window on the second floor, and Harriott shot him as he came down the stairs.

Prosecutors say Harriott then tried to treat Sessoms' wound to the stomach, but Sessoms kept fighting. Harriott shot his roommate two more times.

Prosecutor Scarlett Wilson says she decided not to charge Harriott because state law for self-defense says if the first shot is justified, a person can keep shooting until a threat is eliminated.

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Texas: Two homicides may fall under new law

Amarillo, Texas

From of January 3, 2008
Two homicides may fall under new law


Christopher Fry, 38, was shot in the upper body at 200 S. Georgia St. Fry walked from the home and collapsed on the curb on the north side of the house in the 2700 block of West Second Avenue. The homeowner shot Fry because Fry was apparently assaulting the homeowner, who felt in fear of his life and his 2-year-old son's life. Fry appeared to have been in a physical altercation prior to knocking on the door at 200 S. Georgia. The two were arguing after Fry asked the homeowner about a dog, which the homeowner did not own. The homeowner was questioned by Special Crimes and later released pending further investigation. The case will be presented to the 47th District Attorney's office for review by a grand jury.


Michigan: Store owner halts robbery in Sturgis

Sturgis, Michigan

From the Kalmazoo Gazette of January 2, 2008
Store owner halts robbery in Sturgis

Police say arrests in a robbery attempt thwarted when a grocery-store owner armed himself and chased off the suspects may lead to arrests in another holdup earlier in December.

Two would-be robbers fled the LaSierra, a Sturgis grocery, around 1:30 p.m. Monday after seeing the store owner headed toward them with a gun, according to the Sturgis Police Department. The owner of the North Jacobs Street store then jumped into his vehicle and tailed the men, who had gotten into a waiting car driven by a third man, police said.

Another person in the store at the time said she saw two men approaching the business with bandanas covering their faces. She left, suspecting a robbery was going to take place, and called 911.

Sturgis officers were flagged down by the store owner from his car and provided with a description of the vehicle and of the two men who had entered the store. A Michigan State Police trooper spotted a vehicle matching the description of the get-away car west of Sturgis, near White Pigeon.

Officers from the St. Joseph County Sheriff's Department and Middlebury (Ind.) Police Department assisted in apprehending three Indiana men as their vehicle, southbound on U.S. 131, approached the Michigan/Indiana border, according to Sturgis police.

Police said they believe at least one man involved in Monday's incident took part in an armed robbery of LaEsperanza, another Sturgis grocery store, in early December. Police are expected to seek warrants for additional suspects believed to have been among four men who held up LaEsperanza.

Police said the men arrested Monday were identified by a witness and that suspected crime-scene evidence was found in their vehicle. No handgun was recovered, however.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

North Carolina: Self-Defense Shooting in Cherokee County, North Carolina

Cherokee County, North Carolina

From WRCB of January 2, 2008
Self-Defense Shooting in Cherokee County, North Carolina

In Cherokee County, North Carolina, a case of mistaken identity caused a fatal shooting.

It happened yesterday on Old Peachtree Road, a few miles northeast of Murphy. Cherokee County Sheriff Keith Lovin says Luis Wajda and Ruthann King were arguing when they called a friend to come pick them up. When Corey Luther arrived, Wajda thought he was King's ex-boyfriend, and fired his pistol. Police say Luther ultimately returned shots from a shotgun, killing Wajda.

"The person attempted to retreat as far as he could," Sheriff Loving said. "He was fired upon first and continued to be fired upon, and acted to protect himself."

Corey Luther was not charged or arrested. Sheriff Lovin says unless his department turns up new information, it's unlikely the District Attorney will bring any charges.

Pennsylvania: Charges Dropped Against Man Who Shot Would-Be Robber

Langeloth, Pennsylvania

From the Pittsburgh Channel of January 2, 2008
Charges Dropped Against Man Who Shot Would-Be Robber

A would-be victim who fought back during an attempted robbery at his East Third Street home in Langeloth, Washington County, is no longer charged with attempted homicide.

On Sept. 1, Eraldo Iannitelli, 48, was allegedly attacked outside his home by two teens wearing masks, carrying a baseball bat and BB gun.

Iannitelli said the two teens demanded money.

After being hit several times, Iannitelli said he reached into his car, grabbed a shotgun and fired once, hitting a 16-year-old in the back.

On Wednesday, all charges were dropped against Iannitelli.

Indianapolis: Grocery Store Customer Stops Robbery

Indianapolis, Indiana

From the January 2, 2008 Indianapolis Star:
A 51-year-old man stopped a masked man from robbing a Southside grocery store and held him at gunpoint until police arrived.

Charlie Merrell was in checkout line at Bucks IGA Supermarket, 3015 S. Meridian St., when a masked man jumped a nearby counter and held a gun on a store employee at 5:17 p.m. Monday, according to a police report made public today.

While the suspect was demanding cash from the workers, the police report states that Merrell pulled his own handgun, pointed it at the robber and ordered him to put down his weapon.

When the suspect hesitated, Merrell racked the slide on his gun to load a round in the chamber, Officer Jason Bockting wrote in the report.

The suspect placed his gun and a bag of cash on the counter, dropping some of the money, police said. The suspect removed his mask and lay on the floor. Merrell held the suspect at gunpoint until officers arrived and took him away in handcuffs.
Merrell had a valid permit to carry the handgun, police said. Police recovered an unloaded .380-caliber handgun from the suspect and $779 in cash, according to the report.

Dwain Smith, 19, was arrested on initial charges of robbery, criminal confinement, pointing a firearm, battery and carrying a handgun without a license. Smith remained held this morning in the Marion County Jail with bond set at $30,000, records show.

Tennessee: Sullivan County homeowner holds burglar at gunpoint

Sullivan County, Tennessee

From the Kingsport Times Newsn of January 2, 2008
Sullivan County homeowner holds burglar at gunpoint

According to a press release from the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office, a resident of Ambrosia Drive was awakened about 4 a.m. Tuesday by his dog's barking.

When the homeowner went to investigate, armed with a gun, he found a man going through items in his utility room. He held the burglar at gunpoint until officers arrived.

Jacob D. Brehm, 25, 314 Sonnett Court, is charged with aggravated burglary, held at the Sullivan County Correctional Facility. Police say Brehm entered the Ambrosia Drive home through a dog-door.

Alaska: Grizzly, 3 cubs killed on Kodiak Island

Kodiak Island, Alaska

From the Seattle Times of January 1, 2008
Grizzly, 3 cubs killed on Kodiak Island

A rabbit hunter fired his pistol at a charging grizzly bear on Kodiak Island, badly wounding the old sow, which was later killed, as were her three cubs.

The hunter, whose name is not being released, was hunting rabbits near the American River on Friday about 15 miles outside Kodiak when the sow charged him, said John Crye, a wildlife biologist with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, on Monday.

The hunter, who was carrying two weapons, shot the bear when it was about 10 yards away. It was the second time in a week that hunters had encountered the family of bears. The last time it was one of the cubs that charged a father and son out duck hunting as the mother and the other cubs slept nearby.

This time, the rabbit hunter was charged after he rounded a corner and surprised the sow, who was at least 25 years old.

"A rabbit hunter was in the brush and kind of woke them up out of their beds," Crye said. "He felt threatened by the sow, so he shot the sow."

The hunter immediately notified Alaska State Troopers and the Department of Fish and Game. Crye went with troopers to the site where the 8-foot, 400-pound sow lay barely alive.

It was determined that she was too badly injured and would have to be killed, so she was shot again.


Crye said the shooting was justifiable because the hunter felt threatened.


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Texas: San Antonio road rage killing deemed self-defense

San Antonio, Texas

From the Houston Chronicle of January 2, 2008
San Antonio road rage killing deemed self-defense

In an apparent case of road rage, a motorist shot a driver to death who threatened him with a baseball bat.

Police said that the shooting just after midnight on New Year's Day appeared to be in self-defense, so they didn't plan to charge 24-year-old Brian Correa.

"It was apparent to us that he was defending himself," said police spokesman Sgt. Gabe Trevino, who added that the shooter had a license to carry a concealed weapon.

Correa shot the 24-year-old driver three times with a handgun, a police report said. The Bexar County medical examiner's office identified the deceased driver as Tomas Garza.

Correa and several witnesses quoted in the report said that Garza had maneuvered his Mitsubishi Lancer behind Correa's Chevrolet Camaro around 1 a.m. Tuesday and began driving aggressively, trying to hit the Camaro.

When the cars came to a stop at a traffic light, Garza got out and hit the Camaro several times with the bat, according to the police report.

Correa told Garza to stop, but Garza began toward him so Correa fired at him, according to the report.

Witnesses corroborated Correa's account with police.

"I'm still really shaken up. I don't really want to talk about it at all," Correa told a reporter with the San Antonio Express-News when contacted at his home.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Mississippi: Teen kills intruder in county's 1st homicide of the year

Vicksburg, Mississippi

From the Vicksburg Post of January 1, 2008
Teen kills intruder in county's 1st homicide of the year

A teen shot and killed a home intruder Sunday night, stopping a theft in progress and sending the intruder's accomplices scurrying, said Sheriff Martin Pace.

Found dead in front of a mobile home in South Warren County was Jonathan Bruce, 21, 3341 Sunnybrook Drive in Jackson, said Coroner Doug Huskey.

Bruce had been shot once with a .410 shotgun and had stumbled out of the mobile home, Pace said.

The teen, who was not identified, was not arrested or charged. Pace said details of the investigation will be presented to the district attorney, but it appeared the shooting -- Warren County's first homicide of the year -- will be deemed justifiable.

Pace said the adults who lived in the home where Bruce was shot made a living as street vendors. He said Bruce and two other men had forced their way into the mobile home at 25 Red Oak Drive about 7 p.m. after inquiring about purchasing shoes. The teen and several other juveniles were alone when the trio entered.

Pace said after the men got inside, they started "loading up merchandise" until the teen got a shotgun and fired it at Bruce, who had a handgun in his pocket. After being shot, Bruce turned and walked out onto the lawn, where he was found when deputies arrived. The other men fled in a sedan.

Pace said Warren County officers were working with counterparts in the Jackson Police Department to identify Bruce's companions, said to have been in a white sedan without a tag.

The City of Vicksburg recorded 10 homicides in 2007. Until the next-to-the-last night of the year, Warren County outside Vicksburg had recorded none.