Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Jackson, Mississippi

From Jackson’s WLBT.com of December 20, 2005
Teen Shot During Home Invasion

A Jackson teen has been hospitalized after being shot during an apparent break-in attempt at a neighbor's house.

The teen was with three other juveniles at the time, and was shot by the homeowner.

It happened at 232 Clubview drive in west Jackson, shortly before 11 Tuesday morning.

During any other week, they'd probably be inside a classroom, but because there's no school, and they got into some trouble, two teens stand handcuffed, outside a crime scene.

Precint [sic] Three Commander Ron Sampson says, "About 10:45 we received a call of a house burglary in progress. The homeowner happened to be at home, two subjects made entry into the home, the homeowner fired a shot and hit the suspect in the right leg."

One teen was hospitalized with a gunshot wound to the leg.

Detective Brendan Bell says, "Possibly all four are going to be charged with house burglary."

The homeowner, Beverly Johnson, wasn't home but her son was. He was taken in for questioning, but not charged and he wasn't home alone. His two younger nephews were inside the house with him.

Police suspect burglary as a motive, and this wasn't the first time the Johnson home was targeted.

Detective Bell says, "At this residence I believe in the past couple weeks he's had a number of reported break ins at this home, so that possibly contributed to his reaction."

Police say the injuries on the teen shot don't appear to be life threatening. Neighbors say he lives in the neighborhood.

As the investigation into this crime continues, J.P.D. detectives say they could link the teens to other unsolved burglary cases in the area.

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