Saturday, December 17, 2005

Jackson County, Mississippi

From the November 22, 2005 South Mississippi Sun-Herald:
The Jackson County Sheriff's Department is investigating a shooting Sunday that left Brian Howell dead and his friend, Richard Hinton, in jail.

Sheriff Mike Byrd said Howell and Hinton went to get Hinton's ex-wife, who was with her boyfriend, Donald Sexton Sr., at Sexton's house on Yellow Bluff Road. Howell and Hinton, the sheriff said, had baseball bats and guns with them.

Hinton allegedly fired into the trailer, but did not hit anyone. Byrd said it appears Sexton returned fire in self-defense and struck Howell in the head. Howell was taken to a hospital in Alabama, where he later died.

Hinton was charged with shooting into an occupied dwelling. Byrd said the case against Sexton will be presented to a grand jury, which will decide whether charges against him will be filed.

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