Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Indianapolis, Indiana

From the Indianapolis Star of December 6, 2005
Merchants up in arms over robbery spree

Workers share safety tips, upgrade security and even keep a gun at work

With robberies on the rise in Indianapolis this year, some merchants and store clerks are working at their cash registers with growing trepidation -- and taking steps to better protect themselves.

Roger Dean, who owns and operates Mr. Dee's Tobacco and Variety on the city's Westside, is considering strapping his pistol to his hip.

"A cop come in a week or so after C-Daddy's funeral," said Dean, "and he says, real nicely, 'Lemme give you a little advice: Put your gun on for your own protection.' "

"C-Daddy" was Clarence Williams, a close friend of Dean's who was killed in October in his Westside restaurant during a robbery. Williams' was one of four robbery-related deaths this fall.

Publicly, police take a hands-off approach on the question of arming clerks. "I'd advise them they have the right to bear arms," said Capt. Phil Burton of the Marion County Sheriff's Department, "but it's a decision they'd have to make. I'd not advise them either way."

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