Thursday, December 29, 2005

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

From Manchester’s of December 29, 2005
Store Clerk Says He'll Continue To Carry Gun

Clerk Fired From Previous Job After Pulling Gun On Thief

A store clerk fired for bringing a gun to work has a new job at another store.

Bruce Soiett said that he always brings his .45-caliber handgun to work. He used to work at a Cumberland Farms in Greenland, and on Dec. 7, the store was robbed at gunpoint. When the thief ran, Soiett followed him.

"I yelled at him to stop, and he turned with the gun," Soiett said. "I fired two quick shots because I thought he was going to shoot at me."

No one was hit, and the robber was never caught. Soiett lost his job because Cumberland Farms has a no-weapon policy. The owner of the Exit 3 Travel Stop in Portsmouth was happy to hire him.

"We feel more comfortable having people who can stand up for themselves," store owner Bharat Batel said.

Greenland Police Chief Mike Maloney said that while Soiett has every right to pack heat at work, he has some concerns.

"The clerk might get killed over $200," Maloney said. "I find, in my opinion, it's just best to let us do our jobs."

Soiett said that as long as he has a job at a convenience store, his gun will be loaded, just in case.

"If you come in and rob from me, you may get more than your money," he said.

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