Saturday, December 24, 2005

Granby, New York

From December 21, 2005 channel 10:
On a quiet road tucked away just outside of Fulton, five people in Granby spent Tuesday evening tied up, at the mercy of two men.

One holding a machete, the other, a sawed off shotgun. Police say two of the bound men eventually overpowered 27-year-old Donald Brown and 18-year-old Kyle Hunter, shooting Hunter in the back.

"The husband and the acquaintance freed themselves and retrieved a shotgun from the perpetrator and subsequently shot at him, wounding him in his back with bird shot," said Lt. Erwin Brandl, Troop D, BCI.

The family was able to call 911 shortly after midnight. It didn't take long for Fulton State Troopers and the Onondaga County Sheriffs Department to apprehend the fleeing duo.

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