Saturday, December 3, 2005

Nashville, Tennessee

From Nashville’s of December 3, 2005
Burglar Enters Through Hole in Roof

Charlie Lee says he stood face to face with a man who was taking cigarettes and money from his convenience store, the Main Street Market in East Nashville.

"I started. What are you doing here in this hour? How you get in?” said Lee.

It was 2:00 in the morning, and he had come down to turn off what seemed to be a false burglar alarm. The doors were locked. Everything was okay, until he walked behind the counter and saw the man and the hole in the ceiling.

“There was hole in there, so I pulled out my gun. I shoot a warning shot once. Move! Don't move! If you move you get hurt. Don't move,” said Lee.

Lee says the man grabbed a knife, one he sells in the store, then he hit the man at least twice with a stick while his wife called police.

Police found a backpack along with an axe handle, a screwdriver, hammer, pliers, cutters and even some goggles, apparently every type of tool you need to commit a burglary when they arrested the suspect.
30 year old Dodrick Losame Houston is in jail. Police say he is a suspect in several other Nashville burglaries.

“Same mode of entry. The hole through the roof. Same items taken cigarettes taken. It was apparent he knew what he was doing and had did it before,” said Carney White with Metro Police.

Lee says this was his first experience, and he hopes it's the last.

Metro Police said the suspect they arrested is also wanted in Memphis for burglaries there. And officers say it is best to wait for police before going in to turn off a business alarm.

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