Saturday, December 31, 2005

Columbus, Ohio

From Columbus’ of December 30, 2005
Intruder Shot to Death

A woman fires at an intruder in her home. A half a mile away, a teenager dies from a gun shot. Police now say the dead teenager was the intruder.

The young man was 19 year old Kahlief Tye who was out on bond, awaiting trial for another aggravated robbery just a few blocks away.

This time, Tye broke into a home and found a woman with a gun.

The intruders simply broke the glass on the side door of this Perdue Avenue home and let themselves in. When they confronted the woman living there, she shot at Kahlief Tye.

They fled through back yards and Tye made it about three fourths of a mile to an apartment building owned by Clinton Crankfield Junior.

Tye was still able to talk, and he asked Crankfield to call his mother. But when Crankfield saw all the blood, he called 911 instead.

Kahlief Tye lived right around the corner with his mother and after he died she went to see Clinton Crankfield.

As soon as Crankfield told her that her son asked him to call his mother, she started to cry. Kahleif is her second son killed by gunfire. 2 years ago, Kahlief's 19 year old brother, A Mifflin student, was shot to death in a house in Huntington, West Virginia.

Tye was taken to the hospital where he died. His bloodstained jacket was still lying on Mr. Crankfield's floor. The homeowner who fired the gun was brought there and identified it as the intruder's.

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