Monday, April 28, 2008

Tennessee: Would-be robber shot and killed in liquor store

Nashville, Tennessee

From the Tennessean of April 28, 2008
Would-be robber shot and killed in liquor store

A would-be robber at an Inglewood liquor store was shot and killed Saturday night after a customer opened fire, Metro police said.

Two men entered Sinkers Wine & Spirits on Gallatin Pike around 10 p.m. and attempted to rob the store with handguns, Capt. David Imhof said. During the robbery, a customer took out a handgun of his own and began a shootout, Imhof said.

One of the robbery suspects ran away, but the other collapsed outside the store, Imhof said. He was taken to Skyline Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

The remaining suspect was still on the loose Sunday night, police said.

The customer who fired on the robbery suspects had a permit to carry a weapon, Imhof said.

"A citizen, like a police officer, has the right to utilize deadly force if there is a threat of serious bodily injury or harm," Imhof said.

The customer, described as in his early 20s, was interviewed and released by police. He has not been charged.

The case is under investigation, Imhof said.

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