Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Robbery Victim Shoots Robber With Own Gun

Cleveland, Tennessee

From the April 21, 2008 Cleveland [Tennessee] Daily Banner:
One person was shot today during an alleged kidnapping and robbery which unfolded at an Oak Street address. The victim of the kidnapping and robbery was apparently the person who struggled with one of the alleged offenders and caused a gun to go off.

Police were called to 383 Oak St. SW after being alerted of the incident.

Luis Velasquez was found bleeding from his head and face, according to reports. Josh Dunn, 20, has been charged with especially aggravated kidnapping and especially aggravated robbery.

A second suspect has not been charged; however, warrants are pending against Josh Snyder, 19.

Snyder was reportedly shot when Velasquez began to try to wrestle the gun away from Snyder.

According to reports, the suspects went to Velasquez' door and asked him to help them jump start a vehicle.

One of the suspects pulled a gun, then forced Velasquez back into his home.

At that point, Dunn and Snyder allegedly demanded money from Velasquez.

Reports indicated the suspects began to beat Velasquez after he stated he had only a small amount of cash.

During the alleged beating, Snyder apparently cut his hand and had placed the gun under his arm while attempting to clean blood from his hand.

Velasquez then went for the gun and it discharged, according to reports.

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