Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New York: Man shoots bear chasing pet dog

Colesville, New York

From the Press & Sun Bulletin of April 21, 2008
Man shoots bear chasing pet dog

Rusvinder S. Sandhu, of Route 79, Colesville, shot and wounded a black bear who was chasing his pet dog around 1:18 a.m. Sunday.

After he let out his one-year-old Belgian Shepard to go to the bathroom, Sandhu heard incessant barking and upon looking out a sliding door with a flash light he found a medium sized black bear chasing the pet around the backyard, police said.

Sandhu retrieved a 7 mm magnum bolt action rifle and fired a single shot striking the bear in the neck and dropping him under a bird feeder, police said.

The bear was still alive when Broome County Sheriff's Deputy Kevin Mauser arrived, but the animal had to be dispatched with one 12 gauge shotgun slug for safety and humane purposes.

Sandhu told Mauser he was unaware bears in his area, but was now was able to figure out why his bird feeder had been knocked out of its location in a tree, according to a police report.

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