Monday, April 7, 2008

Mississippi: Property owner shoots at scrap metal thieves

Vicksburg, Mississippi

From the Vicksburg Post of April 7, 2008
Property owner shoots at scrap metal thieves

Warren County Sheriff's deputies were investigating an attempted theft that led to one person being shot, said Sheriff Martin Pace.

A man who owns property on Standard Hill off Sherman Avenue saw two people, who had been dropped off by a third person, in the process of stealing scrap metal off his land. The property owner shot in their direction, which caused them to run off, and grabbed the driver of the vehicle. While he held the driver at gunpoint and waited for deputies to arrive, 911 received a report of a person having been shot in the leg on Sherman Avenue.

"Although the person who was shot is not admitting to trying to take the metal, it's clearly going to be related," Pace said.

What appears to be a bullet hole was also found in the vehicle, which has been impounded and will be part of the investigation. Pace said this morning that no one had been arrested, but deputies will retrieve statements from all who were involved and present them to District Attorney Ricky Smith, who then will determine if any charges will be filed against either the suspects or the property owner.

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