Friday, December 19, 2003

Yucca Valley, CA

From Palm Springs' of December 18, 2003

Police say Yucca Valley man killed in self-defense

One man is dead tonight and investigators are saying the man who shot him did so in self-defense.

Police say a man went into 22-year-old Andrew Gasper's apartment in Yucca Valley and took a handgun, saying he was going to go shoot someone who lived in the same complex.

The man fired off four rounds before Gasper came after him with a shotgun. Police say the suspect then pointed the handgun at Gasper. Gasper repeatedly told him to drop the gun, but he kept it pointing at him.

Police say Gasper then fired once, killing the man. Investigators say Gasper acted in self defense. The case will be reviewed by the district attorney.

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