Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Columbia, South Carolina

From the Columbia The State of December 30, 2003

Man shot by store manager, official says

A man found dead on the side of Bluff Road was shot after a confrontation with a store manager who accused him of shoplifting, officials said.

Wyman Lee Williams, 44, of 1123 Abbott Road, was shot in the chest at Rickenbacker’s Party Shop on Bluff Road early Sunday, said Richland County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Lt. Joseph Pellicci. He gave this account of the incident:

Williams went to the store and tried to steal a pack of beer when the 66-year-old clerk confronted him. Williams threw the beer cans at the clerk and beat him while customers looked on. Williams started to leave but then slammed the man to the ground. When he attempted to beat the clerk again, the clerk fired a round, hitting Williams, who then left. The clerk then called the sheriff’s department.

Williams’ body was found about a half mile from the store, but no one knows whether he walked there or someone gave him a ride and dropped him off, Pellicci said.

No charges have been filed against the clerk, whose name has not been released.

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