Friday, December 12, 2003

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

From the Philadelphia Inquirer of December 12, 2003

Robber and victim engage in Queen Village shoot-out

A gunman who got into a shoot-out with a deliveryman yesterday during a robbery outside a Queen Village grocery might be part of a gang suspected in a series of violent night-time attacks.


Yesterday's robbery occurred about noon outside the OK Food Market at Fifth and Carpenter Streets. John Smith, 25, and Luis Perez, 24, were completing a delivery when Smith was confronted by a gunman who demanded his money, police said.

At that point, Perez, who has a permit to carry a pistol, got out of the vehicle and drew his weapon, Biello said. "There was a short standoff" that ended when Perez told the robber to take the money and leave, Biello said. "He [Perez] didn't want to be in a gunfight, basically."

The gunman took the envelope, which contained $1,500 to $4,000, from Smith, raised his weapon to Smith's head, and then fired at Perez, who responded.

Perez "fired two shots at the individual," Biello said. "It's believed the individual may have been hit in the arm, because he kind of flinched."

Police were checking area hospitals last night for anyone with a bullet wound. Neither deliveryman was wounded.

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