Friday, December 5, 2003

Tulsa, Oklahoma

From of December 5, 2003

Tulsa robbery suspect shot by store clerk

Two suspected robbers are in big trouble after a Tulsa grocery clerk fought back against the two men.

Tulsa Police say the men tried to rob a Mexican grocery store at 30th and Harvard Friday afternoon. Officers say when one of the suspects assaulted the clerk; the clerk pulled a gun from under the counter, scuffled with the man and shot him in the hip.

Both suspects took off, but a witness followed them and gave directions to police, who arrested the men at 51st and Lewis.

There's no word if the clerk will face charges for shooting the man, but police say it looks like a simple case of self-defense. Tulsa Police Sgt Pat Calhoun: "We normally don't recommend this kind of action. It'll be pending as to how the district attorney looks at it, but we look at it as self defense, especially when they were pointing the gun at him."

One of the suspects is in jail; the other is in the hospital.

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