Saturday, April 3, 2004

Indianapolis, IN

From the Indianapolis Star of April 3, 2004:

Homeowner fatally shoots burglar

A home invasion early this morning on the city's Eastside left an elderly homeowner shaken and a 43-year-old homeless man dead.

Indianapolis police said the homeless man, Kevin L. Richardson, was fatally shot after he broke into the home of George L. Finch, 75, 400 block of North Rural Street, about 3 a.m.

Finch's daughter, Debbie Skaggs, said her father was sleeping in a recliner in the front room when he heard someone breaking out a back window and entering.

Her father got his gun, a semi-automatic pistol. "He stepped into the kitchen and he was right there. My dad told him to stop and go away," Skaggs said.

Her father told her that the man "just kept coming at him" so he fired one shot.

"I aimed low. I just wanted to stop him," Skaggs recalled her father saying.

Police said the shot struck Richardson in the thigh.

Richardson ran out the same window and fled a short way, collapsing on the sidewalk in the same block, according to the homicide report.

When police arrived, he was bleeding heavily. Medics transported Richardson to Wishard Memorial Hospital where he later died.

Sgt. Russell Burns said no charges will be filed in the case, which he described as a home invasion. Investigators concluded the shooting was justified, he said.

According to court records, Richardson had a history of theft, trespass and prostitution arrests. His parents were deceased and Burns said police were unaware of any family members in the area.

I urge you go to this somewhat longer article, and read a portrait of a man who simply will not give in to the rabble.

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