Tuesday, April 6, 2004

Cascade, Montana

From the Great Falls Tribune of April 6, 2004:

Homeowner kills escaped inmate

A Cascade homeowner shot and killed an escaped inmate from the Cascade County regional jail who was in the house Monday evening.

Paul Anthony Anderson, 26, who was serving 10 years on a Missoula robbery involving a weapon, was shot once in the chest with a handgun and died before deputies and medical personnel arrived.

He and James Joseph Brown, 41, were low-security state inmates and walked away from the regional jail Sunday night around 9 p.m. as they washed windows in the jail lobby.

Sheriff Kent Funyak notified the public of the escapes Monday morning.

No one has been arrested or charged in the shooting. Funyak said officers were investigating the scene Monday night and would need to interview the homeowners again this morning before releasing details of the shooting.

However, neighbors said the convict broke into the house and was shot.

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