Wednesday, April 7, 2004

Emporia, Virginia

From Richmond's of April 7, 2004:

Home invasion turns deadly in Emporia

Two men broke into a home on Halifax Street in Emporia Tuesday night. Sixty-six year old Thomas Jones was watching TV when the men kicked his door open. He ran to the kitchen and struggled with one of them. Then, yelled for his wife to get out of the house. Carrie Jones grabbed her phone, ran outside to call police and then she heard a gunshot.

Authorities say one of the suspects, Omar Powell, was shot and killed.

"You have a right to defend yourself in your own residence,” says Emporia Police Dept. Chief Keith Carr. “I don't think there is a text book answer on how you should confront someone if they came in to your residence."

Authorities do not intend to charge Jones in the shooting.

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