Saturday, April 3, 2004

Eden Prairie, Minnesota

First reported use of a concealed weapon by a licensee under the new Minnesota law. In this case, we have a copy of the police report available here as a multi-page TIF file. A summary of the report appears here.

Important points: the attacker (as even the attacker admits to police) is a bicyclist who loses his temper when a driver honks his horn. The driver asserts that he was honking the horn to let the bicyclist know of his presence. The bicyclist catches up at the next light, throws the bike down in front of the vehicle, and grabs the driver by the throat. The driver starts to pull his gun, warns the attacker, and drives over the bike.

Both call the police: they charge the bicyclist, based on his own statement, and that of a witness to the confrontation.

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