Saturday, March 7, 2009

Louisiana: Woman kills home invader; 2 men booked

Ville Platte, Louisiana

From the Times-Picayune of March 6, 2009
Woman kills home invader; 2 men booked

Two men have been booked on charges stemming from a home invasion that ended when a Ville Platte homeowner shot and killed a 19-year-old man she said had pulled a gun on her boyfriend, police said Friday.

Gavin Herbert, 18, and Charles Grace, 34, both of Ville Platte, were held on $500,000 bond each in connection with the home invasion late Tuesday that left 19-year-old Antonio Thompson dead, said police Lt. Craig Nicholas.

Herbert is accused of participating in the holdup and home invasion while Grace was suspected of planning it, Nicholas added.

He said Herbert was booked on seven counts of aggravated kidnapping, and one each of armed robbery and aggravated burglary, and Grace on 10 counts of conspiracy: seven of conspiracy to commit aggravated kidnapping, two to commit aggravated burglary and one to commit armed robbery.

According to police, Herbert and Thompson broke into one house Tuesday, waited for residents to return, robbed homeowner Kaninsky Larnette and then took him at gunpoint to the home of Nedra Gallow, his girlfriend.

Gallow, 24, said in a publish account that she answered a knock and found Thompson holding a gun to Larnette.

"He ordered us to get on the floor. He hit me with his gun," Gallow told The Advertiser. "My mama started screaming. He pushed her down, and I ran to get the gun to protect myself and my family."

She and Thompson pointed their guns at each other, she said, and she ordered him to leave.

She said Larnette then grabbed Thompson. While they wrestled on the floor, she shot Thompson once in the leg, according to the report. She also said Larnette grabbed the other man's gun, but she was afraid Thompson had another.

"He kept digging in his pocket like he was going for another gun, and I shot him again," Gallow told The Advertiser. "I was not trying to kill anyone. I hated to do it. But I had to."

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