Friday, March 13, 2009

California: Suspected Drunk Driver Shot In The Arm By Home Owner

Los Osos, California

From KEYT of March 13, 2009
Suspected Drunk Driver Shot In The Arm By Home Owner

San Luis Obispo Sheriff's Deputies and officers with the California Highway Patrol are investigating a bizarre incident that left one homeowner cleaning up a mess and sent a 18-year-old driver to the hospital with a gunshot wound.

Sheriff Investigators are trying to figure out why Los Osos' resident Chris Saletta shot 18-year-old Nicole Galvez in the arm.

According to Saletta, Galvez plowed her PT Cruiser through Saletta's fence and into the backyard of his home on the 2000 block of Sombrero Road. Saletta says, he awoke to find Galvez driving her car wildly through his back yard and he was forced to shoot her because he thought she would crash her car into his children's bedroom.

Saletta told investigators, the female driver of of the Cruiser collided with a water well pump, ran over his kids bikes and hit the rear porch support to his home. Saletta called 911 to report the rampage then armed himself and tried to approach Galvez.

According to Saletta, Galvez refused to get out of her car and continued to drive towards Saletta's home. Saletta said, fearing for his families safety, he then fired one round from a .22 caliber rifle through the passenger side of the car. He told investigators he fired the shot because Galvez was headed straight for his children's bedroom.

The Cruiser came to an abrupt stop after Saletta fired the shot. Saletta wounded Galvez with a single shot to her upper arm.

Galvez was taken to Sierra Vista Hospital, was treated then arrested on suspicion of drunk driving.

A preliminary investigation by the Sheriff's Department reveals that Saletta lawfully fired his weapon in self-defense.

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