Saturday, December 18, 2004

Oak Hill, Ohio

From the Jackson County Times-Journal of October 11, 2004
Robbery attempt thwarted by homeowner

A robbery attempt, committed on Riegel Ridge Road in Oak Hill, was aborted, Tuesday, after the homeowner fired a gun on one of the intruders.

According to reports from the Jackson County Sheriff's Office, 911 dispatchers received a hang up call from 905 Riegel Ridge Road.

While en route to the scene, the responding officer was advised that there were two more 911 calls received from the residence and that a female had called advising that her father had called her from that address and told her that someone had broke in the house and the garage while he was in the garage.

Upon arriving at the scene, the officer checked and cleared the house and then went to the garage. He observed that the garage door had been kicked several times and the window, of the door, had been knocked out and was on the garage floor.

The officer entered the garage and found the resident, Roy Lundy Sr., 61, holding a large revolver in his hand which he immediately put away in a tool box. The officer asked Lundy if he was okay and he responded yes.

According to the report, Lundy informed the officer that he had been sitting in his wheelchair in the garage when he observed a white Lincoln pull into his driveway, turn around and back up to the house. He saw two white males go toward the back of the house.

At that time, someone began kicking the garage door and Lundy backed his wheelchair into a back corner of the garage. Lundy said that the window was knocked out and a black male entered the garage through the hole in the door where the window once was.

Lundy fired one shot at the intruder and he jumped back through the hole exiting the garage.


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