Thursday, December 16, 2004

Houston, Texas

From Houston’s of December 11, 2004
Homeowner and neighbor fire back against home invasion suspects

Shots fired inside a home in The Heights during a violent home invasion. Moments later, the victim's neighbor tried to help and he started shooting, too.

Police are still looking for suspects. It happened on 23rd at Baylor. Neighbors are still shocked over the incident that left more than a little mark on this quiet neighborhood.

Neighbor Benny Grable said, "A little bit before seven it sounded like a war zone out here."

It was a scene Benny and his wife Alice won't soon forget..

"Of course, I was scared," said Alice Grable. "It's not something you have happen every Saturday morning when you're still asleep."

Gunfire erupted just yards from their front door. Bullets piercing walls, trees -- almost anything that got in the way.

HPD Officer Keith Lovelace said, "A lot we're not sure the total, but several shots fired."

Police say it all began with a home invasion. Three people were home when two suspects broke through a glass window to gain entry into the house. Once inside, that's when police say the gun battle began.

"Inside the house they exchanged gunfire with the owner," explained Officer Lovelace.

The tenant fought off the intruders for several minutes. That's when police say others got involved. Shortly after the break in, a neighbor who lives just one door away came running over to this house. That's when he exchanged fire with the suspects.

Officer Lovelace said, "Neighbor never goes inside, he exchanges gunfire from outside the residence."

Cornered, the suspects fled the scene. The tenant who fired back was shot once in the arm. Those who know him couldn't believe what had happened.


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