Monday, May 10, 2004

Indianapolis, Indiana

From Indianapolis' of May 10, 2004:

Man shoots stepfather after argument

An apparent case of self defense may still bring charges to a 20-year-old Indianapolis man who police say shot his stepfather in his west side home Thursday night.

Police cars got Anna Stacy's attention Thursday night. "I seen these lights and about 15 squads of police cars down through here." Indianapolis Police officers investigated her neighbor's family fight that escalated to gunfire.

"It makes me nervous around here, stuff going on like that in the neighborhood. I have been around here 25 years," Stacy told Eyewitness News.

Just after 11 p.m. officers responded the North Tibbs Avenue home.

That's where 20-year-old Brandon Montgomery shot his stepfather. Montgomery told police his stepfather, Phillip McKinney, assaulted his mother.

Brandon talked his mother into leaving home.

But when they returned, Brandon told officers his stepfather punched him and continued his attack.

"The son then pulled a handgun and warned McKinney not to come any closer, and he did," says IPD's Steve Stoletavich. "Then he was shot several times by Brandon."

Detectives questioned Montgomery about the shooting and then released him. They believe he shot McKinney in self defense.

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