Thursday, May 20, 2004

Carolina Beach, North Carolina

From Wilmington’s of May 20, 2004

Carolina Beach homeowner kills intruder in self defense

Police discover the body of Charles Gokee in this yard on Charlotte Avenue in Carolina Beach. The body of a man apparently trying to defend his family who confronted the wrong man. Carolina Beach Police Detective Harry Humphries says "He got drunk, he got stupid and the man went after him."

This is how police describe the deadly case of mistaken identity. Gokee was out to find the man who was sexually harassing his daughter. He broke into a home-- the wrong home. Inside was Dana Davis. He awoke to a stranger attacking him. Davis, a former law enforcement officer went for his gun. The two men struggled for the weapon. Two shots were fired in the ceiling. Gokee then ran. Davis went outside and saw him still in his yard. Gokee charged Davis threatening to kill him. Davis fired the fatal shot. A neighbor saw Gokee's body down the street. "He was lying in the ground moving around he was still alive and police were looking around him," says Mario Proserpi. Kellie Mininno, can't believe what happened in her quiet neighborhood. "I don't know what I would have done if someone broke into my home with my family. It guess it was what he had to do in the heat of the moment." In that moment police say a man defending his home kills a man defending his family.

Gokee had a criminal record of breaking and entering. No charges have been filed again Davis.

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