Saturday, September 25, 2021

Sandpoint, ID

 6/26/21 Spokesman-Review:

Idaho Department of Fish and Game received a report Tuesday of an aggressive bull moose that charged a camper at a Harrison Lake backcountry campsite north of Sandpoint, according to an agency news release.

The moose tore apart the campsite and charged at the camper and his dog. The camper hid behind a tree, but the moose did not stop charging. The camper discharged a firearm at the moose in self-defense from close range, according to the release. Fish and Game responded to the incident and located the deceased moose.

The Forest Service has closed the Harrison Lake trailhead to hikers to prevent possible conflicts between hikers and any bears that may feed on the carcass. The trailhead will be closed for a week.

It’s unclear whether the dog was leashed or not but it was in the man’s camp, IDFG spokeswoman Kara Campbell said. A .45 caliber handgun was used, Campbell said.

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