Thursday, January 17, 2019

Jacksonville, FL

This a weird one.  1/15/19 WOKV:
 The fatal shooting of 7-year-old Tashawn Gallon last February was at the hands of one of the boy’s family members who was acting in self defense, according to new investigative reports released by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.
WOKV told you Monday that the death had been ruled “excusable”. On Tuesday, police say they had an additional consultation with the State Attorney’s Office, and have instead classified the case as a “justifiable” homicide instead....
Gallon was caught in the crossfire in a Durkeeville shooting last February. Police say an SUV pulled up in front of a Mt. Herman Street home and at least one person inside opened fire. Police have now concluded that three people outside of that home shot back. One of them was a family member of Gallon, and the reports show that it was his gun that fired the fatal shot, while shooting back at the SUV, which is believed to have been done in self defense.
The dozens of pages of investigative reports paint a complex and interconnected web of several persons of interest, shootings, and even murders that may be connected to this case. The motive to the shooting appears to have been either in retaliation, or in relation to a falling out between the family member and a person of interest.
The gunshot that killed the 7 year old was fired in self-defense against a felonious attack, so justifiable, much like when a bank guard shoots at a robber and kills a customer.   Still a tragedy, but without returning fire, someone else might have died.

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