Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Chicago!, IL

12/4/18 FoxNews Orlando:
 - Three women were leaving their home off Mark Twain near West Chicago to go to church Sunday morning when a man approached them and forced them back into the home. 
One of the women acted quickly, reaching for a gun then firing at the intruder.
“I was about to go to church when I heard the shots they put up the crime tape and I went to church,” neighbor Lashundra Craig said.
Those shots came from Lashundra Craig's neighbor around 10:30 Sunday morning. 
Three women ages 75, 55 and 29 were leaving for church when a man lurking outside forced them back in.
The 55-year-old retrieved a gun firing twice at the intruder, hitting him at least once in the chest - a fatal shot.

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