Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tampa, FL: Never Bring A Knife to a Gunfight

From 1/11/16 Tampa Bay Times:
TAMPA — A would-be robber was shot in the head Monday afternoon, according to Tampa police, after he threatened a convenience store clerk with a knife.

It happened about 3:30 p.m. at the Hope Food Store, which was the scene of another shooting less than a year ago.

In Monday's incident, Anthone Bryant, 22, walked into the store, approached the clerk, Mutasem Abusafyeh, 38, and showed what police described as "a large knife."

"He said something indicating he was going to rob the store," Tampa police spokesman Steve Hegarty said.

Abusafyeh then picked up a handgun and shot Bryant in the head, police said. Bryant was taken to Tampa General Hospital with what police described as life-threatening injuries.

The clerk was shaken up, police said, but was not injured. Investigators were trying to determine whether Monday's shooting was a case of self-defense.

One other person was in the store during the shooting, police said. Detectives questioned that person and the clerk separately. Both gave similar accounts of what happened.

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