Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuscumbia, Alabama Woman Shoots At Burglar

Tuscumbia, Alabama

From the August 19, 2009 Times-Daily:
TUSCUMBIA - A man is in the Colbert County jail after he was accused of breaking into a home where the owner fired a shot at him.

John Allen Elom, 34, 4125 Woodmont Drive, Tuscumbia, is charged with second-degree burglary, Sheriff Ronnie May said.

May said Elom is accused of breaking into a residence only a few doors down from his house on Woodmont Drive early Monday.

During the break-in, May said the 32-year-old homeowner tried to protect herself and shot at Elom. The incident occurred around 1:20 a.m.

"The victim said she was awakened by dogs barking," May said. "She said she got out of bed, picked up her pistol (a 9 mm) and walked down the hallway."

May said the woman told authorities that when she got near the kitchen, she saw the suspect and fired the gun.

"She only had one bullet and she missed," May said.

At that point, Elom charged her and they struggled for a few minutes, the woman said.

"He was wearing a dark-colored hoodie, and during the struggle, she was able to see his face enough to recognize him," the sheriff said.

May said the suspect broke free and called the woman a derogatory name as he ran out the door.

"The victim ran out the back door and called 911," the sheriff said.

May said the woman gave authorities a description of the suspect and a name.

"Our investigators put together a lineup and she picked him out and he was arrested (Tuesday)," May said.

He said the back door was forced open. Investigators believe that's when the woman's dogs started barking.

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