Friday, May 6, 2005

Boston, Massachusetts

From the Boston Herald of May 6, 2005
Druggist blasts away at pistol-packin’ thief

A gun-toting pharmacist - beloved by paying customers for his friendly banter - opened fire on an armed OxyContin robber as the two swapped lead instead of cheery hellos yesterday afternoon.

No one, including two workers and a customer who were in the store at the time, was injured.

Lawrence Maida Sr.'s pharmacy is just one of dozens hit in recent years by armed robbers looking for so-called ``hillbilly heroin.'' Cops say Maida's store has been robbed several times before, and this is not the first time the second-generation druggist has used a gun to run off bandits.

Maida is licensed to have the gun, and will not face charges for the shooting, police said.

``What do you want me to charge him with, being a victim?'' asked one cop.

``These people nowadays will kill you,'' said Rosemary Maida, who said she can't recall how many times her husband has shot at robbers. ``I try not to think about it. It's better than having someone kill your husband.''

Police said just before 3 p.m. yesterday a robber wearing a ski mask, ball cap and a hoodie, walked into the Massachusetts Avenue shop with a gun drawn.

``He came in ready to rob the store,'' Lt. John Serson said. ``He announced that it was a robbery. The owner drew his gun and between three and four shots were exchanged. The robber left, without the OxyContin.'' He is believed to have bolted in a black Cadillac.
Gee, a shred of sanity in a blue state.

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