Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Some Situations Argue For An Intermediary

From Aug. 19, 2015 Orlando Sentinel:
One day before Easter, Michael Reid lay dying on the floor of a house near Pine Hills.

Reid was 22. He was on his back, blood from five bullet wounds pooling around him. There was a gun holster in his waistband, and a loaded 9 mm pistol, his mother's, inches from his hand.

And there were witnesses who all said the same thing: Reid went to the house uninvited to get a few belongings from Nikita Jackson, an ex-girlfriend. He was arguing with her and five people she brought home with her, including Jaime Agustin Casanova-Nater, a friend's boyfriend. When Reid pulled out his mother's gun, the witnesses said, Casanova grabbed his legally concealed .45-caliber Springfield Armory pistol and fired six shots.

Faced with the testimony and evidence, the local State Attorney's Office declined to prosecute the case Aug. 5.

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