Sunday, July 14, 2019

Summerfield, OR

7/12/19 Ocala StarBanner:
SUMMERFIELD — Marion County sheriff’s officials say a homeowner armed with an AR-15 shot and killed two intruders and was injured himself during a home invasion robbery in Summerfield Wednesday night.
Two other robbery suspects — Robert John Hamilton, 19, of Ocala, and Seth Adam Rodriguez, 22, of Belleview — were detained near the scene, according to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.
Nigel Doyle, 22, of Summerfield, and Keith Jackson Jr., 21, Ocala, were killed. The homeowner, whose name was not released by the Sheriff’s Office, was in stable condition at a hospital Thursday afternoon.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Limestone Co. AL

6/19/19 KTXA:
LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (CBS Local) — A 75-year-old grandmother in Alabama helped capture a suspect wanted for car theft, holding him at gunpoint Monday until deputies arrived.
“I walked out and said, ‘can I help you?’ And he said, ‘yes ma’am, I’d like to use your phone,'” Marcia Black, a grandmother of four, told WAAY.
Investigators said the suspect, Cameron Powers, had been on the run for some four hours after crashing a stolen car during a high-speed chase with deputies near Black’s home in Limestone County.

Trenton, MO

6/17/19 WDAF:
Diab was about 30 minutes into transporting an inmate, identified as Jamey Aaron Griffin, from the jail in Trenton to Mosaic Hospital in St. Joseph, when Griffin somehow got Diab’s gun and shot her in the stomach. Griffin was shot in the hand.
“The vehicle by that time came to a rolling stop on us 69 Hwy,” said Missouri Highway Patrol Trooper Jake Angle. “There were some citizens a the Pit Stop convenience store in Winston, Missouri, that I suppose sensed something wasn’t right. Came over to her aid and subdued the suspect until law enforcement arrived.”
One of those good Samaritans was legally armed with a gun.
“In this case, they chose to intervene and come to an officers aid and subdue the suspect and possibly keeping him from escaping or doing more harm,” Angle said. “I am not advocating that people need to feel that they intervene in a situation this level, however, people chose to and in this situation it was critical.”

Boutetort Co., VA

6/21/19 WSLS:
The man authorities say broke into a Botetourt County home is in the hospital after being shot by the homeowners' adult daughter's boyfriend Thursday afternoon, according to the Botetourt County Sheriff's Office. 
At about 4:30 p.m. the Sheriff's Office received a call about a person who forced his way into a home in the 3300 block of Ball Park Road, near Eagle Rock.
A man reportedly entered the home, pointed a gun at the female homeowner and demanded that she give him the keys to her truck.
When she refused and yelled for another person in the home, the intruder began firing his weapon inside the home.
Another resident retrieved a weapon, came down the stairs and he fired one shot at the intruder, who was coming up the stairs, hitting him in the neck. 

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Oneida Co., NY

5/30/19 Fox News:
The Oneida County District Attorney is investigating a 64-year-old homeowner in New York who it says shot and killed two people, thought to be burglars, with an unregistered gun on Tuesday.
Ronald A. Stolarczyk was arrested and charged with felony possession of an illegal handgun. Authorities say he shot Patricia Anne Talerico, 57, and Nicholas A. Talerico, 27, in the garage of his home, according to New York State Police.
Stoalrczyk told DA Scott McNamara that the gun was his father’s, and that he'd forgotten to register it. If it is determined that the gun was loaded and in the home with the homeowner present, the charge could be reduced to a lower-level felony.
The DA and police authorities continue to investigate the scene and surrounding houses, looking for any surveillance footage of the encounter.
In addition, law enforcement hopes to determine the motive of the two who were shot; the homeowner did not indicate that he knew them.
New York State Police told CNY Central News that it found stolen items "belonging to Stolarczyk in Nicholas Talerico’s residence along with other possible stolen items," indicating this may not have been the first time the pair had been at the home.
No charges for the use of deadly force; just the unregistered gun.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Clackamas County, OR

5/24/19 KOIN:
PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) -- A would-be robber of a convenience store brought a hatchet as a weapon. He ran when the clerk pulled out a gun.
The April 28 incident at the Oak Grove Plaid Pantry was captured on surveillance video and just released by the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office.
The video shows a man walk into the Plaid Pantry around 1 a.m., walk up to the counter and pull a 12-inch hatchet from his pants. He shows it to the clerk, who then pulls out a gun.
As the clerk picked up the phone to call 911, the robber slid the hatchet across the counter, put his hands up and reportedly said, "I'm sorry. I'll leave." He then ran out of the store.
Never bring a hatchet to a gunfight.
The president of Plaid Pantry told KOIN 6 News the stores have a zero tolerance for weapons and the clerk is no longer employed there. He said employees are trained to de-escalate robbery situations to avoid injury. 
I think he de-escalated the situation just fine.  Boycott Plaid Pantry, and someone find that man a job!  The video is here.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Houston, TX

5/19/19 Houston Channel 2:
When officials arrived on the scene, they learned that the now-deceased man had broken into the home and was seen by the homeowner entering his daughter's room. Police said the father confronted the man and wrestled to get the man's gun away from him. 
The father was able to get the man's gun and shoot him, officials said. After the man was shot, he went downstairs and began stabbing himself, police said.
He was later pronounced dead at an area hospital. An autopsy will reveal which instance ultimately caused the man's death.