Monday, December 28, 2015

Charleston, WV: Serial Killer Chose Poorly

Fron 07/23/15 Fox channel 12:
CHARLESTON, W. VA (KPTV) - Police in Charleston, West Virginia are investigating whether an Oregon man killed after he attacked a woman is connected to some violent, unsolved murders.

Police said Neal Falls, 45, from Springfield, met up with a woman in West Virginia using the website, which offers escort services.

When he met up with the woman, police said he tried to strangle the woman, but she fought back. The woman told police that she grabbed Falls' gun after he put the weapon down and shot him once, killing him.
Police said investigators found a cache of weapons in his trunk. Falls had several axes, a shovel, bleach, knives, a machete and other items in his vehicle. Falls also had handcuffs and a pistol in his pocket.
The shooting was self-defense, according to police.

While the shooting happened in West Virginia, police in Ohio are keeping an eye on the case.

They aren't officially connecting the cases, but they are looking to see if Falls may be connected to the mysterious deaths and disappearances of six women. Some have been linked to prostitution.

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