Monday, December 28, 2015

Bend, OR

From 08/07/15 KTVZ:
Norquist told investigators he went past his front door and upstairs, grabbing his gun when he heard Cordes coming.

"The whole time he was here downstairs, he's telling me he wants to kill me," Norquist said.
Norquist said Cordes followed him upstairs.

"I'm yelling to him 'Don't come! Don't come!' And he comes," Norquist recalled.

Throughout the video, Norquist maintains he didn't believe he was in danger until that moment Cordes came up the stairs.

"I didn't know he was going to come for me," Norquist said, rubbing his eyes. "There's been so many times before he's told me he wants to kill me -- this was another time -- and he was drunk, and just yelling, being aggressive."...

District Attorney John Hummel told NewsChannel 21 that his team presented the evidence to a grand jury for two days.

"We did not complete the presentation of the evidence when I decided to dismiss the charges," Hummel said.
Hummel determined Norquist had made a terrible mistake, but did not break the law.

"He wasn't deceptive. He was telling the truth," Hummel said. "Based on that -- based on Oregon law and based on the evidence, I determined this case should be dismissed."

It was ruled as justifiable homicide; self-defense.

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